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Consumer complaints and reviews about GoIbibo

Nov 21, 2017

Goibibo is cheat

Goibibo is a cheat. Booking id HTL8JGFGEQ. I booked a hotel and paid 1 month in advance and at checkin time hotel denied booking. Shut down goibibo, as its like giving money to beggars.
Nov 19, 2017

Awasome account

I created a Goibibo account and given my mobile number, they themselves given some email id to my account and not at all allowing to edit it. I don't understand what is there in providing a option to edit personal details.. FO.. very brilliant development team in Goibibo..
Nov 7, 2017

Refund not given

Hi team

I have checked online on your website and booked the ticket for my mother xyz (Don't want to mention exact name) for 15/10/2017 from manchester (Uk) to udaipur (India). I have booked end to end ticket from your website out of suggested options on website

1. Easyjet :- machester to amsterdam pnr :espng6j

2 airfrance :- amsterdam to paris pnr :oaz4et

3. Airindia :- paris to delhi pnr: ybges

4 airindia :- delhi to udaipr pnr :jmtym

Now when on 15 oct 2017 early morning i reached to manchester airport easyjet team told me that easy jet is point to point airline so you can't travel as you are going to india. You have to book through klm, flybee etc who provide transit facility, easyjet don't have transit facility and you can't fly.

My first question: - why goibigo have suggested this option if easyjet don't have transit facility, while booking i have motioned that i am looking for flight from manchester to udaipur (India)

Anyways then from manchester airport i called to goibibo international flight department and ms. Kajal have attended, she said i can't suggest anything and she transfer the call to supervisor subham. Very sad to inform you that you have such a bad team members and senior managers that they take client for granted. I continuously calling them but they have not at all responded, they were just we are working on the issue and they never called me back. I was continuously making international call and waited for them for more than 5 hours. I have suggested them to change the second flight from manchester to paris but they have not did that. Even i suggested them to talk to airfrance authority they have not did that. Above all as a irresponsible manager and executive kajal and shubham both have left for the day from office without handing over my issue where i am stilling waiting at airport for 6 hours along with my 63 year old mother and my son.

My second question: - is this is the way your team works, if they finish their duty, can’t it there responsibility to handover their work? Instead of that they just close the ticket. And i told them number of times to call me back but they never call me and just put the comment the mobile is not reachable

Now later mohammad from your team was cooperative, he was calling me back and he was the only person trying to resolve the issue and understanding the issue. Though he was also not able to check or reschedule the booking from manchester to paris. Main point is mohamad is able to call me but for kajal and shubham i was not reachable

Because of the wrong itinerary suggestion on your website my mother was unable to fly from manchester to paris and then when none of your team member can help me then i myself have spend 400 pound and booked the ticket from manchester to paris (Using flybee flight) and then at 5 o’clock my mother travel from manchester to paris. And then continue with her rest of booking.

Now what all your team can do at that time
1.in the morning they can call to airfrance and ask them to change the ticket of second flight from manchester to paris and in the morning they were charging less but your team has not did that.

2. Your team can at least call me back with the progress of the work and what they are planning and doing but none of your team member call me back, above all they just close the ticket

3. Your team can plan the next options so that at least next flight cancellation won’t require when they also very well know the it’s fault of travel agency to provide the wrong itinerary and later they have to bear the expenses of whole ticket.

Now refund 400 pound which i have paid to book my mother ticket from manchester to paris as there is no fault of mine and i was unable to take the flight from manchester to paris because the suggestion given on your website was wrong.. Even one of goibibo customer care exceutive talk to easyjet team and they confirm its not visa issue and it is point to point service issue and easyjet provide only point to point service, and this option is not valid for multiple itinerary booking

The team is not giving my refund and they just closed the ticket .

They are giving mental harassment to me
Apurba Sinhamahapatra
Oct 30, 2017


Transaction ID: IGACGUHEG2
Date: 29-OCT-2017
Amount: 1553.00 Rs
I was trying to book an hotel on GoIbibo app. During payment through SBI Net banking the connection timed out and booking was not completed.
Please let me know refund status.
Oct 28, 2017

Ticket booking failed from Goibibo

I booked ticket on 9th of Oct but payment was successfully done from my end and bank end but goibibio did not refund my amount
vamshi kolluru
Oct 14, 2017

money till now not refunded

i have booked a train tickets from goibibo app on 22/07/2017 in tatkal on that day at evening train telangana express from nizamuddin railway station delhi to secunderabad railway station hyderabad and later with in 5 hours i have cancelled the tickets through same goibio app and from that day did not receive any money regarding that cnacellation of tickets and your customer care is not at all responding to the customer very bad serivce
Oct 3, 2017

No refund against refundable ticket

I specially booked refundable ticket and on cancelation they are taking almost 99 percent of the booking amount. Customer care did not help. This is a total fraud case cheating customer by writing refundable to sell tickets.
Sep 23, 2017

Bus I booked does not have my destination in his route!

If there would have been 0 ratings I would have preferred to give that to them. Horrible experience for the first time with Goibibo . We Booked a ticket from sunder nagar to ambala. But at the time I was onboard and about to reach ambala I come to know that bus was not heading to ambala. Driver didn't know & bark out loud when I tried to ask him when we will reach ambala . He simply said this bus does not go to ambala. What a pity why you booked us then. They dropped us on middle of nowhere road at 5 in the morning. This trip turns out to be the last trip with goibibo. Please don't just earn money , select you trustworthy travel agents, after all customer satisfaction is what pays you off. Several other passengers who booked for Chandigarh also faced same situation. Really disheartened.

Booking PNR- A2CCN9YJ
Regards Tarun
Sep 19, 2017

Refund problem

Worst customer care experience.
Harshad Londhe
Aug 22, 2017

No Refund even after 2 months


on 25th June, 2017, my BUS was canceled and till date I didn't get refund against it.

Payment ID - GOBUSANDbda6e40461
PNR - 97733785-839270
Jul 11, 2017

refund not received after a month

This is my complaint ticket no. 11645618 (day of transaction ) 12629541 ,12622961(after a month ) . I had booked a domestic flight from Chennai to Bangalore on 14th June. On the first try, there was transaction failure and My money got debited from the card . I called up Goibibo and they assured me it will be refunded in 24 hours . So I went ahead with that confidence and tried booking a second time on your site which was a success (PNR-YBSG4Z) . The customer executive on that day said that he started the refund initiation on that day itself . Till now there has been no refund to my account. I called up many times and they say different answers saying it has been initiated and another customer support manager asking to see my bank statement ever since the date of booking to prove that I have not received my refund. DO YOU NOT HAVE A SYSTEM IN PLACE WHICH CONFIRMS IF I HAVE RECEIVED MY REFUND OR NOT ??? why do I have to share my PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNT STATEMENT with you people for you to confirm the same ? Contradicting answers and buying more time is what has happened till date . It is a huge sum of 8338 rs. If you search the no. of booking against my phone number, you will realize that I am a frequent customer and I am honestly never going to use your site after this harassment and experience at the hands of your customer support. I need my money refunded and I expect a reply from you on this asap before I take it to the social networking site and consumer court detailing my tedious experience with you. 8338 rupees is a big amount and I cannot leave it like this .
Jun 27, 2017

Wrong timings of flights were given

I had selected the flight from Pune to Delhi for 18th July 2017 for 1.20 am from go ibibo ,and when my billing was completed, I received the flight details saying timings 18th July 11.30 am ,which is absolutely wrong,
Also when I have called the customer care,which is of no use as nobody response to same.Strict action should be taken and need my correct flight details. Goibibo is a fraud.
harjit bhatti
Jun 25, 2017

Ticket# 0984993928062 booked through Goibib0

I am a Canadian Citizen and this complaint is in regards to My 72 years old Mom on wheel chair

Ticket# 0984993928062 for Sukhwant Kaur Bhatti at Delhi Aiport

The experience of travelling with Air India and booking ticket through goibibo was a big hassle.Initially after booking the ticket for my mom I had made the request for wheel Chair which they told me that the request had been initiated with airlines and also after getting the boarding ticket from Toronto Pearson Airport for Toronto –London- Delhi- Kolkata they told that the baggage will be collected in Kolkata Airport.

In Delhi first of all Wheel chair was not provided and later she found out that the luggage was to be collected. What if she walked out of the Airport without luggage? And how did you expect her to carry her luggage when she cannot even walk properly.

She somehow managed to call me in a panic situation and not knowing what to do as no one was being co-operative. I called Air India office and was given excuse. I wanted to talk to Manger but was put on hold with no sign.

How do you expect us to send our parents relying on Airline which is not trustworthy. I would like you to look into this matter seriously as many parents travel frequently to meet their family as their loved ones cannot accompany every time.

I would appreciated if you look into this matter seriously and compensate Mom for unnecessary trouble.
Amit Hasnani
Jun 22, 2017

Pathetic Services - Urgent

Such a a Pathetic website,, Goibibo people are a big fraud they actually cheat customers by confirming their Hotel booking ..I booked a Hotel from Goibibo ..Hotels name is Shri Balaji International, Vellore. Hotel booking is confirmed ..Booking Id- HTLQ7N86Y8..I had called them to my surprise i came to know that my booking has been cancelled reason being the Hotel rooms are full.. I have done the booking in this Hotel reason being My brothers Admission is to be done in VIT, Vellore and i needed a close accommodation so that it can be easy for me to go the institute for admission.. Now its been 2 days there is no reply from Goibibo people..they are saying that we will be providing you with alternative accommodation but u people are still looking for alternate accommodation .. What kind of services are you providing ..Your cheating the customers by confirming their booking and later cancelling them.. I have heard this lately from many of my friends and i still had trust in you reason being i book flights from your website and i am a regular customer and keep making flight bookings from your website..Dint expect such a pathetic services for Hotels.. U people are actually cheating customers.. I am a lawyer i am actually going to take you to the court and sue u people if immediate action is not taken ASAP from your side. People ple
Nilanjona habisyasi
Jun 22, 2017

About hotel

Goibibo is just bekar, dabba n useless..... I booked my room on 21st for 22nd of June n my money was deducted n the room was booked for which I got the confirmation email also. But on the next day during checkin the hotel refused to accept my booking as the room was already booked against someone..... Goibibo just didn't update the fact that the room was already engaged bt charged money from me...... After long arguments with goibibo agent, he gave offered me another hotel which was just too bad with the worst room with so much money charged from me.......
Goibibo is just hell to deal with....
Jun 18, 2017

Lack of apathy and responsiveness

I have booked three tickets from Bhubaneswar to London Heathrow airport through GoIbibo website as one combined package. The first domestic flight BBSR->Blore was delayed, so Flight Blore->Doha->London (two flights of Qatar AIrlines) was missed. Result: Immediately booking THREE tickets one way from Blore->Delhi->London costing 94000INR + loss of initial flight booked (approximately 50000INR). Insurance company says travel insurance is valid if passengers are outside the domicile country which clearly is not suiting as passengers were still within India. Neither Goibibo nor Indigo are bearing any loss to this huge financial loss for a middle class family like ours. My family went through a lot of mental trauma - Flight laded in hyd->blore->delhi and the london and all late night with my mother who is a very senior in age and my small niece of 9years. How can Goibibo through which I booked this package not at all respond to our plight? A strict action needs to be taken against Goibibo and/or Indogo airlines for this sheer lack of apathy for passengers.

Lack of apathy and responsiveness

May 20, 2017

GO cash Fraud

Go cash can be used for any booking upto 8% or 750 whichever is lower. But when I tried to book, they said Go cash cannot be used for my booking as it is a internal condition that it cannot be used for few airlines. It is no where mentioned in the terms and conditions. Request you not to get fooled by the misleading advertisements and fraudulent offers.
Mar 22, 2017

Money not transfered to my account

I requested Goibibo representative to refund my amount of Rs 5481 to my recharge Account on 8TH of March 2017. i was informed that it will be done in 8 to 10 days. SR No 1046664 registered . after that i rised couple of times the request for the same till now refund has not been done. iam just getting only default mailers but no resolution...

Money not transfered to my account

Puneet Dhawan
Feb 28, 2017

Combo (hotel+flight) is a trick

Check there refund policy before buying hotel+ flight combo. They only return 5% even for fully refundable hotel and flight options. In return they give you a minor discount. Do not fall for there tricks. Once you book from them you are stuck. Believe me that small discount they give is useless and will back fire if you have to re-schedule even for refundable flights/hotels.
Booking Id: GOPKG51F9B1487330508
Intzar Ahmad
Feb 12, 2017

My money is not transfer

My money is not transfer not my bank
Feb 3, 2017

Amount not refunded

I made booking for houseboat,,and they debit 3005 Rs. for that,but after deduction they did not confirm the booking and suddenly price increased,,,they are fraud,,,,,,cheater,,,,,Mr. Deepak,,,,floor supervisor Ms. Pooja,,,,Mr. Bhanu,,,,and many more wasted my entire day and at the end Mr. Anshul denied that they are helpless they can not do anything in my fevour,,,,,,,,,I would request everyone,,,Dont trust on goibibo ..................the best fraud company ever.
Varun khare
Jan 20, 2017

Misleading regarding bookin

I have made my booking on 11th Jan in Sairaj guest house,Goa. Two days later, I was told about cancellation of my booking by Go Ibibo and asked to go for guest house far from beach and inferior in quality.
Since that day, I have been pursuing go Ibibo on daily basis where customer support are only giving fake assurance and about responding to my request on later date. They are least bothered about reverting to my request. It's only after 5 days, I will reach Goa with no booking as of now. They have already taken the tariff in advance. I have no idea about how useful this platform would be and I am bound to make efforts to fix my issues.
My booking ID is HTLYHQ6pDz
Vrushali Mane
Jan 15, 2017

Refund of ticket to Amritsar from Mumabai

I have booked a Mumbai to Amritsar Ticket on 15th January 2017. I have to go to Amritsar on 21st March 2017 and Return to Mumbai on 31st March 2017. By mistake I booked the ticket for 31st March 2017. This is a genuine mistake and Goibibo is providing me NO REFUND, instead they want to charge me 4000 for the cancellation or rescheduling of my ticket. Then I called the customer care and that guy put me on hold for more than 10 mins. He was talking in a sleepy voice and was not solving my query. This is no way you treat your customer.
Jan 13, 2017

Payment failed and still not returned after 35 days

I have done two payments through my Sbi debit card net banking to goibibo of 1240Rs and 1140rs on 08/Dec/2016 while booking bus ticket from Delhi to Kanpur . In this process the payment of 1240 was dropped as told to me by customer care of goibibo and Ticket was not done so I booked another ticket of 1140 rs which was successful. So I should be returned my amount of 1240 as also confirmed by their officials.
But after repeated and continuous conversation between goibibo and me throughout the month they are continuously denying and telling me that your payment has returned to your bank so talk to bank and I have filed complaint in bank also two times they had closed my complaint both times after saying that your payment was successful and reached to the merchant. Neither of these is returning my money.
So please resolve my issue . I am here attaching my bank whole month statement of transaction
My email id is [email protected]
Mobile no 9540249072

Payment failed and still  not returned after 35 days

Jan 12, 2017

did not get my refund amount as the trip was cancelled by operator itself

finally i got my refund balance today....thanks a lot

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