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Dec 6, 2016



I am having Tata Sky (C-id-1164253377) which I was bought with recharge amount of Rs.279 with basic pack of Rs.99 with add on pack of English movie and Hindi movies and pogo channel. this was my basic plan. from the very beginning for the past one year.

but last three months the package value got increasing in very short term.. 3 months back they have increased to Rs.310 & the next month it become Rs.331 and again this month of December it become Rs.349...

while selling they used to say price will be stable minimum for 1 year.. and without informing they are hiddenly increasing the charges.

i want to make a complaint and sue them in court. please guide me what are the steps to be taken in order to sue them.
sarfaras nawaaz
Nov 23, 2016

Cheating Validity & Hiding some [email protected] airtel DTH service


I am using airtel dth

My customer ID:3013185402(registered mobile no.9841678612) email ID: [email protected]

I recharged monthly pack of south india and hollywood pack on continuously two months.
They suddenly given message of my pack is ended in few days.
I contact customer care to given the complaint about that issue.
They replied as I did not recharge properly to that pack, So they charged per day Rs.3.50 and reduced the validity 30 days to 18 days. How it is possible? If any rule is available for cheating as provided our govt. to that networks?
They did not give the further explanation properly, their only aim is robbery the money from customers.
And another one more issue is they hide some channels from the providing package, If we given the complaint about that issue then replied as that is receiver problem pay service engineer Rs.150 they would clear that technical problem.
They did not give the message for recharge amount details and pack validity of registered mobile number and tv screen.
They only given the message of remainder notice for pack validity ended on few days.

Looking for positive help
Thank you
Nov 20, 2016

Refund of Charges for Channels Not Requested For Airtel Digital TV ID No.3002156067-001

I would like to inform you that, today I received an sms at my registered mobile no.being +919820179506 at 11:21 a.m. of 20th November 2016 stating that the my digital TV will expire on 25th of November 2016. Surprised, I checked the same on the Airtel app on my phone and it showed the same expiry date and balance of Rs.35/- to the my above referred account. I called up your call centre to enquire about the same and informed them that I had recharged on 22nd of September 2016 with an amount of Rs.4,218/- and how come the same gets expired in just 3 months. The executive was able to answer the question and informed me that the the account will only show for the top ups and not for regular account and she further informed that 3 channels were added on May 2016 for which the balance was reflected. I I clearly mentioned that I never requested for any top-ups then why I am being charged for the same. She was not able to answer and just told me that it was activated and will be charged. I refused to accept and she repeatedly told me the same thing that the charges for the 3 top-ups and if the same is not required by me, she can discontinue the same with immediate effect. Being not satisfied with the answer, she escalated the matter to her Senior Ms. Sapana (thats what I was told) and further asking for her complete name, with much hesitant, she mentioned her name as Sapna Sadapure or Sadapuri. I explained the same matter to her and told her to reverse the charges for the channels which i have not asked for. How can the paid channels be added without my permission and request. She was not able to answer any of question and as far of reversal, she doesn't have the authority. In that case why was she talking to me as a Senior in the Organization. She too forwarded to call to someone else, which she said was her Senior.

The so called Senior named Babita came on line (I don't believe she was any Sr. in the Organization as the call may have passed to someone else in the call centre). T too asked her for her full name and she too was hesitant to give her complete name. After much request she said it was Babita Sadapure or Sadapuri. I was confused and got a clear indication that everybody in the organisation are SADAPURE or SADAPURI, the customer support staff don't disclose their names. She too was not ready to accept the error done at your end and for which I am being penalized. She also told me the same thing that I can discontinue the channels, if I don't need. I told her to provide me with the method of me getting the top-ups added to my ID, whether it was by sms, by Internet or on Airtel apps. She bluntly just mentioned that your office don't maintain records, which is just 6 months back. For grievance, I can email it to them of I clearly know that they are looting the customers in this manner and don't want to pay back for the blunder made by them. I don't think its a blunder, they purposely added the channels, so that they can earn without my knowledge.

Furthermore, I have not being provided with any statement of accounts, which i need to receive any months. I need the same immediately for the date of inception and with a further request to reverse the charges applied on the name of the 3 channels i.e. HBO Hits, HBO Defined and Sony MAX Super Hitz from the day i.e. from May 2016, when they were added to my Customer ID without any further delay.

A copy of this email is being sent separately to the Compliant Board of National Consumer Compliant Forum.
Nov 15, 2016

Disactivation of VC within 6 days of recharge

Myself Chkradhar Panda is subscriber of Dish TV having VC No. 01518635567. On 30/10.2016 I had recharged for Rs. 275/- in Family Package which is generally Rs. 250/- per month. The VC was deactivated on 06.11.2016 i.e. 24 days before the schedule time. I have made complain in the Customer Care number but no avail. They are saying to contact in the number 8010531536, to person namely Suresh, whome I do not know. I have contract with Dish TV. Why I shall contact other persons like X Y or Z. What is the use of the customer no. then. If so then they should not withdraw the customer number. The Concerned ministry or authority may receive this as my complaint and take the necessary to redress my this grievances.

Thanking you.
Nov 3, 2016

setup box

i have lodged so many customer care complaints against change of set up box but no setup box has been replaced in airtel DTH
Oct 31, 2016

Fraud and Cheating by Airtel and port airtel dth connection

Fraud and Cheating by Airtel
My Airtel DTH subscriber ID is: 3012258392. many channels in my subscription pack is not work. It shows Error Code: B001, No Signal. This is strange as all other channels are working fine and there is no issue with signal reception. volume not functioning national channel not shown any time When I called Airtel DTH Customer care for support, they responded very rudely and said a charge of Rs 200/- will be levied for a technician visit.
I find this a clear case of cheating, since a technician visit is required to fix issues with the set-top box, cabling or the RF unit, for which I'm willing to pay the visit charges. However, when there is an issue with the Airtel service which should I bear the service charge for rectification. The DTh service providers are just fleecing the customers and since these subscriptions are pre-paid the customers are at the mercy of such unethical and unscrupulous service providers. volume not coming in set box last five days but tv set in ok. Sir i want port my airtel no 3012258392 iny other dth who it is possible yes/no pl mail /sms to me.my
Himat Kumar Hirawat
Oct 22, 2016


yearly subscriptionOF VIDEOCON D2H VIDE SUBSCRIPTION ID NO.121004044. All channels not receivable. ex- 483 SANSKAR SIGNAL NOT AVAILABLE. FEW OTHER CHANNELS are also not received inspite of subscribing.


ID NO.121004044
Oct 16, 2016

some of the channels are deleted without any information

Respected sir,

Sir, i have subscribed for videocon D2H, intially i used to get CNN and Bloomberg channels,but from past i month,i am not getting the relay, and there was no intimation nor any information but they are giving other unwanted channels without y consent. They are doing so intentionally, taking our silence granted. please do address this issue and get me some concrete promise from them, that hence forth they will not commit the same mistake.

My d2h account id number is :- 98193512
[email protected]
Oct 16, 2016

Not able to access subscribed channels

I am using Videocon D2h connection under cx.id:76176024 but for more than a month i am not able access some of my subscribed channels and called the Videocon customer care multiple time regarding this but they always gave excuses that its a temporary problem but its more than a month and i still do not get any result from there side. Please look into this at priority.
Abhishek Kumar
Oct 12, 2016

Signal corrupt

In our region signal of free dish continuously increasing and decreasing over 4month. If it's technical problem please solve it.
Oct 9, 2016

Videocon forcing me to pay for the free to air national channals

I've taken Videocon D2H connection and was watching the channels for last 2 years. Recently I prefer not to watch any paid channels, but am forced to select at least paid channels of Rs 171/- pm. Without this I'm unable to watch any free to air national channels. Moreover Videocon is allowing me to watch Videocon advertisements but not the free to air channels.

I should be allowed to watch the free to air National channels without making any payments. And If I wish I should be allowed to select other paid channels on paid basis.

As per government directive the service provider should not stop me from watching the free to air channels without making any payment. Also I should not be forced to make direct or indirect payment to watch the free to air national channels.

Please suggest as what needs to be done to gain my rights granted to me by government.
Oct 1, 2016

Someone else using my personal mobile number

My name is Manu Paul and I've no subscribtion to any d2h service. Someone else with an customer Id 127674505 for Videocon d2h has subscribed with my mobile number 9947599140. I've been calling Videocon service center twice and the reply I received is that they can only unsubscribe my number if the account holder requests it. I do not understand how they expect me to reach out to that person. I've been receiving multiple calls and messages everyday with their account information and I'm utterly disappointed with the way they are responding to my genuine request.
I hope with this complaint they will reach out to that customer and unsubscribe my number and I will no longer have to attend to someone else's TV subscription details. Please do the needful.
Sep 26, 2016

Tatasky Making It Difficult To Remove Services

I called tatasky to remove a service. They say, you will have to call tomorrow to remove the service.

I asked them, to take my request now as I am calling now. They refused to take the request.

I asked them, if by any reason, I am unable to call tomorrow and call you day after tomorrow, then will you be able to close the service without charging. They said "You will be charged day after tomorrow, you will have to call tomorrow only".

Its like forcing a customer or making it difficult for a customer to remove a service. Tatasky has become expensive and incompetent and their new marketing managers mindsets sucks.

If its not a regulation to make it easy for customers to close a service, then make it one. Whoever is decision making authority, needs to take action on this immediately.
Sep 14, 2016

to remove services

The dth companies add services by one message or a sms instantly but if any wants to remove any pack or services which he dont want, a long process makes by the dth company which is very costly due to long process. Is this possible to bound dth companies to make simple process to withdraw or remove services or channels by sms or missed call as they add these services
Aug 24, 2016

Change the box not signal

I am using VIDEOCAN dth customer ID :4887519
Two months back my DTH network not working setup box I complaint DTH consumer call centar and Chang setup box New I will pay money agen same problem I call conumer centar not respon please slow my problem

Mobile no:9247821497
Aug 17, 2016

airtel dth

i have lodged so many customer care complaints against change of set up box but no setup box has been replaced...
Aug 13, 2016

Connection lost since last 6 days

Respected Sir/Madam,
This is very unfortunate to inform you that after being a reputed company, you people unable to give support to a customer (Customer Name: Gopinath Sen, ID: 129977731 ) in a problem of getting proper signal to his d2h device after payed all required charges.
I am informing you through phone (Registered mobile no. 9832282598) since last 09/08/2016. Regularly I am getting only a new complain no. and new deadline but not the service from your side.
Along with it has also been recorded and reported against by a system engineer and local suppot that we are denying to change our set top box, denying to pay service engineer and denying cut our tree which may create obstacle during connection, etc. But the original thing is that, they didn't even visit properly to our house.

Should I expect atleast some humanity from or just request for disconnect the line ????

Abhishek Sen
Aug 11, 2016


Dear keval krishan sharma

We hope your issue has been resolved. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.
Please feel free to give us your feedback at [email protected]
Have a nice day.

Online Team
Aug 10, 2016

Sun Direct DTH

I have registered a complaint in sun direct portal in connection with Sundirect DTH Connection in 02/08/2016.My smart card number is 42573618313. I am not getting DTH signal. Even after my complaint no further action taken by them to resolve the problem.. I have already paid the DTH charge till 08/11/2016. how can i solve the problem?
Aug 9, 2016


Dear keval krishan sharma

Hope you are doing good.

Thanks for voicing your concern. Please be assured that we are working on your problem and we will get in touch with you at the earliest. For any further clarifications, please drop us an email on [email protected]

Online Team
keval krishan sharma
Aug 8, 2016

Charging Free to Air Channel Subscription

Sir DishTv DTH Charging from us Free to Air Channel " Zee News " Subscription From Last 1 and Half Months , i Contact to DishTv Today for this Problum Then They Clearly Said me " ye to Charge Lagega " . it will continued .please Help me.

- Keval Krishan Sharma Contact.09829212480
Ward No.6, 4 J. S. D., Bugia
C/o.Jaitsar , Distt.SriGangaNagar ( Raj.)
Jul 26, 2016

change my plan

i recharge 435 but it add to my accounts , i do not want platinum gold channel now , i want to change my plan to 435 package , change my plan or contact my registered mobile no
Jul 23, 2016

Fraudulant Operation

This is further to update that my VC no. is 01515921388.

On top of it, I had been out of town for 10 days and again I am not receiving any signal. After complaining I am told like last time that a technitian would visit like last time & I will have to pay him.
Vishy Srinivasan
Jul 19, 2016

Tata Sky Rip Off | Poor Service

I have 3 set top box connections of Tata Sky and have been a customer for over 6 years. One of my set top boxes have been malfunctioning and I get a fluctuating signal which means I cannot view the channels / signal quality is very poor - I have made multiple complaints over the last 6 MONTHS but this has not been fixed!!!.

The service provider has sent people to fix the issue and each time the technician claims that the problem has been resolved! Within a couple of days the problem resurfaces - the signal has been reset, cable checked, I have got my TV checked thrice by the Company technician, but the problem is not resolved.

I finally placed a call yet again on Jul 17, 2016 and was informed that a technician would be sent who would replace the box. The technician came to my residence from L K Telecom & Information Ltd., Lower Parel, Mumbai (+91-22-65000824)(Fakruddin Sheikh). After all the checks I was told everything was fine. When I demanded the box to be replaced as was discussed on call, I was first asked to call the call center - when I protested, I was connected to the service agency head who then wanted to be paid INR 400 to replace the defective box.

This is nothing but daylight robbery - why should a customer who is paying monthly rental for a defective box pay for the replacement?! The boxes provided by Tata Sky are also not new boxes but are "refurbished" boxes with no guarantee. I urge the regulator to take severe action against such fraudulent practices.
Jul 4, 2016

not getting asianet channel's in new diamond pack

I have an annual package of Videocon d2h, which has many channels including asianet.
My rmn is 9820319404.
About a week ago all channels were somehow reinitialized and I was asked to send an sms to their service number.
Thereafter most of the channels started working again, however the asianet channels still are not working.
I immediately then called the ivrs and lodged the request again, do note their ivrs is a dead end with no response after option selection.
Thereafter I sent them an email. I got a reply asking which channels are not working.
I replied back stating asianet channels are not working.
Thereafter neither has the problem been resolved nor do I get any responses to my emails.
I haven't such pathetic and deaf customer service from anyone.
I am contemplating what next steps to take to escalate and get value for the money I already paid.

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