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Consumer complaints and reviews about CPWD

Radhika Malik
Nov 1, 2017

complaint against SDO for not handling the problem

respected sir,
I am a alotee of house no 1011, sec 7 B, Chandigarh, 1 year ago i have registered a complaint for doing work in my house for that work SDO sir had told me that he will send some workers to start work within 1 month but no worker had come to do the work after that again SDO sir had told me to wait for 1 month only but again no worker had come to my house to solve my problem. there are lots of misslanious works which are still pending in my house because of which i am facing lots of problems and now Mr. SDO had started works in the other houses but not started any kind of work in my house so i am requesting you to please take some necessary acrions to solve my problems. I shall be very thankful to you.
Oct 23, 2017

Exhaust fan in kitchen

House No. 817, Sector-5, R.K. Puram, New Delhi- 110022
Complaint regarding the placement of Exhaust Fan in kitchen. There was no Exhaust Fan put up by the CPWD before.
Kindly see to this complaint as early as possible.
Gayatri Kanade
Oct 5, 2017

Cpwd officer

I am a common women who stay in antophill C. G. S colony, so i have Complaint against the cpwd officer in my area from one year ago i am going there and writing the Complaint about my house work but they are not respon to my any Complaint, then i meet there big sir who handle my blg work so i spoke to that person but he say i dnt know what can i do, so i say him you have allow to worker to do work in other house and not in my house why so, he say me your house number is not there, so i say him from one year you all are saying bring this letter and that i have done everything now it time to you do my work you say me is not in my hand then i go to other office i meet one sir he say me give me letter in writing so i have write the letter and go to give him that sir call that person who is incharge of my building so he came and he start shouting on me so i say him what was my fault why you are shouting so he saying go to big office also i will not allow anyone to do your house work and saying i have power so who can do your house work i will see he start insulting me and then he say me get out of my room so its they power which they can insulting of people this kind of insultment a common people get from a powerful cpw CPWD officer show them I am humble request you to take some kind of action towards them and how can how can they scold us without any mistake we have done I have gone there for saying my complaint not for insulting them why they insult me in front of everyone this kind of people who you keep in cpw office in Big post they are so rude and so bad I am humbling request you please take some action towards them
Sep 19, 2017


Loosened Power point fitting
Aug 19, 2017

one piece of terrace fell on my veranda

Qtr no. 273, sector 3, SADIQ NAGAR , New Delhi
I am residing in Cpwd Flats in Sadiq Nagar, New Delhi.
In the Morning of 19/08/17, one big portion of extended roof top of the three storey CPWD flats fell on my ground floor verandah . I had just moved out of the gate towards my car and was very lucky to have escaped unhurt, and indeed to be alive . All contacts of CPWD are unresponsive. Regular complaint to call center will not suffice. Who will evaluate the risk of residential accommodations of CPWD?
Ganesh Iyer,
Qtr No. 273, Sector3, Sadiq Nagar,
New Delhi
A.N Kumar
Aug 16, 2017

Wall paint

Namaskar sir/madam Mai Amarnath Kumar (Cisf)qtr no 209 Block - F kasturba nagar new Delhi sir Maine apna qtr pichhle years October 2016 me liya Tha or Avi pure qtr ki wall paint jhad Gaya hai. Yahan ke civil ke J.E ko bataya to usne bataya Mai Kuch ni kar sakta street light v ni hai o v bataya aay din koi na koi qtr me chori hote rahta hai agar street light hota to chori ni hota.sir pls mere complain pe dhyaan diya jaaye.
Jul 21, 2017

Seepage in the Bathroom of House No.803, Lodi Colony

I am the allotee of Qr. No.803, Block-11, Lodi Colony, New Delhi. For the last more than one year, I have been lodging complaints about the seepage in the bathroom of my Quarter. Many a times, some masons came to attend the complaint and did some cement work in the bathroom of the above Quarter. But the problem could not be solved. I requested in writing to the JE/AE to come and see the seriousness of the problem. Once the JE came and saw the problem and I have been told by the JE that the allottee of the above Quarter is not allowing them to do the work. It is strange that, it is the duty of JE/AE to solve/attend the complaint. Now the problem has become dangerous that water is dripping in my bathroom and it is spreading to the verandah also. Last Monday (17.07.2017) me and my husband went to the CPWD and met JE/AE and given complaint again in writing. But till date no one turned to attend or solve the problem. Kindly look into the matter immediately and try to save the life of two aged people i.e. myself Vasantha Ramesh (Allottee - 58 years) and Shri Ramesh Babu (63 years).

Thanking you,

Vasantha Ramesh, Qr. No.803, Block No.11, Lodi Colony, New Delhi (Mob-9811067875 - Land Line - 24646039
Jun 15, 2017

government quarter on rent

This is to inform you that quarter no.795,786 & 782 Type-2 RK Puram Sector 1 are given by the owner on rent to civilian persons who are not authorised in society to live because they reside in an unauthorised rooms which are built either on ground or on top floor as which are not allowed to be built under CPWD rule.
Take necessary actions as soon as possible.
Thanking You
Kamini Nagar
May 11, 2017


I am Kamini Nagar live in Pushp Vihar flat no. 745 sec 7 we already complaints 3 times regarding of water tank it's leakage past 3 months and nobody solve this problem till now. When we registered first complaint on toll free as per executive already resolved this problem by concern person but it's lie because nobody's come at our house for the same. Kindly do the needful. Regards. Kamini Nagar. Cont no- 9754874777. Add:- flat no. 745 Sec 7 Pushp Vihar New Delhi 110017
Deeply thaur
Apr 13, 2017

Water pipes are leakage

I live in 573 b sec 46a chandigarh. My complaint is pipe leakage of out side pipe. We requested many times of the Je but there is no response. The water is overflowing for one month. We are facing acute water shortage on 2ed floor . Please make necessary action and check the cause of pipe leakage.
Feb 23, 2017

complaint against the mis-behaviour of the people who are living on rent

yesterday(23/2/17), at 6.00 p.m in the absence of my family members one lady with her husband came to hit me and starts abusing me in bad manner. this attacker family is living in the same residents in qtr no 36. This quarter is not officially allotted to them. People in this quarter troubling the people near by. she always use bad language in locality and always fights with bad language.
So please take necessary step and strict action. so to stop this nonsense acts creating by this family on rent.
The attacker family address is given below.
Seminary hills c.p.w.d old qtrs type 2, no 36 near veternary chowk nagpur-440006
Feb 23, 2017

complaint against the mis-behaviour of the people who are living on rent

yesterday(23/2/17), at 6.00 p.m in the absence of my family member one lady with her husband came to hit me and starts abusing me in bad manner. this attacker family is living in the same residents in qtr no 36. This quarter is not officially allotted to them. People in this quarter troubling the people near by. she always use bad language in locality and always fights with bad language.
So please take necessary step and strict action. so to stop this nonsense acts creating this family on rent.
The attacker family address is given below.
Seminary hills c.p.w.d old qtrs type 2, no 36 near veternary chowk nagpur-440006
Feb 23, 2017

some people creating problem

CPWD old qrt type II/36 near veternary college seminary hills nagpur-06. The people living in this quarter(Qrt no. 36) Are troubling the people living near her quarter. she always use bad language in locality. And the is not alloted on their name they are just living as rent. since 5 years she was creating disturbance. And always fight with bad language. so please take necessary step and strick action so to stop this non sence acts creating by this lady. Her address is mention above.
Manju Nisha Sharma
Feb 22, 2017

Leakage in Drain Pipe and welding work

Qtr. No. 285, Type II, Sector II, Sadiq Nagar, New Delhi -110049. We lodged complaint for Leakage in Drain Pipe from so many years but no action has been done till date. due to leakage of pipe is severe seepage in the roof of bathroom.

CNo.11155757 attended on 21.02.17 but not done satisfactorily.
Parvinder narula
Jan 22, 2017

pipe line falty

R/SIR ME H.NO 439 SEC 3 PUSHAP VIHAR TYPE 1 KA ALLOTEE HU SIR MUGHE YE QUATER 15 SEPTEMBER KO ALLOTE HUA HE SIR JAB SE YE QUATER MUGHE ALLOTE HUA HE ME BOHOT PARESHAN HU YAHA KE STAFF AUR JE SAHAB NE HAME BOHOT PARESHAN KER RAKHA HE SIR MENE 1 MONTH PEHLEwelding aur tap ki complaint ki thi jiski sunwayi aaj tak nahi hui mistri apne aap sing ker ke complaint ok ker deta he aur JEsahab ke pas jao to wo seat per nahi milte aap hi batao hum kiske pas jaye sir toilet ka tap bohot leak kerta he mere ghar per old age mata ji aur ek handicapt sister he sir ager unko kahi chot lag gayi to me kaha jaunga
parvinder singh narula
h.no 439 sec 3 pushap vihar
new delhi m.no 9716915208
Dec 9, 2016

Govt. Accommodation on rent

1010-F sector 7B chandigarh on rent last 5 year. He lock the accommodation at day time and open the accommodation at evening.
Please look in to the matter and prevent govt property for misusing.
Dec 9, 2016

Govt. Accommodation on rent

House no. 1065 sector 7B chandigarh and 1066 sector 7B chandigarh full set on rent. they used to use back door for entry and main gate is lock all the time so that no one can't check. in this matter, state office sector 9 chandigarh employee vinod (live in 1240 F sector 7B chandigarh) provide information regarding checking.
Plz look into the matter and take necessary action as soon as possible.
Please don't open my identity because it just a help to government for preventing misuse of govt accommodation.
Dec 8, 2016

Roof leakage in bathroon & Kitchen


I got allotted the accommodation on 27.10.2014. From the day one, I noticed the roof leakage at Kitchen and wash room area. Several times made complaint in written and approached the JE and AE and appraised the condition. On their referral, I also approached the contractor for early work. AE with contractor supervisor ( former AE Agarwal and present AE Madam) visited and saw the condition couple of times with an assurance to get repair with in one month. But no faction. I made complaint through mail to all CPWD authorities. But no response. I made it complained through CPWD Sewa toll free no which registered vide No.10922232 lon 24.11.2016 for which work allotted on 25.11.2016. But neither authority nor contractor visited. please redress my grievance of repairing.
Nov 29, 2016

छत्त की नाली खुलवाने हेतुु।

मैं मकान नं. 443, सेक्टर-9, आर.के.पुरम, का आबंटी हूँँ, और जबसे मुझे यह आवास आबंंटन किया गया है तबसे इस आबास की छत्त की नाली बंद पङी हुई है। इस संबंध में मैंने कई बाार के.लो.नि.वि. को लिखित शिकायत दी जिसका नंं.10419325, 10262900, 10262893, 10095187, 10028912 10028193, 10028192, 7665731, 6490107,6490106, 2179570, 2115666, 1647913 इत्यादि करा चुका हूँ लेेकिन पूछताछ कार्यालय से जो कर्मचारी इन शिकायत के लिये आया वह सिर्फ यह कह कर चला गया कि यह कार्य मेरा नहीं सीमेंट वाले का जब सीीमेंट वाले को बुलाया तो वह कहने लगा की यह कार्य मेरा नहीं है यह नाली खोलने वाले का है और मेरी छत्त की नाली आजतक बंद की बंद पङी है जिसकी वजह से मेरे घर के अंदर बरसात के समय पानी का रिसाव होने से दिवारे खराब एवं बिजली का करंट आता है। अत: आपसे विनती है की मेरी छत्त की नाली प्राथमिकता के आधार पर ठीक करवाने का कष्ट करें।
विजय रावत
मकान नं. 443, सेक्टर-9,आर.के.पुरम,
मो. 9953725734
chandan kumar singh123
Nov 8, 2016


sir i handan kumar singh my building no -97 room no-3841 sector-7 seikh mishri road antophill
1.sir in my quarter the floor is totally damaged
2.allthe window and door are totally damaged.
3.therr is no mosquito net cover in the windiw and door.
4.the wash basin is totally damaged.
it is requested that please do something immediately.
yours faith fully
Nov 6, 2016

Water supply off

From two day water supply is off...5 nd 6 nov both day..so now without water many people of our colony is in prblm
Oct 28, 2016

paint not done even after whitewash is done two week ago despite many reminders

I am a resident of Q.No. 116 type III, M.S.Building Timar Pur.

My quarter has been whitewashed but two weeks ago but paint on doors and windows is yet to be done despite many reminders. The

concerned JE never bothered to check the status and left the work entirely to the whims and fancy of Contractor and whenever a

complaint is made to JE, he hands over the phone number of a man of contractor for getting the work done. but this man never listen

to the allottee and work accordingly to his plan.

It is requested to kindly look into the matter. If the Paint is done after Dewali is passed then what is the use of paint if the festival has concluded.
Parvinder narula
Oct 9, 2016

Toilet & room door demage

Sir im parvinder singh narula.me house no.439 sec 3 pushap vihar me govt accmodation ka allotee hu sir yaha ke cpwd ke emplyee ne hame bohot pareshan kèr rakha he sir mughe august me ye quater allot hua tha aur je sahab mr. Ajit singh ne hamase 15 din ka time manga tha quater ko teyar kerne me aur 15/09/2016 ko inhone jaberdasti mughe quater accept kerwa diya aur isme koi bhi kam complete nahi hua toilet aur room ka door damage he bathroom ke door ke kabje damage the jo mene cpwd wale ko hi 300 rs deker thik kerwaye he white wash thik nahi he jo thik se karne ke paise mang rahe he mr prakash ke aadmi electrical ka kam complete nahi he office jao to civil aur electrical ke JE thik tarah bat nahi karte sir sec 7 me kitchan aur bath room me tiles laga ker de rahe he aur humne sec 3 walo se bola to ye log bottle mangte he duru ki sir hum garib aadmi he itna peisa kaha se laye jo inko sharab pilaye sir plz aap hi hamari help kijiye
Sep 20, 2016


I am the resident of GPRA campus gachibowli QTR no;16-C.I had given the complaint regarding seepage and roof leaking, the complaint no; 10574267 and 10583049 on 15 sept 2016.
Till today they had not attended the complaint.I REQUEST U to take immediate action to solve my problem.
Aug 21, 2016


Cpwd civil dept (Sector7),Dept is very bad service provider...i hv allotted one n half year.bt he can not come to room..more n more time completed bt he cnt come...this dept head nikam n meena will nt attend any complaint...so plz action for it...sector 7 Antop hill mumbai37

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