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Electricity department


Consumer complaints and reviews about Electricity department

[email protected]
Jun 12, 2019

Low voltage problem since many days

There is a problem of low voltage since many days in ntr colony
Bhoomesh Kumar
Oct 29, 2018



Complaint against Hemanth, Naresh & Hanumanth (LINEMANS).(Bandlaguda, Keesaragutta)

Naresh (LINEMAN) came to collect Electricity bill which was delayed by me paying, I asked him to wait for few minutes will withdraw amount and pay the amount but the LINEMAN abused my misses and baught another LINEMAN (Hanmanth) and used abused language with my wife and disconnected the power supply from the pole. I asked them I have bought money please wait dont disconnect the power. but they never listened to me. I immediately went to the power station and paid the bill. When I asked the lineman to reconnect the line, he aruged with me and giving warning to me, I will make you to sleep in the dark give complaint to any one I dont care, Infront of his officer. His officer not caring even not stopping him.

Please take action on them & Just do the justice as soon as possible.

Thanking you,
Kb Kumar,
[email protected]
Pooja Dahiya
Mar 28, 2018

No electricity from midnight tomorrow

There is no electricity from 12 am till now . Whats the reason and how much time it will take to rectify the problem.
Dec 22, 2017

Improper placement of high tension pole

The SDO of daheli sujanpur is using his power and has changed the location of poles in the area.According to law these poles should be placed on other side where already older poles are placed.
Sir,please take some steps to solve this problem and make us realise that we are living in a new India where the problems of even a common man is listened .
I shall be thankful to you.
Mar 9, 2017

Complain against unnecessary case on school MD

Sir I am running a small school in a village I have opened school in in next year in April.....My building is on rent around 6 months ago...Some some boys and linemna came to school on Sunday and made unnecessary video and started black mailing .You should take connect ion or give us money otherwise we will put case on you....What is more important school is not using electricity school runs with solar system and generator..We have 150 students who can witness.....Only the house owner is using electricity not school...3 days ago police came and informed me that JE rafiuddin has put you on trial......JE from pilibhit......My school is in kaimor dist pilibhit.....Sir koi uchit action inke khilaf lo inka antak badta hi ja raha hai Jo rupe de deta hai unke sage hai.........Enlogo ne kabhi bhi Hume red handed Ni pkda hai.........Bhooda kaimor dist pilibhit UP...........JE rafiuddin, ramu, Radhe or do char hai kaimor ka line man.....
Comman person
Sep 10, 2016

Ilegal use of Electricity in village Illahabas

Respective sir,

This is for your kind notice that in my village (specially local person)the people in our colony are using illegal electricity and paying very less amount and keeping the grip of linemans in their hands by offering money to them. ( Some of your local staff- Mr. Bhati also involved in this, always he pre informed to them about your checking activity).
Sir they have their water purification plant which is totally illegal. Police department has their own part on their incomes on regular weeks. They are consuming high voltage without paying single money, due to this resaon you have found electricity fault in line or transformer in every week.
Please analysis their meter readings also because meter is only for show case. They use to illegal connection for their business not by meter connection. A building which is more then 6 or 7 years old have still not legally connection and total building is using for rent. Here I mentioned few case only, lots of things are waiting for your inspections.
Please check all and take certain and strict action immediately. Please don't involved the local lineman and local villagers.
Mar 18, 2011

Ilegal use of Electricity

i am the neighbour and working in central government, the people in our colony are using illegal electricity and paying very less amount and keeping the grip of linemans in their hands by offering alcohol to them.
sir i kindly request to take certain action on them, please ensure our state, please u r making more rules on the poor people and leaving these bada people, our government is losing more money and instead the citizens are getting taxes on their heads, please take an immediate action on it, please dont bend to their offerings work sincere for sometimes. their address is pedagantyada, vizaq door no 19-20-32, ayyanpalem
plz check the house and take certain action immediately. dont depend on the linemans, they are bending their heads fro the alcohol and bribes, plz take an immediate action.
Jan 4, 2011

Complaint of Bribe by Elec. Dept. Official, Jaipur

Do Justice in NOIDA (As Corupt Officers are Killing our Country)

Subject: (JE) A.K. Kapil, Junior Engineer and his Team of 33/11 KVA Sub Power Station taken BRIBE from one of the VVIP sector of Noida i.e. Sector -44, Noida, Gautam Budh Nagar (UP)

This case is recently happened at Noida Sector -44 by officer of your department i.e. A.K. Kapil, Junior Engineer (JE) & his team Sub Power Station of Sector -44, taking BRIBE from the Sector -44, Noida-201303.

Last week A.K Kapil has being involved in checking the connection of the Sector -44. From the house number C-36 Sector -44 and C-39 Sector -44 has taken around Rs. 3.10 Lakhs as BRIBE.

His team is having contractor / Line man workers namely “Sanjay”, “Yogesh” etc persons are there. Also, some of the person of vigilance team of sector -19, Noida was also involved in the same.

The two above address i.e. C-36 & C-39 Sector -44 were ready to pay the penalty. But A.K, Kapil (JE) of Sub Power Station Sector -44 forced & said we can handle our self & here only. He openly asks for BRIBE and once not given the BRIBE he disconnects the Power from the Poll and say you need to go on waiting for month for the electricity. So the owner was no other option other then paying the Bribe to these person of Electrcity.

C-39, Sector-44 has paid around Rs 10, 000 and C-36 Sector -44 which is running as Hotel with the name ‘Karina Hotel’ has paid around Rs 3, 00, 000.

If you want a proof for the same, then just check the files of these two above address you will not find any complained against them for the electricity department. As the officers have already taken BRIBE so no complain has been lounged.

You can also personally check on both the address and see whether these incident has been taken place or not. Then you will get to know what is happening in NOIDA as one A class city of Uttar Pradesh.

Just see how these persons earn a hell amount of money from the Citizen of NOIDA. I have a strong request kindly do something for these persons of Sub Power Station of Sector -44 specially for AK Kapil, so that this kind of corruption and unfair practice should be removed for ever.

Also, seen same kind of Complain on Internet against AK Kapil, JE of Sector -44. Kindly check by clicking on the following links:




This complain has been send to M/s Pashimanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd. (PVVNL), a subsidiary of UPPCL, Govt of UP Undertaking. But no action has been take so far. It seems that all the entire department is involved in it.

Just do the justice as soon as possible. Other these criminal will kill the beautiful city like NOIDA or Ghazaibad.

Best regards,
Dec 23, 2010

Complaint of Bribe by Elec. Dept. Official, Jaipur

Subject: Complain against Electric Power of Noida - PASCHIMANCHAL VIDYUT VITRAN NIGAM Ltd. (PVVL) for JE - Anil Kumar Kapil (33/11 KVA Sub Power Station) Sector – 44, Noida – 201303, Gautam Budh Nagar (UP), NCR (Electricity of Noida – Power House)

Respected Sir,

Complaint against Anil Kumar Kapil – Junior Engineer (JE) of (33/11 KVA Sub Power Station) Sector – 44, Noida – 201303, Gautam Budh Nagar (UP)

He is one of the “Corrupt officer & is defaming the entire electricity department & Noida Authority due to his activities”. He is a curse for the department & should be immediately removed after taking stringent action against him, so that no one else can even think of doing what he does.

He openly asks for “bribes” for installing a New Electricity Meter in any house in the Sector. Also, once the new electricity meter is installed he asks again for bribes in order to give the Sealing Certificate. In case he is not given bribe, he harasses the public and threatens to Cut the electricity. He also goes to people’s houses on festivals such as Holi & Diwali and asks for money & gifts. If the money is not given he gives wrong report to the electrical department and says that you your Meter is Overload & using for commercial purpose and you need to pay penalty etc and harasses the resident of the sector.

Also, he steals the electricity and the give the public for higher rates in the sector. Some of the people of sector 44 using electricity for guest house but he never harasses and goes there as he is getting monthly huge amount. Also there meter are overload etc.

This entire thing he does with his entire team (who works there as on contract basis) of sub power station of Sector -44, Noida

As Sector 44 is one of the best sector in Noida. All the residents of the sector are frustrated because of his unprofessional behavior and asking money again and again. However, they are afraid to come forward & report his actions due to his position & status.

This entire issue is very well known to PASCHIMANCHAL VIDYUT VITRAN NIGAM Ltd. (PVVL) Electricity Department of Noida. But they are not taking seriously and no action has been taken so far.

Therefore you are requested to take severe action as your site is No1 in Consumer Complaints of Noida, Gautam Budh Nagar (UP), Kindly take serious action and remove this corrupt and fraud Junior Engineer of Noida.

Amit Bansal

Note: This kind of same complain has already been posted before around 15 days back by some of the other resident of Noida. But I believe no action has been taken so far.

This complaint is done in favor of general public.
pk rathor
May 3, 2012

to loot the electrisity consumers taking fixed deposit plane money

Dear Sir,
With due respect I hereby say that there is an electricity connection in Mandi shyam nagar connection no. 1352/020263 , Consumer Name –Rajpal Singh s/o Sh. Sukhram Singh Mandi shyam nagar , Kherli Hafizpur ,Gurukul Sikandrabad , G.B.Nagar. I have deposited 1000/- Rs. In fixed deposited plane 2011-2012 on 03/09/2011.Due to not sending bill at proper time at home I could not not deposit my bill on time .But when I went to deposit my bill at power house I gave the money to deposit my bill amount ,the officer of power house who make the bill correction forbade me to deposite my bill & threat me to disconnect my electricity connection & said that you will have to paid the fixed amount whatever you paid before, otherwise I will disconnect your electricity connection.I have paid now all bill of my electricity .
So you are requested to less the fixed deposit amount 1000/- from my bill and order to send the electricity bill at consumer’s home at time so that the consumer may deposit his bill at time.
Thanking you.
Rajpal Singh
Hari nagar colony,Mandi Shyam Nagar
Gurukul sikandrabad , Gautambuddh nagar
E-mail: [email protected]
Mob- +919411279290 ,+919627738020
Oct 13, 2010

Complaint of Bribe by Elec. Dept. Official, Jaipur

Hi, I am Priyanka, tenant at vaishali Nagar, Jaipur.
whom to contact & where is grievance redressal cell....all are corrupted. We were harassed by the officer of billing dept. New meter was installed 2 months back, but reading not shown, so they were billing wrong amount to us, we went and asked for genuine billing. They agreed, but asked bribe of 100/- per official (3-4 officers) to give us genuine bill, else they will charge high amount and then we need to roam around for claiming the difference. (13-Oct-2010). 9772445772
Jun 23, 2010

Ilegal use of Electricity

I am an employee of electricity department taking care of meter reading in the area.I have come across many cases in Shivpuri Colony Pratap Nagar area were consumer is using the electricty on illegal basis.On my visit to one of the buildings in the area i found that theone of the flat owner in building is using electricy on illegal basis & is not ready to take new meter connection.On enquiring from his family members why the connection has not been taken they told me that thier relative is in electricity department & he has told them not to take any connection as he is thier to look affer the misuse of the govt services.I have alreday highlighted the issue to my AEN & ACCOUNTANT shahab in the Pratap Nagar Ofiice but they are not intrested in taking any action. They say thier are many more connections like this but what shall we do.They told me to give a written application against such cases but sir i ask you why should i write a compalint i have already informed them about these type of issues but no body is ready to take action.
One of the case when i visted the area was of account no.21130347 the connection is used illegally by two people for 6 months without paying bills.Still the connection is working fine & higher officals have not disconnected the same.
Sir i can provide you account no. of 7 more houses in the same area were illegal use of electricity is done.

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