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Consumer complaints and reviews about DTH service

Aug 9, 2016


Dear keval krishan sharma

Hope you are doing good.

Thanks for voicing your concern. Please be assured that we are working on your problem and we will get in touch with you at the earliest. For any further clarifications, please drop us an email on [email protected]

Online Team
keval krishan sharma
Aug 8, 2016

Charging Free to Air Channel Subscription

Sir DishTv DTH Charging from us Free to Air Channel " Zee News " Subscription From Last 1 and Half Months , i Contact to DishTv Today for this Problum Then They Clearly Said me " ye to Charge Lagega " . it will continued .please Help me.

- Keval Krishan Sharma Contact.09829212480
Ward No.6, 4 J. S. D., Bugia
C/o.Jaitsar , Distt.SriGangaNagar ( Raj.)
Jul 26, 2016

change my plan

i recharge 435 but it add to my accounts , i do not want platinum gold channel now , i want to change my plan to 435 package , change my plan or contact my registered mobile no
Jul 23, 2016

Fraudulant Operation

This is further to update that my VC no. is 01515921388.

On top of it, I had been out of town for 10 days and again I am not receiving any signal. After complaining I am told like last time that a technitian would visit like last time & I will have to pay him.
Vishy Srinivasan
Jul 19, 2016

Tata Sky Rip Off | Poor Service

I have 3 set top box connections of Tata Sky and have been a customer for over 6 years. One of my set top boxes have been malfunctioning and I get a fluctuating signal which means I cannot view the channels / signal quality is very poor - I have made multiple complaints over the last 6 MONTHS but this has not been fixed!!!.

The service provider has sent people to fix the issue and each time the technician claims that the problem has been resolved! Within a couple of days the problem resurfaces - the signal has been reset, cable checked, I have got my TV checked thrice by the Company technician, but the problem is not resolved.

I finally placed a call yet again on Jul 17, 2016 and was informed that a technician would be sent who would replace the box. The technician came to my residence from L K Telecom & Information Ltd., Lower Parel, Mumbai (+91-22-65000824)(Fakruddin Sheikh). After all the checks I was told everything was fine. When I demanded the box to be replaced as was discussed on call, I was first asked to call the call center - when I protested, I was connected to the service agency head who then wanted to be paid INR 400 to replace the defective box.

This is nothing but daylight robbery - why should a customer who is paying monthly rental for a defective box pay for the replacement?! The boxes provided by Tata Sky are also not new boxes but are "refurbished" boxes with no guarantee. I urge the regulator to take severe action against such fraudulent practices.
Jul 4, 2016

not getting asianet channel's in new diamond pack

I have an annual package of Videocon d2h, which has many channels including asianet.
My rmn is 9820319404.
About a week ago all channels were somehow reinitialized and I was asked to send an sms to their service number.
Thereafter most of the channels started working again, however the asianet channels still are not working.
I immediately then called the ivrs and lodged the request again, do note their ivrs is a dead end with no response after option selection.
Thereafter I sent them an email. I got a reply asking which channels are not working.
I replied back stating asianet channels are not working.
Thereafter neither has the problem been resolved nor do I get any responses to my emails.
I haven't such pathetic and deaf customer service from anyone.
I am contemplating what next steps to take to escalate and get value for the money I already paid.
Jun 28, 2016

Delay in Shoes delivery

Hi Team,
I have ordered shoes long back and received a message fro Comparedth.com on May 5 saying dat the product vl b delivered in 20-25 days. and after dat i have received a msg May 30 saying dat shoes has been dispatched your POD details are 752310248 on Dot... Wen vl i receive my shoes. So far, i have not received dem. I ask ur team to take necessary action and deliver the shoes on time. I have already paid the amount. I request solve my problem..
K R Ajay kumar
Jun 28, 2016


I am using videocon d2h
My account d2h account number is 25837800
its showing a message insufficient balance or channel not subscribed. but my account have sufficient balance. They are asking money Rs.200/- for restrarting the lost channels. eg. channel no 603 asianet, 611 asianet plus , 621 asianet movie etc.
looking for positive help
thank u
Jun 28, 2016


Dear Sudhakar,

As per your telephonic conversation with our customer service associate, we wish to affirm that the aforesaid concern has been discussed and resolved to your satisfaction.

Reliance Communications
Jun 26, 2016

channels not available

I have a videocon d2h connection with a subscription of south silver pack. Suddenly many channels like asianet, cnn etc is not coming and a message is coming that you have not subscribed/no balance. i have sufficient balance. these channels were coming till some ten days back. there is no complaint provision in the website and presently subscribed channels cannot be viewed. the website is horrible.
Jun 24, 2016

cheating the customers

I am using the airtel connection and they are charging the 1 year ammount and after 6 month they stop the serve in the name of top up and all other non sense service. And they all have excuse
Ravi Mukund
Jun 19, 2016

cable Operator is not providing Set top box

Dear Sir/Madam,
we are using cable service of M/s. Adhunik Electronis services after several complaints our Cable operator is not providing Set Top box to us and chargins us Rs. 160 per month and showing very few channels.

Kindly take necessary action or guide us where to file complaint by process.
Jun 17, 2016

worst service

very very poor service from compare dth , not providing the promised packages in right time, we have to wait to up to two days to get the packages after installation. i think no where it will happen.more over the response to customer complaints is worst.
Jun 8, 2016

change of base pack to flexi pack of videocond2h

I am a customer of videocond2h since 20-06-2010 & my. id no.is 13111547.I got my base pack changed to flexi as per message rceived on 08/06/2016 at 06:07 PM stating that "as per your request your base pacck has been changed to d2h flexipack, charges Rs 99per month". But i have been intimated by sh pradeep kummar & sh. yogesh mehta on customer care no.18001370111 from my registered mobile no. 9810305396 that atleast one add-on worth Rs 35 minimum is mandatory and not optional. I told that a written message to this effect may be sent on my registerd mobile may be sent, They replied that nothing in writing can be given to this effect but your new pack will not be made applicable incase of failure to follow the verbal instructions.It seems that the co. is charging the verbally claimed amount and have the intention of misguiding as well as leave him in dilemma as my complaint was not even registered. I feel cheated because earlier also ad-on was made mandatory without leaving any written proof with me. I request that a necessary solution/ feed back may be provided.
Jun 3, 2016

Very Bad Service of D2H

Dear Sir,

I am a D2h customer since last 3 months.
My Customer id is 167794078

First of all since first day of the installation very frequently signal loss is there.
This time it was the height

fir 3 days the videocon d2h settop box is not working at my home. Getting the message SIGNAL NOT AVAILABLE
2 days back I raised the complaint for same.
I got the calls twice or thrice from the service engineer saying that he will visit my place in next 30 mins, but he never turned up.
I have never seen such kind of pathetic service, even the government organisations works much better then this.

finally after 3 days D2H engineer came to my place,
His behavior was very bad. following are the noticable points.

1. He didn't had any id card to prove that he is from videocon d2h.
2. He charged Rs. 200 for a connector as he said somewhere wire has cut and the wire has to connect again. Where as last time the charges for the connector was Rs. 150 just 2 months back.
3. He threatened us that if we will make any kind of complaint against him, he will not come to fix any issue from next time.

Seriously patetic service provided by D2H, On top of this no communication from D2H.

May 31, 2016


Dear Sudhakar,

We have noted your complaint and the same has been forwarded to our customer service team. They will get in touch with you directly to resolve your concerns.

Reliance Communications
sudhakar reddy madhu
May 29, 2016


am using Reliance dth since long time,
My Smart Card No. : is ############
I complain 27 THE MAY 2016. about LNB calmp and DISH proble, Will n't come & could n't solve the problem. They tell me will change 725/- Rs. I am agreed. But the Reliance DTH not send any engg. but whenever I call customer care they saying me we have to wait for 72 Hours & I call many time after 48 hours but they always tell me we have taken complain the complain will solve in 48 hours but yet not solved.
May 21, 2016


I have just been the victim of a SCAM run by this company.... I had an annual platinum pack renewed for the full year with an sms from d2h that it was valid upto 16/7/16.... It seems they rang up last year thereafter and offered something called "active services" which was free for one month... An sms was sent sent on my mobile saying this was a free offer for one month and "on auto renewal" whatever that meant....No further information of any debits or confirmation that this service was continuing was ever sent thereafter or that my annual renewed period had now declined was ever informed.....No information was ever shown on my screen in Account Information...It always stated "no account information"..... Of course I did not even know this service existed and never used it..... All of a sudden my screen went blank 3 days ago with no prior warning on the registered mobile number or the set top information panel that my balance had become nil..... it was only when I rang up customer care that I discovered this scam....The current stand of the company after 30-45 minutes with customer care and a written complaint is that they will not reverse these charges which by the way are close Rs. 1200/-......Can you imagine such a debit under the guise of a free offer...... Most pathetic and disgusting....Even the customer care was useless...just passed the phone from one to the other and wasted a lot of time.....So please be aware as the company is desperate for revenue in any manner ....Buyers be aware
ravendra pratap singh
May 20, 2016

safe custody in 3019662927 2nd connection standard stb

My Airtel DTH no is 3019662927 , 19 May I want to safe custody through customer service executive,He assure to me ,it will safe custody in 3019662927-002 standard set of box with in couple of time, but They didn't done my request yet till now, I had made three four call for these purpose , But problem is not dispose right now
May 16, 2016

Comliant against Airtel Dth SERVICE

My Airtel DTH no is 3012692270, 10th May I want to remove star sports channel through customer service executive,He assure to me ,it will remove within couple of time, but They didn't done my request yet till now, I had made three four call for these purpose , But problem is not dispose right now. they tell to me request is proceessing after two month i have lost Rs 100 more rupees.

I would like to raise voice against such unethical moves of Airtel DTH service
[/list]If it is actionable under TRAI's provisions, pl take necessary action to get the remedial action taken by them.

Also pl inform whether system of FTAs for free and Rs.45 per pay channel (+ 7% increase allowed recently) to be opted by the consumers is applicable to them, if not, whether TRAI can consider to make such regulation for DTH operators too.
May 4, 2016

TATASKY cheating the public

I have been subscriber of TATASKY for the last seven years, and every year I pay one year subscription in advance. Last year when my due date is still 15 days balance, I was asked by TATASKY to renew for next one year promising that one year shall be effective from actual date of expiry i.e 16th May 2015, but to my surprise after i paid one year amount on 30th April 2015, they have made first due date as 23 November 2015, then December 2015 and after protracted struggle they made as 12May 2016, till March end it was showing same, suddenly they changed as 10th May. I wrote a number of mails, but they are adamant, they make peculiar calculations.

1. They offer holiday of services, but they never extend due date

2. They offer one year subscription, but they count number of days as 364, if you renew on 30th April, next due date becomes 28th April not 29th April.

3. In one year they count leaf year as extra.

4. If they revise that increase rates, during one year subscription also, they somehow make twisting calculations and and see that increased rates are collected from you.

5. While the quality of transmission of TATASKY is best among DTH operators , they are totally against customer relations and resort to above techniques of collecting more than what is promised.

I request Govt authorities to intervene to correct them

my subscription ID of TATASKY is : 1001769973
Apr 21, 2016

Videocon D2H

I am using Videocon D2H for past 2 years, their monthly subscription charge were increased eventually every month or quarterly.
Initially South Silver its was Rs. 180/month now increase to Rs. 225/month

So some I decided to downgrade my plan from (South Silver+ Rs 175 PHD Addon) to South Flexi pack + Rs.61 Tamil TOP-up + RS 175 PHD addon channel.

Called to Customer to make my request for downgrade, but strange and shock to know customer care representative saying you are on the higher pack, can not downgrade to South flexi plan. (repeated again to call customer call and another representative also said same)
South flexi plan available only for the new customers not to existing customer, those who are loyal and continue to pay extra money every month, but new customer enjoy the benefit of paying low

I pay money and then I have to decide how much to pay and what channel i want to watch. Operator can't decided how to pay or what I need to see.

Finally I decide to cancel the Videocon, this request would take 7 day to revert

To ALL: Customer have to decided, what channel we want to see not the d2h operator. Start your objection otherwise they keep on forcing us to pay our hard earned money.

Government have to make regulation on this operators and monthly hike on subscription charge, without any justification.

Jai Hind
Apr 18, 2016


Tired of Videocon d2H

Package prices are rising as SKY rocket

If number of connections are increasing it is expected that the rates should dropped but it is happening exactly reverse way.

Previously before D2H we were spending hardy 150-200 max and all channels were able to access.

Government should keep control on rates.............................................
Apr 18, 2016


I am tired of the price hike of packages.

Last few monthly recharges are,,, Rs 275 Rs 253 Rs 225 Rs 212 ......

Why the prices are increasing at this rate. Government should keep control on it.

Also temporary stopping the service is not flexible. its on for limited days.....
Apr 2, 2016

Fraud and Cheating by Airtel

My Airtel DTH subscriber ID is: 3004195877-001. One of the channels in my subscription pack is not work. It shows Error Code: B001, No Signal. This is strange as all other channels are working fine and there is no issue with signal reception. When I called Airtel DTH Customer care for support, they responded very rudely and said a charge of Rs 150/- will be levied for a technician visit.
I find this a clear case of cheating, since a technician visit is required to fix issues with the set-top box, cabling or the RF unit, for which I'm willing to pay the visit charges. However, when there is an issue with the Airtel service which should I bear the service charge for rectification. The DTh service providers are just fleecing the customers and since these subscriptions are pre-paid the customers are at the mercy of such unethical and unscrupulous service providers.

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