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Consumer complaints and reviews about Eureka Forbes

Nov 23, 2022

Water purifier is not working

Hi All,

I am Krushna, Cust id # 1013461507 using a Eureka Forbes water purifier. I have taken an AMC of 2 years. On Oct 2022 my purifier stopped working and raised a complaint # CM-311022-3193912. A technician came and verified that motherboard has some problem. Since then its about to complete 1 months, they keep on telling me that we are prioritizing the issue and resolve as soon as possible. I called and mailed them almost everyday, so far i am not able to get any resolution or time line of resolution. Not even any call back from the cheater Eureka Forbes company.

Hence i would request all the customers to avoid buying or taking AMC from Eureka Forbes for any product. They simply cheat the customers by giving nice words while buying the product or services. After that they are not concerned about your problem. I have communicated the issue on the CEO escalation and CEO mail id also. But still there is no progress.

This is how Eureka Forbes is providing services to customers !!!

I have all the proofs of the suffering which i am going through because of this useless company and its resources.

Dec 15, 2020

EFL1585863: Service Issue - Aquaguard reviva


I had requested for service of our product Aquaguard Reviva on 12 th October and your technician came to get it done.

They were not enough knowledgeable to solve the issue and water started getting overflows. To stop this issue, they used any equipment with which it started getting auto cut on 6 ltr whereas capacity of 10 ltr.

They ensured us that they will get it rectified within week. But more than 2 months spent and nobody came. Product is not working properly too.

We are following up with your customer care and putting mails on regular basis but no solution is coming.

I am feeling Aquaguard is the worst company in after sales services . I recommend nobody should buy Aquahuard's product.

Once sales is down, they have nothing to do with customers.

Prem kumar
Mon 9736519877

Oct 12, 2020

RO + UV not working | complain No. - 2018220911

This is to inform you that I raised a complaint as on 5th October, 2020 regarding an issue in my Aquaguard. The Engineer came on the same day & unable to rectify the problem. He said, it needs to replace the part to resolve the issue & will come within 2 days. But he failed to keep the promise & not came to rectify the issue.

I contacted customer care several times to request to resolve the issue, from their end they informed me every time that they are escalating the issue. But there is no result after the escalation. May I know if you are able to give the proper after sales service.

This is pathetic to inform you several times regarding such a most important thing like purifiers of water. It is also very painful to drink water without purification & this is the reason I buyed the machine. But I think that I made a big mistake by choosing your product. Because your service is so poor. There are so many other companies who address their customers in a proper manner.

I am so afraid to say that your company is not upto the mark to provide the service to the customer. Your motive is to by any cost sell your product by misleading the customer.

I will not recommend anyone to buy a Aquaguard from Eureka Forbes, because after sales service is so pathetic & can't keep the given promise to the customer.

If your company can't provide the spare parts to the customer then stop promising the customer for after sales support.

Complaint Number : 2018220911

Ujjal Kumar Roy
Contact Number : 9748133339
Jun 1, 2020

RO Not Working

I have an Aquasure RO+UV, and my machine is not working since April 2020. I have filed several complaints ( Complaint#'s 2016252908, 2016380130, 2016478656).

I have been following up with the customer service on a daily basis and only get to hear the scripted response that the local office will call and they will escalate the matter when asked to transfer the call to the supervisor they don't have the authority. Every year you guys make me craze to get the contract to renew and now when the requirement is to change the motor, you don't have the parts. It's been more than 2 months there is no water in my RO and every day I have to call you guys, neither I am getting any support from your useless customer support nor from the local office.

If my issue will not be resolved, I will report this to the consumer forum.

Seriously, I have never seen such pathetic customer service.

I have already paid for this year's service renew, will not make this mistake again.

Anamica Adhikari
Eureka Forbes India
Jan 27, 2020

In response to your complaint

Dear Srinivas,

This is definitely not the kind of experience we aim to deliver and would like to take the opportunity to make things right for you. Please share your registered contact number/customer ID here. I'll have my service team connect with you at the earliest to further assist you.

Jan 3, 2020

Worst service and customer care by EUREKA Forbes - Don't purchase any product

the customer care department is very much worse than any other. The service persons don’t respond even after repeated calls, even after 20 days, they didn’t respond. This is the third time I am facing for last two-three months for my water purifies which is just 3 months olf. And the customer care people gives false promises, and well written repeated sentences. Even, Ms Deepa, from customer care also responds through auto reply (as we get the same reply with same sentences everytime, which means without reading the complaint just giving the automated reply).
The escalation page is another false thing in their website, to make the customers fool. Everytime to log a escalation, it asks for the ticket no. of the registered complaint, and when it was entered, it says, ticket doesn’t exist, even thourh it is new. So you cannot escalate any of your complaint, just listening to the nonsense talk by the customer care people only. And no email ids are available for the escalation persons.
Overall, I recommend, everybody not to got for Eureka Forbes at all, as it is one and only the worst company having no servicing. Their, service center in Chennai is completely nonsense, having untrained professional, without having any knowledge of opening the systems also. In front of you they will call to their service center and asks how to open. That is the kind of service team they have.

Sep 10, 2019

Tickets are closed without any update or action

I have been chasing the Eurekaforbes customer care since past 2months but NO USE!
For my Water Softner, I have raised couple of complaints saying that water is getting stagnated in main unit.
Eureka technicians have just came and left doing nothing. Now water is overflowing and its in WORST CONDITION within 6months of usage and its still under warranty.

On 26Aug2019 once again raised complaint with number 2013689886 on the same issue. Technician came and left without doing nothing and he SIMPLY CLOSED THE TICKET.

Since there is NO option to reopen the closed ticket, again on 31Aug2019 raised new complaint with number 2013774577 for the same. Though it has been more than 10days - till now NONE have come.
Raised complaint on technician 0107267139 - even on this No response.

We are a community of 450+ families, and others are inquiring about water softner. I purposefully asking them NOT TO GO FOR Eurekaforbes just because of this WORST SERVICE AND IRRESPONSIBLE TECHNICIANS AND CUSTOMERCARE.

Also, the actual technician is never coming and he is sending someone else.
Please do the needful at the earliest.
Aug 29, 2019

Horrible service - Eureka forbes aquaguard

My registered mobile with this Dr.Aquaguard is 8886155998. I have complained my aquaguard issue been 10 days. Everyday customer service saying technician will visit tomorrow. Technicians dont pick up calls and they never come. Somehow after many followup one technician came and he said they dont have parts and cant fix this and he left.

Now my question is what about the money i paid for this aquaguard and AMC. Whether they going to fix my issue or not? Horrible service and brand both. I need a strict action on these kind of people to cheat customers like this.
Jun 11, 2019


Dear Team,

I am using RO from Eureka and raised a complaint on 19th May. Technician visited and informed me that spare part has to change. Till now Eureka has failed to replace the spare part and I am wondering such big product and not able to resolve the problem. I have taken AMC and paid 5100 for AMC. what is the purpose of taking AMC. it is very bad service such a big company.

I am fed-up with calling service centers and technician. If you don't have spare parts better to not serve the customers.

why are cheating the customers with AMC.... I have no words to explain on this...

Eureka Forbes India
Feb 15, 2019

In response to your complaint

Dear Saurabh,

I am still awaiting your details. Kindly share the same as this will help me resolve your concern at the earliest.

Eureka Forbes India
Feb 14, 2019

In response to your complaint

Dear Saurabh,

I completely understand your concern. Please share your registered contact number or customer ID here so that my team can connect with you at the earliest to look into this.

Feb 12, 2019

Eureka forbes cheating its clients

Eureka Forbes is trying to bluff us...their salesperson sold us a table top water purifier product when we asked for a wall mounted one with all false commitments from delivery to services. He (Mr. Nagaraja) miscommunicated us: 1. Eureka Forbes will not provide the service if we purchase it online which was 4-5k cheaper available there. He said delivery + installation will be done within 48 hours and took money from us on Sunday, 27th Jan, 2019. Till Friday, he didn’t even logged installation request with Eureka Forbes after calling him several times. Finally when we called Eureka Forbes cc, they send installation guy on Friday and the technician said us this product needs a stand (costing 350inr)to fix it. At the time of payment only, we have asked the sales persons that do they need anything else to fix it and they denied saying its a wall mount product. Same day we logged the complaint again that since he sold ur the wrong product we want the refund. But, sales team said us,’ Do whatever u want to do, we are not going to refund ‘. Cc escalation team member said that it will be refunded till friday as she already started the process. Again on Friday, when we called them they are still saying that we are fixing it on the stand so its wall mounted only. So , I requested them not to change the definition for wall mounted. Now, they are just saying us that its the salesperson mistake and we are taking action on it, we will give u free installation...BUDDY I DON’T WANT THIS WRONG SOLD PRODUCT. I WANT MY HARD EARNED MONEY BACK. They are just passing the 30 days, so according to their policy, return time gets lapse. I request all not to trust Eureka Forbes blindly. Its really harassing
Nov 15, 2018

Installation of new aquaguard

Dear Mr Marzin,
Am writing to you as am left with no other choice. Your officers have the worst reputation of after sales service and here is another proof. I have called an Ankur Mishra, who called saying that by 10 am this morning his team or executive would be at the place to install the machine. Well it is 11:53 and there is no sign. Spoke to him at 10 am and he said team was on the way~still no sign??!!
Am hoping this email reaches you and you take some action?!
Mrs Kaul

My complaint no:0104451481

I have been on the line with them for 58 mins and 29 secs. All for getting an AQUAGUARD installed in my mother in laws house who is 91 years old. When I lodged a complaint yesterday and spoke to Sumit I mentioned her age and requested that it should be installed at 11 am this morning. He assured me it would be done. My mother in law in the meanwhile has been at her flat since 10:45 am waiting for the installation without food or water and finally had to be forcefully got back home at 4pm. All along I have been speaking to execs at eureka Forbes and nobody has been able to give me an assurance of when the machine will be installed. IS THIS HOW EUREKA FORBES WORKS??!! I spoke to Savitri at 12:18 pm and she was to call me back in 10 mins no call came. Then I called at 3:48 and was on the call for the above mentioned duration having spoken to Savitri, Some gentleman by the name of GUPTA Savitri's senior, then a PRIYANKA Charaborty and finally a Piyu Roy. None of them were able to connect to the service centre to get any confirmation on installation. Finally Piyu got Intouch with a SIMMRAN from the installation team and she has assured to get it done soon. WAITING, BUT HIGHLY DISGUSTED. I HAD A SIMILAR SITUATION in 2008, when I spoke to the MD of the company ,then had their entire senior team of Delhi parked outside my house to install the machine. DISGUSTING BEHAVIOUR!!! It is 5:05 in the evening and SIMMRAN Kaur has assured me that the plumber will visit the apartment between 6-7pm today and installation will be done. Let's see!!??
chittaranjan vn
Jul 28, 2018

Annual Maintenance Contract not Done even after 15 months

Dear Sir,

Please Refer to my AMC Contract Receipt No. 27649170 dt 29-04-2017.

My name is Chittaranjan VN and registered with Mobile No. 9946350917 / 9496718408 / 9400407336.

In spite of repeated lodging of complaints through 18602661177 no action to change the filter has been taken up so far.

I am the resident of Payyanur, Kannur (Dt), Kerala and contact phone numbers are as above. I am having Aquaguard Classic water filter with me.

If it is not feasible you are requested to refund the amount I had given for 3 years contract with bank interest, please.


Chittaranjan VN
Jul 13, 2018

water purifer

every alternative day we are logging a case for water purifier issue & no engineer come , after oscillation also no person turned .
Sneha s Pardeshi
Jul 7, 2018


Tried calling eureka forbes however no response, lodged too many complaints bt no response, purifier getting overleaked everyday, sales guy Akash, he nly sold product however no one is ready to do after sales service...
7039545141 / 8104868887 / 9821839400
Sarathy Natarajan
Jun 28, 2018

No response


I am literally calling to customer care for the past 4 days for Dr. Magna Aquaguard service. They are keep on saying that Technician will call you and will come to your home. But till now none of them are turned back. I am really upset and we are buying water can outside. Worst service which I have never seen. Also the service request number shows "No Longer Valid" within 4 days before the technician came to house. I am not sure what they are doing.

My suggesstion is better don't buy Acquaguard rather than buy water can itself. Atleast if you call 2 times minimum they will put water can.
Jun 7, 2018

Unable to Rectify Aquaguard i-nova

Our Aquaguard is not being serviced probably for quite sometime and now it has become totally defective. It is not orking at all working now. We have an AMC from day one and it has been working for 14/15 years. If it was not serviceable then why was the AMC done for two years ?
May 25, 2018

unhappy with sevice provided

Hello Sir/Madam,
We were very satisfied customer of RO water filter from Eureka Forbes from more then 10 years.Since then we are having the AMC every year and we are changing the filters and maintainance being done very regularly..This year our earlier service company could not be reached for renewal of AMC and we were forced to book service online. Then our woes started.A couple of months back itself we got it serviced.But he did not change all the filters though we insisted and paid him. we were very unhappy with the way he handled.I called up their service company and complained about the service engineer for which they did not bother.
last week suddenly the water stopped filling in the tank and exiting out. So again I booked online being careful not to bump into the same service company.this time the service engineer had complaints about the previous time work done and reverse connection was done he said.He changed all the filters ,cleaned and went collected the cheque of Rs.4450 in Himalayan Inc name and said to send bill by mail, which we have not received till now.After an hour he went , the water started dribbling from the connection and the whole kitchen was a mess with water .so I had to keep bucket under the leakage In 10mins ! bucket got filled up .So I had to hang around there to keep throwing that water.He dodged coming and attending to his carelessness,when finally he came after 3 days and sort of rectified it and went , again it started leaking .Now he stopped taking calls from our numbers.
Can you help me in this regard. I can book maintainance with another company,but now I doubt their genuinity. I think you should have control on the service companies and train the engineers and choose genuine people to give the franchise.Finally I had to close the knob near the tap to stop the water to the filter because I had to go to work.Please guide.
With regards,
May 16, 2018

lathargic Customer care

This is really a pathetic and lathargic customer care from Eureka Forbes. They are not even worried about customer's issues and grievances. I made a complaint for the issue of non working of my Dr.Aqua guard RO product on 24th of April. But still now there is no action taken. They connect to escalation department, technical manager. Thye keep on playing with us like a throw ball.They will say technician will come tomorrow. But till now Tomorrow never comes for them. Really pissed of with these fellows. This is the sutiation of a customer who is with AMC contract. Really worst Service Aqua Guard & Eureka Forbes. Suffering wiht no water and paying for getting drinking water.
May 10, 2018

RO not working comp no (2007645696)

Hello Eureka Forbes Team,

This is regarding my complaint number 2007645696 on 5 May 2018. The issue as explained by your service executive was related to adapter of the under sink RO not working. I have been following up with the service executive since 5 May and till date there is no solution to my problem.

Please note that it has already been 6 days since your executive attended to my issue and the product is still not working.

As per your executive the part that is defective is not in stock. Hence its taking long to resolve the issue.

Can you please explain how am I responsible for this. If the part is not available then you should arrange it. What is the point of purchasing a product from a reputed company like yours, when Eureka Forbes also works as a third class company when service is concerned.

Can you please confirm when the problem will get rectified as I have already spent close to 1000 rs on buying water.

Please confirm when can you get my RO working?

Aman Chadha
J 802 , Homes 121
Sector 121 , NOIDA
Eureka Forbes India
May 9, 2018

In response to your complaint

Dear Sandip,

I do understand your concern & have shared the same along with your details with my team in Kolkata. They will surely connect with you as soon as possible for further assistance.

Eureka Forbes India
May 9, 2018

In response to your complaint

Dear Pampa,

I assure you to address your concern & have escalated the same along with your details to my team in Durgapur. They'll definitely get in touch with you at the earliest to do the needful. Request your patience.

May 8, 2018

Non Conversion of EMI through online purchase

Dear Concern,
I regret to inform you that, I have purchased one Dr. Aquaguard, Magna through www.eurekaforbes.com on 22-04-2018 and opted for EMI. But till now it is not converted to the same. When I called the bank, they informed me that it supposed to do by the vendor. Then on 03-05-18 I called your customer care (18602661177) and lodge a complain(0102609494) for the same, the executive told me that it will be resolved within 2 days. After not getting any response, I called again on 07-05-18 around 1-45 pm and came to know that it will be resolved within 4 hours. But till now I haven't got any call from your side. As my credit card bill is coming soon, today(08-05-18, 9.00am) again I called your customer care service and they given me an another phone no to call(08046636363). But I haven't able to connect the no. as the no is for 10.00 am to 7.00pm.

Being a leader in water purifier sector, this type of irresponsible action is not expected from you people.

Hence, please resolve the issue at the earliest otherwise I have to pay more than your promised rate.

Hope for your cooperation.

Sandip Roy
Order ID : #0998171987
Customer ID : 8001085689
[email protected]
Sibashis Roy
May 5, 2018

Not providing official bill and warranty card

I have purchased Dr Aquaguard Classic from Eureka Forbes, Sodepur Branch,1 Indralok Barasat Road, Post Sodpur, Kolkata 110. Dated 22.06.2017.Sales Representative Name VIKKY KARRA(7003288593).Then we advance Rs 500 as booking money.After instalation we had asked the concernd person from Eureka Forbes for a proper Tax Invoice/Bill.Which he told us that we will get it after making full payment.Then He told us that we will get a System generated bill from Eureka Forbes head office Mumbai through mail and courier within 2months along with user manual and warranty card.But till date we did not get anything.Even he also take the Packing Box of the machine.And did not get it back.There was no any user manual or warranty card in that box.We repeatedly call Ureka Forbes Sodepur Branch Office and Vikky Karra.Then suddenly one day Vikky Karra the concern person came to our house and give us one Invoice cum Bill which is not system generated.After 10 months 03.05.2018 suddenly the concern person Vikky Karra came to our house and told us for servicing and we should change our filter cartridge.Then he told us that if we not ready for the servicing then he will call to the head office and tell them that we are not interested about any servicing.And company will not provide us any servicing for future.Then we became agreed and give him advance Rs 325 for Filter Cartridge & Servicing.We asked for bill and he said that we received a msg in our mobile.Then 4th May he came and change the cartridge.Again we did not get any Bill,no packing box of cartridge and still no msg in my mobile no.

Now we are requesting you to please take a necessary step about this matter.And plz send us a proper Bill,Warranty Card,User Manual and necessary Documents.My Aquaguard Machine details and the fake bill photo is attached with this letter.
Thanking You

With Regards
Pampa Mukhopadhyay

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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