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Consumer complaints and reviews about FRAUD STOCK ADVISORY FINANCIAL SERVICES

Against Fraud Stock advisors
Sep 3, 2019

[Resolved] Reditto Capital (Fruadsters)

Took money (Rs. 29,000) for monthly service. Gave 2 calls resulting in Rs. 85,000 loss and then disappeared. You cannot reach them on phone or mail. Only they can contact you.

They talk about names like "big industry names" who have no clue about what market will do... Please please please do not subscribe and fall into this trap.
[email protected]
Sep 1, 2019


Everyone be aware that StockBulls research ( Also similar stock advisory firms ) is a fraud company. They will trap you as follows :

Initially they will allow you to trade on a demo account showing some profit
They will ask you a small subscription amount upto 5000 INR for their monthly services
After couple days they will make you loose some of your money intentionally
Now they will tell you that to recover your loss you can go for a higher plan that gives more profit
Now to recover your lost money you will pay more...
And the story will repeat until they get some money and rest you loose in the market.

Do do fall into a call if someone calls you for advisory services. They will beg you ..the best is disconnect to block them
Preet Raj
Aug 31, 2019

Fraud by Drift Finance services Indore MP

Plz be aware of this company. If u wil be traped in this co.u will lost everthing and get false promises
Niik Patel
Aug 30, 2019

Capvision company is trusted or not ?

Cap vision ( indore ) is trusted ? If not please suggest me best advisory company.
Aug 5, 2019

Nestra capital fraud company

I just lost 16k in only 2 days only the behalf of this company's sweet promise people. They give me 110% surty to provide every day profit but I have lost everything. So don't take any advise from this company bcz i was fresher and I don't want other people are trap by him.
Jul 1, 2019


First You will search on Google and you won't get any reviews about this fraud company. Then you will find everything is good. You will register your mobile number on their website. You will get a call from a girl and she will insist you to get free trial of their service. Then she will provide two to three live market intraday calls. At that moment only you can judge them by their call. Because you will not get any Stop Loss or any kind of targets. You will only get entry price and 20 points target...They won't mention whether it is first/second/third target. Here only you should understand that this is fraud. But you watch that position and the position boomed. 20 points target gets within 5 minutes and the stock goes more than 100 points ahead. Then you will get tempted. You get call within 2 minutes by that lady. She will offer you 9k 10k 15k plans but after 3 hours she will again call you to say that her Sir is giving you an offer for just 6k and initially you just need to pay 2500 for KYC(totally fake) . Then you will get irritated by them till you don't pay them 2500. They don't need anything from you for KYC but only money is sufficient for KYC. Once You pay the calls gets stopped. Then you don't get irritated by them. Then you get text messages from the lady. In which she says don't put SL. That call ends up in huge loss. She will say we'll recover. But the fact is their Trial Call only works..Rest all calls are b***sh**t. Once you pay them something you are badly trapped. So if you pay. Let the money go to them as charity. And don't trade on their calls. Call them from different number for trial calls and trade on their trial calls you will get your money back. Cheers
May 1, 2019

Fraud company R.P.TRADERS

Dear Sir

I would like to draw your kind attention against share advisory company M/S RP TRADERS Gandhi Nagar ( Gujrat)

In first initial stage company executive Mr Jay Shah approached me thru SMS and phone call and briefed about company working who is engaged in share advisory and the company has two plan . Plan A and Plan B . In plan A deposit Rs 1lacs and you will get Rs 5000 per week and in Plan B deposit Rs 50000/- for one year company service as per attached agreement if for any loss company shall return the fee. company executive shall handle your trading account and get 5% to 10% daily on your margin amount which was 75000/-in my trading account . i have transferred Rs50000/- on 15/04/2019 in his account thru NEFT. They started trading of my account and lost Rs 67000/- in three days means 16/04/19 ,17/04/19and 19/04/19, when i approched to Mr Jay Shah of RP TRADERS and demand to return my fee due loss and your company failed as per attached agreement. they have refused to return the money.

I request you to plz take immediate action and help me for getting the amount which is given to RP TRADERS Gandhi Nagar..

company account details

A/C ############


Fraud Company running by JAY SHAH Mobile NO 6359118561
Apr 25, 2019


Dear Sir/Madam,
I would like share my personal experience with the INDIAN ADVISORY company, In the first initial stage to opt a service they have told me to pay 15000, then later to give platinum they have told this is the best service even you can get returns we’ll with the small amount as capital investment, I have trusted them and invested, later one day they have called me upgrade to signature without any payment so I agreed on that after an hour later they have called me if you want to work for signature you have to pay 65000 extra so I told I don’t require that, now they are telling like they have already transfer my file to signature services if you want services you have to pay 65000 if not you cannot even avail platinum services neither because we have activated signature services and cannot be come back to platinum services. Please stop this kind of fake/fraud/cheating company.
Apr 24, 2019

F&O Option fraud scam by faking higher profits

Sorry for the long answer as it's my real life experience and may be helpful before you loose money.
Before you start doing option trading beware of some fraud and cheat advisors who are not recognised by SEBI. I would like to share my recent experience.
I recently received a SMS related to option trading and the SMS was showing mind blowing profits on every day. Just working with him for 3 months in the market means, you became crorepathi or millionaire in dollar terms. I thought of enquiring and said Hi to him. This person named one Mr.San**p Me**a immediately called me and informed me I can work on a capital of 20000 onwards and earn minimum of 30000 to 2 Lakhs rupees every working day. (He is tempting your greed and planning to exploit). Read down further.

Initially I thought this is another scam and fraudster in stock market. My mind said do not believe it and if true means, no one need to work as huge money is earned easily in stock market. Now the actual game starts. The above person start sending you every days screen shots at 3:30 PM on various Nifty option traded stating he or his clients earned huge money. The screen shot shows 1 to 2 Lakhs per day. This include Bank Nifty, Nifty options and few Stock Options. Most of his screen shot shows on single call this money is earned. Amazing. Really Tempting. This repeated for another 15 to 20 Days. Every day showing huge profits. If you check the movement of this scrip, it's clear and we have to believe the screen shot is true. At this point the greed of anyone might be multifolded irrespective of everyday scams & frauds happening in market. Even though you aware all, this fraudster successfully ignited the greed on your mind.

At the above stage I asked his terms and he said one has to pay Rs.34000/- as lifelong registration charges. (The figure might vary from 25K to 35K). Apart from this you are asked to share 30% of your daily profit. If you ask for trial calls, he replied as per his company terms, not possible for any trial calls. Only after registration you going to earn Lakhs & crores on every day basis. At this stage if you decide not to proceed further, still he will send you screen shots of mind blowing profits on every day basis. All part of his game plan. At this point I again called and he shared me his Bank Details as below. Finally I decided to take the risk and paid him Rs.34K as Registration charges. The next day he gave me his 101% operator call on Kotak Mahindra Bank option and I lost Rs.70000 in couple of hours. Next day again in Bank Nifty option his calls gone wrong and Rs.25000 Loss. Next day I asked refunds and he immediately blocked me on WhatsApp and also on mobiles. If I call from another number he will answer and block again.

His modus of operandi & fraud is as follows: It looks for me he was 100% doing a PDF editor after observed the market movement and edit the screen shot so accurately matching to the script movement. Also he might give 50% clients buy & 50 % clients sell
on every day basis. After registration he randomly giving calls and if move by any chance, as per his direction he will claim 30% of profit. The day you incur loss you will end up having fight with him and you will be blocked forever.

I request all the readers to circulate this fraud to all your trading groups. Also if you already a victim of this fraud, please circulate in all social media circles in local languages, Also complaint to "Economic Offence Wing" of Police Department. Just google it and you will get Email ID, Contact Number, postal address etc of your local police or enforcement agencies.. Eg: Pune Police: https://punepolice.gov.in/ContactUs . Also send complaint letter to his Bank to block & stop such accounts.

Please take care of your hard earned money and avoid falling this kind of fraudsters.

HIS ADVT as below
Hi, every day We Provide CALL IN OPTION INVEST JUST 99,000/- & Minimum Investment 21,000/- Profit UPTO 2-3lack/- IN INTRADAY INTERESTED PERSON CALL ME NOW FOR 101% SURE OPERATOR CALL - 8484***3392. He got many numbers and they are group of fraudsters
His company name and Bank Account. Please not he got many Bank account and different company name in different cities.
AC NO :- 3820***03865
IFSC CODE :- SBIN0017554

Am happy, If my above experience saved you from future fraudsters. PLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE THIS KIND OF FRAUDSTERS and DO NOT loose your hard earned money. Even any small money you loose as well please report .
Apr 3, 2019

Tradenexa a fraud company

This is fraud company, i cheated with 50000 my hard cor money. They first call and give basic service of rs 5000 and aftr only 2 day they blackmailing me for 21000 B2B service otherwise they will not work. Executive name is Divyanshi, researcher name Chetan. I don't know how SEBI is giving license to for tease fraud companies to cheat people. Make continuing loss, and said we are hiring a new researcher, but even after that they continuing demanded money. Once i stopped paying them and told first recover my lost money they started ignoring mys call. Below are the company details

Trade Nexa Research Investment Advisor
352-J Gopal PU4 Vijay Nagar Indore (Madhya Pradesh)-452010
[email protected]

Please help, if any way to recover my money back.
Mar 29, 2019

RBS solutions swapnil patil

Don't trust on RBS solutions bangluru I got call from swapnil patil who stated that he will help to make profit from market because of him I lost 6lacks. He asked to buy share at 104 and till expiry day he was keep telling that price will increased.and at the end price was
.10 pause. he ruined my life I took loan from bank and loan against jewellery to repay this loss. Because of such bastered I am going through lot of mental and financial problems. If God exist then he will have to pay off.
Below are his bank account details and mobile number
Accnt name:R B S solutions
A/C Number 50200027704558
Btm layout branch IFSC code HDFC 0000885
Its humble request please don't get trapped in to these fraud people.
His mobile is switched off since yesterday

If anyone help me to get his or RBS solutions contact number I will be really grateful.
My mobile number
Mar 27, 2019

Fraud HNI Research

Fraud company. only takes money from you and give nothing. they start with 5 thousand and end with getting lakhs from you and give you bullshit. While trade is going on they will just say market status is not good we will trade later or make any calls which are not relevant. They only keep saying we have very highly qualified researchers and this researcher has relation with this this and we are making contract with them and bla bla bla bullshit. In the end you end up poor.
When started they said we only take 5000/-. after paying that they say our total package costs 65000/- you need to pay 30000/- now and rest amount when you get profit from trades. when you pay 30000/- they say researcher dont accept your profile as your amount is not completed. so you again have to pay 30000/-. Around that time your time period ends ad you have nothing from trade. then they will say we have another package in which we will consider your previous amount as first installment. you have to pay more 75000, then you will get more profit than before and validity will also be upto 3 months. then after 2 months still no profit yet they say we you have to pay 50000 as tax. when you pay then again you havnt paid full amount so our researcher cannot accept your profile. and poof. all your money is gone.
Vivek jha007
Feb 6, 2019

Fraud company giving tips

This is a Bansal tips company who just give msg and say they will cover all your losses they take the money before trading and give tips which will go down only I have their tips and all the documents ready I have paid 5000 as for tips and my 20000 was gone within a week.i can give u example how they make fool of people and I also got into their trap how this bastards are sending this msg I don't know

Thierry msg will be like

One Stop Solution To All Your Losses!
Get Daily 10-15K Prft Wth Premiun Servc On Qlty Based Analysis
In Stk&BNfty (F&O)
For Sub

Bkd 3Lacs Prft In Just 40k Invesmnt in Equty &B.Nfty(Fut &Option) In This Week
Expected Huge Movement In Next Week
Join Nw

Bkd 3Lacs Pft In Just 50k CapThis Week In B.NftyOption .Expecting Huge Movement This Month In EQUTY &B.NFTY(Fut &Option).
For Sub CL/WP:-9739283111(BANSAL)

Genuine Trade Analysis
Be Safe Wit Us.All Bnf Options Traders Bkd 3/4 Lakh Prft
Just 50k Invstmnt This Week
Fr This WK Trade
Intrstd Traders
Don't Trade Daily In Risky Mrkt
Trade Only NEWS Based Calls
Earn 60KPrft
Work in 5-10Lots in Stk &B.Nfty(Fut &Option)

Super Month Of Jan
Booked 10Lacs Pft In Just 1 Lac Invsmt
Join Us For Feb .MONTH END Offr
50% Disc OR Buy 1 Get 2 Mnts Free
One Stop Solution To All Your Losses!
Get Daily 10-15K Prft Wth Premiun Servc On Qlty Based Analysis
In Stk&BNfty (F&O)
For Sub

Only For Indivdual Traders.
Earn Big On Qualified Note.
Say No To Risk (Tech+Fundmtl)Calls Invest Less Until U Believe On Levels
.For Sub CL/WP:-9739283111

I want my money back whatever you can help please help
Jan 26, 2019

Need to complaint against Capital Boosters Trading advisory

Hello All,

Today I want to share my bitter experience with Capital Booster, stock Advisory Company. First they(Prashanth an employee of capital boosters) called me and given a call for free and that call made a profit of 5000/- and asked to pay only 7500/- and later I can pay after earning and later he asked to complete 3 months subscription to get calls, I did as he asked, he emotionally made me to trust him. after some profitable calls they started to pressure me to pay more other wise calls will be stopped, fearing of loosing paid money I kept on paying finally when I am not feared about their threatening of stopping services, they started, there is an offer going on they will take a lucky draw, they will set up things to get our number and all the money will be refunded and services will continue. And finally I have stopped at 3,10,000. At this point I realized I am doing wrong. Now I am regretting what I did. Can any one please guide me how can we proceed a complaint and stop this fraud company to make fool of more people.

Company:capital boosers
webiste: capitalbooster.com
City of operation: Indore
Jan 7, 2019

Avoid advisory company

Dear Investor Following Advisory companies are not reliable. Avoid anyhow and spread to all about them. Add more companies Experience in it. keep distance from fraud companies like this

HNI Research
Star World Research
Star India Marketing Research

Please do not waste your money.
Dec 15, 2018

Nestra capital or Net-worth capital fraud

I have read other people camplaints above ,more or less all are same.This means these companies are growing day by day and using same pattern they are cheating us.
I also got a call from Net-worth capital Haribhajan and asked me for a few of 10000.00 for three months services which I made in parts after I saw the tips and levels they provided which was really good.
The call provider was a lady with name Komal Mishra (could be fake names)who portrayed as Haribhajan senior.She gave me levels in commodity MCX which were always accurate for 2_3 days.Then she asked me to join her premium pack of 100000,as she confirmed the leaves she provided was of that pack ,if I want to continue I have to make payment.as I was amazed with the accuracy of calls she gave I agreed to pay in parts but than whole game of there fraud started
I made payment of 50000 in pressure as agreed was only 30000 so that I can fresh call to earn something but surprisingly she changed and got adament for money in name of her senior Deepak Mishra.As I was not having that much of amount she somehow agreed upon half of the balance 50000 that is 25000/.There after she gave me call in crude where I lost almost 50000 of my investment.Now I am in a trouble I have more that 100000 and lost 50000 extra
On questioning Komal she just said sorry for call and said she had given the call herself as I haven't made the full payment of the package.My foolishness that I still thought they can help me to cover my loss and the lady used to call continuosly and convensed me for the balance 25000.
To my surprise I have made till date 110000 to company and had lost my 50000,but still belived the lady only on her words...
The next working day she gave me call I made good profit of 10000.and in coming two days almost 30000.more .than she made me talk to her senior (Deepika)who told me for to take the package of higher amount of 500000 in which she will adjust old payment also so that she can provide me with levels of 50000 per day.i told clearly that I can't afford that high package and neither I want to make 50000. a day..But they kept on pressurrasing me for that package and Komal suggested to make part payment of 50000 more and rest we can earn from trading and pay.I was reluctant but can see the trap of her as my already 100000 were on stake and I did have confidence on there calls I denied clearly and she stopped giving me levels .I shouted on them that they I taken 100000 for what,after lots of argument with Komal and her seniors she provided me with call and lost almost 60000 that day again I was in trouble I was on loss of more than 1 .5 lakh.I agreed on giving her 50000 .more and she assured me that no one will ask for more amount unless I earn Next week i made a profit of almost 40000 aginst which she demanded 50000 more which i made.Then on coming week i strated lossing money.i lost 70000 in a day.on talking to her she regreted.Next day inlsot 40000 more now i was in panic that i have you peope for making losses my tatal loss was almost 300000 .Now the senior of her came into picture i and asked Me complete my package cost else they can't provide there calls which are always sure.i was in a situation where it was hard to decide what to do.I took loan and made the payment of almost 1.5 lakh.after lots of discussion and requests.
But all were of no use after that the calls i got i made loss of 60000 more and i lost total of my investment amounting 200000/apart from the service for which i paid 400000 approx.The excutive who used talk to me even uptill 11 in night saying that its there company support. All numberes went out of order and all number which i had almost 7 to 10 are either switched off or out of order.
Komal and her seniors had given full surety evenbshe verbally said that she will compensate if i loss my money.Now she is nowhere.
My request to all is that the all the comanys are same they got the sebi registration and keep on changing there name and phone numbers beware of them.At the end we are the soft targets for them.
Nov 25, 2018

Capital Grow

I was living a stable life, but it was early september, when I received call from executive of this company. They did fake promises with me, and took 12500 for their services. I worked according to their calls, and hence lost around 1.64 lakh rupees in market. I was so unhappy, and lost all my confidence. I lodged a complaint against them in SEBI, which is currently pending. So, I request, all of you to please use your brain and never waste your hard earned money in market.
Nov 7, 2018

Fraud Stock advisers( callputoption )

Hello sir I am Ravi I paid 7500 to call-out option company after 2 days they give me a call which give 35000 lose and when I saw performance sheet on the same day they show another call which was in profit when I call to castumer care they put my no.in black list it I have proof or aal detail I am uploading photos

Fraud Stock advisers( callputoption ) Fraud Stock advisers( callputoption ) Fraud Stock advisers( callputoption ) Fraud Stock advisers( callputoption )

Oct 18, 2018

Striker Stock Research, Indore

I have paid Rupees 236000, to this company, company executive Ram Sharma & Shubhangi Tripati conveyance me and make a pressure on me to make a payment. now their contact no are not in service. So sad, they make a pressure on me to took loan from bank, they will earn a profit from daily trading, from that you can pay.
My question is, I have received daily 5-6 calls from stock advisory, when I ask them from where you have got my contact number, they tell that your number updated to us for trade purpose. How it is possible. That means our broker companies provide our data to them.
Sagar lokhande
Oct 8, 2018

Sir I have complaint against profit trade advisory firm

I have paid 7000 to this broker he can not attend my call and their tips are fake their financial advisor name was SUNIL GOSWAMI and he provide fake tips and given customer are in losses so please sir arrest this person
Sep 30, 2018

Fraud Company Money Desire Reserch

I Somnath, residing in delhi. I was living good life, enjoying with full fun. it was one of the bad day of my life I can not forget that day I got call from Indore from a company name Money Desire Research it’s a ### fraud company Manish Thakur, Sumit Sharma,Anup Tomar, rk pathak, nirankar, Niranjan all are penis suckers they born with 5-6 people, there fathers are everywhere roaming the country to country, they are heartless people they want to make fool of the people want to take out the money from people making false commitments false promises all are mixed they are running a racket to they tell lie to the people. I have lost 250000/- for this ####, I took a loan for my business. Instead of running my business I paid to them now they are not receiving the calls. rohit is bastured

Now they are saying it’s your service charge. They are not returning my money. They are threatening me instead of paying me they are keep saying you have given for service charge not stock they are saying put some money we will give you profit. they are looting the people doing scam and making people fool, nobody can beat them only god Vishnu the Kalki avatar can kill them because no SEBI, no police, no Cbi, no economic offence cyber cell no body catch them, no body help them they are liers, looting people’s money all fake third party stock advisory company making fool. Only god can save from them

Please help those people who lost their money. I’m also one of them who lost the money. Please god save our money. Because no human being can save from them they are real money suckers and #### of the current world they are like national money terrorist. Please send them for life time imprisonment or make them nude put black colour in their face so people can punish them, and legal authority should sell their properties so people who loose their money can get money

I have given complaint to police, sebi, every possible thing I have done but I m not able to get my money only media or god can save may be we should establish a new court or new cyber cell for this of fraud only investment advisory people who are making fool of the people take their hardern money and never return stop all this nonsense otherwise they can eat whole india.
Aug 17, 2018

fraud no. 72288 32530

Fake advisory.pl don't subscribe to stock advisory company.unka contact no. 72288 32530. they also do misbehave on phone. they tell the name that we are patels. total fraud co. no. and ..................
Bhuvan chandra joshi
Aug 6, 2018

Refund of Rs 10000 deposited in Capital aim co Indore.


Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

On Sat, Aug 4, 2018 at 2:34 PM, Bhuwan Joshi
<[email protected]> wrote:
Dear sir. This is to inform you that I took the bi annual plan of RS 12,500 for the day based information of tradable share in intra day trading of share from capital aim financial advisory Ltd company ,Indore for a period i.e special offer of Two months with a half month extra which is likely to be over in August 10, 2018 .I was informed by company agents that Capital aim company share trade advise will make me lakhpati in this period. I am sorry to inform you that rather gaining I am in big loss. Mr Ravi agent of the company was approaching me to take the another scheme of premium share of RS 30000 pm for which he requested me to deposit Rs.10000 and he said you take this option only if you are benifited by our 12,500 offer of 2.5 month. Now I am in big loss so I am not interested in this premium share advise offer.So it is requested by the company authority to kindly return my amount of RS.10000 immediately which was deposited in its company account under payment I'd 194143640 on 4.06.2016 .Company executives are trying to make me fool that I have to take premium based advise at any cost and inspite of blocking the company SMS service by me they have started sending the premium service. Kindly help me to get my hard earned money back.


Deptt of Geology

Bundelkhand University ,Jhansi
Goldi Bhargav
Aug 3, 2018

totaly froud

Dear sir, I have paid rs.3000/- by debit card to m/s choicebroking a mombai bases stock tips provider on 30.07.2018, staff name miss Anjali sharma a stock advisory. in starting they are convince me .first They are cheating with me for open a demate acount & get my document they have not provided receipt for the same & they are demand more money & after that i know they are totaly froud, she is using my money in paytm & i am also complaint in paytm i have all proof his froudness. I lost my money, please help to get my rs.3000/- back
my name is goldy & my mail id [email protected] mobile-9541295468

Staff name- Anjali sharma & Amit misra
Aug 3, 2018

Veer Suredra Sai Institute

I paid RS.3000 for the options trading tips.bBut after 2 days they gives me more than 25000 loss.When I ask them about it they said they can't do anything.Mehta has messaged about the services +918480965355 from this number now he blocked my numbers

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