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Consumer complaints and reviews about DGCA

Karan saini1235
May 23, 2019

Passengers are in danger

According to CAR the helicopter operating at Katra base. Indocopter doing maintenance of helicopter they doesn't follow the earthing procedure during refuelling and fuel in quantity is just few metre away and during starting of helicopter there is lot of fumes and fuel store remain open and passenger are also few metre away which may be dangerous kindly do something for passengers safety company is just making money without thinking of safety I can't click pic I don't want to break rules thanks and it's true
May 21, 2019

Flight dealy

Spice jet flight number sg 8476 last one month daily dealy 2 to 3 hours, airlines one day before messes sent to passenger, passenger connecting flight miss airline no support, airlines say my fight will go to schedule, but one day before airline say flight is delayed, please you choose another route or refund, so coustmear mood is upset ,plan to travel 3 Mont's before, please help me and other passengers and take action to spice jet airlines
Apr 12, 2019

Air line and ticketing agent not providing refund for cancelled flight

Dear sir/Madam,

I had booked the Jetairways flights for Delhi to Nagpur & Nagpur to Delhi from HappyEasyGo website. My itinerary details are below.

1) Ticket For DEL-NAG -- Sun, 17 Feb 2019
Order id 614035587242066485
Airline PNR - VVVYRG

Jet Airways 9W-654

2) Ticket For NAG-DEL -- Sun, 24 Feb 2019
Order id 614040157087274411

Airline PNR - RSIBGM
Jet Airways 9W-653
Both of to and fro flights got cancelled because of operation reason.
I have got the call from ticketing agent Happy Easy go to cancel the ticket through airline stating the reason of flight cancellation because of operation reason.
I have cancelled the tickets based on their customer care call.
Now they are not giving refund stating that the reason for cancellation was wrong and they didn't get any refund from airlines and because of this they are not providing us refund.

Now i am in trouble with HappyEasyGo regarding my refund of cancelled flights.

They want an email communication from Jetairways about cancellations of flights. But I haven't received any email from Jetairways about cancellations though I requested on there customer care mail id.

Please help me out to get my refund as l ticketing agent Happy easygo and jet airways not responding positively in getting my refund for the cancelled flights.

It is almost more than two months I am taking follow up for the refund, but no one is taking care.
Apr 2, 2019

Delayed compensation-lost/damage/pilferage luggage

I was travelling from Bangkok to Dubai via Chennai by indigo airlines and at Dubai I received my 2 bags damage one with wheel broken and one with handle.The Danta(Appointed by INDIGO) staff told me indigo doesn't accept the damages. The dnata staff at the baggage services at arrival hall just saw the damaged bags and didn't accept our request and showed us one pamphlet that indigo doesn't accept any damage and asked us to go to the indigo office at the departure area. When I visit the indigo office near to baskins Robbins in Dubai airport the indigo staff took pictures and told us he will email to the team and indigo team will contact me based on the PNR ( REDERC ) number. After complaining to Indigo several times indigo offered me compensation of 3000INR max for two bags,i have requested Indigo that i dont need the compensation but get my bags repaired or replaced but ind-go is not responding. Please help me to get my bags repaired or replaced and also consider the hassel i faced transporting the damages bags .

Delayed compensation-lost/damage/pilferage luggage Delayed compensation-lost/damage/pilferage luggage

Mar 31, 2019

Refund not made by jet airways


Received an email from jet airways on 16.03.19 that we regret the inconvenience caused as below mentioned flight has been cancelled.
9W0824 BLR DEL 14 APR2019
15 days passed still waiting for refund.
I request DGCA to look into the issue and try to get my money back. .
Contact details-
Email- [email protected]
Contact no. 9729533524
Name- Sanjay Kumar Gupta
Feb 14, 2019

AirAsia Flight Cancelled

ear Team,

I had booked airasia flight from GOA to Hyderabad which got cancelled.

Below are the details

Date of booking: 9th Jan 2019
Trip: Goa to Hyderabad
Date of travel:Wed,20 Feb 2019
No of Seats booked: 3

We were informed on 13th Feb( 1 week before the travel) that flight has been cancelled with no option for alternate flight we had to book the flight at the prevailing rates.

We have only received the refund and as per DGCA we should also receive compensation as they have not given any alternate flights.Please can you help me with the same.

Best Regards,
Charu Singhal
Jan 9, 2019

Flight cancellation intimation given very late

Sir, My flight number AI433 of AIR INDIA has been cancelled which was scheduled on 18th January 2019. The services provider has intimated the same 9 days prior to the scheduled flight. According to DGCA rules it should be informed at least 2 weeks before the departure date. I want to cliam for refund plus compensation for the problem faced. My PNR number is HL9S0, Passenger name Mayank Gajera. Ticket cancellation intimation has been given on 9th of January 2019.For reference ticket has been attached.
Jan 8, 2019

Exorbitant air fare by Spicejet

Spicejet charged exorbitant airfare for a short distance less than 300 KM. Spicejet airline have charged Rs. 14262/- (Rupees fourteen thousand two hundred and sixty two only) on Christmas day from Bangalore to Trivandrum. Although I had booked very close to travel date the fare was very high and as a consumer I was being exploited by the airline. When I contacted the airline they have informed me that they cannot process my request as it is dynamic fare. My question is dynamic fare means exploitation of people by charging exorbitant fare? As a common citizen of the country I should not be exploited by charging high fare during the holidays and vacations.
[email protected]
Jan 4, 2019

Indigo Complaint Refund Status ZKU4MK Dec 15 2018

Hi Pampa,

We totally understand the discomfort you must have faced. As checked, our customer relations team is working on the case and shall respond to you shortly. We sincerely hope for your cooperation and understanding.

Team IndiGo
Jan 3, 2019

Indigo Complaint Refund Status ZKU4MK Dec 15 2018

We had booked a return flight from Kolkata to Tirupati (via Bangalore) for 3 persons at total cost of Rs 47010/- on Indigo for 15th December. The PNR is ZKU4MK. The tickets were purchased with Indigo Promise which provides compensation for delays / cancellations.
We reached Bangalore from Kolkata around 1 pm and were informed that the connecting flight to Tirupati was delayed till 5 pm. Post this after every half hour we saw that the flight was getting delayed by an hour. After waiting till 6 pm when Indigo announced flight ETD was 8:30 pm, we contacted the ground desk staff. At that point, we were informed that flight was cancelled. All this while there was no indication from Indigo that the flight would get cancelled. We rushed to the desk where we were told that we have an option of "full refund" as there was no alternate flight to Tirupati. We were not offered any compensation for the delay and cancellation by Indigo although the Indigo regulations under Indigo Promise provide for compensatory Vouchers. Anyway, having no other option after submitting our application for refund we left for Tirupati in taxi.
Till date we have not received the full refund neither any Indigo Promise Voucher. Complaining to Customer relations (mail trail below) and calling the Contact number have not provided us any response. Hence please treat this as an escalation against the Complaint redressal mechanism of Indigo and help us in getting our due compensation as per Indigo Promise rules.


Pampa Basu
Jul 17, 2018

Improper landing of Flight No 6E7118 in Rajahmundry air port at about 0820 hrs in clear sunny weather on 17th July,2018.

Description : The flight took off at about at 0715 hrs from Hyderabad airport and supposed to fly to Rajahmundry. Pilot announced that flight will land few minutes before time as usual. Hence landing was expected at 0810 hrs. At about 0820 hrs, flight was about to land and just before touching the ground at Rajahmundry which was appeared several feet below the aircraft, Pilot took off the flight and have a big round for about 10 minutes before landing in Rajahmundry airport and landed at about 0830 hrs.
Before landing , backside wheels (main landing gear) were taken out from retracted position and clear sound was heard. This same sound was not heard by this passenger before landing for the first time at about 0820 hrs.
Hence appropriate authority is requested to investigate into this near miss to find the wrong so that prevention can be taken to avoid the possible crash.
All the concerned authorities have been informed / requested to look into it.
With thanks and regards,
A K Ghosh
A passenger of the Flight No 6E7118
Apr 25, 2018

Compensation for delayed SpiceJet flight

Has anyone who has lodged a complaint on this site had any responses ?????

I have a complaint about a 4 hours delay with a recent internal flight with SpiceJet. They claim "operational reasons" which seems to not be an "extraordinary circumstances" as per the language of the DGCA. DGCA haven't even bothered to reply or even acknowledge the letter sent by our agent.

Any advice on what to do next?

Apr 25, 2018

non refund of amount even after 25 days of cancelled flight

my air asia flight no. PNR : GN7BPJ Mumbai to kuala laumpur on 30 march 2018 got cancelled .The cancellation was told to us after we reached the airport after travelling around 100 km .We were not accommodated on another flight and due to my prior commitments in Malaysia I have to book on spot flight which was of much higher cost. The manager of air asia at Mumbai told us that refund will be given in 07 working days and later on 16 apr 2018 nodal officer of air asia told me that inspite of best efforts and all procedural compliance the amount of ticket will be refunded within 35-45 days.
I have even fwd my complaint for refund through eform on 02 apr 18 and refrence no. 02808700 was given to me. Again on 07 apr 18 I interacted for the refund through your online portal and there I was given the ref no as 02915567 in which it was mentioned that someone from your end will get back to me, which no one has done till date.
Now inspite of lapse of almost 25 days neither anyone has told me any thing about refund nor my refund has been processed.

Sir Its my hard earned money and such huge amount have been stucked with airlines from more than 60 days (since from time of booking) and even now there is no sign of refunding the amount so this is clearly the " DAY LIGHT ROBBERY " by airlines.
Kindly take action against the airlines and get me my refund.
manish Kothari
[email protected]
Mar 26, 2018


Hi Deepshikha,

As checked, we are in receipt of your concern via Email. Kindly let us know in case further assistance is required.

IndiGo Team
Deepshikha Verma
Mar 23, 2018


Hi Sir,

I had a flight from Mumbai to Chandigarh on 13-03-2018 at1140. The PNR was Z9T84V.

Due to the miss management of Indigo staff I want not allowed to board the flight even when I was on time. There was no message in regards to the change in schedule of the flight as well. Later in the evening I got to know there were a lot of flights of the same airlines which got cancelled due to some technical issues.
I raised the same concern with the concerned airlines, below is the sequence of events that occurred:

1. They said they will make a refund of Rs.249 while the amount paid was RS. 3005.
2. On mentioning that the concern is not being addressed properly so I would like to escalate it further, the airlines offered me a voucher of 1500(base amount of flight) which clearly implies that they know they were at fault.
3. They kept on forcing me to accept the voucher and when I said that I would like to know the terms and conditions related to the same before accepting. I got to know that the voucher was valid only for 3 months.
4. The voucher validity of 3 months doesn't make any sense as I have no plans to travel in next three to five months and that too not from INDIGO anyways because of the engine issues that they are facing.
5. On mentioning the same as above to the customer services of INDIGO airlines. Indigo Airlines didn't pay any attention to the same and I received no response henceforth.

Sir, kindly address the same as I was travelling alone that day and suffered alot mentally, financially and physically. I was made to wait in the airport until 0100 in the noon and then was told that nothing can be done and I l have to buy a new ticket. I request a complete refund and compensation for same.
Jan 30, 2018



I had an Air India flight from Allahabad to Mumbai via Delhi(ANNEXURE 1). The journey date was 01 January
2018. The PNR no. was Z285V. According to the booked ticket I would have reached to Mumbai by 10:10 pm on
1st Jan. 2018.
But, I received a message from Air India at around 12:45 pm on 1st January 2018 when I was at my home in
Allahabad that the flight has been delayed and will depart by 05:30pm instead of 04:15pm. After about 15
minutes another message was received stating that the flight will now depart at 07:30pm, BUT NOT FROM
ALLAHABAD, BUT FROM VARANASI and surface transport will be provided from Allahabad to Varanasi. There
was no information in the message as to what, from where and at what time surface transport will be provided.
I was confused as to what I have to do then. Therefore I called Air India customer care (1800 180 1407) at
around 01:15 pm. The call duration was of around 25 minutes in which the phone was put on hold by the agent
(name: Vaishali) for about 22 minutes and conversation was of just around 3 minutes. The agent (name :
Vaishali) was not able to provide any correct information. Now the time was around 01:45 pm.
My family was also very worried. I had booked the ticket just 7 days before the journey date. I booked the flight
from Allahabad and not from Varanasi just to avoid any trouble of travelling from Allahabad to Varanasi which is
around 140km. The flight had cost me Rs. 11614. If I would have booked my flight from Varanasi the cost would
have been around Rs.6500.
We (me and my family) decided to leave (from my home) for Allahabad airport. We reached the Allahabad
airport by around 2:30pm. We saw a crowd infront of the airport entry. There were some Air India personnel
and few other people and few cars. I talked with the Air India personnel. Their replies were very rude and they
said to me that transferring the boarding point from one location to another and delay of flights are very
common. Mr. M.K. jaiswal (Air India official at Allahabad airport) told me that I should be grateful to them that
they had not cancelled the flight. I asked what to do for my Delhi to Mumbai flight which was to depart at 08:00
pm from Delhi. They told me to go inside the airport to Air India counter (at Allahabad). I did so. At counter they
wasted around 45 minutes and nothing could be done as they were facing internet problem. At last the
personnel at counter gave me a slip(ANNEXURE 2) which they said will convey that ‘I would be late in reaching
Delhi from Varanasi and my Delhi to Mumbai flight will be gone by that time. So they will make some alternate
arrangement for my Delhi to Mumbai Flight’. The slip did not contain any stamp or signature which they put only
after I asked them multiple times to do so. Mr. M.K. Jaiswal blamed that I was troubling them. I was then taken
for Varanasi via a car arranged by Air India. The time was around 03:45 pm. I was alone at that time as other
passengers had gone by then.
I was dropped at Varanasi airport at 07:35 pm. I rushed to the Air India counter. The Air India personnel at the
counter told me to wait for one hour. He did not give any information as to when I will depart from Varanasi. My
family back at home was also very worried. After getting no reply from the employee, I went to Air India
manager’s cabin at Varanasi airport. Shri Abdi who was the manager was not at his seat. I decided to wait and
talk to him. I saw his mobile number 9670454555 outside his cabin. I called him but call was not received. He
came at around 08:15 pm. I inquired about my flight‘s status. He told that I had to board the flight AI 428 which
at that time was scheduled for 10:00 pm. I explained him about my difficulties. But he said that he could do
nothing. I asked about the other passengers from Allahabad. He told that they had already departed for Delhi. I

was shocked as to why I am being treated so “specially”. He said I have arrived late. But I told him that it is not
my fault and I did not arrive myself, I have been brought there by Air India itself. I told them that Air India should
have taken the responsibility and boarded me also along with other Allahabad passengers. But to my surprise
they warned me that if they had told the passengers on the flight that delay is because of me, I could not have
expected the outcome. But I told them what was told to me by Air India personnel that delay in flight is very
common. It seemed as if they can say anything to pacify the passenger according to the situation. I was given the
boarding pass for AI 428(ANNEXURE 3). The flight arrived at around 11:15pm. The flight took off by around
01:00 am on 2nd Jan. 2018.
I reached Delhi by 02:30 am. I went to the domestic transfer but was not allowed by the security personnel to
enter. He told me that my flight was on 01 jan 2018 and it is now 02 jan 2018. Rather I was asked to go outside
and go to the Air India counter on 2nd floor. I did not realize that leaving the airport once will become another
huge pain for me. I did as I was asked. When I reached 2 floor , I went to gate no. 7 or 8 which was nearest to
me . The security personnel there also did not allow me enter the airport . He told me to enter through gate no.
1. I went there. But there they told to enter through the gate next to gate no. 1. That gate did not have any
security personnel. I found the Air India counter.
I went to the counter and tried to tell my situation. But no one listened. After waiting for some 15 minutes, I was
told that I could not get the next flight as there was no seat available. I asked them if I could talk to their senior
person. I was told that the manager was not there and I had to wait. I saw a list of contacts and called the first
number i.e. 8826294708 which was of AGM. The True Caller displayed his name as “SHAIL”. The manager
responded. I told him about my situation. He told me that I will be getting ticket for the immediate next flight
i.e. AI 887. He said to me to ask the employee who refused me the ticket to talk to him. The employee’s name
was Mr. Sagar Kushal. Initially he was reluctant to talk and demanded the name of the person on call. Then Mr.
Sagar talked with Mr.” Shail”. After that I thought that I will get the ticket. But no reply was given. After waiting
for around 20 minutes after the call I asked again. Meanwhile I also started making video so in case anything
happens afterwards I may have some proof as to how I am being troubled and harassed.
Mr. Sagar asked me if I am making a video. I told him yes. He said that this is not allowed and he will not give me
the ticket until I stop the video. But I thought that after taking so much pain I shall have some proof. There was
also no guarantee that he would give me the ticket after I stop the video. Mr Sagar asked his colleague to call
the CISF personnel. CISF personnel came and started arguing with me . I tried to tell them about my suffering
but they did not listen. They were talking very rudely and harshly. I recorded their video also. They physically
assaulted me. They snatched my mobile phone. I was shocked . I could not believe how can they physically
assault me without any fault of mine and that too infront of CCTV cameras. But after I resisted they gave me
my phone. They threatened me and said they will put me in jail with false allegation that I am teasing a
woman. They even asked a female Air India employee to file a false complaint against me that I am teasing
her. This really frightened me as to how can they say so and do anything like this and that to someone not
having any fault. After this CISF personnel went away.
I did not move from the counter. I was also very afraid. I was getting many negative thoughts. I was not able to
digest what kind of system and democracy this is. I called my parents. The time was around 3:30am. I told my
parents not to worry but just be on line. But whose parents cannot worry in this kind of situation. I waited for
some time and then again I asked that will I be getting my ticket? Mr. Sagar told me that he will make my ticket
only when I will delete the video. I assured him that on getting my ticket I will delete the video. But he refused. I
repeatedly, waited and asked him to make my ticket. Finally Mr. Sagar told me that now he will not make my
ticket even if kept standing till 07:00am and miss the next flight also. He also abused me. I was very disturbed
and not able to decide what to do. I again called the AGM at around 5:10am. He again talked to Mr. Sagar and
told me that he is coming to meet me.

After sometime an Air India official came and asked Mr. Sagar to make my ticket. He asked me to get in queue
and take the ticket. Meanwhile I also got a call (The no. was 7042262675) from an AIR INIDA official. The True
Caller displayed his name as Mr. SANJAY BISHT. He also assured me that I will get the ticket. I was continuously
standing for about 4 hours at AIR INDIA counter, when I finally got my ticket at around 5:45 am(ANNEXURE 4).
I had reached Mumbai by around 9:30am on 2nd jan 2018.

This is really very sad that a common man has to go through such situations and there is no one to help him. The
system is made to help people but some people misuse their power, position and authority and harass people.
Even Putting false allegations seem to be so easy. What can a common person do if the saviors are going to be
the destroyers?

Ankan Kumar.
Email:[email protected]


Manmohan Pal Singh
Jan 2, 2018

British Airways

Sir ,
I put in a complaint against British Airways ( Booking Id : 1516096 ) with the DGCA on 26/12/17 at the following email as per instructions on their site :
[email protected]
I sent a reminder on 29/12/17 followed by additional information on 2/01/18 .
I regret that I have not received an acknowledgement , even.
Kindly help and expedite as I am feeling frustrated and tortured.
Regards .
Manmohan Pal Singh
My email id is :
[email protected]
Nov 7, 2017

cancellation charges

To Shri T N Dwivedi ,
Secretary Aviation Ministry,

Sir I would like to inform you that, the Ticket cancellation charges by Air Lines for cancellations of my Two travel tickets costs to me are 83.72% & 63.56%the details are as under

S no Booking date journey date from PNR Booking amt Tkt cancellation dt Refund amt total deduction Cancellation Cost

1) 17/09/2017 27/10/2017 Indore to Mumbai M8C15S Rs 4880 22/10/2017 Rs 794 4086 83.72%

2) 22/10/2017 06/12/2017 Bhubaneswar to Mumbai IC 1 SNZ Rs 7866 22/10/2017 Rs 2866 5000 63.56%

I was compelled to cancel my both the above journey tickets due to some unavoidable circumstances in my family , other wise no one would like to suffer this unnecessary loss of cancellation .

Sir Its my hard earned money and such huge amount have never been deducted in past by any air lines / Agent as cancellation charges , this is for sure for ready tickets they will charge the double for journey , so this is clearly the " DAY LIGHT ROBBERY " by airlines / Agents .

I can under stand this is their business but some ethics should be there and no innocence passenger should be penalised by way of excess deductions ,

You are kindly requested to please look in to this and arrange to refund Rs 9086 ( 4086+5000) after deducting the reasonable normal charges

Ramesh Damani
Oct 11, 2017


Total Paid Amount: INR 14772
Airline Penalty: INR 10500
MakeMyTrip Service Fee: INR 1200
Refund Amount: INR 880
Refund Date: 02 Oct 17
Refund Amount: INR 1392
Refund Reference Number: ################
Refund Date: 05 Oct 17
Refund Reference Number: ################
Convenience Fee: INR 800
Oct 10, 2017

Display board not updated causing us to stand at the gate for more than Half an hour

I was taking flight to BOM from Del on 22nd sept. 2017. Flight was delayed by 30 minutes and display boards are not updated. So I arrived at boarding gate and have to stand there for 30 minutes. Indigo staff also did not respond properly. They shrug off their responsibility by saying they cannot do anything. Flight number was 6E-185 (DEL-BOM). Could you please take appropriate action so that they do not repeat this behavior later.

I raised the complain with Indigo customer relations and got a callback from them in which they LIED that the boards were updated.
I was there and boards were not updated and a LIE is not acceptable. If they say there was a glitch then it is okay but making a false statement is not good standard of service in any way.

Sep 29, 2017

Rude and obnoxious behaviour of lady staff sitting on the counter of Vistara at Kochi airport on29/09/2017

Dear sir
I was traveling from Kochi to Delhi by Vistara flight UK886 on 29/09/2017. While taking boarding pass lady sitting on the counter (name not displayed) not only misbehaved but also took my Id for no reason. When I asked her not to speak filthy she reacted very badly. I'll never travel by this airline.I request the DGCA complaint cell to take-up the matter with the Vistara airlines and strict action should be taken against the erring lady sitting on the counter to provide boarding pass.
Sep 28, 2017

extra amount charged // spice jet


PNR no :- MGC69B

spice jet

i was having flight from bangalore to srinagar on 30 aug , i was having luggage weight below 15 kg and hand bagage weight near about 6 kg .... but your executive refuse me to keep hand bagage with me in flight she kept hand bag with the lugage she told me u r not suppose to keep this hand bagage with uh in flight and she charge me 2100 rs as extra for hand bag. she was rude there and told her this is the last time i m traveling in SPICE JET . she told ok ....

My main concern is first i want my money back and second i want you people to take stict action against her. other wise i will raise complaint in consumer court and i will post in social media as well so that everyone will aware from your worst customer service...
Sep 28, 2017

extra amount charged


PNR no :- MGC69B

i was having flight from bangalore to srinagar on 30 aug , i was having luggage weight below 15 kg and hand bagage weight near about 6 kg .... but your executive refuse me to keep hand bagage with me in flight she kept hand bag with the lugage she told me u r not suppose to keep this hand bagage with uh in flight and she charge me 2100 rs as extra for hand bag. she was rude there and told her this is the last time i m traveling in SPICE JET . she told ok ....

My main concern is first i want my money back and second i want you people to take stict action against her. other wise i will raise complaint in consumer court and i will post in social media as well so that everyone will aware from your worst customer service...
Saloni Bajaj Arora
Aug 29, 2017

Flight Delayed by 12 hrs

I had a flight from Singapore to New Delhi. The flight got delayed by more than 12 hours. There was no proper information provided at the airport, the airline did not book an alternate (I had a following flight which I was not able to board and missed a meeting for which people had come from various parts of India). No meals or refreshments provided or any alternates offered.
I would have processed a refund from the airline but the customer care did not guide me what is the process.
Given the state of the airline it is important to keep the customers still using Air India satisfied or there is a huge risk of further loss.
Aug 6, 2017

Pending Refund From Spice Jet

Dear Sir /Madam
We have come for religious tour with our family members & friends. During check in, we are unable to produce our credit card, therefore we have to pay cash for the mentioned tickets. Spice jet, mentioned the cash will be refunded within 7days. However it already 8 months & we only received 20000 Indian Rupees out of 151745 Indian Rupees. We are pending to receive 131000 Indian Rupees.The response from spice jet is also not supportive.

Below is the details of flight

Flight No : SG 626
Travel Date : 20 Dec 2016 Tuesday
From : Kolkata, T2
To : Chennai
Dept Time : 4.40pm

We really hope we can receive our refund.


Pending Refund From Spice Jet

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