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Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about GHMC-HYDERABAD

principal college
Jun 24, 2017

Cutting of tree in the college premises

The Commissioner,
Respected sir.

I would like to bring your kind notice that their is trees bending towards ground and which may fall at any time due to this the physical damage and also manual damage may cause so we request you to cut the tree as early as possible to avoid the damage in Methodist Degree college premises,bogulkunta, kingkoti Road, Abids opp Fernandez hospital lane 500001. please take necessary action to remove the tree.
Thanking you

Yours Sincerely,
Methodist Degree College
H.No. 4-1-1001
Bogulkunta, Kingkoti rd, Abids,
Jun 17, 2017

unauthorized Water Purifier Plant

There is an unauthorized water purifier plant installed at Ramanthapur colony at residential area. Already raised a complaint but no action taken. complaint number : 2017-06-W327248.

I am attaching the photo of the purifier plant banner.

Request you to take action immediately


unauthorized Water Purifier Plant

Jun 15, 2017

Non Removal of Garbage

Dear Sir

This is to inform you that in our area (Geetha Nagar Colony, Sainathpuram, Hyderabad-500056) beside my house there is an open plot all the nearby appartments and houses are laying the Garbage in that open plot, the Garbage Team is not even removing the Garbage from last 2 to 3 Months.

Now the Rainy season is started and the Garbage smells very badly to our house. Request you to look into the matter and take an action on this immediately.

Yours sincerely

Sony Classic Appts,
Geeta Nagar Colony
Old Safilguda
RK Puram Post
Jun 8, 2017

Rainy water plus drainage enters into our residence

Sir I am the resident of edi bazaar akbar nagar H.no 18-8-589/1/22 this is to inform you that since last 10 years my locality people getting lots of problems in rainy season all neighbouring areas water comes into our area and there is no outflow ony a small Sewerage manhole through water goes out which is not sufficient rain water plus drainage water enters into our residence almost 150 homes are effects many people of area face severe problem. So plz come up with the solution and handle the issue
Thanking you

Kalyani M
Jun 4, 2017

Garbage collecting man not coming daily

Sir,garbage collecting man won't come daily.please
Take action regarding this
at least he has to collect garbage day by day.
May 24, 2017

Fire pollution, dumping of factory material

We live in subhash nagar ( Tameezan complex) . Here the menance of people living nearby is increasing day by day. They burn the coconut waste daily in the morning and create a lot of pollution because of which people living in our complex are leaving the complex. This is creating a lot of air pollution as well as health problems as the pollution caused by that is entering the house. And the another problem is that the people here have set a company and they dump a ton of material daily which creates the sound pollution on daily basis and even the walls of the houses are getring crackes due to their dumping . I request you to please look after the matter as soon as possible. Thank you!!
May 19, 2017

food issue

Dear Sir, I am Ajeeth from Hyderabad. Yesterday I visited Bigbazar at Abids and after my shopping I went to Dosa Point in the same mall and ordered for Dosa. I tasted it and felt that the batter using for dosa is may of three days old. I argued with them but the hotel people recklessly said that eat or go, which shows the arrogant attitude of the hotels nowadays. As per the rules the hotel should provide the water to the customers. But the hotel is not doing that also and the kitchen is not hygine also. Please take proper action on such hotels so that people get atleast awareness and get good food.
May 11, 2017

smoking free

Dear Sir
I request to you please solve the issue smoking in puic area today i was sit in the victoria hotel tolichowkil for tea and beside some people smoking in hotel i said hotel owner y u dnt tell him dnt smoke already mention notice board in wall
He said y u are came here take tea and go please if i work in gov sector i will punished alll smoker i cNt tak breath
May 10, 2017

About payment of money to garbage people

Respected Sir ,

I would like to ask why should I pay ₹50 every month for the people who collect garbage everyday ?
Is this a kind of rule to pay money for throwing garbage in order to maintain our surroundings neat and clean which is the major responsibility of GHMC . Sir, I would also like you to ask if they're not receiving their salaries from you authorities to collect garbage ? Please dont throw extra maintenance charges upon a common man on top of cost of living.🙏

I hope you people will surely take an action upon this issue and eradicate this so called garbage mafia.
May 1, 2017

Garbage collection problem

In Mehdipatnam area,lane number 12-2-823/c/69,the garbage collection boy never comes.he takes money but hardly turns up once in a fifteen days.we are forced to keep the garbage at homes as there are no disposal areas and it is rotting st homes.please look into this matter.i will be very thankful to GHMC.
May 1, 2017

dead tree on road sbeide

The Commissioner,
Respected sir.

Sir this is to bring to your notice that their is Dead tree is lying at Road side at residential area ,ganesh nager ramanthapur opp jannani hospital lane 500013. It may fall any time. please help in the regard to avoid big accidents, all the time children are playing
Thanking you

Yours Sincerely,
(V.Sampath Kumar)
H.No. 3-12-67/a
ganesh nager Colony, Ramanthapur-13
Opp. Jannani Hospital lane
Apr 29, 2017

Garbage removal

To remove garbage accumulated at Road-3, Indiranagar Colony and Main Road Junction, (Land Mark : Opp. Annapurna Mess) Warasiguda, Secunderabad.. Circle 18, Seethaphalmandi.
The Commissioner,

Respected Sir,
Sub: Removal of Garbage lying since two months. Multiple complaints have been raised, but invain. Always gets a message that the garbage has been cleared. But actually not cleared.
Several complaints has been given through GHMC Grievances Cell, but not removed the garbage accumulated at Road No.3, Indiranagar Colony – Warasiguda Main Road junction i.e. Opp. Annapurna mess. Who will remove the garbage with branches of trees cut by GHMC & Electrical Department – for safety ? One and half month passed, the concerned doesn’t lift the garbage and he sincerely closes the grievance and sends an SMS that it has been cleared. But on reality, it is not so..
I once request to remove the accumulated garbage and obilize.

Thanking you

Yours Sincerely,

(V.Sampath Kumar)
H.No. 12-10-635/2,
Road No.3,
Indiranagar Colony,
Opp. Annapura Mess,
Archu Archana
Apr 26, 2017

Garbage lifting

We are facing the problem of garbage lifting in our area.
One person is appointed to our area for garbage lifting but he will not come to our Lane regularly not even alternate days also by that garbage in our homes we are getting health problems he will come to beside our Lane but ne will not come to our Lane plzzzz sir take an immediate action.
Thank you
Apr 26, 2017

Bad Road Conditions

Respected sir.

This is to bring to your notice that both sides of the road were digged at S R Nagar Lane No 16 Hyderabad 500038 for some repairs. This has happened 15 days before.From past 15 days people are facing problems due to the condition of the road.They are not able to walk properly.Children are falling down.So,kindly take our problem into the notice as early as possible
Apr 17, 2017

Illegal construction for Indipendent house to renovation for Old age home

Dear Sir,

In Vaishali Nagar Plot no 59 & 60 (Opposite side Lakshmi Nivasam) one indipendent house is there for renovation for Old age Home,this colony is residential area not a commercial place, and we disturbing the lac of....
Please look in to this matter and take serious action.

Illegal construction for Indipendent house to  renovation for Old age home Illegal construction for Indipendent house to  renovation for Old age home

vivek narasimham
Apr 13, 2017

unauthorised speed braker before house

dear sir,
i stay in prashasan nagar road no 21A plot no 198 , my two sons study in Jubilee hills public school, they go by bicycles and they have to go via road no 72. in road no 72 the owner of plot no 96 has illegally constructed a speed braker before his house . due to the speedbraker which is constructed very badly, the cycle shock absorbers are damaged, the same is the problem with our cars too. we travel every day through the same road and the cars are badly hit.... i request you to kindly instruct the owner to remove the unauthorised speed braker before his house at the earliest
thanking you
vivek narasimham , plot no 198, road no 21A, prashasan nagar, hyderabad
Apr 2, 2017

road ploughing

Respected sir.Good Evening.I am Muthyalu resident of Kummar Basthi,Kukatpally,Recently kummar basthi road was digged for drainage pipeline.They didnt restore the mud .This has happened 15 days before.From 15 days people are facing problems due to the condition of the road.They are not able to walk properly.Children are falling down.So,kindly take our problem into the notice as early as possible.
Mar 24, 2017

Charges at SRL colony kothapet

Trash charges are high at SRL colony . ghmc should take necessary steps to stop it .plz take it as serous
Mar 24, 2017

Trash collectors

Trash collectors at this area are charging more than the amount decided by ghmc.the charges are different from house to house as per their status.they are charging RS.70 to rs.300 for each house . they are also putting limit to the trash .charging extra amount for trash which exceeds the limit which is fixed by them individually. This creating embarassment to the residents of this colony. Ghmc must take necessary corrections towards the trash takers.if not it may become a scam too
Srinivas anand. 12
Mar 23, 2017



It's been a regular thing in manikonda that people fmdig roads for fixing pipelines and wires post that they do not cover up the roads or patch them up.

People are suffering due to this and riding vehicles on these roads has become impossible.

I request you to please look into the issue and hope to get a quick response

From a regular sufferer
Mar 23, 2017

Waste Disposal

Dear Sir/Mam,

This is Nanditha.A and Diganshi Agarwal,students from oakridge international school(newton campus). We would like to bring to your kind notice about the disposal of waste in hyderabad.There are many gated communities in kukatpally(KPHB colony) like Lodha Bellezza and many other ventures. Nowadays, almost all the communities are using the strategy given by GHMC, of having 2 different dustbins. But, the litter which was thrown before is lying on the roadsides.

Once in awhile a person, not sure if he/she is from GHMC, comes and burns the waste which is nothing but incineration disposal of domestic waste. The smoke is reaching the community and also causing suffocation to the people passing by. This is not right. When the GHMC has provided proper guidelines for the citizens of hyderabad to dispose their dry waste and wet waste, then why isn't it being applied while disposing it. Maybe, the waste lying there is the waste that was thrown a few months or years ago, but it is your responsibility to dispose that as well. To make matters more worse, the waste is being burnt and I don't know if you have noticed this before.

The GHMC is obliged to look into such matters. If the waste is disposed like this, many toxic gases are produced which causes diseases like asthama and nausea. It also causes pollution which ultimately leads to global warming which is now a global issue. We request you please pay more attention to the disposal of waste in this area and I also request you to make sure no one burns the waste and clean up the litter.

In anticipation for a prompt reply and action to be taken.

Thanks & Regards
Nanditha.A and Diganshi Agarwal
Chandrakanth Jhaliwar
Mar 22, 2017

A samosa shop throwing dirty water on road

Shop namely
House No.7-2-333
maha kuldevi Rajasthan
Khara, jalebi and samosa

Sir, this shop is throwing its waste water on the road
Please take action so that the shop keepekeeper stops this.
Mar 15, 2017

Manhole cleaning

Dear Sir,
I am a resident of 4-53-11/7 at Maqdumnagar, Jagatgirigutta, Hyderabad -37. I would like to bring to your notice that , we are facing a major issue with the drainage cleaning in front of houses which is not being cleaned since 1 month.Due to this water is logged and giving more smell and producing more mosquitoes, and overflowing outside, which causes deceases. We have called GHMC supervisor many times, but it was useless and no action was taken.

So requesting GHMC to take necessary action to maintain sanitation and to put intstruction to the concerned department and persons please do immediately.
Thank you
Mar 13, 2017

Garbage not lifting last 2 week

Dear sir,

For last 2 week garbage not lifting also not cleaning road.when I try complain number 155304 just put on hold for long time after call was drop. Pls taken action as soon as possible. 23-1-330 Bibi bazar x road charminar Hyderabad...
Mar 13, 2017

Installation of CCTV cameras during important festivals/ occassions.

Dear Sir/Madam,

At the outset i would like to bring to your notice a public nuisance that happened on way to Tarnaka via Seethaphalmandi (Lane adjacent to Railway degree College) yesterday 12-03-2017 at 8:30pm. A group of drunkards were stopping passing vehicles and were demanding money, one among them even threatened to break the wind shield of the car we were traveling while returning from our relatives place. This drunkard was holding a log and blocked our way by standing in front of the car and was not letting us move further. There was not a single sight of street light nor a police patrol van in spite of well known fact that during holi this place or abandoned places in twin cities is very vulnerable to the nuisance created by the rowdy sheeters.

Our Dear CM should realize atleast now that having witnessed so many casualties that happen on daily basis just by consumption and availability of liquor does not support him in the long term to save his government. If he is really serious about a developed city, a golden city or a model city, true leadership means safety, security and proper restoration of law and order maintenance in the city. Take the case of Bihar where a state which is known for such backwardness has totally banned liquor and making impressive strides in contributing towards a developed nation. Shame on the current government policies where the state is still hanging on to its age old custom of distributing licenses to open a wine shop in every nook and corner of the Telangana State. If this strategy still continues the general public will no longer tolerate the indifference and the present TRS will face the same brunt that the Congress is going through within no time.

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