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West Bengal

Consumer complaints and reviews about Godrej

Nov 22, 2019

refrigerator delivery

Dear Sir,
I had recently paid a sum of Rs 31968 on 18.11.19 for online purchase of Godrej RT EON Valor 290 P 3.4 Frost Free Refrigerator. on 19.11.19, I got an email confirmation that the product will be delivered in 2-3 working days. till date there is no further response. as there is no provision of tracking I had called 18002095511 but they asked me to call the complaints department but could not provide me with the contact details there. I also called 40174636 and gave my details there but sill no person had contacted me. kindly look into the matter as my money is already paid but item is still to be delivered. you may contact me on 9831322908
[email protected]
Nov 16, 2019

AC No cooling godrej

had lodged a complaint on 2nd November 2019 despite repeated reminders and request nobody has turned up to solve the AC problem. Godrej company likes only 2 to receive money and trap customers for AMC but no satisfactory service is provided. complaint details are as under
After buying the AMC why technician asking for charges??.
Then what is the use to buy the AMC.

Godrej SMS * Yr call no. is B1211666137, Share this with technician if completely satisfied with the service

Please be aware of Godrej executives they are unable to solve the complaint and only promises will be made. be aware before you purchase Godrej appliances

No one is bothered to revert back, just making fake promises
Service requests num:205355

I raised the complaint that will get the response from seniors.
Nov 12, 2019


Arvind L Bhatt
Nov 8, 2019

Ac complaint pending since 30 sept 2019

I had lodged a complaint on 30 September 2019 despite repeated reminders and request nobody has turned up to solve the AC problem. Godrej company likes only 2 to receive money and trap customers for AMC but no satisfactory service is provided. complaint details are as under

Godrej SMS * Yr call no. is B3009654772, Share this with technician if completely satisfied with the service. For Asst, call 18002095511

Please be aware of Godrej executives they are unable to solve the complaint and only promises will be made. be aware before you purchase Godrej appliances

I register this complaint in hope that Godrej superiors will contact me on my registered mobile number
Nov 3, 2019

About godrej service

Godrej is worst company...my side by side refrigeretor display is not working so i contact them...so they change the display only but..they open whole refrigerotor and then my refrigertor is not working from that time...before service only problem witg my display..but after service whole refrigertor is not working and they said..it has to change one more part for proper working
Godrej is worst i want my part change without any cost because part is perfect before service..after techisian visit part is not work proper
Neeraj 0956
Oct 23, 2019


I have purchased 6 kg top loaded washing machine through Mr. Vinay Pandey ( Godrej Faridabad).
This was financed by Bajaj.and total prize negotiate RS 22000,
But they finance 22650 when I asked about this he reply you have to pay EMI as per 22650 and Rs 650 will be paid by him.
Now he is saying he can not pay because the bill is more amount.
I think you are cheating with your customer through your agent.
My advise to all please do not purchase any equipment through Godrej office. They are cheater.
Please lodge my complaint and asked your Agent Mr. Vinay Pandey ( 9811693105) to refund my money.
Neeraj Sharma
Sep 27, 2019

Wrong information given on product warranty

Bought a new Air conditioner from Pittappillil Agencies, Pathanamthitta, Kerala. They said its with 5 years warranty and after installation and everything they are saying that its only 1 year. If we want 5 years pay additional amount. The customer is being fooled with wrong information. How can we trust these agencies. I tried Godrej toll free number and they are saying they will address only service complaints. Where can I raise a complaint or ask some information on your products?

You can reach me +917012001083
Sep 9, 2019


Worst ever services of godrej...They did not give satisfactory services at all...Within two months the fridge got repaired three times and now again fault occured the fourth time...Unprofessional people working in their center's...
Sep 6, 2019


Call Book Number K2708718409 has been booked 27/08/2019 till now problem not yet been resolved .

Since I have purchased the said product lots of problem we have had faced day by day . Permanent solution is the basic required . If you are not be able to do it, please replaced the said product to resolved it. Please find the call Book status and make a appropriate decision . Email ID : [email protected]
rajni narula
Jul 18, 2019

roduct Not working in 3 year ,the moment is finish the warranty period

I never think that godrej have that much worst service .It's really showing unprofessionalism.
After locking so much calls and sending mails, there is no positive response from your side.
Calls has been closed automatically without giving any solution and no response on mails.

Product Not working in 3 year ,the moment is finish the warranty period
I have bought Godrej 7kg fully automatic washing machine in 2016 year April month, we received the this Machin with one year warranty and 2 years extended grantee now the product is not working and when checked with service man from Godrej he is telling tin what short he asked to should change this to new one as this repair cost he mentioned is too high, logically . I want to know whether all the products are manufactured to work only one year till the free warranty period ends...what kind of products are manufactured by the company without any quality. Just 3 year and we are requested to change the machine, or invest the 50 of the total cost of the product and still there is no grantee how long it will run .
now I can feel the quality of the products delivered to us by godrej is useless. I should recommend each one in my family / friend to not buyer products from godrej, who do not have any product quality ,and product run fine only till the grantee period ...as we have many other brand who has a better quality of product and better services.

Please advise

9818816410 / 8076138997
Jun 3, 2019

Not responding the godrej ac not install 2 days

I never think that godrej have that much worst service .It's really showing unprofessionalism.
After locking so much calls and there is no positive response from your side.
Calls has been closed automatically without giving any solution and no response

My AC is not installed on last and no call from technician side no call no msg response for installation
Regarding the same, I have logged so may calls I am very dissatisfied for service network
Plz resolve my problem

Bharat Dhanwal
May 28, 2019

Complaint not attended

HI, Mr. Ravi,
I bought godrej window AC 2 month back. keeping in mind that godrej is a big & trustworthy name but all expectation shattered . what you people are doing what a rubbish service you have. No one responding Ankit , Visakh all these service people doing wrong commitment.

My call no - 285261
Nature of complaint - not cooling

Thanks Akash
May 27, 2019


not cleaned apartment for veindavan and not collect Garbage so please solve this issue
Godrej Appliances
May 22, 2019

In response to your complaint

Dear Parvesh,

I apologize for the trouble caused. Please let me know if you are still facing this issue so that I can have my team further look into it.

May 10, 2019

Windows AC not installed properly and issue in water draining

Dear Team,

I never think that godrej have that much worst service .It's really showing unprofessionalism.
After locking so much calls and sending mails, there is no positive response from your side.
Calls has been closed automatically without giving any solution and no response on mails.

My AC was installed on 24-04-2019 but the technician didn't installed it properly and even didn't checked i.e. it's properly working or not.
Regarding the same, I have logged so many calls (,D0105275294,D0405277037,D0405277023, D0805278819) and all are closed without any solution.
I request the concern team to please look into this matter .

Parvesh Saini
Navya Nigam
Apr 30, 2019

No Responce on Complaint

I lodged a complaint regarding illworking of godrej eon inverter AC which is disturbing 2nd time within 10 months of purchase.. I lodged d complaint no. 140844 on 25/04/19 , it has 6 days and no action is taken regarding my problem.. Worst service..
Navya Nigam
Apr 30, 2019

No Responce on Complaint

I lodged a comlaint regarding issues in Godrej Eon inverter AC which is illfunctioning 2nd time within less then 10 months of purchase.. N it has been 6 since i lodged the complain no. 140844 on 25/04/19 n no action is taken yet.. #worst service
Apr 25, 2019

Godrej Split AC

Complaint # D1704267003, logged on 18/4/2019

I logged a complaint for Godrej Split AC, technician visited very next day on 19th and confirmed that the condenser is not working and needs to be replaced, and he checked with the store and confirmed that on 20th after 2 PM he will come and do the replacement, "which unfortunately never happened” false commitment by technician, which is unprofessional and gives me intuition that they don’t respect other’s time.
I called twice after that quoting same complaint number. I asked for the supervisor and got assurance that he will call back after 10 min, I waited for an hour, and called again and this time I was very fortunate and talked with supervisor. He helped me and sent a follow up on request and shared the Managers contact (Manoj Lochav), seems this person is super busy and I do not recall how many times I called him and sometime I get call waiting and sometime he just don’t bother to pick call and never calls back after seeing miscalls.
I called Alam, I believe he is contractor, works and assign technician for request submitted. He confirmed that product is not available and I should contact Manager, again called and guess what same story.
Now I think it makes sense to get it repaired from outside. No one bothers to keep me informed, call back never happened, Manager is always busy and never pick calls, and contractors do not have part.
I am no one to comment on how business should run, but I also works for MNC and have managed customer services and “I keep the people who keeps me in business” and “attitude for few people towards their work, sometime badly reflects on company’s reputation”
mishaal shah
Apr 8, 2019

E-bio safe

I have purchased an E-Bio safe from vijay sales (Mumbai - Opera House Branch) and after using if 5 times to open and close it the sensor gets spoilt. I call up godrej so that their technician comes and rectifies it.
Even after 5 Visits they have still not rectified it and are asking for another day to do so. They come, open the safe close it and say someone will come with the parts and fix it. But the best part is that even their senior by the name of George comes and says i will send someone to fix it with the parts and that person comes who's name is Dilshad with some part which is not of that safe. This is the proffesionalisim you'll show godrej???!!! its astounds me as to how youll take things so lightly but boast a lot otherwise on how good your product and services are.
There were a total of 5 visits by these guys, Nitesh, Aarbaz, George, Dilshad and one more guy whos name i do not remember.
After giving in my complaint i speak to Mr. Pawar, who is their head. He either is thinking its not a big deal to make the customers run around or he thinks a small safe is not a big deal and the customer will keep shut and do nothing about it.

Mr. RAVI BHAT, a personal message to you, poeple rich or poor, everyone has to be treated the same way. there should be equality between both. You'll give such big statements of services, please read this and do see my complaint.
Even after 4 visits the problem is still the same. Cummon godrej, live upto your so called statements. This is the last time im buying anything from godrej.
Hope youll have some decency and pride to now replace my safe.
Oct 25, 2018

Service Nightmare for Godrej ACs

Getting a technician attend to service request and resolve a problem is a night mare in Kochi, Kerala. The complain raised about 2 months back still remains to be resolved. The technician who visited the site yesterday dismantled everything, left and then gave a call that the replacement motor is not available and will only come once the motor spare is available in stock. The AC is dismantled and parts lying across the house.

This is a disaster and I would not recommend anyone to purchase Godrej Air conditioners.

The compliant numbers are 00409101045 and 0221067817.

I not sure who to escalate above the manager of the service center.

Hope this is looked into on priority.
Oct 3, 2018

AMC documents not received

Even after opting for AMC of AC on 27th July'2018. I have not received any AMC document yet, the technician who came to collect cheque even is not giving status. He is just telling AMC ho jayega... what the hell is this. I want to get dry servicing done for AC but we can t get it done as AMC is till pending.
Vidhi Dinesh Jain
Oct 2, 2018

Ac not working

Hey this vidhi and i am highly disappointed with your product and service. I had bought the AC just 2 yrs back and it has created a headache for me. Since 2 months i have been facing the problem, inspite of keeping it on till hrs the room is not cooled . I have called the service man twice and as per him i bore the expense of 5000 in changing the compressor and gas refill. I bought the latest (costly)AC so that i wont face ny problem bt this is nuisance, in just 2 yrs i am suffering with this thing. Whenever i call the service centre they advice me to buy new one bt who the hell will make them understand that i wont do this mistake again, "never". They dont take ny responsibility regarding this default piece. They just want to market and make money. I have a another o general AC in my office since 8 yrs nd yes it havent created ny issue till date.This is very bad on your part. I want a solution or compensation out of it soon.
Contact no-9833470358
Sep 27, 2018

Repairing of Godrej Washing Machine

I Ranjan Kumar Das, phone No.9040558079 made a complain through customer care about repairing of my washing machine and same day one person named Saradaprasanna Samal, technician telephoned me and day after he came to repair. But the mechanic came to repair two times in different day and some parts have been changed. Due to current problem immediately machine could not checked. But the problem is still continuing ie. spin is not working, water is not flowing sufficiently. I tried 2 and 3 times to concant the mechanic(ph.No.7894233511) no responce coming from their side. Kindly do the necessary step to solve my problem.
Shovon Mallick
Sep 24, 2018

service complain

I have a Godrej make air conditioner and it is under AMC with the Godrej. Two month ago the machine stop functioning so I called service technician. The technician told me that there was a leakage in the machine. They took the machine to their workshop and returned it after 10 days telling me that the problem was solved. But on the next day the machine shows the same problem. Again I called the technician and again they took the machine to their workshop for repairing telling me that last time they did not repair the machine due to the shortage of technician for Eid. After 10 days they returned the machine telling me that the problem is solved, they found the leakage and repaired it. But after few days the same problem continued. Now I registered a complain(K1209728116) on 13.09.18. after the call registration someone from your Kolkata office called me and told me that the machine was irreparable. I again called to your toll free number and told them to send your technician, they told me they will forward the complain to the respective department. But still now no one called me or no one visited my machine. My AMC will close on April, 2019. My registered mobile no. is 6290031917.

Shovon Mallick
R.R.Plot, Plot No. 226
Anandapur, Kolkata-700107
Sukhen Das
Sep 22, 2018

Cheating & Fraud

My name is Sukhen Das and we are regular customers in using Godrej home appliances.

I had contacted the Customer care and they provided the Technician's name as Mr. Goutam having Mobile No. 8777579186 .
We had repair for our refregerater Third time on 11/09/2018 and the service representative visited our house on that day
We had changed RELAY OLP as per the advise of service representative hoping that we could never face any problem in the future making an ultimate bill of around Rs 2300/-The representative promised us that we would never get any repair for atleast 3-4 years from the day the service was done.
Problems is arrive relay olp market price rupees 320/- ,Technician goutam is charging my parents 2300/-,I was verify godrej store

I am soo pained by his high irresponsible behavior and rude talk.
These problems were observed due to inexperienced service technicians who visited our house.
Hope you understand and take action against these uncultured people.

We hereby request you to please look into the matter and take the legal step against the proprietor of the agency to get back my hard earned money and your action will also save the others citizens to be safe from such practice.
Please treat this letter as a complaint and request for FIR against the proprietor of the agency as per the law.

You can reach me on 7278244174 / 9163275434

Please advise.

Cheating & Fraud

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