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Consumer complaints and reviews about DTDC Courier

Apr 18, 2017

Courier not received

I need to receive a Parcel from Varnasi to chennai, tracking of the number shows Successully Delivered On 10th April, But i havent received any -not even a call.

Tracking No :Z20497176

Please let me know if you need more details

Mar 17, 2017

item stuck at kannur

item not received at nileshwar (purchased from ebay) , stucked at kannur for last 9 days

Shipment Summary Print
Tracking No. A37408044 Last Status In Transit
Reference No.
Booking Date 06th Mar'17
Last Status Date 08th Mar'17
Shipment Details
Origin Ahmedabad Destination Cochin
No. of pieces 1 Service Type Lite
Package contents Box
Shipment Tracking History

Booked & Dispatch In Transit At Destination Out for Delivery Delivered
Date Activity Location
Wed,08th Mar'17|09:00 Hrs Received At Facility Cannanore
Wed,08th Mar'17|08:30 Hrs Received At Facility Cannanore
Tue,07th Mar'17|18:50 Hrs Processed & Forwarded From Hub Cochin Hub
Tue,07th Mar'17|17:35 Hrs Processed & Forwarded To Hub Cochin Hub
Tue,07th Mar'17|15:27 Hrs Received At Hub Cochin Hub
Tue,07th Mar'17|15:27 Hrs Received At Destination Cochin Hub
Tue,07th Mar'17|15:03 Hrs Received At Hub Cochin Hub
Tue,07th Mar'17|15:03 Hrs Received At Hub Cochin Hub
Tue,07th Mar'17|06:22 Hrs Processed & Forwarded From Facility
Tue,07th Mar'17|02:09 Hrs Received At Hub Ahmedabad Hub
Tue,07th Mar'17|02:09 Hrs Received At Hub Ahmedabad Hub
Mon,06th Mar'17|22:23 Hrs Processed & Forwarded To Facility Khokhra
Mon,06th Mar'17|22:18 Hrs Processed & Forwarded From Facility Khokhra
Mon,06th Mar'17|21:07 Hrs Booked At Facility Khokhra
Jan 22, 2017

delay for delivery

I'm from Chennai tambaram. I couriecouriered one document on18. 01. 2017 to avadi Chennai. 77.. but still now not received. I couriered very important document for urgent purpose.

They said it will reach by 20.1.2017. today date 22.01.2017. I didn't get any proper Information in tambaram branch
Kindly let me know the status and pls give back to sender address itself.

I want a proper status for this. Still I dnt know where my courier has been blocked.

It giving me the tension only.

arun singh patel
Nov 16, 2015

not reached on time

Dear sir,

I courier my consignment C63383616 on 9th Nov from thiruvotiyur Chennai to iim Kozhikode Kerala
But it is still not reach (today 16th Nov)
Today is the last date of form submission

If iim reject my form then dtdc will be fully responsible for that
And what is the use of courier service if not delivering on time

Please take necessary action

Arun Singh
Sep 24, 2015

delivery complaint

Dear Sir
for your information we have couriered a parcel from Bahadurgarh to Karnal but it is still pending to deliver the receipt no is Z61556363 so you are requested to please deliver this or return it
Thanks & Regards
Sanjeev Kumar
Siddhi Vinayak Communication Bahadurgarh
Sep 2, 2015

Not received courier

Still not received courier at Isolux Corsan, Gurgaon Office, Please confirm us immediataly, vide docket no P31312873, date 09.03.2015
Aug 3, 2015

courier not deliver

hai our agency couriered one courier by 2nd of july but till now they did not couirer they are telling it missed what can i do my consignment no is V23486380
Jul 16, 2015

pending delivery

Dear Sir,

My DTDC courier no. M20709025 took too long to deliver. The message i got said that the estimated delivery is today. but didnt reach yet. The reason i'm pissed is that no other courier items have been delayed, in fat it reached to us even on the next day which are also a lot heavier than the item im saying right now. I even noticed that the website dtdc.in copyright date has been outdated which is still a copyright of 2012. Maybe this could be because of negligence or the inability to compete ewith other courier service which we would opt in the future. The Courier service needs to take time and make effort in bringing the satisfactions of every customers. No other countries faced this problems. Be it in the western countries.

Jun 14, 2015

undersigned couriered by you through DTDC

The undersigned is couriered by through DTDC.
The courier boy dumps it in a locked house in our building inspite of being warned for this act of utter negligence on his part. Please ensure this does not recur again failing which I will be forced to take further necessary action in this regard.
Jun 5, 2015

Courier is not delivered

Hi ,
I was sent courier on 3-jun-2015 in DTDC courier from perungudi to gunidy.Till now my courier is not delivered and when I checked the status in DTDC courier they said me that status in ATTEMPT .

When I Checked with perungudi office they are not given good response and they are not given respect to customer .

When I asked the reason for courier office , they are not ready give the answer for my question. They are saying that we wil work based our convenient we won't work for ur expectation.
Finally had very very very worst experience with that " DTDC" courier .
Here after I won't recommend to any one :-(.

If any one please take action for complaints.
Santosh Biswal
Mar 26, 2015

Courrier not received till today

Dear Sir,
We have courier some official document to be submitted at central government office urgently .The Consignment having Number- D21288523,Dated-21-3-2015 courired from raigarh (Chhattisgarh) to ABB India Ltd(Faridabad). But till now we used to send all the courrier through DTDC &the service was good.

But now this courier after 05 days also the consignment not reached till date.so please arrange to delivery the above said courrier at least tomorrow.

Other wise we will lose the faith & may look after for better option.

With Regards

S K Biswal
ABB India Ltd
Feb 25, 2015


Booked a courier to NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Suratkal Karnataka.
The delivery was confirmed as per their website but courier returned back. What a fraudulent service! Pocketed Money. No response to the complaint. Beware of this company.
Shikhar Khandare
Jan 15, 2015

DTDC Courier , worst service ever


I had to get some documents urgently, so my mother sent to me by DTDC . Tracking number M13751489 .

It should have reached on Monday, but its thursday but it has still not reached .

<B>When I tried to check on their site, it was just stuck, not giving any response .(Don't think that my net was slow or any issue from my side, as I am a software engineer and having all config well)</B>

<B>Then I used their SMS tracker, it returned that door was closed so could not deliver.</B>

The level of stupidity is so high, I cannot comprehend. Why the heck we give our mobile no. on envelope you idiots, my office is very near, I could have come in 2 min if you called.  It would have been better if we used Indian postal service, atleast they have the common sense of pushing envelope inside home from below the door.
Aspire High
Aug 6, 2014

Damage of goods


We newly had tie up with DTDC to send our couriers for our small ecom company. We started with dispatch of wrist watches whose value was less and so we were informed that we can send them through DTDC lite putting transit on it which is they charge 2% extra on it but will safeguard your less delicate products which went good.
Next time we sent bag which are not fragile but have little work on it of some plastic balls. So we mentioned this transit in the acknowledgement to take extra precautions. But they were send through DTDC lit without any care even after mentioning handle with care on the acknowledgement provided to them. All those bags are damaged. The flabs of bags are twisted and work is damaged.
When we asked the reason then we were told that we do not have any service of this type. we send your courier in DTDC Lite service.
The responsibility of these guys is to verify on acknowledgement wat product the customer is sending if they have written such thing handle with care then the fact should be verified.
I need the damage and lost compensation on my 6 bags costing 1200 each.
The executives do not have manners how to talk.
My consignments are always delayed.
I want to remove my services from DTDC now. Once my compensation is handled I will pay the credit charges till now and stop dealings.

It would be very helpful if I can get some sort of help here.

We are beginners so small amount is also very important for us and moreover our newly created goodwill is getting spoiled just becoz of the services from DTDC. I am hearing a lot from my customers.

Kindly do the needful
Jul 25, 2014

WORST service

In my service it is very worst service by DTDC, I have sent parcel to my daughter from Hyderabad to Goa on 17th July 2014. It reached Goa panjim on 19/07/2014. In tracking we have checked our consignment no H32544594 every day it shows reached Goa it is in transit not delivered. upon calling DTDC panjim office they told today we will deliver by evening, it was done all most 3 to 4 days, by seriously when we called today, the answer from them is we have missed these parcel, we will try to locate give me 1 or 2 days. relay I felt very bad, I am very sorry to say that, what DTDC is doing? why it is going to reduce its reputation in market? I am not going to leave this matter here it self, I will go to consumer court, and see that I will get back the items.I have sent very costly cloths to my daughter to attend function. I am feeling that some of the DTDC staff stolen these things. Now at least DTDC is going to take any action of this or we have to fight our self?.
vinay banga
Jul 15, 2014

Non Delivery of Product

My Shipment Tracking Number is M07062475 and i have also regiestered a complaint with the DTDC staff (I1007424).
They have sent me the DRS copy nothing is clearly visible in that i donot know to whom the product has been delivered.
I have not received any call from the courier boy whenever he delivered the product.
I am really dissatisfied with the service of DTDC i dont know whose fault is this but i need an early solution of the problem.

I have been calling Gurgaon help desk (0124-4993560) but i have not received any satisfactory reply from them.
It is requested to resolve this issue as soon as possible otherwise i will have to loadge a complaint in consumer court regarding this
Jun 12, 2014

No door delivery

I was to receive a book by DTDC courier,no is Z23285291. I got a call today around 1135. It was from DTDC Kannur office. They told me to come to their office for collection. I asked them are they not supposed to do door delivery.Their reply was that there is no service to my place. Earlier I had got things delivered to my home by DTDC. And moreover my place is around 8 km from this office. This is not acceptable from a reputed courier company like DTDC. I had ordered the book online only because of the reason that I have to travel so much distance to the town for buying it. My email id is sgk3036@gmail.com.
Hifza khan
Mar 31, 2014

Non Delivery on proper address

Dear Sir/Madam
I had sent a parcel to New Delhi on march26th, consignment no. B08572492, which has not been delivered on the correct address as given, the person hasn't received it, and I found out through tracking that the parcel is been delivered on march 29th. On calling the customer care service they gave me the branch office no. to call and check but then they aren't responding. Its really pathetic to know the carelessness of your service. I please do request you to confirm to where has the parcel been exactly delivered.

Yours Faithfully
Hifza khan
Mar 28, 2014

Delay in delivery


I had couriered an envelope through DTDC courier in T Nagar, Chennai on 26th March 2014 evening. The destination is Thiruvanmiyur within Chennai limit. The normal time of delivery is morning of 27th March (Thursday)... However I heard from my contact who is supposed to receive the courier that he had not received the courier till evening of Thursday. Spoke to DTDC person in T Nagar office.. He was not able to track the status as the system was down. He said he will call me by 10 am on 28th March (today) to confirm on the status. No communication from DTDC person. I checked again with the recipient around 2 PM if they had received the courier. They said NO.. Again I called them and have to lose my temper... They said that the courier was mis-routed to a different location and came back to origin station before it was sent for delivery to the correct destination... While typing this, still it is yet to be delivered.. I am totally frustrated with DTDC service and their response to my concern... A local courier within same city take almost 2 full days to be delivered by DTDC... Had I gone myself, it would have been just 30 mts drive... A lesson to me not to trust these courier companies who never bother on customer service and experience.

Karthick S
Nov 28, 2013


May 13, 2013

consignment not reaching in time

H14142747 dt 04 may 13 still not delivered in mumbai. today date is 13 may 13 .what else i write plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do the corrective measure so that ur consignment reaches before i reach mumbai on 17 may 13.vary poor show by dtdc courier really. black spot on your name.
Umapathy Kaliaperumal
Mar 4, 2013

WORST service

Worst experience in my life with this courier. If you order through this courier then it will get delivered to your son(after he grows like you). They are so slow . Think they will travel by walking(on head) to deliver between states of india. WORST. I ordered an item on 26th feb 2013 and it has not been delivered yet.
Annamalai Dhandapani
Jan 9, 2013

Package is not delivered

Dear Team,

We have not received the consignment to the tracking no : Z77393071. Same has been dispatched in DTDC courier service (Cathedral Road) on 30 Dec 2012, But after 3 business days, I follow with Telephone number 044-28116540. They concluded the package is still in Same location but not able to identify where they had been kept in the office. Please confirm i will get the package, else i need to cancel the payment.

I have attached the tracking details, and say how much i have to patient to get the package.

D Annamalai
Aug 29, 2012

Irresponsible and Not giving respect to customers

How come there are so many complaints against the same person with the same fraudulent cases every time but still no action being taken. So i guess commenting over here will do no good to us as this site is completely dormant and not at all effective. Also i would like to know if anyone has lodged any complaints in the police station regarding this against him as the same thing happened with my elder sister and he abused her very badly yesterday. So now im gonna put an end to this person anyhow. If anybody wants to help me and also to get the money back can contact me in 9830952787.
Aug 10, 2012


My customer (Mr.Shailesh Kumar, Chennai +919940466206) bought an iPhone from me for Rs.38500. The phone was actually not starting so he sent me the phone back and asked for a replacement according to our policy.
Customer sent the phone back through DTDC Courier via AWB No.F06705103 on
21-07-2012 and I had sent him the replacement before receiving the previous phone on 21-07-2012 itself via DTDC AWB No.V09205582 with due TRUST.
The customer had also send me a video of packing the phone.
(don't know why he did so at the time of opening also)
The package was received from the delivery boy on 23-07-12 , but the weight of the package was very less (less/short by 200 grams). The package was easily squeezable.
There was no signs of opening/tampering.
I checked the box, I found nothing inside except a newspaper (Times of India, Chennai edition dated 15-June-2009) and an envelope (Google Adwords) having NUNGAMBAKKAM,CHENNAI SEAL ON IT.
Nungambakkam is the place where the customer had booked the parcel through DTDC franchisee.
I had immediately reported this matter to the customer, DTDC Indore branch and also sent a mail to DTDC Indore,Chennai,Mumbai (All 3 destinations where the parcel was in transit)
Certainly no one responded by email.
I contacted the DTDC Office and they said the package was not insured and the sender also didn't declare that there was a mobile inside, so they cannot do anything.
The buyer was unaware of courier rules and regulations as he was sending something for the first time by courier, so he didnt declare it.
I agree to the conditions of the DTDC courier,but my question is that
Its more than 15 days now, no one has replied.
I also don't have the IMEI no of the phone lost as the phone was shipped from DELHI after Non-Delivery of the consignment as our customer (Shailesh Singh) shifted to a new place.
So we had called back the phone from Delhi DTDC APEX BRANCH and re-shipped it again from Indore.

Please look in to this matter and help me.
I have incurred a loss of Rs.38500/-
The buyer says he isn't responsible for the loss.
My doubt is on the DTDC, Nungambakkam Branch as the weight of the parcel at the time of booking was 300 grams approx. as told by the buyer and the weight of the parcel on delivery was 150 grams.
the DTDC Nungambakkam branch also didnt helped us out for this matter.
I would like to escalate my concern to higher authorities so that the case is solved with priority.

I still have the evidences with me.
I have a very high hope that the Consumer Courts will get me my money back from DTDC.
The phone has been stolen at the DTDC NUNGAMBAKKAM BRANCH.

Yours Faithfully,

Aatmik Muchhal
Contact no. +91 8878677799
Email- liverpool.aatmik@gmail.com

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