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Complaint Against OYO ROOMS CHEATING


Consumer complaints and reviews about Complaint Against OYO ROOMS CHEATING

Jan 5, 2017

OYO booking was my first and last complaint No Refund

Register hotel didn't have even printer to take out print copy of the ID proof in case if anyone among 5-6 people forget by any chance, if speak with customer care they don't have excuses to say to customer other than sorry sir we can't do anything, what the hell bluddy shit they OYO is selling..

Strongly recommend please do not use OYO services

Contact: 9892707306
Jan 5, 2017

Very Disappointed No refund made and Recommending not use OYO for Hotel Booking, register hotels are third class

I had one booking from OYO Rooms, And as I went for checked In, hotel didn't allow me to checked In just because one of the candidate didn't have ID proof, even we were showing them ID on email for that candidate but hotel behave like there shit, after that called to OYO customer care they raised a request for my refund and few hour later the updated the Status of refund request as resolved but I didn't my refund back

Truely disappointed by the registered hotel and OYO service

My booking ID is: MGIE5280
Contact number: 9892707306
Dec 13, 2016

No refund for cancellation.. Very disaponting


I'm totally disappointed with OYO. There is a 0 refund when i cancelled my booking due to certain reason. Totally surprised. I never knew that Oyo has this policy. I requested to take out the cancellation Im ready for reschedule on same date or put me in different Oyo hotel or change my dates But i only got only single answer that nothing can be possible and I wont be getting my money back. This is really not done. Atleast for customer satisfaction you could give me any solution to recover it, But not just like that my whole amount washed out..
I am totally disappoint with your services. I will never ever go with OYO nor i'll recommend to any one as well..
Bhavesh Kalani
Dec 5, 2016

My Salary is on hold

Myself Bhavesh I am working as an Inbound associate in BPO for the oyo process due to some circumstances occured. I was absent for 4 days uninformed. When i reached the conpany my respected Team leader approached me as absconding for the company.

Then I had applied for the resignation in the company then the manager called me and told me why is it so. I told him I am not able to work in the BPO but he said what are the reasons I explained him all the things he said that I will help you out in your rejoining ( Revoke).

Then i was rejoined in the company after 1 or 2 days. I work then after some days I had been absent for 2 days and when I reached yesterday the Manager said me where were you explained him. He said you were absent I had apologized him for that I said that I will be working for the company but the manager said no I will not help you in any of these things. a team leader ( TL)was listening this conversation between me and the manager.

The TL said that we have put the salary on hold for these associates. And the TL managed to put my Salary on hold and showed me my name in the hold list.

Then the manager told me that if you want this salary then you have to work for a month more I really apologized to him but he said i will not help you anymore. And then I leaved for the day as I was very frustrated in this job and in this process.

I had worked for them as they said. And i m not able to get my salary this is THE SERVICE OF OYO FOR THERE ASSOCIATES VERY PATHETIC VERY SHAMEFUL.

I m no blaming the company. I cant underestimate them.
I can do help with my Employee ID.No :40301
And my System ID No : 44564
My contact No : 9619768632
MY E mail id : [email protected]

Neeraj Rani
Dec 5, 2016

rufund not given

i had booked oyo room on 4.12.16 at about 9:00PM paid through net banking Rs937.00. I reached at about 9:30PM to the Oyo room. I did not like the area as well as room. I did not like to stay their because was feeling unsafe too. I do request the customer care that time but no response or refund i had received.

My mobile No is 8285408001 booking id name- Neeru. email id [email protected]
chandra singh kothari
Nov 26, 2016


Dear Sir,
we are the members of oyo hotels booking services. we are offering hotels booking services in udaipur as a member of oyo with hotel ganpati shakti nagar corner udaipur (raj.)
we have one issue that fifteen mails of has already been sent to oyo company by hotel ganpati the replies of mails are being sent by your reprensentative of hotel golden wings which is not shared to us. but we have sent that mails so we except that we must recieve reply to hotel ganpati. but reply is being given to hotel golden wings. reply message should be recieved by representative
by hotel ganpati at his phone. phone calls are also being diverted and given by your company representative to contractor of hotel golden wings. Hotel golden wings is claiming the hotel ganpati as its own hotel property . with the reason of the issue which is already mentioned and yours representative is fully involved in this issue. because your representative recieve big commision by hotel wings . whenever your representative are called by phone at the time at firstly hotel golden wings is always approached by your representative and he gives booking with higher rates due to commission bases. as many hotels are offering low rates and quality of rooms are good then hotel wings. hotel golden wings and hotel ganpati are two seprate properties. many times complaints is lodged against hotel wings by customer. and hotel wings website are black listed and gots closed . then website gets restarted by oyo company representative and commision is also recieved by your representative to restart hotel wings website . complaint against that website restarting issue can be seen at oyo company offcial website in complaint against oyo official website in complaint against oyo section in website , so kindly we request to you that please allow us the option to receive booking of hotel ganpati in directly off line mode as soon as posible.

Thanking you
Assistent manager
Hotel Ganpati udaipur
Nov 25, 2016

Cancellation not allowed even when room is unavailable

I booked a room through Oyo on 26th morning 4 am, as I was about to reach Pune. Your app asked us to make the payment which we did...(huge mistake by me. Should have paid at hotel) and when I tried to select early time of arrival - 6 am, it asked me to call customer care.
I reached hotel and called customer care. The hotel watchman turned us away saying no rooms are available and your call centre told, they can't do anything about early check-in and that neither they can find and alternate stay, nor will they refund the money.
Having my flight in 4 hours, I have nowhere to go, but to sit outside airport in cold typing this.
I am sorry to trust you. I know you don't care, but once I reach my destination, am going to share my OYO experience with all the 10,000 Indian employees of my company to ensure no one else suffers this way.

My booking I'd is OWUR8954

Repenting OYO use,
Ashok Kumar
[email protected]
Nov 20, 2016

same room twice charged to me

I had booked a room through Oyo website in Hotel Star, Neemrana, Rajasthan against booking ID # DZFL0413/WQGY2803/NZAB8079 with the name of Dinesh Tiwari . Bymistake I had booked the room in incorrect date from 18 to 19 Nov instead of 19th to 20th nov , I had requested your team to modify the date but they said its not possible and it was again charged to me, It was first time when I book the room through Oyo and its really bad experience with Oyo rooms. I am also working in Hotel and I know very well about rules and procedure of Hotels and there are so many option where hotels can changed the date without charging to guest. This is really not acceptable at all .

dinesh tiwari
+91 9990825204 / 9560795262
Arun Kumar RS
Nov 2, 2016

Worst Travel planner - OYO

We planned our family holiday trip with OYO... to Kerala 4N/5D... It was worst experience.

Initially it-ternary said on arrival at alleppey railway station your driver will pick and transfer to resort and from there we will transfer to house boat.
When we reach at alleppey driver doesn't know where to take us, he is asking us where to go.... with 4kids, 2 elderly parents and family where we need to go at 4.00 AM which is raining heavily outside, and this place is new we dont know anybody here.
OYO are suppose to be our holiday travel planner who has not planned our holiday stay properly.

Then with the help of driver we our-self booked some hotel and stayed there till 12PM and then headed towards boathouse. (Which was suppose to be planned properly by OYO team)

In initial first itternary OYO have assured resort and extra 13k for house boat. I have agreed and also in same mail I have asked to change hotel in thekkady and OYO have agreed to change, then only I have confirmed to proceed further.

First day first impression was bad... we lost the holiday mood before we start.

Totally it was worst experience with OYO

Arun kumar
Harshal Chhatbar
Oct 23, 2016

Complain & worst Experience Booking Updated - OYO Rooms Near Miramar, Booking No. KWPV6924

Complain & Experience Booking Updated - OYO Rooms Near Miramar, Booking No. KWPV6924 Date 20-Oct-16

Dear Friends,
I m surprised to visit at this hotel, was very cheap n bar with a small permit room type of hotel.
And top of there was no room was available for me to accommodate, n in front of my one of guest was yelling for hot water was not coming from tap n waiting for bath. And this was the room which I have been supposed to get after his check out.

In this situations and such a poor service. That's the reason I have cancelled immidiately my booking n stay by saying n confirm with reception boy.

This was my 1st experience with Oyo room service.
And if you are not intent to refund my advance paid amount that too without seeing actual hotel, then I can have no shame on Oyo rooms services n my experience with them n others.

Harshal Chhatbar
Oct 17, 2016

Oyo rooms

Hi, this is Priyanka, I booked a room for 15-16 Oct 2016 for my official trip to New Delhi.
I booked 2 hotels, one was Saraswati Marg Karol Bagh anf second was Hotel White House ( I did 2 hotela for avoiding any chaos which oyo staff usually create, i did for my safe side).
First of all, i visited Saraswati Marg at 11 AM, they cancelled my booking because I was with male. Seriously? Is this the way you people welcome tourists? I mean if you people have any issue with unmarried colleague coming together and staying in a single room then you people should mention those things in your terms and conditions atleast i would have coordinated with my HR prior coming to this place.
When this got over, i went to second hotel ( thankgod i booked two), hotel was good and staff was also. But room was horrible, no network at all.
Things were fine, then at 9PM manager called us and said your booking has been cancelled by oyo team because they weren't able to contact you. He asked us to coordinate with them once.
I did and some Lalit was there and he said booking is cancelled because i wasn't reachable. I mean wtf, your room don't have network, you people don't coordinate first with customers and cancel booking aa per your requirements and moreover when i came at room prior my check in and provided all amount then why didn't you coordinate with hotel manager first and at 9PM you people woke up and checked that I hadn't paid amount and cancelled booking.

And he asked me to pay 1700 for single room in case of rebooking. I cancelled it and asked manager to provide me room there it at same amount which i had paid already. He agreed and finally i slept peacefully.


Oct 5, 2016

refund not made oyo rooms

I have booked the room in goa with 24 hour cancellation policy but they have rally the film amount.I want to lodge the complaint against oyo rooms that are cheaters
Oct 4, 2016

OYO Cheating the people not refunding amount even cancelling prior to 45 days


I had booked the OYO room in the OOTY by reading the OYO policy as per the cancellation policy booking amount is refundable before 24 hours but I am going to cancel my 1 room booking before 45 days and OYO people is saying that no refund will be granted after cancellation and the property is non-refundable. My question is how come customer will know if property is refundable or not and as per the policy OYO guys should refund the amount.

My dear friends - please do not book any hotel/rooms from OYO, you will get cheated like me, they do false promise and their policy is also fake.

Sep 21, 2016

OYO cheating people

Booked a room in Patna for my retirement between flights. But to my surprise the OYO could not provide the basics. When I reached early, the property owner provided me with a room but was not clean, bathroom was dirty, no water in the bathroom.

When asked for cleaning the room and bathroom, the guy did sweep the room but avoided the bathroom. Upon reminding again and again, the comord seat was cleaned with a mop stick. Who cleans the comord seat with mop stick. They lacked the basic hygin sanitary items for cleaning a bathroom.

Having no water in the bathroom, they told me they were cleaning the water tank and will be able to provide water in half an hour. Having waited and complained for 4 hours kept saying sir another 15 mins. If you had to clean the water tank you should have arranged for alternate source of water and not put the customer in trouble.

Thw property owner made the guests to open the room and brought in broker and prospective buyer whom he wanted to sale the property for show purpose. How much more unprofessional a stay can be.

Having put the customer through all the trouble, they still have the audacity to not refund and say sir we have provided all the required services.
OYO Rooms
Sep 9, 2016

Re: OYO -Ruined my holidays plan and money

Dear Lalit,
We apologise for all thr trouble you had to go through. My team has contacted you regarding your concern and the same has been resolved.
We will surely take care that the same is not repeated.We'd truly appreciate your patience & understanding in this regard.

Looking forward to host you again soon!
Aug 26, 2016

OYO -Ruined my holidays plan and money

With continuation of my complaint (WTNX1937), After going through with my complaint i received a call from OYO (Mr Ashish ) . He informed me that we are working on your compliant and you will receive a call with in 24 hours .. But i dint get any call from OYO then i called after three days and talked with Ms Tania .

i had a discussions with her and she checked all the data related to my complaint . At last just she said sorry again and agree for refund . But actually this is not expected from OYO . Cost doesn't matter in this case ..... I am not agree with their final settlement.

So now i would like to go for consumer court to escalate it further so that in future no other persons should face same problems .
i would strictly warn all other people to be aware of these cheaters and use some other sites for hotel booking.
Aug 21, 2016

OYO -Ruined my holidays plan and money

Reference to booking ID-WTNX1937 . i paid in advance for booking but when we reached there after an overnight journey, they told that the rooms are full. They did not even asked us to sit or take rest.
We were made to wait 4 hours for our rooms . We were standing in front of the hotel with all language and baby and keep on calling OYO but there were no positive response .At last no room were provided to us and we returned back .Simply OYO gave me one case-id 523845 and said we are looking into this but all in vain .

The repercussions of all this were:
* our plans for the trip were derailed. We had to cancel most of the plans.
* We paid unnecessarily kerala permit around 15K for Tempo traveler .
* what was supposed to be a relaxing trip for all of us, turned out to be a horrific experience!

The hotel authorities were totally ill mannered , they even dint know how to behave with customer .Next day OYO had called me and informed that we can refund full booking amount which i paid while advance booking .
But i don't care about the money. it is not about the cost, it is about deceiving people and playing with their trust. i would strictly warn all other people to be aware of these cheaters, and never ever depend on them.The best OYO can do is banned the hotel or else permanently shut down OYO services in future .

Awaiting your early response in this regard.
Shaunak Chadha
Jul 23, 2016


In reference to the booking DFNS2904 . I Booked 2 rooms through oyo and checked in with family on 23/7/16 noon ,after full day movement we were back in the night at 12:30 , and here the ravishing experience begins -------------
A/c not working
offered drinking water in used dirty bisleri bottels
Toilet Stinking and some how shifted to other room at 1:00 which was converted into a lake after 15 min. as the A/C water overflowed in the room with noices ........ooooh GREAT and hotel manager says i can not do anything ......& thereafter at 2:00 the manager forcefully called me to ground floor to to repark my car to another place .............MAN I HAD BEEN DRIVING AND MOVING FROM 4:00 IN THE morning and now after 22 hours I AM SHITING AND MESSING AROUND WITH THIS OYO ROOMS EXPERIENCE with my family full of TIRENESS &..............I CALLED OYO after the parking experience in night and was replied so damn rudely.
Finally i could lay on bed at 2:30 2hours after i reached hotel . and at 5:00 the A/C Goes off Again ...........
OMG this is Shit...................
OYO Rooms
Jun 25, 2016

Re: Social Media Escalation #5078180

Dear Sunny,
Our team had a word with your colleagues. We have already communicated the best possible resolution we can provide here. We understand that your stay was not as expected. However, we'll make sure such a situation doesn't happen in future. Appreciate your understanding in this regard!

Team OYO
Jun 24, 2016

Social Media Escalation #5078180

Hi OYO Team,

My colleagues Ms Sarabjeet Kaur (5078180) & Ms Jigyasa Arora (5077909) have been following up with your entire team
for quite sometime now - highlighting the terrible experience that we had while we stayed at a hotel booked through your app and requesting to refund our money against the booking.

I was hopeful that the voice of 2 ladies, complaining against the same hotel, highlighting the same issues,
would be enough to warrant an immediate action - against the hotel and refund of our entire booking amount.

But it came as a rude shock to me that my trust on your handling of a serious customer grievance, has been completely misplaced.

Even at the cost of being repetitive, let me again highlight the tortuous experience that we had at the hotel:

• when we reached NONE of our rooms were not available.
• We were made to wait hours for our rooms. Our rooms were given to us at around 2 pm!
• the rooms that were handed over were not clean. We had to run after room service to get our rooms cleaned! (The images of the rooms that we had while making the booking, went out of the window!)
• there was no electricity.
• there was no water
• there was a generator, but for some inexplicable reason, they did not want to switch it on.
• we had to run up and down repeatedly, requesting them to switch on the generator. However, by that time, some of us had to take a shower in the cold water itself, as we had traveled for more than 10 hours the night before and wanted to get clean. This resulted in 1 of us catching cold, which ruined the remaining trip for him.
• there was only 1 set of key for each of the rooms, which we had to hand over before leaving for the day. (Hotel's reason: they do not have a second set as all had been lost!)
• while doing the check-in on their Tablet, the hotel executive goofed up and 'checked out' 1 of the rooms (booked under Neelam Rohilla)
• 4 of the 5 rooms that we booked through your app were 'Triple-bed' and we paid accordingly. But when reached, we saw all of them to be 'Double-bed'. We raised the issue with the hotel authority. He informed that an extra bed would be provided at night. As gullible as we were, we believed it. However, to our utter dismay, instead of providing us with an extra bed, 1 mattress was shoved into each of the 4 rooms - We were literally asked to sleep on the floor!
• the breakfast was tasteless and the service pathetic. (We were 14 of us and they would bring 2-3 parathas each time from the kitchen, after a gap of 5-10 minutes)
• no Wifi (which was advertised on your app while making the booking, But honestly, given the state of affairs over there, it was completely on expected lines by now!)
The hotel authorities informed that all this is 'usual in hilly areas' and asked us to adjust. (Maybe they thought that since we were dumb enough to book the hotel through OYO, we could be dumb enough to buy anything!)
We booked the hotel in Nainital, not on the Moon!!!!

Another unique reason given by the Hotel people - that the hotel started operations only a couple of weeks earlier; that they are still learning the ropes.
(We tried to derive a deep sense of satisfaction - that we were experimental guinea-pigs for the Hotel & OYO; but fortunately could not!)

The repercussions of all this were:
• our plans for the trip were derailed. We had to cancel most of the plans due to the delay
• 1 of us caught cold, due to taking shower in cold water
• some of us started having back-ache, due to sleeping on the floor on the hard mattress
• what was supposed to be a relaxing trip for all of us, turned out to be a horrific experience!

Me and my colleagues, we work in a large Insurance company, where I personally take care of the Digital Channel - handling all the Digital accounts of our company across India.
Working in this channel has made me realize - that being "Digital" in today's world can be both a Boon and a Bane.

It provides you the access to reach a lot customers - which you have also done with your idea of hotel aggregation.
It can also go all horribly wrong - with 1 small complaint snowballing into a bigger issue and spreading over the internet like wild fire (where none of us have any control on).
You have online forums, complaints on twitter, online signature campaigns, pages on Facebook, etc.

That's why we personally take care of each and every issue and try to provide the best resolution to the customer.

And that is what our expectation is / was from you.

Expecting a positive response on the same by End of Day tomorrow (25/6/2016), failing which we would be forced to look at other options.
You can be rest assured that we will not take it lying down and continue to highlight it in all media forms, till the time we get an acceptable resolution from you.

Awaiting your early response in this regard.


Sunny Ali
OYO Rooms
Jun 22, 2016

Re: OYO Rooms Cheated

Mr. Mishra,

We are extremely sorry to know about the trouble your friend has to go through and sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused. Rest assured, we'll investigate and solve the issue leading to this. Our guest support team will soon get in touch with you regarding the issue and look into the matter for you. Appreciate your patience and understanding in this regard.

Team OYO
JB Mishra
Jun 15, 2016

OYO Rooms Cheated

Reference to booking ID XULH8415 booked for my friend for four days for the first time through OYO app. The room was available at OYO Rooms Marol Andheri , Hotel Name: Hotel Apple Suites , Hotel Address: Next to SBI Bank (Marol Branch), Near POLARIS, Opposite Marol Maroshi Road, Fire-Brigade, Marol Naka, Mumbai.The booking was done seeing the nice room picture in the app. But to my surprise when my friend checked in it was totally different. Room size was very small, just like a small office cabin. Untidy room condition, dirty bath room and room no. 102 was next to kitchen, completely disturbed while sleeping. Further the hotel was located in slump area of Andheri. When I had spoken to the customer care before booking they had given very rosy picture about the room and location. Seeing this condition, I decided to cancel the booking after one day stay. But OYO charged exorbitantly high cancellation charges which is equal to one day tariff of Rs.2400. Further, when card payment was offered it was rejected by the hotel saying they need only cash payment.My friend struggled to locate the ATM which was 2 KM away. I checked with all my friends and found that OYO is a cheating company and they will loot showing wrong information. I wanted to know why can't this company be banned in India when they are cheating and damaging the reputation of our country. Of course this is my first and would be last experience.
OYO Rooms
Jun 13, 2016

RE: Complaint Against OYO ROOMS CHEATING

Hi Ashu,

We're extremely sorry to know about your bad experience with us. We regret and apologise for all the inconvenience you had to go through. This is definitely not the kind of experience we want our guests to experience. Our team will soon get in touch with you and discuss this further.
Jun 11, 2016

Oyo Rooms — Ruined my holidays

Booking ID : KBHC3684
Complaint No : 348181

I have never seen such unprofessional services from any service provider like you promote you are :

I spent 11k for one night stay in houseboat with thought that we will be getting best services but what we got is mentioned below .

1. We were looking for early checkin at 10:00 AM, which they refused saying we can't provide and you can checkin only at 12:00 Noon. We reached that place approx 11:30 AM and called houseboat person. It was raining and we were standing on roadside with kids and family.
2. We were expecting atleast he receive us and atleast provide space to sit. After continuous calls to houseboat person and OYO customer care, he came to acknowledge at 12:30 PM. After that he started saying boat will come in 10 Minutes.
3. Finally boat arrived at 01:00 PM.
4. He drove houseboat and stopped at lunch time for 1 hour and stopped for the day at sharp 5 PM.
5. Evening we asked for extra tea for which we said we will extra pay you. But they bluntly said we have limited milk and time too. we have other work also.
6. In dinner vegetables was of limited quantity.
7. We booked 3 rooms houseboat for 8 people and paid extra to OYO for that. IN night on asking for extra bed they said we don't have and you must have informed us earlier in day time.
8. In morning they asked us for checkout on sharp 09:00 AM and on asking for delay in checkin for 1 Hour, they said we don't know about that. Even customer care didn't help.
9. If you have call logs then check in your system, how many times i called during my stay.

Overall your OYO boat and your services are pathetic and you people are responsible for ruin holidays for your customers.
OYO Rooms
May 23, 2016

Re: oyo cancelled my booking for which I paid and continued with the unpaid one

Dear Guest,

We are extremely sorry to know about the trouble and sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused. Rest assured, we'll investigate and solve the issue leading to this. Kindly share your booking ID or contact number. Our guest support team will soon get in touch with you regarding the issue and look into the matter for you. Appreciate your patience and understanding in this regard.

Team OYO

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