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Consumer complaints and reviews about Country Vacations

Dec 16, 2017

Fraud country club free voucher call

Plz dont attend country club free food movie or holiday voucher presentation at korum mall..thane.. This is fraud and even after attending session they don't send voucher code
Further these are very rude and arogant people... Dont waste time
THEY Are CHEATERS..... And don't even think of taking their membership.... Its worst...
Dec 6, 2017

Country club lucky draw POSSIBLE FRAUD

Guy, I had received a call today from a proclaim COUNTRY CLUB FITNESS FTX.
Contact number: 012 - 641 9408
As usual, lucky draw winner and come with a married couple if you are not married, they requested me to do same thing.
This case is in Malaysia, 7th December 2017.

Please Malaysian think twice about attending any of the session, do not waste your time, petrol and energy for the possible fraud. Put your time and car petrol in more useful and some reward like spending your own hard earned money on real product
Ravi Kumar Sharma
Sep 25, 2017

Country club scam gift voucher

I had received a call by country club on Saturday they asked me to attend 25th anniversary i went there with my mom and dad and they spend with us more tan 1 hour and discussed about their membership plan which cost around 85000/- we all declined that voucher and take vouchers and come back at home they told me to send 1 more uni sallon voucher through email but haven't sent yet hahahaha ...lolz
Ravi Kumar Sharma
Sep 25, 2017

Gift voucher country club

I had received a call by country club on Saturday they asked me to attend 25th anniversary i went there with my mom and dad and they spend with us more tan 1 hour and discussed about their membership plan which cost around 85000/- we all declined that voucher and take vouchers and come back at home they told me to send 1 more uni sallon voucher through email but haven't sent yet hahahaha ...lolz
Aug 25, 2017

Thanks for saving me from this scam!!!!!

Thank you guys....today i visited their office as i also received the blaah blaah gift and voucher....i was nearly convinced after having one and half hour conversation....but i was feeling that something is wrong then i went outside to make a call and then search about them on internet and i found your reviews and complaints....then i simply declined their scammy schemes...
Thank you guys for saving our hard earned money....
May 18, 2017

Country club

I was asked to collect my free holiday voucher at the venue given by country club and will take 45 minutes. The took one hand half hours and said gift coupon will be sent to mail.But they did not send. cv is realy a fraud company.
Apr 23, 2017

fake free gifts promotion

Hello, I also got a call from the country club to collect free gifts which I won in a lucky draw. They are totally fraud. Free gifts are:
1) 6N/7D free stay: This is fake. a) You have to make payment of 5k-10k at the time of booking while availing voucher. b) This is only for off season only. c) These are selected properties which are not on the prime locations and are not good as well.
2) Vibes/skin voucher: This is also useless. They provide u 10,000 - 15,000 free gift voucher of either beauty salon, fitness center or whatever which are totally waste. U have to pay 15% service charge at the time of availing these voucher which is about 2500-3000. And the quality of the services you get through voucher in vibes, skin,.. etc are very very bad. You can google it. Type: "vibes 15000 voucher review" and check it on your own.

In short, you totally waste your valuable time by visiting there. All free gifts are useless and waste. They are making you fool by calling you on the false promise and then trying to sell their membership plan. And Please beaware don't buy their plan at all. Google reviews about "country club" and you get to know why I am saying this.
Other reasons for not to be a part of country club are:
1) You can judge it by this thing only that they don't give you time to think or google about them. They will tell you that make the decision on the spot about their plan and give them money. If the country club is really good and provides good service then they don't have to be scared that customer will not return to them and they don't need to force you to make payment on the spot.
2) Some words from the employees of the country club. They have clearly mentioned that country club cheated people. Check out below links:
a) https://www.glassdoor.co.in/Reviews/Employee-Review-Country-Club-India-RVW4425701.htm
b) https://www.glassdoor.co.in/Reviews/Employee-Review-Country-Club-India-RVW13303397.htm
c) https://www.glassdoor.co.in/Reviews/Employee-Review-Country-Club-India-RVW9808452.htm

Think guys Think.. I have shared my experience.
Feb 16, 2017

Misselling by Country Club India

Dear Team,

I, Priti Ramchandra Uchil, Membership No. CCMU69TCLUB10LB55805 have already lodged a complaint to your Customer Care Cell, Mr. Rakesh Kumar, Mr. Srikanth Reddy (DGM) and Mr. Rajeev Reddy.

The matter was settled for 1, 30,000 but you guys are taking too long to refund my amount. I gave my consent on 28th January, 2017, it’s already more than 2 weeks and you say that you guys are still waiting for the approval. And post approval, you guys will take 45 days to refund the amount. Is this kind of Joke?

Now I, here by urge you to cancel my membership and refund me the total paid membership amount of Rs. 1,52,000/- and also claim mental harassment of Rs. 5 Lakh by 25th of February, 2017.

Summary of the complaint is as under:

I made an enquiry through Country Club website on 14th December 2016. I got a call in the evening from Mr. Prashanth Gite and he fixed an appointment with one of your sales representative. At around 6:15 pm on the same day I got a call from Mr. Anoop wherein he said that his representative will visit my residence at around 8.30 pm., he also asked about my family details, to which I updated him that we are 5 members in the family... Myself, my Mother, my Brother his wife and his son and I informed him that I need the Membership for the entire family.

The Country Club Executive Mr. Shadab from Andheri Country Club branch came to my place at around 8.30 p.m. I updated him as well about the family details and informed him that I need the package for the entire family. He further asked me do I wish to take Club Membership or Holiday package. I told him that my first preference is Club Membership.

He then pretended to give me the suitable membership package. He showed me PPT and explained me the package where he explained me about the club membership first and then about the Holiday package. Mr. Shadab informed that on the occasion of 25th Anniversary of Country Club they are offering Free Club Membership if we take Holiday Package. After listening to the offers (which was false, later understood) I was happy and went ahead and took the Membership.

I paid total membership amount of Rs. 1,52,000/ (One lakh Fifty two thousand only)to your Club on the same day i.e. 14th December, 2016 through HDFC debit card and took the Club Membership and the 10 year Holiday package.

I visited Kandivali Country Club on 17th December, 2016 and on 25th December 2016 as few of my friends were interested to take the membership. Met few sales representatives, one of them was Mr. Prem who informed me there is no option of adding the sibling and their family, charges for few activities etc.. Below were the commitments given by Mr. Shadab which intended to be false and were also denied by Mr. Prem (representative of Kandivali Country Club).

Sr.No Wrong Commitment by Mr. Shadab to sell membership package Reality check by Mr. Prem (Kandivali Country Club) after becoming member
1 Shadab committed that he will add my family members name as mentioned above into this membership package without any additional fees. He constantly assured me that the same is in process as approvals is pending As per Kandivali branch and Mr. Anoop, there is no option to add the members other than spouse and children. Mr. Shadab is still giving me assurance and have asked me to wait for another week as it is pending for approvals. If you guys do not have option then how he will update.
2 Free packages will be offered to you as additional offer as soon as you become member. The package includes free stay of 6 days in Bangkok, 2 days in Dubai and 3 days in Talegaon. We have no free package or additional offer and we shall not provide you any free stay. In one of the conversation Mr. Shadab informed me that Bangkok and Dubai package will be shown under your membership online. When checked, only bangkok was getting displayed and not rest of the locations.
3 He said there will be 4 free passes given for all the events organized by Country Club. As per Kandivali branch, any events happening outside Country Club are chargeable, even if it’s organized by Country Club.
4 All the facilities at country club are free of cost No facility is free. When checked, Badminton and Snooker are chargeable
5 Per night charges of rooms in all Country Club are between Rs. 700/- to 1000/- The room charges vary. As per Kandivali branch, Andheri and Dubai charges are at a range of Rs. 4000/-
6 Mr. Shadab also informed that I and my family members can avail facilities at Talwarkar's Gym free of cost Mr. Prem confirmed that there are certain charges per visit and the same will get accumulated in AMC. The same has also been accepted by Mr. Anoop (IRA of Mr. Shadab)

Post update by Mr. Prem, I was in constant touch with Mr. Shadab to get an update on my issue. Almost every alternative day I used to call him and he used to give fake promises that it has been sent for approvals and it is taking time. In our every conversation Mr. Shadab assured me that the family members will be added to my membership and will be updating my about rest of my issues.

During this, I also sent a complaint to Mr. Rakesh Kumar on 26th December, 2016 after which I got a call and mail from Mr. Aamir on 03rd January, 2017 where he requested me to meet Mr. Anoop to sort out the issue. I replied back to him that I will be visiting the Andheri Country Club on 07th January, 2017 between 5pm to 7pm.

I visited your Andheri Country Club on 7th January, 2017 to resolve the matter and below was the summary:

I along with my Friend met Mr. Anoop (IRA of Mr. Shadab), he said that he was not aware that I would be coming to meet and moreover also said that he is not aware of my issues.

Of my multiple issues, I informed him about 3 of my issues to which he said that he has agreement and welcome calling as a proof where it’s mentioned that the amount is Non-Refundable and there is no option to add the family members other than spouse and children. Mr. Anoop also informed me that the 2 of the activities (Snooker and Batminton) are chargeable and a nominal amount would be charged to AMC if I use the facility of Talwarkar Gym.
I on the contrary informed him that I have recordings (already provided to you on my mail dated 28th December, 2016) wherein the executive Mr. Shadab is assuring me everything would be done as per commitment. Mr. Anoop said that if Shadab has committed wrong then he would terminate him.

Mr. Anoop also said that whatever Shadab have committed which is not in their policies, is his responsibility and not of the company. My question here is how a person who is heading the sales team would revert like this? Mr. Shadab is representing Country Club and if he has committed wrong then Country Club is wholly responsible for the same.

Thereafter, multiple mails were sent to Country Club Customer Service, Mr. Rakesh Kumar, and Mr. Srikanth Reddy (DGM). Mr. Srikant on his mail dated 17th January, 2017 replied me that “Under any circumstances membership fee is not refundable. You have fer grievances which can be resolved from Anup end”

On the other hand Customer service agent called me thrice and offered me 80% refund, nothing was given to me in written (email), only verbal communication. I did not accept the same.

I thought Country Club, was a reputed brand, however, to my surprise your representatives have tarnished the brand image or should I claim that it’s your tactic to get new sales.

I am highly disappointed by the wrong commitments of Country Club and wish your proficiency was making happy customers, instead of just selling wrong packages to them.

Further, I have also lodged a complaint to Consumer Forum with reference number: 125450

The matter was settled for 1, 30,000 but you guys were taking too long to refund my amount. I gave my consent on 28th January, 2017, it’s already more than 2 weeks and you say that you guys are still waiting for the approval. And post approval, you guys will take 45 days to refund the amount. Is this kind of Joke?

Now I, here by urge you to cancel my membership and refund me the total paid membership amount of Rs. 1,52,000/- and also claim mental harassment of Rs. 5 Lakh by 25th of February, 2017.

Priti Uchil
Nov 15, 2016

Country Vacations


i attended the event at amrutha castle and paid rupees 5500 on 20 december 2015, the voucher is valid till 19 december 2016. Today when i called to book the lady asked me to pay 5500 rupees again. When I called the person who took my payment (didnt give me any proof when asked him) he said I should pay it again. Is this some sort of scam when you take cash and dupe peeople. I need a response or I will logde a complaint against your company.
The guy very conviniently said no need of proof. You people better figure this out or im going to file a complaint for my money.

Feb 28, 2016

Unprofessional Attitude

They called me multiple times for collecting coupons.Last week I visited and it was a worst experience. They tried to grilled up and force you to feel guilty if you haven't gone for any holidays for last couple of years.

Very unprofessional attitude!! Never recommend any one.
Feb 15, 2016

cancellation of country vacations membership

I wasnot aware of the background of country club.I made an agreement of 10 years vacation.but when i askèd the manager Mr vanit sharma for my membership card and document he didnot listen my ph .now i got card after one month and many people are making complaints against county vaction i am in great tension that i have made aloss of 101000/ Please help me in cancellation of membership and refund my money
Feb 13, 2016

Fraud of Country club vacation

They are marketing to go on india to spend holidays .I think so they earns money from by arranging visa , booking 10000 rupees.So don't be caught to these indian fraud company as voucher.
Only thing i got gift of a plate from country club.
So pls dont be caught to this company if you get voucher go and ask for gift,,(i received food plate)
Also thanks to this page for save me
Feb 2, 2016

How to get Refund from fraud country club

I am also a victim of country vacation. I paid INR 50,000/- to CV through State bank Of Hyderabad debit card.
We did n't get any membership card nothing..So many times they called us to pay the maintainence charges INR 8,000/- but we didn't pay them.

Please cancel our membership and get back my money..we are lower middle class family..please
Santosh Muley
Jan 6, 2016


I got call from Country club team, Aurangabad (M.S.) for Holiday Gift Voucher on 02.Dec.2015

Before giving me gift voucher they are forcing / pressurizing me to be a Life time member of Country Club by paying Rs.2 Lacs.
I have denied then they told me to pay Rs.6,500/- & take 7 days-6 Nights stay.

Only because of their pressure I have paid Rs.6,500/- on 02.Dec.2015 But till date I have not received any receipt & Vouchers.

Kindly REFUND my Rs.6,500/-

Santosh Muley
Aurangabad (M.S.)
dddd dddd
Sep 16, 2015

Country Vacation is fraud company

I got a call from CV. They are fraud company.
response team
Sep 7, 2015

Response to the Complain-i got a call from Country Vacations

Dear Member, We just viewed your experience here & the inconvenience, in regards to your Membership Holidays is deeply regretted. If you still have any issues, Kindly click or copy and paste the link http://countryclubindia.net/reachus/ to browser and give your details of your membership, so as to help you and understand the issue better to resolve. Kindly quote the reference number to track your complain which your will receive via e-mail on your registered e-mail id.
For Country Club Membership call us on: 040- 040 44331360
E-mail Us On : centralcustomercare@countryclubmail.com

For Country Vacations membership call us on: 040-44331330/67484444
E-mail Us On: centralcustomercare@countryvacationsmail.com

Best Regards,
Response Team
Country Club Hospitality & Holidays Ltd.
Jun 25, 2015

i got a call from Country Vacations

I got a call too..
i write this on 25/06/2015,
i got SMS from AZMIYA (NOT FAZMIYA as above) telling that i got 60000/= offer for 7 days(6 nights) .After that i got many calls for my personal phone number and my home contact number.She told me that if i am unable to come let my parents to be there for a 90 minutes presentation on 26/06/2015 .Fortunately i found this web forum before i go to that presentation.
i think they got my details from an exhibition which i have been on previous month.

Here we go Country Vacations...,i am gonna publish your cheating on all social medias i ever know and i have plan to inform some medias about your Fraud and they will take care of you from there.Specially HIRU NEWS which has an investigation program called CIA.

Jun 7, 2015


This is cheating company. They collect customer details from some major promotions by showing it as a raffle draw, and then calling us to come to collect the voucher.Then they ask us to come with spouse, and take photos ( wonder why), We have to listen to their fake presentations for about 90 min to get the voucher and the voucher code is valid but in the selected cities, if selected city to be select for 03 days, but the hotel and country club's said that SLOD OUT in every month....APRIL, MAY, JUNE, JULY....so why we go collect these vouchers....shame less peoples are there...FRAUD Company and collected the money by fraud for innocent peoples.....if any one not reply within 02 or 03 days...we are going to legal...complaint to Country Club World....

with regards
May 26, 2015

Fraud Company


My name is Brajesh. In the same manner I got call as I am the lucky winner of 7 days and called for presentation.
When I attended the presentation, the tried to wash my brain but as per so many negative reviews I did not take membership.
So, Finally (Shakham-name of representator) provided me the gift voucher............hahaha...the voucher code was wrong.
Thanks God..I am saved but given my 2 hours valuable time to these bastard.
Please you don't do what i did.

trust & care
May 13, 2015

Country vacations, Sri Lanka

Any Sri Lankan complaints should be send to Consumer Affairs Authority, C.W.E. Secretariat Building,
No: 27, Vauxhall Street, Colombo 02.

Web URL http://www.caa.gov.lk/web/index.php?option=com_contactmap&view=contactmap&id=1&Itemid=504&lang=en
May 9, 2015

Country Vacations Fraud

The way Country Vacations are selling the Membership is totally wrong and unethical. They ask you to come for a 1 hour presentation saying that you have won a gift and then they do brain washing by promising false things.

1) They promised that you can sell your vacation period and they have many agents to do that. I never got such facilities.

2) They promised that you can transfer your membership but when I asked them they say contact the place where you have taken it. To your surprise when I called the place where I have taken it they say we are marketing department ...blah blah blah
All rubbish and nonsense they will talk

2) They say that there are many hotels one can book but actually when you go for booking, you will hardly find vacant ones when you need.

The very next day , when I told them that I want to cancel my membership they denied doing it. How can such a wrong business run in India and no one is stopping these bloody cheaters. Please NEVER GO FOR COUNTRY VACATIONS MEMBERSHIP. TOTAL FRAUD AND WASTE OF MONEY.
Satendra Kumar Sarswat
May 7, 2015

Got refund from country vacation fraud

Hi , Me ( Satendra Kumar Sarswat) and my wife, We were invited for a presentation on dt. 01.09.2011 at 209-210, 2nd floor, Vipul Agoora mall Gurgaon haryana were given a glass set. We too paid an hefty amount of Rs.46,000/- by HDFC Bank Credit card. They promised to send us our cards and gift voucher with the market value of over Rs. 25,000/- but till dt we have not received any card or gift voucher. I have been repeatedly calling them and there seems to be no response form them. I got several calls from Country Vacation but I refused all their misguiding offers and didn't accept the membership card.
So i request to CV please refund the Amount.


Satendra Kumar Sarswat
Feb 19, 2015

Fraud of Country Vacation

My Mail for around 40 days.
Below is the response after 40 days.
Suggest next step.

Dear CV,










Dear Sirs, I am sorry to say that I have to escalate this issue to you as your staff is neither capable of answering my question nor capable of refunding the money. They don't even have courtesy to treat me as customer. It is worthless to speak with your staff. So, Please go through the below matter and help me in this.

I called CV on various no. on 18 Feb 2015. I spoke to Mr. Manoj and Mr. Vinod several times and they both ensured me I will be getting a response by end of day and till now I have not received any call or mail. As usual Mr. Imran or concern person for refund is never available.

I called CV on 08042077301 on 17 Feb 2015 and Mr. Manoj has picked the call and told me as usual Mr. Imran it not there and he will come in evening and he was not present yesterday. He ensured me that I will receive a call by 5 PM today.

I am trying to contact CV through mails and call and I have not received any response from their side till now. Whenever I call to your Koramangala Office, people pick the call and misguide me by saying the following reasons from last 1 month:

1) At the moment the concern person is not there when he comes they will call me. I have not received any call till date.

2) Refund is handled by Mr. Imran and he is not there. He is not in office from the day he returned from Hyderabad.

3) Please take the contact no. of Imran 9986371236. This no. is always switched off for me.

4) Most of the staff of Koramangala come after 2:30 and Mr. Imran after 4 this is the info I got from CV staff.

5) People like Ushma, Vinod and receptionist of telephone no. 08042077301 always misguide me saying above reason.

It is requested to Country Vacation seniors to audit the timings of Koramanagala Staff. After above all reasons, Is the absence of Mr. Imran and staff is the concern of customer or CV?

If you are not able to refund my money that you got by making fool of me than answer the below questions. You people are still repeating the same thing. Why you could not answer the simple questions by a customer? If my questions are not answered then also it is denial of services from vendor and I am again eligible to get my money back. Each time you delay the refund I have one more question to be answered by you.

After my mail of 27 Jan 2015, I received a call from Mr. Imran when he was in Hyderabad. He told me that he is having his return flight to Bangalore on Monday morning (2nd Feb 2015), so he will be working on refund on Monday. He requested me to not to send further mails because he will responding on Monday. Now the day has ended and I have not yet received any response from Mr. Imran. Please respond on the below matters.

I have been trying to contact CV through mails and calls. It is almost more than 40 days and there is no response. No one is picking up the calls and no one is replying the mails. What should I consider with this response of yours. I have not received any response on my past mails which need lot of explanation on various points.

This is one of the reason I was looking for AIRDA over CV. CV people presented a false image while sales and now look at your services you don't even have courtesy to respond to your customers.

I already know the details given by you. As you already know Mr. Imran I discussed the issue with you in your office like what was told to me is different than what is on agreement. The details given by you are the reason of refund because your executive told something different from what I written in the agreement. As a customer it is my right to ask below questions to my vendor and as a vendor answering the quires of a customer is also considered as a service and is your duty.

Please give your explanation CV/Mr. Imran on all the below quires else you are forcing to take a legal action for mental and financial harassment and against Mr. Kartik for misguiding me regarding AIRDA. I was avoiding this Police for FIR and Consumer Court for case because I don't want to get into the police and court related issue. But now you are compelling me to do so and very less time is left now. If I went to consumer forum I will claim for the money, mental harassment, financial harassment, fraud by you, all my time, each mail and each call.

Below are the list of points which need your explanation Mr. Imran. Please elaborate on following points, so that I can take my next action accordingly on this issue.

1) You started with fake statement that there are only 100 winners for this offers. I visited 2-3 days back at the same basement of country club and found that the same thing is still going. It felt like this is your regular business of saying people that you are the lucky winner. You people tell the same thing to every one.

2) I was told that this offer is only valid for today. I was even forced by one of your executive by saying that "If you leave this hall, this offer is not valid for you". When I visited the same place after 2-3 days back I found that the offer is still going and I was fooled again.

3) On 19th Jan 2015 I visited Central Mall, Bellandur. There also I fond a CV member in the parking lot while parking my bike. He was also explaining about the lucky draw process as I was explained in month of December in Total Mall on Sarjapur. If it is lucky draw then why this process keeps on going for the whole year.
I have been seeing this lucky draw process when I ever I visit Country Club or when ever I park my bike in a Mall.

4) CV executive told that you are member of AIRDA and this was the foremost reason to take interest in you because there was someone to whom I can go in case of any discrepancies. You can see there are lot of discrepancies and there is not any disciplined and reputed authority over you. How CV can use name of AIRDA for their marketing and sales.

5) As per your executive I would have received the welcome kit on Tuesday. I have not received it by today.

6) Your executive told me that I will be getting 13 Nights and 14 Days every year for holidays but now they are telling me that I am only eligible for 6 night and 7 days.

7) Your executive told me that I will be getting of accommodation of any type (not limited to studio) but now it turned to studio only.

8) You executive told me that I can go for holidays in any season but in when I tried to book it online and through their mobile app the holiday booking button is not working and I am suppose to contact again to the executive.

9) Your executive told me that 6 adults and 2 children can go for a vacation but in your agreement it is written that 2 adult and 2 children and an extra bed of Rs. 500 if applicable.

10) There is a clause accommodation depends on the availability of room even this was never mentioned by your executive. If you go through online blogs and site no one is getting rooms. You people keep on celebrating your anniversary whole year, that is why no is getting the availability.

11) I sent one of my Friend to Hyderabad office with refund request on below mentioned address. The person on the front desk did not even spoke properly, misbehaved with him. He did not even submitted the application. Any ways I have sent it trough a registered post. Instead of submitting the application he said I do not belong to this department and gave me a number 04061484444 of the concern department. This number is not a valid number. I don't even know how many departments do you have. Every time I call there is someone who says this is not my department and he gives me a new number.

12) Now you people are misguiding me by giving various email ids for refund. That is why I am sending mail to all email ids I came to know while my misguidance.

13) Tell me the timing and concern person to call or give me call regarding my concerns.

14) If you people are very fare with your processes then why did Mr. Imran asked that he will arrange free ticket and free stay at Dubai for 2 person.

15) Is the absence of Mr. Imran and Koramangla Staff from last 1 month is concern of customer or CV?

16) If you people are so face then why you could not answer the simple question of a customer?

These are the few examples which I found only after reading the agreement. The most important reason that I opted for CV was because of AIRDA. Now I came to know there is no AIRDA so I don't want to continue with this kind of company. So it is requested to refund the money earned with lot of efforts and time.

Anyhow it is again a requested to you to refund the money as soon as possible along with the compensation of call charges and time devoted to you. Please let me know about the progress of request and the time of refund.

Below is the response after 40 days,

Dear Mr.Abhishek Kumar Singh,

As per the terms of the agreement i would like to give few points as per agreement signed by you.

1) As per the clause no. 21 of membership agreement which signed by the you THE VACATION CHARGES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES and that THE VACATION FEE IS NOT A REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT.

2) As per the clause no. 37 of membership agreement which signed by you "Second Party understands that this agreement (in the printed form ONLY) SUPERSEDES any communication whether written or oral or any variation or hand written remarks rewriting the printed Agreement made by the agents and/or representatives of CCIL or second party to this agreement and /or any other written communication issued by CCIL representatives(Including on Company Letter Head or STAMP PAPER). Further second party understands that the benefits and terms of the vacations as set out in this agreement are final and binding on CCIL, and second party.

3) Apart from the agreement clause for your information The product which has been bought by the member is a non timeshare product and does not come under cooling off period.

4) We do not have any service default against this particular your membership and for your information we have released card to you within stipulated time. For your reference we are here by attaching the screen shot of the same. If you further requirement of documents we are ready to provide.

NOTE: As earlier i mentioned about complementary holiday which includes Flight tickets for Goa, Hyderabad or Kovalam to utilize the services from our Country vacations.
Jan 10, 2015

Country Vacations

Jan 10, 2015

Country Vacations

Phone Number = 0115992999

Country Vacations a big Fraud

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