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Consumer complaints and reviews about Eenadu

Aug 24, 2017

Irresponsible/neglance behavior of Bank manager and sub bank manager of Andhra Bank (Code: 514)- Reg

Kind Attention:
1. Sri K T Venumadhav
General Manager
Nodal Officer for Customer Service
Andhra Bank, Head Office, 5-9-11,
Saifabad, Hyderabad City - 500 004. Telangana.
Telephone No. : 040 - 23210234

2. Sri N Suryanarayana
Asst. General Manager
Andhra Bank, Customer Service Department,
Head Office, Dr.Pattabhi Bhavan,
5-9-11, Saifabad
Hyderabad – 500004
Phone: 040 23297899

3. Sri. Rakesh
Manager, Andhra Bank,
Gandhi Veedhi,
Sri kalahasti-517644

4. SUB Managrer
Andhra Bank,
Gandhi Veedhi,
Sri kalahasti-517644

​Respected Sir,
Sub: Telephonic discussion with Mr. Rakesh (manager), negligence attitude of Manager and sub manager-Reg

This is in continuation of the telephonic conversation had with Sri. Rakesh, Bank manager on 24.08.2017 at 10.58 AM regarding the conversion (to know the highest/best possibility of conversion of OD account to EMI’s) of an OD account to EMI.

I kindly request the respected dignitaries to note the following:
My brother (Mr. Hari Krishna & Mr. Nagu) hold's an OD account (We have kept surety as our house in srikalahasti ) in Andhra bank, Gandhi Veedhi​. Taken in the year 2014.

I admit that the repayment was/is not being done (maintained as per the mandates of the account procedures) properly/timely.
After knowing the situation, i personally readied to repay the principal amount in EMI's (as i am working, i cannot afford to repay in large/lump sum amounts in a single go).

To know the best possibility of conversion of the OD account to EMI’s, I made a call to respected manager.

When i tried to speak to Mr. Rakesh, his words are pathetic, and disrespectful.

I wonder how could such a person who holds the highest (most respected) position in the branch could speak to a person (who needs help/guidance) in that way. Rather guiding us to solve the problem, he speaks in a sarcastic way (making funny comments to sell property if we cannot repay the due/charges). His words are highly disrespectful to us (not only to us, in fact to any person in this situation).

I tried to talk regarding the same to Sub manager, she was reluctant to at least listen to the situation/problem. In spite of not listening, she bluntly says to speak to manager.

I wonder how could people holding such a responsible positions could speak in a dumb way.

We have got into financial crises.

We never denied paying the charges or amounts stated by the bank procedures (please check the records).

I would like to get to you kind notice that the circumstances has forced us to this situation. We were never meant to do it deliberately.

Earlier I have taken my education loan (2001-2007) for completing my post graduation and house loan (around 2007-2011), please check your bank records, CBIL scores and repayment schedules during our earlier loans.

There was never a problem; in fact, i cleared house loan much earlier than the fixed tenure. We were highly appreciated by the then manager and the filed manager

Your are posted to do the assigned jobs. It’s your duty. Our duties should never be reminded.

I would kindly request the dignitaries to please instruct/ urge the officials (in particular mr. Rakesh and the respected lady who holds the sub manager post in the branch) to speak in a proper and respectful way to the people who approach them for a help.

The same issue has also been posted by me in the web site (national consumer complaint board) of EENADU (https://www.complaintboard.in/complaints-reviews/eenadu-l187375.html) and SAKSHI (https://www.complaintboard.in/complaints-reviews/sakshi-l39324.html) and emails were sent to other print media offices of ABN (https://www.complaintboard.in/complaints-reviews/andhrajyothi-news-paper-l108869.html), Andhra bank (https://www.complaintboard.in/complaints-reviews/andhra-bank-l23154.html) and also in the “Andhra Bank Public Grievance Redressal System”

Action against this complaint would be very much appreciated,

With profound Regards

K. Vamsi Krishna

Nov 30, 2016

No road divider

Hello Sir/Madam,

There is no divider on the road in Railway Kodur mandal of Kadapa district. There have been so many accidents on this road. Many innocent people have lost their lives because of the fast moving Lorries. There would at least two or three accidents per week on this road particularly between Settigunta and Railway Kodur town.There are no lights and road divider on this road. I have seen so many articles regarding the accidents that happened on this unlucky road on your district editions. I take this opportunity to bring this dangerous situation to your notice. Please take this to notice of Government officials and make efforts to do the necessary.

Thank You
Feb 18, 2016

pradhan mantri Awas Yojana

Dear Sir,

I am Kalidasu Lakshmi Tirupataiah I am Living in Vijayawada in Dno:1596,New Raja Rajeswari Pet.Labour area For Last 12 Years But Still Don't have the Own House In Last Few Days I Was Studied in your news paper about Govt Introduced pradhan mantri Awas Yojana 5.5L Scheme.From that day onwards i was trying for that scheme but i didn't get any information regarding that if i was went to housing Board they are that don't ask here go to CM camp office if i was went to CM camp office they said that go to the Commisinor Office they said that go to Muncipal Office again they sai that Taluka office they said that go to Housing Board.So Please give me the information about pradhan mantri Awas Yojana 5.5L Scheme.Because i am not getting the information and service from Govt so please support to me and provide the information about pradhan mantri Awas Yojana 5.5L.
Michael henry
Jan 8, 2016

selling of beef meat in public

Sir I have seen a hotel selling around 45 kilos of meat daily in the form of biryani and so and so.. He is selling this from around 10 years but no proper person have taken action against him. Then why the people representatives are saying to save animals /cows.. I will fight for the saving of animals. I beleive Eenadu paper can publish this news..
Jan 4, 2016

Asking bribe for issuing E-Pattadar Pass Book in Prakasam District, Endluru Office

Hello Sir,

Issuing of E-Pattadar passbook through Meeseva should be 135 Rs. But, the VRO of Endluru village (in Prakasam District, SANTHA NUTHALAPADU mandal) , his name is Seetha ramaiah is demanding for 10000 Rs for issuing the passbook. He is demanding bribe from everyone and telling that , you can check anywhere for price. He is having lot of properties and house with 4 floors.

CHIMAKURTHY VRO, is also the same kind.

Is it not part of Government duty to give E-pattadar passbooks to farmers.

I would like to urge that, Please publish this issue and bring this issue in to lime light.
Dec 4, 2015

Hmwssb/water supply

Metro water supply system fractured completely and customer care phones and area private contractor mobiles going on unanswered. If answered at times they are rude and with dry answers hang up the calls arrogantly. I have booked 5000 ltrs Metro water tanker on 28/11/2015 with a token no.9521 for domestic purpose for our apartments. I was speechless with a msg which says tentative date of delivery on 03/12/2015. Still I made good no. of attempts to get c.care on line with an excuse that some problem, shortage etc.On 3rd dec whole day tried to get some info about tanker delivery but of no use, nobody anwers our ph calls.Even today the situation is same and nobody picks up the phones.I tried to get some private water suppliers who are exploiting this situation and selling @ Rs.1000/- to 1500/-for 5000ltrs which was Rs.700/-earlier.
I would request you to highlight this problem by enquiring with the help of your own resources also and do your best to the citizens of kphb and jntu areas.
Kamana srinivas, Sectretary,Royal homes welfare association, Mig-51,Dharmareddy colony ph-1,Kphb,Hyderabad.Mobile -9490885436.
veeraraghavulu apuri
Jun 18, 2015

not sendind sufficent eenadupaper

I have deposed 14, papers .agent jagareddygudem sengingvonly 9 papers only
Jun 2, 2015

Confusion in D.Sc results


We are feeling very clumsy among D.sc results. Even after the changing of final key,still we can able to mistakes.
More over according to the final key I am getting 120 marks and my TET score is 16.23. But yesterday's results showing me as 123.83. I don't understand on what basis thet have calcultaed all these scores.

Pls look into this issue sir. Its my life.

Thanks & Regards.
May 26, 2015

hijras harasment

hello sir,

I am a resident at N.A.D area. Recently a new Hizra group started harassing people in our area. especially at signal points, they demand money every time people stop at signal point. if they dont offer the money that they demand they start using all filthy language and embarrasses them in front of all others. N A D signal point has became a toll point for people here no matter how many times you pass that point during the morning session. you need to pay them the fine and police are just turning a blind eye on it and neglecting the issue. some people may have some superstitious idea on offering money to them but we cannot offer them and its not a law to pay them like paying toll gate fine. so i hope at least you react to this issue and solve highlight the problem. all our hopes on you guys.

Feb 20, 2015

New Railway division Uttarandhrula hakku

Rastra vibhajana chattam prakaram kotta railway division andhrula hakkayite,uttarandhranu Rayagada kotta division lo kalapalanukovatam yentavaraku nyayam,vari hakkulni kalarastunnattu kaadha! Rastramlo atyanta venukabadina prantamyna uttarandhra kotta rastramlonyna abhivruddi chendutundani koti aasalato eduruchustunna variki ituvanti vaartalu mingudupadanivi.Ummadirastramlo east cost railway divisionlo vuntu atu rastaniki itu orissaku yetukakunda yasha bhasha abhivruddilandu vekkirintaku gurai, mallee atuvanti paristite vastundante rastramlo varu yeppatiki antaranivarikinde lekka.
Feb 19, 2015

Aadhar cards lo tappulu

Kendra,rastra padakalannintiki aadhar card link antunnaru kani adhika satham aadhar cards tappula tadakaluga untunnayi, pratee vyakti tana card lo tappulunnayani bank,gas,passport,school, colleges... lo accept cheyatledani aavedana chendutunnadu.niraksharasyulu,ye aadharamleni musalivallu okasari aadhar digatame kastamyte tappulu savarinchukotaniki anekasarlu tiragatam variki sadyam kadu.dayachesi prateedaniki aadhar link anemundu aadhar lo tappulenduku dorlutunnayo drustisaarinchandi.
Nov 24, 2014

Charging more price than market rate..

Hi Sir,

Im Mr. Karunakar resident of VINAGADAPA VILLAGE, GAMPLAGUDEM MANDAL, KRISHNA DIST, AP. This is regarding complaints againts iron & cement shopkeepers in GAMPALAGUDEM. Recently we purchased BIRLA WHITE CEM in vijayawada for Rs.830/- and again due to some in suffeciency we bought in VEMURI STEELs in Thotamoola, where else he charged me rs 980/-. I asked him why you people charged 140 extra ? He behaves like anything I will sell like this only you can complaint wherever you want. He totally said that I have permission to sell how much price I want. Who are to question, if you want take as much price I sells or else go back from here. I quarlled him that I will raise complaint against you and I will say the same thing to ETV2 blab blab... He said no one can pull my single hair.. Go wherever you want..Not only me so many people are facing same problem.

Please consider this as my complaint.
Complaint Shop Address.


Thanks & regards,
kgk murthy
Sep 27, 2014

government of telangana

this is to inform you that the state of telangana govt promissed to conduct annual transfers of the govt employees of jonal andt district level posts these posts are not related with the partition of the state thousands of these employees and teachers are eagarly awaiting for lift of ban on transfers of these posts how ever the government seems not inching forward a single step in this direction, employees espesally female employees who are all these years waiting for their turn to get transfers to their places are disappoiting for the delay on the part of govt of TS in this respect, if govt do not conduct these transfers the morale of t.he employees will be effected and it will be reflected on the work environment and not only that as per previous transfer guidelines not more than 20% of each cader of the employees to be transferred if that is so and if govt skip off from conducting transfer counsling for these employees this year each employee has to wait for one more year to get transfer him self to his optional station unless other wise the transfer guide line limit of each cadre is raised to 40% . hence it is requested govt of T S to issue a G O lifting the ban on transfers of these employees and finish off the transfers within a month or so,it is also requested news papers to pressurise the govt for this.
Sep 12, 2014


Cosumer SC NO : 1311200013828

Our Current Billing person NOT visiting MY HOME before 8 AM or after 5PM to issue the monthly bill and so I am fully facing problem to know the bill as I and my family members are going to attend school as both of us are teachers. Please TAKE severe action against the corresponding billing person as he regularly causing most Inconvenience in issuing BILL promptly !!
Visweswara Rao N, SA (PS) ,
CELL NO: 9849988532
Aug 21, 2014

tharu road very bogaladhu

madi Bonthalakoduru village , recent ga ma uri ki tharu road vesaru ponnada village nuche bingapeta village varuku vesaru.vesina 2months avaladhu appude gothulu iyepoyae .......varasam padithe ma uri ki velladam chala kastam avaethundi. neraly 5 years avathundhi e road elane undhi eppataki aaru pattinchukoladhu. so meru e complaint action thisuko mani koruchunnam

Thanking u sir,
Bonthalakoduru villagers,
Ethcher Mandalm,
Srikakulam dist,
Aug 21, 2014

tharu road work very delicate

madi Bonthalakoduru village , recent ga ma uri ki tharu road vesaru ponnada village nuche bingapeta village varuku vesaru.vesina 2months avaladhu appude gothulu iyepoyae .......varasam padithe ma uri ki velladam chala kastam avaethundi. neraly 5 years avathundhi e road elane undhi eppataki aaru pattinchukoladhu. so meru e complaint action thisuko mani koruchunnam

Thanking u sir,
Bonthalakoduru villagers
Jun 2, 2014

village suffer with malaria

hi sir! in my village Bapiraju kothapalli village ,kotauratla mandal,vizag
the malaria spread throughout the village ....many people suffering with the
malaria ....but nobody take the action on it..if u publish this in this matter in paper the
officer will respond .....plz its very serious
sagar d
May 1, 2014

B ED Results

hello sir
am ashok my hall tiket no ############ am student of Dada khalandarya college of education. i have done my B ED exmas 2013 dec in kadapa from yogivemana university . but till now am did not get the results, managment also not responding about the results please help us. i want to join pg courses please take the action .
sun r
Apr 20, 2014

B Ed results

hello sir am one of the b ed student in yogivemana university i have done my b ed exmas 20/12/2013. but we did not get the results still now please can you hellup
Mar 2, 2014



Nov 23, 2013

misuse of Modelschool fund

Respected Sir/Madam,

* plz, look into this and take necessary steps to avoid such things in
model school in starting itself*

As we feel responsible to intimate that some of the principals/Incharge
principals of model schools are misusing the RMSA fund .Earlier
Rs.1,00,000/- sanctioned for furniture like students sitting chairs and
faculty chairs,almarah&racks In Model Schools.

*Principals/Incharge Principals purchased chairs with low quality that cost
around Rs.185/chair.Example Nangnoor mandal Akkenapally model school
incharge principal ** purchased low quality chairs KPI LOTUS (warangal)
which are made by recycled material from siddipet furniture shop that cost
Rs.185/- for each chair but they prepared bill Rs.235/chair that means 300
student chairs original cost Rs.185x300=Rs.55,500/- including transport*
*But They took the bills form shopkeeper Rs.235x300=Rs.70,500/- (roughly)
variance Rs.15000/- that amount keeping in their pocket.*So the RMSA fund

is spending on low quality furniture and preparing bills for high quality.

Sir/Madam plz inquire on this and take necessary actions to use fund in
proper way.

RMSA again sanctioned Rs.75,000/- + Rs.2,00,000 for other purpose to model
Schools plz,make them to use in proper way to develop high quality
infrastructure in schools.

Principals/In charge Principals of model school are preparing fraud bills
in every program like Independence day/children's day ... ..etc..
Even they are ready to manage Audit people also by offering some amount to
accept their bills.

Total cheque power given to Principals individually..they are misusing total amount..
take necessary action to avoid such things..

Plz, make them to maintain transparent system to develop the
infraustructure of model schools and every expenditure of school must be
share with staff and parents ...
Responsible citizen
Oct 29, 2013

No drainage,water in Sri chaitanya nagar colony

There is sri chaitanya nagar colony in Gagillapur village under Qutbullaput mandal. Panchayat,officers and politicians are gnored facilities for this colony despite of bringing the issue their notice several times. Panchayat made facilities to Gagillapur village and other labour colonies but not for this colony. Officers demanded hush money for electricity and water provisions. No body has taken care for water and drainage for this colony yet. Please do help us bringing this to proper officer or minister and made this aware to all the people.

Jun 15, 2013

jntuh neglegency

sir i am one of the student of jntuh,our 4-2 R09 batch exams are completed in may 13,jntuk already released 3-2 results but till now jntuh not released 4-2 results of R09,so many students are very suffering of these behaviour of jntuh,all students are eagarly waiting for resluts,because they donot yet decided for thier future,because thier future is depended on the results only so,please sir try to understand the students problem,they are trust you,please help them
ravi varma
Jun 2, 2013

regarding call money

i am resident of vijayawada since birth. I am hire bus operato in apsrtc. I am facing high interests among the amount i have taken. To day i read an artical in eenadu city edition vijayawada regarding call money. Now i want to express my problem regarding this. I have taken gold loan to clear call money but 60 percent of amount set for call money interest only.regarding this i delayed repayment finance of my bus. Now financiers are ready to seize my bus. Now i decided to fight with this unbarable interests for a common man like me.
i am not doing this for me , doing for all who suffers from call money. I can go and complaint in police station but due to high influence of politicians and ex politicians are backing to this call money culture.
plse help us , so that i may give details of transations with whom,when and what..... Thanking u.
Jan 22, 2013

Troubles on getting electricity connection for agriculture land

Hi All,

i would like share problem with electricity connection in west Godavari district, chintilapudi mandal, we have 1.43 cents land, if we required electricity connection for agriculture land, we approached to chintalapudi electricity office, they ask us to bring MRO certificate to apply new connection,
we went to MRO office and requested for MRO Certificate, but they ask us to bring to Geologist certificate, spent lots of amount to geologist to get the inception certificate, once submit to MRO office, they issued MRO certificate after weeks time, the same we applied to Kamavarapu kota, after 2 months we got sanction copy to take DD worth of Rs.80,000 for 25KV after deductions(after subsidy). Again requested for alternative for less amount because our land very small. Again same procedure we followed after spent some amount for commissions, this time we got Rs.73000 for 16kv. Still we failed pay DD before 11 Jan 2013. for due date 11-01-2013, but it was expired on 11-01-2013, because intimated on 11-07-2012 and sanctioned on 06-july-2012. Out serial number got deleted in their system
our number 16741 deleted but before numbers are active between 16735 to 16740. Its looks like great news for us.
Because six months completed, hence they ask us submit new application. With new MRO certificate still struggling with MRO certificate even we paid their commission amount each one.
To get electricity connection for agriculture connection in west godavari districit we need 2.5 lakhs including commissions.

please help agriculture people to spend huge amount for electricity connections.

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