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Fast Track

Tamil Nadu

Consumer complaints and reviews about Fast Track

Devaraj Angamuthu
Jan 12, 2017

Over Charge

Hi, the driver did 3 things.

He rated himself by getting the code for GOOD

He tried to drop me before the dropping point saying heavy traffic ahead

He over charged 100 Rs. Didn't provide bill.
Ds mahendran
Nov 18, 2016

Not deliverd more than 20 days

Notdeliverd for the post 20 days
Kar Thik
Sep 5, 2016

Poor Customer Service and Cab driver over charging without producing travel bill

This complaint is against Fast track call taxi and poor response to customer service by ignoring me an option to lodge a complaint and not giving me Complaint ref no inspite of repeat calls and request.

I ( Karthik - kar_thy_k@yahoo.com / Ph - 93452684892 / 8939806534 ) had to travelled today - 5/9/16 from perugaluathur railways station to International airport and on reaching fast track customer support on toll free no, they said no taxi is available for half an hour and disconnect the call. Bu t I could see immediately see
fast track cab and the driver approached me promising me to charge the official rate that his agency ( Fast track ) charges and would produce me a bill for the same. While I boarded the cab, i insisted the driver to on the Meter, he said its not working and
he would connect Via mobile application and register the travel distance and produce the bill at the end of travel.

Hence i notice the mobile screen and it appeared Rs. 435 as last travel charge and but he said he had changed the settings.
While dropping the he charged the same amount that was displayed on screen ( Probably of the last traveller ) and insisted me
to pay immediately and rushed me to pay, since i had my flight travel I could not spend time with his arguing and had to pay. While asking the bill he said he had registered and i will get by mail and issued me a temporary bill with wrong Taxi Registration TN0DP6651 no on bill. I managed to capture the actual TAXI no : TN22D_0561 some how in hurry and tried reaching fast track call centre guys atleast 15 times and all of them for 1.15 Min and non of them registered the complaint and all of them guided me to voice mail and was put on hold for 10 min / 15mins which got disconnected later.

While all previous callers in customer support argued that they support and register complaint only if the taxi is registered on call via customer care and they will support to investigate on if the cab driver has over charged or not and they have register complaint also. Finally I managed to speak to Siva Employee code - 2254 who also repeated the same reason and denied to register complaints and at last in a rude manner said he I will receive complaint ref no after half an hour by 7.50 PM ( 5/9/16). I contacted customer care team BY 8.15 pm to check if complaint no is ready for me to note but they said no complaint has been registered and they will not do. And when I spoke to supervisor Parameshwaran - 2274 he was even more rude saying he will trace the taxi driver and said I can go ahead and register to the highest authority possible in India and they will not will still not be doing anything about this.

This is Matter of financial transaction of Rs.150 over charged to a guest by a cab driver which is owned by fast track call taxi and still they dont support even to register a complaint. what if tomorrow some criminal offence if done by driver ???
Will the fast track call taxi still disown the issue said cab was not booked via their call centre ??? What is the control mechanism and check and balances they have ??? I have wasted 15 to 20 calls ( RS 50 - 75 ) and 1.30 hrs doing nothing but trying to register a complaint. This has caused mental agony and loss to me. Pls look into this and guide the issue to appropriate authority for investigation and action against cab agency and driver .
mohamad faisal
May 5, 2016

Driver Has Taken Cash

I booked a cab through fast track driver number for 5 hours package.. While going he took 500 for filling the fuel and my total bill was 1200 ..

Instead of giving 700 rest i gave him again 1200 ...

so i paid him 1700 instead of 1200 ...

I was calling the driver number , sent mail to fast track , went in presence in kodambakkam office but no response ..

I heared fast track is very straight company and but am sorry they support fraud drivers...

Very bad imperssion..

regards ,

May 4, 2016


I have booked a call taxi to pick up me at 9.05 AM on 05.05.2016 . at about 8.40AM i have recieved a message from FAST TRACK with a message of related call taxi number (TN 09 BU 2421 ) and driver mobile number(9087762634). Since upto 9.50 AM there is not received a phone call from the call taxi driver i have called to the driver mobile number for 3 times and there is no any responsible from the driver.Again i have called the FAST TRACK office and they were imformed the taxi will come to the correct time of 9.05AM.Upto 9.10 there is no any response from the particular call taxi driver and about 9.12 AM he will called me and asked where will i come for pickup.I told the driver now the time is 9.12AM and i had called to you 3times and no response from your end and he asked roughly now i will come or go. I told him that i will complaint about you and he said any where you go to complaint me. In the meantime i have arranged a Auto and go to my office.

This type of complaints occurs somany times in a month . When to go to complaint this occurance to the customer care service office is also worst service because of no responsible on phone call by anytime engaged.From this I and my friends are came to the mind of FAST TRACK service is a WORST WORST WORST WORST WORST service in CHENNAI city

When i con
May 24, 2014

Booked vehicle not reeived


Today morning at about 8 am, I booked a Tavera for my family (8 members including a aged person and three children) from Fast Track Call Taxi (Tel # 044-28889999) to return from Kishkinta Theme Park at 6 pm to Maraimalai Nagar and the booking ID is 79416. But the vehicle has not come at 6 pm at Kishkintha. When we called Fast Track, they simply said they cannot service as all the vehicles are busy.

The mere reason why I booked the vehicle in the morning was to avoid these kind of reasons, but they failed to do their service and cause trouble to our family.

Please enquire this case and provide us the compensation.

Thank you,
Anwar (9600072847)
May 13, 2013

Notn arrival

I booked a cab to go to Adyar from Ragavendra kalyana mandapam , Kodambakkam on 12 May at 8.30 00 p.m.At 7.30 p.m. a call was received by me that he was waiting at the Mandapam. At 8.30 p.m., when I looked for the cab it was not available. When I phoned the driver it was either busy or switched off. We had to return to Adyar by another vehicle.The driver took meals in the mandapam and went away..Such hop-less services is provided by Fast Track. In their website, no provision is there to make complaints.My complaint ID is 2194 booked on 11-05-13.
May 3, 2013


I bought Fast Track watch from exclusive fast track showroom (Phoenix Mall- Chennai). My sister started using it a week later. It stopped working in next few days. When I reached showroom, it was exactly 20th day from purchase. Service Center of T-Nagar branch confirmed that the whole machine inside the watch was faulty and they took 10+ days to change everything inside it.

As per their servicing norms, a product can be replaced only if it was purchased from Titan Showroom.. I don understand tis point at all. Then why the hell they want to introduce a product in name Fasttrack and establish exclusive showrooms for that or why can't they have separate service centers for Fast Track... who's responsibility is this??

I denied accepting this useless service and asked for Replacement. They refused. Why do I need to accept a faulty product which is not worth of working even a week. I could have got second hand product for much cheaper rate.. I really wonder what Brand is this?? At Least they should know wats the Customer service is!!!

I haven't got any proper response for the complaints made so far..

Service Ref Id: 413MDSS17B1175
Customer Complaints ref no: 357614

Nov 9, 2012

Refusal to ply to the concerned destination after taking advance booking and giving a booking number

They took a telephone booking for plying me and my family to the airport . Gave me a booking number and at the last minute backtracked saying they have no cabs
Vikas Chuhan Send email
Oct 28, 2012

Call Taxi

The worst taxi service ever experienced.>... they should stop this business...driver comes and stands before said time..n dat too near the landmark though he is told the exact location... doesnot call the passenger on coming ..passenger calls up n gets a answer m waitin here from 15 mins u come and see me..then on boarding..rude behavior with passenger...then on the way he gets a call for his behavior by executive (as the relatives had called up the executives )and this driver stops the car..and in the middle of road tells the passenger to get down and pay the full amount including the waiting time which was drivers own mistake...then he physically abused the passenger and locked his luggage until he pays the money...passenger had no choice but to pay the money and leave the situation because he had to catch a train ... so he paid 300 +150 auto fare ...relatives called up the customer complaint manager..but of no use..no action till now...and they are not even bothered... so this is fastrack 's real ugly face...if any of fastrack people read this do take a action and prove that u know hospitality ..or this proves your impotency.
Sathy03 Send email
Oct 19, 2012

Call Taxi

Fast track has horrible service. I stay in bangalore. I am a pregnant lady and wanted to avail taxi's for initial few months. They always send cab half an hour or one hour late. I have to atleast call around 10 times before they send the drivers number. They say they have sent the driver, but i never get call from driver nor a msg from these people about driver details. So many days i had to undergo frustration. I really want to know if there is a way to post complaint against them since i have undergone enough torcher. I do keep alternating between taxi service. Sometimes other taxi's they say cabs are not available and i end up booking fast track and they mess up badly every time. Sick of these unprofessional bastards.
Jeancrao Send email
Sep 15, 2012

Call Taxi

They cheat and they tell lies!
I booked a taxi to the airport for my daughter on Sept 14 at 12am. I had to call them 3-4 times to remind them to send the taxi which came at 12.35pm!
Then the driver of the cab to the Airport charged my daughter extra money saying that Deisel price had gone up!
He never gave a bill, and didn't start the meter either.

The driver's name is Reddy, cab 160, and his cell number is 9945584393.

The distance to the airport is 20 kms from my house, and the rate was Rs 14/km. Why has he taken Rs 400?
This driver must be thinking, she is flying out and I can cheat this girl.
My daughter just had a backpack, no luggage as such.

And more worse was your staff who don't pick up the complaint phone.
I was on hold for more than FIVE minutes (for all my three calls) and when the lady did pick up, she says give the complaint to this number. And when i call the number is out of order (9845551486)!
Horrible and pathetic experience.
Ramaveera Send email
Sep 10, 2012

Call Taxi

I have the same problem, yesterday I booked the car for 4 hrs and 40 kms at 2.30pm to pick me up at 5.30pm, till 5.45 i did not got the cab or any message, i again contacted fast track they said that my phone no was taken wrongly and they assured me that the driver will callme in 5 minutes time, after 5 minutes called me and asked for the route landmark everything, after 15 minutes he did not turn up, when i called him he said that he is going for another call and he asked me to contact me fast track office, when i contacted they said that my call has been cancelled, when i asked wny, they gave me no complaint no to give a complaint. Then I said that i want a car and not the complaint no, after much argument they send the car at 6.50 pm and went very.
Solomon Grundy Send email
Aug 31, 2012

Call Taxi

Dear Sir,
Please Note:
I booked a Fast track call taxi to take me to the airport on 29/8/12 from my home in Mylapore at 7:30 am.The vehicle, a TATA INDIGO N0.TN23BV4668. picked me up and dropped me at the airport.The Meter Reading was 298 Rs.The driver demanded that i should pay an extra Rs.60(totalRs;358).I told him that i would pay only the meter charges.But he insisted that since he had to pay toll charges i should compensate him for that.i told him i had used Fasdt track cars many times for the same airport drop and i have not paid this.I asked him to produce a receipt for the same.He hesitated for sometime and then ran across and met another fast track car and came back with a yellow piece of paper(no:534080) and wrote on it Rs;358 and gave it to me.Hence i had to pay him Rs;358.

I know that this driver has cheated me.I have been using fast track for the past nearly 3 yrs and i have not come across anyone like this person.He was not only cheating me but also falsifying the receipts in connivance with another driver

Since i am a regular user of Fast Track i thought i should bring this to your notice so that you rectify these occurences.This not only brings a bad name to your company but also prevent people from using these cars.
Jul 13, 2012

Fast Track

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Sara_779 Send email
Jun 25, 2012

Call Taxi

Very very bad service. Bharti Call taxi much better. They have a very bad attitude towards the problems of customers. they dont care for the customers. Simply they register a booking and doesnt send any cab. had a harrowing experience yesterday with fast track guys. We should boycott for their callous attitude towards customer.
Baghathsingh Send email
Jun 18, 2012

Call Taxi

i had a same experience yesterday.then i tried to reach the complaint number they said will send the car within 10 mins. but i cancelled the booking . they send the sms like customer program cancelled.
Ramanathan.mss Send email
May 23, 2012

Call Taxi

Booking number 11190
booking was made 3 hours before travel. Was cancelled without informing me. when i called back the customer care was so irresponsible and replied back like a company that was formed on that day

Vinu4mariner Send email
Apr 11, 2012

Call Taxi

I called 2 hrs in advance and booked a taxi for a drop from my home to koyembedu bus stop at 8 pm!!the driver confirmed to reach by eight pm.. At 8 I called up the number the number was switched off!! When I called up fast Track office they said they are unable to reach the driver on phone!! The driver given a proper adress is nothing less than a nursery boy who goes to school for first time finding the class room for hours!! And they finally said sorry we can't provide the taxi since network is reachable!!! I have been to 65 countries but nothing India and a bunch of idiots who' screw others life !! Finally I had to drive myself to destination !!! It's not about the system, , it's about the uneducated and irresponsible people workin there which makes others life miserable !!! If they can't take up standards and responsibility, , close the shop and sit at home, , let other do it better!! Thanks, , from an angry customer!
Jan5 Send email
Jan 30, 2012

Call Taxi

i face a similar problem, very poor, irritating fellows, i have booked 8 hrs before also, its too waste. Don't book fast track, very poor response and uneducated call-center fellows, poor management. please try other services
Jan5 Send email
Jan 30, 2012

Worst unreliable service from fast track

i face a similar problem, very poor, irritating fellows, i have booked 8 hrs before also, its too waste. Don't book fast track, very poor response and uneducated call-center fellows, poor management. please try other services
Jan 30, 2012

Worst unreliable service from fast track

i face a similar problem, very poor, irritating fellows, i have booked 8 hrs before also, its too waste. Don't book fast track, very poor response and uneducated call-center fellows, poor management. please try other services
369258147 Send email
Jan 23, 2012

Call Taxi

Absouletly correct, they are the poor Service PROVIDER in India.

Famous for Unpunchtuality.

Don't trust them .
Chowdarymcs Send email
Jan 16, 2012

Worst unreliable service from fast track

I have called Fasttrack cab service and had a reservation at 01:30 P.M. The cab driver who was supposed to pick us came at 1:30 P.M. But he is waiting at a different place though we had the correct reservation. After making him realize that he should be coming to the place I've reserved for. He turned up. But, the meter is showing 30 mins waiting time already, when asked, he is fighting with us that it's because of us he is waiting in a different place. He told us clearly that he didn't understood the place we reserved. But, he don;t want to cancel the waiting time.. This is hillarious...!!! and frustrating ...

After giving them another chance, by making another reservation on a different day, the people from office told us that they reserved a booking for us. When we didn't get a call from cab driver even before 5 mins, we called the office and they told us that they cancelled the reservation. This is a high level of testing patience...!!!

Guys.. Now it's up to you to wake up and to take a decision
Tsktaxi Send email
Jan 16, 2012

Call Taxi

Joining the Club. I agree too with all above. I have booked a regula cab to pick and drop. Daily i have to call the call center for picking and dropping. Called the complaint no. too. Everytime someone picking and telling me that this wont happen again. But this is happening again and again..

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