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Consumer complaints and reviews about Flipkart

Feb 13, 2019

Fraud in online shopping from Flipkart it Self

Dear Cunsumer Forum,

Please look in this Flipkart trying to play smart game with me when I complaint regarding my quiry that time they reply on mail Flipkart seller will honor the difference amount.(In Chain mail).

Kindly once go through my Problem... Flipkart seller cancelled my order without taking my permission Order ID OD114516783756021000 if Flipkart sellers are totally not responsible then this is Flipkart Duty to full fill E-commerce Business Guidelines.
I paid full payment then also Flipkart not delivered the Item at my place and Flipkart Seller Cancelled my order...how can?
Who will paid for this loss....I m loosing 5 K more for same item currently.

I am totally Unable to understand Flipkart way of Calculation, Can I know what is the Mean of NO COST EMI ???

Because there I am paying Extra amount on EMI conversation for below mentioned Order.
Old order-OD114516783756021000 EMI- 3414 for 12 months Means at the End total amount payable is Rs.40,968/-
New Order-OD114571889490213000 EMI- 3583 for 12 months Means at the End total amount payable is Rs.42,996/-

Difference amount - Rs.1874/- (As per Flipkart Calculation).
Difference amount - Rs.2028/- (As per my Calculation).
The product which I purchased is available on 37,000/- at the time of Offer but Now it's available on 40,000/- So according to me there is 3,000/- Difference and SBI Card payment offer which is 1750/-
In this new order I lost my SBI Card payment offer which is Rs.1750/-
So according to me there is short fall of Rs.154/- & SBI Card payment offer which is Rs.1750/-
Total amount I lost in this new order is Rs.1904/- which is Flipkart have to pay me.

At the time of this order OD114516783756021000 there is SBI Card offers Rs.1750/-off. available & Not cost EMI also available.

Due to cancelled this Order by Flipkart seller i loose Rs.1750/- of SBI Card offer by Flipkart.

But now Flipkart taken a you turn and telling order OD114516783756021000
done by credit card no cost EMI was not applied, Answer from Flipkart.(Screen short attached at the time of transaction process from Flipkart website during his Offer period last month in Jan 2019 and I have msg confirmation also from SBI Bank my transaction under EMI Process and decline from Flipkart).

Now Flipkart not giving me SBI Card offer (Rs.1750 & EMI Differences Rs.154 Total Amt Rs.1904/- )

Dear Consumer Forum....Need your help First order OD114516783756021000 which I booked there all offers are available but due to Flipkart seller cancelled my order without taking my permission or concern this is fraud in E-commerce Business Guidelines.

Kindly logged my complain Shere me Reff No. Please look in this matter on urgent basis!!!

Dear Flipkart,

Kindly reply to this mail ID only & CC to all of them.

Jitendra Choudhary
Mob: 8767167667.
Nov 17, 2018

Non acceptace of returns and refunds

I am providing the details of the issue.

1. Orders placed to purchase in the name of Anita Jain under registered mobile no. 9029026440 with this email id as registered email id.

2. Orders got delivered in all 18 in no. Of which mails are seperately copied on 23rd october with return policy applicable of 30 days from delivery.

3. All orders were placed for return on 24th october as not satisfied with size or quality and were accepted by system for return pick on 25th october.

4. Instead getting return picked on 25th the account got blocked and system automatically cancels return pick.

5. Mails exchanged andhone calls made to customercare and they said once account unblocked returns will be accepted .

6. After putting messages on twitter social media on 9th november the account got unblocked on 13th november and on the same day placed return requests and were confirmed to be picked on 14th. However they are not picked and again got cancelled automatically by system.

7. Then on 14th again placed return request and system accepted to be picked on 15th with messages served on mail and sms. However not picked even after coordinating with courier pick up person on conference call from HO.

8. On 15th again account blocked and unable to place any request and this needs to be taken legally with three return requests not fulfilled.
Nov 3, 2018

Fraud call for 2nd prize in Flipkart

I got a call from 6209335529, saying I won 2nd prize in Flipkart lucky draw of rs.5,10,000 I can come and collect from Delhi or share my account details.
Vatsal Shah
Aug 26, 2018

Providing defective products

A defective vanilla body shop mist was delivered twice, first with a broken cap and second time which was a replacement, with the cap missing. This is the worst and he most hopeless service ever received.
MUhammed Unais P
Jul 25, 2018

Request for compensation or replacement due to delivering wrong and cheap product multiple times for the order : OD112860452909767000


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​I ordered, order ID: OD112860452909767000, a SJACM action camera, SJ6 Legend 4K Sports Gyro Action Camera, from Flipkart.com on Jul 16th '18 for INR 8,906. Flipkart delivered another product, worth of 1000 rupees, without any brand and having low configuration on July 19th '18, pictures are attached. After talking with the customer care representative, they agreed to replace the product and I got the replacement today, July 23rd '18. This time also, Flipkart.com delivered me another product, worth 2000, belongs unbranded company and the specification listed on the box is not matching with that listed in the device setting menu. I again talked with customer care representatives, and they kept saying that according to the 'seller policy', the product can be replaced only once, and other option is refund.

Flipkart is not ready to compensate any amount which I feel as my consumer right as I already lost one week waiting for the cam, and I cancelled the my last week trip. So if a seller do not want to sell the exact product to the customer, he can deliver a fake product twice and refund the product. If the consumer does not notice that they he have been delivered with wrong product with in 10 days, he has to keep.

On the further enquiry to Flipkart Monday, 23rd July ‘18 evening , they told me that seller does not have the actual product. If they don't have the product, they should inform me at the beginning instead of trying to fool me by sending wrong product multiple product. But it seems that the seller still selling the same product in the Flipkart.com. I called the customer care representative again, the she told me the problem is something else.

I feel I have the right to get the exact product that I ordered either from the same seller or from any other seller, or I should compensated for my loss.

I kindly request you to take action either to get the actual product or to compensate me.

Request for compensation or replacement due to delivering wrong and cheap product multiple times for the order : OD112860452909767000 Request for compensation or replacement due to delivering wrong and cheap product multiple times for the order : OD112860452909767000 Request for compensation or replacement due to delivering wrong and cheap product multiple times for the order : OD112860452909767000 Request for compensation or replacement due to delivering wrong and cheap product multiple times for the order : OD112860452909767000 Request for compensation or replacement due to delivering wrong and cheap product multiple times for the order : OD112860452909767000 Request for compensation or replacement due to delivering wrong and cheap product multiple times for the order : OD112860452909767000

Jun 18, 2018

Order not delivered as per time lines

The delivery date was given as 18th June 2018 also the ekart person was out for delivery with details 7021618176. But he is not reached neither I have recived any communication of delay nor the person receiving the calls
It was moment lost with no value for this item as gift

While I call to customer care they said they shall revert by 22nd June 2018. is this they talk sense.

Rakhee Chopra
May 5, 2018

Denying to refund 10% cash back

I had placed an order for an I-phone 7 through Filpkart on the 04th April 2018 which got delivered on 06th April 2018 via order # ################ & invoice # FAAAHN1900033399 . While placing an order online there was 10% cash back offer available. Understanding the fact that these offer can easily be manipulated I confirmed the same with a representative in the Filpkart customer service centre & again assured the 10% cash back, only then I placed an order however after 1 month when I did not receive the refund I called up the customer service to learn that there is no such offer.... This is a clear case of cheating & poor customer service which is not expected from Filpkart....
As assured I want my 10% cash back....
sanjay R Goswamy
Apr 28, 2018

Broken TV given

Dear Sir
I had purchage TV OD212081855165304000 dt 17/04/18 recd broken piece found by Flipkart technician dat 27/04. After several call still the product is not taking back, i am high BP pacent refund is demanded still it is in process. It is requested to ytou pl. arrange to return back and refund my money.
Sanjay Goswami
Feb 14, 2018

Flipkart Refund not received

Dear Consumer Board Team,

My issue is regarding the refund issue from flipkart.

I have ordered sandal from flipkart on 23rd Sept 2017 (Order Id: OD110302358396063000) (item: Sparx Men Blue Orange Casual).
I have returned the item but haven't received my refund back. I have been following up with Flipkart since that time.

I have shared transaction id shared by flipkart with my bank and even raised transaction dispute form as well with bank.
But Bank is confirming refund is not received in account.

Now in middle of this my refund amount 1025 rupees is stuck.

Request you to assist me with this.

Deepak K Choudhary

Flipkart Refund not received

Neeraj Dhanak
Dec 11, 2017

Flipkart cancelled my order

I had ordered mi a1 on 9th dec 2017 in the ongoing sale and the order was placed and it showed that i would recieve the same till Friday 15th dec, so when i checked today so i can't find it in my orders so i contacted customer service so here they told me that i had just created the order and not ordered so I told them that I have some proof reading the order i placed but then to the executive denied and told me to order it again
So my question is why should i bare more for the inconvenience which is caused by your end
And now the price is 13999 when i booked on 9th it was for 12999 so why should i bare 1000rs more
I hope that this much evidence is enough to prove that i had ordered the product on 9th dec and not just created
Hope to receive some positive response.

Flipkart cancelled my order

Nov 5, 2017

close matter today or refund me take back I am not happy with flipkart

Warning 2
Today is 5th November waiting for issue resolution.
Total waste of time and my money Tat 3rd November wasted and full day of 4th November. O zero percent taking care for customer. Useless flipkart.
Oct 18, 2017

Exchange offer Fraud

I recently bought 2 oppo f3 plus phones from flipkart. I bought first phone during Big billion days & second phone during their second sales from 7th to 10th Oct. In both the sales i got extra 5000 off on my old phones. My old phones were in fantastic condition. Just 4 days after the second sale Flipkart offered the same phone with extra Rs 8000 on exchange. This was a shock for me as I could have easily saved an extra Rs 3000 on every phone. I really coudnt digest a loss of Rs 6000.
I raised a request to flipkart to either compensate me for the loss or return back my money along with my old phone & take back the new ones.
Flipkart did not compesate my exchange loss neither they accepeted return of both the phones. Felt cheated from so called Indian company. They gave me a reason that Vendor gave that extra offer later. I really cant digest this fraud. Stupid reason that flipkart game me. All offers are well planned by flipkart well in advance and thats why they relaese their advertisements.
As per my understanding flipkart must have achieved 50% sales during the Big billion days, another 30% during second sales & to squeeze out the remaining 20% customers they gave extra offers in Big Diwali sales.
Clearly the first 80% customers including me suffered a loss on offers & the last 20% gained a lot on offers.

Few imp points to learn from Flipkart sales.
-Never buy anything from Big Billion sale as flipkart has more offers in follow up sales when the festival days actually starts.
-Hold on till the last sales offers as you can gain the maximum.
-Dont trust flipkart on returns. They are pathetic in taking returns, refunds & customer service.
-For consistent offers, better & faster sevice I trust only Amazon. They truly know what customer service means & they deserve JD power award.

Hopefully Flipkart will read my complaint & resolve my query.

My order numbers: - OD110408273410187000
Iffat Muslimah
Oct 17, 2017

Customer care executives unsupportive

This email is regarding or to be more precise complaining about the customer care service provided by flipkart and ekartlogistics. I had ordered honor 5x in exchange of honor 4c. Which I was suppose to gift my father. The ekart courier guy arrived at my father's resident place he checked the IEMI number but just because the phone backcover mentioned honor and not huawei he didn't complete our order and left the place. The so educated courier guy Mr. Ravinder Kumar Gupta didn't had any knowledge that huawei is the name of the brand whereas honor is the name of the product. After checking the same with the flipkart team I spoke to Mr. Akash and after listening to the whole long story he said me that he cannot call the courier guy he does not have this assess. So I called the courier guy and in conference made both of them talk. After this the courier person said OK I'll give the parcel kindly give your employe ID and name for which the flipkart customer care representative denied to do so. In the end the courier guy said me in a very sturborn tone that come to the ekart office and collect your parcel as if I am his maid and I have to listen to his order. The biggest mistake is that I ordered phone from flipkart. I wanted to gift something to my father but all this went in vain just because of you guys. On top of that the ekart courier guy does not know how to speak to a customer he speaks like goons. After all this I am getting call from flipkart that my order is canceled.

I ask the flipkart team to terminate the ekart courier person or at least teach them basic etiquettes. And teach your customer service representatives to come up with immediate solutions. It's 2017 and not 1990. I hope you understand. I want compensation for the time that I have spent on this petty issue and secondly the dishonor received from ekart courier guy.

I am waiting for a assured response from your end. PFA the details of my order.

Customer care executives unsupportive

Sunil Chaudhary 35
Oct 13, 2017

Holboro Wallet

I will book 2 Holboro card Wallet but my family received only one i am not getting my order 2 Holboro wallet i will pay full payment of my order my order number is OD110412533564525000
I will request you pls send me my second Wallet or return my money and solve my problem.

Sunil Chaudhary

Holboro Wallet

Harnish parmar
Oct 13, 2017

DOA laptop

My order id is OD110278872206921000 had purchased this product from Flipkart on 22/09/2017 & till date till struggling to get a replacement. Today Flipkart executives told me to talk to HP executives & they told me no case has been registered with them. Why they cheating consumer. In this case what should I do. Each day I follow up them & they give me different dates. please look into this matter as soon as possible. Thanks hoping for a positive response.
Harnish parmar
Oct 13, 2017

DOA laptop

My order id is OD110278872206921000. Still struggling to get a replacement for it. Flipkart says HP would replace it& HP says they will. Just don't know what to do. For a DOA laptop why should I suffer it's Flipkart duty to get it replaced. Every time getting new commitment.
Oct 10, 2017

Didn't received product but showing as deliver

I had oreder 3 door almirah which amount i had paid through credit card. Actual delivery date was 10th oct but then given date as 13rd oct but now it is showing as deliver in product status but the fact is I didn't received any product till today. Please given me confirmation. As this is the worst service I came through from flipkart as I am the frequent customer of flipkart. Please do some needful as soon as possible, as first only it is very late in delivery.
Oct 5, 2017

Non delivery of items

Dear Sir/Madam,

I had been booked a smart phone (Samsung on max 24 Sep 17 with order ID OD110308655279425000. Delivery date was on 28 Sep 17 as per Flipkart but didn't deliver till the date. What Flipkart will pay in lieu of unexpected late delivery.

It is therefore requested to direct Flipkart to pay in lieu of late delivery. I would also load a police complain alongwith consumer forum for disturbing my mental peace and violence of consumer rights.

Thanking you


Upendra Yadav
Order ID- OD 110308655279425000
Contact no 9969963574/9820649699
Oct 5, 2017

Fraud with ATM Card No.5196190265076580

Dear Sir,
1.Refer to my complaint to Flipkart.com through your good office dated 04 Oct 17
2.Regret to mention that nothing is heard from Complaint Board whether my complaint has been forwarded to the concerned or not.
3.Request initiate necessary action at the earliest for the following please:-
(a) The culprit be brought to book by tracing the consignment delivery address
(b) Rs 20818/-deducted by Flipcart from saving account no.10473887736 belonging to Ibrahim Hussain Khan

Thanking You,
Your Sincerely,

Commander (Indian Navy) Virendra Chowdhary
For Tarannum Ibrahim Khan/ Ibrahim Hussain Khan
Mob: 9820389817,9619800766,9820936786
Sep 20, 2017

Fake promotions

Its a complaint letter regarding the fake promotion ads of flipkart which is kept forwarding by we innocent customers or public. When Flipkart don't want to deliver the free gifts than why do they keep on spreading such fake links. I am really disappointed with this. Even after winning the quiz it asked me to share it to 10 people I did it too and still no rewards. I want the solution to this as soon as possible.
Kindly find the attached file.
Thank you,
Suyashree Shivalkar.
Email id: [email protected]

Fake promotions Fake promotions Fake promotions

[email protected]
Jul 21, 2017

Fake Product Received from flipkart

I ordered HealthVit Fitness 100% Ultra Premium Whey protien and it got delieverd on Delivered on Mon, Jul 17th '17, after opening the packaging i found the sticker was not correctly sticked to the container as if some one has tampered with it, the barcode on the product was also not valid and the seal on the container of the box was half open, i submitted many request to flipkart using the app but no reponse, then after contacting the flipkart customer care they say as this product is in no return policy they cant do anything...that means if they send me stones worth rs.3230rs., i have to eat it no question asks...Now i just want my money back as now i dont trust flipkart nor the dealer as this product was already in flipkart assured category...My ORDER ID is=OD109655789895445000.
Bhavik Chawla
Jun 25, 2017

careless dilivery

I had place my order on 10 june and Flipkart says it get delivered on 21 june but I still didn't receive it
May 8, 2017


Dear Team,

Simply I just want to know it's a necessary always I walk 500 meter to take my delivery...why your courier Boy not interested to home step delivery..why always we guide them..if our call not connect then no delivery instead come and delivery at home.

I need answer.........I am not sitting idle to follow you always and run for my delivery.

who responsible toward this type of attitude company or delivery boy.

Shipment of items in order OD109073181403175000 by Flipkart.com

Chandan Kumar
Dec 31, 2016

electricity fraud

I am very disgusted how 150 family (juggie's) Rajiv camp part 2 behind dairy farm near district Park Sarita Vihar 110076 leaking the main cable directly are doing fraud to BSES for many years by electricity theft it's a huge amount of electricity loss I just feel it is very unfair towards the rest of the people that has to work very hard and pay a lot for electricity
will you please put his illegal usage to a stop as soon as possible please do needful

Dec 31, 2016

Flipkart is a big fraud

Order no-OD507794072109745000
Bought an apple iphone 6 on exchange offer. They have delivered the defective phone that didn't even turn on. There is no 7 days replacement guaratee. The phone never was delivered to me. After almost a month if tracking and all, they have cancelled my order. The amount they want to refund is only 25240, the rest which was given on an exchange offer which was 4800, they stole that. I'm going to post an article about this fraud. Such a disappointment these people are. Fooling around with consumers. Also filing a legal case against flipkart. Don't wver buy from flipkart. Amazon is way better than flipkart.

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