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Credit Card


Consumer complaints and reviews about Credit Card

[email protected]
Nov 23, 2022

Credit card reflecting with my name

Credit card account number - ################, reflection in my cibil portal which am not even aware of neither opted of. Kindly check and remove from my name.

Manjunath SK
[email protected]

Credit card reflecting with my name

Jun 20, 2021

Cancellation of one assist mfee

I am a hdfc bank credit card holder. The bank has auto debited rs 1899 from my card ending no.8176 without my concern on 20/06/2021. I am not interested in this service and don't want this one assist MFEE anymore. So cancel the membership and refund the debited amount of 1899. Otherwise I filled a case at district consumer court. MY NUMBER 8880222202
Jul 29, 2020

Unauthorised Transaction

Unauthorised Transaction
De-activate my ONE ASSIST MFEE Plan and REFUND MY AMOUNT!!!
I’m a new HDFC Bank credit card holder.The bank has auto debited Ras.1899/- from my credit card without my concern on 28/07/2020 . I’m not interested about this one assist MFEE service and don’t want this membership anymore. So immediately cancel the membership and REFUND this debited amount of Rs.1899/- . Otherwise file a case at district consumer court. Kindly refund my amount!!!


Unauthorised Transaction

Jul 24, 2019

Amount deduction

Hi my name is jayalakshmi
Mobile number 7975452014
Please clarify my problem
I lost my money 5000
Credit card canara bank
Swetha KS
Apr 29, 2019

Incorrect information

Every time before my due date i need to call RBL customer care in regard to my billing details and the information provided by each employees are different from each other. Everytime when i call them i have to hassel myself to know the correct information through them. If we have to go according to the information shared by them then we get into the trouble. I had called to preclose one of the EMI for which i had called Customer support and i was informed the over all amount including the EMI which i m suppose to pay, for which i closed the EMI account. later when i am calling them another person is telling no i should be paying the complete due amount including EMI which is not added in preclosure account. If that is the reason then for what heck sake did i call the customer care and asked for over all closing amount. If i would not have called them again, i would be in trouble thinking that i will have to just pay the swiped amount excluding EMI amount. now the burden is on me...this keeps on repeating again and again from the time i m customer for RBL... Pathetic customer care service and the information provided is also completing mismatching btw themselves. neither employees are trained properly to maintain the equality of information, nor they will sort the issue out. completely unhappy with the service provided by RBL.

Feb 12, 2019

Amount deducted

5000 deduction
Credit card number I will tell you later
Mobile number 7829007730
Please solve
Feb 3, 2019

Amount deducted

Problem with my credit card,
Credit card not working properly
Mobile number 7829007730
Credit card number I will tell you later
Please resolve my problem soon
Nov 29, 2018

wrong debit cheque amount Rs11128/-

I holding a SBI credit Card No:############ 2169. I have received Statement for the month of September 18 and have paid Rs.11128/- vide my Cheque No:372390 drawn on Textile Co-op Bank Ltd., BJ M Road Bengaluru Branch. In the Statement for October 18, it was shown that theCheque 372390 amount of Rs.11,128/- was recieved and credited. Again, in the November 18 Statement it was claimed as " Cheque 372390 Un paid reversal-Wrongly cap" and claimed the amount of Rs.11,128/- for payment. On verifying with my Banker, they have informed that no cheque was returned and in fact the Cheque 372 390 for Rs.11,128/- was paid on 15-11-2018 to SBI Credit Card. They have issued a Certificate in this regard which attached herein. They have also claimed Rs.718.17 as Finance charges and Rs.129.27. Please look into the matter set right the wrong debit of amount Rs.11,128/- and other charges.

wrong debit cheque amount Rs11128/-

Nov 8, 2018

credit card Disapproved

Please note that i applied for HDFC Credit Card and got application number : CC39371016 I got all verification done at my office and residence too. I got multiple calls at office too for verification. Today got checked in HDFC Link showing track your card application. Found the reason as follows. Application Reference Number CC39371016 Status DISAPPROVED who called us for Credit Card and we never gone to HDFC for the same. Executive called and we given all papers and verification also done positively. I called Customer CARE and they are not giving any reason for Rejection. HDFC Bank should give us reason or else we also file complaint in RBI and bank ombudsman. We want Reason for Rejection as it will hit my CIBIL. . If we will not find reason for rejection, we will file case in Consumer court. It is my dignity which got effected and i am fully made up my mind for filing legal case against HDFC. I never had any credit card or liabilities from any bank in the past. Please provide reason or else i will file case in consumer court.
Please suggest me what is next process. And where exactly my application got disapproved. Hoping positive response
Oct 15, 2018

one assist mfee

Dear Customer,

We regret the inconvenience caused. Your membership cancellation is under process vide service request number 3639274. Your refund amount 1899/- will be credited in bank account within 5 to 7 working days.



OneAssist, Social Media Team.
Oct 14, 2018

one assist mfee

Cancellation of One Assist Membership
I am a HDFC bank credit card holder . My name is Abdulla Abbas and my credit card ending number is 9586.The bank has auto debited Rs. 1899/- from my credit card without my concern on date: 05/10/2018 . I am not interested about this service and don't want this membership any more. So cancel the membership and refund this debited amount of Rs.1899/-

Name :- Abdulla Abbas
Mobile No. :- 8050300674
Credit Card Number Ending :- 9586
Oct 6, 2018

Big bazaar credit card huge offers

Hi Team,

Good Day!
Due to higher level management. I am getting more reward on credit card (person) from Big Bazaar.
Thanks to the higher level management. As well as Big Bazaar Team for his respect which you can view through today recording 5 to 5: 30PM.
However, I would like to update you. πŸ™‹I am unable to buy any thing due to huge benefit.
My time is always getting utilize to understand the benefit, righting feedback and taking respect from Big Bazaar team.

Hence I am requesting you to provide me two notification bord.
"One for my back side and one for my Front side" With the below mention notification.


Waiting for your positive response.

Mukesh Pandey.
Sep 18, 2018

Irresponsibility of customer care

I have applied for a credit card in HDFC. I have received a verification call and also my personal verification is done twice before two months.By last week the customer care person again asked for my address proof which I had forwarded thorough watsapp to the concerned person immediately. Still after that also there's no response. I tried to speak with the customer care person but they were very irresponsible and also disconnect the call abruptly while waiting online. This is the worst response to a customer. I have never faced like these response with any other bank. And also it's been more than two months my verification process is completed yet no response. Please do the needful as early as possible.
Thanks and Regards.
Jun 11, 2018

Fraud call

Hi Team, i received call from sbi ask for the credit card limit and i was not happy with the credit card initial and raised a complaint initialy itself for credit limit, which i have not recived any call from sbi regarding complaint raised but now when i received the call it was fraud stating calling from sbi, my card has not redeem the point, if i redeem the point the limit will be increase ,which they have the all the card details, when i received the otp they told we are activating the card and redeeming yohr points and suddenly they have used nearly 30000 from my credit card and my card was block.

The number was on when i called back +918726204366.

Jun 7, 2018

SBI credit card without using the card

Hi .....
I have received the SBI credit card on 16/9/17..but I am not used the card one day I got fraud call they asked details I told them last they asked me OTP no.... immediately I strike and ask the details them they cut my call immediately I blocked the card but they're not blocked. After few months I called them I am receiving overdue amount. Then I told blocked the card then they blocked the card.but in my account they are monthly deduction the amount one month 293/- next 299/- again in June 4th 18...301/- and immediately june6th 18 again 301/- .... outstanding showing 2400 to 2500 /- overdue ....how this is possible if I am not using the card what annual fees nd late payment fees

M. Sravanthi
Jun 2, 2018

Fraud calls

Am receiving calls asking for my credit card details saying that I have offers on certain companies products vouchers will be receiving soon. I denied giving card details she started abusing and hung the call .the callers number is 07248244969
May 26, 2018

OTP is generating

I have received Diners Club miles international Card having 14 Digits card number. Irrespective of how many time i tried, i am not able to generate New PIN because i am not receiving any OTP on my registered mobile number. I am fed up trying customer care, thanks to never ending IVRS verification and telling me i have entered incorrect card number. it is not letting me to contact a human at all.
Please do something about the situation. You can not irritate customers like this.

Rajesh Sunitha
May 18, 2018

Credit card

Today (18/05/2018) i have received a call from mobile Number (07309658597) her name Tina Rawat . She was telling all correct information about my credit card details..
She told me that he is calling from SBI Credit Card department gurgon , delhi. She told me to told OTP no for security purpose. After that I got a SMS and my Rs 8704 deducted from my credit card . This fraud happened at 1PM and with in 30 minutes of time i blocked SBI credit card online

Requesting you to take this matter seriously and initiate the refund asap.

Cell no.9036009497
May 11, 2018

Not able to generate IPIN

I am trying to redeem my reward points, from my HDFC Net banking each time directed to me https://netbanking.hdfcbank.com/netbanking/
And asking for User ID and IPIN. I am giving the same User ID that I am using for credit card net banking and for IPIN (Password) giving the same password that I am using for credit card net banking. When I am submitting it is showing
The Customer ID/IPIN (password) you have entered is invalid, please try again
If you wish to register for our NetBanking Services :
Click here to generate the IPIN (password) instantly.
Click here to download an e-Age Banking form. The completed form can be submitted at the nearest branch.
I am trying to
Regenerate IPIN using One Time password (OTP).
again it is asking for User ID.
after giving the user ID I am choosing the option
Authentication with One Time Passwords (OTPs) sent on your registered Mobile No., and Email ID.
then after entering the captcha I submitted
and each time it is showing
We apologize, but this facility is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.
please provide me solution asap.
Mar 22, 2018

Cancellation of one assist membership

Cancellation of One Assist Membership
I am a HDFC bank credit card holder . The bank has auto debited Rs. 1899/- from my credit card number ending 8028 with without my concern on date: 19/03/2018. I am not interested about this service and don't want this membership any more. So cancel the membership and refund this debited amount of Rs.1899/-

OneAssist Relationship Number : 1833610
Name :- Muzamil Manzoor
Mobile No. :- 7795733153/7896296817
Credit Card Number Ending :- 8028
Feb 2, 2018


Dear Team,

Dont understand below charge. It is first statement I received


Can you please explain in details.

Best regards
Sunil Reddy Suskandla
[email protected]
aluru vasu
Nov 16, 2017

Fraud transactions on SBI Credit card

Dear Sir,

My self Vasu and I am using SBI Credit card from past 7 Months. On 30th September 17, Fraud transactions has been done with out my knowledge (Hacked) on my credit card. Immediately I blocked my card and complaint to customer care. Submitted to bank transaction dispute form and filed a case in Cyber crime police station.

I raised the complaint in sbi card dept and asked them to refused to pay any amount towards the transactions made on my credit card as i am not responsible for the same as it was billed on Sat 02.10.2017

SBI Card number XXXXXXXXXXXX8903.
Nov 11, 2017

No response


Phoenix Arc send a mail to my mail account ([email protected])in 2013 for a credit card payment due stated below :
As per our records, there is an outstanding balance of Rs.84/- towards your Barclays Credit card. We, Phoenix ARC which is the sister concern of Kotak Mahindra Bank are sole authorized to issue the Closure Letter & No Due Certificate.
Please share your contact number, you will be receiving a verification call and on your confirmation you will be provided closure letter.
Card No: ############----
Name: ---------------
Total Outstanding: Rs.84/-
Contract no: B2C0368978

I was not able to see it and so they reduced my credit score. Recently when I was able to get the information and asked why is Rs 84 due in the mail there was no response. I called them multiple times and all the time they said that they will look into it but still no response. I find it sad, that one can send a mail and assume that one will see it and reduce a person credit score for Rs 84 when first of all I don't know how that Rs 84 is outstanding. I am not able to apply for any loan or credit card and they are not replying to my mail and call. In the last 20 days I have sent 5 mails without reply. I hope it is looked into soon.

Sailent Itzfake Colas
Nov 6, 2017

Still not deliver

Consignee not available
I didn't receive any calls,message or E-mail regarding my shipment .. I was at home all day long waiting for couriers guy call or msg to delivery my package and then next day i check in blue dart tracking site and status says "consignee not available" ... This is so unprofessional and I want my shipment ASAP .. I don't care what actions or necessary steps you take regarding this, I want my shipment delivered as soon as possible .. Itz very urgent
Way bill no - 34552390132
Contact no - 7349050141

Still not deliver

[email protected]
Oct 24, 2017

Missuse of my Credit card

here were 10 transactions done by some one using my credit card yesterday late night (23rd Oct 2017)

at RSP*THE MOBILE WALLET on 23 Oct 17 - Rs.10000.00 at 22.05
at RSP*THE MOBILE WALLET on 23 Oct 17 - Rs.10000.00 at 22.05
at RSP*THE MOBILE WALLET on 23 Oct 17 - Rs.10000.00 at 22.07
at RSP*THE MOBILE WALLET on 23 Oct 17 - Rs.10000.00 at 22.07
at RSP*THE MOBILE WALLET on 23 Oct 17 - Rs.10000.00 at 22.08
at RSP*THE MOBILE WALLET on 23 Oct 17 - Rs.10000.00 at 22.08
at RSP*THE MOBILE WALLET on 23 Oct 17 - Rs.10000.00 at 22.09
at RSP*THE MOBILE WALLET on 23 Oct 17 - Rs.10000.00 at 22.10
at RSP*THE MOBILE WALLET on 23 Oct 17 - Rs.10000.00 at 22.10
at RSP*THE MOBILE WALLET on 23 Oct 17 - Rs.10000.00 at 22.10

I didnt see my messages since i have slept early. Today morning there were many messages on OTP numbers & card usages. I have called SBI & blocked the card.

Around 7.10pm yesterday I got a message from DM-014533. The message was like this. Your SBI credit card worth Rs.5810 expired on 24/10/2017.Kindly redeem your points into cash or voucher by click here http://www.mypointredeem.com/ .

I clicked on the above link & given the detail as per the form displaying there. once i submit the same unfilled form was displaying. So i thought there is some issue in the network & i logged out.

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