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Consumer complaints and reviews about Go Air

Mar 12, 2019

worst policies

I have planned to travel from Delhi to Kolkata whereas i mistakenly booked a ticket from Kolkata to Delhi on the same date (PNR D88P7T) through Goibibo.

When i realised the problem, i called the customer care of Goibibo within 5 Mins of time who again transferred my call to Go Air customer service. The told me that there is no such policies to change the destination within 1 min of the booking also. He even told me that you have to take another ticket by paying of some extra amount.

Its an emergency, so i agreed to do the same and rescheduled the flight destinations.

Really, i am unsatisfied with the customer service and the policies of Go Air. i am a frequent flyer of other airlines where i have never seen this type of problems.

Positively, i will see that i never get a option to travel with this airline.


Yogesh Goel14
Feb 14, 2019

Air Hostess

Was travelling on 3 feb via flight no. G8-31 from Delhi to Phuket.

As it was late night flight and the flight was not full many passengers change their seats by themselves or occupied all the three empty seats to rest and lie down.

To my surprise none of the staff asked them to sit straight while taking off and even landing. Two or three times their was turbulence due to strong wind and the seatbelt sign was on. But still no one care keeping high risk and ignore the safety ot other passengers.

This was my first experience with GoAir as a frequent flyer. I will make sure not to fly in this airlines again.

[email protected]
verma k rajeev
Oct 1, 2018

90% amount deducted and refunded hardly 10%

This is in reference to the ticket booked today for 8th nov from New Delhi to Ranchi but the ticket got booked for 1st Oct ,the PNR bearing D6G4YM.this was booked thru easemytrip.com. I was surprised to see my ticket dated 1st oct2018 which was actually suppose to be 8th Nov. I started calling these people's but their no.was continuously on hold and finally I spoke to someone, he said refundable is only possible of 2200 and remaining is not refundable. I said pls then reschedule it for 8th nov, he asked to pay again 15000 then we can book fresh ticket. So ultimately I lost all my money.

This is not fair at any part neither easemytrip. Com nor airlines. I need my money back..you cannot make fool of passengers.
Avani Saxena
Sep 12, 2018

Flight Refund

Flight from Ahmadabad to Pune, scheduled on 23rd July 2018, got cancelled by Airlines only and the refund has not been initiated till now. They had not even informed about the cancellation of the flight. I got to know about it when I had already reached the Airport.
Worst experience and worst customer services
Jul 24, 2018

Worst customer care services. Worst policies

I booked my flight from leh to delhi today an hr back but due to overlapping problm on there site some other flight got booked.it showed flight 204 but i finally got an itinery of flight 216 to delhi.both of them are on d same date with hardly an hour difference but my people are travelling from 204 and so i booked it.
I immediately called customer care in 5 min.as soon as i received the itinery mail which was received by amay who kept asking me for 2000 bucks for rescheduling or cancellation which i was not asking for.i asked him what were the company policies if flight booked changes due to site problem.he still didnt help me out nd kept askjng for 2000 bucks nd there were no higher officials who were supposed to be there so i was not given a solution nor was made to talk to high authority.
Thats d worst customer care service.policies of goair are only in there own intrest.
They have given me d worst experience of customer services.
It shoukd be shut down.
Jul 5, 2018

Not able to contact

Trying to call for 2 hours, not connecting
Jun 18, 2018

Luggage lock not found!

Recently my dad and sister travelled via goair flight no G8 153 and had a layover for 5 hours in Delhi. On reaching home in Bombay when my sister was trying to open her checked in luggage she realised her lock wasn’t there- so what is that? Is the Goair people trying to steal stuff from the bags? I had seen those only in videos and that already disgusted and now i get to see it happening, din’t expect this kinda security from goair. Please look into these matters where the airlines are being irresponsible about the passengers checked in luggages being opened and checked, firstly that’s very bad manners secondly that’s a crime! It isn’t the first time, last year July when i had travelled with my guy via Indigo his checked in luggage tape in the chain was also missing since he din’t put a lock we din’t complain. The security of airlines for the checked in baggage's need to be increased before any passengers important stuff goes missing since people carry imp documents aswell!!!! This is very dissapointing.
[email protected]
May 8, 2018

Not getting Full refund on ticket cancellation

I have cancelled my ticket from Nagpur To Banglore (Booking reference-YDVWNH) for the flight of 22nd may 2018. Booking Cost was INR 3,556. But, the staff on the counter told me, that they will refund only INR 781, and the cancellation fee is INR 2,775. I want the full refund of INR 3,556. This money is not your, that you cannot refund it. Worst Airline Company. Even the staff at Nagpur airport of GoAir was talking very rudely to me when I asked her why is this happening.
I'm requesting you, please refund me the full amount of booking!
Apr 18, 2018

Go air and goibibo worst customet care

I cancelled a rescheduled air ticket.
Through call centre/customer helpline.
I was informed that i will be refunded 17K by call centre but the actial refund was 6K

Also goibibo. Deducted their transaction charges woth no role on rescheduling or cancellation.
Cheaters. I belive.
Appelate authority also not responding.
Chasing them since october 2017.
Apr 4, 2018

cancellation procedure

I had booked a flight from Nagpur to Delhi but due to some personal reasons i had to cancel the trip on urgent basis and then starts the harassment. Cancellation procedure of GO Air is so complicated that a person who has cancelled the flight for any urgent reason ,will never be able to attend it .After i went for cancellation, they said that i cannot leave till the flight reaches Delhi. How is it possible. After that i was made to write a letter regarding my cancellation like why i am cancelling the my flight. i may have any reason , why to tell every one. No one is willing to cancel a flight until its very very imp. And then if you have to go through this frustrating procedure of cancellation , its just unfair. They should understand the meaning of urgent cancellation. the whole thing through which i had to gone was very frustrating & unprofessional on their side. i would request you to please take this matter very seriously and look back on your procedure to make more customer friendly.
Mar 29, 2018

Never received confirmation - need refund.

I am a frequent traveller of Go air, In the month of November, I booked a flight from Bangalore to Nagpur through go air website - PNR O6P8FZ & flight number 812.
After booking I didn't get any message confirmation neither I received any mail confirmation assuming that my tickets didn't get booked. I checked all folders.

After few days, as I thought the earlier ticket was not booked, I booked another ticket via goibibo that too Goair Bangalore to Nagpur for a different date which got booked and I got mail confirmation via SMS and mail both.Flight details - PNR - D1BHPL and Flight number - G8812

Suddenly a few days back I received a mail from Goair stating that the flight ( PNR O6P8FZ ) is rescheduled ( which I assumed didn't get booked as I did not get any confirmation from your end then), I immediately called your customer care and told him all the history and requested to refund the money full amount but unfortunately I didn't get much help rather he was asking me to pay extra amount for rescheduling the same flight. This is not the kind of support I was expecting from a well-known brand.

My concern is being a frequent and loyal customer of Goair, I have paid twice, now I have two tickets same destination with different dates one on 31st and one on 5th.

This is a very pathetic situation and experience I am facing for the first time with Goair, hope you will take this concern while understanding my situation. Expecting to get a well-balanced resolution from Goair.

Please reply asap, as flight is on 31st March.
Mar 23, 2018

Frequently Flight Cancellation

This is first time , I have booked Go-Air and experience is pathetic. I booked ticket for 5 persons from Kolkata to Bhubaneswar return almost 1 month before travel date . But your airlines informed me just 1 before travel date that the flight got cancelled from Kolkata to Bhubaneswar with some unknown reason . Only 2 options you have given either I need to delay my travel date 1 week or full refund . I had a call with customer care and understood they are not going to compensate hotel fare or not going to book other flight . However I asked them whether my return flight also going to be cancelled or not , they said no , you still keep your return schedule as it is .Considering this situation , I have asked them to refund one way fare .
Surprisingly before 1 day of return date again flight got cancelled .

I lost almost 25K INR , it includes 1 day hotel rent for 5 person + immediate flight booking with almost double fare

This issue is not for 1 day or 1 person , it is happening frequently and lot of other passengers got affected . This has to be highlighted to the consumer forum .

Go-AIR s is most shitty airlines in India , I will broadcast this fact in Social media for sure . Hoping you will loose license soon .
Mar 21, 2018

Reschedule charge

I have made a booking from Mumbai to Kolkata on 23rd March 2018 (PNR - C7C3NW ) on 13th March 2018 through Goibibo App for 2 passenger namely Prem Chand Swami (father ) and Manju Devi Swami (Mother ) .

After booking I realized that it was booked wrongly on 23rd March as I was trying to book for 17th March 2018 .
I immediately rescheduled the same for 17th March 2018 through same app . (PNR - P7SGSJ) .

Against my reschedules I had incurred a cost of Rs 5900 (2950 *2 passenger ) charge by GoAir
+ Goibibo cancellation and convenience fees of Rs 1140/-.
Total Loss incurred amounting to Rs 7040/- (5900+1140)

I request you to please waive cancellation /reschedule charges . (During call with customer care your representative informed it was not reschedule it is case of cancellation and rebooking )

Loss incurred is higher than cost per ticket as on date which is 6160/- (From Mumbai to Kolkata)

Incurring a loss more than the value of one ticket is not being justified even when i am booking through same airline co

I shall be highly obliged for your efforts to help a common person

AjayKumar Swami
Jan 23, 2018

Refund of my booking - Goair

D1NHKY my PNR. Made wrong sector booking. Request for refund within n hour which clearly proved tht this was unintentional. Request for refund of the amount which Goair denied and also denied to waveoff the rescheduling charges so that i can make new booking, they denied for that as well. All they new was sorry this is not our policy. That is my hard earned money whixh is going in vain and i will not let that happen even if its jus Rs. 2000. Do u people really understand that value of Rs. 2000 for the when a person is earning only 15000.
Do it make sense. I dont understand that why the money cant be refuded fir no service being provided to me. I need my money back.
Jan 22, 2018

Denied issue of boarding pass

I booked a flight from Guwahati- Delhi G8-155 which was scheduled at 17:20 on 22nd Jan 2018. I reached airport at around 16:35...Counter was open...the Guy who was sitting in the counter immediately closed the counter after seeing me...i requested him..pleaded him...even then he did not provide me the boarding pass..it was really bad experience...kindly improve your service...pls provide some facility who are late only for few minutes...because of your poor service i have suffered a loss of around ₹ 4500...
Jan 22, 2018

Denied Boarding Pass

I booked a flight from Guwahati- Delhi G8-155 which was scheduled at 17:20 on 22nd Jan 2018. I reached airport at around 16:35...Counter was open...the Guy who was sitting in the counter immediately closed the counter after seeing me...i requested him..pleaded him...even then he did not provide me the boarding pass..it was really bad experience...kindly improve your service...pls provide some facility who are late only for few minutes...because of your poor service i have suffered a loss of around ₹ 4500...
Jan 2, 2018

Refund not received after multiple followups

I have booked ticket from Bangalore to Ranchi for 20th dec which I had to cancel as the GoAir cancelled the flight.I got the ticket cancelled on 9th dec but have not got my money back despite calling and mailing them so many times.

Also, unable to reach the customer care from past 2 days.tried so many times.

PNR : U4L18C
email id: [email protected]
Dec 29, 2017

refund amount

Dear Team,

i have book 2 ticket on 12th Dec 2017. due to some health issue my wife don't have Fit to Fly certificate so we canceled the ticket.

But refund amount still not came to my account.

kindly do the needful ticket detail is following.

Go Airlines (India) Ltd.
Registered Office: C/o Britannia Industries Limited, A-33,Lawrence Road Industrial Area,New Delhi - 110035, India
Corporate Office: C-1, Wadia International Centre (WIC), Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Worli, Mumbai 400 025, India
Telephone : 6741 0000
Visit www.GoAir.in or Call 092-2322-2111 / 022 - 6273 – 2111 CIN: U63013DL2004PLC217305

Send an SMS to 57333 to receive an update on flight status & to view current promotions in the following format
G8 [flight Number] - To receive an update on flight status
G8 [PROMO] - To view current promotions

GoAir Passenger(s) / Seat No. (Pre book your seat on www.GoAir.in)
Flight Details
Date Flight From / Terminal To / Terminal Stops Departs Arrives Class
12 Dec 2017 G8 210 Delhi / 2 Lucknow 0 14:45 15:45 Economy
Check-in counters close strictly 45 minutes prior to departure.
Booking Reference Status Date of Booking Payment Status Promo Code
VDUT8E Confirmed 12 Dec 2017 Paid
Passenger Information Fare Description
MUMBAI, MAH 400013
Mobile : 9000156807
Email : [email protected]
Payment Information
Payment Type : Agency Payment
Amount : INR 8,572.00
Payment Date : 12 Dec 2017
Payment Status : Confirmed

Airfare Charges INR 7,350.00
Airline Fuel Charge INR 300.00
CUTE Charge (PHF) INR 100.00
Passenger Service Fee INR 306.00
RCS Fee INR 100.00
CGST INR 196.00
SGST INR 196.00
User Development Fee INR 24.00
Total Fare INR 8,572.00
• GST Invoice will be sent separately to your registered GST email id given at the time of booking.
• Bifurcation of taxes is available in detail on the GST Invoice being mailed to you.
• All disputes are subject to exclusive jurisdiction of Courts at Mumbai.
• This is a computer generated receipt/itinerary and there is no requirement of signature.
• The fees and charges recovered for Special Service Request (SSR) such as excess baggage, cancellation, modification, etc., are inclusive of GST at the applicable rate.
Dec 19, 2017

customer care

Worst Service

I have been trying to reach the customer care since today afternoon and I am not able to reach them despite calling all the numbers for more than 100 times.

I have received a message in the afternoon today that flight G8 - 718 scheduled to fly from Ahmedabad to New Delhi on 21st December 2017 has been cancelled. And the change is due to issues beyond there control. ( as stated by them in message )

There is not even one person in the customer care who can help at this hour. This is pathetic airline company. one of the most unprofessional and irresponsible company..
Dec 18, 2017

Worst Service

I have been trying to reach the customer care since 5 days now and I am not able to reach them despite calling all the numbers for 100 times a day.

I want to cancel an upcoming ticket and am unable to do so. There’s no one who can help me. This is the downfall of such rubbish airline company. So unprofessional and irresponsible the company is!
Rajendra Oza
Dec 15, 2017

refund regarding my booking

I had booked flight on 12th November 2017 from Bangalore to Pune with clear trip, viz--trip id--############, which i cancelled later on 14th Nov. 2017.
While booking i had been imitiated that the flight is refundable, whereas after cacellation i was denied with the refund.
Hence, I demand refund of my full amount of Rs. 5396/- .
I request you to take the matter at your earnest and resolve my problem.


Rajendra K. Oza
Shivaji Chowk,
Daund, Dist.-Pune
[email protected]
Nov 3, 2017

Denied for boarding pass

My name is Devendra Jain. I had GoAir flight G8-171 from DELHI at 18:20 hrs on 20 Oct 2017 Terminal 1D. PNR : SB5EJN
It costed me 3512 INR), I reached at the counter at 5:39 pm due to Delhi traffic otherwise I would be there at least 2 hrs back. Still GoAir denied me to give boarding pass, and I pleaded, requested and tried to convince them that I still have 45 mins, and it's very urgent me to reach Pune, as next day I had International flight( on 21st from Pune). But they didnt listen to me and denied for boarding pass and forced me to take another ticket for next flight and I was stranded, I couldn't go back, I had no option except to get my ticket transferred for next flight (G8 175). For doing so, they again charged 3250 INR as transfer fee.
Just because of GoAir official's negligence, adamant and inappropriate behavior I had to pay two times , 3512 + 3250 = 6762, was total cost to me for just one way flight from Delhi to Pune. Your representative even don't bother to listen to me with courtesy and in helping voice or assistance.
It' we people because of which you stand in market, if you don't treat us well, you will be gone.
I want complete refund of it. Let me keep you very straight, If I don't get the refund, I have all proofs, will file case in consumer court as well if needed if justice is not done. I still have boarding pass and ticket to take this forward.
This was my first and last flight with you , and will not be choice of flight in my entire community , foes, folks and entire social network I have , entire office network that I have and wherever I can spread this incident as an eye opener repeatedly in my entire life span. Truth will prevail for sure everywhere.
Oct 3, 2017

My Flight got cancelled

My name is Shruti Anand. I booked my flight with goAir 3 months prior to my booking date. About 2 weeks before my date of flying, the airlines cancelled my booking and asked me to either reschedule my travel date or to get a full refund.The reason they gave me for the flight cancellation was 'Unaviodable Reasons'. Due to this I had to reschedule whole of my program as I chose to reschedule my booking 1 day before. I had my train bookings on that particular date from the city I was going to land. After 1 week from when I rescheduled my program the flights on that particular date having the same flight number were available on the travel agents with a higher price. When I called the customer care asking for an explaination on this they just answered me that 'we cannot explain you on this , the flights are available now'. I was not able to understand that what sort of service are they providing to their customers. There was so much of inconvenience I had to face because of this. Before I decieded to reschedule my booking I called them for 3 days requesting and asking them to get me the flight on that particular date only but they did'nt provide me with it and after some days again they made the tickets available again at higher price to tarp more customers.This is the very last time I am flying with goAir and also make sure that none of relatives, friends and colleagues choose goAir as it is completely unrelaible and have no concerns with customers convenience.
Sep 7, 2017

Payment not refunded after one month


I have booked a flight ticket from Mumbai to Chandigarh on 29th July 2017. and it got cancelled on 28th July 2017. As per cancellation procedure the payment should refund in 7 working days. But with out refunding to customer goair kept the fund in credit. And there is no information to customer. I waited two weeks for the payment. On 16th aug 2017 when I inquired about payment, I came to know it is not yet credited back to my account. For crediting back customer needs to call customer care.

I have already interacted three times with GoAir customer care. Today is 7th Sep 2017. But till now the refunded amount not credited to my account. Go Air is just making fool to the customers. This is monopoly of the airlines.

Do not know whether I will get the refund back or not.
Aug 15, 2017

Go Air Cancellation Refund

I had booked a ticket with Ref. # WZLKTW from Lucknow to Pune travel date July 8, 2017. The ticket was booked on May 30, 2017. They cancelled my ticket on July 7, 2017 because of flight cancellation. This amount has not been credit in my account till August 15th. In the initial few follow ups, they asked me to provide bank account details while showing inability to return the amount on the Credit Card used at the time of booking. When I call at customer care, they just say that it has been transferred and no sign of this amount in my account. My bank also says that there is no amount transferred in my account. There is no response on email as well after repetitive follow ups on [email protected]
Appreciate if refund can be processed at earliest.


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