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DUCAT noida

Uttar Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about DUCAT noida

Nov 24, 2022

Fraud Ducat , sector 63

Fraud institute, sector 63 noida , You will not gain knowledge at all , they just take fees by telling its a very professional institution and experience trainer , no demo they provided .

HR and accountant are unprofessional, they say anything, to save our company .

They did not giving refund after 3 clasees , no demo they provided.

I am very sad by taking this institution cource and Akansha HR she is not supportive and senseless talk, no support just take stand on her word
Nov 12, 2020

Teacher change without information

Hello every one,

Ducat is really my bad decision to learn Android from this institute. They first demand 20k fees then after negotiation they settable on 15k. i have paid fees to Ducat after attending a demo class with Mr shubham Tripathi. after following many times some how my classes start online in lockdown period. But due to unknown reason one day I got a call from Nitin ducat-noida-sector-16.That shubham is no more with us you have to continue your class with some other teacher. When i am disagree to continue with that teacher. then they threaten me "Jao jo karna hai kar lo...ab na hi paisey vapas dengey or na hi course change karengey" No one from top to bottom management is ready to listen a single world related to our matter. We are 20 students in that match all are now helpless after paying all fees.

Thanks in advance is someone do something for us..

Nov 12, 2019

Regarding bad behaviour with a student

I have attended an online class in Ducat , A - 43 & A - 52 Near McDonalds, Sector 16, Noida, Uttar Pradesh.There is one teacher named TANAY MISHRA who taught python with machine learning to me and other students of the class also.And there is one whatsapp group of our class is made by him and I just wrote a statement about helping to sir regarding network issues and put a question mark at end of that statement and then he will told students that why you put question mark at the end of statement and he told that do you know the meaning of question mark,it means you are in very angry and it's an abusive word that you have gave to someone.And it's not the first time he insulted me in classroom.I don't know what he is but i actually want to file a complaint against him and ducat noida also without knowing background of a teacher and how his/her behaviour against a student or other person is they include as a teacher in their institute.

That's all from my side
Anu Gupta
Aug 8, 2019


Ducat is a very good institute for training and placement. This is my personal exp. here I completed my Java course with Ducat great faculty Mr. Manish Bhatia Sir and got placed in a good company with good salary package. I am really thankful to Manish sir and Ducat placement team. Ducat management team are also very helpful. Thank you Ducat for making my career.
Dec 2, 2018

Ducate is playing with students career

No doubt, Ducat is doing fraud with students career, it is fraud institute in Noida, they give fake promises, the staff is miss behavior, every time demand money and money. if your fees would late for one day, they avoid attending the class.
mere to lag gye 14000 rs, koi nhi sikh to milli.
Jan 12, 2018

.Net Training - Fraud People

People in DUCAT are fraud and make you fool. Before registration, they follow up with you and do fake commitments. After registration, batch dates and commitments gets changed. Your 1 month will be wasted then they will say, now we do not have any batch for this course and we will process your refund. When you will tell them you will post feedback against them and need penalty, then they will come back and say, we will provide extra time to complete your course.

What a fake world this is!! I am frustrated with these people :(
Sep 22, 2017

Excellent java training institute

To all those who are reading complaints of DUCAT. Let me tell you one thing, these comments are being written by DUCAT competitors. Ducat is an excellent and genuine coaching institute . you can trust them blindly. they will teach you each and everything . so do not believe what people are writing here. iam also taking java classes from there and iam 100% satisfied.
Divya mehta
May 20, 2017


I just viewed this page to see which institute is good at training CETPA or Ducat. But I am not at all satisfied after reading the reviews of both. So much confused now 😑
Mar 18, 2017

bad service

Dear Sir,

I would like to inform you recently I have completed the course fico . But I am lot of problem about service of your faculty sachin and admin staff madhur. your SAP faculty MR.Sachin is not a good trainer because I am getting mantel truble regarding the course after that mr. akhilesh has given training in sap. In akhilesh bach has getting distribance . Mr.madhur has disturbed to sending recording call and collecting information on behalf of one of girl student (Anita) collecting movement and distribing me . I already informed in number of time in gourav and shiv regarding this issue. some of out sider has invoived in this activity. I got the service in ducat is very bad. I thing they are not a well professional and not a good service provider. Mr. Madhur is not a professional and not a leterial so need to take a neccery action against madhur. I have suffered in lot of problem in ducat. So I am also requesting to other student also don't join in ducat. this is the example of misguide and mislead of you faculty and service staff of ducat.

May 20, 2016

Teacher Knowledge

DUCAT Ghaziabad its very bad institute for studying PHP COURSE, in this Institution PHP faculty (NAME=PUNIT) is not any deep knowledge of PHP. Its a fraud institution please beware for admission of Ducat Ghazibad.
This institution work only for MONEY its not give any knowledge of any course.
Mar 8, 2016

Improper Information and Topics Not Covered

First I Like to say Chandrakala is the most fraud person on the earth.
I have enrolled myself for the Hadoop Course with Chandrakala as a counsellor in November. First I have been given a demo class with a trainer which never turned up again and after 1 month the classes got started Luckily. With the trainer named Abhishek which is only meant for making money as he never takes up the doubts once the classes are over or in between the classes, he just repeats we will do after the course is over.Then there is no information from either ducat or the trainer regarding doubts.Also they regularly adjust demo classes for the normal classes , so there is no puncutality of the class , students sit idle for 1-2 hours waiting for trainer to get over.
Seriously they just make mockery of each and every thing and you just cant do anything as you pay fees in advance.
Please consider your decision again if you are joining ducat.

Sorry ducat people you are simply making fun of people.
Jan 8, 2016

Registration Fee Not Refundable

I got my self registered for SAS course with Ducat, Sector-16 Noida by submitting Rs. 1000 on 27th Dec'15. My contact point or (i.e. counsellor) was a female employee named Chandrakala. After going through routine questions and answers, she offered me a good discount provided I register with Rs. 1000 which is refundable as claimed by her. I was communicated that the course fee was Rs. 30,000 and if you registered today it would come down to Rs 18,000. I also got to interact with the trainer.
I was looking forward to join the course in the first week of Jan'16 and was also issued the ID card. I was told to pay Rs. 10,000 on the very first day of commencing the class and remaining amount i.e Rs. 7000 (registration fee later gets included in the course fee) on 2nd week.
Because of some personal problems(say basically monetary), I was not able to join the class and informed Ducat three days prior about the same and at the same time asked for the refund of Registration Fee. To my surprise, the lady gave me plenty of lame excuses in order to not refund the amount. After arguing with her over the phone for 17 minutes I hang up and convinced myself you are not going to get this.

Guys, Beware. Never expect you are going to get your registration fee back despite their assurance. It's a kind of trap to make shameful money by petty means.
One more thing before joining any institute for a course, insist on taking a demo class with the ongoing batch. This way you would be
better placed to judge the suitability of the Trainer as well as an opportunity to interact with students who have already spent some time there and would guide you in an honest way.

I have to learn all this by losing Rs. 1000.
Dec 4, 2015

feedback about Cetpa Infotech Pvt Ltd

I (Sanya) done training from Cetpa Infotech, it’s the best training company for engineers. The Company provides best support and guide for your best future plan. Trainers were also cooperative .Here I learn how to set my target and how I achieve it. They also provide us a new technologies for practice. They believe in quality and knowledge. They also provide us better environment and best infrastructure. And the big thing is that they provide placement to every student of Cetpa and help us for our better future.
Anuj Kumar Rajput
Sep 6, 2015

No Lab Facility for iPhone Training

Ducat Sec 16 Noida Center on wants fee on time but they do not have any Apple MAC system for iPhone Training. They are totally fraud, at the time of admission they will promise to provide all facility for training but after joining they do not any Apple system for iPhone programming practice.

So if anybody wants training on iOS development then do not go for Ducat sec 16 because there you will not get system for programming practice. You will get only theoretical knowledge and to get a job practical knowledge is very important. So do not spend your money at Ducat Sec 16 Noida for iPhone Training.

Ex iPhone Training Student Ducat Sec 16 Noida
Aug 25, 2015

Fee Problem

Ducat is a fraud institution. The teaching faculty has not good knowledge and most of the time they spend in the Gossip. There is no fixed fee of courses. One student pay 13000 and another one pay 20000 for the same course. No lab no book material provided and class time only 20 to 25 mins weekdays or weekend both. They are not provide you 3hour class. Like “Bhaiya jisse jo mile loot lo”. So friends don’t waste your time and money there. They call you in class and said aap ne fee ni di. Are bhaiya itni to de rakhi h jise class m baith to sake a and you miss you full class. Join Small institutes where you can fully utilize your money. It’s like that- Naam bade or Darshan chhote.
Aug 5, 2015

Notice before filing consumer complaint

Ducat is not providing invoice for payment they have received.

I have paid INR 6800/- (cash) to Ducat Ghaziabad in order to purchase an Oracle exam voucher (voucher code: ORES59811368)on 18 Jul 2015. For that payment I just received raw receipt with assurance that I will get the bill with in 2-3 working days. But now they are just denying to provide the proper bill/invoice. I have asked the same many times to spoc person "Jyoti" and "Gourav" for this, but they are giving nothing but the fake excuses.

Name:Arjun Arya
Jul 20, 2015

Ducate : fraud and worst coaching in delhi/NCR

When i went for dedemo at that time ms. Primci and other counselors promised that they will give me proper knowledge of each and every topic of web designing which is written in there course comtent but now after three moths they closed my batch and allotted that time for a new batch but still 60% of topics are not covered and they denied for teaching JavaScript. I was shocked because javascript is the thing for which i joined the course and princi narula promised me that she will surely teach me that but now she is not even accepting her fault.
Guys im warning you please be cautious because they are frauds and they will take your momey and after that they just ignor you and make you regret on your decision of taking admision in Ducate.
Dec 24, 2014

CETPA and Ducat

Ducat and CETPA, both are good training organizations. Competitors should not post like this. In spite of spending one hour to make a negative image of others, we should spend that one hour on our own business to make our image better. If all companies will follow the same, then one day definitely good returns will come.
Aug 7, 2013

All Competitors

Jinki Soch chotee hotee hain, wo apne se upar walon ko nicha karne kee koshish karte hain. Jinki soch badee hotee hain, wo apne level se or upar uthne ki koshish karte hain. Some Competitors of CETPA have cheap thinking. Agar koi complain hai to CETPA office jao or complain door karo.
May 23, 2013

fake company

Ducat is the biggest fraudsters i have ever seen.
Nitin started this company with a fraud and it is still continuing.
All the IT companies beware...They issue fake experience certificates

Look at them. they are professionals. Great DUCAT.
MA ki Behan ki kar rahe hai.
Anuj Singh
Apr 7, 2012

CETPA is best ...for any Training

Anuj Goyal..... A big looser nothing achieved in his life, so he decided to become a paid agent for DUCAT & others CETPA COMPETITORS WHO ARE JEALOUS BY THE OVERWHELMING RESPONSE WHICH CETPA IS getting by STUDENTS by its quality training program with good placements record. I am Anuj Singh working @ Fidelity, Bangalore with a package of 4.2 lpa and I obliged CETPA and my trainers for my success. Anuj Goyal ji grown up dear & don't spread rumors & wrong information among young generation. CETPA Rocksssssss

any one can get in contact with me fopr any information at [email protected]

I am not fake person as anuj goyal .....an agent!!

CETPA the best institute for embedded , VLSI & .NET Training

They got Brands award bcoz they had helped students community by making us place able.
Anuj goyal
Mar 30, 2012

CETPA Noida Training in Fraud

This is an Important message which I want to share to give you facts about CETPA Infotech in Noida which is running a cheat factory(so called education institute) to misguide and mislead the Youth of today.

I heard from one of their employee that they bought their AWARDS from Brandsacademy @60000 Rs which is Pathetic and are advertising about their Award...CETPA is fraud and cheats

In the name of education they are looting people and playing with the careers of the students.In a classroom they teach more than 100 people with no practicals , if you ask for practicals they tell you to practice at home as they are short of lab facilities in order to give vaule to the students.
The trainers there are freshers just passed from college and have no attitude to talk to students,they are totally zero in their practical skills, I found institute adjacent to CETPA which is Ducat much better atleast those guys were honest in theuir approach and not cheats like CETPA.

Salient Features of CETPA

2. Blaclisted
3. UnProfessionals
4. Rude
5. Inexperienced
6. Misbehaving


i like ducat than cetpa and satisfied Ducat
May 23, 2011

6th month project based industrial training program

i am student of mca 6th semester student and i saw an advertisement of project based industrial training program from ducat noida . and i had confirmed for it from them and take admission in ducat for c#.net and project based training. but they take theory classes only not project based training . i know that they take old projects coding from other companies they do't know about software projects. when we ask for the project training. they told us that you will take project .and they provide us list of projects choose from them and take . they fraud with me and with my career.
they take 12k from me but i can't satisfied .because they told me for projct based training.but they are providing previous completed projects. sir ,in this institute there are almost one thousand student for the industrial training programs in various technologies.
sir kindly notice about my problem.they are fraud and cheater, fake.
they advertise but not provide service . they are not providing industial training as they advertise. i want to take some action against them.please assist me .
the website: http://www.ducatindia.com

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