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Consumer complaints and reviews about DAIKIN AIR CONDITIONING INDIA PVT LTD

May 9, 2015


I purchased a DAIKIN 1 ton inverter spilt a.c by online SNAPDEAL.under invoice no 4DCEA14-154309.and I received the material on 12march 2015.but after increase the load capacity I informed to DAIKIN help line for install they came and only install indoor system and they unable to install outdoor system due to some likcage but I inform to DAIKIN and SNAPDEAL again and again regural basis for replace or repair but till today I have not received any positive reply from them hope they will come for solve in winter season .
thanks regards.
arup ghosh.
I want to share this experience who are interest to purchase DAIKIN any product.
Santosh Kumar
May 4, 2015

Height of cheating to customers

Now it's another bad experience with Daikin Service Engineer.

A request had been raised for not cooling. Now engineer came to visit.

1) The engineer came as a Guest, not really to resolve the issue but just to confirm if the issue is there or not. For that they charge Rs. 550/- as visiting charges. Height of stupidity.
2) I agreed to pay and I asked a receipt. But they don't have receipt. I called to Sunil Engineering on 0-9246283777 in Hyderabad. There is one lady picked up the call and she says no receipt should be provided for the visiting charges. Another act of cheating. When I said I need receipt, she shouted at me saying don't pay the amount, they will inform it to Daikin. However after another guy spoke and he agreed that they should provide me the receipt for that.
3) Now they are saying gas leakage and need to fill up. So they charge Rs. 2500 gas charges and Rs. 700 for repairing. I wondered why visiting charges then?
They are charging twice for a single issue.

Daikin has no concern though the customers are being cheated. If you don't improve it will not take longer time to vanish from the market.

May 2, 2015

Act of Cheating by Daikin


The concerned person can contact me via email - [email protected]

I want to make sure consumers like me are not cheated by such big brands by changing warranty policies without any advertisement on media ( Newspaper or Television) and also in the warranty Card.

My service request is for installation is : BLR150500897

Please make sure I get the brand warranty

Ganapathy Ram

Dear vgram79,

We have seen your query & are delighted to help you.

We request you to please share your site address and concern related to Daikin,so that our Sales/Service team will get in touch with you.

While appreciating your patience & trust, we regret the inconvenience caused to you.

Thanks & regards,
Customer care Team

[email protected]
1800 102 9300 / 1800 22 9300
May 2, 2015

Act of Cheating by Daikin

I will provide my contact details via.

Please ask your service team to contact me at [email protected]
Santosh Kumar
May 2, 2015

Need to know the genuine charges

Well, could you please let me know the total genuine charges you should charge a customer for the below issue?

A/C type: Daikin Split AC
warranty: Out of warranty
Problem: Gas Leakage
Total payble amount including visiting charges: Please provide me how much should I pay
Santosh Kumar
May 1, 2015

Another bad time for service

* Easily available in the market when you want to buy. Only you should have cash to pay the store for the AC.

* The AC is totally NOT durable.
* No proper post sale service. (May be they don't care after the product was sold)
* Customer care provides WRONG number of area manager for service.
* High price charging by the authorised service centre.
* Service engineer will NOT visit you as per your convenience. They will visit as per their convenience, Could be even after evening 8 O' clock in summer seasons.

My BAD Experience

1) Bought a brand new Daikin Split AC on April 2013 after paying around INR 36000 (Approx.) from Sony Electronics, BHEL X Road (Lingampally), Hyderabad.

2) Installed it at our guest room where it is used very rarely as I am using another AC from different brand. AGain repeating, it is used very rarely.

Called for free service as it was under warranty which was going to be expired on that month. Called to customer care, had to make many follow ups with Request IDs - ref# SBD140400893, and ref# SBD140415061. Communicated to : [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Finally I got it done.

Why 2 IDs for the same request? Because they close though the service is not provided. Who cares, it's INDIA.

4) Hardly after using 3-4 times max, on June, 2014 (just after 2 months of warranty expired), the swings in AC stopped functioning. Reason was the blade was made of plastic. Service engineer came and replaced it with a new one and confirmed - now it's not of plastic. I had to spend 1500+ bucks for this.

3) It's now 3rd year, April 2015, as usual, not used much. Now it is STOPPED cooling. Again follow up many times with request# SBD150427653. No response from customer care or service centre.

Really Frustrated with this DAIKIN AC.
May 1, 2015

Act of Cheating by Daikin

Daikin- FTC50QRV16 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC - Warranty Concern

I purchased Daikin Split AC on 4th of April 2015 through Flipkart and that was installed by Flipkart technician .
On enquirying Daikin Customer Service for the warranty - I was told that Warranty is void since the product was installed by non-daikin technician. Based on Daikin Recommendation I returned the product and again got a Brand new AC from Flipkart on April 30th.

When I called for getting the product installed through Daikin - I was shocked to hear that now Daikin won't provide any warrany if purchased online. Just one week back I got the confirmation and then only ordered new product.

more over no where in the product Warranty card it mentions that Warranty is void if purchased online.

How would consumers like us will come to know about change in policies - It was not notified through any newspaper or Television.

You can check with your customer care service - number of times I have Called to confirm on the warranty.

I don't think Consumer like us should be cheated by such reputed brands

This is clearly against Consumer interest ...

Looking for a positive response

Ganapathy Ram
[email protected]
Apr 30, 2015

High Charges by Installation Engineer

My complain no is AMD150419388
and please don't ask me to follow at [email protected], I have been following you there since long. Daikin doesn't bother to answer any of my questions instead they have forwarded my complain to concerned dept. God only knows which department is really concerned with my issue. Also I dont understand why DAIKIN is not answering my simple questions? Are my questions so difficult to understand? or are there millions of customers like me waiting for such answers?

After waiting a lot I have decided to go public with my issue. If i will not get satisfied with the service I will go further.
I have purchased AC to enjoy COOL AIR in SUMMER, but now it seems that I will not at all able to enjoy the COOL AIR instead will have to try hard to just get it installed. God knows what will happen after installation!
Apr 29, 2015

High Charges by Installation Engineer

Hi Daikin,

Recently I have purchased Daikin inverter FTKP50PRV16 Air Conditioner through Flipkart.com. For installation of a product I have contacted Daikin, but the Daikin Engineer is asking me for Rs 4600 as standard installation charges including Copper pipes of 8Ft COMPULSORY AS PER STANDARDS OF DAIKIN, Stands and everything.

I told him that I don't need such long pipes as the distance between indoor and outdoor unit will be very less in my room. Hardly it will take 3-4 ft of Cooper Pipe. Installation engineer insisted me that its as per company standards and you have to pay for minimum 8Fts for copper pipe. I eagerly want to know is these are the real standards of DAIKIN INDIA ? or Installation guy is trying to make me fool?

If company has such standards then I would be very much interested in knowing the reason behind it. Also after purchasing such a costly product if company is intending a business even after sales from such Standards, then It would be very shameful.

I thought DAIKIN is Japanese company and it will be very nice experience doing business with it. But its a very Big NO.

Expecting Positive response.

42, Prakruti Bunglows,
Sterling City,

Mob: 09429319606

Details of an Installation guy who quoted installation charges is as below:
Mob: 9687632004
Location: Bopal, Ahmedabad, Gujarat,India

Very Unhappy Daikin Customer,
Gold Leaf Spa
Apr 28, 2015

complaint no DL 2150419693

Booked a complaint no. 2150419693/ dated 21.04.2015 but unable to get it resolved till date i.e 28.04.2015. Seeing a pthatic condition of the company and the service network. None of the senior management checks for the complaints.At least after 02-03 days they should check why these complaints are still pending ?
[email protected]
Apr 22, 2015



I have bought Daikin AC in 2013 but after 2 years i got problem with my AC and I have called customer care. Two service man came and said that coil was gone and we need to change it. They told me the below cost

New Coil - 12000 RS
Gas - 3000 Rs
Painting Chr - 1500

TOTTALY - 16500 RS

I bought this AC for 35000 + Instalation charge 3500 = Totally = 38500 RS But after 2 years again they are saying that I need to invest another 16500 RS for my AC. I thought Diakin is the good company and its work for long time. But Its totally waste and after two years again I need to spend money for that. I wont buy this product here after and I wont recommens also.

Apr 8, 2015

Extremely bad service


My service request no. is SBD 150314471. The Engineer no. provided to me is 9246524620
and the person who have been speaking to at the local daikin center is Naseer and his no. is 8885524621.

A request was placed on 25th March 2015 to replace a leaking line in the outdoor unit. It has been 2 .5 weeks since then and no one from Daikin seems to be accountable for the completion of the work. All I am told is it will take another 3-4 days, this was being informed to me by Naseer whose no. I have mentioned above. And now this guy is not even picking up my phone.

Is this the customer care Daikin provides? I am appalled at the service being provided. I have made complaints at the customer care and till now I have got no call regarding the resolution of the issue. I have been calling customer care non-stop for the past few days and all they say is someone will get in touch.
And after seeing so many complaints against Daikin I have to say this is the worst customer care service being provided.

Please look into this urgently and get this resolved at the earliest. I am having a harrowing experience dealing with the Daikin. I expected better service.
Apr 7, 2015

gas leaking problem

I purchased daikin spilit air conditioner as on 15 april 2014.After one and half month use,it created a problem of stopping again and again automatically.We called at the customer service center.After registering many complaints a service engineer came near about after 2 weeks.After checking it he told us that there was gas leaking from outdoor unit,so you have to filled the gas.After filling the gas it started to work properly.We were satisfied.
Now after nine months before starting it again,we called your service engineer for its service.He checked it and told us that we can use it,there is no problem but next day when we used it,we faced the same problem.We again called the customer service number.He sent an engineer who after checking it told us that there is the gas leaking problem in the indoor unit.You need to refill it after making a payment of rs 2500.Two days ago your service engineer visited for service.Is it the service provided by the DAIKIN? We asked him that why it is giving the gas leaking problem again and again.We got surprised after receiving his reply that the A.C. is not installed properly.While the installed was also done by DAIKIN.Then we called the manager,he didn't solve the problem.He said that you have to pay rs 2500,we can't do anything.
Because of default made by your side why we paid the charges for it?
I think that we made a mistake in believing your company.
I request you to solve the problem as soon as possible otherwise we have to take the support of consumer court.
The other relevant informations are as follows
PURCHASE DATE:15-04-2014
kulbir oberai
Apr 3, 2015

Cheating & Bad customer experience by Atmos Industries (authorised dealer of Daikin)

Dear Sir,

This complaint is in reference to horrible customer handling, experience and cheating by one of your authorised associates- Atmos Industries.

We are master franchisee for United Colors of Benetton based in Delhi NCR.

We have recently opened one more store at Gurgaon for Benetton at Good Earth City Centre.

We have purchased four - 4tr cassettes of Daikin from Atmos Industries - Mr Raman Sood.

The store was opened in Feb 2015.

3 weeks back we started the function for ACs and 3 out of 4 were not working and giving cool air.

We complained to your authorised dealer and he took 3 weeks to revert that you will have to pay another Rs.1850 per machine for gas top up charges for 3 machines.

I would like to ask a  few questions:

At the time of site handover it was clarified by the authorised dealer that all ACs are working properly and giving cool air. Why this problem now? Has the dealer not put the gas intentionally and taking charges by wrong doings like this. 

The authorised dealer had checked the site for indoor and outdoor units and gave the quotation. There is no such thing of extra charges mentioned in the quotation for the gas top up. It seems the dealer is trying to make an extra buck by this wrong doings. 

Why is 1 ac working out of 4 installed.

There is bad consumer handling and attitude by the dealer.

Is it a normal practice for authorised dealer to give misleading information in quotations and then take charges by saying that we do not mention such things in quotation. Also handover the site by misguiding the consumer.

I have suggested Benetton India Pvt Ltd. to take this case for future consideration while taking Daikin cassettes from your authorised dealers. 

This has been really a horrible experience with Atmos- Authorised dealer of Daikin.

Thanks and regards
Kulbir Oberai
Mar 31, 2015

Worst product & Pathatic Service down from 3 months

I have following complaints numbers , my machine is down almost 3 months . It is not cooling

i have not seen such a casual approach by so called great machine service provider.

I can easily make out the way technical troubleshoot the problem as novice and kept on guessing what could have gone wrong .
On the assumption and guess work they kept on asking money from me however fail to give assurance that machine will be all right after I spend.

Thier technician are bluff masters most of the time even with visiting home I got message that my AC is attended

I spoke number of people Hussain , Avinash , Harish , Ajinkya

My family says throw out the machine and buy another one - but i will not do so as more they will frustrate it will give more strength for me to fight this crap company with consumer forum
Mar 22, 2015

gas leak

i have 2 no of 1.5 ton and a 2 ton daikin inverter ac i faced gas leak problem in 2 ac still now there is no proper coating in the ac due to moisture/salt deposition these may happened, cheated us as worlds no 1 ac , these people are good at marketing
Mar 5, 2015

indoor unit problem

Dear Sir/Madam,
I purchased Daikin split Ac 4​ NOS 1.5 TR 3 STAR on this date 16/5/2014 from AIR CONTROL SYSTEM but through by airomech by Mr. Dinesh and I gave cheque to air control an amount of Rs. 1,16,000/-. In that one unit giving so many problem. I gave complaint about indoor unit noise and blower problem to the concern person on 01/08/2014 vide complaint NO -MAA14800524. From air control systems i got blower replaced on 08/08/2014 after replacing blower again same problem is coming from indoor unit noise problem.

Again I registered complaint on 09/08/2014 vide complaint no is MAA140804964 but no response from Diakin dealer. Once again I register complaint on 12/08/14 vide complaint no is MAA140806011.

Daikin person came on 14/08/14 for service now Diakin person told to bring indoor unit to Diakin office for replacing indoor unit for that i made call taxi and i send to daikin office in this date 15/09/2015 for that which an amount of Rs. 2,000/- were paid by me. And again daikin person told to bring out door unit also because the told we will replace in door and out door unit again for i made call taxi and i send to daikin office in this date 30/08/14 for that amount of Rs 2,000/-. Already 11 months over but no response for diakin still now they didn't replace both indoor and out door unit.I kindly request you to replace my indoor unit ,out door unit and i want same 3 star
1.5TR are return my money back as soon as possible.kindly take serious action please.

Please take good decision and attend by problem immediately
Model no- FTE50NRVI6
Serial no- 0008450IDU
Invoice no-089

serial no-0083894
Mampallil Varkey Chacko
Oct 30, 2014

cooling problem of A/C

My Daikin A/C purchased from M/S A.C.World Ujjain on 08-04-14 is not giving proper cooling. I have complained about it two times previously . At that time the supplier attended it and filled the gas saying that there is a leakage problem. Now I am facing the same problem and complained to the supplier on 02-10-14 and after repeated reminders he never attended the case .As such I complained to your costumer care on 27-10-14. Today is 30th October and nobody is attended my case till time. Once again I request you to advise your service personnel or supplier to attend the case and solve it at the earliest.
Oct 24, 2014

compressor not working and your services is worst

Daikin 1.5 ton AC compressor doesnot switch ON
The 1.5 ton Daikin AC compressor majority of the times doesnot switch ON even after running it for a long time. At times it switches ON. I would like the issue to be addressed. I call many times your customcare help bt your customercare help person does not solve my problem i think other Ac company better than yoursand i will suggest my frnd and relative to purchase and uses other company except DAIKIN .i hope u solve my problem.

Abhishek Chaudhari
[email protected]
Oct 24, 2014

compressor not working and your product and services is so worst

Daikin 1.5 ton AC compressor doesnot switch ON
The 1.5 ton Daikin AC compressor majority of the times doesnot switch ON even after running it for a long time. At times it switches ON. I would like the issue to be addressed. I call many times your customcare help bt your customercare help person does not solve my problem i think other Ac company better than yoursand i will suggest my frnd and relative to purchase and uses other company except DAIKIN .i hope u solve my problem.

Abhishek Chaudhari
[email protected]
Oct 20, 2014

Defective Daikin 1.5 Ton Invertor AC installed

17/09/2014 I purchased a Diaken 1.5 Ton Invertor Split AC from Kohinoor Andheri, Mumbai (opp City Mall)

20/09/2014 Additional 2000 Rs was charged to me and i was told that the model no is unavailable and a new upgraded model will be shipped to me and this is the difference that i have to pay, i paid the 2000 Rs

after 10 days of booking the AC was finally installed on

27/09/2014 Installation was done by 9pm evening and my family told the engineer from Nice Cool that AC was not cooling, he said AC is new and will cool in some time! And he left hurriedly!

28/09/2014 morning my family called the same installation guy and told him AC is not cooling, he said, should happen in some hours but then as we all had to travel to Karnataka (for my restaurant opening) we left and came back on 10/102014.

10/10/2014 We came back and started the AC in my room but the AC would start and then shut automatically

11/10/2014 I made a complaint to Kohinoor Andheri and they said a complaint has been lodged BOM141004326

13/10/2014 Your technician arrived home and saw the Unit, said that the "OUTDOOR CONTROL PCB IS DEFECTIVE' and is not working, it will be replaced!

I asked for the fully replacement as the AC was not cooling from the day of installation and the guy who installed it (Noor Mohammed) is in his village since that day (this is a serious excuse the company is making to avoid proving the fact that the AC was not cooling since the installation)

from 14th to 16th of October 2014 i made numerous calls and rounds of Kohinoor Andheri and finally could get the no of a senior in Daikin company Mr Harish 09619030507 - he assured me prompt response and told me that an engineer will come from Daikin and will take on the spot decision. Hussain Shaik - 09833395953 was the person who was told to visit.

17/10/2014 Visit was done and the same issue 'OUTDOOR CONTROL PCB IS DEFECTIVE' was told once again and he said the part will be replaced! I told him that if the AC was used i would have agreed but since installation date the AC is not working so how can i take a part replacement, it has to be a full replacement of the Outdoor Unit.

since then Mr Harish has been ignoring my calls and not even replying to my msgs.

Daikin has sent me a defective piece, knowingly! They knew the piece is defective that's why the engineer ran away after installation.

Till date the Demo is also not given, this proves that they are purposely dumping defective AC's in India. Otherwise they should have come for a Demo, it is mandatory, but they did not come as they knew the AC is not working!

Forget replacement of Outdoor Unit, i want a full refund of whatever i have paid because after reading all the complaints above, it is clear that Daikin India has a PCB problem.

Sumit Shital
[email protected]
Narendrasinh Zala
Oct 18, 2014


Rajesh Singla
Oct 9, 2014

ac not working

i am rajesh singla i have made a new house in 884 sec 8 panchkuka i had taken an inverter AC and is not working
Oct 8, 2014


3week before gas filled.after 2 days product getting shutdown after1/2 hour.v call 2 service man he came checking after he say F3 problm sir ...y my produt geting off ask ...he said v change sensor and v check sir...v ask after getting changed problem get solved service man said v try nly...my no 9698492766...
no 1 worst service n world
Merchant Mohamedali
Oct 4, 2014

Not cooling

There is ice forming on the liquid line since 2 month and I have already complain to the dealer who installed this unit at my place but on one has attain the complain till today and it is very hot here please sent some one to attain the complain.
Very bad service after sales.

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