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Consumer complaints and reviews about DAIKIN AIR CONDITIONING INDIA PVT LTD

Jun 27, 2015


Despite writing below complaint , nothing has happened
only complaint number GZB150607985 alloted
your technician viisted -- filled the gas -- AC didnt work -- than he told us that its nitrogen flush issue -- so he will come again -- till date waiting for him to revert -- no calls entertained -- NEVER EVER BUY DIAKIN -- WORST

I seriously curse the day when I bought the Daikin AC since except for your High price tag , rest everything is far below standard

Its better a person should purchase a Samsung or LGs of the worlds which are half in price in comparison to your products and also honor customer complaint and respond with empathy

Never ever I have seen such a shoddy customer care representative attitude wherein he says that “ You can complaint to the highest level in diakin and nothing will change and I will not come to your place for servicing , whatever you want you may do”

I have been repeatedly complaining regarding the issue in my AC at all your touch points but nothing is happening , your guys call up to understand the issue and my house location , even after waiting for 2-3 days nobody turns up for resolution and when asked “why didn’t you come” they show highly unprofessional attitude while talking
(I have added screen shot of my sms conversation for your reference )

Please immediately resolve my complaints ,
The product I still under warranty and I do not want this piece ,want this to be replaced since its just 1 season that it has run and developed snag (this year I didn’t run properly even once !!!)

What is the fun of paying such extra bucks for a Brand like daikin and in the end getting such an inferior product
Arvind Jain
Jun 26, 2015

Installation problem

Today i purchased an ac from your dealer in Tinsukia(Assam) namely R.B.ELECTRONICS.
Being one of best brands in ac all over the world, i thought its sevice and installation team would also be world class.
But the installation team proved to be a total failure.
Installation team was not able to instal a 1.5 ton ac in my house in a day.
Also the technician seemed to be having no idea on installation of daikin ac.
He was able to install only the indoor unit till half day and after that he was untraceable giving me an assurance that he will come back after lunch.
On calling him on his mobile for 4-5 times, he assured me that he will be coming in another 1 hour. At last around 6:30 pm when i called him his mobile was switched off.
He even left the outdoor unit outside the house unattended and in open condition.

Sir being such a big brand worldwide and so many problems and inefficiency during installation only,god knows what type of after sales service would you provide.

It seems a very big ac company like daikin is big only in papers and zero in ground level.

I would suggest you instead of spending so much money in advertisements why don't you take care of your installation and servicing team.

If the very 1st impression of the company is like this what can we hope afterwards

Feeling very much CHEATED and a big mistake that i purchased a daikin ac.

Name-Ashish Agarwal
Jun 24, 2015

Never buy DAIKIN (Dented body no cooling ice shows up instead of air flow)

I had bought daikin inverter 25 days ago from AGOAN electronics rajapark
My number is 9929509000(PUNEET)

While installing they made a dent on the Ac
And now there is problem in cooling
No air flow at all and ice comes up instead.

And customer service is pathetic after sales is really worst by daikin

I have put several request to change the front flap and check the Ac why it is not cooling well and why ice is forming.but nothing happened.

Overall do not buy daikin Ac no after sales service
Jun 23, 2015


Dear Sunil Pathak,

The concern you were facing in your Daikin AC has been resolved by our service team to your satisfaction vide ticket no.JAI150613823

While appreciating your patience & trust, we regret the inconvenience caused to you.

Going forward, we would like to appraise you on the presence of our customer care thru Toll Free 1800 102 9300 / 1800 22 9300 & email id : [email protected]

Thanks & regards,
Customer care Team
[email protected]
1800 102 9300 / 1800 22 9300
Jun 22, 2015

Daikin 1 yr old hp doesn't work

Bought a home in July 2013 with a Daikin split heat pump that was installed in July 2012. The company who put it in was Bend Quality Heating, and they charged the previous owner $6,955.00 for the system and heat pump.

Since the home is a 2nd home which is used periodically we never used it, and the first few times I tried to use it I thought "it
Sure doesn't heat well or cool well."

Since we had electric baseboard heat and a wood stove which we were using as our primary heat sources we didn't use the Daikin.

We were in Bend this past weekend and it was warm enough that I called Bend Quality Heating to have a tech come out to check
The system. He said "you don't have refrigerant" and then gave me the interesting news!

"The cost to check the system and replace refrigerant is $741.00 unless the former owner "registered" the heat pump." I said "are you serious your company charged him six thousand nine hundred and fifty five dollars for this Daikin system that only worked a
Year and now you want to charge me another eight hundred dollars to repair a system that worked only a year."

I asked him "how long will it run before I have to pay another $800 to have it repaired again?" He said "oh it will be fine for a long time."

Now since that time I emailed Daikin customer service and after I hit the "send" button the messag said someone will "be in touch with you shortly". We'll it has been 5 days and no one has contacted me from Daikin yet (6/22/15) and I've since read about their "full warranty" etc etc etc. Wow what an absolute farce and two companies who have no meaning of the word "integrity."

Oh yes, one more thing - Bend Quality Heating didn't have their owner or manager or salesman contact me, instead I got a call
From their "service department" and I use that term loosely, who told me "unfortunately you are not covered" and I thought
"Bend Quality Heating charged $6,955.00 for a Daikin ductless heat pump that worked for one year and now they want $800.00
To get it to function!"

Email me at [email protected] if you have questions.
Faiz datt
Jun 19, 2015

Air conditioner 2 blade not moving at all

I possess 5 star ac of your company, but exterior side 2 blades not moving up and down.They remain fixed in middle, so cold air is not coming down.So it creates problem in cooling the room, nd it also makes notice. Send a technician promptly to get repaired the air conditioner.You know hot days are going in gujarat.Thank you
Jun 18, 2015

One Month and Waiting! - Update 1

Dear Daikin Customer Service,

I have received yet another SMS with yet another phone number of a person who knows nothing about the case.
I was then given a number of the service head at Ludhiana who says he is still arranging the parts with no definite timeline.

In the meantime I have another case where the fan motor on a two year old Inverter AC failed on Sunday 14/06. Ref# IXC150615561. The service person visited and took the motor on 15/06 but till date (4 days later) there is no communication or response from them.

My advice to anyone who reads this is NOT to buy Daikin as their service is truly the worst I have encountered.
It also appears that they have lowered their quality to lower pricing which reflects in the product performance.

I have decided that if the problems are not rectified by Monday 22/06, I will replace the A/c's with a better represented brand and escalate the matter to the consumer courts for further action.
Jun 18, 2015

Bad service -- No warrnaty with Spare Parts

I have purchase a Diakin split AC:
Indoor Unit No: FTE50NRV16, Manufacturing No: 0012993
Outdoor Unit No:RE50NRV16, Manufacturing No: 0002245

Last week i have raised a complaint (No. DL2150613421). The case has been assigned to Mr. Deepak Jhangara. He has engineer has diagnosed the issue and he confirmed that the outdoor unit capacitor (EPCOS 450VAC -- B32332-I61/110754885) will be changed.

He further confirmed the following with respect to the new capacitor:
1. It won't have any warranty. (but not ready to provide any document or website link)
2. It won't come in seal packing.

Please confirm whether the above claim by your engineer is correct. If 'yes', please confirm why there is no warranty for new capacitor. I have already spoken to customer call centre representative, Gurgoan Area manager Vivek, as well as drop an email to Kushi Negi but have not found any suitable response.
Jun 18, 2015

One Month and Waiting!

One Month since submitting the Online Form for a problem with a Brand new Air Conditioner, the problem has still not been fixed. Ref No. IXC150514280 dated 14-05-2015.

As soon as the A/c was installed I started getting a U2 Alarm after every 20-30 mins.
The first person who visited said there was a problem with the Piping and he would be back to resolve it. He never arrived despite several calls.

After a wait of 3 Weeks, I sent an email to [email protected] and a day later on 09/06/2015 someone else arrived and spent a good 2 hours trying things but ended up leaving the A/c with an L5 Error, which I reported to Daikin on the very same day. A few days ago, they came and changed a PCB card but it still didn't work and now they are waiting for some more parts to arrive, is what I am told.

I am surprised that they have NO stock for spares and they have no clue what is wrong with the AC and simply tinkering with it and trying different things on each visit. What is even more frustrating is that no one has any clue as to what is happening. Every person I call gives me a different number to speak to and I have phone numbers of atleast 8 different people all of whom tell me to call the next person.

I have several Daikin machines in use and am absolutely appalled at the level of service being provided by Daikin. It's a joke.

Mails to [email protected] are simply replied with an automated message: "We have forwarded your request to the concerned dept. and shall ensure quick response."
They seem to be more responsive on this board and hence this message.
kartick singh
Jun 16, 2015


with reference to my earlier mail for CCU150604250 kindly note that i had talk with your representative Deboshree today also and she said that we have send a technician nameMr.Sourav no. 8584897411 to solve my problem, but when i call mr sourav he said that no one from office has inform him about your complain so please call Deboshree and tell them to inform me.
i again call your office and she just cut the phone by saying ok we will look after this.... and then her phone is busy...
what the hell are going through i cannot understand they are just misguiding the customer. now i feel i just made a mistake by purchasing Daikin A.C,
now they have left me no other option except to take legal action against Daikin.
The gajuwakaclub
Jun 16, 2015


kartick singh
Jun 16, 2015


I (Kartick Singh) purchase a new ac of 1.5tr. DAIKIN Split AC (RCA50QRV 16) on 01.05.2015 from Great Eastern Appliances Pvt Ltd( 20, Old Court House Street) . After using it for only 20 Days I Felt the problem that A.C is not cooling so I have registered compliant (Service Request No. CCU150602450) on 04.06.2015. and the request got assigned to a channel partner (MS. DEBOSHREE) whose phone no. 9230555864 but i am sorry to say that I have never expected a pathetic Service like that from a Company like Daikin. The number provided to me is always remain busy and in some case when someone pick the phone she has no knowledge about his works and after listing only half of problem they disconnect the phone. Now a company Daikin appoint such a person to handle the compliant.
After complaining to almost 4 days one technician visit my home and he said that your gas is exhausted so we have to fill the gas again. Now how this is possible that we consume all the gas of machine within 15 days max 5hrs usage. He insure that your problem will be solved within 2 days but after waiting for 2 days and calling your Mr.Deboshree I have visited to Dealer Great Eastern and they said that their work is to sell the machine only I have to talk to co for this issue. Again they call some technician and he insure me that he will visit my home on 11.06.2015. now when no one came to visit the home I again call yoru service centre and then after conservation with all staff they sent a technician and he said they your installation is done properly so gas has leaked. Now he insure me that your problem will be attend by tomorrow or by Monday maximum. When I called on Saturday to your DEBOSHREE she said that they don’t have the stock of Gas with them so they will send the technician on Monday sure again on Monday when I call to know my status she said that technician is absent so they will send them on Tuesday(i.e16.06.2015) now today itself when I called her she said the same problem that technician is not present.
Now I cannot understand is that a company like diakin is provided service through one technician only or its only a tool to make a customer fool. I got your Kolkata head branch no also as 033-22894260 through your customer service and again as usual no one is picking the phone.
Service like this is totally unacceptable from a company like your. Now since I fed up with you promises and service I have no other option except to wait for proper action from company side till tomorrow (17-06-2015). If my problem is not solved from company side in such condition I will go for legal action against both Daikin Company and dealer.as I have got all the evidence as bills, packing box of outunit, copy of both challan, and all the call records which I had with all your representative and also to put this on social platforms.

A very very very disappointed customer.
Kartick Singh
Jun 13, 2015

Willing to give away 8 Daikin AC units at a massive discounted to buy another brand

A product is only as good as its after sales service to the consumer. I regret to inform you that I have experienced the most pathetic service from Daikin. I just wish I hadn’t installed Daikin air conditioning units. I should have bought another brand. Due to the poor service I have received I have advised several people not to buy Daikin. At least 15 AC units are installed in my locality this summer and none of them went for Daikin, I think they are smart people.
Just less then a year ago it took Daikin over 2 months to replace a faulty Daikin unit with heat pump.
Another call that was logged on 25/5/2015 ( Ref no LKO 140618201) has not been resolved till now. I have been CCing e-mails to the top brass in the company but have not had a single call back. It’s a shame that a Japanese company in India has not adapted any of the Japanese work ethics. I am afraid to say that in my experience the company is adapting a decade old Indian policy of “not wanting to know the customer after he has spent the money had left the shop floor”.
Since the initial call was logged two other units have also developed a fault and are not working. can someone resolve my misery and seriously take me up on my offer in the subject line?
Jun 13, 2015



Pathetic service by daikin team in Jaipur

Disgusting after sales service by daikin and AGOAN electronics

Donot buy any product from AGOAN electronics


Just after 15 days of buying daikin inverter,

Water is dripping from air conditioner
Ice formation ice coming out from Ac

one of the most bull shit air conditioners brand.

With scam dealers and bull shit service quality.


Model number FTKP50PRV16
Serial number 0009336

Sheersh Saxena
Jun 8, 2015

worst service

daikin india.

respected sir/ma'am

though i was not in a mood of writing you a written complaint but seriously the quality of service provided by your service providers who came to my office ,working on my registered complaint urged me to go for it. last friday i went to one of your dealers office (VALUE PLUS,mahanagar) in order to register a complaint about malfunctioning of my daikin ac's compressor . as a response i received a conformation message through which i was informed that MR. BILAL (7706006645)(one of your channel partner) was going to take care of my issue . next day, attending my complaint engineers arrived at my office and decided to go for a complete wet wash of my ac's out fan(out blower) . According to them malfunctioning was because my ac's outer unit was chocked from dust (whereas on the other hand my ac was serviced only a month ago by a service provider sent by the same MR. BILAL). Assuring me that now it will freely work and now they take the guarantee of its fluent work they went off taking my signature on the satisfactory note It hardly worked for one hour and problem persisted.
Informing the engineers about the same i called them back. attending to which, they arrived and started checking ac's outer unit in which they checked the amount of cooling gas filled . While checking only they made gas outflow saying it is filled more than the required amount and after making few more efforts they made a back off ;assuring me that they will deal with the issue on monday morning .
Monday morning; after mah several calls to mr. bilal his engineers(not the previous one) arrived at 6;30 pm which was actually noon and told me that my ac is dealing with gas leakage problem and now according to them i must pay charges for its refilling . I mean is it a joke, as on telling them about the remarks of the previous engineers, they,after consultation with same and mr. bilal were with a point that the previous engineers haven't done anything with the outer unit.
kindly do the needful as seriously these service providers in spite of the betterment have deteriorated my unit's condition.

i hope you will call me back in the shortest time possible and will take the required action.

rishabh saxena
Jun 4, 2015

Cheating with Custumer

Dear Sir,

I (Sunil Pathak) purchase a new ac of 1.5tr. DAIKIN Inverter Split AC (FKTP50 PRV 16) with the inner unit serial no 0018104 and outer unit number 0015844 and invoice number BP-1779 on dated 27-04-2015 from your dealer ELECTRO PLAXA, F-103-104, City Plaza (Space Cinema Multiplex), Jhotwara road, bani park, jaipur.

From the beginning of this AC I was feeling problem of low cooling but initially I feel that this is happening because of heavy summer at jaipur. But when I came to know from other persons that may be that there may be some problem in ac. So I made complaint on the mobile number 9351547250 (Mr. Yogesh G) by taking mobile number form Mr. Mahendra employee of Electro Plaza. When technician came to my home to check ac unit, He clear filter of inner ac unit and clear out unit of ac and go back. But problem will remain same then again I made a complain to Mr. Youges. Next day Mr. Satish Sharma, visited home he checked girl temperature of inner ac unit. And he observed that temperature of ac inner unit is not up to the mark. Next day on 01-06-2015 a team of technicians near about 4 persons with Mr. Satish g, and employee of daikain Mr. Mayank visited my home and at the end Mr. Mayank come to the conclusion in consulting with Mr. Yogesh, Mr. Nirmal employee of daikin, that outer unit will be replaced and same day I received mail from Mr. Nirmal, that outer unit will be replaced by the dealer.

When delivery by come with new outer unit on 04-06-2015, I came to know from the packing of that new unit that the serial number of packing and serial number of outer unit machine which is inside the packing carton was not same. Serial number which was printed on packing carton of outer unit was 0016986 and when I check serial number of new outer unit machine was different, 0017051 serial number was printed on machine. This was not match with the serial number printed on carton. Now depend on the different serial number it seems that the outer unit send by dealer seems to be old or he has done something 420 with the customer.

So in above problem I talk to daikin employee jaipur office Mr. Mayank, Mr. Nirmal, they were not about to give me sufficient answer regarding above problem.

So now I requested to Daikin Company that please send your engineering so that he can verify that the machine send by dealer to me is new or old and why such problem happened with me. I kept both outer unit of ac till the matter is not clear by daikin company and same is said to dealer also from my side.

I need a proper action from company side and I will wait tomorrow (05-06-2015). If I will not get satisfactory answer from company side in such condition will go for legal action against both Daikin Company and dealer. As you know that I have all bills, packing box of outunit, copy of both challens, etc.

Sunil Pathak
Amitava Roy
Jun 3, 2015

AC not coolong and very poor service

Daikin Split AC No Coolong and very poor customer service
One 2.2 ton Daikin split air conditioner (RKD71BVM/FTKD71FVM) from below given dealer.

Prakash Electronics Co.
1 Chandney Chowk Street, Kolkata – 700072

I have registered compliant (Service Request No. CCU150603114) and the request got assigned to a channel partner (MS. DEBOSHREE) whose phone no. 9230555864 is always busy.
However the engineer has not yet come in the requested preferable time and sees why the ac is not cooling. Most probably since they do not have many engineers. Daikin service in Kolkata sucks.

A very disappointed customer.
Amitava Roy
Jun 3, 2015

Daikon ac service request

We registered a service request for my 2 ton split ac on 31st May 2015. However the engineer has not yet bothered to come and see why the ac is not cooling. Today after 4 days I called up the customer care again to enquire again about my complain. Then one lady calls back saying the service shall be taken up tomorrow that is 4th June and that too most probably since they do not have many engineers. Daikon service in Kolkata sucks. Please refrain from buying daikan acs else in peak summers you will have an ac which does not cool and the engineer will come after many days or weeks.

A very very very disappointed customer.

Shashi kumar
Jun 2, 2015

Daikin Split AC No Coolong and very poor customer service

I have bought Two Daikin split 1.5 ton air conditioner (FTC50PRV) from below given dealer, both model are same.

122/1/A-2, SAROJNI NAGAR, KANPUR – 208012

I have registered compliant many times (Complaint no. LKO150515815 and LKO150601130) and the request got assigned to a channel partner (SARAF COOLING COMPANY PVT.LTD, Kanpur). After few follow-up calls, the service engineer come and clean the filter only. When I asked him, he said only filter cleaning instruction given to him by dealer/company.

Still I am facing problem with both Daikin Split AC. On the other hand I also have one O-General Split AC, It is working fine.

If your company, can, instruct and inform us about your plan of action, then we can coordinate.

Otherwise, I will have to go to legal course and also put this on social platforms.

Dress Code
KT Prasad
Jun 1, 2015

Help need with Daikin AC and very poor customer service

My name is KT Prasad, resident of Bangalore. I currently own Daikin split AC (FTC35PRV 16). The AC has started giving me trouble with abnormal noise since May 2015, i have registered a compliant on 16th May 2015 (ref. no. BLR150516258) and the request got assigned to a channel partner Mr. Tamjeed on 16th May 2015. After few follow-up calls, the service engineer turned up on 18th May late evening and rip opened the entire AC to fix the issue. He couldn't manage to fix the noise even after trying for 2 hours and rather the entire AC stopped working since that day. The engineer told me that its quite late and he will send someone senior next day but no one attended the issue and unfortunately Mr. Tamjeed dont pick up calls and till date the AC is down ( in a middle of summer when i need it most) and left my family suffer the summer.

During last 15 days, i have called customer service several times (ref. no BLR150530225 raised on 27th May 2015 and ref no BLR150533387 on 30th May) and every time i was assured that my request will be put on priority but unfortunately the issue not been attended and fixed till date.

I am deeply concerned if i was sold a defective product, i am surprised to understand that a important bush was missing due to which the noise is coming however the product is not even 7 months old and very sparingly used. Request you to kindly clarify how come i was sold a defective product? also please replace the product with fully functional product.

KT Prasad
Vipin Rai
Jun 1, 2015

AC Not Working

GZB150526851 AC not woring in proper way so please handle this complain.

Best regards,
Rai Air ConditionsPvt.Ltd.
Vipin Rai 9899556605
Vipin Rai
Jun 1, 2015

AC not working

DL2150600423 This Complain no. not attend by any company employee of Daikin.So Please complete tis complain.

Best Regards,
Rai Air Conditions Pvt.Ltd.
Vipin Rai 9899556605
Nitin Khunger
May 30, 2015

Split A.C not working..


I am tired tired tired to complain about this AC, No mechanic or engineer left who didn't come at my home. My family is facing lots of problem problem & problem.

As We paid for repair more than actual cost of Ac & still can pay if someone can repair it.

That is my last complain please don't underestimate it Otherwise we will have to go with another options & will recommend those options to my friends & families Too.

Thanks for not support,
Tel: 8684800275
May 30, 2015

AC not working

1 out of my 4 split ac's is not working from last one month.please check it asap.
May 28, 2015



This is to bring to your kind notice that by mistake I bought DAIKIN brand split AC on 04th April,2015, which I now think I should not have done because I have been facing lot of problems since this purchase has been done.
In the past fifty days , company has got the recurring complaint attended at least seven times but in vain. The mentioned problem is still persisting,.
You are requested to take it on urgent basis, arrange to EITHER replace it by new machine OR get it picked up from my residence and speedup the process of refunding the amount already paid.

D-11A,Amar colony

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