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dental council of india

Uttar Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about dental council of india

May 13, 2019

Problem with waste disposal- Biotic

It has been made essential for all dental clinics to follow a particular protocol for waste disposal, as per DCI. Biotic is the only company operating in south delhi. Bar coding has been also made essential now. So as a dentist, I applied and paid for the services of Biotic . Unfortunately it’s been a month now, that they have not delivered the bar coding. Also after taking the money, they disappeared for 15 days, altogether. After multiple calls, they send someone to take the waste, once a week.
I don’t know who to complain? So trying my luck
May 7, 2019

Bad orthodontal treatment

Dear Sir/Madam
I had a very disturbing experience with the orthodontist Dr. Abhishek Parashar who is based in Agra.
I had gone to visit a dentist in Vrindavan, Utter Pradesh, Dr Mantosh Gupta to make inquires. At that time Dr. Abhishek Parashar
an orthodontist from Agra was at this Vrindavan dental clinic.
He offered to improve my teeth from an alignment point of view. He said the treatment would take 6-8 months and the cost would be 25,000 rupees. He seemed confident that he could improve things so I decided to go ahead with his suggested treatment. I gave him the 10,000 rupees that he asked for in order for treatment to begin.
I continued with the treatment and duly paid his fees in installments but by spring time I was getting concerned as treatment did not seem to be going as planned.
I expressed my concerns to Dr. Mantosh Gupta, whose clinic was being used by the Agra Orthodontist. He told me that I had nothing to worry about as Dr. Abhishek Parashar was the 'top orthodontist in Utter Pradesh' and 'in charge of all the orthodontists of that state'
I did not have any direct contact with Dr. Abhishek Parashar and was not able to visit him in Agra as he said that he 'worked in a government hospital' and that I could not go there.
I had to go back to my country, United Kingdom, in July. During my time in UK one back bracket of the brace came loose. I came back to India early September but it was another 3 weeks before the orthodontist could come to Vrindavan.
He did not fix the loose bracket but instead, to my utter horror he informed me that ' treatment was complete ' and he wanted to remove the braces from my teeth and collect his remaining fees of 2,500 rupees.
I was totally shocked as my teeth were actually in a worse condition than before and chewing had become almost impossible. This was due partly to the fact that one upper tooth had been pulled down so far that it was possibly the only tooth making contact with a lower tooth. This particular problem had come about quite early in treatment and he kept saying he would fix it (move it back up) but he never did.
So when I was informed that 'treatment was complete' I was devastated. I realised I had wasted 22,500 rupees and 10 MONTHS of my valuable time. I was so shocked and felt so cheated that at that time I could not even speak out in protest. I just walked out of the clinic and went home. I was still wearing the braces.
I immediately began to search out another orthodontist and within 2 days I had booked an appointment with an orthodontist in Delhi. I have been going to this orthodontist for the last 7 months making monthly return trips from Vrindavan to Delhi. Treatment is going well and I am hopeful it will be completed within 2-3 months.
The Agra Orthodontist did not take any impressions or xrays at the start of treatment. At the time I did not understand this to be a sign of neglectful, unprofessional practice. My experience has left me very disturbed.
Yours sincerely Sarah Wemyss.
Apr 24, 2019

Unnecessary delay of exams

Respected Sir,
I am student of Kanti Devi Dental college, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, affiliated to Dr. B R Ambedkar University Agra.
I have been in Third from past 14 months. I am regular student of batch 2015-2016. The classic complaint of this college is they don't conduct exams on time and I don't know what possible reason is there that they delay exams for each year.
I had joined this college in September 2015. You can imagine how late I am running as compare to other private colleges of dental surgery. In fact they declare exam dates 2-3 days before the final exams. This is so disturbing. I am automatically one year behind in this course even though I am regular student with no backs! This seems to be 6 year course in this college rather than 5 years. Please look into this matter.
Yours hopefully,
Sara Taurus
Mar 26, 2019

Dr Preeti Raghav, #A-110, Nirvana Courtyard. Landmark: Above ICICI Bank, Gurgaon

I would like to highlight certain issues that we have been facing with Dentist Dr. Preeti Raghav that used to work at Dental Experts clinic, #A-110, Nirvana Courtyard. Landmark: Above ICICI Bank, Gurgaon.

My spouse was on a personal trip to Gurgaon and he visited this clinic on Jan 23rd, 2019.

As there were no attendants available, this woman Dr. Preeti Raghav has attended my husband. In a span of just 4 hours time, she has mesmerized my husband with indecent personal talks indicating to him that she was separated from her spouse as he had left her couple of years ago and had settled in the US. She has also informed my husband that she has a 2.5 year old son and gradually has asked my husband if he can marry her. My husband has informed her that he's been happily married and is a father of 2 grown up boys. Despite this, she has taken his personal number and has called him on the 24th Jan requesting him to meet her before he returns to the UAE. My husband being a humble caring person has agreed to meet her and they spent some time together on 24th Jan, 2019.

My spouse returned to UAE on Jan 25th, 2019 and this woman continued to message him on whatsapp and started sharing indecent videos and pictures with him and forced him to have an illicit long distance relationship with her. My husband tried his best to ignore her messages and chats and finally wasn't able to take it anymore and confessed to me about everything that had happened during the 1.5 months.

I raised my concern with Dr. Renu Singh that heads the Dental Experts clinic and she was a true professional and informed me that she had fired this woman Preeti Raghav as there were already many complaints and issues with her as she was not adhering to her roles and responsibilities as a Dentist.

I kindly request you to take severe action against this Dentist Preeti Raghav as I am positive that she has ruined many lives like mine and in my honest opinion she is not fit to be a Dentist as she has been exploiting men that were visiting the clinic to satisfy her physical and financial needs as she has also asked my husband to marry her in spite of knowing that he was married and a father of 2 sons.

Such woman are a disguise to our society and can only bring mere shame and ruin the reputation of the clinic.

So, please take action against her asap and let me know if you want proof of the videos and texts she has sent my husband. I have them all. Her mobile number is +91 96549 07649. I have enough proof of videos and messages that she sent my husband and can share it with the higher authorities if needed!

I strongly suggest that her BDS certification gets cancelled with immediate effect, so she doesn't serve any more patients and exploit their lives.

These comments must be made viral and everyone must see how low a doctor can go for lust. Especially knowing that this started at her medical facility itself is disgusting, unprofessional and unacceptable by all standards! Shouldn't the medical license to practice be cancelled for such doctors???
Feb 12, 2019

Security money not refund

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am a father of a BDS student of Bankey Bihari dental college & Research centre , U P. . Our ward finished his 5 years course on last year in the month of October . As per their commitment have not refund my sons security money intentionally. Please look in to the matter.
I will remain you for ever.

With regards

Monuj Borah
Sandhya rao
Feb 3, 2019

Failure of DCI

I myself working as dentist in sree sai dental college and research institute,srikakulam...Which is under DR.NTRUHS feeling ashamed to see how exams for final BDS are going on here.Students here are bribing externals and internals. Professors instead encouraging students for malpractices.If this continues to go....There will be no value for our degree.So I suggest you to take strong action against these kind of malpractices and college.If you don't take action we will conclude that DCI is also corrupted and we will not file any complaints further.so try to make our community clean.....To produce genuine doctors...Thanking you
Dr mithilesh
Dec 20, 2018

Regarding money demand for registration

Sir there is huge irregularities in Bihar state dental council the registrar openly demand the money for registration .
Apr 13, 2018

Dental Negligence and malpractice

Dr. Arjun Balakrishnan a Esthetic in Gurgone, New Delhi India, and implant Dentist did an extend dental work on me around October 2014 and finish December 2014. He did 3 implants with crowns, one root canal and another crown. Today is April 13, 2018. I being in and out of dental work trying to repair his mistakes. Unfortunately some of his negligence cause permanent damage on my inferior ALVEOLAR NERVE. it is lacerated to the point of NO recovery as a result my lip is permanently without ability to move.
Jan 19, 2018


Help me to get of unemployment. I finished BDS under educational loan. Nw got degree,me only with degree. No recruit from govtment for dentist. How to repay loan.
Oct 4, 2017

Complaint against Dental College

Dear Sir,

I was working in Yamuna Institute of Dental Sciences and Research, Gadholi, Distt. Yamuna Nagar (HARYANA) till August 2017. I, along with a few other staff members, have not been given any salary from the month of December 2016. On contacting the management, they always come up with some excuse or the other.

Also, the functioning of the above mentioned institute is also very dubious. There is an acute shortage of staff, with some departments functioning without a single teaching faculty. The classes of these departments are managed by faculty of other departments or the senior students.

The 120 bedded general hospital attached to the college, which is a requirement, is practically non-functional, with not even a single doctor being there in the hospital.

Also sir, due to the severely compromised state of affairs, the patients are virtually non-existent, and the daily quota of patients is maintained through fake entries.

You are hereby requested to look into the matter and direct the concerned personnel to solve my grievance at the earliest.

Thanking you in anticipation.
Apr 10, 2017

wrong treatment

Dr Ishfaq Khan of Tooth Spot Dental Implant & Orthodontic Centre, Ajmer, Rajasthan. wrongly treated for 4 teeth and later misbehaved. he did not did RCT, have not taken out the tooth root and implanted teeth are are also coming out now.
He got quite agitated when was told about the blunders.
Nov 6, 2016

amendment of Dentist Act 1948 transfer of registration 46A

सेवा मे ,
श्री नरेन्द्र मोदी जी
प्रधान मंत्री
भारत सरकार

विषय - ((Dental Hygienist /Dental Mechanic का Registration transfer के लिये

Dentist Act 1948 chapter iv
Transfer of Registration 46A संशोधन कराने के सम्बन्ध मे....))

श्रीमान जी हम सभी बहुत आशा के साथ यॆ पत्र हम लोग आपको भेज रहे है ।
हम सभी को आपसे बहुत ज्यादे उमीद है

श्रीमान जी हम सभी विद्यार्थी उत्तर प्रदेश के मूल निवासी है । 
हम लोग ने Dental Hygienist(दंत स्वास्थ विज्ञानी ) का दो वर्षीय course किया जो 
DCI( Dental Council of India)से मान्यता प्राप्त है ।
अब हम लोग अपने उत्तर प्रदेश अपना रेजिस्ट्रेशन transfer कराना चाहते है ।
Dentist Act 1948
Chapter iv
Transfer Of Registration

[46A. Where a dentist registered in one State is practicing dentistry in another State, he may, on
payment of the prescribed fee which shall not exceed its renewal fee for registration in such other
State, make an application in the prescribed form to the Council for the transfer of his name, from the
register of the State where he is registered, to the register of the State in which he is practicing
dentistry, and on receipt of any such application, The Council shall, not withstanding anything
contained elsewhere in this Act, direct that the name of such person be removed from the first-
mentioned register and entered in the register of the Second-mentioned State Councils concerned
shall comply with such directions:
Provided that such a person shall be required to produce a certificate to the effect that all dues in
respect of his registration in the former State have been paid:
Provided further that where any such application for transfer is made by a dentist against whom any
disciplinary proceeding is pending or where for any other reason it appears to the Council that the
application for transfer has not been made bona fide and the transfer should not be made, the Council
may, after giving the dentist a reasonable opportunity of making a representation in this behalf, reject
the application.]

मे Dental Hygienist /Dental Mechanic का नाम ना होने के वजह से हम लोगों का रेजिस्ट्रेशन transfer नही हो पा रहा है

अतः आप से विनम्र निवेदन है की हम सभी बच्चो की बातो को गम्भीरता से ले कर ; Dentist Act 1948
chapter iv
Transfer of registration
मे संशोधन कर dental hygienist /dental mechanic
का transfer कराये जाने का भी प्रावधान बनाने की कृपा करे.

Registration के बिना हम सभी बच्चो का भविष्य अंधकारमय हो गया

आपका बहुत बड़ा उपकार होगा हम गरीब विद्यार्थी पर 

1-पदमेश त्रिपाठी 
2-रवि कुशवाहा
3-हरी शंकर कुशवाहा
4-शुभम गुप्ता
5-समशाद खुरैसी
6-ओम सिंघ
9-मुजफ़्फ़र अली
11-अर्जुन सैनी

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