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Consumer complaints and reviews about flipkart

Pooja Manekar
Nov 19, 2017

Didn't Received the Refund of Nike Shoes yet !!

I ordered my Womens Nike shoes of 3013/- from Flipkart on 8th Oct. Order ID is OD110424269122153000 and as the shoes was first copy I returned it the next day. I immediately applied for the refund too on 8th Oct. But now it's more than 1 month and I didn't got my refund back. They are not even helping me in this issue. It's 19th November today. The higher management is least bothered. FLIPKART sucks totally. Hope to get my refund back.
Rahul Rawat
Nov 17, 2017

Torn packet of my order

I ordered Redmi Note 4 on 16.10.17,order id-OD110501704820072000.It reached on 07.11.17 & package was found torn.I didn't receive it. The seller has rejected the return. The order was cancelled,my refund status shows,"Refund after 6 days after PICKUP IS COMPLETED".Why PICKUP clause is added when I didn't receive it? If India Post doesn't complete the pickup, how will I get refund ? Please escalate my case.

Mob - 8005488282
Aman raj pandey
Nov 10, 2017

Recieved fake product

I have bought iron from Flipkart . I have received the product on 17 /10/ 2017 and I will complaint about it on 20/10/ 2017 on the Flipkart customer care but now they are not responding my complaint and again and again many times I have complained about it but they said I have a register a complaint and updated it but their team is not contacted to me till now . The the iron's plate is not good and it burnt my clothes 2 times. There is mrptackle is also missing on the iron. Flipkart send me the fake product and they also not responding my complaints again and again please help me about it .
Oct 29, 2017

my account realated

Dear sir I have a problem in my account I login my account error is unsuccessful login
I call the customer care he said to me this is multiple return of your account so please connect to concern team but I'm not using multiple account my friend is say to me please give me some product for me and I am also insert my friend number but I can't many more returns in my account please check my account and verify and please help me Flipkart account mobile number is 8460 709 358 please help soon and call me and please unblock my account thank you
Raspreet Singh Nayyar
Oct 27, 2017

Refund for failed transaction

The transaction failed during placing an order on Flipkart and amount was deducted, Flipkart denied that amount has not been received from the bank hence no failed transaction details are available with them. I had a written confirmation from the Bank that the amount has been received and confirmed by Flipkart and thereafter has been deducted from my account. I have been constantly contacting your representative and request has not been processed yet. Its been over one month now. Every time new dates are provided by the representatives for resolution of the issue.

Transaction date - 24 September 2017
Client Id - nayargs2007@rediffmail.com
Oct 25, 2017

Refund not received

I am continuously following up Flipkart Customer Care regarding Refund status of my order OD110447110164607000. This product has been picked from my place before Diwali (19th Oct 20017) but i yet to see any update regarding same Neither i got refund nor i can see any update in my account orders. Please look into this on priority Everytime i call customer care i am getting same reply “Your issue is in process and will be resolved in 24/48 hours”.
Mrityunjay Singh
Oct 25, 2017

Missing accessories(headsets)

I was planning to buy ASUS -zb553kl,but the seller from flipkart i.e.,omnitech retail isn't giving any (headset) in the accessories within the box,though i got a confirmation from the company themself that they are providing headset with this model so either your product is being opened and gets resealed or maybe being changed,be careful guys......and flipkart completely giving up on contacting to the selller so both side FRAUD happening equally.
Oct 23, 2017

Money not yet credited

Dear Flipkart team,
I have ordered samsung galaxy S7 ( Silver Titanium, 32 GB ) order ID. OD110415135021174000 worth Rs. 24,480/- on Friday 6th Oct,17. Soon after placing the order i cancelled my order. It was mentioned that my money will be refunded to my credit card within 8 working days. My Refund ID is - 102547188. I called up the customer care and they told me that payment has been initiated and they suggested me to check with my bank once. I visited my bank twice but i got no refund soon after that i again called up the flipkart people and they told me that it will be refunded on 19.10.2017. Since then I am eagerly waiting for the same. Kindly see to it once otherwise i have to take some legal action against the matter.
Rahul Kumar.

Oct 22, 2017

Damaged material

As our online demand, I have received a Table Placement PC3D-06 Valtellina Rectangular Pack of 12 through E-kart logistics courier on 22/10/2017 at 1400 hrs and I opened a pack, it is very shocking of your service as to the materials of all pieces are damaged.

Tracking ID: FMPP0118150030
Order ID : OD110491211035475000

It is requested to provide a good material in replacing. Otherwise refund a cost of material worth Rs. 228/- immediately. If failed, I approached customer court.
Venkat Atchi
Oct 19, 2017


BIG SECONDS SALE.............
Order ID: OD110492791483382000

I bought Samsung On Max phone with my Samsung J7 Exchange On Big sale(order no: OD110492791483382000) they took my Mobile and given On max When it opens Camera is not working and a big patch on Screen. I replaced it and called Flipkart nobody is not responding and I got a message our team will resolve it within 72hours.
right now I don't have mobile in my hands...
What I am saying Flipkart people are doing this type of business nobody cannot question if they sell second-hand goods they are no control on online shopping
who will take action against this type of bluffing business...

Venkat Atchi
Eric D'Cruz
Oct 15, 2017

Duplicate Wrist Watch

Dear Sir,
the watch which i paid for. i did not receive. so tell me what next should i do?
give me my money back or give the watch for which i paid.
it is not working properly also.
Oct 14, 2017

Fipkart Delivery Problem

Hi I am Munigurava reddy . I have ordered VU TV from flipkar on 24 Sept 2017 . that order supposed to deliver on 8th October. It has not reached me till now. I spoke to flipkart customer care. They told me that they are working on it and will get it on or before 12th October...

Again i called to customer care,they told to me wait again 24 hr .Again i called 13th October,i heard same response.same thing i heard today also from flipkart customer service.

I have been requesting them and even shown my frustration on understanding what is the problem. If they are not able to reach the address i have provided they can reach to my phone number and i can guide them.

They are not ready for anything. I do not even see an option where i my self can go collect the TV... Why am i not getting proper communication from flipkart? How can i deal with such service providers.

Need input on what can be done further...

Fipkart Delivery Problem

Shravan k
Oct 12, 2017


Very worst Flipkart return policy.. i bought new moto e4 plus before 5 days but phone is getting hang during using, some time fingerprint scanner not responding, i raised complaint , one technision inspected, that time my phone is running good. So he requested to make the video of problem in phone and do complaint again. After one day same problem repeted, the phone is stuck during use, i made video and requested Flipkart to exchange my mobile. Now these people are not responding. they are asking to take mobile to service center. What's wrong with them . Instead of the 10 day return policy how they can tell to repair the new mobile. I'm having proof of problem. Just 5 days used mobile and they are asking to repair. Very worst Flipkart policy. Don't go with Flipkart
Oct 10, 2017

Refund not received

Order ID OD110309584069165000
Refund is not yet received it's almost 11 days I'm waiting
Reshma k chavan
Oct 7, 2017

Cracks on mobile

There are cracks on my phone.my phone model is Redmi note 4.I got my order on 30 September 2017.but I didn't know about complaining sites as I never gone through a situation like this.I asked many people they suggested me about those sites.
Vp purohit
Oct 5, 2017

Item cancellation not possible

I didn't cancel my item during some type of technical error.
I also call many time flipkart customer care but he didn't take any interest in my problem

Product detail-lenovo k8 plus(venom black,32gb)
Order id- OD110285366011558000
Vnb Chari
Sep 29, 2017

Delivery delayed

I ordered Lenovo K8 Plus (Venom Black, 32 GB) on 24-09017 and made a payment.As per your commitment it should have reached to me by today.But still it is not reached.

It is urgent to me to make some online operations and check mails as well.Even it is urgent i have been waited upto 5 days.Now you people are saying logistic issues for delay.

I want it to be reached by tomorrow.

Order ID:
OD110312072496734000(1 item)
Order Date:
Sun, Sep 24th '17 8:33 PM
Total Amount:
₹8,099through Debit card


Delivery delayed

Sep 27, 2017

Installation Not Done

I bought this item from Flipkart and it was supposed to be installed by Flipkart Technicians only. The product was delivered on 24th Sept 2017 and the maximum date committed was 27th Sept 2017. I had followed up with customer service team to know when it will get installed when it did not get installed by 26th Sept. I was assured that it will be installed by 27th positively. However, till 27th Noon no one has come for installation and upon calling up the customer care I was informed that it will done by 8PM. After sometime, upon following up again I was informed that it will be surely done by 11pm. Now after sometime I receive an SMS informing that it not be done today and I will be updated about the Status of Installation by 3rd Oct 2017. First they did not honour their committed date of Installation and second they could not arrange to get it done on the consecutive day and gave an extension for 1 week to update me about the status. It is very frustrating and total waste to buy a product spending so much money from Flipkart when they can't deliver what they promise. Its breaking the faith of customer and taking them for granted. Neither they could get the work done within the promised schedule nor they can mitigate the failure.
Sep 26, 2017

Auto Cancel Order from Flipkart After Order placed

My order id is OD110293383943912000. I placed HP Laptop order on 22 September under sale on Flipkart. On same day payment was approved and promised to deliver by 25 September. But till 25th Evening they does not change status. When i called next day. They told your complaint is registered and it will resolved by 27 September.

After that their customer support executive start email me to cancel your order, with illogical reasons. They did not wait for 27 September and cancel my order through seller.

It was really very bad experience with flipkart. They making fool of people.

If they cannot handle sale event than why they advertise a lot.

I am really very disappointed.

Sep 26, 2017

amount is not refunded

I ordered a mobile redimi note 4 of rs.9899 but due to some reasons i cancelled it later on. As flipkart promised me to refund my amount last by 25/09/2017 .
but they were not paying it back as they extended the date till 29/09/2017 .
and instead of giving me the exact reason they putting all blame to bank . Their executive told me that the payment is completed from their side it is the bank who is holding the money .
my order id = OD110278807626713000

amount is not refunded amount is not refunded amount is not refunded amount is not refunded

Hemant Chandiramani
Sep 22, 2017

Fipkart Delivery Problem

I do not know how Flipkart is successful and running an online business in this age or time. I wanted to purchase a MacBook Air 13 inch so I checked on Flipkart and Amazon both were giving me the same price & same deal. The only advantage that you guys had was a Rs 1500 additional discount on SBI Cards. Amazon was giving me a guaranteed delivery on the same day by charging Rs 150. Price point is the criteria I choose Flipkart.

My Order Date was 21st September 2017 & I did not receive any update until 22nd 1:30 pm. I took the initiative to call the customer care and enquire. Once I did that I can see the order had been placed then. As usual, if the person does not pay attention the company does not care. I get updates like.
My Account is on Hold
There is an issue with the Payment Process etc. In My App recent issue section, I can see text like FDS Alert Possible Fraud Detected. If there is an issue please communicate, tell me there is a problem it could have been communicated on 21st Itself. Why was it not done?

Evening today when I called the call center they told me my order has been processed and we are trying for delivery on 23rd by 7:00 pm or the delivery will happen by 25th. Now the issue here is that the app has no update at all. I am not sure how u guys function and how will I get the delivery.

If the delivery comes to me tomorrow (23rd) It will definitely be a miracle, But I am sure it will not come.

Key Points in My Complain:
- If the seller does not have stock to clear order asap why do you all promote a product with huge discounts? If you know customers are going to buy the product then please arrange for the stock.
- Why does an update or improvement happen in my order the only moment I call or take an initiative, If I would not have called there would have been no action at all taken.

I do not know when the Mac reaches me but I am sure not to order anything from Flipkart in the future, Amazon has same day delivery and I would any day prefer its service.

Thank you for entertaining an angry customer, I will try to pull all the ppl I know from Flipkart to Amazon.

Sep 14, 2017

Order was cancelled by flipkart

I made a order on Flipkart.com for a Xiaomi Mi A1 mobile worth Rs.14999/- on Sep 12th. But today (14th) but order was cancelled by flipkart without any initiation from me. I called customer care to enquire but the have no reason to why the order was cancelled. They are asking me to order it again. This product is hard to order as it is sold as a Flash sale model. The order was paid through credit card and approved with a delivery date of 21st september.
Order ID: OD110205307912723000
Sep 12, 2017

Moto E4 Over Heating Issue

Hi Team,

I have purchased a Mobile from flipkart Moto E4 Plus on 29 August 2017 order ID (OD 110086527609635000), on the very next day I received the mobile at my home. On the same day I put my mobile on charge and it got over heated badly. Next day again I faced the same Issue and this time it was too much heat. Since that day I am afraid of charging my mobile bcz it seems like it will explode. I initiate the return request itself on 31 Aug 2017. On the first 6 days nobody tries to call me or contact me. On 6 Sep'17, I called on toll free no and discussed the issue again and then only they booked me a technician visit. Next day technician visited my place and that time he was agree with the issue I am facing. He didn't provide me any solution. He charged the mobile for 10 mints and made a report on the basis of that. I asked him twice and thrice to charge the mobile for 20-30 mints bcz I initiate the complain that Its getting while charging but he didn't cares. And now, my issue is not solved yet, its still pending and flipkart cancelled my return request. Flipkart is mostly known in the market for there Customer Oriented service but this time I am not satisfied at all. My phone is totally unused bcz I am afraid of charging. Please do some needful action as earliest as possible. It is not possible to charge the phone in 10 mints everytime. Today I again called toll free No. and the representative told me the issue has been escalated to higher authority. Kindly initiate my return process as earliest as possible. I am so worried after this purchase bcz If I try to give 50% charge or more than that, it seems It may explode.

+91 7604005078
Jishnu Jichuse
Aug 30, 2017

refund my cash

Sir i was purchased intex aqua supreme plus phone but i recived wrong product of a book . i already spent 5599. then i return the product to KHASRA No 435 road.no.04 lal.dora ext mahipalpur New Delhi .But the corrier is return back to my address i enquire them, the problem is the address is wrong . I want to refund my cash immediately please help me sir the corrier charges also my orered id is OD109939216165131000
Please refund my cash

refund my cash

Suresh Elangbam
Aug 30, 2017

i have not recieved the refund

I have ordered Yonex MP29 G4 Strung from flipkart. But the product was returned. I called the flipkart customer care. They assure me they will refund as soon as possible but they give me timeline again and again. Still now they did not refunded my amount. It is almost 15 days and does not resolve my issue. The following is the order detail:-
Product Name : Yonex MP29 G4 Strung
OD :- 109833796838045000
Return ID :- 1010995537326581110
Price : Rs. 2261/-
Seller Name : RetailNet
Please refund my amount in my bank account.
SBI Acc no.: 33224516404
IFSC : SBIN0010757
Mobile : 9615245703.

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