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Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about GHMC-HYDERABAD

Nov 14, 2017

not taking garbage

I would like to bring to your notice that he van person who is appointed to our area is not collecting the garbage asking more money from H.No.2-3-512/27/118/a, Bapunagar, Amberpet, near Sana High School.

I request to the concerned authorties to take appropriate action against him and make sure that the van garbage picker should take daily.

Thanking You,
Yours Sincerely
Haritha goud
Nov 14, 2017

Street dogs biting and causing disturbance in as rao nagar,hyderabad

We r the people of as rao nagar near homijbaba function hall are facing many problems with these street dogs.we can't even step out of our houses.they are even entering into our houses and creating so many disturbances during night. These dogs are chasing on us.i kindly request you to take a strict action against these street dogs as soon as possible. Since I has already been 3-4months that v hav complaint but ghmc has not taken any measures against it. Hope u respond atlst this time as early as possible .they r even biting the small children who r playing out.so pls sir take some measures against this............

Thanking u...
Nov 7, 2017

Huge Drainage pipes being connected to open rain water nala

Dear Sir,

We wish to bring to your kind notice that a contractor in Ramanjaneya Nagar, Ranga Reddy Dist has dug up the road on Ramzan & not even bothered to start sewerage work since then.

Now after five months he has changed his plan & wants to dig another part of the road and leave the total drainage of the illegally constructed houses in Ramanjaneya Nager, RR District into open rainwater nala into Secunderabad area Open rainwater Nala & we are not able to walk also & we have been facing lot of difficulties which is right in front of my house in 10-5-779/27/3/A,venkat Nagar, Tukaramgate, Secunderabad

We have requested the Contractor to lay the pipes straight & let the Pipes go towards slope in the same area, but he is not listening & he is taking 90 degrees turn & laying the pipes. We also informed him that he cannot connect the Drainage into open Rain Water Nala which is coming right in front of my house & other houses will have to bear the stench daily day & night since it is very Hazardous & which lead to many diseases & it is impossible for the residents to bear the stench & this would over flow since it is open & residents cannot bear the smell & the nala would overflow since the nala is small & the Drainage Pipes & very huge & this would come right in front of my house.

Request you to kindly take appropriate action in this regard for the health & safety of the residents of Venkat Nagar, Tukaramgate, Secunderabad.

N L Prada
Nov 3, 2017

Water login in road due to house construction


Pls take action and complete the facility of colony, Ashok vihar colony, Mahesh motors back side line, we have inform to them but they or ignoring,

even now the water is flowing on roads due to which mosquitos are increasing and we are scared of it as it may lead to severe diseases. And very bad smell all the day
Please kindly take action on this issue.

Water login in road due to house construction

Oct 29, 2017

Doing business in residential area

Taju khan is a carpenter he is running his business in residential are behind old police station chilkalguda secbad
We are getting lot of disturbance in the whole day and main while at night he drinks in the lane and sitt with few people till late night 3 am.

Plz kindly take an severe action on this issue if this action taken by ur department plz let me know I'll do a media issue
Oct 28, 2017

Illegal water plant in residential area

This is my request for you to please take necessary actions on the people who are running the unauthorized water plants.
Running the water plant with out any permission and causing severe damage to the general public and also he is operating his business in a domestic area in middle of the colony and he is misusing the ground water in the colony and selling the water cans and started an illegal business. As he is carrying out the business at the middle of the colony due to excess usage of water for the business purpose is making the surrounding people a big trouble as there bored are getting dry due to lack of water.please look into this issue and take necessary actions on him.


Danaiah nagar

Oct 28, 2017

Illegal water plant in uppuguda hyderabad

This is my request for you to please take necessary actions on the people who are running the unauthorized water plants.
Running the water plant with out any permission and causing severe damage to the general public and also he is operating his business in a domestic area in middle of the colony and he is misusing the ground water in the colony and selling the water cans and started an illegal business. As he is carrying out the business at the middle of the colony due to excess usage of water for the business purpose is making the surrounding people a big trouble as there bored are getting dry due to lack of water.please look into this issue and take necessary actions on him.


Baba water plant
Danaiah nagar

Opposite sharada public school

Oct 21, 2017

Bad facilities in hostel

Resected sir,
We are the students staying in Reddy Boys Hostel opp. Big C in Ramanthapur.
Sir !! There are many problems in this hostel like quality less food , unpurified drinking water , and even worst water for bathing and cleaning also which causes skin diseases.
As this hostel is located near polytechnic college, many students are in this hostel (as many as 80% of hostel are polytechnic students). As we are the student, we don't want to spoil our life by this diseases. Eventhough we pays 3600/- per month, we are not getting minimum facilities. We are the technical students, we have project to do which needs wifi facility. But the management is not providing good wifi. As I complained to the owner, he is answering very rudely and also saying that they will not provide wifi.
So sir please take action action on this type of hostels as soon as possible as other students even can have good facilities..
Thanking you sir.....
Oct 21, 2017

Garbage in front of home near temple

Dear Sir/Madam,
We live in Durganagar colony, Punjagutta. There are people who are dumping garbage in front of our home right next to Sri Sri Kalyana Venkateswara Swamy Temple.
Due to this, 1/4th of the road is blocked causing regular accidents and flooding when it rains. Since the garbage has dried up to a large extent, it is also fire hazard.
Request you to take immediate action and get it cleaned up immediately.
Thank you,
Indian Citizen

Garbage in front of home near temple

Deepak Kumar
Oct 16, 2017

heavy traffic

Dear Sir/Madam,

Through this letter i want to bring your attention towards the heavy traffic issue that we are facing in the balnagar-fatehnagar road. The fateh nagar bridge is too narrow for the heavy traffic to pass through. I work in bahadurpully. So to come from bahadurpally to balnagar it takes around 45 min, but from balnagar to reach balkampet, through fateh nagar bridge it takes 45 min more. People use the foot path on the bridge as a two wheeler path. What i feel is that there is no need of foot path on that bridge as already it is too narrow .The peak time is 6.30 pm-8.30 pm. Also traffic police is doing nothing more than just standing and watching people breaking rules. People take 'U' turns in between the road, due to which traffic jam occurs.

My kind request is to please look into the issue and take action as soon as possible.

Thank you,
Common man
Oct 14, 2017

Sewage complaint


Sewage complaint

Oct 11, 2017

Illegal water plants

Hi sir There is two unauthorized water purifier plants installed at dwarakamainagar r n reddy nagar meerprt near tkr engg college at residential area. Already raised a complaint but no action taken.
Because of this we are facing so may issues like summer water problem

Request you to take action immediately
Oct 11, 2017


Dear Sir

This is to bring to your kind attention that huge quantities of garbage and fallen branches have got accumulated on the payments of our colony. Unidentified person are dumping garbage filled in plastic bags in the lane corner. Fallen branches has got accumulated on all the payments ( foothpaths).

Request you Sir, to kindly send in your personal and have these garbage and fallen branches cleared off as this is raising sicking dirty pungent smell and rodents and insects are breeding in such places.

Please attend to this complaint Sir

Rajender Kumar
Plot No 179, Lalitha Nagar Colony
Opp to Jamai Osmania Railway Station
Secunderabad ( Postal Pin Code Hyd-44)
Oct 10, 2017

Payment of money to garbage collection people

Dear GHMC,
Grievance Number: 2016-12-W297352

Congratulations and thank you for your successfull journey. I am really appreciating your work and effort to make healthy and beautiful hyderabad.

But it is very unfortunate to inform you that in your administration, the garbage lifting person is always forcing us and demanding money every month from every flat and house to lift the garbage at apartment gate.

I requested earlier also regards this but still I didn't see any difference or action taken. I think it wasn't came to your notice earlier. I requesting you please train them and order them not to take/collect money to lift garbage.

They making spoil name of officers as well GHMC administration and leader names and government name.

Please take action as early as posible.


Grievance Number: 2016-12-W297352
Oct 8, 2017


plantation in between roads is good but blocking the crossing of pedestrains by it is not at all good.In all bus stops Govt allowed pedestrains to cross the roads BUT at Nizampet Bus stop(nizampet x road) there is no way.
To cross the road all pedestrains should walk back (it seems to be a little distance but so many problems with upcoming vehicles) and even some people are jumping that dividers to avoid the problem of walking.Its dangerous because if a small mistake happens while jumping he/she may fall upon the road and an accident may occur.
So I request you(sir/madam) to take an immediate action and please make to cross from the bus stop itself which avoids all the problems.
Exact address where the problem is:
Thanks in advance.
Oct 8, 2017

Cutting of a felling tree located outside Home

The Commissioner,
Respected sir.

I would like to bring your kind notice that their is tree bending with heavy branches towards our home,base of the tree is become hallow and which may fall at any time due to this there is a threat to human life and physical damage can cause so we request you to cut the tree as early as possible to avoid the damage beside our home,Malakpet, kaladera, Zeba Appartment Road, Hyderabad 500036. please take necessary action to remove the tree.
Thanking you

Yours Sincerely,
Mobile = 8897363040
H.No. 16-8-13/5/1,
Oct 7, 2017

Request to repair road immediately

It is totally wrong. When I came from Kolkata to Hyderabad, I was informed Road condition is very good and very wide road. But i found road condition became very poor. I am staying at West Marredpally. Please do inspection beginning of West Marredpally main road. Entire road condition became pathetic. Even fit person will be sick if passenger goes by auto or other mode of transport.
Harsha Vardhini Chowdary
Oct 6, 2017

Payment of garbage collecting people

Sir the garbage collecting people collecting ₹100 per month from public.Are they surviving free to government without taking salary?????
Please warn them they are taking salary from government,and don't demand public for money.They don't have any right to ask.
Sep 27, 2017

Pruning of branches of tree on the roadside in front of the house.

Ref: GHMC grievance no. 2017-06-C332551 dated 22/06/2017.

The tree on the roadside in front of our house is growing wildly taking over space over the roof of our house. The branches are getting entwined with the telephone cable which is leading to telephone complaints. We do not get proper sunlight in our premises because of the wild growth of branches. Whenever there is a heavy downpour or heavy winds the water draining outlets get clogged with the tree debris. Moreover, the wild growth of the tree poses a danger to our building. Even though trees on other roads inside our colony are pruned periodically by the department, the trees on the roadside in front of our house is not pruned or maintained.

In view of this, we had lodged a complaint with GHMC on 22/06/2017 for pruning the tree. Some workers from the department had visited the area sometime in August to know the location of the tree to be pruned. The workers left saying that they will attend to the work the next day. No one turned up after that. We received two SMSs on our phone on 15/07/2017 and 11/08/2017 with the message that the complaint is closed as the work is completed.

Please look into the matter and prune the tree to avoid causing inconvenience to us and other residents.

Santha K.P.
190, S.B.I. Colony
Hyderabad - 500080
Sep 26, 2017


This has reference to house renovation and construction activity which is taking place at the following address:
Madhu Sai Residency 2,
House No.1-24-138/6/4,
Flat No.202, Anand Bagh,
Malkajgiri, Hyderabad 500047,

We suspect the renovation and construction activity is done illegaly without prior approval from GHMC or any relevant authority. Further, the premises is not kept clean from dust, construction materials and tools and tackles.

We have many of times informed the owners as well the workers however, the same is neglected and they have been working risking neighbours life.

Today, they have kept glass materials outside the house at the corridor in an unorganised manner which has injured my 4 years old child, which has resulted in a deep cut near her eyes and we had to do 5 stitches.

During this incident we have complained both with the developers and and the house owners but they seems to be ignoring by not even doing anything about it.

We seek for your immediate response to stop the work activities immediately and enforce proper working method with permits.

We hope to get your kind support and I submit this complaint purely in view of my kids safety.

Thanks & Regards,
Gelandes Pillai
Vijay Y
Sep 22, 2017

Drainage water on roads


There is proper drainage system in Hafeezpet Marthanda Nagar, even now the water is flowing on roads due to which mosquitos are increasing and we are scared of it as it may lead to severe diseases. And very bad smell all the day
Please kindly take action on this issue.
Plot no 60, marthanda Nagar, new Hafeezpet, hyd, 500049.
Sep 11, 2017

Sanathnagar flyover

Hi Sir,
1), As you people are already aware of smaller width size of Sanathnagar flyover,On short Term Solution: I request u to remove footpath on the flyover to expand the road on the flyover as it is useless,(a foot over bridge can be constructed for the persons who wants to cross railway line) and on Long Term Solution: grant funds or ask government to approve another flyover or extension of present sanathnagar flyover which will reduce time and distance to commuters and saves countries lakhs of rupees in fuel

2) Open Drainage should be closed in Yousuguda/Jubilee Hill Circle, it may be used as road if proper concrete slab is used to cover Open Drainage/Nalas, Please check health condition of people of these areas

3) Road widening works are pending from Past two decades, Hope Yousufgud/Jubilee HIlls, (includes rahmatnagtar, erragadda, ag colony, borabanda road) widening will be started and completed soon

4)and last but not least, we few people b Shankar lal Ngar, erragadda, people applied for land regularization, please send us the office to measure our land and collect penalty in installments, we ready to pay taxes, and water wants best of water and road facility as well,
Aug 26, 2017

Water logging

Water is loggingin front my house when ever rain falls. This is causing mosquito nests. request you take some action. New laxmi nagar colony, miyapur, plot no 51, H.no: 1-112/1-51/1.

Water logging

Yeshwanth Gollapalli
Jul 29, 2017

Damage caused by GHMC authorities


Dear Sir,
I Yeshwanth Gollapalli resident of Yellareddyguda writing to complain about the physical damage to my house caused by GHMC sanitation wing (PROCLAINER) during sewage works at the adjacent open Nala. The damage involves the broken drinking water pipes and a mortar wall which is now all ready to collapse. I demand a serious action on the local municipal authorities and also the work contractor named Mr. Ram Chander Redddy. I would also like to bring to your notice that the damage is worth in thousands of rupees which is unbearable and ultimately a burden on a lower middle class family like us. any delay or lack of action in this case motivates me to approach the HIGH COURT OF TELANGANA. Awaiting your positive and quick response unlike previous cases.

Thanking you,
Yeshwanth Gollapalli
Jul 27, 2017

No proper collection of Garbage daily in our area

Respected sir/madam,

I am Sandhya, resident of Venkatram Reddy Nagar area. There is no proper collection of Garbage daily in our area....the women who collects the garbage is very rude...whatever comes to her mind she just says like y this much garbage today....she scolds everyone while collecting the garbage....so I kindly request you to change the women, who is collecting the garbage and please provide proper facility in collecting the garbage everyday as it's rainy season, we facing many health problems...kindly understand our problems.

Thanks & Regards,

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