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Consumer complaints and reviews about Delhi Jal Board

Jul 7, 2018

new connection

श्रीमान हमने 20 7 2015 को दिल्ली जल बोर्ड के भेरा एन्क्लेव पीराघरी में जल बोर्ड के दफ्तर में पानी के नए कनेक्शन के लिए फाइल जमा कराई थी। जब कुछ महीनो तक कोई कार्यवाही नहीं हुई तो हमने भेरा एन्क्लेव दफ्तर में जाकर पूछा तो एरिया मिस मैच का इशू बताया। हमें बताया की आपका मकान 100 गज है और आपने फाइल में 70 गज लिखवाया है इसलिए आपकी फाइल रिजेक्ट हो गयी है, हमें उन बताया की हमने 100 गज में से 30 गज बेक (sell ) दिया है और अब हमारा मकान 70 गज का है। हमने पूछा तो आगे क्या करना है हमें बताया गया की एक एफिडेबिट बनवाओ जिसमे आप ये मेंशन करो की आपके मकान 70 गज का है , हमने एक एफिडेबिट बनवा के जमा करवा दिया , फिर हमें कहा गया कि जब मेसेज आ जाये तो आना , जब कुछ महीनो तक मैसेज नहीं आया तो फिर पता किया तो फिर से एरिया मिस मैच का इशू बता दिया और फिर से एफेडेविट बनवा के लेने को कहा गया। हमने फिर से एफेडेविट बनवा के जमा करवा दिया। और पूछा कब आना है तो बोले मैसेज आ जाये तो आना। और हमारे पास कोई मैसेज नहीं आया। और अब कहते है नई फाइल बनवा के जमा करो। आप की पुरानी फाइल मिल नहीं रही है। ये कहकर चककर कटा रहे हैं। कृपया हमारी सहयता करें।

File No. - N 2045
नाम - कमलेश w/o नेतराम शर्मा
पता - A -47 अमर कालोनी फेश -2 , नांगलोई दिल्ली -110041
mo no. - 9268761061
Jul 4, 2018

Faulty Meeter /Billing Issue(K No : -0048319194)

DATED:-04th July’18
Delhi Jal Board

SUBJECT:-Faulty Meeter /Billing Issue(K No : -0048319194)

Dear Sir/Mam,

this is reference to above mentioned subject, i would like to inform you that We have received the Bill ID :############ Dated :-26-June-18 with the amount of Rs 6110.00 with unnecessary charges, However From 21/May/2018-26/June/2018(35 days) bill Comes 6110/-.whcich supposed to be below 500/-Rs.

Meter billing address is “1-2280-A, Second Floor, Ram Nagar, Shahdara :-110032” and registered name is “Smt Sushma ”, & K NO. 0048319194.

Kindly requested you to please look into this matter seriously and complete the whole work as soon as possible.
As the matter is very urgent, we will appreciate an early best response from you.
Thanking You
Yours Faithfully

Yogesh Kumar Jain
K No : -0048319194
Add :-1-2280-A, Second Floor, Ram Nagar, Shahdara :-110032
Jul 1, 2018

Smelly and contaminated water

I'm a resident of G block Pushkar enclave paschim vihar, new delhi 110063. Adressing the problem on behalf of people in my area that the Water supply is very irregular. Even when water is supplied, it is smelly and sewer like.

Please look into the matter on urgent basis.
Thank you
Jun 23, 2018

Faulty water bill

Delhi Jail Board is not registering my complaint for a faulty water bill received of Rs 10,000/- Untill now bills of Rs 200 or 300 were averaging and suddenly this amount. Could someone please help me on what steps to take if 1916 number is not registering complaints and the djb.nic.in is always dysfunctional and says 'session expired you are redirected to the home page'. This happened at least 50 times on the site when I tried to register my k number as consumer.

Someone pl guide.

C v Palan
Jun 18, 2018

Smelly and Black water in New Ashok Nagar

Hello All,

I am staying in New Ashok Nagar which comes under the Mayur Vihar area. Our area is suffering from highly smelly and black water. which is not even suitable for washing and cleaning purpose, no one can even think of drinking it. It smells like it comes from some dead bodies.

You need help us with smelly and black water!! ...

We have had our supply water and in this month, the water comes out black water every 2 days and I think, something is wrong in this area.

Now today more than 20 litres of black water came out from supply pipe.

We hope that our government will take some strict action on this matter.

Please help us in this matter since it becoming a serious issue and if you can't do then please suggest another way.

Ashish Chauhan
Jun 14, 2018

No Water Supply

No Water Supply
Dear Sir,

On behalf of inhabitants of Dr.Amedkar basti, gali no.5 maujpur delhi-110053, this is to bring to your kind notice that back from last 3 weeks we are not getting supply of water in our colony due to the illegal water connections whereas the supply of water is coming near surrounding areas (shiv mandir gali no.8, maujpur dellhi-110053 & hanuman mandir gali/bhikhari wali gali).

I would like to inform you also that some of the jal board staff moved the check wall of check point near shiv mandir gali and stopped water supply in our colony with the involvement of some RO water suppliers.

So, we request you to look into this matter seriously and improve the level of water in our locality & punish the person who is involved in this.

Vinod Kumar
Maujpur, Delhi-110053
Jun 14, 2018

water is not supply properly with in 3 months


NEW DELHI-110063
awantika parage
Jun 14, 2018

Dirty and contaminated water

Since last 2 -3 days we are getting dirty and contaminated water which has foul smell.
It would be really very dangerous if we use this water for our household and drinking purpose and may fall sick.
Request to check , purify and then supply the water.
Jun 12, 2018

Low water supply pressure because of numerous illegal connections.

Sir - There has been very low or negligible water supply in the area because of numerous illegal water connections being created almost every night by plumbers. Also house owners have taken 2/3/4 connections for tenants kept by them as a result people living in the back lanes are totally get deprived of water.

My house on the rear lane of Baba Faridpuri behind West Patel Nagar, New Delhi 110008 and I am not getting water and at times get just 3-4 buckets of water and one bucket is dirty.

Kindly take immediate action to stop (1) illegal connections (2) Limit only one water connection for one house so that other people living in the back lane get full pressure of water and can take benefit of water supply.

Illegal connection and multiple water connection must be stopped forthwith in the interest of all.


Rajiv Lochan Misra
484 Baba Faridpuri
Behind West Patel Nagar
New Delhi 110008
prem wati
Jun 4, 2018

no water supply

To, Dated : 05.06.2018
Delhi Jal Board
(Government of NCT of Delhi)
Varualaya Phase II, Karol Bagh,
New Delhi - 110005

Sub: For Non-Water Supply on New KNO. 3845931000

Dear Sir/Madam,
this is reference to above mentioned subject, we would like to inform you that in given below mention address is no water supply since last one month and we have purchased water from market for serving, in all over area water supply is normal but we didn’t received at. It is very difficult to manage without water.
I am using this water service since last 8 years it is such a long time.
Meter billing address is “4800/24, 2nd Floor, Bharat Ram Road Daryaganj, New Delhi – 110002” and registered name is “Smt Prem Wati w/o Shri G.D. Gupta”, & K NO. 3845931000.
Kindly requested you to please look into this matter seriously and complete the whole work as soon as possible.
As the matter is very urgent, we will appreciate an early best response from you.
Thanking You
Yours Faithfully

Smt. Prem Wati
4800/24, 2nd Floor,
Darya Ganj, New Delhi - 110002
Jun 4, 2018

No water supply ,G-106, (Kali Mata Mandir Gali) Raj Nagar-2, Palam Colony, Delhi-77

No water supply, We are facing problem from 1 month, I have complained many times but no resolution. DJB customer care no 1916 is a part of drama system (Gov. system) where we are make or reopen the call log and field staff (DJB) always change the status only close without resolution. Kali Mata Mandir Gali, G- Block, Raj Nagar -2, Palam colony.
May 30, 2018

Water Problem

Dear Sir / Ma'am

Hi. My Name is Vicky And My Resident is B-1253 Transit Camp Gvind Puri Kalka Ji New Delhi 110019
We are facing problem of drinking water because there is no supply of drinking water in our area
can you help us. What do we do for this
kiran dudani
May 28, 2018

wrong water bill

My consumer K no. is 8657755826.. I received on 26/05/2018 a SMS on my mobile phone no. 9431239534 tha please pay bill amount Rs.854.00 by 12/06/2018 to avoid penalties. Actually That on 24/01/2018 an sms regarding payment of Rs.347.00 was also received then I registered a complaint no.of which reference no. is 2018008588. In reply Mr.Prem Kumar od DJB telephoned me through his cell no. 9811166007 and advised me to send photo of meter reading of meter. Accordingly I sent a photo of meter reading which read as 00042. . Then the bill was cancelled. For your kind information the house has been vacant till 20/05/2018 and the water reading is the same. Please verify it by sending your honest inspector as I am sure your water meter reader is purely delinquent in service and dishonest towards his duty. He has made out bill by sitting in the office hence the bill is intended to harass consumer and it is extortive and exploitative in nature. I had claimed refund of Rs.8322/ which I had deposited under protest in 03/11/2015 but still today it is unpaid to me. I shall go to consumer court with all the list of harassment and torture being caused to me since 2015 till date if my grievances are not redressed in time and refund of excess paid is not made. Since the use of water consumption of water never exceeded 500 litres a day. I feel the DJB officers and staffs are inclined to defame Kejriwal Government by putting consumers to undue harassment. The behaviour of DJB and raising bills to a small consumes of water is a mockery to the letter dated 01/11/2015 of Sri Kejriwal Honourable chief minister, Govt. of Delhi.
kiran dudani
May 27, 2018

wrong water bill

My water meter kno. is 8657755826. I received a SMS dated 26/05/2018 by which Rs 854/ has been demanded to be paid by 12/06/2018. After seeing this message I was surprised to know that the premises is vacant and closed since August 2017. There is no electric bill as there is no consumption of electricity. I again came to the conclusion that a fictitious water bill is generated by the concerned water meter reader. In the past at several occasions I had complaint against the similar type of bill but there is no correction in working behaviour of water reader. Remember the previous complaint reference no. 2018008588 by which a bill for Rs. 357/ was raised. Later on on enquiry by higher authority of DJB, the bill was cancelled . Please do remember my complaint petition counter receipt no.743 dated 06/11/2015, 8644 dated 11/02/2016, 1326. I had paid Rs.8322/ on 03/11/2015 under protest and in compliance with the assurance of the then ZRO but till date no refund of 8322/ has been made which shows the exploitative and extortive and irrational behaviour of authority concerned. The present bill and demand is fictitious and untrue and a serious enquiry into the conduct of bill maker is urgently required by DJB.
Truly yours,
Kiran Dudani
May 20, 2018

Sever mixing water from last one month

Sir from last one month sever mixing water is coming in sheikh sarai phase 2 pocket j house no 11a to 14d . I have made complaint at customer care no of makviya nagar water service on4thmay and 7th may but till date no action has vven taken by mnws . Inthis regard i am forwRding the picture of water on 20th may 2018 for your referece. Kinndly check the water line.
B.s bisht
House no 12c pokcjet j
Sheikh sarai phase 2
New delhi 110 017

Sever mixing water from last one month

May 17, 2018

no water supply from last 2 weeks

i live in govindpuri gali no 5 near kalkaji, we have not received water from last 2 weeks, its very difficult to manage without water, and i am working in office so its very difficult to stay at home and try whole day for water, so kindly solve this issue asap, before this issue we received water at 4 am every day but from last 2 weeks its getting worst and we cant manage with this issues at all so its a request from every one please solve the problem asap...
May 17, 2018

No water supply

Dear sir
We would like to inform you that there is no water suplly since last month and we have to pirchase the water from market
We Re living in om vihar c -5 near gagan bharti school uttam nagar and the meter is in the name of Nirmala dev
And the water which comes in is brown in colour and stinking like it came from gutter

Pleaae look into the matter

anita devi2018
May 16, 2018


1-Bill Id ############ bill from 29/04/2015 to 29/01/2016 no of days 275 unit-216 amount-Rs 3165
2-Bill Id ############ bill from 29/01/2016 to 29/04/2016 no of days 91 unit-23
3-Bill Id ############ bill from 29/04/2016 to 30/07/2016 no of days 92 unit-60
4-Bill Id ############ bill from 30/07/2016 to 25/09/2016 no of days 57 unit-22
5-Bill Id ############ bill from 29/09/2016 to 20/11/2016 no of days 56 unit-20 only.
Sir all bill for no 2-5 total days 296 and unit consumed 125 only and only BILL ID-############ no of days 275 unit-216 but their was no water supply in our area. I have complaint many times and visited your office manytimes no one listen to my complain. According to the public meeting held by CM ARVIND KEJRIWAL at DEAN DAYAL UPADHYAY COLLAGE DWARKA He promised that all the previous bills of PALAM and DWARKA area will be cancelled but my bill is still in dispute no one is solving my problem.
COMPLAIN NO:1-ZRO(SW)-4613 date-31/01/2017
2-ZRO(SW)-104 date-2/04/2018
3-Written complain given in the meeting held at DEAN DAYAL UPADHYA COLLAGE

Thank You
RZ-206 C/3 SADH NAGAR PALAM 110045
May 11, 2018

Dirty and Smell full Water

Dear Sir,

With due respect I would like to inform you that from last 1 month we are getting sewer water mixed with our drinking water in our area. I have raised a complain in Delhi Jal Board but the J E of our area has close our complaint with the comment that we are taking a necessary action but no action has been taken out till the time. The situation of water is too pathetic, even if we are getting this water into our palm our palm is getting smelly too. Also, We are getting sick with stomach pain and other disease due to use this water. I am going through the complaints and found that one more complaint has been raised from the same area since Jan 2018 but still not getting any necessary action on that complaint as the water situation are same. Kindly, consider this application and take necessary action on urgent basis.

Hope you understand the problem and resolve this issue ASAP.

Sandeep Singh Rawat
1/4429, Ram Nagar Shahdara Delhi 110032
Sini Ranil
May 10, 2018

Faulty meter

K:NO 0595841000

I have been receiving water bills for the past 6 months which used to average between 1000-2500 but the last bill that i received was for Rs. 5557/-.

I want to know what exactly is wrong is my meter faulty???

Kindly get it check and rectified.


Varun Rathi
May 4, 2018

No Water Supply

Dear Sir,

On behalf of inhabitants of Sector 18 Rohini, Bllock A, Pocket 1,2, & 3, New Delhi-110089, this is to bring to your kind notice that back from last 3 weeks we are not getting supply of water in our home. As per region JE and Delhi jal board staff, this problem is due to compressor and less supply from back to fill the tanks of our area.

I would like to inform you also that this problem is occurred second time in just short span of time in 2018.

I personally submit my complaint at 1916, at Sector 15(Mr SK Chauhan), Mr Haider Ali for the same but there response is still that Jal board is working on it but i dint say any positive action from JAL board.

So, we request you to look into this matter seriously and complete the whole work complete as soon as possible and improve the level of water in our locality.
May 1, 2018

Billing without Meter reading over one year

My KNO No is 3692691000 of DElhi Jal Board. I am a resident of I-Block, CHITTARANJAN PARK, New Delhi 110019. For over 1 year & 6 Months, I am getting water bill over Rupees one thousand (some times over Rs 2000.00) without meter reading; against not more than Rs 500.00 when bill was sent after meter reading. I have lodged several complains personally in the Delhi Jal Board office. Despite repeated assurances, water bill is charged without meter reading. My meter remains open (NO LOCK). I lodged "ON LINE COMPLAINT" which was duly acknowledged but the same complaint was closed without any action. Being a female and senior citizen, I have no option left than to lodge the complaint. I need your help for immediate redressal of my complaint. Thanking you for your help. Regards. Mrs MANDIRA VERMA
Apr 20, 2018

No water supply


We the residents of Taimoor Nagar DDA Flats are not getting proper water supply for the last 15 days.Some time this supply is coming at 0300 a.m. Or at the at odd hours when the people are sleeping.
So,it is requested the proper supply be made at the proper time in these summer days.
Thanks you.

29-C,DDA Flat,
Tamoor Nagar,
New Delhi.
Ruchi Chaudhry 1976
Apr 18, 2018

Contaminated Water


In our residential areas we all are getting the dirty & smell for last 10 days.Everyone in my house has got stomach infection.
The water condition is not checked despite my numerous complaints made by me from my mobile No.9810702283.
Can someone please checked the reason of dirty water and get it cleaned.

Resident of
30 Ram Nagar, Krishna Nagar
Delhi -110051
Apr 2, 2018

Meter stolen

Hello team
I am a resident of B 3 Mahindra park Ne Delhi 110059 ,having a water connection with KNO :9446551000, My water meter is stolen. May i please know how to get the same re registered again as it is very difficult to survive without water supply.

B3 Mahindra Park New Delhi 110059

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