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Sep 11, 2017

Dual pension

Dear Sir,

Subject: Not satisfied with the reply to logged RTI queries.----India Security press nahik road

correspondence till date
1. चपमू|ररढ|पेंशन सेल|7423) dated 12/03/2016 acknowledgment of documents received( Pension book,death certificate,Adhar card,school leaving certificate, pan card,identity card of widow of Late Ex-Service man.
2. चपमु /आरटीआई/पीआई ओ /४६०/९५८ dated 22/05/2017 : Reply of logged RTI-dated 08/04/2017 mentioning that above submitted documents 08 pages reveals the identity of employee-------NO ANSWERS TO ACTUAL Logged RTI
3. चपमू|ररढ|पेंशन सेल|7423) dated 12/03/2016 acknowledgment of documents received( Pension book, death certificate, Adhar card, school leaving certificate, pan card ,identity card of widow of Late Ex-Service man.
4. Dual Pension for Ex-service man Bharat Sarkar Ministry of defence department of Ex-Service man welfare New-Delhi Order No. 01(05)2010-D (PEN/POLICY dated 17/01/2013

With reference to above subject and चपमु /आरटीआई/पीआई ओ /४६०/९५८, we are not satisfied nor assured with the reply to the logged RTI queries and request further to escalate below queries to next higher level authority.

1. How and when can you assure preparation of service book for Late Mr. Lahanu Ranoji Kambale {DSO Token no 158}?
2. How and when you will resolve the pending issue of dual pension for above applicant?

Employee Details/Record
• Expired on 25 Feb. 2005 due to blood cancer disease {Office order number : 335/ADMN-II/G dated:-15/03/2005}
• Date of joining 30-11-1984 ------- India Security Press, Nasik Road ISP Token number 158 chief security guard.
• Transfer to CNP-I as DSO and then promoted to CNP-III on 30-7-2000 {Office order no. III/Admn-II/G
Thank you
Faithfully yours
Shakuntala Lahanu Kambale
Wife of Late: Mr. Lahanu Ranoji Kambale

We are not getting proper response

kindly suggest next level of action.
Gian Chand Rana
Jul 13, 2017

for not issuance ward of ex servicemen certificate for ex servicemen quota in education

Sir ,
I am an ex servicemen (No 1260900N Ex Naik Gian Chand Rana) belong to state of Himachal Pradesh and my son is studying at Chandigarh and had appeared entrance test for llb 3 years degree course under the jurisdiction of Punjab University Chandigarh. In order to avail ex servicemen quota, the authority of Punjab University directed him to submit a certificate of ex servicemen of his father to this effect. My son informed me in this regard telephonically. As I have undergone by pass surgery operation and also disc operation twice and due to these bodily infirmities my physical movements are restricted hence I sent him his ECHS card issued by defense department along with my discharge certificate and identity card to get the desired certificate from the office situated at sec 21 Chandigarh. My son on receipt of these documents approached Ex servicemen office, sec 21, Chandigarh. The dealing clerk of ex servicemen office at sec 21, chandigarh after verifying the documents refused to prepare required certificate saying that there in no entry in discharge book with effect to son whereas ECHS card is containing the compete details of particulars. It is pertinent to mention here that I retired in the year 1988 and no entry of any child made in my discharge book at the time of retirement.
The above is submitted for your kind information and necessary action as instead of helping ex servicemen, the official posted at sec 21, chandigarh not only harassed my son but also deprived him from availing the quota of ex servicemen in the institute.

Mar 4, 2017



This is not a complaint, but I want help & support on humanitarian ground & Ex Servicemen Org and all ex servicemen. I along with my mother 95 Years, Wife 62 Years and my self is living in my own house in Kalas Malwadi, Pune 411015 Since Mar 2007.

The neighbor, the committee members & members of NEW BHARAT MITRA MONDAL Kalas Malwadi Pune-411015 are harassing sine last 10 years by various means. Threatening of murder of my self & family members, they are throwing various things in my house. I had packed all the windows with bricks & Cement. Every times they are threatening of murder,pouring dirty elements on my house wall & trying to lit the house on fire, throwing Keroicine & Petrol on my house.They sitting in front of my main gate, parking their two wheeler, shouting loudly & using liquor in the open, throwing empty bottles of liquors in my house. Demanding various items from us. I am the only Ex Servicemen in this Area. They are throwing stones from back side. We are in a fear of life. These person have got punishments from local police authorities.

On 24 Sep 2011 there was a big theft in my house & I was in great loss. We had lodged the complaints with Local Police but no use & all in vain. They have increasing harassment & these activities of these neighbor & members of New Bharat Mitra Mandal Kalas Malwadi, Pune 411015, We had reported the facts to Local Nagar Sevak, Members Senior Citizens of the area but no use & I was in great trouble, the members of New Bharat Mitra Mandal have increased the harassment. These person used GUTAKA & any other & thrown all my house wall. have In my next request I will attach photograhs of these person.

On this harassment I want help of all Ex Serviceman Association & Ex Service men. The life of my self & family members is in danger. The person of New Bharat Mitra Mandal can kill us at any time.

My contact number is 9860590866 and Email id namak1545@gmail.com. Please help me to save my own & family members life. THIS IS MY FOLDED HAND REQUEST TO ALL EX SERVICEMEN PERS & ORGANISATION.

Yours Faithfully, Sub Major Chintamani AM, Samarpan Bungalow, House No 2/173, Kalas Mawadi, Pune-411015
Ashok Kumar Agnihotri
Feb 9, 2017

Unemployment of Ex Sub Major

Sir, I was retired from Army as Sub Major on 30 Apr 2015. Presently I am residing at Pune. Earlier to my retirement, I had done diploma in mtrl mgt from Lucknow under resettlement course also I had done Asst security officer course from Roorkee. My trade was Clk (SD). I have served in MES more than 15 years. I have also registered my name in Army Placement Node and my Regn No is JCO83393 dated 20 Apr 2015. As on date I have not received any call for my civil job, even I have contacted so many times at APN Pune. It is requested to intervene in my case and provide me any suitable job in Pune.
Jan 18, 2017

Non revision of pension as per 7th pay commision

Dear Sir/Madam

My previous complaint number is Registration number MODEF/E/2017/00155 .

My mother Mrs. Archana Majumdar wife of Ex-serviceman Late Braja Gopal Majumdar is not getting "SAME RANK SAME PENSION" till now. As BANK OF INDIA has changed her pension to "Defence Civil Pension" also her original PPO Number has been changed. Even BOI is not showing her old record which is kept by bank. Bank said that already they have sent mail to Nagpur office (CPPC )but there is no response from Bank end.

I have sent email to cppc Nagpur but they are not responding neither bank nor regional office and Cppc-Nagpur.

Mrs Archana Majumdar is getting her family pension through BOI and she is Army family pensioner not a civil defence pensioner. Therefore I am requesting you on behalf of my mother, please do all the needful things at your end and treat it as urgent basis. Account no of pensioner is

All details flowing :

PPO NUMBER : S/JV/43716/1992
BANK OF INDIA : KMC Building, Raja Subodh Chandra Mallick Rd,
Baghajatin Super Market, 2Nd Floor,Ajanta Park,
Baghajatin Colony, Kolkata, West Bengal 700092.

REGIMENT NO. : 6258388
ORIGINAL P.C./ PPO NO. & YEAR : DRA/ 13806/ 76

Thanks and regards,
Madhumita Majumdar
prakash nandan
Dec 2, 2016

ECHS Card not been issued since13 yrs nor getting medical Allowance.

Name –Nandan Prakash Sitaram.
Naval Rank -Ex-LEMP Service no-171005z
Date of joining in Navy-Aug 1988.
Date of Retirement -31 October 2003.
Officer in- charge Dated: 10.Oct 2016.
ECHS Scheme.
Dear, Respective sir,
I am a Navy retired sailor, living in Nasik (State- Maharashtra).
Sir, in Oct 2003, ECHS was newly founded & our releasing batch was ready to become a member of ECHS.
After all, the membership payment was deducted from our finial Accounts. After became a member I am not getting Medical Allowance .or not Issuing ECHS Card also.
After came to my home I filled all those forms and posted the same to ECHS HQ in 2003 .Since 2003 I am not getting any medical allowance nor issued ECHS Card also.
I posted many complaints on ECHS complaints cell. But still today not received any reply from your office.
It is my humbly request to all those concerns please do something. Because I and my family not getting proper medical treatments. I am not able to pay in private hospitals.
Today, “I am requesting with joined my arms” please do the needful.
Yours, Badly Suffering sailor.
Prakash Nandan. (Cell no 7620005811)
My mail id nandanprakashs@rediffmail.com, /prakashnandan07gmail.com.
Oct 7, 2016

पूर्व सैनिक कल्याण निगम द्वारा पूर्व सैनिको का शोषण

श्रीमान जी , मै 639653 -G Ex Sgt शेषकान्त निवासी प्लाट no 53 संजीवनगर कानपुर ,आपको अवगत करना चाहता हूँ कि उत्तर प्रदेश सैनिक कल्याण निगम -कानपुर कार्यालय जो कि पूर्व सैनिकों को रोजगार दिला कर निश्चित ही उनके कल्याण के लिए कार्य करती है ,परन्तु रोजगार देने के साथ ही उनकी इस मजबूरी का इस कदर नाजायज फायदा उठाया जाता है कि ड्यूटी ज्वाइन कराने के बाद उनके सभी तरह के वेलफेयर ख़त्म कर दिए जाते हैं जिसमे से उसकी सबसे पहले उसकी छुट्टियाँ ख़त्म हो जाती हैं सिर्फ 3 नेशनल हॉलिडे को छोड़ कर न तो कोई भी वीकली अवकाश मिलता है और न ही previlage होलीडेज . यानी 24x7x362 ड्यूटी , जैसे उसकी कोई पारिवारिक , सामाजिक जिम्मेदारी न हो , या उसे कभी मेडिकल हेल्प की जरुरत न हो , उसका खास करके कोई रिलीवर नही होता और अगर उसने छुट्टी मांगी , तो उसकी तो छुट्टी ही हो जाती है या फिर उसे अन्य इल्लीगल चीजों का सहारा लेना पड़ता है ,और ऐसे जैसा कि Dir.Gen,of Reset-Dept of Ex servicemen ( Min Of Defence) DGRindia की Regulatory में दिया गया है ,
अभी हाल में ही मैने भी निगम के जरिये से कानपुर बिजली बिभाग में मशीन ऑपरेटर के पद की ज्वाइनिंग किया है , अभी दशहरा पर्व के समय यहाँ 4 दिन की लगातार छुटियाँ पड़ रही हैं लेकिन हम लोगों की किसी भी दिन की कोई छुट्टी नही है , निगम के कार्यालय , अधिकारी मि. माथुर ,व अन्य पूर्व सैनिकों से मालूम करने पर बताया गया है कि मशीन ओपरेटर की किसी भी दिन की छुट्टी नही होती , जब कि बिजली विभाग के स्थाई कर्मचारियों की साप्ताहिक , आकस्मिक व अन्य अभी सरकारी अवकाश मिलते है ,जब कि पूर्व सैनिकों के लिए कोई अवकाश नही है अगर छुट्टी मारी तो हाजिरी कटी यानी की पेमेंट कटी .
,कार्य के घंटे भी फिक्स नही है 10 घंटा से लेकर 12 - 14 घंटे कितने भी घंटे काम जारी रह सकता है ,और फिर भी अगले दिन समय पर ही पहुचना ही है , यानी कि लगातार बिना किसी अवकाश के काम और काम और काम ही करते रहो , अब चाहे कोई स्वयं बीमार हो घर में कोई परेशानी हो , कही रिलेशन में कोई फंक्शन हो , उस बेचारे को अवकाश नही मांगना चाहिए ,अगर अवकाश की बात की तो सीधा जवाब मिलता है कि आप तो परमानेंट अवकाश ही ले लो . और इस तरह से एक पूर्व सैनिक बाकि की पूरी जिन्दगी शोषण का शिकार होता रहता है ,और नौकरी जाने के डर से कहीं अप्रोच भी नही करता .
आपसे विनम्र अनुरोध है कि मेरे इस पत्र को संज्ञान में ले कर उचित कार्यवाही करें ताकि पूर्व सैनिकों का इस तरह का शोषण रोका जा सके
Sep 16, 2016


This is to bring to your kind notice and requested that this grievances may be redressed in the larger interest of veterans. Most of the people complete full defence service and retire and by the time they retire, they are almost becoming Sr. citizens. Their children too must have grown up and as per rule children are not considered as dependent of Ex/s/men if the children are aged above 25yrs. Now when the Sr. citizen wants take the help of any of his son or daughter to go to canteen , the children
are not allowed as they are aged above 25 yrs, the security persons say bring dependent ID Card of childre, now who will give ID Card for children who are aged above 25 yrs

Why Aadhaar card cannot be considered as ID proof of children of veteran, as Aadhar card has all details of father. This Aadhaar based permission may be granted to any one of the children of veteran to accompany Sr. citizen restricting the entry only up to grocery canteen.
Therefore, it is requested sir, that any one person either son / daughter of veteran may be permitted to enter the Unit run grocery canteen based on Aadhaar ID

EX-SGT 288369=G
Sumer singh pawaria
Sep 12, 2016

Bad behaviour of workers of ex serviceman canteen

Iwas a subedar in army and now I have retired. I went to canteen tadat in charkhi dadri and the lady at counter who was giving bill was shouting at an electrician then I said that don't shout I m a hear patient then a worker started shouting at me and at my grand son and caught my grandson and pushed him out when he said that my grandfather is a heart patient . So I request the authority to take action toward this incident so that in future we will be able to do more shopping with your canteen .I will be very thankful to you if you will take action .
Thanking you
Phone no.9812107678
shilpa shillu
Jul 20, 2016

a guy cheated a girl and abused girl

hi my name is shilpka am from army family and my father is ex service man ..but now he is not more mother house wife and sister is working ..and a guy praveen kumar who cheated me and spoiled my life and me...and he told like he il marry me and now e is not in the station I already given complaint in local police station and filed FIR bit yet now they didnot arrest praveen kumar so please I request u to take an action against on himy yours truly shilpka stay in bangalore

address: #G 95 1st cross magazine road keshavaneger bangalore.-23 thanking u ...
ex sub maj harjinder singh
Jul 9, 2016

Gratuity ex serviceman

Sir gratuity 7th pay commission mein double hui hai lekin jo 04 months pehle retirement hue hain unko double gratuity kyon nahin di jaegi.
prakash nandan
Jul 8, 2016

ECHS Card not Issued since 2003.

Respective Sir,
I am Prakash Sitaram Nandan Ex-LEMP. Service no 171005z Retired on 31 st Oct 2003.my PPO no 1665, 2003 dt;23.10.2003.
Sir After release from service I filled all those forms Issued by ECHS cell.and posted all forms for smart card.
Now 13 yrs Passed but I am not Issued with smart card of ECHS.
Sir "please Kindly attend"
OR pl Guide me to get it.
my cell no 7620005811.mail id nandanprakashs@rediffmail.com.

Thanks with Regards!
antonyraj m
Jun 4, 2016

NON recognition of graduation certificate issued to ex servicemen in Tamilnadu state

Ex servicemen are being issued with a graduation certificate at the time of discharge from service (Only for Matric passed with more than 15 years eerienced) .This certificate is honoured by all central government organizations for selection in group C and D posts where the qualification is a degree and state government viz Maharashtra Gujarat Kerala etc.but government of Tamilnadu is not Passed any order to recognize this graduation for the selection in group C and D posts. Request initiate action to pass necessary G O to consider this graduation by Tamilnadu Government.
tqa borah
May 18, 2016

Subject: Vacancy reserved for ex-servicemen quote is fulfilled by non ex-servicemen.

Dear Sir ,
I am Tapan Jyoti Borah, army no-15498764M, Armed Corps. I have been enrolled in Indian Army on 24 th Dec 2004,and have been given discharge from it on 28 th jun 2006 due to stress fracture in lower shaft tibia under medical category A3 (IMB). At the time of training I have persued a course of driving and maintenance-3 under DMR Ahmednagar and my trade was also gunner/driver. According to the discharge book I am recognised as an ex-servicemen and I am fit for any other civil job concerning driving and maintenance excepting armed services. My PPO no is- D/CORR/010368/2009. and my ZSB registration no is- ZSW/JRT-115/2007.
After a long interval recently I have appeared for a interview in ONGC, India for the post of winch operator (heavy vehicle). The advertisement is available in the ONGC's own site -www.ongcindia.com. for Assam asset, Nazira, an was published in the month of February 2015. As per the advertise ment I fulfilled all the criteria to appeare for the above mentioned post as an ex-servicemen, and in the registration form and admit card given to me by the company after applying I was granted as an ex-servicemen. My registration no and roll no for the interview were respectivly 15020014623 and 1142900118. Of course it was mentioned at the advertisement that 48 posts were reserve d for ex-servicemen out of say372 different type of posts such like as drilling asst, fitter, fireman, etc. including winch operator. In fact 16 vacancy was for winch operator. On 20th September 2015, I appeared in written test and was announced pass on 4 th January 2016. On 29th and 30th of March 2016 I have appeared for practical and personal interview. Recently on 12 May 2016 the result was announced and I was placed in waiting list. As per my knowledge l was the only ex-servicemen applied for that post, because at the time of personal interview I came personally close to every candidate and got familiar to their profile. Hence, on 13th of may 2016 I directly went to ONGC Nazira H.R. and asked for the quote. I asked them why I am placed in waiting list instead of shortlisted in the main list on the basis of ex-servicemen quote, as I was the single one. I was answered that according to the company law and rules the quote was only for age relaxation,unlike the another quote reserved for SC, ST,OBC...Is it so really? If so, is not it a kind of jock? Generally it seems at some advertisement of state government /public sector service giving the maximum limit of age is of 38 years. And at the other hand often it seems that average no of defense person were given discharge from army at a average age of 35 years? Don't you think DGR or such other association/board should have a deep glance on it. I am only 31 years old. My date of birth is 29th September 1985. At least I am not in needed of such type of quote giving only the age relaxation facility.
I am feeling helpless right now. Please help me out some way. For your kind information I already have proceed a step for RTI asking for my score along with a legal notice asking for the cause not fulfilling the given quote. I will be grateful to you for your kind consideration and supportive execution.

With regards,
Rect. Tapan Jyoti Borah
Village- Majgaon
P.o.- Na-Ali Dhekiajuli

E-mail- aradhyashreyaborah21@gmail.com
Apr 2, 2016

settlemnt of land acquisition by MILMA, govt. of Kerala

From 3/04/2016
Mrs Uma Nair
Akshaya, TC 2/521-3, MRA 50,
Medical College P.O
Trivanrum – 695011
Kerala, India

The Secretary
DSSA Board

Respected Sir

Sub: Settlement and closure of land sale deed acquired by MILMA, Govt of Kerala in 1985 belonging to my husband Late Major N.P Balaraman Nair(IC 8354, core: Signals, Date of Death: 24/8/88)

Ref: Land acquisition Case No. LAR No. 92 of 1987 and 97/1987 in EP No. 163/2010 in the court of sub judge of Mavelikara.

I am writing this to humbly request you to intervene to settle and close the above referred case .

The property with a building of 2000 sq ft( 12 rooms) in Kurattisseril village, Mannar belonging to my late husband was acquired by MILMA, Govt. of Kerala in 1985. The price decided was very low with the cheapest land around the place ( 2.5 kms away)being shown as the reference land. The final price fixed in 1987 was Rs. 3434/are for a property of 74.93 ares. I am quite ignorant of the dealings of the court and could not understand the details. I was also cheated by the lawyer by keeping me in the dark with some excuses and I came to know of the sanctioned price only when I received the first instalment of payment. I could not do anything about it. Thereafter another instalment was paid to me in 2010. I am yet to get the third instalment of payment.

I am 86 years old at present and not able to follow up the case since last few years due to my ill health. I am staying with my widowed daughter who herself is a strong diabetic and cardiac patient. It has become almost impossible to travel to Mavelikara in my present state of health. The lawyer also appears to be taking it at a slow pace. I would like to settle this case before something happens to me. Hence I request you to using your kind office to settle and close this case as soon as possible.

Faithfully yours

Uma Nair (W/O Late Major N.P Balaraman Nair)
Mar 5, 2016

non issue of widow id card

Respected Sir,

I smt SUMITRA GOGOI, widow of late NARAYAN GOGOI (Ex - Sub-Maj) JC 123863H retired from DSC on 1993 and expired on April 2006. So, now need to apply widow card for that I visit to ZILA SAINIK BOARD, Kamrup, Assam . but they refuse to issue my Widow ID card. I show them my husband DISCHARGE BOOK, PPO of DSC but they refuse.They ask my husband previous army record I.e 119 Bn TA. My husband joined DSC on 1-5-1981 before that he was in Teritorial Army 119 Bn and that time no pension facility in Teritorial Army and hence no certificate and discharge book available my husband total service done 28 years (16 years on 119 Bn TA and 12 years on DSC). PREVIOUSLY on 1994 ZSB issued ID Card of my husband having card number 05/01504 on 28-7-1994 so these I told to ZSB But they again refuse.
Kindly help me in this regards.

Husband EX SERVICE MAN CARD NO : 05/01504
Issued on 28-7-1994
Issued by ZSB Kamrup, Assam

Kindly inform me on below mention address or mail ID.

Thanking you.

H NO- 7, North Jyotinagar
Bamunimaidan, Guwahati 781021
Mail ID: imravigogoi@gmail.com
Phone: +91-8474055602
Jan 11, 2016

Ex service man pension - reg


I am Ponamani Selvaraj NK Nayak w/o Ex service man Mr. Selvaraj NK Nayak (Signal) - 14237195 Till november i had received pension amount Rs.12000 and on last december'15 i had received rs.8000 only. Kindly suggest me how to move forward and help since we are very poor and struggling for daily basic needs.

Jan 7, 2016

rest room

Respected Sir,
Please visit the Golden Palm Extension Canteen Krishnagiri branch regarding toilet facilities for those who come to the canteen,
There no words to explain the condition of the toilet. Nowadays even public toilets are maintained in a good condition, but our ex-servicemen canteen toilet.....
When i ask the canteen manager he says there is no staff to clean, give me complaint otherwise go any where to complaint , these are the words of the canteen manager.Every Esm keep their mouth shut.
Please have a visit to the CSD canteen Krishnagiri without any prior intimation, then only you may no the reality.

Thanking you
Jul 9, 2015

Non Recognition of Technical & Professional Qualifications

Dear Sir,
Sub : Non Recognition of Technical & Professional Qualifications – reg.
Ref : Deptt. of Tech Edn. Ltr no.F-36-19/75/t-2(Annx-8) dtd 26/05/77 &
Indian gazette notification dated 05/11/83 para 530.

Have great pleasure in introducing my self as a retired Indian Naval person as Chief Mech(R) officer after having served the nation for over a period of twenty years from 01 Jan 1989 to 31 Jan 2009 in various capacities in the field of electronic warfare /navigational equipment. Presently I am working as Assistant Manager( Instrumentation) for the past more than five and half years in Dredging Corporation of India ltd, a PSU under the administrative control of shipping ministry, GOI.
According to the Deptt of Tech education letter cited above under reference and inline with the promotion policy of Dredging Corporation of India Ltd , I am eligible for the next promotion i.e Deputy Manager as I have completed required length of service during 2014 itself .
Department of Technical Education which promulgates that the person with 10 years of relevant inline experience is to be considered as Engineering Graduate in the particular discipline. Though the copies of above said Ministry of Education & Social Welfare (Deptt. Of Education Technical) were circulated to all the Govt. of India / State Govt / State Public Service Commission etc. The above subsequently published in Gazette of India and NCO code book the same is not being honored due to some unknown reasons by Dredging Corporation of India, a PSU of GOI undertaking. Due to which an impediment to my future carrier though I have experience in appropriate field for more than 15 years in Indian Navy & Dredging Corporation of India put together.
It was clarified to the management together with the copy of afore said letter, duly attested by Asst. Superintendent, HRD, Govt. of India, New Delhi. And also copies of the verdict of Central Administrative Tribunal in many occasions in the year 2012, 2013 & 2014 were also submitted to the Management of DCI in support of my precise claim for promotion from the year 2013 according to the DCI promotion policy.
For information , our organization set an qualification requirement of my ex-rank i.e Chief Artificer/Mechnician (Mechanical) for the post of Managerr (Technical) in their previous and latest recruitment notice.
Hence, I humbly request your good self to intervene in the matter of honoring the Govt. of India , Ministry of Education & Social Welfare (Deptt. Of Education Technical) circular and GOI Gazette cited above under reference.
Thanking you,
In anticipation of Justice,

Gullala Srinivas
Asst. Manager (Inst)
Rajbali Singh
Jul 3, 2015


I 738935 EX SGT MANISH KUMAR from Air Force approached ZSB Vadodara for a certificate of my son to avail Defense quota in educational Institution of Gujarat.But they have refused to give such certificate stating that I am not Gujarati and i will not be permitted to avail such facility.where as my parent ZSB is vadodara only, as per all the valid documents from Air Force .They are asking a domicile certificate which can not be possible before ten year of stay in Gujarat.Means all the precious days of our serving as duty bound soldier has gone in vain .I am Indian and I can proudly say that all the facility of a soldier i should get in all over the country.Please resolve my problem and suitable instruction may be given to all the ZSB.
Yours Faithfully
Manish Kumar
A-8 AAkruti Duplex
Behind Air force Makarpura
Jun 11, 2015

clearification registration at zilla sainik board

I am 771106-R ex- sergeant pradeep Kumar . Retired from IAF on 31/05/2015. As per service and pension record my native place is Sarkaghat, Distt-Mandi(H.P). Currently i am staying on rent at chandigarh due to my children education and search of job.I have got all the valid documents from IAF (i.e. discharge book, discharge certificte, dependent certificate, dependend card and letter to zilla sainik board for registration). My PPO is still awaited and likely to be received within 15 days. I have approached zilla sainik board hamirpur on 11 jun 15 for registration as the address mentioned on the letter given by my last unit was of that zilla sainik board where as my distt is nearby mandi. Hamirpur is nearer to me than my own distt mandi. Zilla sainik board hamirpur told me that they can not registerd in their distt and without PPO. My i requset you to cleafy the following:-
(1) Can i registered without PPO. I have all other documents of discharge.
(2) Can zilla sainik board chandigarh issue me indent for purchase of refrigrator/washing machine as i aim in urgent requirement of these as i am staying at chandigarh.
(3)Can i get myself registerd at hamirpur zilla sainik board which is nearer to me than mandi.

Its my humble request to clearify the registration procedure and indent procedure in case exserviceman does not stay at his home town and do job at other place. Thanks
Jun 11, 2015

clearificationregardingTreatment under ECHS scheme

Respected sir,

I am 771106-R ex- sergeant pradeep Kumar . Retired from IAF on 31/05/2015.As per service and pension record my native place is Sarkaghat, Distt-Mandi(H.P). Currently i am staying on rent at chandigarh due to my children education and search of job .My ECHS falls at sarkaghat as per my service document .I approached sarkaghat for activation of smart card, they told me to make a mannual copy of each card by paying 15 rupees each from printing press and get it registered at their clinic on 10 Jun 15 . I followed their instructions and get it registered. I have informed them that right now i stay in chandigarh.
I just want to clarify that as i am holding latest samrt card, can i get treatment at chandigarh, if required.If not then what is the use of issuing these smart, if i have to go to my home town for treatment and come back to chandigarh which is 180 kms one way.Please clearify,
May 18, 2015


i attomonyus ,po my nattive place in district-chapra, it comes under zilla sainik kalyan karyalaya,chapra but, i am settle
i district- patna for children education. for permanentaly. i made resedential certificate, adhar card, and pension transfer.
i went to zilla sainik karyalaya for my child welfare Dependent certificate issue from zilla sainik karyalaya district-patna.,Bihar
zilla sainik padadhikari patna refused to see my welfare. he told you are still under chapra zilla sainik karyalaya.
but, i told i am settle, nowin patna permanent resedence patna .zilla sainik karyalaya told, i will not help you.For
because, this dependent certificate, i have to produce Bihar combined exam 2015 and coming year other exam.
kindly make easy rule for issue of dependent certificate by affidavit by notary public showing discharge book and producing
pressent permanent address in same bihar state Ex service man of bihar. kindly make easy rule for ex seviceman welfare
urgently. because from ,old rule our family and children is suffering. kindly issue circulor to zilla saink board iin right to information act.
i request to you kindly do as soon as possible. Bihar zilla sainik board not helping us.specisally zilla sainik karyalaya, patna, Bihar
Thanking you,. your obidient. Ex service man.
simrita jaisingh
May 15, 2015

taken money for govt job

An sweeper who is enroled as a government servant and even his wife.. He told us that he will take retirement and wll allot his job to us and have taken 5 lakhs from us.. today almost its one year but he never gve any job.. and if v ask for the money he says i will not gve and even he sales the csd canteens good outside in the ahmednagar market and leads to 20% commission so pls help us to recover our money ... orelse pls suggest any query how to tackle with this cheater... even her wife is a big cheater she too works in csd canteen but v dont know his unit no and card no pls if possible pls help us to find out his card no so that v can raise a complaint to the general mmanager... as he is a poen but he has his 2 bunglows and a luxirious cars.... And if v say wll complaint to the police he says i will gve money to the police and u will be in agreat trouble..

so have no other option pls help us pls....
May 10, 2015


We all have served more then 15 years in Army Postal service but DSSA Board Gujarat Ahmedabad is not issuing ESM I Cards to us.
Our problem since so many years not solved. all tigers while talking favour us but while action they acting like fox Tigers bacame fox is very very irregular. AS PER MILITARY RULE, THOSE WHO HAD SERVED ONLY FIVE YEARS ARE TREATED AS EX SERVICEMEN WHILE WE ALL HAVE DONE JOB MORE THEN 15 YEARS BUT DSSA BOARD GUJARAT NOT GIVING ESM IDENTITY CARDS.


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