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Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about flipkart

May 21, 2017

Cheating and using fraudulent practices

Hi, I placed an order from Flipkart on 16th May, 2017. When the order was approved and was not showing any status other than Approved status I called the cust. care on 19-May-2017 and was told by the Executive that the product is ready to be shipped in a day or two as the expected date of delivery is 23th or 24th May.
When I didn't receive any message for the product shipment I sent an email on Sunday (21-May-2017) to find the status and today (22-May-2017) morning I received 3-4 emails wherein it was stated that my order has been cancelled as the seller was unable to ship my product.
I feel that ON PURPOSE flipkart has been cheating its customers as I wasted so much of my time and even though I contacted them on 19th May, I was informed that the product is ready to be shipped and how come all of a sudden without my knowledge the order gets cancelled.
I think that Flipkart feels that the customer being desperate to buy a product will re-order the same product for a higher price if the previous order gets cancelled after 1 week or so and that they can blame the seller for not shipping the product on time.
Isn't it the responsibility of Flipkart to ensure that the product gets shipped on time or else keep the customer informed ahead of time instead of waiting for 1 week or so. If they are the middleman between the seller and customer they have to be responsible but I feel that instead they indulge in such kinds of fraudulent practices by cancelling the order and hiking the price so that the customer re-orders the same product.
Jan 7, 2017

Monopoly in Flipkart. Completely unethical behavior in flipkart seller support

Talking about Flipkart monopoly and unethical behaviour towards seller.
Flipkart permitted to sell in the brand name aadtail. As a new seller I dont have any TM Certificate with me and even though flipkart allowed me to sell mobile accessories.
After 45 days flipkart support team blocked my listings immediately without informing anything to me. While asked they told me TM Certificate is required. At least they didnt give any prior intimation. While talking to seller support guys (completely uneducated/unethical guys) are not responding properly and repeating the same thing like TM is mandatory and also filed infringement suspect complaint against me.

Having said earlier they provided me the permission without TM, not if its required then you have to provide me some time so that I can produce the same. But no, those unethical guys are not listening to anything.

Came here guys if you are planning to sell in flipkart be aware of these unethical/uneducated guys who are the only decision makers. Here One thing I have observed no one wants to interfere in this kind of matter. Higher level people have given these lower guys to handle such type of situations.

AAD Enterprises
cell : 8297121331
lokesh narayana
Oct 15, 2016

Non delivery of the Product Moto E3 Mobile

This is to Inform you that I ordered moto E3 Mobile on 03-10-2016. I didn't get the product till now.
Order Id - OD107229054900347000
Complaint Number- IN1610060720319556489

What happened during the period of 12 days (From 03-10-2016 to 15-10-2016) :

I ordered moto E3 on 03-10-2016. While placing an order Flipkart promised me the date of delivery will be on 04-10-2016.
But on 04-10-2016 i got a mail from Flipkart by stating due to unforeseen issues the delivery of your product postponed to 07-10-2016

I called to Flipkart customer care and raised a complaint on 06-10-2016. While raising a complaint customer care informed me that my issue will be resolved by 07-10-2016. But I didn't get any response by the end of that day(07-10-2016)

After that, I again called to Flipkart customer care 0n 08-10-2016. Flipkart executive transferred the call to Manager(Mr.Gourav) . Manager promised me that your issue will be resolved by 10-10-2016. But i didn't get any response regarding that too.

On 11-10-2016 I again called to Flipkart customer care and spoke with the supervisor of Flipkart complaints. He informed me that Your issue will be resolved within 48 hours (i.e 13-10-2016) . But i even didn't get any response in this regard too.

Finally, I sent one mail from my Flipkart account . Your team informing me that we received your query and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Today I got another mail from Flipkart that we will get back to you by 16-10-2016.

Customer Inconvenience with Flipkart false promises & Need final action Immediately :
I am very much fed up with your false information and False promises. This not the way to behave with the customer. I aviled two offers while placing this order. I want the exact issue of delay till now and exact status of my order.
Oct 4, 2016

Regarding Product delay almost 20 days

One of worst online shopping is Flipkart with the zero satisfaction for customers
Before writing this I have faced so many situation regarding my product. In their customers care member and their incharge no one has given a solution on my order every one saying with in 2 days your order will be delivered and I am waiting for my product from last 20 days even though they are not tracing my issues and not providing solution y this idiot shoping and maintainance stupid this
And my request to every one don't trust flipkart and even though your spending some extra money please buy in normal stores (dont buy things ever rth worst worst flipkart )
Oct 3, 2016

Replacement problem

I am purchase a mobile phone from flipkart.my pH is redmi 3s prime gold 32gb..replacement request would be accepted and company promise me given ph. On 1oct 2016.but I m not received that ..they again promise me given it on 3oct..but they don't this...what is happening with you..customer believe you but you always destroy it..very poor service...they promise me again that they give it 6oct 2016.but now I m not got this pH..I want only refund..if you not do this I will take legal action against flipkart.. So this is request to u plz solve my problem ..

M Rinku
Order ID-OD507069010001508000
PH no-9996868988
mohd km
Oct 2, 2016


had purchased single bed from flipkart but it is not matched what they show in web site in the begining they said return is there but after delivery they are saying there is no return for that


Jul 1, 2016

Complaint against flipkart

Receiving order of another company again and again after replacement . Not of the company I ordered from flipkart.poor service
mohd km
Jun 30, 2016

quality issue

quality issue order OD106180275852275000 order placed single bed it is made up of card board this wood used for making system tables & tea poys its a fake so i want to return but they are telling that there is no return for that while am placing that order return is there in website its completely cheat
mohd km
Jun 30, 2016

quality issue

order id 10680275852275000 no return while ordering in website return option is there but now they are telling we are not mentioned in website its completely frod
mohd km
Jun 30, 2016

n return

had ordered singld bed in flipkart itwas delivered but it was quality complaint in the begining while am ordering in website option is there that it is returnable item but now they are telling it was not returnable we have not mentioned in that website lime that they are telling its completely frod
Jun 8, 2016

Refund issue

Im suresh babu

i have returned 2 products in flipkart but i didnt recieve refund but flipkart CS is saying that it was refunded. i have already attached my bank statement as proof which shows no refund and bank is saying we are not responsible.Then who is responsible for this?
shaikh shoaib
May 23, 2016

flipkart cheat

I have purchased a lot of things from flipkart but this i pucharse j 5 new edition trust me my number is 8306002955 one of the use less mobile in life getting much heat much hanging looking we r using china if any one want demo u can contact on my number but never purchase anything from flipkart i will file case against flipkart
Apr 13, 2016

Flipkart Fraud Service

I purchase Le 1s phone from Flipkart and its not giving any battery backup and called up and raised the request for replacement and refund,

Courier person called and i was not at my place to return the product and asked him to come later he said he will cancel the service and said call Flipkart again and raise the request as their
Service level is hampering for business.

Then next day called Flipkart and raised the complain for the same and their executive informed me they 3 days return policy and he raised the request again,

Then informed the Customer Service rep that their Courier Partners are calling 7.30am in the morning for the shipments and also night 10pm,

Then informed them to please contact me before they come so i can give the available timings and he agreed for the same,

then next day courier person called up 8am in the morning for the return pick up and informed him to come by 12pm as i will be going out of city for my job purpose and he said he will come and
Later i found sms that the service is cancelled again without any information,

then called the Flipkart Customer Service and informed him the same about the service that i was getting and they assured me it will be picked up because i will leaving the city for 3 weeks for my
Job purpose,

then next day courier person called up 8.30am in the morning for the return pick up and informed him to come by 12-2pm as i will be going out of city for my job purpose and he said he will come and
Later i found sms that the service is cancelled again without any information,

Now i came back from my tour and contacted Flipkart and informed them to arrange the Pick up on Saturday as i will be available whole day but they arranged for the same day and then asked the
Courier guy come on Saturday and he said he will cancel the service and asked us the contact Flipkart.

Again i have to start the story from the starting...
It’s the same every time that i have to do whenever i contact Flipkart Customer Service...
I am Frustrated with it...
Please help me to process legally and help me to get the right support and Compensation for the same...

Apr 7, 2016

Not delivering the booked product

I had booked a KUV 100 from flipkart on 28 Feb 2016, company promoting the tagline that they would be able to deliver it within 30 day, but i didn't get my product till now. It been 38 days now.

Also no one from flipkart is taking care of my issue and just forwarding me the mails and msgs of issue escalation.

No one is taking care of my issue seriously. i just need this car before 10 April but now it seems that the chances of this is nearly impossible. They are even not proving me the single point of contact , everytime i just need to call the call centre and explain my issue repeatedly.

Just pissed of the service.
Sachin Gupta
Apr 4, 2016

Against flipkart online shopping

Hi Team,

I have ordered Lenovo Tab 2 A7-30 3G Tablet and received the product on 1st April 2016.

Order No. OD405619055311687000

The product is not atall as it was shown online.

Touch is very poor
look is not too good
Connectivity is not good
Camera is worst

I think they made me fool as it was 1st April.

And when I called in customer care on the same day 1st April 16 in the afternoon the executive told me mam there is no issue there is server problem at this time,please call after 7pm,your money will be refunded.

When I called after 7 pm the executive is telling me your money can't be refunded,which is really frustrating.Then I talked to the Sr.Manager he talked to me very badly and said you can do whatever you want to do,our policies have been changed and we wont be able to refund your money back.

Its really very irritating that I have to fight for my own money.First time I have seen this with Flipkart that I am getting this type of reply,I have to followup for my own money.

There are so many other online shopping site there after a month use also they refund your whole money without any harishment,and I want to return the packed item for that I have to face so much of trouble.

I think it was my mistake that I choose flipkart.I would have gone through other shopping sites who are providing better services.

I would never shop from flipkart again .

I want my money back and want to return the product I dont want to buy any other product from flipkart.

I can only request you guys to refund my money and take the product back.

If you guys are not going to help me out then I have to take legal actions as I want my money back coz its very frustrating that I am not getting any support from your side.

Mar 9, 2016

Defect Laptop delivered

I order A laptop from Flipkart in december 2015 and science the beginning was not working properly and I try to contact them they didnt offer the replacement they said go directly to the brand for costumer support so I took it to Nehru Place to Asus Central Service and they replace the keyboard but now the mouse pad is not working properly and I contact again with Asus they said they can not help me, I called Flipkart and they said it not in the policity, the replacement so i feel they stole my money because when I bought the laptop I was not thinking about go every month to fix something in the laptop. Now in a sadly way they don wan to replace her damage product and i have to work in a very bad laptop
KriShnamraju Nadakuditi
Mar 1, 2016

Delivering wrong products and blaming users with return policy. So farno replacement is done

I have ordered Toyhouse three wheeled scooter where as i have received Doreman scooter. Which is poor in quality, very week body, different color. For Toyhouse product i have spent 1100/- where as received product cost is below 500 only.
So i have decided to return the product. I have attempt to return product for twice, but product is not delivered in both cases, there after flipkart is not opting to return the product. FLIPKART is blaming users by showing dummy application during RETURN process. WORST service.

I have received product on 5th feb, but product is return due to wrong product. Return product suppose to deliver on 17th but auto cancelled by FLIPKART.

Again i have opt for return same thing this flipkart deliver date is 26th feb but so far i didn't receive product and auto cancel is doing by flipkart on deliver date. Total 35days gone but no response from FLIPKART. I suggest to FLIPKART to beg from users instead of doing fraud like this.
Rahul Soni
Feb 22, 2016

Wrong product

When i order a Bluetooth head set of sound peats on flipkart they have send me Zakk Jogger when i return it they send me the same product again. then please help me to take the required action against Flipkart.
Dr.Ahmed irfani
Jan 12, 2016

FlipKart Replace My Handset

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Kindly publish the letter in your esteem newspaper as you are the last resort to me.

I purchased Technofirst Solution T12921 Battery Charger from Flipkart order number OD104901925322225000 on 7th Jan 2016 and was delivered on 11th Jan. Subsequently I plugged the charger in the socket and after charging for 10 minutes the charger overheated and then small phat noise was heard and my Nokia 730 phone went dead. I rebooted it and when I tried recharging thru Nokia charger at night it wasn’t charging at all. I took it to Nokia Service Centre @ Malakpet and was told it cant be repaired as board and circuit has been short circuited. I contacted Flipkart and told them about the situation and requested them to replace the phone, Nikita promised to solve the issue but Savita from Escalation dept told me they will remove the seller from the site but wont replace the handset.

I sent them the scanned copy of Nokia service jobsheet number 307465550/160112/008 dated 12th Jan. I request Flipkart to replace my handset as it got wrecked due to the charger sold on their website and its hardly an year old and out of warranty.

Dr. Ahmed Irfani
22-8-471, Purani Haveli,
Near City Civil Courts,
Mobile: 9866303598

Sujith Nair
Nov 26, 2015

Wrong delivery by Flipkart

I ordered a product from Flipkart that was wrongly delivered to me and when i contacted their customer care not only they are not ready to deliver the right product and they told me to be satisfied by the product.Could you please look into this matter .This is a fraud and they are not even willing to help the customer.

Saurabh .
Nov 21, 2015


i received two defected products from flipkart
Nov 6, 2015

Order delivery Delayed

I have ordered the mobile in flip kart and expected delivery date was November 4th,2015 and still didn't receive the order.I have already paid the amount through online.I had plan to give the mobile as gift to someone else as i am going for vacation now and didnt get mobile yet.I am completely disappointed with the services provided by flipkart.
Sai Sreekantt M
Oct 28, 2015

Flipkart — Ordered Mi 4 mobile on flipkart 15 days back and not yet delivered and delhivery courier service just delaying the delivery

I have ordered a MI 4 on 16th october 2015 on flipkart and they have shipped it on 25th october through delhivery courier and i have already paid the amount. I t arrived at my city 2 days ago but courier service is not moving my order and flipkart customer care repeating the same answer again and again ' soon soon' soon never comes, who in the world would wait for an order for 15 days, i would have imported the same phone at much lower price from usa in mean time, flikart service is pathetic and delhivery courier service is crazy and driving me nus from 15 days because it was very urgent and i was post poning my out station plan since i would fear i will miss d order. I request concern authorities to take requested action on this fraud companies
Oct 21, 2015

Product could not delivered as promised

I have order three mobiles in Flipkart : Order id OD304173476175421000
Moto X play I have paid using my credit card. And the other two items Order
id 0D304174071990974000 Lenovo A6000 plus & Order id OD404190670210306000 Lenovo A6000 plus was order using exchange offer and cash on delivery. All the orders have different order id. But I have received in a single tracking id in a single packI do not want the mobile which I ordered using exchange offers; because my old mobile are not in good condition that will be not acceptable by Flipkart.. I want only one mobile which is order id OD304173476175421000Moto X play for which I have already paid.

My concern is : Flipkart delivery boy informed me that he cannot deliver
single mobile because all has one single tracking id. I have called
Flipkart customer service and spoke with them about 1.5 hrs explaining them
by issue and requested them a lot. Still they could not give me resolution
and they also informed me that they cannot deliver 1 mobile.

I am again and again told one thing that I have order 3 mobile and
that has 3 different order id. How can I get it in a single pack and
tracking id. Its not my mistake right. I have got Moto X play (Order id
OD304173476175421000) for a good offer price on Big Billion day. Now you are
executives telling me that if I cancel any one of the order all 3 orders
will be cancelled. It is not at all fair from your end.

For more clarification you may reach out to me (mobile number : +91

Thanks & Regards
Nagraju V
Oct 10, 2015


HI i have order 32VU LED order#OD203651084950671700 through flipkart on Aug 15th. They have sent me defect product and asked to raise replacement order.Still id didn't get the item.Every time CC people are taking 4 days time and unable to resolve the issue. there is no use after sending the emails to flipkart heads, raji@flipkart.com and sachin@flipkart.com. i don't what these stupid guys doing this type of un ethical business and they are mainating very worst poor CC service to continue their cheating.
Am requesting all the users to raise cash on delivery items and don't take the products then they will come to know the what is ethical business is.


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