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Tamil Nadu

Consumer complaints and reviews about ELITE MATRIMONY

May 28, 2019

Elite Marrimonilal

Elite matrimony is absolutely a fraud. They continued following us that they have very good data bank and will be able to give us two profiles a week. We paid them $1200.
. They do not provide requisite profiles.
. They do not respond properly.
. objective is to make money with no service.
. They do not give any service.
There is no response to even complaints. We are NRI and have been cheated by them. Govt should take adequate action against the company.
Oct 8, 2018

poor service

I had subscribed for my son to to the Elite Matrimony by paying Rs 1,05,600 /- being carried away by the promises of Sri Suresh Kumar sales person who visited our house. Once the money is paid his response is indifferent .

The objective of the service is make money and does not bother to extend the promised service.

1. They promised to send at least 2 profiles per week ( 52 in six months but sent only 30 profiles.
2. It is difficult to contact the concerned person she does not respond / return the calls.
3. We have no access to the contact details of the other party in the other Matrimony services and also encourage to get in touch with the party. They simply inform us that the other party rejected the proposal without assigning any reasons
4. There is facility to look for the profiles on line which is available unlike other Matrimony services .
5. The profiles sent by mail automatically get deleted after few days.
6. They are very keen that we should renew the subscription by paying the hefty amount for another six months which I flatly refused

My appeal and advise to all is not to get attracted by the tall promises and excellent advertisement in print and electronic media and save your precious money.
Aug 18, 2018

fake company

Elite matrimony is totally fraud cheating don't ever go for it even I also cheated by them by simply sending profiles same from BM I'd in the form of pdf details. The person appointing in the name of personal manager were irresponsible and lazy. They not even responded properly. Till the payment so many calls and sweet speaks but after payment we need to search them all the way. If they cant fulfil it then why they need to promise about thos thing? More over all After that particular time of service thats it, they dont even turn to you jus for the courtesy if you yourself call them also, without any information for courtesy also they'll jus simply terminate their service and goes off. Service is very worst instead of paying in that sit yourself n search for your life and find out. No one will b sincere as well as we concern about our future. Those sweet speech are brain wash to get money from yur pocket and simply money oriented that's it. So my advice is don't go for it and waste your money, time with them and get dissappointment too finally.

biggest scam
Aug 11, 2018

Elite Matrimony

Thanks to all the people who raised their complains on this portal and saved many people's hard earned money on these fraudulent services. I was almost fell into their trap and was about to pay fees for 6 months subscription today. I was totally convinced with their sweet talks and endless promises. While making the payment, it just casually occur in my mind to check the reviews of their services. Usually I know only people who suffer take time and post negative complaints, so it's kind of usually biased and you would see negative comments for almost all the services/companies out there, however this many detailed complaints definitely tell you the real story. I saved big money today. Decided not to pay these fraud folks single dime out of my hard earned money. Thanks everyone!! ~ ManojH
Aug 10, 2018

Elite matrimony

Please do not ever waste your money on this service. They will chase you and sweet talk you into paying money. Once you do that, they will probably give you one or two profiles. After that they are so indifferent and irresponsible. They will take your money and then its all over. PLEASE DO NOT INVEST HERE. Instead, just register on their website bharat matrimony and b a paid member and browse abd find your partner. ELITE MATRIMONY is a big scam, they just give you profiles from the website but charge u heavy for their rotten service.
Raja Bati
May 31, 2018

Elite Matrimony - Fraudsters

Upto the time they get your money its all sweet and seductive talk. The Manager will come home and even tell you about profiles that are ready (all false). They will follow so so sweetly till you pay up. For me I was cautious and took a 3 month subscription though they were pressing me to take 6 months for 90k instead of 60 k for 3 months. I was thankfully firm. Then they offered special offer of 80k for 6 months which again Im so glad i refused.

Once the money was in I was aghast at the kind of relationship executive assigned who can barely speak good english. They gave profiles for 2 weeks I must admit. Around 2 per week. One was decent. Then THATS IT !!!!
After the first two weeks I would have to continuously remind them and then they would pick up from the regular bharat matrimony site profiles that dont match at all. After the first month they just stopped sending any more. Calls will not be answered or returned. The original sweet talk manager who took your money wont lift your phone any more. You will be wondering if they are the same people who can suddenly change so much. They do change totally.

So 3 months got over and nothing after the first month. Somehow I got the guy on line and asked him why no profiles sent. He tells me he has none.So I asked him if that was so then why promise all this and take so much money for just 4 profiles out of which only one was good.Then he ""Extends"" the service for another month. Well, nothing changes in the extra month either and on top of that they send emails that subscription is ending so please renew !!

Then they play a prank. They call and tell there is a very good profile and party is interested. They give no details and then they say party not interested, Then they ask to again renew so they can follow on such other profiles with them. I dint fall for this and asked for an answer why there was no service after the first month. They assure that a new relationship manager will be provided and extra attention and personal guarantee. Well after losing 60k I was much wiser.

Its a 95% fake operation so beware. Wait and register on premium profile on the regular websites, be patient and keep your expectations reasonable...you will be successful. But do not fall for all these fake promises.
Apr 26, 2018


Elite matrimony, FRAUD SITE
I availed elite matrimony service for our daughter. We were promised that they have many members registered specifically with "elite matrimony" team, profiles which only they have access to. They promised to share minimum two profiles a week with us that met our extremely broad set of criteria for groom.

However, we had a horrible time dealing with them in the next 6 months and it was complete betrayal on their part in terms of service as they sent profiles which was not worth even considering

1. The contact person was rude, unresponsive in call or mail. This lady often did not meet the timelines she shared.
2. No. of profiles shared was 1 or less per month
3. All profiles shared by them are profiles already present on bharat matrimony and many of the profiles shared by them were fake profiles whom they themselves couldn't manage to establish contact with.
4. When we complained about the service, blame was put on our child not being an attractive enough match
5. When we escalated our concerns their senior manager's response was also unprofessional
6. Of the profiles shared, many did not meet the criteria we had shared

. There were instances when the relationship manager has been rude and have stated that we need to “adjust on the profiles”. We were let down by the whole approach and there were constant excuses to change our requirement from the relationship manger .After couple of discussions Saraswathi stated that they will reimburse the quarter of the amount to us.This is again a hoax . I will go to any extent to tarnish their image if my money is not refunded back


Expert shark
Apr 6, 2018


These people make big promises and chase you up until you have paid money to them. After that they send you fake profiles which probably do not even exist and on ground level, nothing happens. They pick up profiles from general category, make them look nice and submit to you without any background check or meeting those people. Guys you can obtain those profiles by yourself instead of paying lakh of rupees to them. They dont even care when you complain about their services. I am in if someone is ready to take initiative to go legal or expose them on media. A group of people doing so will certainly stop them from cheating people. I am actually consulting a criminal lawyer to slap them badly. If any of you would like to join and share their experience and want to claim their money back, you can email me :

[email protected]

I will not let them take people granted and steal their money.
Dec 16, 2017

Elite Matrimony:Worst service ever.Never invest in it.

Most pathetic service I have ever come across.Before enrolling with them they made such big promises that they have prospects which are not open to all and specially enrolled with Elite Matrimony, which is totally fake. I made it clear to them about my criteria to which the relationship manager agreed to have plenty of prospects matching my criteria PAN India.So far I haven't come across any inspite of being so flexible with the criteria.
Scenario was worst after I registered with them and paid the whole amount to them.I was assigned the trainee manager who was completely new to their system.Lost my 1 month tolerating him.Though I was assigned another manager she never kept her promise.I had to call them all the time but never recieved a single call from their end.
It gives the sense of being cheated.I wound never invest in such fradulant scam again and would also ask others not to do so.
EVEN TRIED CONTACTING THEIR HEAD OFFICE but what will you expect when everyone out there is sailing in the same ship.

May 20, 2017

Worst Service

After a continuous followup from the elite matrimony I availed the elite matrimony service on May 5 2017. I reside in United States. The person whom i spoke with promised alot. I would like to register a complaint, from May 5 till now May 20 nothing happened. Until i payed the money elite matrimony was calling me daily. once the payment is complete, not even a single response . I really surprised and shocked with the services. As this is a service industry they should atleast treat the customer well. When i called to the elite, they mentioned that it is a sales department, they can't do anything. they already escalated the issue. I have paid in US$ , hoping the dream come true. All gone for nothing. There is no proper call or communication. Basic communication for the delay was also not mentioned. With this experience, i have planned to not continue further. I'm waiting for the response. based on their response i will post more information on the outcome.
Apr 26, 2017

Elite matrimony, horrible service

i availed elite matrimony service for our daughter. We were promised that they have many many members registered specifically with "elite matrimony" team, profiles which only they have access to. They promised to share minimum two profiles a week with us that met our extremely broad set of criteria for groom.

However, we had a horrible time dealing with them in the next 6 months and it was complete betrayal on their part in terms of service.

1. The contact person was rude, unresponsive in call or mail. This lady often did not meet the timelines she shared.
2. No. of profiles shared was 1 or less per month
3. All profiles shared by them are profiles already present on bharat matrimony and many of the profiles shared by them were fake profiles whom they themselves couldn't manage to establish contact with.
4. When we complained about the service, blame was put on our child not being an attractive enough match
5. When we escalated our concerns their senior manager's response was also unprofessional
6. Of the profiles shared, many did not meet the criteria we had shared

Its was a complete waste of money and time.
EliteMatrimonyCare team
Apr 25, 2017

Elite Matrimony Response

Dear Sir/ Madam,

We regret the inconvenience caused to you.

Please mail your name, contact number and location to us at [email protected] We'd like to talk to you and understand the issue better to help you.

Team Elite Matrimony
Mar 30, 2017

Elite Matrimony horrible service

To begin with they have a failed business model where in all their employees spend majority of their time trying to acquire new clients at any cost, In our particular case we were told there were around hundreds of profiles in their database which matches our criteria. But as soon as we paid them the money they failed to deliver with showing us only a couple of profiles and claimed that is all they have for now.As with any relationship that begins with a lie this was bound to fail since they lied to us at the very beginning.
Their business model is pathetic because once they collect the money initially they have no incentive to follow up with equivalent service, who cares marriage is a one time thing right !! But I think they ignore the members they are catering have a reputation in the society and their words carry a lot of value and by providing bad service their model is bound to fail in the long run. Instead they should instead charge half the money while registering and the other half once a match is done this might keep them motivated, as clearly money is the only incentive here !!

This review is not being written because we did not get what we were looking for but instead written because the whole experience was so bitter and unpleasant . I am sure this service has worked for a few people but with the kind of service they provide I am sure there are a lot of them left disappointed.

We availed the service at Bangalore and if possible avoid them at all cost.
Feb 13, 2017

Bad service

I have booked elite matrimony for my daughter marriage.They have no sufficient profile to show us.It is very difficult to contact them.Their work is not up to mark. Only membership fee is elite. Service is low grade.
Oct 5, 2016

Fraud service

Elite matrimony is a fraud service , they told me they will send me profiles but they are failed in that . I have changed 3 RM's and still no response.

I want my money back , if anyone can suggest me that would be of great help.

Sep 29, 2016

Elite Matrimony - Scam & Fraudulent

Elite Matrimony services are fraudulent and they cheat customers. Speaking from personal experience, we were members of Bharat Matrimony since 3 years and were unable to find a match. We were suggested to join Elite Matrimony to have access to a "new" database of profiles. We were ripped off Rs.35,000/- and all we received was the SAME profiles which were ALREADY rejected by us. We received false promises each week and finally deleted our account. No one cared to follow up or ask why we did so even before our subscription expired. CHEATERS!
Akhilesh Ohri
Sep 4, 2016

Elite Matrimony

This is a sort of a scam service which is being
run. There is no relationship management and these people provide you with profiles at their own terms and conditions .
There is also no recourse available to take legal action against them .I'm now exploring other channels to take strong action .
Jul 27, 2016

Elite matrimony -oniline mafia

Hi All,

Read this before paying lump sums of money to online fraudsters who have a brand name, advertisement on television and everything to suck money out of you and disappear just like that . These days it is more easier to run an add to lure people of weakness . First they call you and they keep on calling you till you are interested and wont tell a bit of what they are going to provide as part of their secret services they are going to provide . Once you pay for the services , you will be transferred from sales person to a manager who is supposedly to provide you with the profiles . But they will put their terms that they will provide only one profile a week if it matches our criteria. And with the ones provided they dont even match the criteria, they just give what they have for the time in their sister companies site like Bharat matrimony. They are jut making the statement true "Information is money". Its a serious crime for they are sucking whole lakhs of rupees and not doing their job. And when contacted with care support they dont even respond properly to emials or phone calls. Please put or give money away to poor people instead of getting cheated !!!

Jul 13, 2016

No service. They are cheats


I wish I had read these reviews earlier before wasting my money. These people are cheats. They promise to send you matching profiles...two per week that's what I was promised-- but after the first couple of weeks nothing came and everytime I called them they were too busy to take my call or again promised to call back and never did.

Sathy Menon
May 31, 2016


Dear parents,

Please do not waste money at Elite Matrimony, They are never able to provide any good profile, Their first and last profile will be really good just to lure you into their service.

They exploit our eagerness to get good prospects for our children. Please do not get lured by their false claims.


Sathy Menon
May 31, 2016

Reply to the complaint posted about Elite Matrimony

Dear User,

An executive from the customer care team will contact you to fully understand your concerns . Please feel free to write to [email protected] .

Elite Care Team
May 3, 2016

Bogus and fake promises by Elite matrimony

As it's been almost more than 2 months now that we have been associated with Elite matrimony, which is an extension of Bharat matrimonial services.
It has been the biggest mistake of my life to go ahead and fall for such a bogus company that only makes false promises at the time of registration.
When we had gone to register a profile for my daughter, they had assured us that they have plenty of profiles in their database for our daughter according to our selected requirements.
The lady at that time was Ms Swati, who not only assured us but also showed us few profiles (for which obviously they never reverted to us after the registration)
Now after the registration is done , we are warmly welcomed by a relationship manager (who indeed is very sweet) but to her bad she can't help but send out fake profiles to us.
As once we called up on a selected profiles contact & their response "we aren't associated with this matrimony anymore" , the other profile that was approved is still awaiting response since past 2 months & lastly they send us a profile of a guy who is already married 2 months ago (which is around the registration) & to clarify this mistake
"The grooms mother didn't want to waste the money so was looking a suitable match for the guys cousin brother"
Now this is what we call a determination of being fake and fraudulent.
I'm not asking this company for my money back , they anyways give you a long list of service tax and what not saying "you have only 2000₹ left" out of 65000/ in 2 months" (yes, can you believe them, they fake it and make the money)

Trust me people, don't fall for these sugar coated fake promotions by these companies. They are earning crores by playing with emotions of parents.
Never ever go for elite matrimony services.
They send you dead profiles (which are inactive)
They send you married profiles (& claim of not knowing the truth)
They won't answer your calls
They will call you and be sugar sweet but still they don't have profiles.
Yes, they don't have any profiles. They even accepted but still won't return your money.
They will convince you to relax your requirements like caste, age , city & I guess one day they'll ask you to relax the sex criteria too. "Ma'am we can't find a guy, would you mind a girl"

Elite matrimony, Bharat matrimony
Bogus , fake , fraud
Save your money people.
Anita Chaturvedi
Feb 15, 2016

Elite matrimony FRAUDS

We wanted a good match for my daughter Elite people were so convincing I was totally trapped .Not a single boy whom we liked responded so much money gone wasted please don't waste your hard earned money on these sites.
Feb 7, 2016

Question to people who used Elitematrimony

Did anyone contact or try to contact the management at Elitematrimony.com for resolution of problems with the relationship manager or the lack of profiles? If you did, who did you contact and what was the result? Our experience also has not been good so far and we would like to talk to the senior management and take some action. The money involved is not small and the they completely wasted the time without providing any useful matches.
Nov 28, 2015

bharat matrimony

BH elite services are fraud.
Please send me e mails of people suffered, making a story for Indian news channel.
[email protected]

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