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Consumer complaints and reviews about Delhi Traffic Police

Sep 21, 2019

Wrong challan of overspeeding

Sir kindly refer to the challan no. 2125545 in which I have been issued challan for overspeeding but the picture clearly shows that my speed was 66 kmph and the boards on the same road shows that speed limit is 70kmph. Kindly withdraw this challan.
Regards Vivek Singh
Mob 9149109732
Sep 20, 2019

Complaint for issuing speed notice at 66 KMPH at NH24

Complaint for issuing speed notice at 66 KMPH at NH24

I have been issued an e-challan by Delhi Traffic Police for over speed compounding Rs. 400/- (Notice No. 22523869 & Vehicle No. UP14DA6609) on 06-09-2019 at 17:35:00 at Carriageway from Akshardham to Sarai Kale khan Near Just Before Yamuna Bridge Towards Ring Road.

But as per picture captured by the Camera, I was driving at the speed of 66 Kmph. Whereas, the display boards on the same road shows speed limit of car as 70 Kmph. Photograph of the road with the display board of speed limit is attached.

The concerned authority may kindly look into the matter and justify my e-challan/notice.
Sep 19, 2019

Complaint against my challan no DL17391190903095124

Hi Sir,
On 3rd Sept, As i was travelling from my place to hospital with my pregnant wife for check up. I was playing khodhi colony red to seemapuri circle as its mentioned in challan.
As the red light was showing 8 seconds continuously so i thought its not working & crossed it while it was red.
So i agree i played on that and i jumped it, unknowingly but ya i committed it.
As i have received amount today the msg to pay INR5000/- for my above challan.
While as i can see red light jump is for 1000/-. Then reading carefully i saw that i am charged with 184mva, which means dangerous driving.
Sir i just want to know i was driving with my pregnant wife to hospital, how could i be driving dangerously. I am not going to pay my challan till i get revert on this. I have seen above complaints also, regarding rude behaviour of Traffic police. Dont want to mention it again.

Complaint against my challan no DL17391190903095124

Sep 9, 2019

complaint for issuing speed notice

Complain for issuing speed notice at 68KMPH at NH24

i have been issued e-challan by Delhi traffic police for Over speed two time .
1- Over speed compounding Rs. 400/- (Notice No 21373865 & Vehicle No DL3CBP6801) on 20.08.2019 at 17.49.51 at Carriageway from Sarai Kale khan to Akshardham Near Just after Yamuna Bridge Towards Akhshardham.
But as per Picture captured by cammera i was driving at the speed of 68KMph .
2- Over speed compounding Rs. 400/- (Notice No 21153017 & Vehicle No DL3CBP6801) on 30.07.2019 at 18:11:06 at Carriageway from Sarai Kale khan to Akshardham Near Just after Yamuna Bridge Towards Akhshardham.
But as per Picture captured by cammera i was driving at the speed of 69KMph .
where as the displayboards on the same road shows speed limit of car as 70kmph.photographs of road with display boardof speed limit is attached.The concerned authority may kindly look into the matter and justify my e-challan/notice.

complaint for issuing speed notice

kshetrimayum doren singh
Sep 3, 2019

Complaint for issuing speed notice at 68 KMPH at NH24

I have been issued an e-challan by Delhi Traffic Police for over speed compounding Rs. 400/- (Notice No. 21210699 & Vehicle No. UP14DS1218) on 2019-08-08 at 07:56:35 at Carriageway from Akshardham to Sarai Kale khan Near Just Before Yamuna Bridge Towards Ring Road.

But as per picture captured by the Camera, I was driving at the speed of 68 Kmph. Whereas, the display boards on the same road shows speed limit of car as 70 Kmph. Photograph of the road with the display board of speed limit is attached. If 60 kmph is in the official records of Delhi Traffic Police, then why is this discrepancy between.

The concerned authority may kindly look into the matter and justify my e-challan/notice.

Kshetrimayum Doren Singh

Complaint for issuing speed notice at 68 KMPH at NH24

Anil Kumar Karekkat
Aug 21, 2019

Forceful Bribe

Respected Sir,

I am Anil Kumar Karekkat from Kerala, temporarily living in Gurgaon Sector 82 A, Hariyana.

I would like to register a complaint on unethical behaviour of a Traffic Police officer who belongs to Delhi Traffic Police (This is my assumption as the officer ask me to come to Office Sector 9 Dwaraka was the nearest traffic office he ask me to come initially while he threatened to confiscate my Driving Licence and RC )

The Brief summary of incident :

I was coming from Delhi to Gurgaon , my Vehicle was stopped by Traffic Police just before the bridge where the bridge divide into two Dwarka and Gurgaon.

My Car KL8-F-1111 BMW X5 , Kerala registration having a damaged number plate due to a minor hit by a Bike while he trying to pass through a traffic jam , means two digits of my Number was fallen and it was visible as KL8-F -11-.

I was about fix this with a workshop and I explained the incident happened two days back and I will fix it today.

The officer initially told me the fine for this is Rs 10000 (Ten Thousand rupees ) and I need to pay this in Sector 9 Traffic office till that time the officer will confiscate my license and RC of the vehicle for one Month. I told him as about to go back to Kerala and I will not be able to come after 1 Month, and why this 10000 fine ?
He said it is for the damaged number plate, and how much I am ready to pay?
I told him it is not about how much ? it is about the Rule as per Traffic violation ..
He said he can adjust to 5000 as he feels my case is genuine. I ask him can I get voucher for this payment he said no. Meanwhile i checked in google in my mobile and noted fine for damaged number plate is Rs 2000. I told him I will pay 2000 and as I do not have cash i need to take it from ATM. The Officer come with me and guided to me a near by HDFC ATM and I withdraw 2000Rs and given to him and ask for receipt.
He said he will not give receipt if I need receipt I need to pay 5000.
I told him I am not happy with kind of bribery as it make our India corrupted and I never wish to be part of and I am ready to pay 5000. (he was having difficulty to understand my English and I had difficulty to understand his Hindi )
I could understand that he was trying to say that this is not corruption as this money he will use in donating to poor people and to Temples.

As a citizen of India I never want to be part of bribe and was ready to pay the fine as per the rules however the police officers makes it difficult and threaten to charge heavy amount and force fully collect money which need to be stopped.

I believe for you it is easy to find the team of police officers and identify this police officer and give him suitable punishment for cheating me collecting 2000 without giving a receipt.

After collecting the cash he took my phone and deleted the SMS message received from my Bank. (But I hope I can get the same information from my Bank statement to prove the time it was around 12.30 pm (Noon ) Dated 21st August 2019.

I highly appreciate you register this complaint and I want to take part in the process of correcting our country into a corruption free country.

Yours Faithfully
Anil Kumar Karekkat
Mob :7994155764

Current Address
DLF The Primus,
Apartment 224 - C'
Sector 82 A
Gurgaon - Hariyana

Permanent Address
26, Keltron Nagar,
Kolazhy , Thrissur District
Parampreet singh bajwa
Aug 10, 2019

Misbehave with me and my father

Respected sir ,

I, Parampreet S Bajwa Advocate Punjab & Haryana High Court . I visited New Delhi to a family function at Pride Plaza near Indira Gandhi International Airport today on dates 10.08.2019. While finding the hotel I had gone through the northern access road. And as I am new to this place I had been stopped by police near read light and there was a incharge on that spot One ASI and 4-5 constables . He asked me that he you have jumped the red light. I have told him that I have not jumped the light. On this he misbehaved with me and asked for money to settle the matter. I have tried to read his name, but he has no name plate on his uniform. I have asked his name than he said I will book you under section 353. Than me and my father has gave him 2000rs than he has allowed to let us go.
My humble prayer is this that kindly find out the person from the location as I have marked the location on that time only . I am unable to find his name. It is very easy to find his name for you from the the location that on northern access road-Red light-entry to aerocity. Kindly take an appropriate action against him. I will pursue this matter.

Parampreet S Bajwa
[email protected]

Misbehave with me and my father

Jan 8, 2019

Urgent need of CCTV cameras in traffic signals

This is a suggestion for Delhi Traffic Police.

Today, at around 11.30am, I was on my bike to my office. At the Venkteshwar T Point, Africa Avenue Marg, I was stopped for crossing the red light. There was a hidden Police man who signaled his team, standing 300KM away from the light, that I crossed the road while it was red and they charged me for it.

But when I crossed the signal it was clearly orange. When I passed the signal I knew it was orange and I even saw the Police team standing 300 km away. I was confident that I didn't jumped the red light. I never ever jumped any red light whether it's a day time and not even after 9pm.

I had to engage with them in a argument that it was not red while I crossed. I had to walk back those 300kms to come to the hidden policeman in the actual signal to confirm with him and then went another 300 km again to reach the other team.

The team confirmed with the hidden policeman and he kept saying that it was red. But I knew it was orange. So there is no clear evidence who is right and who is wrong.

SO I REQUEST THE GOVERNMENT TO INSTALL SOME CCTV CAMERAS IN TRAFFIC SIGNALS. So that all instances can be seen with proof. You can'r relay on a single person's word. There is a high chance of human error as well.

Hope this will be taken seriously.


Urgent need of CCTV cameras in traffic signals

Dec 8, 2018

non co-operation and misbehavior of police officers


The Commissioner,
Delhi traffic Police,
South Zone,
New Delhi,

Sub: Complaint against Delhi Traffic Police Office for non-cooperation and misbehavior.

Dear Sir,

I Deshraj Singh, resident of Sarai Kale khan and I am a law abiding person and also follow all traffic Rules and Regulations carefully.

This is bring to your kind Notice that on the 30.11.2018, I went to drop my daughter at Sarai Kale Khan Bus Stop and when I reached the Sarai Kale Khan Bus Stop by my motor bike around at 10.00 AM there were lots of Auto Rickshaws being illegally parked on the main Bus stop and they were blocking the way for the buses to stop and passengers to board the bus at the Bus Stop and consequently, all buses, under compulsion, had to stop in the middle on the Road. Passengers were not able to catch their respective buses and also facing a lot of trouble to catch the buses.

It is stated that when my daughter tried to catch her bus, one auto-driver hit her with his Auto Rickshaw. The hit by Auto Rickshaw almost made her fall down and when I tried to catch him he ran away. After that, I saw that Four Traffic Police officers namely Mr. Mahesh Chand, Head Constable, Mr. Bhuvan Singh, Mr. Shashi Bhushan, ASI and Mr. Rajender Yadav Constable were standing there. I approached them on my bike and tried to complain to them about the negligent actions of the auto rickshaw driver and requested them to take actions against the illegal parking and halting by auto rickshaw drivers. I further informed them that drivers are encroaching the bus stop and due to which passengers are facing many difficulties to which they addressed to me in non-parliamentary and non – social language saying that “HUM TERE BAAP KE NAUKAR NAHI JO TERE KAHNE PE KAAM KARENGE”. After that, I again requested to ASI, who was also present there however, to my utmost shock he ordered the Constable that “YO GHANA CHAUDHARY BAN RAHA HAI PAHLE ISKA CHALLAN KAR”. The constable then asked me for my RC, Driving License and other necessary documents. Even after finding, all of them in order, they decided to issue a challan against me. They intentionally, Unlawfully and angrily have imposed a fine and seized my license and RC of my bike and handed over to me a copy of the challan and ask me for Rs. 1100/- only, where as my bike was standing still, the Constable wrote in Challan Slip that I was riding my bike on the Wrong side and dangerously. It is stated that when I again asked for clarification about this(that if my bike was standing still right there and I was talking to you how I drove dangerously) to which he reply to me that JAYADA KANOON JHADEGA TO BIKE BHI BAND KARWA DENGE, CHALA JAA CHUP CHAAP.

It is further stated that after duly getting my challan issued, I again requested ASI present there to issue challans to those auto drivers who have parked their autos illegally alongside bus stop making general public suffer on daily basis risking every citizen’s life. To which they arrogantly replied that “ye to yahi khade rahenge tune jo karna hai kar le”. Upon my continuance request and insistence, aforementioned traffic officers including Constable Rajendra Yadav went to the auto drivers and asked them to remove auto-rickshaws from there without issuing even a single challan.

It is brought to your notice that your traffic officers are more than willing to punish general citizens on every small mistake committed by them however they deliberately avoided issuing challans of those auto drivers who were encroaching the bus stops despite bringing it to their notice. It is further brought to your notice that I am being punished only for requesting aforementioned traffic officers to do their duty that too when my own daughter met with an accident and could have injured herself seriously. It is brought to your urgent notice that these auto drivers are encroaching the said bus stop on daily basis and traffic officers are deliberately ignoring the said facts thereby risking precious lives of several citizens.

Therefore, I requested to you that kindly take consider my complaint on an urgent basis and take all the appropriate and needful steps in this regard.


MOB. NO. 9810409491
Nov 3, 2018

Three wheelers plying without metre and 5 to 6 passengers on Loni road Shahdara

Hundreds of three wheelers are running on Loni road Shahdara without any metre and carrying 5 to 6 passengers.They are running without any check by traffic police since last so many years .There seems to be a understanding between traffic police and auto drivers and therefore they are breaking all traffic rules since so many years.Auto drivers are parking there autos on corner junction of Loni road and Shahdara and occupies almost half of carriageway and cause a lot of difficulty for traffic turning towards Loni road from Shahdara.There are no traffic personnel to check these problems.
Jun 30, 2018

red light not work

30 June ki subha se SITA PURI PART 2 ki red light karab ho rakhi hai jis karan logo ko road cross karne me problem aati hai kripya karke jald se jald red light thik karwayie apki ati kripya hogi .

red light not work

Maya s Kumar
Jun 16, 2018

Misbehave and demand bribe

Dear sir,m going today morning from Delhi to my village as two days holiday I always maintain and respect rule and regulations .Mr Sunil Kumar ji constable stopped my car on outer ring road burari to isbt road .he says m overspending then he demand paper and DL.i accept my mistake and said that sir it's early morning road is clear may be I forgot to speed limit my wife and two small daughters are in car they afraid then Sunil ji said I will fine you I said it's my first mistake I will be careful in future sir please let me go it's 4-5 hours journey my family in car is afraiding with warning first time leave me.suddently he got angry and Threatening me for jail and he ask from where I am I said m from up sir doing job in Delhi since 2014 staying with family he said u are from up now see Delhi police power I beg him to leave me my wife say this and she crying and daughter afraid he take my DL and demand for money 500 rs cash bribe else he will cut my challan when I refuse to give Bribe . then he cut my challan by knowingly two reasons that I have no DL and over speed.
Now I request to higher authority to please look into this matter and reply me...
1- I accept my mistake in early morning speed may increase then please provide me video footage of time between 7-8 am geniune that how much Car s pass on that road each car limit and each car challan copy that will proof rules are for every one not only for small cars on same time 5-10 cars pass which are costly and big like od BMW fortuner Scorpio etc their limits of speed was 100+ but police doesn't stop them because they are powerful person rich people.m having small car from out side Delhi innocent Sunil ji shows his power with intensionally.
2- my DL was in his hand so how could he say that I was not having DL m always keep my paperwork ok because I know rules and obey the law.fake aligation putted on me regarding DL and he give written challan.
3- how a government police can threaten to a general public and how he abused to me just only that he has powers misbehave with me my wife is in tension and stress till now sir please help me he charged me 900 rs why sir why I earnings money with hard work living far from my house for job and family and money.but he demands Bribe.....why sir .... whole system is shamed by only such type of people..but I will take stand against for me for my respect for my family....
You people mentioned law and rules against people for our safety it's fine but what action against such ill manner staff of urs department.i request you to kindly take strictly action as soon as against him .I want him to apologise for his misbehave and I need my money back or saw all videos of that hour and all cars challen slip copy I will contact to each driver.sir I want immediate action....as I m afraid to come back to Delhi for job for living because after having all papers Delhi police can cut challan.....m also worked in respected department I always serve people serve my duties with honesty but m fully in depression ..... kindly help me.... looking for positive response I will raise my voice up to end of law authority in India...
Karan Singh Yadav
Nov 24, 2017

Wrongfull challan on false charge of Red light jumping

I am a defence personnel. I was wrongly stopped at New Palam Road IOC traffic light by Mahipal Singh (28821939).

In spite of informing that I am from Defence & wd are law abiding force, you have some confusiin, but he did not listen.

He further frietended to do a court challan of Rs. 1500/- & charge on carrying drugs etc.

I would like to appear in court against this policeman to expose him.

My challan No:DCX 426406478-17. dated 24 Nov 2017 at 10:10 AM.


Karan Singh
Nov 6, 2017

Irrelevant charges and lot of misbehaviour

i travel by ola shuttle.while taking right at dwarka sec 9 traffic lyt,another vehicle jumped his red light from opposite side,ehile ours was green.traffic Police stopped the shuttle without any reason and harassed the driver.charged him irrelevantly.doesnt drivers have self respect?
what kind of behaviour is this by delhi traffic police.he took bribe instead of charging challan. also when other passangers told police that it was our green light..he refused to accept and harassed the driver to come out of the shuttle.things wont work his way. ARE WE SAFE IN SUCH HANDS? i dont think so.
Gautam Anand
Sep 2, 2017

wrong challan

On 18/01/2017 two traffic police men stopped me and asked for license and papers of my bike. When they found everything perfect they said that you have crossed a red light and made a court challan and they kept my druving licence

wrong challan

youme tandon
Jan 22, 2017

rishwat khor delhi traffic police

dear sir/madam,
this is to inform you that traffic police stops the outstations registered cars near singhu border where cars entered in delhi. they make duplicate challans without stamp and take too much money from the citizens. last week i went to delhi and i m driving car with normal speed and they stopped me and cheked my license and papers of my car. they took my license and making challan without any offence but in challan slip they entered that the car driving have no license and driving car with overspeed. they said that your challan amout is 1500 and your license is suspended for 3 months. when i requested to give the license then they also demanded to pay 500rs. to take my license back. delhi traffic police is so cheap. i think they make near one lakh rupees per day. all money gone to their pockets. one more thing that i noticed that there is no amount entered in the challan receipt. and there is no registered stamp in this challan. so this is to request you to give them swipe machines for making challan payment.
thanking you.

yours sincerely,
a citizen.
Jan 19, 2017

False red light jumping challan

On 18/01/2017 two traffic police men stopped me and asked for license and papers of my bike. When they found everything perfect they said that you have crossed a red light and made a court challan. And when I asked for their ID proof they did not show.
Kindly help me as they have taken my driving license.
Sanya Aneja
Dec 3, 2016

red light duration very less

hi ,

Kindly look into the working of red light at MALWA TAXT STAND CHOWK , DRAWL NAGAR , DELHI-9. sometimes its not working. the other time the duration of green light is si less that is causes jam on the residential area every now and then . We residents are facing a lot of trouble when we need to get out and also its causing immence noise pollution.
Louise Sharma
Apr 16, 2015

Traffic chaos

The approach road to the Sarita Vihar underpass from the Okhla side needs another traffic light or should be manned by traffic police. Two and four wheelers cross from one side to the other, often driving on the wrong side, and do not allow traffic to ply into the underpass towards Sarita Vihar, Kalindi Kunj. Immediate challaning should be done to those who block the traffic. Please correct this mess immediately else all the investment of five years in building this underpass will be of no use, as soon motorists will avoid using the underpass altogether. The traffic jams last over 15 minutes in this short stretch.

Another need for traffic diversion and prominent signage is under the Govindpuri Metro station, where traffic from Kalkaji mandir cannot drive straight because the road is blocked by all cars who wish to turn right into Govindpuri at the red light. This is a simple problem which can be corrected by correct road signs.
Subodh Maithani
Sep 24, 2014

Complaint against BRIBE (CT. SUNIL RATHEE 3091T)


I am SUBODH MAITHANI D/L NUMBER: P05102004268940 Valid upto 04/10/20124 and a resident of BLOCK-R, 36-H, DILSHAD GARDEN, DELHI-110095. Today morning I have been challaned with Challan Number: SBC-2036-05488-14 against U/S 209 MVA at AZAD MARKET ROAD at AZAD MARKET CHOWK plying from DCM SIDE to BARFKHANA SIDE.

I would like to register a complaint against CT. SUNIL RATHEE, 3091T asking for a bribe of INR 500 for the above mentioned offence. He has challaned me after I refused to pay the above mentioned amount.

Hence I request you to kindly take stringent action against CT. SUNIL RATHEE to curb the malpractice.

Subodh Maithani
Mob: +91-9650081944
Delhi Guy
Nov 27, 2013

Harssed by Delhi Traffic Police

I have to complaint against Traffic Police and also would to give a suggestion to them.
My complaint is that my car has been towed from the Ansari Road, Darya Ganj while I parked it with more than 50 other cars already parked there (at 4 P.M. 23rd Nov.2013) on and it was a paid parking to my knowledge as I had parked many times and get the parking slip.
But this time I didn't get the parking man and the parking slip.
When I came back from the function late in the night(aroung 12.30 AM) to pick car with my family, I didn,t find my car there. After asking few people their I got to know that Crane must be towed my car and they take these vehicles to the Ansari Road Police Station, so I went to the station and found my car was parked outside the station between the road.
I go into the station but the police man told me that it is other department so went to that room but it was closed and the police man in the other room told that I have to come tomorrow morning.
When I reached next morning (24th Nov.13, Sun.) they told me that your car can not be released today because it is towed in as Lawaris Vehicle. I told them that how can you call it Lawaris I have just parked it last evening and showed them my License and R.C. but they didn't released my car and told that It can not be released today you have to tomorrow (25th Nov. 13).
Next day I reached the station in hope to get my car back but then told me to write an application (they can take the application yesterday itself). So I write the application and gave to them then they said this application will go to ACP Traffic, Delhi Police, Pahar Ganj and they will send it by post tomorrow (26th Nov. 13) then this application will come back to them, and again they have to send it to the ACP office and they will return it back with approval then only they can call me to pick my car. God knows how many days will I have wait to get my car back. Means its a total harassment to me to my family by Traffic Police. They could release my car same day or next day after seeing my documents.
They gave unnecessary work and tension to public this is total Harassment. They told my that where I parked my car is an Unauthorised Parking, if it is so then they should take action against the parking owner but not to harass people those parked their cars in the parking thinking their cars will be safe.
My suggestion is that there a department to shorten the time and stress and help the public and do not to move the application from one station to other and make the process lengthy.

Louise Sharma
Jan 4, 2013

Trucks parked during day on Mathura road

There is heavy traffic jams on Mathura Road from Sarita Vihar to Ashram due to trucks being parked throughout the day along one entire lane of Mathura Road. Also there is a huge pothole in the middle of the road, before the turn to Nehru Place before the Modi Mill Flyover. Please do something to control the traffic urgently as motorists spend hours on this short stretch on their way to distant locations.
Aug 23, 2012

Wrong Challan

I have got a challan at my home for speeding however i at that time i was at a absolutely different part of the City. How do i compliant against this. i have proofs/ bills to substantiate where i was.
Balivikrant Send email
Jul 24, 2012

Inligal Praking on Road

Dear Sir,
In Basant Road Pahar Ganj so many illegal car parking & these all are most of Taxi & travelers car there is no space for ongoing vehicle/ and walking for senior citizen/women and children if someone told to those car owner they are ready to fight & abuse. All these things happens in under traffic police attendant but they are not taking any action because of all they are include. All your Constable or supervisor are taking monthly money for there car parking. About that we have no space to our cars if we park the they all are park the inform of our cars, we have facing lots of problems & we are forcefully to walk in the road.So, I kindly request to you please take some necessary action against my complaint.

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