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Delhi Orange Bus


Consumer complaints and reviews about Delhi Orange Bus

Free ki sewa
Feb 2, 2017

Non stopping of on bus stop

Non stopping of bus on bus stand rather when they ll stop their buses on red light they ll both the gates open which is against traffic rules. Take any strict action against it.
Free ki sewa
Feb 2, 2017

Non stoping of bus

Non stopping of bus no. DLIP D - 0728, dated 23/1/2017, time 14: 10 rout no.761, then why are you running bus on road just to fool people.
Free ki sewa
Feb 2, 2017

Delay bus services

Delay bus services of cluster bus on route .761 are increasing day by day so take any strict against against it.More over bus drivers ll not stop the bus if the bus S vacant from inside , bus is on road but without passengers then what's the use of running bus on road with no passenger or bus ll be delay for half an hour or one hour.In this busy life no has the time to sit on bus stop and wait forone hour daily just to catch 761. Do n't you think so you are going to fool public very cleverly.
Feb 1, 2017

Continuous rash driving by driver

I was driving down from new Delhi to gurgaon via Dhalaun Kuan on one on the turns the bus driver of bus number 2513 orange bus suddenly applies brakes and is just an inch away from hitting my car . We continued ahead but he was repeating his action until we actually had to stop to move aside . Just because these drivers are driving huge vehicles doesn't mean they drive rashly and trouble cars on their way . All he was interested in was seeing whether we were getting irritated by his actions and not about the 200 people on board his bus .
Jan 29, 2017

Mostly time conductor do not give ticket

Dear sir/madam
So far I have been facing and watched that conductor do not give ticket instead of money by saying that I will handle and they are demn sure thar TCs will not be next stand therefore these ruscles making money called uper ki kamai . It always happen if you do not believe travel once on this route you will see.

Stop these otherwise cluster will not be able make profit
Rohit singh
Vinod Pandey
Jan 25, 2017

Time table master does not send to the on the time

I am Vinod pandey, today morning time 9:17 pe mai morigate busadde paucha aur maine dekha ki 813 no. Ki bus Jane ki liye ready hai to mai bus me baitha Lekin driver ne mughse kha ki ye bus Abhi nhi jayegi maine puccha q nhi jayegi to driver ne kha ki time table master se PTA karo mai Gaya aur maine puccha tab time table master ne kha ( jiska name Ghanshyam hai ) ki ye nhi jayegi dusri aayegi to go jayegi phir maine kha ki time to isi ka hai qki mai isi time par daily Jaya karta hu, jabki dusri bus ke aane ki koi news nhi thi aur mai aur sabhi Jane wale late ho RAHE the, maine phale bhi Ghanshyam se puccha tha ki 813 n. Ki bus kab jayegi to Ghanshyam ji ne mughse kha that ki jayda jaldi to Gaddi le lele ab ap batao aise koi baat karta hai
Jan 20, 2017

Not stopped bus at the bus stand

I given hand to stop bus at (Sector -7 Dwarka) bus stop in evening around 8:45 pm but he just saw me and ignored me and not stopped the bus. I ran to take the same bus at red light but he again ignored me and taken the bus rudely.

The bus number is 774-- DL2533.

This incident is of Friday (January 20, 2017).

My name is Dilip Singh

Please do the needful ASAP if u can.

Dilip Singh
Jan 19, 2017

not stopped the bus on bus stand

19/01/2017, 813 cluster bus not stopped on bus stand in morning 8.45
and evening 7pm
Please solve this problem
Jan 4, 2017

Misbehaviour of the conductor

Dear Sir / MAdam,

I am woman working in a Research Organisation at Lodhi Estate. Today (4th Jan, 2017), I took a bus at 8.56 am (Bus No: 522, Reg No: DL1PC 5258) from Jhandewalon bus stop to Max Muller Marg. The ticket price was Rs. 10 / and i gave the conductor 20Rs Note. He was giving me the balance of 10Rs. in coin, which was a fake coin. I refused to take the coin and told him to give 10 RS note, which he refused and he was shouting and using abusive language.

Please take action against him so that he will not behave like this to any other passenger, specially woman passenger.

Kindly acknowledge

Best regards
Dec 29, 2016

Conductor not giving tickets from boadaring station

Hi ,
Almost almost cluster bus like 764,727,774,781 are not having Palam flyover stop in their ticket mechine . They all are giving tickets Palam village (two stop before Palam flyover stop). If we board from Palam flyover stop that vaild to next stop only. There are a lot of person going to Palam airport from Palam flyover stop , all are facing problem please note DTC bus giving Palam flyover stop to Palam airport is RS 5 . ,We everyday facing problem and getting harassment everyday.
With regards,
sunil aswal
Dec 28, 2016

महरौली कटवारिया सराय मे एक भी डीटीसी ऑरेंज का ना होना

आपसे निवेदन है कि आप कृपया करके अपना ध्यान महरौली कटवारिया सराय की तरफ दें। इस रूट में आपकी डीटीसी औरेंज की एक भी बस की सुविधा नहीं है।
इस रूट पे केवल ग्रीन डीटीसी बस ही चलती है जो की प्र्याप्त मात्र मे उपलब्ध नहीं है।
इस रूट पे केवल 605, 511, 523 तथा बाहरी मुद्रिका रूट की बस ही चलती है, लेकिन हैरानी की बात है की इस रूट में आपकी डीटीसी औरेंज की एक भी बस की सुविधा नहीं है और इस महरौली कटवारिया सराय में कई सारे सरकारी तथा निजी कार्यालय हैं और बहुत मात्र में सवारी खड़ी रहती है जो की ऑटो और चार्टेड बस पर निर्भर हो रखें हैं, जो ग्रीन डीटीसी बस हैं वो प्र्याप्त मात्र मे उपलब्ध नहीं है।
कृपया करके आप इस समस्या को दूर करें।
manoj du
Dec 24, 2016


Sir, it is a request to solve that your bus conductor don't give tickets when ever we have given actual amount of fair. It's today when I want to take ticket after given money first he didn't give me but after argument he ready to give me but after that argument he begins to abuse me continuously. I protest but he trusted me. Sir usne mujhe bahut galian di or sir dakka bi diya..

Buss root no. 717 baderpur to kapasheda
It's happening 2nd time to me . but 1st time there was only argument on the spot.
Please solve problem , it is happening again and again.

Thanking you
Your faithfully- Manoj Kumar
Dec 21, 2016

Misbehave of customer

On 21 december, 2016 at 07:32 a.m. I went from mukundpur to shahabad dairy via Cluster Bus No. 165. I took Bus No. 165 (DL 1PD 1474), Bus condudtor took the fare Rs 5/-, but did not give the ticket. He says the no need to ticket, i am sitting here, dont worry and he mislead the other passenger who doesnot know the exact fair take an extra amount from them and give ticket of less amount.

I request you to please intervene in this matter.
Dec 20, 2016

Not given the tickets

I , Anil Kumar daily goes from Arjun path to Mahipalpur via Cluster Bus No. 743. On 19 & 20th December 2016 at 10.00 AM, I took Bus No. 743 (1PD-2384 & 1PD-2415), Bus condudtor took the fare Rs 5/-, but did not give the ticket. He says the no need to ticket, i am sitting here, dont worry.

I request you to please intervene in this matter.


Anil Kumar
Date : 19.12.16 & 20.12.16 at 10.0 AM at Arjun Path.
Dec 14, 2016

Conductor is not providing tickets to the passengers.

Sir, conductor is receiving the fair but he didn't providing tickets to the passengers. All the fair he is keeping in his pocket.so kindly take proper action against him ,so the he will not repeat the same.
Bus no -DL-1P-C-6583
Dec 14, 2016

Busy nahee roki

Tilak bridge stop mein 85 No bus punjabi Bagh jaane vali bus ko nahee roka.
Time 2.0 P.m.
Rafi 14012
Dec 13, 2016

Not returning of Money,Misbehavior, Not stopping on stand, Playing music loudly, Issuing one ticket two to three times.

Dear Sir,

I hope you can solve and take action against these matter.
1. Not returning balance money if you ask about money they starting abusive language.
2. Not stopping on a bus stand like Bus route # 479 and other buses also is not going to punjabi bagh club stand they going direct to flyover and drooping all passenger in between road.
3. From Punjabi bagh to badarpur the 479 bus service is never going to mayapuri stand they going direct to mayapuri flyover.
4. They playing music loudly and making trouble to all passenger to make call.
5. They collecting issued ticket forcefully by the passenger and issuing again to the passenger.
and the bigger thing is that your vigilance department (Checker) also what i said about him?
The D.T.C buses (Green or red buses) is far better than Cluster Buses (Orange Buses).

Muhiuddin Rafi.
Dec 6, 2016

Rough Driving, misbehaving driver

Rout no. 400 bus no. DL1PC. 5326 time 8.45 am on date 07.12.2016 from okhla head. Driver of this bus recklessly drives, and on complaining he rudely behaves. The worst part is that he plays music with high volume and on being request to stop musing he misbehave even with lady passengers. He must be counseled. Name of driver Asif Khan.
Dec 5, 2016

Not giving ticket

Bus no DL1PC- 0213 i see 13 last num off the bus
817 najfghar to Indra lok 05/12/2016 time reach at indra lok near 10 pm
Conductor not giving tickets
How after forcing he says that i will see if any problem will come
We all know that in cluster bus no any checker come but we take
But conductor not give ticket
It happens in all cluster buses...
mahinder sindg
Dec 5, 2016

Bus nhi roki Uttam ngar T BUS STANd PAR

Bus nhi roki uttam ngr t Delhi mai driver ne rout no 761 mangla puri to AZAD pur jaa rhi thi bus no 0653 date 2.12.2016 time karib 3 to 4 pm lagbhag
mahinder sindg
Dec 5, 2016

Bus nhi roki Uttam ngar T BUS STAN PAR

Bus nhi roki uttam ngr t Delhi mai driver ne rout no 761 mangla puri to AZAD pur jaa rhi thi bus no 0653 date 2.12.2016 time karib 3 to 4 pm lagbhag
Nov 30, 2016


I had boarded the Bus( Route No 588 Down) Bus No DL 1P 0868 on 30 November 2016 from Dhaula Kuan ( Ticket Number T116103011161753031-0022). The Bus conductor was abusive, arrogant and misbehaved with me when I enquired that whether the bus would go through Aradhna Enclave/R K Puram sector 12 stop. When enquired about his details( Employee Number, Name etc) he refused to divulge the same and said" Mera koi kuch nahi bigad sakta, tu ja kahi bhi complaint kar" Such arrogance I wonder can not be exhibited by an employee until and unless he doesn't have a fear of punishment or disciplinary action. Request take necessary actions and the same be intimated to me on my number 8373915119.

Bharat Gupta
Joint Advisor
Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
Nov 28, 2016

fine of not taking ticket

Dear Transport Department,

I was travelling today in Orange bus , I board the bus at 9:15 from Malviya Nagar Station ,there was so much rush, I was about to take bus ticket ,suddenly bus stop at next boarding point and one guy ticket checker come and say Why don't you have ticket I told him ,I was about to take ticket, I just board the bus from last station ,Money was in my hand .He didn't listen me and was abusing me . Finally he took 80 rupees as I was getting late for office.

IT was just a bribe that he was taking , I told him I won't give this money but he said Sit in Cab.
If I was not getting late for office ,I wouldn't have given this amount.

Ticket checker took 100 rupees in front of me to someone else.

They are just making money .

They people were standing next to Malviya Nagar Boarding Point with a group of 5 People.

Kindly look in to the matter urgently ,I will complain this in consumer department.

Slip number is 526852. Incident was happened on 29/11/2016.

Lalit Kumar
[email protected]

fine of not taking ticket

Devender Bhardwaj9555
Nov 28, 2016

Not stop at bus stand

Bus no 1696 not stop at parhladpur Delhi cantt bus stand at 4:30 PM. I give request signal to driver bus he ignored my name Devender Kumar working in Mes under Min of Defence my no 8826274618
Nov 27, 2016

Not given ticket

I catch the bus around 10:30 AM. The bus is of inderlok metro station. I gave 15 rs. To conductor to take a ticket of uttam nagar but conductor kept 15 rs. With himself and no ticket gaves to me. I asked for ticket then he said machine is not working properly. And these excuses i have listened many times. Many conductors doesn't give ticket but keep money with himself.please take any actikn as soon as possible.
Bus no. DL1PC-6837

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