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Consumer complaints and reviews about dhbvn

BINDAL rice mill
Mar 6, 2020

Electricity complaint at feeder 3

Power is not of proper voltage on nuh road sondh hodal of BINDAL rice Mill feeder no. 3 from a unauthorized circuit made in between.
Sir kindly take any urgent action it is the daily problem.
And it's a great loss for many rice Mills on this road next to circuit and from last 8 hours today voltage is very improper.
BINDAL rice Mill
Nuh road Hodal
Meter no. 0018770000
Dec 5, 2019

Wrong meter reading & wrong bill generation

Hi Team,

My account number is 6560844725 in oct they have generated the wrong bill with wrong reading. I have raised a complaint and almost visited 12 times DHBVN office everytime they are saying we have got the revised reading we will update your bill but now they are saying we have not recieved the reading and ask me to file new complaint. The process took more than 2 months earlier and still iam on step 0 is this the way DHBVN work. From last few months bills are generated wrongly donot know how to get that fixed.

Kindly advise and do the needful.

Ram Kumar Ji
Nov 17, 2019

Wrong Reading

I Ram Kumar consumer of DHBVN Account no 2333830000 Ashok Vihar Gurgaon complaint that no actual reading by meter.So actual reading difference is very high. Next time Every reading circle take actual reading .thank you

Ram Kumar 9953098369 [email protected]
Oct 16, 2019

Sloping pole to my house side

There is a electricity pole at the corner of my house. It Sloping to my house side. Electricity cables going over my roof. Pole is t ouching the wall of my house. Today electricity contractor changing the cable line. We ask them to straighten the pole but they refused. Please take some suitable action against my issue.

sanjay enclave, nangla road NIT faridabad
Con. - 7827557840

Sloping pole to my house side

Sep 21, 2019

No supply from DHBVN followed by lack of service

Date: 21 Sep 2019 | Time: 23:45 pm | Place: Sector 23a, Gurugram. No electricity for last 10 hours since 2 pm in the afternoon. Frequent unannounced electricity cuts on other days as well. DHBVN lineman has switched off his mobile. Nobody answered at JE/SDO office in Sector 18. When we called DHBVN toll free helpline number. Call gets connected and the call center rep hangs up the phone without answering. Whole staff are a bunch of uneducated and incompetent fools. This is after we are paying various taxes and surcharges included in the electricity bill. I dont know what Khattar government is doing. No control and no care for the public. Shame on this system 😑😠☹️
Dharmveer Sharma
Aug 31, 2019

Big Electricity Problem (SHIV DURGA VIHAR, Near Surajkund

Dear All,

As i can see many of people complaint against DHBVN service but, still no action taken from you people as well, which is shown you people also like DHBVN provider no response or there helpline number. When ever we called on DHBVN customer care they didn't answered any of our query instead they disconnect the call by there end which is again shown of big failure of you people don't forget DHBVN. I would like to also inform you people kindly arrange visit of checker in (Palla Bijali office subdivision mathura road palla) dhbvn) you people also found there worker of DHBVN including JE sitting on garbage they don't have better arrangement for customer as well outside office if any age like 60 or 65 year old man or women they not able to provide them as well for sitting which shown again how much they are educated. Even they mistaken very silly silly mistake like bill is for 1500/-rs. they generated into 50000/-rs why so and please also check there real knowledge of there job profile and if Electricity cut in Shiv Durga Vihar, near Surajkund colony so forget Electricity will come within hrs or so it will take 1 to 2 working days to rectify by DHBVN.

Therefore, i would request to kindly take some serious action on this so service can better if DHBVN charging highest amount Electricity on bill so do something on it..........Jai Hind
Sajan Goyal
Aug 29, 2019

High Electricity Bill

My problem is my electricity bill is coming high as per actual reading in meter. From last two month i am facing this problem. My meter account no is 4852001000 and mobile no is 9899099878. Kindly rersolve my issue.
Aug 15, 2019

Misbehaving of customer care executive

From today morning onwards light is not coming to our area when i call to DHBVN toll free no they told light will come shortly, then i told them to register a complaint but they deny to register. Again after one hour i called them then they told light will come after 5 pm, then i told them to register complaint but she told no need to register complaint and start misbehaving. I told her that i want to talk to your seniors but she told i will not connect to my boss and disconnect the call. The executive name was pooja. This is the way how they are behaving with their coustmers. Atleast they should give right information and should behave well.

Subdivison- pali
Rajkumar yadav
Nangla enclave part 2 NIT faridabad
[email protected]
Jul 21, 2019

Electricity power cut

In Surat nagar phase 1 , Electricity supply is only for 12 - 15 hours, after every 1/2 an hour power cut for 1/2 an hour . This is not a these day problem this is regular problam. In the rainy season if a drop of rain come they cut the supply till weather not clear.
DHBVN is very worst service. It's need to be privatised.
vikrant agarwal19
Jul 13, 2019

Electricity fluctuation

Sir I am a resident of Kalyan enclave, Palwal , Haryana.
There is continous fluctuation of electricity since 8 hours at this area . The appliances are getting damaged , people are not able to sleep during the whole night . And moreover no one is there to attend the call in complaint office , who knows if they are present there or not , their mobile phones are switched off .Even when i visited the office , no one was present there . Its a request to take strict actions against the responsible ones . I hope my complaint will be taken seriously and actions will be taken otherwise i will become tempted to complain further higher authorities .

Vikrant Agarwal
Kalyan enclave behind Ch. Subhash Kothi
121102 -Palwal
Pragati Yadav Advocate
Jun 30, 2019

No power supply

In Shanti Nagar area there is a serious power supply issue and is reported may times but no action is taken... there was no supply in the area for 3hours yesterday night time 1:30am.. finally local residents temporarily fixed it(these people are not experts and anything bad can happen, they will face consiquen because of your neglect behaviour and no one but DHBVN will be responsible)and again for morning 7am we are facing the same problem. We are unable to sleep at night and at day.. this is just not acceptable.
Kindly look into the matter seriously.
Lalita Pandey
Jun 15, 2019

No power supply

We are facing light problem here many days.last 2-3 hrs no power in our area .pls provide the supply
Jun 11, 2019

Power failure on daily basis

We are facing Frequent power supply failures at night in sector 17 A . Numbers are provided on Google but some are not reachable and for others we just hear repeated message of waiting in que
The problem has become worse as we all have office everyday and we can't sleep at night because of power issue
Check it on priority
Jun 4, 2019

Voltage flactuation and power cuts at night in patel nagar gurgaon


Everyday there is voltage flactuation at night in patel nagar gurgaon and having mulriple power cuts. Today it becomes worst as around 11pm the power went off and still it is not repaired yet. The response from the customer care is like it will be ok with in a hour or so but the issue is still not sorted. As a citizen we are always paid the electricity bills on time and expect the basic curtesy from dhbvn that the issues will be taken care of but it seems there is no plan for the same.

Pls. look into this on priority
Mohit Kumar
May 31, 2019

DHBVN Power Outage and Blasts

Lately H block Palam Vihar is experiencing over night electricity cuts.
There have been multiple blasts leading to long hours of power outage.

There was a fire started due to this in January as well.

The number of blasts have increased over the last 5 months and regular power outages without notifications are occuring more often,

Please look into this.
Mohit Kumar
May 31, 2019

Palam Vihar H Block

Lately H block Palam Vihar is experiencing over night electricity cuts.
There have been multiple blasts leading to long hours of power outage.

There was a fire started due to this in January as well.

The number of blasts have increased over the last 5 months and regular power outages without notifications are occuring more often,

Please look into this.
May 30, 2019

power supply is not proper in our Area Sanjay colony Near mullha hotel

power supply not proper from 29/05/2019 midnight when i call lineman he is not pickup my call when i call customer complaint center they saying sir probelm reaolve shortly but till date 31/05/2019 time 1:45AM In probelam is same Plz do Something DHBVNL and our Cm Sir Sh Manohar lal khater ji its Humble Requst
May 29, 2019

Voltage fluctuations

I have just shifted from Delhi to Gurgaon for my job and after 9 hours of work I come home to zero AC and a lot of heat/!
Reason: Such drops in voltage that even stabilisers fail to pick up enough to get the compressors working,.

AC is still a far fetched dream! Even the fans don't run properly at maximum speed!

I have been here for 4 days and I have not spent a single night of good sleep!

I need DHBVN to tune up the transformers a notch when it's clear that the load is too much! Power cuts in the daytime are still manageable since more than half of the city is out working. But we cannot keep hampering our night's sleep with office in the morning!
jagvinder kumar
May 17, 2019

name mes mach

name mestack my name is jagvinder kumar but bill name is joginder my acount no
kumar gaur
May 17, 2019

demage meaters relatied

sir ji maine gaon sadhrana me demage meaters ki bahut baar complained ki yahan tak ki MD (dhbvn) tak mail ki yahan se forward hoker SDO farrukhnagar (dhbvn)tak aati is se aage koi karyahi nahi hoti hai

sir ji gaon sadhrana me kaafi bijli meaters bund pare hai jiss se ki dhbvn ka hi loss ho raha hai sir ji ek terf jo log sahi se bijli bill bher rahe hai in logo ko kya milega or jo log bund meaters ke karan averege bill bher rahe hai is liye bahut baar complained ki gaye lelkin koi karyahi nahi hui hai aap se request hai ki iss ki jaanch ker is per uchit karyahi kerne ki kirpa kren

sir ji jo meaters bund pare hai is ki jaankari kya aap ke meaterreaders nahi de rahe hai ki gaon sadhrana me kitne meater bund pare hai
[email protected]
Apr 23, 2019

Installation of transformer

Dear sir

We are living in yaad colony from the last 3 years and still there is no transformer in our street.
We complained many times but there is no response from the office of DHBVN of our area. Plz sir take any action about the concern.we are living in a very deplorable condition.
Dec 19, 2018

Electricity Supply

We had raised a comparing to toll free at 1 pm today . There is a problem in our meter. Till that time no response from the concern person is recieved. I called toll free too many times but still problem is not resolved. My compliant NUM is DH126035249181219.
How can they behave like this also i called JE for this concern but a lady picked up the call and said that JE is sleeping not feeling well. But this thing is like a joke .
Dec 1, 2018

Excess billing/wrong billing

Subject:- Wrong Billing without reading since 2 billing cycle account no. 7333740000 K.No. 2212057472 bill no. ############ dated 15.11.2018 for Amount Rs.17168/-

Dear Sir/Madam
I am writing this email regarding my concern over the wrong billing provided to me for last two billing cycles. My account no. is 7333740000 registered under the name of Vinod Shankar Dubey address E-64, Dayal Bagh Colony Near Eros Garden Surajkund Road Faridabad Haryana 121009.

The reading showing in the bill is much different from what the actual reading is. We have paid 22,765/- on 08/10/2018 vide bill no. ############ and again we are served with the bill amounted 17,168/- due on 03/12/2018 vide bill no. ############ which is a very big amount for anyone. Also, because of this we are charged at the different slab rate Rs.7.10 per unit. Previously you raise the bill without reading from meter 2944 unit showing new reading 22134 as on 13.09.2018 and we paid Rs. 22765/- as on 8.10.2018 @7.10 per unit whereas we see the meter reading as on 16.11.2018 total reading was 21239 and you further raise the bill for Rs. 17168/- vide bill no. bill no. ############ dated 15.11.2018 on provisional basis for 2219 unit @7.10

We log the complaint on line for wrong billing vide complain registered with ID no. 4445250019, and online we get the assurance that your representative will contact us. But after 2 days we checked the online status where you marked to contact physically at SDO office. I am surprised to see the development in today’s digitally environment where you are forcing to visit Local office for the correction of bill, I think you should stop all online work…. Call to all at your local office and get the effected economy of India, because I am private employee, getting very small salary, I will take leave for 2 days for the correction of bill and my company will deduct my 2 days salary and my life will be effected, Already my wife is kidney patient and on dialysis but you will be enjoying keeping me in queue.

Hence I will plan to leave the Haryana, and try to go some other state like delhi. You may keep collection through wrong billing.

I will raise this concern with Prime minister of India, Chief Minister Haryana and other related department so that correction may be taken or these issue by the DHBVN.

Any way I will not make payment of this wrong bill….

We urge you to please consider this and ask for the correction in the bill by taking actual reading and also reverse the excess charges which you had already recovered on higher tariff rate.

Thanks & Regards

Vinod Shankar Dubey
M : 9650090372 | E : [email protected]
Oct 18, 2018

street light

Sep 29, 2018

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