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Consumer complaints and reviews about DELHI CUSTOMS

Najira sardar
Aug 20, 2018

Shipment not received

Hi sir/madam
My shipment number is 3456eteqkkqq from bz courier company it is a gift from.uk
I hve paid the charges still i hve not received my shipments 1 month is over.
I hve already paid the amt of 110 rs and now the number is swtich off.m waiting for from last one.month concern name is miss.kavita
Plz check and revert me asap.

Najira sardar
Aug 10, 2018

Retention un specified reason

Dear Sir, My consignment number EX020766025SG is stuck at Delhi customs since more than a month. I have sent several emails to Delhi customs quotating all my details and original bills. Even then it did not released. Neither any reply from them norany information about what kind of documents required. Kindly release my shipment and I can pay duty if any.

Jul 11, 2018

Asking money

I have sent parcel from Australia cost 3500 rupee and the person in post office asking 1052 from my parents what is this why you people are duping other how it can be possible the details of bills are written by hands even not are printed receipt. My parcel Id EJ226606420AU
How custom can take money when we paid already this is bullshit
Apr 19, 2018

Parcel stuck for 4 months in Delhi customs

Dear Sir
My parcel with Aramex AWB 31763818074 is stuck in Delhi customs from the 18th of December 2017 till now..this makes 4 months. All I imported was a few pairs if jeans from USA for my own personal use. The courier cannot do anything about it. I keep calling everyday to check the status and they keep telling me it's in the final stages of clearance. Please can something be done to expedite the clearance. I have sent all kyc documents, proof of value, bills etc. I have agreed to pay the customs duty of 3k upon delivery of the parcel. Please can you release this parcel from customs.
Thank you
Yogendra Batwara
Mar 16, 2018

Delay in Consignment

My parcel is stuck at Delhi customs..........


Its regarding the parcel which was suppose to deliver from Ethopia to Jaipur. On 9th of January,18 it has been picked from ethopia and on 12th of January,2018 it as been arrived to delhi customs.. in this time being we have submitted all the required documents what ever they want including invoice and IEC letter. My consignment no- 5375053040. It is coming from DHL Express Courier. Last 3 weeks back I (Mr.Yogendra Batwara) personally went to delhi airport and at that time they told me that we have some penalty raised and we have to pay that penalty amount at the time of delivery. At that movement they told us to submit the penalty letter and after that with in 2 working days we will get the penalty amount. But till now we have not received any penalty amount and my parcel too.
It has been over 2 months so i request you to confirm the current status.

Mar 3, 2018

MY parcel is stuck at Delhi customs

My consignment has been stuck at Delhi customs and they are not returning back there is no way I can contact them if I call them no one picks my call.
My ITEM n° EH002296379SG
I request if any one can help I am in need
Please help
Aman Lateef
Feb 27, 2018

Delaying the parcel

My parcel with tracking number 665511250 (Gati Courier) is held on Delhi Customs for few days and no step has been taken forward. It only says hold on by custom. Please help me !!!
Feb 3, 2018

85-90% heavy custom duty charged on apparels!!

i recently ordered some women apparels from an online site in uk and everything was going fine but yesterday my order came and the postman asked me to pay 9000 inr for the order. how is it possible as my entire order costed me 12000 inr. i checked google for the information about the custom duty payable for the garments and to my surprise it said that maximum 25% is payable or 116 inr per piece. Kindly help me because i think it is fraud which is going on to take excess money from the people as these stuff is important for them so they think charging excessively will get them more money.

My order number is UK107036159 and my tracking numbers are 312015922500000000000228489297 and
Feb 3, 2018

Heavy custom duty on apparels ordered

i ordered some apparels from boohoo.co.uk and the total price was 12000. all was good. i gave extra money for shipping. now the postman comes and he asks me to pay 9000 inr as custom duty for 12000 inr worth of package. it has women apparels and jackets. it is absurd because this custom duty is like 85% - 90%. i checked google and read every information regarding custom duty on garments. it said that maximum 25% of the custom duty is there for garments or 116 inr for every piece.

Kindly help me in this matter. coz it is a gift from my brother to me on my birthday.

My order number is UK107036159

the tracking numbers is 312015922500000000000228489297 and 312015922500000000000228489301

My name is Rakhi kumar and i think this is fraud which is going on with the people. because they know these things are important to people and they would pay anything to get it. it is insane behaviour from these government officials.
Dec 21, 2017

charged custom duty on non-chargeable item

I was charged 1047 custom duty on a 2200 item, how is that even possible? Moreover this is the 5th time I had same type of item delivered to me and I have not been charged custom duty for same category before. I asked the delivery person to give me a custom duty paid bill or any proof, all he gave me was a hand scribbled note with amount to pay which has no credibility whatsoever. He refused to let the shipment be released without paying and refused to give any details why custom duty is charged, no bill was provided for the same. No matter how many governments change and how many years pass, india post remains the worst and most corrupt postal service which shame or sense of responsibility whatsoever. Broad daylight theft from people on name of custom duty which channel for registering complaints or grievances. The official complaint number doesn't connect, no one replies to email complaints and if you talk to local postmasters they just dismiss you like India post matters are not their problem. Absolute scum, this whole department is. If you want an example of how Government itself loots illegal money from people, look no further because India post does exactly that.
lovdeep kaur
Dec 13, 2017

my parcel not received

My parcel has been held by Delhi custom .nothing is happening for the tracking information. Please help.

Tracking No.RH078480106PT
Dec 6, 2017


I ordered something from ASOS UK. One item was missing from my parcel i have already paid my custom duty for it . Now they are re sending me my order what can be done about the custom duty now ?
Please let me know as soon as possible

Email ID - visheshkhurana74@gmail.com
Phone - 9873755699
Arjun Kataria
Nov 6, 2017

Not delivering parcel

I have ordered some supplements from Germany and is stuck in the delhi customs for a month now, I haven't received any letter or anything and the customs will not pickup the phone. Can someone please help me, my consignment number is EA120197300NL.
Vineet Jain
Oct 9, 2017

Not releasing parcel

I ordered some samples from China on personal name. I have been dealing with that supplier for quite some time so there is no question of integrity. I received a call from Chandan Mauar from Fedex stating that customs has detained my package due to mismatch in products received and the invoice.

I again confirmed with the supplier regarding it and they have again confirmed regarding the EXACT quantity of each unit of each product sent by them.

The AWB number is ############.

Please help.
Sep 25, 2017

Excess amount of duty charged and unnecessary delay

I had a parcel of health supplements shipped from Germany.
The parcel was detained by customs for a period of more than 20 days.
On the delivery I was asked to pay an amount of 3328 rupees.
The total cost was 7528 of product plus 2766 for shipping.
Since I have studied the Customs act and Customs Tariff act, the duty chargeable should be 10% that too on the cost of product and not on shipping cost. Moreover, goods imported upto the value of 10000 for personal use are exempt.
I have been charged an illegal amount which makes me question the competence of the Customs department.
My consignment number is CG010532896DE
Kindly look into this
Aug 1, 2017

MY consignment is stuck at Delhi customs

My consignment has been stuck at Delhi customs and they are not returning back there is no way I can contact them if I call them no one picks my call.
My consignment no is EA113189400NL
I request if any one can help I am in need
Please help
Jul 14, 2017

RE : customs charging 42 % duty on 2 phones sent by my friend as a gift items

Dear Customer,

We apologize for any inconvenience caused, please share your contact number and AWB number. We will get in touch with you.

FedEx Express
Jul 13, 2017

customs charging 42 % duty on 2 phones sent by my friend as a gift items

One of my friend sent 2 phones to me as a gift and customs are charging 42 % duty on gifted items wherein package clearly says PURPOSE OF SHIPMENT IS GIFT, i visited to customs officials but the officer did not let me put my part of clarification and did not help me..I do not have any IEC number and package was sent on my personal name as a gift for personal use only... I do not understand why there is a high amount of percentage (42%) for duty only being charged on gifted items... some one please contact to hemp me I will provide more information on the same Fedex Tracking # ############
For the right
Jan 3, 2017

Over charging and not releasing parcels.

I received two packets- one through aramex which was stolen by customs. I never received it- it has children's clothes. This was in October. And the second of two creams that coat 2900 I received but with a custom duty of 2400!! Who has ever heard of such a high custom duty? This is corruption and fraud. I am looking at taking the customs to court.
Dec 27, 2016

Overcharges on Replacement Products

I had sent a computer graphic card to Taiwan to be repaired/replaced under warranty. When the manufacturer sent the card they valued it at $10 as there was no sale made and it was just a replacement for a product I had already paid custom duty when it was imported. I received a call from Chandan Kr.Mauar, Clearance Support Administrator, FedEx Express Transportation & Supply Chain Services (India) Pvt Ltd, Delhi.

He informed me that I had to pay customs duty on the shipment and was told to submit a receipt with the proper value of the product for evaluation. I agreed to do the same and was also ready to pay the duties on the original value of the product even though I should not be paying for something that I own and already have paid for.

When I got the delivery of the product I received a bill from FedEx for Rs.18505 when I asked for the original receipt from Indian customs I was provided with a copy of the same but all the charges where written with a pen on the Original invoice, I was never contacted regarding this charges during the clearance process by FedEx or Delhi customs and when I did dispute regarding this the only explanation I got is that the manufacture/shipper is aware about this charges hence there was no need to contact me for the same.

I have attached the copy that was provided by FedEx which shows the additional charges scribbled with Pen also as per Exemption to articles and components parts as replacement of defective articles imported earlier as private personal properties - Notification No. 80/70-Cus., dated 29.8.1970 I should not be paying for any custom duties and have provided more than enough evidence to support my claim of warranty replacement to FedEx but the same has been ignored.

Please help me with this problem

Thank You

Overcharges on Replacement Products

Feb 28, 2016


Dear Sir,

Kindly help me to verify this particular email Id of anitasharma1989076@gmail.com who claims to be from DELHI CUSTOMS of India and presently asking me to deposit 85,720.00 INR Eighty-five Thousand's Seven hundred and twenty Rupees amount to some account of a person named
they are charging this amount to convert 15,000GBP to indian currency and then transfer to my account.

Its regarding a parcel that has been send to me from uk and delhi customs have already charged 30,000 ahich i have deposited in navab khan account holder name and the details are
account number ################
,ifsc code punb0350300
,pan number BGIPG2966C,
BRANCH WAZIRGUNJ BUDAN,it is PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK from me for the clearance then they message me that my parcel was put under scanning and as their was money in that parcel and they informed me that the courier company refuse to deliver my parcel as their is money in it therefore, they have forwarded my parcel to Ministry of Finance Income Exchange department through India custom Authorities
who is this person does he really belong to the dept or else culprtit.
FOREIGN DEPT. gargvishal112@gmail.com

Kindly help me to find the truth behind this if the concern person ANITHA SHARMA,ACCOUNT HOLDER AKHIL KHAN.AND EARLIER I HAVE DEPOSITED 30 K TO NAVAB KHAN ACCOUNT WHICH IS FOR PUNJAB NATIONAL BANKand email id is true or not. I am really looking forward to get an early and prompt reply.
I will be really grateful.

I am really scared to pay as the phone number is coming switch off and they took my 30 k..please take severe action with them.i wil provide you mail details phone numbers etc..


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