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Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about flipkart

Ravi Popli
Nov 17, 2017

None Delivery of Product

We, placed an order, numbered OD110757981823253000 dated 15/11/2017 Billion Capture+ (Mystic Black, 64GB) Black handset mobile of Rs.11699/- expected to be delivered on 17/11/2017. However, while writing that request till now i have not received any update on the delivery of the ordered.

However, when i have discussed with one your executive at the customer care, i am surprised to know that the aforesaid handset as ordered by me has been delivered to someone else. Moreover, that person requested me to re-order the set and get the refund of the previous order.

After getting such answer from your executive i was shocked and surprised that how could such an un-professional conduct can be made by flipkart, which i believe, before such incidence, is customer friendly and loyal.

Sir, i am sorry to say that such a behaviour totally unethical and not as per the reputation of flipkart.

The phone was actually purchased for some special occasion and any unwanted delay in its delivery would totally defeat the purpose of such order.

At last i hereby request you to please look into the matter and please delivered the aforesaid handset, at the earliest, at the mentioned address and if the same could not be delivered the same can be considered as an deficiency of service and i am forced, for non fulling of promise, to file the case before the competent authority for mental harassment and agony.

The aforesaid request is written without prejudice to my any other legal rights, as available.

Hoping to here positive and fast response on the aforesaid matter.

Ravi Popli
C.S, L.L.B
Nov 8, 2017

cheating, no prodcut in box

I have ordered for Motog 5s "Mobile"and order ID OD110662268905616000. Delivery boy came to my place to deliver the product. But there is no product when i was opened in front of him.

And also packing was not secured and delivery boy was tried to leave as hurry. I was asking him to stop to check the product. and found what was in that.

I asked him that why didn't you take received signature from me, for this he answered like already I have scanned logo with my mobile.

This packing was not flipkart i can say 100%, it is normal box with out flipkart label on that.

Note:: 100% cheated by flipkart.

I complained to customer care in front of delivery boy and got complaint number "IN1711071242356063369". and took photograph.

Today Called out to customer care and asked them to provide an update, but they are saying as it will take time and as per conversation they are not serious on this issue.

Note:: Made payment by on-line to Flipkart while ordering the product..

Kindly help me to fix the issue.
Oct 22, 2017

Not Giving Delivery and Discount Fraud

I booked the same item for two times, at first time when i booked the order of Philips QT4011/15 trimmer for men, the original price of the product is Rs.2395 and after discount the price is Rs.999 Dasera offerthe Order id: OD110425556266000000, the order which i placed is cancelled by Flipkart itself. At second time i booked the same item at the price of Rs.1699 on 17th of October 2017 the shippig date what they gave to me is 17th only, and delivery date is 24th October 2017, but still the status is item not packed. Order Id - OD110508097421155000
I want to complaint fraud case against Flipkart on Cyber cell and Consumer forum.

Mohammed Ishaq Ahmed Khan

Not Giving Delivery and Discount Fraud

Saikrishna nelakurthi
Oct 21, 2017

Product was not pick up on the given date

I have ordered fila shoes and I return the product due to some quality issue, Flipkart confirm the return and fixed pick up date on 21/0/10/2017 but pick up was not done due to these i have wasted my day.so I want my as early as possible
Return Accepted: A Courier Executive will be picking up your Fila DE... with order id OD110302511535467000 by Saturday, 21 Oct'17. Please keep the item along with accessories & tags ready for pickup. The refund will be processed within 1 day of the item being picked up.
Please check your email for more details.
Venkat Atchi
Oct 17, 2017

Flipkart-not big sale, very very big seconds sale

I bought Samsung On Max phone with my Samsung J7 Exchange On Big sale(order no: OD110492791483382000) they took my Mobile and given On max When it opens Camera is not working and a big patch on Screen. I replaced it and called Flipkart nobody is not responding and I got a message our team will resolve it within 72hours.
right now I don't have mobile in my hands...
What I am saying Flipkart people are doing this type of business nobody cannot question if they sell second-hand goods they are no control on online shopping
who will take action against this type of bluffing business...

Venkat Atchi

Flipkart-not big sale, very very big seconds sale

Oct 7, 2017

Not received my refund for the order.

Order ID: OD110307610522875000

Dear Sir, I ordered a mobile redmi 4a to flipklart on dt. 24/09/17 vide order no OD110307610522875000 by paid rs. 6299.00 through sbi atm card. & on dt. 25/09/17 my order was cancelled by flipkart but till now i cannot received any refund amount from flipkart against this cancelled order. when i called to the customer care of flipkart they told me that your amount is transfered to your account on dt, 27/09/2017. when i check my account the the amount is not credited in my account. i also raise the complain to flipkart many times vide Incident: IN1710070940539534224. I also confirm from my bank and bank's customer care but they said no refund request is there. kindly help us for return my money.
Oct 3, 2017

Order missing

Sir i ordered 2 bags and i recived 1 bag i paid the whole amount now i cannot contact them my order id is 0D110330016987073000
Oct 3, 2017

Order missing

Sir i ordered 2 bags and i recived 1 bag i paid the whole amount now i cannot contact them
naveen rock
Sep 22, 2017

Price related problem

I buyed a smart TV in Flipkart on date : 16/09/17 at price 24999/- rs and price as falled to 22999/- rs on 22/09/17 .so I taught to return the tv ,but there is no return option in Flipkart , Flipkart want to replace the product but don't want to take return..
Flipkart is playing with commen peoples by Decreasing and increasing the price.commen people do online shopping for Decreasing the budget .
So I request you sir to take immediate action on this type of e- commerce websites.

Price related problem Price related problem

Sep 21, 2017

Return request not fulfilled


I have raised a return request for a product in Flipkart. Filpkart did not fulfill the return request.

First return request was raised on 4th August, 2017 , even till now (21 Sep, 2017) request is not fulfilled.

It's been almost 2 months that i'm following up those people but then they did not respond properly in turn they tell wait for 48 hrs resolution will be provided soon and every time they tell me wait for 48 hrs.

Please take necessary action against flipkart so that my request is serviced as early as possible. Below is the incident number Incident: IN1709191905015778507.
Aug 15, 2017

Got a non operational laptop

I got a Dell Inspiron 5559 with not working conditions.
I made a complaint at flipkart but just got a longer schedule of tech visit and no updates on the technician. No urgent arrangements for the tech visit.

My Journey with flipkart for complaint -

Day 1 - i) I called at customer care of flipkart and I answered - Your delivery status still not updated, we cannot take your request.
ii) I called to the delivery boy and asked that why after 5 hours of delivery my delivery status not updated. He replied that net is slow. check after 5 min. you get SMS.
iii) I called him after 15 min. and asked that I don't get any SMS. He replied you will get SMS, I updated your status. You talk about customer care.
iv) I again called to customer care. They replied yes, your delivery status is updated. You will get all details of the technician (such as name, number etc.) within 24 hours.

Day 2 - I called to customer care and asked that still, I don't get any detail of technician. They replied technician will visit on or before 18th Aug 2017. I asked them to make it on an urgent basis. They replied we try.

Day 3 - I called again to customer care and got replied you will get detail before 18th Aug 2017 and technician visit your place. I again request for the urgent visit. They replied we have already mentioned. And also get replied that technician has many complaints to solve, so you have to wait for his schedule. (After making all payment for the product, I have to wait for the free time of the technician)

Day 4 - I again called to customer care and got same replied. Also, they told it's still 15th Aug 2017 and your schedule date is 18th Aug. So still 16th, 17th & 18th remains. A technician will visit your place as getting scheduled time.

Day 5,6, 7 and God know how many more days for resolving my complaint.

For the hardly 30 min. of work, I am waiting until last 4 days and still, my problem is not get resolved.

Where is 24*7 service? Where is customer priority? Initially every executive and senior member committed different answers.
Atiya Fatima
Aug 7, 2017

Wrong brand sent

Hello Flipkart, I and my sister ordered Black and Decker TS 1000 grill and toast Sandwich maker from different mobiles for different locations on the same day on cash on delivery basis maybe on 22nd July 2017 but on 27 July 2017 we received ur parcel on our respective locations .When we opened the parcel we found a cheap brand Friends Forever Sandwich maker.Immediately I sent a message complain about ur mistake and asked for replacement or refund.Instantly I got a message on mobile thru which I placed the order that is 9885277477, that replacement will be done soon their courier executive will visit and pick up the product .But no one came but got a message of Cancellation with some lame excuse.Again I sent a message asking for refund of money that is ₹1299. Again they sent me the same computer generated message that on or before 8Aug,2017 ,a courier executive will come and replace the product.Today is 7th Aug and nobody came to pickup and replace the product.Please help me in settling this issue soon.I feel and my sister feel cheated .we can't let go our hard earned money on such cheap brands. Thank u
Athulya k
Aug 7, 2017


I purchase a wall sticker on august 5th saturday at 11.15 am worth 139 rs. through net banking.my cash is debited but my order is not processed,

Reference ID 1266391967
Transaction Type Bill Payments/Shopping Mall
Debit Account ############
Transaction Date (dd/MM/yyyy)05/08/2017
Transaction Amount INR 139.00
Flipkart Internet Private LimitedTransaction
Status Success
Jun 30, 2017

Flipkart or Flopkart cheating customer and enjoying customer money


I ordered an office chair under perGST scheme and paid the upfront cost of the chair. After 2 days, they silently cancelled my order citing cancel on customer request and didn't sent any notification as well.

When contracted their customer care, I have been told it has been cancelled due to unavailability of product while it is still available on their side. Thet are now selling this product on double the price. While they doubled the price, they are still enjoying my money and saying that it will take another 2 weeks.

They are cheating the customer and following unethical behaviour. On top of that they are not providing any number of their senior management.
May 21, 2017

Cheating and using fraudulent practices

Hi, I placed an order from Flipkart on 16th May, 2017. When the order was approved and was not showing any status other than Approved status I called the cust. care on 19-May-2017 and was told by the Executive that the product is ready to be shipped in a day or two as the expected date of delivery is 23th or 24th May.
When I didn't receive any message for the product shipment I sent an email on Sunday (21-May-2017) to find the status and today (22-May-2017) morning I received 3-4 emails wherein it was stated that my order has been cancelled as the seller was unable to ship my product.
I feel that ON PURPOSE flipkart has been cheating its customers as I wasted so much of my time and even though I contacted them on 19th May, I was informed that the product is ready to be shipped and how come all of a sudden without my knowledge the order gets cancelled.
I think that Flipkart feels that the customer being desperate to buy a product will re-order the same product for a higher price if the previous order gets cancelled after 1 week or so and that they can blame the seller for not shipping the product on time.
Isn't it the responsibility of Flipkart to ensure that the product gets shipped on time or else keep the customer informed ahead of time instead of waiting for 1 week or so. If they are the middleman between the seller and customer they have to be responsible but I feel that instead they indulge in such kinds of fraudulent practices by cancelling the order and hiking the price so that the customer re-orders the same product.
Jan 7, 2017

Monopoly in Flipkart. Completely unethical behavior in flipkart seller support

Talking about Flipkart monopoly and unethical behaviour towards seller.
Flipkart permitted to sell in the brand name aadtail. As a new seller I dont have any TM Certificate with me and even though flipkart allowed me to sell mobile accessories.
After 45 days flipkart support team blocked my listings immediately without informing anything to me. While asked they told me TM Certificate is required. At least they didnt give any prior intimation. While talking to seller support guys (completely uneducated/unethical guys) are not responding properly and repeating the same thing like TM is mandatory and also filed infringement suspect complaint against me.

Having said earlier they provided me the permission without TM, not if its required then you have to provide me some time so that I can produce the same. But no, those unethical guys are not listening to anything.

Came here guys if you are planning to sell in flipkart be aware of these unethical/uneducated guys who are the only decision makers. Here One thing I have observed no one wants to interfere in this kind of matter. Higher level people have given these lower guys to handle such type of situations.

AAD Enterprises
cell : 8297121331
lokesh narayana
Oct 15, 2016

Non delivery of the Product Moto E3 Mobile

This is to Inform you that I ordered moto E3 Mobile on 03-10-2016. I didn't get the product till now.
Order Id - OD107229054900347000
Complaint Number- IN1610060720319556489

What happened during the period of 12 days (From 03-10-2016 to 15-10-2016) :

I ordered moto E3 on 03-10-2016. While placing an order Flipkart promised me the date of delivery will be on 04-10-2016.
But on 04-10-2016 i got a mail from Flipkart by stating due to unforeseen issues the delivery of your product postponed to 07-10-2016

I called to Flipkart customer care and raised a complaint on 06-10-2016. While raising a complaint customer care informed me that my issue will be resolved by 07-10-2016. But I didn't get any response by the end of that day(07-10-2016)

After that, I again called to Flipkart customer care 0n 08-10-2016. Flipkart executive transferred the call to Manager(Mr.Gourav) . Manager promised me that your issue will be resolved by 10-10-2016. But i didn't get any response regarding that too.

On 11-10-2016 I again called to Flipkart customer care and spoke with the supervisor of Flipkart complaints. He informed me that Your issue will be resolved within 48 hours (i.e 13-10-2016) . But i even didn't get any response in this regard too.

Finally, I sent one mail from my Flipkart account . Your team informing me that we received your query and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Today I got another mail from Flipkart that we will get back to you by 16-10-2016.

Customer Inconvenience with Flipkart false promises & Need final action Immediately :
I am very much fed up with your false information and False promises. This not the way to behave with the customer. I aviled two offers while placing this order. I want the exact issue of delay till now and exact status of my order.
Oct 4, 2016

Regarding Product delay almost 20 days

One of worst online shopping is Flipkart with the zero satisfaction for customers
Before writing this I have faced so many situation regarding my product. In their customers care member and their incharge no one has given a solution on my order every one saying with in 2 days your order will be delivered and I am waiting for my product from last 20 days even though they are not tracing my issues and not providing solution y this idiot shoping and maintainance stupid this
And my request to every one don't trust flipkart and even though your spending some extra money please buy in normal stores (dont buy things ever rth worst worst flipkart )
Oct 3, 2016

Replacement problem

I am purchase a mobile phone from flipkart.my pH is redmi 3s prime gold 32gb..replacement request would be accepted and company promise me given ph. On 1oct 2016.but I m not received that ..they again promise me given it on 3oct..but they don't this...what is happening with you..customer believe you but you always destroy it..very poor service...they promise me again that they give it 6oct 2016.but now I m not got this pH..I want only refund..if you not do this I will take legal action against flipkart.. So this is request to u plz solve my problem ..

M Rinku
Order ID-OD507069010001508000
PH no-9996868988
mohd km
Oct 2, 2016


had purchased single bed from flipkart but it is not matched what they show in web site in the begining they said return is there but after delivery they are saying there is no return for that


Jul 1, 2016

Complaint against flipkart

Receiving order of another company again and again after replacement . Not of the company I ordered from flipkart.poor service
mohd km
Jun 30, 2016

quality issue

quality issue order OD106180275852275000 order placed single bed it is made up of card board this wood used for making system tables & tea poys its a fake so i want to return but they are telling that there is no return for that while am placing that order return is there in website its completely cheat
mohd km
Jun 30, 2016

quality issue

order id 10680275852275000 no return while ordering in website return option is there but now they are telling we are not mentioned in website its completely frod
mohd km
Jun 30, 2016

n return

had ordered singld bed in flipkart itwas delivered but it was quality complaint in the begining while am ordering in website option is there that it is returnable item but now they are telling it was not returnable we have not mentioned in that website lime that they are telling its completely frod
Jun 8, 2016

Refund issue

Im suresh babu

i have returned 2 products in flipkart but i didnt recieve refund but flipkart CS is saying that it was refunded. i have already attached my bank statement as proof which shows no refund and bank is saying we are not responsible.Then who is responsible for this?

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