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Consumer complaints and reviews about Flipkart

Ramandeep Singh 26
Dec 23, 2019

Shipment of the product

Dear sir
I order realme 5s from Flipkart but it was not delivered to me even after 9 days of order

Shipment of the product

Oct 11, 2019

Cheat by flipkart seller vision star

my name is Sunil I order Real mext mobile buy Flipkart seller name vision star my order number is Order ID - OD116693453079627000] but today 11 Oct pm cancelled massage received, While they were text me that your phone has been ship and deliver on 12 october2019, when i cheque my order status show you order cancelled by seller. This is a huge scam and fraud by flipkart and vision star seller, Strict action should be taken against them cheating the consumer. please don't buy Realme XT

Cheat by flipkart seller vision star

Aug 13, 2019

Product cancelled

I have ordered Order ID -OD116226830306977000
Redmi 7A Matte Black, 32 GB ₹5,5782 But they cancelled my order without contact with me and mentioned as per user request Fraud Flipkart. I have contacted Mr Mohit executive but he didn't resolve my problem and said you can complaint anywhere.Pls check my order status and send my product it.very shamefully Flipkart.

Lukesh Thakur
Aug 13, 2019

Order cancelled

I have ordered Order Redmi 7A (Matte Black, 32 GB)
Matte Black
Seller: SuperComNet
ID - OD116226830306977000 but they cancelled my order and said order was cancelled as per my request but I did not cancelled it. When I contact with customers care executive Mr Mohit he said I can't help you and you can complaint it anywhere and cut my phone. Pls take it seriously action . Very Shameful Flipkart

Order cancelled

Priya Goyal
Jul 20, 2019

Mental torture and fake commitment

Product which I have purchased Oriflame cherry blossom perfume from Flipkart on 3rs July they have delivered the product after taking several followups and they have delivered me the wrong and defected ( dent was there and cap was broken)product and when I have requested for replacement they have cancelled the same without any intimation. I have applied for replacement thrice and took several followups over call.. they are misguiding me and trying to make me fool and torturing me like hell. I have asked them to refund my money as well but they are not ready to do so and giving me multiple dates for my resolution it's been more than 15 days and still Flipkart making me fool like anything and treating me badly...I can't tolerate this mental torture

Mental torture and fake commitment

Dec 11, 2018

I got massaged of deliverd product and still not get any product

I did not get any delievry of priduct and i got massaged of delieverd massage... please resolve my problem and where is my product

I got massaged of deliverd product and still not get any product

Deepak Goel Delhi
Nov 13, 2018

bad service from Flipkart

Flipkart has become useless. I ordered a phone thru Flipkart. First they said they will deliver the phone on 5Nov 2018. I waited the whole day, they did not deliver. Then they said they will deliver on 6 Nov, 2018, They did not deliver even on 6 Nov. Then they said they will deliver on 9 Nov 2018. They delivery guy came on 9 Nov to my office address thinking my office will be open. I had clearly mentioned that this is my office address while placing the order. Anyway, I ran from my house to reach office and took the phone on 9 Nov. Now the phone is defective and is not charging. Flipkart sucks.
Rajni Pahuja
Aug 10, 2018

Bank account been hacked

Somebody is using my bank account and ordering products from flipkart. I want to get cancelled those things from your end so that I can get my cash back in account. It's a humble request to consider my complaint and respond as soon as possible.

Bank account been hacked

sachin fartia
May 21, 2018

unable to log into flipkart account

I cannot log into my flipkart account . The compny say that i place a heigh amount of returns but i creat only one return request . i request to return my nike shoes which is larger in size and i can not place a return request they block my flipkart account and iam no longer able to log in . and they sad that reply to our email that we have send to your registered email but i not receive any email . That is all they have done and fraud with me
Mar 23, 2018

Didn't got refund

So i ordered a product from flipkart which i have returned and they confirmed that i will get refund . And i returned the item on 17th march. But till now i have not received the refund. I have called several times to customer care bt they are just asking me to wait. I talked with there supervisor as well someone named mukesh kumar and he said tht the case is escalated bt he is not sure whether i will get the refund or not. I want to know what kind of service you people are providing? Are you people are there to cheat customers?
Feb 10, 2018

Item is not yet returned

I have bought aadya lamp few days back and its return was raised as it was damaged and also it's part was missing, brand was also different it completely crap product but still it is not picked up it was cancelled without giving any information and also when I raised the return again it is not picked up again. This is really bad experience for me , I will never think of ordering anything from Flipkart again.. The lamp cost is 2000 rs .. They should refund my money..
Dec 26, 2017

Refund not generated

Dear concern,
Please help me it's been 3 months now Flipkart is not paying my money back
They do admitted that they owe me 7599 but never return my mentioned to me
Please help me suggest any court where. I should go to legally sue this company of frads
No country should allow these company with offices outside India , because they do frauds amame money and just banish
Please help me

Refund not generated

Oct 18, 2017

Item not delivered as expected

This is to inform you that I have booked 2 mobiles from Flipkart (REDMI NOTE 4), as details under:

1. Order Number = OD110483610932624000 Dated 14.10.2017
2. Order Number = OD110483648790765000 Dated 14.10.2017
as per these orders they have charged Rs. 70.00 for next day delivery for Order No 2., on 16th October when I call to Flipkart Customer care, the executive tell me that your order is misrouted so please cancel it and re-order the same.
I agreed and do the same as he said through order No OD110501197010415000 Dated 16.10.2017 and this time he also charged Rs. 70.00 for 18th Oct'17 delivery.

But today i have called to Flipkart Customer Care and the executive is repeat the same line as " YOUR ORDER IS MISROUTED SO PLEASE CANCEL IT AND RE-ORDER THE SAME".

Flipkart's service is very poor and i will go Cunsumer court for this nonsence because they are mentally hurres to these customer and have no value of time and money of customer.


Akhilesh Verma
Sep 7, 2017

cancelled order by filpkart

Order ID. OD110152817284434000

Filpkart cancelled my order. Why ?

This is not a bussnuss behaviour. Very disappointing from filpkart . gives minus ranking and never purchage from filpkart in future.
vikrant jangra
Apr 1, 2017

want to get my canceled product again

i have recently canceled my order today . now i want to purchase it again . can i get this again . i have ordered 2 items but i have to cancel one from two . my both orders got canceled . Order ID: OD208762423676536000
Mar 23, 2017

debit two times


I have ordered power bank from flipkart app.

ambrane p 1122

Order ID - OD608712031710984000 but flipkart has debited two times.
Why the transaction is held two times. Need your help
Please refund the money in my account.

Info 1 - PUR/ FLIPKART APIN/ CHENNAI/ SEQ NO - ############

Sep 17, 2016

Order cancelled

I have ordered on flipkart and my order number was OD507093816166016000. I have paid the amount of that product at the time of ordering it. But after some hours flipkart cancelled my order by saying item is not available. But when i have cheked on flipkart it was found that item is avaialble but at higher price. This is totally wrong. I should be delivered with the item for which i have paid if the item is available.
Apr 22, 2016

Money Back not received

Order id: OD105531539439328000
Incident No: IN1604011858232214020

I bought a cycle from WWW. Flipkart.com for Rs 7000 aprox. There was a offer of flipkart from 19-20th March 16 for 15% cashback on paying with ICICI bank internet banking payment. I had took the decision to buy cycle as ( offer refelcting at cycle also ) even at the time of make the payment, same offer reflecting in box very clearly.

If any offer not applicable to that category's then why it was reflecting their. I was fooled by the online shopping site www.flipkart.com and I think other people were also fooled by the same offer. Any promotion or offer if not related to particular product it must not be reflect their. It's simply a misleading act by Flipkart or marketing guy to be fool people. If is this so I simply want my money back.

Despite my various email or calls to customer care first they ask me to wait for 15 days the problem will be resolve. Then they send the email to me this offer not applicable to your product. I am tired to chase them for the same.
Oct 22, 2015

Malpractises at Flipkart

I had ordered a Lenovo K3 Note from Flipkart on Big Billion day (15-Oct-2015) for Rs 8,279 by applying the discounts on their app and credit card. The tracking details showed the progress and on the day of delivery I received a SMS stating that delivery was not possible today and they would get in touch with the details later. Soon after that my order was cancelled. When I called their customer support, they asked me to send a mail. In response to my mail the Flipkart people are saying that the order cannot be re-instated due to technical limitations and I should place the order again at the current price(without discount). I have not got the refund yet.

This simply means that the Flipkart is enjoying customer's money INTEREST FREE for weeks together and are not delivering the products at the discounted rates. There are several similar complaint on this forum.

Even writing to the Flipkart CEO and top brasses has not helped and this reflects the poor ethics of this fraudulent which is growing simply by hype. There should be legal provisions in our country to stop such malpractices which are happening online.
Oct 10, 2015

Flipkart sales unauthorized retailer product

I was buy a new HP laptop from flipkart by salespell retailer. It is delivered me on 30-sep-2015. When I going to HP service centre for extended my hp laptop warrenty they said me that invoice is of unauthorized dealer we can not provide any HP services for that laptop & also one yr warrenty. I submit my complaint to flipkart customers care by telephone & mail. They assuered me provide new invoice within 1- 2 days. They sent me new invoice with some modification bt retailer name not change so issue remain same. I replied on mail & submit my query by phone they assuered me we are forwarding your query to higher team your issue is resolved as soon as possible. After 1-2 days when I not get any mail or call then I call they frwrd my call to senior team they say we are looking your issue & also contacting with retailer your query is solved in same day. Last date of extended my warrenty is 5 -Oct -2015. So nxt I call him many times they give me only assurance. On 6 Oct when I applied for laptop rejecting they say we are process your request bt after 3-4 hrs I get message that retailer is not accepting your request so we not proceed your request when I call him they say we are contacting with dealer soon u get some result. Still now I am daily call & mail to flipkart bt getting no result.
It is fraud case on purchasing time it is not showing it is our unauthorized dealer or in that dealer u are not getting any HP services.
I pay to flipkart for genuine product & in hope that I get all HP services from HP store & flipkart provide me full support (invoice, damage condition etc). Bt after paying I not get any services.
HP also provide me a list of flipkart authorised dealers name. Bt there is no name of salespell in it.
Now flipkart is not responding me properly.

I want to solution as soon as possible. With my extended warranty & manufacturing warrenty.

Mohit Tayal
[email protected]

Flipkart sales unauthorized retailer product

Yash Singh
Jun 26, 2015

No Delivery, Automatic Cancellation

I ordered a printer and its cartridges from flipkart and because I needed them by the next day I selected the next day. The order was not delivered the next day and when I called the flipkart Customer Support asking them about it they told me that the items were rejected by the customer, I told them that there has been no delivery attempt, so I tried explaining him the concept of "No Delivery Attempt". After a while he told me that a delivery attempt will be made tomorrow. At 11pm that night I got a cancellation approval, so I called and told them that I have not cancelled the order, they said that it was rejected by the customer. I once again told them that I did not reject the order, he said he could have only done something about it if I told him before 11pm. How am I supposed to know that you will cancel the order, when earlier you had said that there would be a delivery attempt tomorrow?
Rohit Sachdeva
Mar 30, 2015

cancelled my order 5 times without informing me.

In last few days I have placed orders from flipkart.every time order has been cancelled. this is fifth time.
I had placed an order with FlipKart on march 25 with
order no OD302412982306730400
Flipkart confirmed the order and promised to
deliver by April 7 2015.
The next day I get a message from flipkart saying
"We regret to inform you that our courier partner
was unable to deliver your FlipKart order. SO your
order has been cancelled". When contacted
FlipKart customer service, they had a totally
different answer. They told me that there is some
technical issue so your order has been cancelled.
Not convinced by the executives answer I asked
him to transfer the call to floor supervisor.
Surprisingly he had another answer to give me.
This is totally unethical behaviour from flipkart and
they just do not value their customers.
Kindly help me in this regards
Victoy4love Send email
Jan 17, 2012

Delivery Delay

my name is Miss victory Appiah, i saw your profile in this site and became
please you can write to me through my email ([email protected]) i, m sorry if
i am embarrassing you, i don't mean to do that, thank you
for your understanding.
please my love send your massage direct to [email protected]) so that i can
tell you more about me,
yours in love,

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