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Consumer complaints and reviews about Flipkart

Nov 21, 2022

Flipkart orders not delivered

On 14-November at 10 AM, Flipkart delivery agent arrived at my apartment entrance and called, however I was in office. So delivery agent requested for OTP and told he will handover my packages to apartment security. So I gave OTP and he said package handed over to security. However package was not handedover to security. From CCTV footage, I came to know delivery agent did not handover package after asking OTP from me. Now Flipkart telling they are not responsible.
Oct 31, 2022

Money shippon

Money hacked from flipkart paylater account connect with idfc first bank, idfc did not provide security on transaction and money looted by hacker
Oct 27, 2021


I ordered one plus bullets z bass edition bluetooth headphone from flipkart ( order I'd : OD223047613597805000) through the seller SuperComNet on 7th October 2021 and I made a payment through Paytm wallet successfully but the order was not placed from flipkart and they Are denying that the payment is not confirmed by the bank but the Paytm has confirmed that the payment has been made successfully to the merchant so kindly do the needful. I am attaching the confirmation message that I have got from Paytm for your reference.

Refund Refund

Marks India
Sep 9, 2021


I am a Seller in Flipkart, I have lost 17k because of them, I had imported products from US and sold it via flipkart to the customer and the customer returned some garbage, which was notified to flipkart, However, Flipkart is not refunding me or getting my products back. Flipkart are cheating there sellers, I have contacted so many sellers and they have discontinued there account because Flipkart is running a fraudulent business, they should change their name to Fraudstar


Praveen krish
Aug 22, 2021

About my defect order

I have ordered realme smart tv sled 4k(55inches) along with Bluetooth soundbar and only my tv is defect has a display problem so I kept for immediate replacement but they rejected twice for no reason.
And everytime when I reach out customer support they keep telling to wait patiently not solution for my problem sending a defect product please help me out to get refunded/replaced.
Order I'd :OD222537554229307000

About my defect order About my defect order About my defect order

Jul 30, 2021

Scam in name of online delivery

I ordered a product from Flipkart on 26/7/21 order Id : OD222417527787284000 order delivery date was August 4-2021 and I got the shipment early on 30/7/21 the product outside it looked fine but the box was damaged also the product was used and inside the box I found an Amazon billing which the same product was brought on 10/11/2019 I also asked for replacement while having a conversation with the Flipkart customer care they are least bothered about the replacement that they say the replacement will happen on 30/8/21 which is 30 days after placing the replacement even the fresh order of same product will be delivered by a week and I am being said that the replacement will take 30days
Jul 13, 2021

Wrong defective dead product delivered

Dear team,
I am writing to you to raise an issue about: Computers and Consumer Electronics
Order ID: OD122252732830226000 from Flipkart
Shipping Address: - THIMMAIAH R H No 579 , Nandini Layout,4Th Block , 15th Main Bangalore-560096, Near Laggeri. Bengaluru 560096 Karnataka
The issue that I have experienced was: I ordered the TV on 7 July 2021 around 9 :30Pm and 8th July 2021 morning Around 8:45 am I received Tv I hurried to go office , Delivery Person Only opened the top of the box ( Product ) and left immediately. After I came from office I checked the product it was damaged and used Sony Bravia 32 inch TV. I raised a complaint against this.
On 12.07.2021 Uninstalled Person Came and Verified. I have received the Wrong/different Sony Old Dead TV it was completely defective item Delivered by Flipkart or seller or Delivery Person, they did purposefully, new model sticker pasted on the TV, Delivered Fake Product
Delivered Dead Product that Model no is KDL-32W600A AND SL NO: - 4317220

We booked Sony TV (32 INCH) MODEL NO (KDL-32W6103) Uninstalled Flipkart person verified and awaiting for your strict action regarding this and please investigate and it’s completely Flipkart Responsibility. Please help me get a replacement or refund immediately.

i am Requesting to you pls help us.
Babu M

Nov 15, 2020

Responding to your communication

Why just scripted response that too from just one individual who has decided not to provide a resolution?

Hello Vivek,
We'd like to let you know that your recent return request has been cancelled as our systems have detected an unusually high number of returns in your purchase history. This would also mean that you will no longer be able to login to your Flipkart account.

Nishamuddeen PK
Flipkart Customer Support
Nov 14, 2020

Return is not being processed for damaged Whirlpool refrigerator

For the past 15 days I have been getting the same scripted response w.r.t to the complaint I raised for defective and damaged Refrigerator that was delivered.

Hello Vivek,

We'd like to let you know that your recent request has been canceled as our systems have detected an unusually high number of returns in your purchase history. This would also mean that you will no longer be able to login to your Flipkart account.

Nishamuddeen PK
Flipkart Customer Support
Nov 12, 2020

Return is not being processed for damaged Whirlpool refrigerator

I have been trying to get the " damaged and defective" replacement piece of
Whirpool 190l refrigerator since 28th October when it was refused to be
accepted after having found it was damaged in a severly worse condition
than first piece. I had immediately filed a query but was asked to wait
since ekart had not closed the delivery status. Furthermore I raised the
issue again after seeing the updated delivery status and my return request
was accepted.

In about 2 hours I was blocked from logging into flipkart and the return
request rejected message was sent to my brother's phone number.

I have been trying to get the refund for the genuinely damaged item that
ekart services promised to pick since their truck was full with no place
for second refrigerator.

I have been a very loyal customer of Flipkart since it's early days and
would request you to kindly process the return and refund for the damaged

Attached is the proof of my ordeal and damages.

Thanks very much,

Sincerely yours

Return is not being processed for damaged Whirlpool refrigerator Return is not being processed for damaged Whirlpool refrigerator Return is not being processed for damaged Whirlpool refrigerator Return is not being processed for damaged Whirlpool refrigerator Return is not being processed for damaged Whirlpool refrigerator

Swaroop S Lohit
Feb 9, 2020

Cheating customer by selling faulty items

1. I had ordered a Plastic Lint cum Fuzz remover from Flipkart Order ID - OD117569585586329000 on 12 Jan 2020 which was delivered to me on 18 Jan 2020. The item was delivered in a faulty condition and not working.
2. Immediately after I realized that a non-functional product was delivered, the very same day, i.e. 18 Jan 2020, I put up a request for cancellation of the order. I received confirmation on my mobile from Flipkart on 18 Jan 20 that the return request has been accepted and a wish master will pick up the item by Saturday, 25 Jan 2020.
3. Nobody from Flipkart came to collect the faulty item. On 24 Jan 2020, the return was cancelled by Flipkart without assigning any reason.
4. Since then, I have spoken to the Customer care a number of times, They are saying that refund request was cancelled due to logistics reasons, but are not saying anything more. Now, they tell me that it has been more than 10 days since item has been delivered and I don't have an option to return it.
5. Seller is JMD Enterprises, Block J, Mohan Garden, Uttam Nagar Rama Park, New Delhi -59.
6. Flipkart has cheated me by firstly sending a defective product and secondly, manipulating and cancelling the returns arbitrarily, without assigning any reason. Now I am stuck with a defective product which has not been used even once.
7. I think Flipkart struck some unholy deal with JMD Enterprises to dispose off unserviceable and faulty products by duping unsuspecting consumers.
Dec 17, 2019

Empty Pack Received

Hi this my order ID : OD117173325538636000
I ordered jewellery set in Flipkart of 799 rupees and I have paid the same 799 through my card and I have received a empty packet from the Flipkart and the item was missing I have not got delivered the item.
after that I have arranged a complaint in Flipkart that I have not received item it is an empty packet and they said they will solve my problem in 48 hours on 7th December till today no one has call me back and they have not solve my problem.
today when I called Flipkart Customer Care Kiran senior level executive who spoke with me he is telling he can't refund the amount has the refund policy has been end and this is the Flipkart policy so I can't give amount back.
this is a very big cheater from Flipkart and their cheating people by giving empty packets without delivering and their looting money from customers.
please make sure you should teach a lesson for Flipkart and publish this is social media and people should be aware of Flipkart.
You can contact me at

Empty Pack Received

Dec 3, 2019

fraud flipkart

I bought realme x2 pro (order Id: OD117160576341420000) which had offer of realme buds at Rs 1.
I bought the buds but seller cancelled it(supercomNet), and after that price also got increased.
I raised request many times but in vain. this is total fraud by either seller or flipkart.
Feeling cheated.
If you cannot fullfill any offer don't provide it. Flipkart cheater.
Nov 4, 2019

Replacement rejected for the defective product delivered from flipkart

I had delivered the product, Redmi Note 7S on September 27.The complaint is that the battery drains out quickly. I had reported to flipkart about the complaint within 10 days(within 10 days replacement period). The technician visit happened twice. At first time, the technician just record the camera for 10min and told me that there is no issue with the battery. Next time the technician told me that he don't know how to check. Then i explained about the problem. He told me that he would report all those problem with the flipkart, but that was not happened. Again since i can't use this phone(as battery drains out quickly) i went to the service centre, they told me that there exist some issue with the battery after doing the techincal check and they told me that they reccomend replacement of battery. But i don't want that to happen as i ordered a brand new phone from flipkart and i raised the complaint within ten days(within flipkart replacement policy period). Again I posted the incident on Facebook. The social media team of flipkart called me and asked me to visit the service centre again and share the jobsheet with them. If there is any complaint with the phone, they told me that they would definitely replace the phone. But when I shared that jobsheet showing the complaint, they were not responding. Whenever I call the customer care, they ask me to wait for 48 hours, but even after 1 week nothing happened. Also for the last one month i had to suffer a lot, since i can't carry this phone to anywhere. Whenever i called flipkart, the customercare have no responsibilty about the case and always they ask me to wait for 24-48 hours and the team is not doing anything on the case. As my case is genuine i expect to get justice from the complaint board.
Oct 25, 2019

Non delivery of my shipment since 29 Sep 19

Dear sir/madam,
This is in reference to my order I'd OD116659484600604000, which i placed order on 29 sep 19. The order was supposed to be delivered to me within 7-10 days as per the flipkart policy. But to my surprise, i didnot receive my order till 14 Oct 19. So, i started calling up the flipkart customer care almost on daily basis till today and all the customer executives are nicely trained to give me a single reply that " sorry for the inconveniences and our concerned team will get back to me within 24-48 hrs". And almost more than two weeks are over as on date and the customer executives are not even ashamed off giving me the same execuses. Unlike, Amazon, flipkart has not even left any option on the website to cancel the order even after almost 26 days of placing order. When i request the customer executives to atleast give me the status of my shipment or the contact no of concerned courier company, then there is no answer. At last, for last three days, I hv been asking flipkart customer executive to at least cancel my order and inititiate refund formalities, then the answer is not possible..This is clear cut case of cheating the customers without having any business ethics.

The govt of India must initiate an user friendly complaint cell to straighten this e commerce site with proper rules and regulations in place. My order amount is Rs 4430/- ( could b a mere amount), but these e commerce owners does not want to understand the finalcial losses and the mental agony what a customer must b going through. The product was ordered for some occasion. But there is no point now in getting the shipment so delayed. On top of that no mail is going to flipkart from the customers and there is no way or means available to speak to some manegerial level, where a customer can at least raise the issue. The start and end point in case of Flipkart is only the customer executives, that's all.

On the other hand ,if a customer wants to replace any item after the mandatory 10 days return policy as per flipkart for some defects in the product or other unforeseen situations, then it ll become next to impossible that flipkart will even accept the replacement or even listen to a cusy request. The return policy is so stringent. Why can't delayed penalty be levived with interest on these e commy sites for not delivering the product on time ,which they only claim during the time of purchase. Why a customer will only face the brunt and losses. Today whatever or whichever positions flipkart may be, it's only because of the trust built by the customers like me over the period. So betraying a customer will lead no where and claiming to do business of Rs 19000 crore during sale of big billion days SEP 19.... SHAME..SHAME

I request the Indian policy makers must address this issues and penalise these e commerce sites heavily and examples must be set out of these guys. Otherwise, they ll continue to cheat the customers like me, who has paid the amount on 29 sep 19 and no sign of delivery till today that is 25 Oct 19 and no relief from flipkart's senior executives yet...Very very very dissappointing and disheartening from flipkart. Very poor show..

I ll post this mails on all social websites so that at least the custo be aware of this type of new fraud started by flipkart.

Oct 17, 2019

Poor quality sofa set provided by Flipkart

Dear consumer court
I have ordered sofa set from online company Flipkart
Order ID - OD116660712536787000 they have provided poor quality and not usble sofa set it will not be last for about one month Flipkart is showing MRP is 50k giving for 17.5k on Big billion sale day it's completely false MRP and false offer that sofa set not even worth of 5k
Pulak Jyoti
Oct 12, 2019

Different product received-no replacement after multiple attempt

I have ordered Realme XT (6GB RAM, Pearl white) on 1st October by exchanging my old lenovo k3 note and I received the product on 4th October. But they have sent me Realme XT (4GB RAM, Pearl blue). I have raised request for that 3 times but every time the seller rejected the request by replying that the reason is not correct. I talked to the customer care executive and they are just extending the timeline. They just kept on saying that the problem will be resolved. From 4th October I have been waiting to get a replacement but neither the customer executive nor the seller is helping me out. I requested the customer agent to make a request but they made a wrong request because of which once again the request got rejected. Moreover, Realme XT is at sale on flipkart store but the seller is not initiating the replacement request neither he is accepting the refund request. The return window will close by 14th October. After that, I will not be able to place any replacement or refund request. Please help me out. It's a humble request.

Different product received-no replacement after multiple attempt

G Divya Deepak
Sep 5, 2019

Defective Product


I am Dr G Divya Deepak. I want to lodge a complaint against Flipkart for providing a cheap quality mixer bought on 29-8-19 whose details are in the mail. I just want to tell you that due to cheap quality, the mixer was vibrating excessively and the plastic lid had come off. My wife's fingers were cut and fractured. In hospital a minor surgery had to be done for which more than Rs 40000 had to be paid. The medical bills are attached.

I want to sue this company for the amount I spent and also I need compensation for mental harassment due to cheap product provided by this company.

I want action immediately please help.
Aug 14, 2019

Not delivering product and asking to cancel

I have placed the order with order id- OD116205294832626000 on 7th aug with delivery expected by 10th aug but my product has not been delivered yet.
From the last four days i was getting calls from flipkart saying the team is involved and i will be recieving my product but still it has not been delivered. Even there is no details given on the app other than the tracking id which is also trackable on which link, is not specified.
I had been calling and asking flipkart so many times to provide the link but they are not providing.

Now today i got a call from flipkart saying the team is not able to track your order and they are asking me to cancel the order and place a new one and they will not assure that i will receive my product or not. The product i ordered i now not available and even if available i bought in independence day sale at a price of Rs-1049 now it is showing Rs- 2499. How fair is it to ask the consumer to order the same product on more than double price on what he ordered before.
Other than this how can you compensate the time and afford that i wasted talking to flipkart and getting fake promises that i will be getting my product.

This is like cheating and very unprofessional behaviour to the customer. Being a prime member this is not at all expected from such a shopping giants like Flipkart.

Abhinav 8906461082
[email protected]#$%
Jul 23, 2019

Mobile insurance

I bought honor 7A mobile. I bought complete mobile protection along with mobile. My display got broke down . So I contacted Jeeves. They told me to pay 500 for service charge then they will come and pick my mobile. I paid on 4th July. Still no one came to pick my mobile. I'm waiting for past 19 days. Really lost my hope. I'm following them regularly. But they are saying within 48 hours they will come and pick my mobile. Past 19 days they are saying the same ,but no one came yet. Resolve my issue as soon as possible.
To contact :9994005049/ [email protected]
Varshini .N. Gowda
Jul 18, 2019


Flipkart is telling they are refunded my amount to my bank account but they are telling lie. I'm not sure i have not received refund amount yet.. They are not solving the problem I'm facing
Aaliya Mosin
Jul 12, 2019

delivery of shipment

I wanted to book an complaint that i have totally ordered 4+1 items.The expected delivery is on 1/07/19 & I have also got a message that it will be delivered by today e,i 12/07/19, When I called the Executive he said that he will be coming at 4pm & when im trying to reach out the number its going unanswered . & finally now at 5.45pm i have received a message that " shipment could not be delivered today due to unforeseen circumstances. We will try again tomorrow". This is very ridiculous,.

This is the 2nd time I'm experiencing this.. Really I was very happy with the Flip-kart & E Kart services because I'm a regular customer , But from past 2 orders im very unhappy with the services.
Mogan Viji
Jun 3, 2019

My Bank balance missing

I am going to complaint for flipkart company

My Bank balance missing

Jun 1, 2019

Gift Card Balance

I was having around Rs.1300 flipkart balance in the gift card balance,suddenly when I checked it was showing me only Rs.100,when I contacted customer care , they informed that it has expired & I wont be able to use it.
As far as I Know , they will be sending email or message notifications before 1 week or so if the wallet balance is going to expire ,but I have not received any email or message notifications regarding the same or else I would have utilized it.

After raising this complain ,they took around 12 days & now they are saying that they can not do anything regarding this as the gift card has already expired & I have lost my Rs.1300.

Being a customer this is not at all expected.
They have to send notification if it is going to expire otherwise how we will remember the dates when it is going to expire.
Generally for advertisement they send 1000 messages or emails for their promotions and in this case when they should send ,they are not sending any such notifications.

Hoping for some resolution here .

May 31, 2019


My happy days were ruined by flipkart's big billion day offer. I ordered a wireless Bluetooth earphones (BOULT CURVE) on 15th may, got it delivered by 18th may. The product was crap, when making calls/listening to audio it indulges lot of background noise. So I called flipkart saying I want to return this product. Flipkart executive says 'sir there is no return policy, only it can be replaced '.
I decided to replace it then, I was given a date of 27th may on which product was supposed to be picked up and new product was supposed to be delivered on the same day. The delivery person didn't arrive, I called them back, what a pathetic response I receive is, sir due to technical issues your product was delayed.
They asked me to wait till 31th may, which was out of my patience, but yet I agreed.
Now in the app they have mentioned as I have CANCELLED THE REPLACEMENT.

It is very pathetic experience with flipkart. Why is it that we've to face so many problems to get a product returned/replaced? Why should we break our head into pointless hurdles you create for us. As per experience I can say shopping with flipkart was good but getting my product returned or replaced or the way customer care responds was NIGHTMARE.
Yet my concern is not addressed.

Customer care people can't transfer the call to senior executives, the call either gets dropped or the first line person makes me to stay for nearly 30 mins on call.

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