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Delhi Jal Board


Consumer complaints and reviews about Delhi Jal Board

mahender pal singh
Jan 4, 2016

no supply of water in paschim puri poket 2

No supply of water in pipeline at paschim puri delhi 110063
Dec 28, 2015

High amount of bill


We don't receive water bill on time. We receive water bill after 6 months. We have received high amount of bill it should be around Rs.2500 - Rs.3000 for 6 months but we have received Rs.5588 for 6 months. We don't have so much uses of water. We have attached water bill for few months. Please look into the matter and do the needful.

K No of DJB in our bill is : 2697801000

Nov 15, 2015

bad & smelly water supply in evenings

Nov 16, 2015

Delhi Jal Board,
West Delhi


Dear sir/ madam,

I am resident of RZ-62, South Extension part-1, Uttam Nagar. Our area is suffering from highly dirty and smelly water which is not even suitable for drinking and cleaning purpose. It smells like it comes from some Dead Bodies/ Toilet Waste. Please help us in this matter since it becoming a serious issue. we are facing this problems in supply of the water only in the evenings.

Request you for a prompt action, and rectify the situation at the earliest as water is a day to day necessity.

A strict action is required at the earliest.

Yours faithfully,

Vivek Bhaskaran

RZ-62, South Extension part-1,
Uttam Nagar, Delhi -110059
Mob- 9711460859
Atul k jain
Nov 7, 2015

Suppy of dirty and smelly water

Djb water is coming very dirty and smelly for the last ten days. Heath problems are increasing day by day. Kindly look into the matter : atul kumar 1/6246 gali no3 east rohtash nagar shahdara delhi 32
Nov 2, 2015

Digging Roads and Keeping the sewage water in Open which has led to increase in mosquito and possibly cause Dengue

To the Jal Board Office
Pashim Vihar -West Zone

I am a resident in Bhagwati Garden Ext Uttam Nagar New Delhi - 110059 Blk - F. I have to report the careless work done in our locality by DJB officials. The contractual workers hired from DJB had dig two massive holes very near to our house and they are now planning to dig the third hole.

As per the workers their purpose is to check for the water connection and they have received complaint for bad water.However, almost a week had went by now and they have not been abel to identify the problem and neither make any progress.

Only thing that they were successful doing was digging 2 huge holes which was done at the very first day itself. The workers only chit-chat and hey do do no actual work.

These holes are filled with water and the mosquito's have increased substantially post the digging. People in our area including ours family face a serious threat of Dengue,malaria ,etc

I sincerely hope that the authorities would take swift action on this complaint and address this issue immediately.

Awaiting your Response For More Information Please free to contact me.

Vinoy Chatterjee
Contact # 9582211731
Oct 26, 2015


This is to inform you that I am hans ram and my KNO-0184291000, We have not received any bill since begining water line was there but no water supply in our area. Water supply start when AAP party won in delhi I have received approx 5700 Rs bill, While there were no water supply or water consumption and i am receiving excess bill.

I would request you kindly make the adjustment and send the corrected bill as per the reading. It is very difficult to pay such huge amount of water for a salaried person.
Address-wz-46A ,om vihar phase-3 Uttam Nagar, New Delhi 59, Mobile number 9868122660, 9968269660, Email id : yogeshdhayal2014@gmail.com


Oct 23, 2015

Incorrect Bill


This is to inform you that I am Rakesh kumar, Address C-60-Bhagwati Vihar,Uttam Nagar,New Delhi 59. My KNO-5901681000.
Receiving average bill for my water connnection. While there were no water supply in our area, When the Kejriwal govt come into picture water supply started. We have received the bill of approx 5700 Rs, While there were no water supply and we are getting the too much bill, While 2000 liter water is free as per the Delhi govt and we hardly fill the water in 3 days so how can such bill generate. I have filled this bill and after 2 days again bill generat which is approx 1200 Rs, So how can it possible.

My current meter reading is 00032, I am requesting please send the bill as per the reading and refund back my remaining amount as this is the huge amount of my salary my entire month budget has been spoiled. I am attaching the snap shot of my water meter for your reference. So kindly check and do the needful asap
Rakesh Kumar

Incorrect Bill

Chanda Thakur
Oct 13, 2015


I am at residing at g-14 Mohan Garden, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi- 57. The sewer leakage choked for the last several days. The flow of the waste water of the house is obstructed by the Leakage sewer. The result that the foul smell emitting from the waste water is creating the health of our family members and other members of neighbouring houses.

I request you to please take remedial action so that my problem is solved.



Sanjay Thakur
Sep 27, 2015

Bad and Smelly Water


The commissioner
Delhi Jal Board,
West Delhi


Dear sir/ madam,

I am resident of VB- 111, 1st floor, Gali no- 4, Virneder Nagar, Janakpuri. Our area is suffering from highly dirty and smelly water which is not even suitable for washing and cleaning purpose, no one can even think of drinking it. It smells like it comes from some Dead Bodies/ Toilet Waste. Please help us in this matter since it becoming a serious issue and already made some persons Hospitalized.

Request you for a prompt action, and rectify the situation at the earliest as water is a day to day necessity and we are paying our dues on time not to get sick due to bad quality.

A strict action is required at the earliest.

Yours faithfully,
Preet Singh
Address - VB- 111, 1st floor, Gali no- 4, Virender Nagar, Janakpuri, New Delhi
Mob- 09871305990
bhupender arya
Aug 30, 2015

regarding new water connection

I have applied for new water connection on 5.08.2015. The clerk of DJB Bhajanpura, Delhi have alloted me file no. i.e. 20. No confirmation have been received by me after lapse of 27 days. please help me.
Tarun Aggarwal
Aug 11, 2015

Quality issues with the supply of water


This is to inform you that we are facing some quality issues with the water supply of Delhi Jal Board in the locality of Uttam Nagar, New Delhi -110059.

Recently, the water pipelines had been changed by the prescribed authority of Jal Board. Since then, the water is not coming clean through the taps of our homes. We are not able to drink this water as it smells like gutter. This can cause so many problems and diseases to the people.
I hope that immediate action will be taken in this regard.
Please do the needful.

Tarun Aggarwal
Aug 5, 2015


DELHI JAL BOARD, Billing Section
Mohan Garden, Uttam Nagar,

I have water connection no. 0140391000 in the name of Mrs. NEETU SHARMA. I am surprised when i received very huge water bill this time Rs.2523.00. I have received bill no. 25th july 2015 & the billing date is 15th july 2015 & due date is 26-07-2015. We checked the total units on the meter ourselves and they are less then what mentioned in the bill. Also the meter reading date mentioned on the bill. I also make the complaint for excess bill previously. no water was supplied by delhi jal board last two years. water come only from last one month and i consumed the water under free limit and current bill is zero. all amount is for previous period when no water was supplied by you. so it is requested to you please waive of this amount due to non water supplied for that period.

thanking you

NEW DELHI-110059
PH. 9654546105
email. rajesh_190174@yahoo.in
Jul 15, 2015

Dirty And Stinky Water in Uttam Nagar

Need To register complaints for Dirty And Stinky Water in Supply water Last 3days So Kindly informe me what is reason and solve this problem as soon as possible... My KNO no is 7952353532
Rajat Gupta
Jul 11, 2015

Wrongful Bill

My name is Rajesh Gupta. KNO is 3163551000. I just recieved my latest bill and it states that PLOC which means premises Locked. I just want to complaint that the reader never came to the house to take the reading. I was always in my house. He never came onsite to take the reading.
Jul 5, 2015

very smelly dirty water

I am a resident of ramesh market, east of kailash.
From past one week we are receiving really stinky water . It sells like seawage. Its of no use and causing health problems to the residents of my area. We cannot take bath, wash clothes or utensis with such a dirty water. Such a foul smell the water has. Many complaints has been made but still no action has been taken. My bathroom stinks like a seawage because of this water.

Please take this matter on high priority.

Mayank Umraode
198/23 ramesh market
Gali 1, Garhi,
East of Kailash
Asha .K
Jun 10, 2015


I am a resident of ward 6,Mehrauli and has purchased a 1 bed room flat. We do not have bore well facility. There are many people living in the same building having unauthorised connection of water supply. However we do not have it and so we have approached the Jal Board, Mehrauli for a fresh connection. However they have refused for the same.
Kindly take necessary action to to provide new water connection to the needy in Mehrauli.
Sandeep 92134
Jun 10, 2015

billing issue

my kno no is 4401291000 , djb complaint reference id is (0197574933 or 448845932), complaints regarding bill my water meter is working condition , there is no new reading and i m paid the old bill amount is(10500) but in actual amount is 3500 because bill is not comes to my premicises thats bill is huge paid for old bill, i m paid this old with it penalties bot now agains its comes 5000 but no ussage and wanted resolve the problem billling with wrong but i have the amount is more but actual is less
Rajul Kandari
Jun 1, 2015

lack of water

I live in R10 vani vihar,uttam nagar... Last one week water is not coming in our whole street.. .please resolve our problem.

Mr. S.sudarshan
May 8, 2015

Foul and dirtly water supply


I am a resident of Ramesh Nagar, New Delhi. We have been facing dirty water supply since 30 th April. The water supply is sewer water extremly filthy, foul and dirty. This dirty sewer water supply is throughout the day. The clean water supply starts aftet 7 in the evening. We are really suffering badly without water in the heat.

I request the concerned authorities to swiftly take actions to restore clean water supply. Sewer water supply should be stopped at the earliest else it is a house of diseases in the area.

Dolly Arya
2a/52 Ramesh Nagar
New Delhi 15
sangeeta mathur
Apr 27, 2015


ConsumerComplaints.in › Delhi Jal Board › Delhi Jal Board - REGARDING SUPPLY OF CONTAMINATED WATER

Dear Sir,

I am resident of MIG Vatika apartments,Mayapuri New Dehi-110064. in this area we are getting contaminated, water for the last 15-20 days In , some residents are getting fresh water and some are getting contaminated water with foul smell and that is not even useful for bathing or washing purpose. Our RWA73 have made complaint over to Jal Board complaint 2-3 times But till date No action has been taken and still we are getting dirty water. Kindly look into the matter and do the needful at the earliest, as when we are paying for the water at least, we have to get clean water. In the over head tanks, the dirty water is storred every day, and that is not useful ,All residents are facing stomach prblum.
rahul gupta...
Apr 20, 2015

very dirty & smelly weatyer

Very smelly dirty water
I am a resident of weard no 1 near Dargah , Mehrauli , New Delhi . We are getting dirty smelling water for past Three Months . The water smells like sewage and is yellowish green in colour. It is highly contaminated and can make a person seriously ill. We can't even wash our clothes in it because it smells soooooo bad.
It is really shameful on the part of DJB to supply such dirty water to people. How can they be so inhumane.... We were informed that the supply would improve from 1st March 20156 but this has not happened. As a result one cannot even consume the water of the house which has its own set of health problems attached to it. I request the JAL Board to KINDLY look into this. No one A.E or J.e listen our request for solve the problems.

Please its my humble request to look into this matter , because

Thanking You,

Vipin Kumar & Anwar Hussain
& Ohter residents of ward No.1
Apr 14, 2015

No water Supply


This Is a complaint Regarding no water supply in our area, as per records there is a tubewell for our area in Gali no. 3 Raj nagar part 2 area, but water not reach us through this tubewell because we are living in gali no. 2 area, due to so many connections in gali no. 3 area. So this is a request to please sort out this problem by putting any Valve in it or add any new tubewell connection for us. This Tubewell is in Mr. Mukesh Solanki plot in Gali no. 3.


Also, I wanted to add in it the pump men Mr Ansari is taking bribe fro every member from Gali no. 3 of Rs 100/- for every week from each house.

Praveen kumar
Add: RZH-718, Gali no. 2, Raj Nagar-II,
Palam Colony, New Delhi-110077
Mar 23, 2015


REPLACEMENT OF DOMESTIC WATER METER CONNECTION NO48141 - NEW K.NO.78830710000 AT B-3A/288, JANAKPURI, NEW DELHI-110058 (DDA LIG FLATS) bill no. ############ dated. 10.3.2015.

I had Delhi Jal Board domestic water meter since 1978 with due security deposit We wanted the defected water meter replaced by the Delhi Jal Board. But under compulsion had to get it replaced by a private one. Now the first Water Bill has sent for Rs.8028/- with the last reading as "288" whereas the Meter Reading shows as "218". I lodged a complaint for the same to get the mistake rectified. But the Delhi Jal Board officials advised that I will have to pay this. And further advised me to at least pay half of the Bill in question. Of course,I paid half of the amount of Rs.4000/- receipt no. 2561 dated 23.3.2015 and rest to be paid later on.
My problem is that such a whooping amount of Rs 8028/- water bill never seen in the last forty years. We are four members of the family, water consumption is bearast minimum. This whole B3A Block Janakpuri is suffering because of the functioning in the arbitrary way of the Delhi Jal Board .Please investigate whole matter to give justice to the resident as earliest.
Mar 7, 2015


I am at residing at 53/78 Ramjas Road Karol bagh New Delhi10005. The sewer running through the back lane is choked for the last several days. The flow of the waste water of the house is obstructed by the choked sewer. The result that the foul smell emitting from the waste water is creating the health of our family members and other members of neighbouring houses.

I request you to please take remedial action so that my problem is solved.



Harjit Singh
Trilok joshi
Feb 28, 2015

New connection needed but denied

New connection needed but denied
Dear Sir,

I have second floor , R-95 B Right side in khirki extension Malviya Nagar, New Delhi -17 .The total area of Plot is area 130 s.ft whereas 8 flats is two room set is front side and 4 flats is one room set and in Back side area and 1 is small LG flats in parking area this building have total 12 flats 1 is LG (13) six flats owner have already individual water connection.

Now I need a individual water connection as it is a hygienic need as to survive. I have control on only
My flats When I went for applying new individual water connection at Delhi Jal board, office and meet the ZRO, He replied that we cannot allot you the connection, as there has been a circular that in single building ,if there are more than 6 flats in plot , we will allot only one bulk connection and for the same you need to get installed underground water tank.

I requested to zro that i do not have any hold on other flats owners; I am here to apply for my second floor flats individual water connection water supply new connection. And I requested to zro this Building establish in year 2003 or circular Delhi Jal board come up in 2013 how is possible

He said, your problem is genuine but we cannot help you in this. However, as to survive want drinking water at my home. Kindly provide me solution for the same.

Thanks & Regards

Anju joshi

R-95 B Right side khirki extension
Malviya Nagar, New Delhi -17

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