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Delhi Orange Bus


Consumer complaints and reviews about Delhi Orange Bus

Raj Kumar Suman
Mar 6, 2016

Not giving ticket to commuters

I was travelling on Route no. 740, Bus No. DL-1P D-1171 on 3 Feb 2016. I boarded on bus at AIR bus stand, I saw bus Conuductor took money from people, sometime he gave ticket, sometime not. Sometimes he took back ticket from commuters deboarding and gave this ticket to other commuters. When I told him what he is dong, he made fun of me, humiliated me. So do check and stop this malpractice.
Raj Kumar Suman
4, Pariliament Street
New Delhi-110001

I am sending copy of this 2 CM Kejriwal
anjali sardwal
Feb 17, 2016


Less service of Bus no. TMS(-)

Dear Concerned Officer,

Now days, the service of Bus no. TMS(-) during 6.00 PM (From AZADPUR TO IG STADIUM) has become less, due to this we has to wait for a long time at bus stop. After that when a bus comes at stop than too much rush in the bus resulting panic situation.

In the light of the above, you are requested to provide more bus service at this time duration.

Thanks & Regards
Anjali sardwal
Feb 2, 2016

bus driver not open the door

cluster bus no. DL-1P-D0323 Route No 522 Date 02/02/2016 Time 09.40 morning bus stand sheikh sarai , bus standing bus stop but driver not open the door, i am not catch bus i trouble and office late 2 hours. pl. lodge my complaint against the driver. my name D.N.GAUTAM MOB NO. 8860976003
Jan 29, 2016

buses not stop at bus stand in night

I live at najafgarh and work at nehru place the buses route is divert due to metro project in najafgarh I mostly travel in 764 but unfortunately it`s route is shorted at Sai Baba Mandir So I change the bus at sai baba mandir for najafgarh and daily i face the challenge to catch the bus at sai baba mandir because I notice that Most of the Buses of Kair Depot is not stop at Sai Baba Mandir in night after 07:00 PM most of the buses belong to route no. 817 and 824.
Jan 29, 2016

bus not stop at bus stand

most of buses of kair depot is not stop at Jai Vihar i remember a bus no. that i give a hand to stop the bus at stand but bus not stop that`s no. is DL 1P D0214 I notice that in today morning since 08:20 AM 29/01/2016.
Jan 19, 2016

GL-23 and 236- Bus driver's behavior are just intolerable

Mainly disappointed from GL-23 bus.

1. They always skip the stop and did not stop at proper bus stop.
2. Always argue in a illiterate manner.
3. They says this is not a stop, actually Welcome's stop was broken due to Metro construction but they always argue that stop is not there so bus will not stop at welcome's stop.
Dec 28, 2015

bus stopped in between for lunch for conductor and driver


I was travelling upto vasant vihar on bus no . DL1PC6469 ON 28TH DECEMBER 2015 at 12:30; before completing the route that was like 1.5kms before the stand the bus was stopped by conductor and driver as they want to have lunch when i asked why you stop the bus in between , the reply was sir we are hungry , we'll get you on another bus..
i have to walk down for 1.5 kms as i cannot wait for that long it was highly inappropriate behaviour

Krishna GC
Dec 25, 2015

Conductor not gave ticket after taking money..

Today 9:25 AM I boarded on bus (47A) Shadipur to Inder Puri. Conductor was taking money but was not giving tickets. I fought to take my ticket. I feel very bad that such people are existing in our society. I asked conductor name by driver but he was smiling but did not tell the name. Please take strict action against that conductor.
Bus No. DL 1PC 6326.
Dec 9, 2015

Less service of Bus no. 790

Less service of Bus no. 790
Dear Concerned Officer,

Now days, the service of Bus no. 790 during 7.00 AM to 8.10 AM (From Najafgarh to Delhi Secretariat(ito)) and 6.00 PM to 11.00 PM (From Delhi Secretariat(ito) TO Najafgarh has become less, due to this we has to wait for a long time at bus stop. After that when a bus comes at stop than too much rush in the bus resulting panic situation.

In the light of the above, you are requested to provide more bus service at this time duration.

Thanx & Regards
Dec 7, 2015

Misbehaviour by Driver

on 5-12-2015 around 6.30 PM The bus route no. 724..From Uttam nagar to Nehru Place....The driver did not stop the bus at bus stop and after shouting by passangers he stopped the bus 30 yards from bus stop....when asked for he misbehaved with me ,, The conductor refused to give complaint book. I was noting down the details like bus no. etc... The driver rushed towads me snatched paper and man handled with me... with the help of co passangers i was rescued and minor injuries were on my body... detais of bus are as under

Route 724 from uttam Nagar to nehru place
Bus no. DL 1 PD- 1026

My Details:- RAJENDRA KUMAR Ph. 9818756888
vishal panotra
Dec 1, 2015



My son boarded in cluster bus no.761, regd bus no. DL-0112 travelling from azadpur to manglapuri terminal.My son boarded from c1 janakpuri bus stand on 1/12/15 at 18:20 hrs and asked for ticket from conductor to sec-1 dwarka . first of all conductor was busy in his own work and after that gave the wrong ticket of earlier stop . when immidiately the checkers boarded they said that ticket is wrong and is over . when he told the conductor he said " mujhe nahi pata bhai tune jonsi boli thi maine wahi di" and started arguing and moreover the ATI incharge started favouring conductor holded him from collar and used rash words and asked to call me . i was busy some where and when i came the ATI incharge vinod kumar was holding him from his collar . this is total careless behaviour from conductor as well as ATI incharge. He is daily passanger and see these type of incidents on daily basis. so kindly look into the matter seriously and strictly.

Your's faithfully

MOBILE NO-9810008975
Nov 26, 2015

Poor bus service route no 937& 219

Bus is not coming bus gone to zeakhira flywor but route is inderlok bus not come and problem to senior citizen ladies handicapped please salutation this route bus senior citizen wait for many times wait for bus but bus not coming
Nov 25, 2015

Misbehavior of conductor

I board the bus from Dhansa Stand (Najafgarh) on 24.11.2015 but the conductor did not give me ticket and this is not first time I always see the same and also your cluster bus conductors behavior is not good. They used very uneducated language he said "Nai dunga ticket jo karna hai kar lai, and pushed me". I dont know how you trained them.

So please look into this matter.
Nov 24, 2015


Around 8:45 AM on 25.11.2015 (today) I boarded a cluster bus with registration number DL 1PC 6509 with rout no:- 937, from model busti bus stop near filmistan cinema holl.. i gave ticket amount to bus conductor and he gave to me a paper slip write an amount with pen on slip when i asked for a printed bus ticket he told me that ticket machine is not working .
please look into this matter asap
Nov 14, 2015

Conductor refused to issue ticket

Around 10:00PM on 12.11.2015(today) I boarded a cluster bus with registration number DL 1PC 6788 from Kanti Nagar Extenstion bus stop near Welcome metro station.

The bus had a digital display in the front showing Sewa Nagar Crossing as the final destination.
To the best of my knowledge that bus had no business to be on that route.
When I boarded the bus I gave the conductor the money to buy the ticket till Arjun Nagar bus stop. He took the money and told me to sit down. He said he will give the ticket later. I thought because some people had boarded with me and he was collecting money from them as well, so he would give the ticket when he would be free, but he never did. My station was about to come and so I asked him for the ticket again and we ended up having an argument. He said to me and I quote " ticket nahi dunga, jo karna hai karle. Aage complaint number likha hai, jaake complaint karle"
Clearly he was openly engaging in an illegal activity. By not giving ticket he was going to keep all the money earned on that route in his pocket.

I was amazed by his audacity, shamelessness and fearlessness.

Please look into the matter
Oct 18, 2015

Non-issuing tickets

DTC Orange Bus. Route 623UP. No-DL1PC0205. Time - 2:45 PM, Date - 18/10/15. Conductor did not issue tickets for most of the passengers and took back tickets whenever he issued.
Oct 7, 2015

Refusal of Bus Conductor to issue Tickets to Passengers on route from Dwarka Mod to Najafgarh

On 7th October, 2015 around 7:22 pm I along with many passengers boarded orange bus (cluster bus) with No. DL-1D D-0849 from Dwarka mod metro station on route no. 824. As soon as I boarded the bus I handed over Rs 10/- to the conductor for the issuance of the ticket but he told me that the Roll of the Ticket machine is over. When I told him to return Rs. 10/- which I handed over to him, he refused at once. He did the same with all the passengers in the bus, around 20 people. Inspite of people telling him to return their money he did not do so and shouted that "Jao complain kar do, main dekhlunga". The conductor was a well-built and a huge man so one was willing to argue or dispute with him.

This is the usual story of cluster buses plying in evening on this route. This is only one of the many incidents I have reported on this very website. The conductors almost do this daily and the innocent passengers are cheated almost every alternate day.

I hope the concerned authorities will take some strict action against these kind of issues which cause harassment to public.

Sep 28, 2015

Delhi Orange Bus Complaints बस न : 460 बस संख्या : DL 1PC536 TIME 2:59 DATED 26/09/2015

Delhi Orange Bus Complaints बस न : 460 बस संख्या : DL 1PC536 TIME 2:59 DATED 26/09/2015 कृषि भवन से बदरपुर जाने के दौरान कंडक्टर श्री दीपू ने 5/- रुपये बैलेंस देने के समय 3/- रुपया दिया / जिसे मैंने मना किया और पुरे रुपये अदा करने को कहा / जिस पर कंडक्टर दवारा गलत व्यहवार किया गया / जब मैंने श्री दीपू कंडक्टर को टिकट पर बैलेंस लिखने को कहा ताकि मैं कुछ समय बाद बैलेंस ले सकू तो, श्री दीपू कंडक्टर ने बेहद अपमानजनक सब्दो का इस्तेमाल किया और बदतमीजी की / मुझे अफ़सोस है की आप इस तरह के कंडक्टर को बेसिक ट्रेनिंग नहीं देते जो पैसेंनजरो से तमीज से बात करे और गलत सब्दो का इस्तेमाल ना करे / मुझे आशा है आप इस बारे मे सही कदम उठाते हुए कारवाही करेंगे /

My Contact No. 9958365059 (M)
Email ID – [email protected]
[email protected]
Sep 24, 2015

Miss Behave and Dishonesty of Conductor

My son have boarded in a Orange Cluster Bus No. 740, Regd No. DL- 1350, running from Anand Vihar to Uttam Nagar. My son boarded at Parivar Appt, (Vinod Nagar) Bus stop to Delhi Cantt on 24 Sep 15 at 1655 hrs. When he boarded in Bus given bus fare to the conductor but he has not issued him ticket, while he demanded again he said do not worry, I am here, what the need of ticket. Again when he demanded to issue him ticket, bus conductor started misbehaving with my son. When he was noting down Bus details, he was threatening him not to lodge complaint.

My son reported me the incidence, I immediately lodging complaint against his rude misbehavior. I appeal to the authority to take an appropriate action so that he should not misbehave other passengers and could not try to fill his own pocket with bus fare.

Ex Hav D K Mishra
Delhi Cantt
Mob No. 90137 33451
md meraj ansari
Sep 10, 2015

No stop in jama masjid kapaskhera to mori gate

After three days bus route no 729 & bus no. DL1P-D1172 kapaskhera to mori gate no stop in jama masjid time on 8:38 AM
Sep 9, 2015

no bus of route 794

there is no bus at mornig 8:00 am to 8:45 am on monday(7-9-15), tuesday(8-9-15), and wednesday(9-9-15). we have suffer too much in the morning as we all have to reach
our office as this is office time. We have to wait for 45 minutes after reaching the stop. Please arrange some buses of route 794 in the morning from 8:00 am to 8:45 am so that
we can reach our office on time
r p jain
Sep 1, 2015

non issuing tickets

Today 1st Sept 2015, I happened to travel by Bus No DL1P 5375 on Route No. 429 from Ashram to Govindpuri. When I boarded the bus I handed over Rs. 10'/ to the conductor for ticket from Ashram to Govindpuri but he did not issue ticket on the pretext that the Ticket Machine is not working. Like me, a lot of passengers boarding from Ashram to SN Depot handed over Rs. 5 or Rs.10 for ticket to the Conductor but ticket was not issued to any passenger on the same pretext. I feel that the Conductor must have collected more than Rs. 500 from passengers which must have gone in Conductor's pocket unaccounted, causing loss to the public transport Company. I hope some action will be followed and I may be informed about the same......rajendar.
Aug 27, 2015

unusual breakdown happens 3-4 times in a week...

I Prakriti the passenger of route number 108 has been submitting my complaint in hope that relevant steps would be taken by you for resolution.
I am facing perpetual breakdown of bus no-DL 1PC-5861 via travelling to my office. it has been happening 4th time that the conductor name Jai Kishan ID-9077 misbehave and breakdown bus knowingly for making cash and not even take accountability to board the same passengers in another bus.
he just drove bus for next 4-5 stands then breakdown bus many passengers face difficulty by this. moreover, his misbehave lead it to board on other bus as well.
please take relevant action.

Haamid Hussain
Aug 22, 2015

507,403,402,894 etc

Ashram se jo bhi bus okhla jati hai wo ashram pe rokte he nhi hai and agar rokte hai to pahle se he apni led screen rout details band kr dete h taki logo ko pata na chale ki bus okhla jayegi or isi wajha se 1hour tak wait krna padta hai bus ka or tab tak rush bhut jyada ho jata h kbhi kbhi to auto se jana padta hai
ravi ravat
Aug 6, 2015

534 Bus ki Checking ki beimani

bus no. 534 ki checking team jis me 3 old age ke log he evening me 5 baje se wo log modi mil se taimoor nagar ke beech me rehte he bina ticket yatriyon se paisa le kar apni jeb me rakh lete he aur raseed kat kar nahi dete.

zyada jankari ke liye aap mujhse sampark kar sakte he mera no he 9999852682


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