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Dec 12, 2019

Pre-booked and purchased snacks and beverage (XSAT) not mentioned on the boarding pass hence not served in the flight in time.

I traveled by indigo flight 6E5377 from Mumbai to Nagpur on 10/12/2019 with PNR: MFHYSF .I had pre booked and purchased food and beverage for Rs 300/ The same was mentioned on the e-ticket but was not on the boarding pass. So I could not get food and beverage in flight.
[email protected]
Nov 18, 2019

Refund Request

Hi Abhishek,

We believe that our customer relations team has addressed your concern in the best way possible.

Team IndiGo
[email protected]
Nov 14, 2019

Refund of Excess fare charged during booking


We believe that our customer relations team has assisted you in regards to the raised concern.

Team IndiGo
[email protected]
Nov 11, 2019

Baggage Loss

I reached Delhi on 7th Nov by flight 6E-3097, PNR- ME9KJV. I had future plans to visit Nainital the next day. To my utter disappointment, i did not receive my luggage. I reported it immediately to the indigo support desk in the airport. Its been 5 days now and still have not heard any update about my luggage. I am calling the customer support everyday. On being called, the customer care executives are telling me to wait for another 24 hrs while the bag is being traced. I feel mentally harassed. My trip to Nainital got cancelled due to this. All the further bookings were cancelled resulting in huge loss of money. I had expensive belongings in that bag. Who is going to pay for that? I have been a frequent flyer in indigo but never did i ever had such a horrible experience till date. I want a proper response from indigo on how they are going to repay for all that i have lost plus the mental agony they have caused. Escalate this issue . Find and deliver my luggage as soon as possible.
Nov 6, 2019

Refund Request

Dear Indigo,

I am writing you to express my strong dissatisfaction with your services.

I booked Indigo flight from Delhi to Hanoi (PNR – AFJHNP) on October 26th, 2019 from makemytrip.com. Due to a medical emergency the same was cancelled by me online on October 28th, 2019, one day before my departure from Delhi. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any confirmation email from the airline after cancellation. Actually, I was thinking that because the booking was done through MMT and therefore, I am not getting any email.

Later I have called Indigo customer care on November 6th, 2019 to know the refund status and I was shocked when your executive told me that there was no cancellation done. Apart from Indigo, there was another booking cancellation I did that day for Malindo Air flight from Bali to Delhi and I have also received confirmation email for the same. I have also cancelled hotel booking on booking.com. If you wish, I can share both the details with you.

This is very unfortunate that a big company like Indigo air is treating their customers in such a way. I would just request you to look in to my complaint and refund my money.

Kind Regards,

Abhishek Sharma
Nov 5, 2019

Refund of Excess fare charged during booking

I booked a ticket from Delhi to Madras PNR- SMQZ2K. You can check with it in record. I have paid 17015/- for four person. While booking the amount which is showing till your last page of desktop site is 3495+250(convenience)+49(Add-on). Total 3795/-and for four person it sums 15176 which was showing till the last page of booking i.e. before the mode of payment selection. But when i selected the payment mode the amount got increased which I didn't noticed and by that time OTP read by my mobile. Till here it was ok that I booked for the dynamic price. But again when I checked the price on the site it was the same i.e 3495 and it keeps showing for next 3 hrs..till writing this mail. I am sure dynamic fare couldn't decrease within seconds which happened in my case.
So I request you that my excess amount which you have deducted without my consent may be refunded or I will exclate this matter of online dupeness to next higher level.
Ajay J Meshram
Oct 21, 2019

Not serving CPML

Yesterday on 20th oct.travelled from Delhi to Ahmadabad via 6E-432 with seat no A-20.As I am diabetic I booked corporate meal with travel plan.Flt tookoff at 1340 and your in-flight started serving food from 1350 but didn't serve the food till 1445.when pilot announced prepare for arrival,Miss Linda and miss Snehal offered me meal.When I asked why so much delay they replied me unconvincingly.They also told me if required can lodge complaint n told me websitr address for complaint.When in-flight in charge miss Afsha was also not co-operative dinner bother much for not serving the food.I observed total mismanagement and slow service inspire of 3 trollies serving the food .I Herby condemn such a unprofessional attitude and will never book in-flight meal henceforth.This is first time such bad behaviour observed by me in my frequent travel on your airline.I hope you will take action and prevent repeat of such incident in future -- Ajay J. Meshram.
Sep 24, 2019

Pathetic ground staff service and harassment to senior citizens

This is with regards to the recent flight which my elderly parents, aged 67 yrs old and 68 yrs old, took to travel from Mumbai to Ranchi on 11th September, 2019 via indigo. Their PNR numbers are mentioned below:
1. Bhupinder Singh Dhanjal (M) – PNR VDMV3V seat no 27 F
2. Harjinder kaur Dhanjal (F) – PNR VDMV3V Seat No 19 E
Flight departing from Mumbai at 05:35 hrs.
• My parents had checked in at the check in counter and he had mentioned that they had an ipad in the check in bag when they were asked by the indigo staff at the checkin counter. After the checkin was complete and security check was also cleared, my parents boarded the flight and all hell broke lose when my parents were asked to disembark from the flight for carrying an “objectionable” material in their luggage.

• As my mom is a diabetic patient and uses insulin pens, their first thought it could be an insulin pen, but the she had been carrying insulin pens for air travel for years along with the necessary certificates and nothing had went wrong with insulin pens ever. After getting them disembarked, they were told that the objectionable item was my father’s ipad which was put into the main luggage. This was already mentioned to the indigo staff at the chceck in counter.

• And after getting them disembarked, their luggages were thoroughly checked and they were told that ipads are not allowed in main luggage. If that was the case why did the indigo staff at the check in counter not react or say anything to my parents when my dad said that he has an ipad inside the luggage. Why was it ok to have ipad in the luggage at that time and suddenly its an objectionable item?? Being senior citizens, this is not the way they should be treated. Instead proper care and guidance should have been extended to them at all times so that they did not have to suffer.

• Further, it was known later on that their luggage was not put for screening before reaching out to the check in counter. Is that my parents fault if the ground staff are not performing their duties efficiently??
In normal circumstances, they would have screened the luggage before checking in and advised my parents to put the ipad in the cabin baggage instead of th check in luggage.

• But instead of everyone carrying out their duties and responsibilities, the staff is putting the blame on the cisf team who are responsible for everything to do with the passengers and the cabin luggage, not the check in luggage. It is quite obvious that had there been anything objectionable in the cabin luggage, CISF would have definitely got it removed before boarding of the aircraft. The responsibility for screening of the check in luggage is with the carrier itself, in this case it is INDIGO Airlines.

• Further more when my father asked the ground staff to give in writing that I-pad is not allowed in the check in luggage, the staff refused and the person in charge, i.e the Ground staff manager Mr. Hitesh, vanished putting ahead a female staff to answer my parents queries while they were stranded and totally clueless as to what happened.

• My parents were deplaned for no fault of theirs, made to wait 4 hours for the next flight, and even were asked to shell out extra money to buy the tickets for the next flight if they wanted to reach home. This is utter non sense and very irresponsible on the part of INDIGO to be managing a simple matter in this way. I can say harassment by INDIGO to an elderly couple is the right word to use.

The issue does not end there. After having to shell out extra money for the next flight, my father had to walk up to the authorities to collect the letter for their next flight. On reaching the counter where he was asked to collect the letter from, there was no one standing at the counter and the letter was kept there for him to pick it up on his own.
Due to this change of flight, the terminals had to be changed and the least one could do was provide a smooth transfer from one terminal to the other for them to board the flight conveniently and without any further hassle. But no, parents had to walk all the way and that too without a wheelchair.
My mom being a diabetic gets easily drained out and her sugar levels peak during stress or any physical activity. To avoid that situation, my mom asked for a wheelchair assistance as she could not walk, but a wheelchair assistance was also not provided. It would be correct to state that my mom was refused wheelchair assistance.

• The staff can't make out a difference between the Mac book and I pad, very very lame here, and then you say we changed policies and customers don't check, but your team won't screen luggage or aid senior citizens who may I mention have travelled a no. Of times with your airline.

Apart from the harassment, there is absolutely no sense of responsibility the airlines want to take or offer comfort to an elderly couple looking forward to reaching home safe.

We even called up the customer complaint number on 11th September itself but there was really no proper response from your end. Instead we were just told we will look in to the matter. If you guys really wanted, there was still time to sort out the issue with my parents and extend some help and comfort to them as the next available flight was after 5 hours.

This is very unbecoming of an airline that has rose to new heights due to its customer service policy. But this time, we have been let down and we can say the worst ever experience with INDIGO

We really want apology from the staff and also compensation from INDIGO for all the harassment an elderly couple had to go through. Hoping there would be an immediate reply from INDIGO at the earliest.
[email protected]
Sep 17, 2019


Hi Abhinav,

Thanks a ton for your awesome support. It’s really cool to hear this from you. If you can send us your PNR via Private Message, we'll make sure to let our crew know about your appreciation.

Team IndiGo
[email protected]
Sep 17, 2019

refund ammount for cancelled air ticket


Please know that the refund has been initiated from our end in the travel agency account used while making the booking. Kindly connect with the respective travel agency to claim the same.

Team IndiGo
Prashant Jambhulkar
Sep 16, 2019


Recently I had travelled with my friends from Tirupati to Kolhapur(flight no 6E7191) on September 15th it was my birthday and my friends wanted to celebrate my birthday in flight they just discussed there idea with indigo crew Krutika and Ameesha. The staff was so cooperative that they celibrated my birthday in very special way. I would really thank full to Krutika and Amessha for making my birthday unforgettable memorie of my life.
Sep 14, 2019

refund ammount for cancelled air ticket


I bought the ticket from Mumbai to Jeddah on September 4th, but within time I canceled it from the Indigo office at Mumbai Airport. So far, I have not received the refund amount paid using my bank card. So please tell me the process I can get back the refund.

my trip id is: 19090574068
My Contact number is : +966-530565381
Sep 13, 2019


My name is Satish Tiwari, travelled through Indigo PNR No RP7IQE & Flight No 6E-244 A320 from Ahemdabad to Lucknow on 12.09.2019.
I arrived Lucknow and unfortunately I lost my Voter's Id at Airport. Thereafter Shri BHANU of Lucknow Airport contacted my brother and informed the receipt of the card.
Then I spoked to Shri BHANU that I am returning from LKO to AMD on 13.09.2019 21.05 Hrs. He confirmed to handover card at Airport.
On arriving at LKO airport Shri BHANU came immediately and provided the Voters id.

Abhinav Goberu
Sep 12, 2019


Indigo inflight services are very good. Recently I travelled from Hyderabad to Vijayawada. I enjoyed my flying experience with Indigo. Special thanks to AMITA. The Air hostess who took care of the passengers. She is very good at interacting with people. She should be appreciated and rewarded. Thanks to Indigo.
Poornima kapoor
Aug 19, 2019

Damaged baggage and no follow up on the issue raised

I had reported an issue for mishandled baggage to HYD Indigo airport authority. The compensation offered by them was not at all at par with the actual repairing cost. I had already asked the airport authority to mark my luggage as fragile but I was informed that the tag has been discontinued, because the staff is taking care of the luggage properly now, I would like to add here that my luggage was not handled any near to properly. I had some stuff broken inside the bag when I went back and checked. This is not the only issue. My suitcase was torn off the number lock, damaging the zippers as well. The number lock attached to the bag itself was missing and the zippers were broken from the point where they are put into the lock, to lock the suitcase. Also the blue zip tie (scanning seal), they tied at DED airport was missing when I got back the bag. This is a clear case of invasion in someone privacy where the staff/ other authority tried to open my bag, which is considered as an offence. The bag can now not be used without the lock and in order to get it repaired I would have to get a new lock and the zippers changed from the respective company. The airport authority had raised a ticket for mishandled luggage, and assured me a callback within 4 hrs, which did not happen and today afternoon when I received a call, the compensation offered was nearly same and not at par with the cost of repair, the executive talked to me very rudely at the end and asked me to escalate it online.
[email protected]
Aug 11, 2019

Mismanagement and Waiting Time

I emailed indigo about my problems regarding the services I purchased. Despite of regular calls and emails, there is no response from Indigo's end.
Too bad.
Jul 14, 2019


With ref. to my recent flying experience, BBI-BLR-PNQ-CCU-BBI, with Indigo, I appreciate the support of all Indigo staffs, specially, ROJALI of PNQ airport. She supported me like anything, I 'll always recall her kindness. Her support further strengthened my faith on humanity.

Indigo should nominate ROJALI as employee of the year.

Thanks & Warm Regards

Subrata Banerjee.
[email protected]
Jul 9, 2019

Not allow to checkin

Hi Suman,

We are sorry to hear this. Please share your booking reference/ PNR number via private message so we may look into it.

Team IndiGo
Jul 5, 2019

Not allow to checkin


I booked ticket for uk and on check-in time they are not allow to check-in due to age factor. When i booked ticket from your app then i mention my age if my age is not eligible to book ticket and go then you should not allow to book ticket. at-least one alert message should be display before booking that my age is not allow to go uk.

Please return my money because it's your app fault.
[email protected]
Jun 16, 2019

Reg flight delays and no update


We are sorry to hear about your experience. Kindly share your booking reference/ PNR number via private message so we may look into it.

Team IndiGo
Jun 12, 2019

Reg flight delays and no update

In Mumbai airport terminal 1 I landed today.. I have very horrible experience with staff and delay updates.. flight from Mumbai to Hyderabad am traveling and this flight came from Srinagar.there is no announcement or update given by airport staff there is delay they mentioned it is scheduled and till the last moment of the schedule time they didn't ..also they asked to board into bus and after boarding we waited for 15 mins standing in bus standing in front of the plane.. and after boarding into the plane and sitting inside the plane for more than 1 hour and there is no update.. and when asked a crew they mention it may be due to weather or technical problem.. I really don't understand other planes are taking off and landing properly.. why this is not starting
Maqsood Ahmad Shah
Jun 1, 2019


I’m a frequent traveler and most of the times I opt for indigo airlines, not only because you save a few bucks but also because you feel overwhelmed with the services you get. Many small things they do for you whether it be airport services or in-flight services, you feel amazed after experiencing them. No matter how stressed they are, they greet you, assist you with a smile , respond instantaneously, and even apologize for any inconvenience.
I flew 6E-576 from Lucknow to Srinagar on Friday May 31. As, always this was also a great flight, the cabin crew especially were really helping in nature, Although I was busy on my laptop, I noticed they assisted Elderly people and ensured they are comfortable. They even helped a few women to calm down their kids, and when you experience such little thing they Move you from within. I really wanted to commend the whole staff for their hard work and the natural ease they work with. I would like to thank the whole team lead by “SHIVA” for their commendable work. Please pass on to her and the whole cabin staff my thanks.

[email protected]
May 30, 2019


Hi Vinod,

We have asked our concerned team to review your case. Please bear with us.

Team IndiGo
May 25, 2019


had booked two tickets for NAG-CCU (PNR No:DM8PVE) and CCU-NAG (PNR No: VJFFSQ) for same day ie 03/02/2019. The flight to NAG- CCU was morning and CCU-NAG was evening. The morning flight was cancelled by you. As I could not go how can return the same evening. I informed on your Customer Care about same and requested to cancel the tickets. First they said there will be cancellation charges, but after sometime confirming from superiors they said there will be 100% refund to the payment source. I booked the tickets through GIIBIBO, but they are not refunding amount for CCU-NAG sector, they are saying there was no show and Indigo has refused to give any refund for same. I request you to update me on this matter, as it was no fault of mine and both departing and return flights was INDIGO. I am looking for 100% refund.
[email protected]
May 20, 2019

Indigo started cheating customers to gain the profits??

Hi Naidu,

We totally understand the discomfort you must have faced. As checked, our Customer Relations team is working on the raised concern and shall respond to you with an update on the same e-mail. Please be rest assured that we always remain committed to assist our passengers in the best possible manner.

Team IndiGo

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