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Complaint Against OYO ROOMS CHEATING


Consumer complaints and reviews about Complaint Against OYO ROOMS CHEATING

Apr 29, 2016

Refund for cancellation

Booking Cancelled - OYO Rooms Marol Andheri, Booking No. OBHU6347

I'm a new customer booked through the mobile app for the first time. I took the option to pay on the app through netbanking rather than paying at the hotel.

This was a big mistake.

As I took a taxi from the airport and reached the hotel I showed them my passport as identification and address proof for check in. To my shock they said that they cannot accept me as my passport is issued in Mumbai. I told them yes but now I have just been posted to Delhi and I'm here only for a night to which I got a stern reply saying that we cannot accept you please cancel the booking.

I had no choice but to cancel the booking.

On calling the helpline I was told no refund since I cancelled the booking. I told them that the hotel wouldn't accept me and that's why I cancelled the booking on their advice after putting me on hold and a total of about 18 minutes on the call I was told no refund possible.

So basically I got conned because I opted to pay on the app rather than choosing the option of booking and paying at the hotel.

The hotel wouldn't accept me and told me to cancel my booking even after having a valid passport but as a consumer I loose all my money and the taxi fare that I took from the airport.

This has to be the most ridiculous policy.

I have checked into hundreds of hotels in Mumbai and have never faced this embarrassing situation.

This is the 1st and last for me on OYO.

Deleting the app and I will make sure that all my acquaintances know about my OYO experience.

I get a corporate rate at the Leela but this was a last minute unscheduled layover and I thought I'd give OYO a try. Well so much for the OYO experience.

Keep conning customers like this this and you will definitely end up where ever you're destined. All the very best OYO team.

Warm regards

Rahul Sharma
sachin sheilly
Apr 28, 2016


Its regarding me and my family experience about OYO which is very Pathetic.

I booked hotel in Mumbai through OYO and had a very bad experience because what Snaps they show of Hotel and Exactly how it is ......totally different.(For ex. we booked Hotel but it turned out to be service apartment )

Secondly ,i called up 3 to 4 times to OYO while on roaming to give me direction about Hotel every time they will keep line on hold for 10 to 15 min. and after that call gets disconnect and no return call.

As i did not liked hotel and checked out next day for which they have charged me 1 day extra which was very strange and when i questioned people sitting at back office of OYO they expressed sorry but could not do any thing.

Never ever i will recommend to go through OYO......

Rather then saving some amount through OYO have lost more...................
Apr 25, 2016

Oyo Rooms — Booking amount not refunded by OYO Room harassing customers

I made booking on 22 april 2016 for 26 May 2016 for Gurgaon DLF Phase 2 and they did booking for 26 April instead of 26 May. Booking Id- CUVQ7085

I didn't use their pre- booking service and paid full amount to them but when I cancelled they are saying they can't refund the money. When I told them it's your application glitch they are giving 1 or the other stupid excuses. I even ask them to make it for 26 May, they are saying simply NO. Call Centre Staff is not educated and don't know how to interact with customers. Very Very bad service and experience
m joshi
Apr 13, 2016

oyo cancelled my booking for which I paid and continued with the unpaid one

I tried booking a room today onlinr but the oyo app stopped in between n said booking failed I tried again and booked another room with payment. I called d customer care to confirm which one is paid and after talking to them I cancelled the one for which I didnt pay but they cancelled the paid one. This is sheer cheating n saying that we apologise is of mo ise to me.I am a very old oyo customer and its shameful for oyo
OYO Rooms
Apr 6, 2016

Re: cheating charges

Hi, We are appalled to know about this. We are working hard to deliver great customer service each time someone visits an OYO. It is rather embarrassing to know about this issue happening to one of our early and loyal guests. Please share your booking ID/contact details and we'll solve the issue leading to this. Our customer experience team will very soon get in touch with you regarding this.
Apr 5, 2016

cheating charges

I booked room for two days by OYO room in online, while booking the hotel the hotel was shown very good appearance, but there was no detail about the name of the hotel, after booking and paid the amount we found the hotel was not good and the picture shown by OYO was fake. Then immediately within 5mins i called customer care to change the hotel in the same location and we mentioned the hotel name also which we like to book. But the OYO guys charged me more than Rs.1700 just to interchange the room . I got upset and requested to cancel but they refused that if you cancel you will lose 100%. Online booking how the company is cheating the public , how government allows to take this kind of advantage them self.

Public needs to aware like this kind of cheating company and convey the information via all the public communication to all.
OYO Rooms
Feb 26, 2016

RE: Complaint Against OYO ROOMS CHEATING

Dear Shashi,
We regret the inconvenience you had to go through. Our guest support team will get in touch with you soon to discuss the same.
Feb 24, 2016

Complaint Against OYO ROOMS Customer Servic

My name is Shashi, I booked 3 rooms using OYO app last night. I was facing issue while booking first 2 rooms but issue resolved after calling OYO customer service. When I booked the 3rd room, the transaction declined. When I tried again the check-in date got changed to 24th and I made the payment without realizing that the dates are incorrect. Since the payment didn't go through again, I had to call the customer service again and asked them to push the transaction. After I got the booking confirmation, I realized that the booking dates are incorrect, I immediately asked the customer support to modify the date to 27th Feb but they didn't listen to me.

considering the fact that the app is pathetic and you are dealing in e-commerce industry where such instances are very common, your customer support should be able to handle these kind of issue and should help customer to make the appropriate booking.

9538328144 (no. used for booking)
OYO Rooms
Jan 27, 2016

RE: Complaint Against OYO ROOMS CHEATING

Dear Vivek,
We are appalled to know this. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you had to go through. Please allow us some time to analyse as to what led to such circumstances. Our customer experience team would soon get in touch with you.
Vivek Kumar Sinha
Jan 26, 2016

Horrible charges

I m Vivek kr Sinha , I had booked onlilne two rooms in banglore on 24.01.16 and got the Hotel Swagath
Address: Plot No. 75, Hospital Road, Near Upparpet Police Staion, Next To Kotak Mahendra Bank Lane, First Cross 2nd Building, Balepet Cross, Bangalorehe. We entered the hotel at 08.00 am. The receptionist told us, since you are checking in earlier we will chapleasee 1200 extra. I requested we will check out earlier as well about 3:30 am next day to catch our flight, please accomodate if you can. He abruptly answered No its against our rules. I said ok than please provide me one room for early check in and another at 12:00 pm and charge me 600.00 extra. He replied its not possible. Since I had no other option, I said ok I will pay you 1200 extra at the time of check out(cc tv footage can be verified). On next day when we are checking out at 3:30 am to catch our flight, he asked me to pay 1799.00 rs. I said yesterday you asked 1200, from were 600 extra is coming. He said I don't know sir my tab is showing this amount to pay. I replied if your tab will show rs 100000.00 you will demand 1 lakh. Matter is not for money, there was no transparancy at all. It was totally ridiculous. However I paid rs 1200 extra only which he demanded earlier, but I lost my valuable time and mental peace(cc tv footage must be verified). At the end I am sorry to say it was horrible experience with you.
Thanks for your service

[email protected]
Booking Update- SKJC1074
OYO Rooms
Jan 18, 2016

Re: OYO Rooms | Horrible experience

Dear Sandeep, We are appalled to know about this. We are working hard to deliver great customer service each time someone visits an OYO. It is rather embarrassing to know about this issue happening to one of our early and loyal guests. Rest assured, we'll investigate and solve the issue leading to this. Our customer experience team will very soon get in touch with you regarding this. We promise to deliver an amazing stay experience, the next time you stay with us. Thanks for your patience. Team OYO
Jan 18, 2016

OYO Rooms | Horrible experience

My name is Sandeep Kulkarni. I had booked 2 rooms on 6th Dec, 2015 at Hotel Strawberrys, SP Road, Begumpet, Hyderabad. Booking no: BSZT3497. Check-in date was 25th Dec, 2015 and check-out date was 30th Dec, 2015. When I came to the Hotel on 25th Dec, I was informed that my booking has been cancelled ! I spoke with a OYO Room executive immediately and she apologized and said she would get back within 10 minutes. I never got a call back. I was fighting with the hotel guys but it seems they had sold off my rooms to someone else. Shame on OYO ROOMS FOR TYING UP WITH SUCH CHEAP HOTELS. The hotel finally agreed to give me one room but that was not sufficient since we were 6 members. I decided to look for other hotels.

I am highly dissatisfied with this experience I got from the Hotel as well as from OYO Rooms. My family had to keep waiting in the hotel lobby for no reason, while I was fighting with the Hotel and OYO guys. Shame on both of them !!!

I request all not to book through OYO rooms and never ever go to Hotel Strawberrys as well.
OYO Rooms
Dec 31, 2015

Re: Oyo Rooms Reviews

Dear Guest, We sincerely regret and apologize for the distress this has caused you. Having gone through your concern precisely, We assure that all the concerns will be heard and won't be taken granted. We'll get someone from our team to reach you soon.
Thanks for your patience and understanding in this regard. Team OYO
OYO Rooms
Dec 31, 2015

Re: Fraud Company

Dear Guest, We are appalled to know about this. We are working hard to deliver great customer service each time someone visits an OYO. It is rather embarrassing to know about this issue happening to one of our early and loyal guests. Rest assured, we'll investigate and solve the issue leading to this. Our customer experience team will very soon get in touch with you regarding this. We promise to deliver an amazing stay experience, the next time you stay with us. Thanks for your patience. Team OYO
Dec 29, 2015

Fraud Company

All bakwas......... Oye rooms are biggest fraud and chor company ...they never fulfill what they commits. They just take the bookings without confirming from hotels whether rooms are available or not if by luck customers got the rooms then they will get their percentage if customers don't get then they do not have even curtsey to assist the customers in spite of n numbers of customers call. I did my booking on 27th January 2015... I was coming from Goa to mumbai late night with my wife. They took my booking and assured me that rooms are available. In spite of that I personally call the oye customer care number and confirm my booking. I specifically told them that I am coming too late in the night and I do not wanted any kind of trouble because I was coming with my wife. I asked them to provide me hotel number so that I will personally confirm the availability. But they assured me that not worry they have already talk to the hotel. I reached in the hotel on or around 11:00 pm , I showed them my booking reference number .. to be surprised the manager of the hotel told me that they do not avilable the room's. I was shocked I immediately call customer care and told the entire story and request him that it's too late and my wife is with me I can not go anywhere untile you provide me hotel. The oye customer care kept me on hold for 10 mints, I disconnect my call and again c all them....... now this time they do picking my call. I was almost 1 hour standing out side the hotel and counting calling to oye customer care but they do not respond my call. I was totally blank it was around 12:15 in the mid night. Then I took taxi and went to dadar station. I was standing entire night nearby the station. Such a horrible night my wife literally cried. Friends if you really trust me please please never ever trust oye buggers and if you are with some of your family then not even imagine about it.

My booking details are as below.
Booking Update- EKUH2904 Dear ajay, We have updated your booking at OYO Rooms Sakinaka Metro Station 2 Check-in: 27-Dec-2015 at 12:00 PM Check-out: 28-Dec-2015 at 11:00 AM No. of rooms: 1 Hotel name: Hotel Aifa Residency Address: Behind Society Masjid, Opposite Peninsula, Near Friends Cottage Housing Society, Andheri-Ghatkopar Road, Sakinaka, Mumbai
danish durrani
Oct 1, 2015

Oyo Rooms Reviews

Hi Oyo rooms!
It is learnt that, i should not question or ask for the amenities that you are not providing at oyo rooms which are being promised on the websites and application of oyo on mobiles.
Because, I had questioned and asked that amenities are not being provided at chetan international oyo rooms at bangalore for my two days booking, my registered mobile number 9492235673 has been blocked my oyo rooms management.
Moreover, when i tried to contact the oyo room through MESSAGES option in my face book with id [email protected] that facility has been blocked by oyo rooms management.Even the LIKE and COMMENT options are blocked by the oyorooms management.
I finally noticed is that you people are purposefully cancelling all my bookings done through my mobile oyorooms applications.
I felt it is being personally done to take grudge on me.
Kindly notice that i am booking the rooms by seeing the my favorite brand name OYOROOMS and no by any other person who is working there. I am contacting the OYO ROOMS which has given me option to book rooms and not by seeing any person by name or any persons in a group who are working for OYO ROOMS.
You staff are behaving as though you people are only owners of that OYOROOMS and blocking customers like this? I really don’t digest the thing why you people are behaving so rude?
Bringing to your notice the demerits to your level is the only mistake i did? If not able to listen customer feedback and complaints what for you people are working there? Blocking the customers is the only solution to you people have learnt or what?
I am really totally disappointed about your services and behaviour of customer care staff who speaks very roughly with customers. If not interested customers like us please tell us… we will stop booking your rooms in future… we have plenty of options to book better rooms than your OYOROOMS… and still more corporate chain of hotels are offering rooms at good prices with 24hours check out facility.
Its really very worst behaviour by you people……I must have shame to correspond with you people and want to correspond with you people still?
Just i want to know the reasons for blocking me… that it… so i am writing this mail..
whether you take action or not on the concerned is least least least bothered for me and waste of my valuable time and energy…. In fact any organizations invite complaints or feed back for better improvement and quality of their working style of organisations…… but you coward run away and hide with out listening customer complaints or feed back and block customers…. I think your organisation will not retain for more time if you treat customers so cheap and neglect them…..
Just give me the reason for what, you people have blocked me as above said?
thanking you
bye take care
Raghavendra Rao P,BE,MIE,MBA,
Er.Raghavendra Rao P , BE,MIE,MBA
To Prakash [email protected] [email protected]
CC [email protected] ‘Roma Haryani’ [email protected] ‘Customer Experience’ [email protected] ‘Akshay Agarwal’
BCC Raop [email protected] Raghavendra Rao Pathange Sudi5673 Gmail Divyanshu Pathange Jul 18
Hi sir,
Very good morning,
Sorry to trouble you ..
I checked in at oyo rooms at room no. 107 of chetan international hotel Bangalore at 11.25pm on 17.7.15.
Here amenities are really really very much meagre
No tv is working,
no WiFi connection, no 24hrs hot water, no bucket and mug inside bath room,
no leg mat out side bath room,
no rug/chader provided to cover our body on bed,
dark cupboard in which we cannot keep our luggage…
… informed the same to customers care executive over phone… but he told he transfers called to concerned department… and line cutted after few minutes…
really shame to oyo rooms to provide such a lowclass meager standards……
Please take action immediately…
Thanking you sir
Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android
Date:Fri, 17 Jul, 2015 at 11:41
Subject:RE: Booking Confirmed – OYO Rooms Majestic Gandhinagar : Booking No.: PNLU3645
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Bookings OYO Rooms
To Raghavendra Rao P , BE,MIE,MBA
CC Prakash [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Customer Experience and 2 more… Jul 18
Dear Mr. Rao,
Thank you for writing to us.
This is in reference to your email communication dated 18th July 2015, wherein you complained about our services.
This is to apprise you that we have forwarded the same to the concerned team and they will coordinate with you shortly regarding the same.
We are looking forward to host you.
For further queries, we would request you to write us back on [email protected] or you can call us at 8010044466/9313931393.
Team OYO | Reservations
OYO Rooms (http://oyorooms.com)
Office: Unit- 325 & 617 Spaze I-Tech Park, Sector 49, Gurgaon – 122001
Branded Budget Hotels with Standardized Stay
Bookings happen @: 080 100 444 66 | 93 13 93 13 93
oyorooms blocked me to avoid messages to its inbox in facebook. Because it’s not bold nd brave to digest it’s mistakes and meager standards that i complain to them in form of messages I write to their inbox in facebook..
This is called as escapism from discharging of their duties.
Moreover they removed like and comment options in Facebook for me coz what I comment their meager standards it will not solve and it will be proven as bekaaar standards at oyo rooms…
Really shameless standards…. By bekaaar oyo rooms…..
I am sure that your chain of group of hotels will not sustain the real competition world and one fine day it’s going to be collapsed.
I will wait for that moment and till then I don’t wanna stay at oyo rooms in future coz it never proves its promised standards…
Main Source Of Complaints: http://www.consumerforums.in/cheating-oyo-rooms


Oyo Rooms Reviews

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