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Consumer complaints and reviews about DishTV

Jun 3, 2021


Even after sending two email's to the customercare and nodal officer one on Saturday 22/05/21 and the other on Monday 24/05/21 but still there is no reply or revert from dishtv but sorry to say dishtv is IGNORANT, NEGLIGENT, CARELESS and BOTHERLESS towards the customer's complaint of INSULTING the Doctors who's fighting this Pandemic Situation from their ARROGANT, STUBBORN and ILL-LITERATE anil kumar sharma( mobile - 9820371386) technician.

It's VERY VERY DISSAPPOINTING and DISGUSTING from dishtv for not replying to the customer's complaint. It shows either dishtv is SHIELDING, SUPPORTING, PROTECTING or PROVOKING the dishtv SILLY STUPID SHAMELESS GREEDY technicians. Are they given freedom by dishtv to say whatever they like even though they don't have the CALIBRE.

On Friday dated 21/05/21 it was their ARROGANT and STUBBORN technician named anil kumar sharma(9820371386) who arrived at 05:00 pm at my house to attend the call but instead of doing his work he was busy with some SILLY STUPID GREEDY ideas for switching the dishtv to some other dish. When it was asked why we are unable to view the channels, suddenly after knowing me as a Doctor and as a taunt he on purpose INSULTED THE DOCTORS WORKING IN THIS PANDEMIC SITUATION saying that

"Aaj Doctors injection se baite bitaiye mobile phone se Corona bhej rahe hai"


Just tell me is this a sensible talks by your SILLY STUPID GREEDY IDIOT technician? and who has given the right to the ILL-LITERATE IDIOT to say such a thing. How can he insult the Doctors who are working Day and Night in this Pandemic Situation, was he a MORON and having such a DIRTY and DISGUSTING mouth he can say anything and insult a PRESTIGIOUS PROFESSION. Firstly the SILLY STUPID ILL-LITERATE IDIOT anil kumar sharma dosen’t have the CALIBRE to insult the Doctors. Nobody had given him the right to do so and secondly the GREEDY IDIOT staying and earning in Mumbai had no respect for this city. This type of MANNERLESS MISCREANTS should be SACKED and thrown out of this city.

Even after raising the concern to the customercare and nodal officer dishtv is least bothered and interested and on purpose SUPPORT, PROTECT and SHEILDS the CULPRIT.


Aug 24, 2020

Worst, Useless, Fooling, Lying, Cheating AND Disgusting dishtv and their customercare. .

WORST, CHEATING, LYING, FOOLING, FRAUD, FAKE AND SHAMELESS dishtv and their customercare named alok.

I being an existing customer, VC no : 02563137586, registered mobile number 9975746158 having a VERY VERY DISSAPPOINTING, BAD AND DISGUSTING experience from dishtv and their customercare creature named alok nowadays.

Repeatedly I am complaining from last 15 days that the dishtv set-top box is not working properly but your SILLY STUPID GREEDY, IGNORANT, NEGLIGENT AND BOTHERLESS customercare agents are paying no heed to my complaint. Nowadays there is no service of contact us on dishtv website, there are three services shown on website call me, sms and missed call but non are working. Tried anyone services there is a call from dishtv sales department and they asks for a new connection why should I? because firstly your dishtv services are so BAD, CHEATING and DISGUSTING.

Today dated 24/08/20 there was a call from your sales department telling some SILLY STUPID offers when complaint and asked for the resolution she took the request and after sometime there was a call at 09:09 am (120-6148530, creature named alok). The customercare agent was ARROGANT, STUBBORN and BOTHERLESS when told about my complaint he refused to take my complaint and swap my set-top box because he insisted technicians visit and I denied. Because last two months back there was a channel problem they sent their INEXPERIENCE, BOASTFUL, LAZY AND GREEDY technician, without doing any work he charge his fees though telling him to tighten the nut and bolt of the dish but he refused to do so. In the end while leaving he told us if there is any problem in future don't call dishtv call him directly and this thing was reported to dishtv customercare but all in vain, they IGNORED and was BOTHERLESS.

See unnecessarily your SILLY STUPID GREEDY technician will come without any work they charge us and we have to pay, why unnecessarily send the GREEDY technician instead just send me the set-top box only the issue is of set-top and nothing else.
Dec 23, 2018

Dishtv channels

Dish TV is really hopeless ... They Don't value customer's... The problem I had was many of the channels suddenly went off air ..and when I called customer care today.. they are telling me to upgrade the stb box only then I will eable to see the missing channels.. why this was not informed prior to 1 month at least. Customer service agents simply disconnected the call by saying no other option but to upgrade the stb. Why should I pay when this was not informed before.... . Vijayan/9773547870
Jul 19, 2018

Poor service

I am getting 301 signal not found error from last 3 days and raised request to send a technician to fix the issue on 16th july, but yet no one reported to fix the same. Customer care team is only saying please speak with senior supervisor and senior supervisors like varsha and sanjay are saying we are in discussions with service team.. This kind of conversation is going om from last 3 days.. This is the second time i am not getting service on time. Hence giving complaint here.

Vc number- 01525248725
Santosh Patro
Mar 26, 2018

New Connections, Wrong Committment

Dear Jayesh Parmar,

As per our telephonic conversation, all the necessary information has been shared with you regarding your concern. Do let us know in case you need any further assistance.

Online Team
Jayesh Parmar
Mar 24, 2018

New Connections, Wrong Committment

I am Jayesh Parmar, took new connection DISHTV NXT HD today and new customer of DISHTV.


I got call from Customer care on 22nd March, 2018 for the new connection which i requested. They told me the latest annual offer in which they was providing new connection in 5690/- instead of 6500/- rupees. Along with new connection, they told me that they will give me below package for 12 months.

Maxi Sports
Full ON HD

+ one Active Service Add on

+ 2000 Rupees voucher coupon dunia.

Today i.e 24 March, 2018, the connection request 383202056 was processed and new connection was provided. Unfortunately, the pack which i got was platinum_club_hd_annual pack and this i learnt when i got sms. The pack promised was Maxi Sport + Full on HD and which i got was different.

I am really frustrated, this is my first day with Dishtv and i am writing mail to nodal officer. Its really frustrating service, the call centre (helpline) guys not able to help me and just telling me all wrong things. I recently talked to Sourabh Kumar (supervisor) where he understood my problem and told me that he is activating the packs which was promised. HOwever with this activation, the overall date got reduced. It was told 12 months and now it is 11 months and lesser.

Who will believe or have trust, if such things happen. Sourabh committed wrong things to me and told me that next recharge date will be 30/9/2018 (please hear the recording) and now, he is saying he did not told. I am very much disappointed and requesting help from nodal officer.

I think, you will understand my concern and assist me.

VC Number: 02512673100
Jun 19, 2017

DishTV - Worstest service provider and technician ..No resolution

Dear Nikitad92

Information about your complaint is still awaited from you. Please contact us on [email protected] with the necessary details for any further assistance.

Online Team
Jun 7, 2017

DishTV - Worstest service provider and technician ..No resolution

Dear Nikitad92

Hope you are doing good.

We are sorry for the experience you had. Please share your registered mobile number and we will put all our efforts in trying to help you out.

Online Team
Jun 4, 2017

DishTV - Worstest service provider and technician ..No resolution

I am not getting any kind of proper service from dishtv Company and technician..I am frustrated calling customer care and checking my complaint status...requesting for technician...But DISHTV TEAM & SERVICE CENTER think customer are fool who pay the servicing charges ..and No Resolution on complaint .THE DISHTV COMPANY TEAM MEMBER MR. SALIM TOLD ME THAT YOU DO COMPLAINT ANYWHERE YOU WANT TO DO BUT TECHNICIAN WILL NOT VISIT .... Senior Person promise me while taking on conference call and promoise me that techician will visit but no visit done ...FALSE PROMISE GIVEN TO ME...ASM IS NOT HANDLING PROPER THAT"S WHY COMPANY MEMBER MR.SALIM BEHAVE AND USED THIS TYPE OF WORDS..this is happened with me so i raised complaint but what about otherss...how was his behaviour with other Customer...Dishtv will loose many more customer soon while providing this type of service and rudely backanswer ..false promise .. No resoultion afetr paying Charges. So Do you think consumer are fool or mad that using dishtv service.. I want soon reply and get to repair... while paying you charge no proper service given ...
VC No 01522966972
Apr 14, 2017


Hi place a request for new connection from comparedth.com for dishtv which was never installed when i contacted dishtv they mentioned to send an email for refund which i did 1 week ago till know no one has contacted me i only get auto generated email from dish that they will contact in 24hrs when u call customer care they hang up the its getting frustrated know to file a legal complaint for dishtv refrence number 1003951549. contact details 9870706818
Altamash ansari
Oct 31, 2016

Displaying viewing card deactivated

On my tv screen it is displaying vc card deactivated but in my account it is displaying active
I recharged my account twice for the activation
1st tym i recharge it of Rs 1000 nd 2nd tym of Rs100 but it is displaying the same mesaage vc is deactivated
I also called customercare service nd i also followed the instruction by them but still it is displayin vc is deactivated on my tv screen

I tried also the possible things to activate it but the result is same " Viewing card is deactivated"

My accounts detail is given below
VC number : 01521567504
RMN number : 8286704661

Displaying viewing card deactivated Displaying viewing card deactivated

Jun 6, 2016

Dish tv deactivated

Dish tc has been deactivated pls activate it fast
Sep 22, 2015


Dear qsoheb23

We hope your issue has been resolved. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.
Please feel free to give us your feedback at [email protected]
Have a nice day.

Online Team
Sep 21, 2015


Dear qsoheb23

Thanks for voicing your concern. Please be assured that we working on your problem and we will get in touch with you at the earliest. For any further clarifications, please drop us an email on [email protected]

Online Team
Sep 20, 2015

fraud done by dishtv

My name is Soheb qureshi and i am using dishtv dth, my vc number is 01504329161 and i have contacted dishtv and second day dishtv engineer came he saidur setub box is broken (all channel was not coming"u have to buy new setub box" so we gave him money he bring new setub box and fix to our house and everytime they come they take 250 rs from us subcription charge and some engineer say dont tell company this much charge has done i have done at less rs as there engineer say and after new setub box installing same was came they waited us for 1 day and when he second day he came and he said conector is duplicate so i said ur company engineer only has fix connector he said so many has come and go and he ask for 50 rs so we said fix it and now new problem is coming automatic setub box switch off and so he is saying that wire is also broken and now is askng 500rss extra i have already given them 900rs.. and when i told company that i want o new connection they said if we cant repair ur problem they refund my money and so i said yes.. now also they are asking for money and not giving money and they are not refunding my money back to me to take a new dth connection and i m resquesting you give me money back 900 rs from dishtv and take a action against dishtv and guys dont buy dishtv and everytime they come and take 250 charge for only come
Jul 1, 2015

Appalling service from Dishtv

Vc no. 01507536856 - i had placed a complaint at 8:23am on 1st July as was unable to view channels and firstly assured a call back in 1 hour by Una. Later in the afternoon when i called back,spoke with Rupam,was informed that technician will visit in 24 hours. He gave me number for service centre,who never answered to calls or replied to messages. Finally at 11pm i had to call back and spoke to Sampa and later Mausumi, supervisor, again assured a service in 24 hours which is already over. This is really frustrating as there was no phone call made the entire day to inform or any technician visited as per commitment. The supervisor said if no one visits on time there will be a waiver of a day's money. However,this was such a disappointing service from Dishtv that you are compelling me to think otherwise.
Jyotnsa Jadhav
Feb 17, 2015

wrong recharge

Dear sir/madam

Mi Jyotsna Jadhav tumcha dishtv chi member aahe majhakadun dishtv cha recharge wrong id var kela gela hota ani mi pay 1 side varun kela hota tar pls majha hya compalint badal tumhi dakshta khyavi.

Jyotsna Jadhav
wrong id 01519363892
correct id-01519336892
recharge date 13/02/2015
tran id 91716
prachi halarnkar
Feb 12, 2015

experiencing a very bad service

hello, this is a user of dish tv ,i have been having very bad service from dish tv .i had activated a pack from PICK BY CHANNEL 3 months ago, i had selected nearby 50 channels for rs 350 . and now there are only 20 channels working .its policy is that the pack will be working for 3 months its been 3 months its still not getting deactivate . i had complaint about it many times .so kindly please deactivate PICK BY CHANNEL service as I no longer want to use it .and there are no other packs useful for me because there are only sports pack available . and we are not interested in it .so kindly do the needful.my v.c no is 01513201117 .the user is HANNA MARGRET PRASHANT HALARNKAR please help us as soon as possible
Jan 15, 2015

blance not recive

we have done recharge of worth around 1000. but we have not recive it yet so pleas check it out.
VC no:############
registration no is:sr############
thank you
Pavan Kumar B
Nov 4, 2014

Wrong recharge done

Hi ,
Today I recharged DishTv to a wrong VC no.01505540518 on the recharge of Rs 470. The correct VC No : 01508840518. Kindly let me know how to get the reversal for the same.

Attached is the Transaction details.

Wrong recharge done

Imtiyaz Khatri
Nov 1, 2014

Channel Viewing

My VC No. 01518110795, RMN 9819292454, Not getting Sony, SAB, Sony Max & Sony Max 2, since today please check the same, sent SMS and called customer care but no response, hoping for quick action as I am missing my serials on these channels.
Dec 5, 2012

False commitments and information given by customer care support for a new connection.

Respected sir,

Myself Sunil Naidu, Residence of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
Pin code:400019, Email: [email protected]

I had called up your customer care Nos. 022-60013474 and 01202550000 on 30th Nov 2012, for a new connection of Dishtv+ ( Dishtv + Recorder) "Non HD"....

After speaking to several executives and came to know with a confirmation from a executive Ms. Rehmati Bhanu..As the rates mentioned below :-

Dishtv + recorder:

Online booking: 990 + 200 + 25 = Rs.1215
Dealer booking :1490 + 200 + 25 = Rs.1715
Direct booking through dishtv: 1290 + 200 + 25 = Rs.1515

That is 200+25 = 225 for installation of the dishtv. which is fairly understood. And the above said package will come with "Supergold pack: Rs.255/- per month" with 2 months subscriptions free after placing the order and activation of the dishtv., I was also been promised that i will be getting 250 channels including "Tamil" full pack of 80 channels.

After attempting a numerous times to log into the website provided to me i.e: www.dishtv.in, the company's website was unavailable and yesterday on 4th Dec 2012, when i made a call to your customer care I was been informed that the rates of Dishtv+ is Rs.1490 and with 1 month subscription of supergold pack: Rs.255/-

My Question to the company would be is it the customer's fault that after confirming with the support executives numerous time, And getting confirmation about the above rate on online booking For Rs. 990/- and 2 months subscription free scheme.

Why am i been given false promises by your earlier executives and misinformation?

Why are the executives are not been well trained with the product and know how about dealing with customers on calls ?

Why so many loop holes in company's website, where in product tab of the website it says Dishtv+ recorder For Rs. 990/-* and after clicking the dishtv + recorder it says for Rs. 1490/- ?

Why i was been promised by the executives that i will receive a call from the company for misinformation and inconvenience ?

Now i am been waiting for a call from the company from past 2 days.

I need a New dishtv on priority basis on the basis of earlier information provided to me and required a assistance at earliest.

I would kindly request Dishtv authorities to look into the matter deeply and revert back as soon as possible..

Awaiting for your response at earliest..

Thanking you,

Sunil Naidu..

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