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Uttar Pradesh

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May 11, 2020


IIT academy medical academy, are pay to different fees for all students.
Eg. 1student ko bola 50,000
2. Student ko bola 40% scholarship mili fir usko bolte h 1lac fees h 100000-40%=60,000

It is wrong I go to complaint for education department
With proof
Apr 1, 2020

Regarding violation of government order by school

I , Rajni Gahlot teaching in Meerut Public School Group Ved Vyas Puri Branch , Meerut . I am teaching there from past two years and before the orders of lockdown in city , On last working day on 19th March , 2020 I was teaching there then schools were closed due to lockdown in city and during the period of lockdown , I was working from home for school as per school orders to work from home because of lockdown and yesterday on. 31st March 2020 , I received a call from school co ordinator and she reported me school has rejected you for next session from 1st April 2020 , the school is refusing me to work in the next session without any prior notice from school before lockdown they did not inform anything on this even on before schools were closed due to lockdown and now in between the period of lockdown they are refusing me to work in next session starting from 1st April ,my family is financially weak and my husband is handicapped and out of job , I have two children who are currently studying and I am the only person earning in the family , my family is dependent on me for financial support , and suddenly in between the period of lockdown they are expelling me from my job , without any earlier notice and information , As per CM of UP Shri Yogi Adityanath , no institution or school has authority to remove any employe form the job during lockdown , now there is a financial crisis on my family as I am the only person earning for the family , the school has no authority to remove from job as per order of CM of UP Please help me to get out of this situation as they are removing me from my job in between lockdown without any information , please help me to get out of this situation , I will be highly grateful for support
Jan 25, 2020

School is not affiliated

A school named R.k.public school ,vikas nagar bargadwa is not affiliated to any board . when BSA office members come to check out , they just whitewash their school name plate and makes the school off some days.
The school is serving by non graduated teachers as well.
They also charge extra fees.
Pls take an strict action against this school.
Hechirla yogeshwar
Nov 5, 2019

Long duration and lot of stress

Iam a student of narayana high school and iam studying in class 10 our school timings are 7:30 to 6:00. Shocked right! But it is true and we are writing 2 exams a day without any gap between days except sundays we have no idea to whom to complain and our school people stress us a lot and make their ego win in each n every issue
Oct 15, 2019

long school hours and forcing parent to take school transport.

My children are studying in Sri Chaitanya Techno Bavdhan, Pune. school hours are so long from 8 am to 4.30 pm . and children are burdened with lot of homework and immense study burden . and even on exam days timings are same as the result children get so much exhausted and hardly get any time to eat ,rest and study. school keeps on changing their rules so frequently without properly communicating with the parents . Now they have suddenly stopped the parents vehicles inside the premises as they have ample parking space which they earlier allowed and now they want us to park our vehicle on side of busy lane which results in traffic jam and distrupting movement of traffic an hour daily three times ( i.e. morning afternoon and evening) . by doing this they are indirectly forcing us to opt for school transport which is very expensive i.e. 15000 rs per child for 0 to 5kms.
Sep 18, 2019

Excessive school hours

Too long school hours

My ward studies in Mount Litera Zee School international school, which is located in Tamil Nadu, Trichy.

For the children above 9th standard the timing of the school is from 7:30am to 5:30pm which is 10 hours.

Further the kids are loaded with excessive homework, I still feel they should not be bombarded with all the subjects on daily basis.

We live far from the school approximately 20 mins (by bus) but the bus takes almost 40 mins to reach. So my child is away from home for almost 11 to 12 hours which is quite long time for school kids, think about the girl children? especially during their menstrual period?.

Therefore, we request someone should ask the school authority to reduce the school timing to normal hours for kids.

Ramananth K
Sep 9, 2019


working in one of the best institution in Nagarbhavi, 560091 Not getting appropriate salary as per the fees taken by the school, no increment given by the school according to the government rules. A teacher left 2 months back no hired a teacher accordingly, just giving substitutions to the other teacher, no leaves are provided, though leaves are taken salary is been deducted with CL and LOP (Loss of pay)
Jul 30, 2019

school fees over

trichy cauvery matriculation school received over school fees without bill and also asking a special class fees for 150 for one subject
Jul 26, 2019


Dear Sir/Madam,
I joined sgis in the year 17 and in october 2018 i was forced to leave the institurion without any prior notice and DID NOT PAY MY TWO MONTHS SALARY...the principal humiliated me number of times infront of parents teachers and students, the kind of harrasment i have faced there, its mentioned in the APPOINTMENT LETTER that if the person is asked to leave by the school authorities they will pay two months salary or two months notice. The notice was not given to me and they forcibly asked me to leave the school and when i asked thwm for my salary the principal threatened me to lodge the fir against me.
Finally i had to leave and in the month of october i left... but i asked about my childs education as a teacher my childs education was free but when the principal (Mrs. SASMITA MOHANTY) asked me to leave i asked about the education of my child she said we will charge minimal amount and from oct to march its only 5 months, oct month fee was deducted from my salary.. i did not get any salary after that. Now for 5 months they are asking me 1 lac 60 thousand, i dont know for what? And they are not giving my sons TC and his final original marksheet f grade 12. This TC and MARKSHEET iss needed now for the admission procedure of my son. I have all the pepers with me. I also took one lawyer, but that lawyer also gave took a heavy amount and the case was dismissed. I request you if you can help me out in this. I dont have money to pay and i am in need of money now as my sons second semister is to be paid. Please asap as possible help me. I have lost my all hopes but i am writing you with great hope please help me..
Jul 14, 2019

School fee hike

School fees of saifi high school ,mumbai is increased by adding various terms to it like school fees + tuition fee+ activity fees+stationary fees+miscellaneous fee. From previous year fees have increased by 40%.pls do something .

Jul 11, 2019

Too long school hours

My ward studies in Lokseva E school, which is located in Pashan, Pune.

For the kids above 3rd standard the timing of the school is from 7:30am to 2:50pm which is approximatly 7.5 hours.and they have 9 periods per day...among which 7 are related to subjects...in short they have a period for each educational subject daily.

Though the kids are not loaded with homeworks (thank god...) , I still feel they should not be bombarded with all the subjects on daily basis.

We live far from the school approximately 20 mins (by bus) but the bus takes almost 40 mins to reach. So my kid is away from home for almost 8 to 8.5 hours which is quite long time for a 9 year old kid.
I request someone should ask the school authority to reduce the school timing for kids.

Jul 1, 2019

Summer holiday

According to haryana govt. summer vacation has extented for one week in all private and government schools but in rishikul vidyapeeth public school ,sonipat (Haryana)summer holiday has not been extended that is against from government decision and we all know about high temperature. So plz take plz take action.
Kartik Ghai
Jun 29, 2019

Getting no education in school

I have been studying christ senior secondary school for last 6 years. Now i am in 12th (pcm) standard. Till 8th standard everything was ok but from 9th beginning life get disturbed cause of this school. In 9th Mr Sandeep Rathod was my physics teacher who vert partiall between the students who studied in his coaching and who don't. He used to give me less marks and cut my marks for the content written by not his tution student and gives full marks to his tution students.
Same thing happened in 10th class. Now i reached 11th standard, took pcm in the same school, till this was which biggest mistake ever.
Here my class teacher was Mr Manish shrivastava who is also chemistry teacher. He has many degrees and have lot of experience in his field. But in the name of education he is giving us his 10%. He leaves many topic also finishes chapters in shorts...which is even smaller than the summary of same chapter. From this year he had started his coaching classes and those who are going to his coaching classes are been given special appearance by him. His students used to rate his teaching 10 of 10 in coaching but 0 of 10 in school.
Now physics teacher Mr Jijomon , he is not at all teacher..either he should leave teaching instead of destroying our education. We are getting nothing from his teaching. Sometimes he teaches wrong derivation. He finishes very large chapters 5-6 pages. He only teaches easy topics and wasted 1-1 week for the same. He don't even opens wide and difficult topics. He also created such type of aura that no one could even ask him for what he is doing.
Cause of them our child has ruined. We have to join tutionq for studying. In the morning from 7:30 am to afternoon till 3 pm our time gets waste. For continuously for 7 hours we have to sit straight and look forward. Got stucked in school. Now school is no more a temple of education. We suffering there. Cause of them our evening time has heen going in tution (three tutions)
Could any one get us out of this education system.
Still my words are very few against what i am suffering.
Jun 28, 2019

Mental Harashment by trustee of School

I'm a teacher in Omkar English Medium School, Ranghola near Bhavnagar, Gujarat. I have been working here for almost 5 years and now when I want to switch the school ,the trustee of the school Kalubhai kakadiya is creating a lot of problems, my two daughters who are in 6th and 8th standard has attended the starting two days of school for which the man is demanding ₹ 25000 and when I questioned him about the money he speaks too much rudely and disrespectfully, this has been going for a month now. He has not given me salary for 2 months and also not giving the TCs of my daughters and just because I'm a single mother he is harassing me mentally too much and saying things like you are a naukar, hamne 5 saal paala hai and jo karte bane karle kind of things. The man made me feel too much helpless and thrashed my self-respect completely, please provide me with some urgent and helpful solution as fast as possible . Thank you.
Jun 4, 2019

School fees

Aryan world school
Iss school ki fees har saal badhti hai .donation bhi 20000 hai ab kaha se de itna .please koi action lijiye inke khilaf.dress bhi itni costly ,school bag,books ,note books ,tiffin bag,bahot costly hai .
Sheetal parik
Jun 3, 2019


I have complete my 10th in 2012.
But now I'm having problems with my bonafide.
School management has been changed.
The principle of the school is not receiving my call.
Please help me out.
What can I do
May 23, 2019

Fee hike

My complaint is against bal bharti public school rohini... I have got hollowing complaints...

1. School charged rs 9000 approx in 2017-18, in the name of arrears and fee hike.

2. They are also charging fees for summer vacation

3. They increased fee to 45%, and charging it even the stay by court.

4. We are not getting any response fron doe, even after so many complaints.... M waiting for justice
anchal sonkar
May 10, 2019

High court order waiving school fees during summer vacation

According to the order of the High
Court.Arya Hansraj Model School is taking
the fees for Summer Vacation.That is not
legal to do this, you should take action on
Khasra No. 1116, K- Block, Village Bhalswa,
Jahangir Puri, New Delhi, Delhi 110033
May 9, 2019


School Name, Cambridge public school children park jodhpur.

Result is not declare on 9 may, school is talk me come to july for all students, please help
It's me Ak
May 3, 2019

School fees high

My sister is studying 1 St standard in vaagai vidyala matriculation higher secondary school,harur,dharmapuri.they increase the fees 7000. First of all for the first standard I pay the money 15000. Now for the second standard they increase the fees above 50%. We need to limit the fees at the school. Can you take any action with the school. I have proof for that.
Apr 29, 2019

Low salary

Sir i am a teacher of LITTLE BIRD CONVENT SCHOOL DWARKA SEC 26 salary of all teachers are very low here ,my salary is 2500 p.m and also our principle Rachna bhavesh is not giving all holidays
Mukesh Khurana
Apr 28, 2019

fee of school

Hello sir
Gurgaon ke sabhi school me April may June ki puri fee li jati hai. MRI, AND OTHER PRIVATE SCHOOL MRI ME Pehle Fee Lagbhag 25000/- Otr Batate hai or Bad me 55000/- Per Qtr lete hai esme sabse pahle number per hai .MRI School me April may June ki fee cash me lete hai.or Mri site c Gurgaon.D.C. ke order hone per bhi school me holiday nahi hoti hai. please es ke samadan kare .

Fee ka Samadhan Jarur Kare

Infracture Or Mintenes ke Nam pe har bache se 7000/- qtr liya ja raha hai lagbhag 1200 bacha hai

1200*7000 = 8400000/- (Eighty Four Lac ) qtr iekatha kar lete hai secool ki mintenes k nam pe

Thanks Regards
Meena Pandey
Apr 19, 2019

School fee

Hello sir
Agra ke sabhi school me April may June ki puri fee li jati hai. Life line publics school (282007) , gayatri public school esme sabse pahle number per hai .gayatri public school me April may June ki fee cash me lete hai.or lifeline public school site c Agra (282007) .D.M. ke order hone per bhi school me holiday nahi hoti hai. Aaj 19 April ke good Friday ki holiday per school open hai.please es ke samadan kare .
Thanks Regards
ajay kumar.treehouse
Apr 1, 2019

Administration fees

Respected Sir,
its about fees charged by Tree House High School Karve Nagar,Pune.As per their fee structure they charged about 52K as tuition fee and other development fee for Standard 3rd.as Rs 52k is not a small amount still they are charging Rs 20k as administration fee for new admission for afternoon shift and Rs 30K for morning shift.
Even after that they are charging Rs 15,400K for 0-3 Km distance for transportion fee.which is raised by different lots as per km, its very high as per others schools charges
again they forced parents book,stationary Uniforms and shoes purchased by their contracted supplier, Which cost Rs 5-8k for books only Rs 3-7 thousand for stationary and approx Rs10k for school uniform.
i dont know why school is charging too much bu cutting parents pocket.why they used to do such illegal practice..
why they made education as a business .
my humble request is kindly inquiry about their fee structure and vendors ...
the fee must affordable for all parents .education must be reachable for all...
Mar 30, 2019

Increasing fees

Hello sir. I am a responsible citizen of Prayagraj.Sir my child is studying in Maharishi Patanjali Vidya Mandir. Sir the school is violating the rules of state government. In the year if 2018, UP vidhansabha had passed a rule that a schools has not any right to demand admission fees every year. But the Maharishi Patanjali Vidya Mandir had demanded an admission fees of ₹22000. Sir please take strict action against the school. More information are given below.

Address of school- 26A Shilakhan, Rassoolabad Road, Teliarganj, Prayagraj

CBSE affiliation number - 2130087

School code - 08678

Thank you

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