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Consumer complaints and reviews about GoIbibo

Jan 20, 2016

Hotel Booking

- 07 Jan - I booked a hotel in Goa successfully through GOIBIBO for 23 Jan
- 15 Jan - Hotelier call me and asks to Cancel the booking. He reports an issue with hotel's electricity. I raise a request with goibibo-customer-care
- 16 Jan - I am given assurance of an UPGRADED alternate accommodation in an or Cash back by GOIBIBO, I opt for alternate accommodation. GOIBIBO executive asks for 24 hours.
- 17 Jan - GOIBIBO executive calls in morning and asks for 30 minutes to arrange alternate, and never turns back. I call back in evening for an update. GOIBIBO executive asks for 24 hours
- 18 Jan - I call back GOIBIBO, they ask for more time and keep forwarding my call. I am promised of a solution in 24 hours
- 19 Jan - I call multiple times, GOIBIBO executive say they are working on the case. Put me on hold for really long intervals. GOIBIBO executive guarantees a solution in the next day morning.
- 20 Jan - I call up in the morning, afternoon, evening. In evening GOIBIBO executive say they can only find one hotel in Goa near the location I requested. I denied that offer, as I din't like the hotel. (It was a DEGRADED one. The one I initially booked was 3 star)
- Still awaiting solution after 5 days of logging the request, numerous follow ups and false assurances

I din't expect holiday planning to be such a shitty business. All credits to GoIBIBO.
Jan 13, 2016

Cancellation didn't reflect in Goibibo system

Goibibo complaint # 956815
I cancelled a ticket from goibibo site. I didn't get any confirmation mail/SMS. When retried, it was not allowed. Couldn't spend more time at that time. This did not reflect in their system. So, no refund received. When raised complaint, goibibo support team asked for evidence. Now, as it is goibibo's failure, I couldn't provide any evidence. Goibibo claimed to check system data. However, no trace of cancellation found. Clearly, a false claim. So, take screenshot for each step you take for goibibo transaction or simply avoid it.
Jan 5, 2016

Shower of Bast*rds

As subject states: they're a complete shower of Bast*rds.

They cheat you in ways in a very crooked way. Not explicit in what the cancellation rules, charges are, and what they mean exaclty by GET2000GC. It doesn't mean that you can get Rs 2000 off your next purchase with them. Its only 5% of the 2000 cash back that you can use for your next purchase with them.

from my experience, my advice would be - take you business elsewhere. The airline itself is the best option i think. No f*cking hassle of this sort.

The amount of time i have lost is what really riles me up, going behind one of their 'offers'.

Never again will i go anywhere near go ibimbo.
Brajesh Kumar86
Jan 5, 2016

Goibibo making fool to customer

Please never-never-never go through Goibibo even they provide you some best offer. They are making fool to customer. I faced two time very bad experience with Goibibo. I booked a Hotel through Goibibo, but when i went to Hotel for Check in they (Hotel Executive/Manager) ignored for the booking & also replied we are not working with Goibibo, even if their Customer Care (Goibibo) had confirmed the booking & timing.

I have recorded voice of Hotel manager & Goibibo executive conversation as a proof. So please be aware of Goibibo.
Dec 31, 2015

Horrible Customer service

I have booked 2 rooms at a hotel in Munnar through goibibo 3 month prior to my trip. When I have reached the place on 25th dec 2015 I was informed that I could not check in as previous payments from goibibo are pending for the hotel. I kept calling the customer care for more than 5 hours and during the start of every call I had to tell the customer care executive regarding the issue. They would assure me that they would book the hotel and get back to me. That never happened and after that for the last time I made a call and informed them that I am going to proceed legally. After that they have accommodated us in a hotel for that day and the for next day they did not book a hotel. I kept calling them from 9 in the morning. At around 8:30 pm I was informed that 2 rooms were booked at an other hotel. After reaching the hotel we came to know that no rooms were booked. We had to pay thrice the normal price to get a room at that time as the customer care guys did not respond again. After raising a concern i got a call from their customer care and was telling me that I have not confirmed booking for that hotel as they have called the number mentioned during my booking. I was in a hill station and I was getting signals for my number. They could have at least dropped a mail. If the only problem was my confirmation, I have called them again after they tried calling me. They have said that hotel was booked. Without a confirmation from me I don't know how they have informed me regarding the booking. Please avoid using goibibo. If an issue arises they would not even consider solving it. They really does not care about the customer. Worst customer service I have ever experienced.
Dec 29, 2015

Not getting my refund which was deducted due to technicial error


I was booking a ticket from Bangalore to Chennai on 25th, I added my card details the amount was deducted and the ticket was not booked.

I am trying to call customer care they are not answering properly, If I keep on calling them its coming on busy tone.
Dec 24, 2015

Stole money and bad customer service

PLEASE DO NOT USE THE APP goibibo.com!!! They are liars and cheaters who have stolen 27,000 rupees from us. We paid them to book a hotel in Goa for us but discovered that nothing was booked when we called the hotel ourselves to check on booking confirmation. No one is helping or resolving this issue for us. The worst customer service we have ever experienced as well so we may be left with no other options except to get lawyers involved. I hope others learn from our experience and don't use them. Hope this helps for future users.
Dec 19, 2015

Never buy from goibibo

I bought online ticket because they said i will get a cash back of Rs 2000. During they not mentioned the term and condition clearly. After booking ticket i learnt that i will not get cash back but i will get money in goibibo vallet . When i asked to customer care about it and asked that why they are not mentioning the term at the time of booking . Their answer was funny..He said because of space limitation they are unable to write term condition. I suggest everybody to "Never buy from goibibo"
Dec 10, 2015

No lowest price guarantee

I booked thru goibibo made the payment seeing the Lowest price guarantee thing
Later I checked thru Makemytip there was a diference of 5k !!!!!
And wen I sed these people they played email games and later rejected paying the diference sayin this amount had a voucher then I sent them another screenshot without any voucher but still inspite of the diference They dint do anything
Makemytip is the best
As a proof I have attached 3 pics
2 of Makemytip with and without vouchers
1of goibibo which I have paid already

Dec 3, 2015

No ticket no refund

Booked air asia flight jaipur to pune on 19 nov. Goibibo messaged that ticket will sent via mail within half an hour..15 days have passed and there are no refunds and no tickets received but only a message after 24 hrs that it is under process..even hdfc promo code was used during booking. Bank says money already withdrawn and they will also initiate action....plus respond
Ranjeet K. Gupta
Nov 10, 2015

Making false commitments- goibibo

GOIBIBO has made false committment on their website. I booked a bus going to Gorakhpur from Delhi showing it will reach the destination in 12 hours. However, its been one hour the bus has not arrived at the boarding point. Yet I paid 1850 for a single seat and there is no sincerity about reaching the boarding point at the time given. I want my full money to get refunded or else I ll be going consumer court for all the false committments made. This is highly irresponsible behaviour from goibibo. My contact no. 9540657593. Email id : [email protected]
nilesh kumar 421
Oct 19, 2015

not refunding

Never use ibibo website for flight booking. In case of cancellation they will make u cry to get refund.
Oct 16, 2015

Useless and time waste website

GOIBIBO is totally useless and time waste website, I have been trying from past five days and 20 to 30 times every day to book Flight+Hotel from New delhi to goa. Every time i tried to make payment its redirecting to search page back again. They will show you attractive prices so do not waste time on finding best price for you because at the payment will not be processed. I called their customer care also they said every thing is ok from our end and if there is any kind of issue we will fix it within 12 hours but i have been trying since past 5 days nothing is fixed even i have tried using different computers and devices same problem exists. So its totally wastage of this. While wasting time with these people that flight prices gone up and now i am booking using make my trip far better website but i have to pay 7000 extra just because of goibibo.

Useless and time waste website

Oct 5, 2015

Goibibo Not refunding flight fare after some technical error from their side

I tried to book a flight from Bangalore to Patna via Kolkata 3 months back. But due to some technical error the flight was not booked and amount was deducted from my credit card. Since then I have been trying to get it refunded. I have called the customer care almost trice a week. They will either say that our system is not working due to technical error on sever side or they will say that I will be getting the refund coming Tuesday/Wednesday, but that day has never come. I think that there is a sever technical issue with the Goibibo website and database/server due to which there is frequent error in booking and also customer care people are not able to respond us correctly and on time. Most of the time they end up saying please call us after sometime as we are not able to fetch your data.
So, please avoid booking through Goibibo website better to go for booking from respective airways website. You may get some discounts over Goibibo and think its cheaper but one day it will cost you much more than all the discounts you might have got till date and then you will curse them. So, better to take precaution than to go for cure (which I am trying).
In my advice just STOP booking through Goibibo.
Sep 29, 2015

Company Not Refunding the money despite cancellation

I did a hotel booking for 2nd oct and cancelled it the very next day. As per the policy I was supposed to get the entire money refunded as I did the cancellation before 26th sept. I have asked GoIbibo for the refunds and I didnt get any confirmation about the refund. They have been asking about bank statements and all, which I provided. The hotel in which I did the booking also confirmed to GoIbibo that they have received the money. They did the cancellation after me asking them multiple times. But I dont see any progress on the side of the refunds. Every time a new customer support person responds to the mails and starts the story from the beginning do i want the cancellation , which is already done. It has now been upto 2 weeks and still everyday I get a mails from a new support guy who is confirming about the cancellation.
Sep 28, 2015

Refund for the cancelled tickets

Dear Sir/ Madam,
We were forced to cancel our Bookings CKAWZP & C3HTXY with Indigo due to rescheduling of the Jet Airways flight from Patna to Kolkata from 8.0pm to 8.0AM where as our Delhi -Patna Flight was reaching Patna round 3.0pm.
At is > 7-10 days but still we not heard for the refund as we already cancelled the flights with the Airlines & they informed Goibibo will refund the money to you. JetAirways even confirmed they will refund 100% as flight was reschedule.
Even we sent request to Goibibo via Website & email but still no reply. Booking codes CKAWZP & C3HTXY.

This si how these companies make profit & keep money of customers.
Sep 16, 2015

Not getting refund on hotel booking.

We have too booking for 2-3, 3-4 october 2015 with booking ids HTLMM699YK, HTLRU7A6NM. Need to cancel them as we are not qualified to be family, just a group of friends. Kind of shocking when goibibo denied the refund request. Hotel cancellation policy shows it can be done but it is not, even if we are only concerned to goibibo related to booking. This is just distasteful and complete unfavourable in this case. Find it if useful, you suck.
mithilesh dashora
Sep 13, 2015

Not got refund of my cancelled flight via goibibo

I have booked my flight via Indigo from Srinagar to Indore on 07/08/2015. I have cancelled this flight on 29th august. Till 14th September I did not got my refund. I called to airline they told they had transferred amount on 30th august itself. I had made several complaint to goibibo but they are not replying. I think some thing wrong is going on with goibibo.
Sep 13, 2015

Refund Not Processed

I booked a flight ticket through Goibibo for Feb. 16 (PNR-G8ZYHV) which was cancelled by AirAsia & accordingly Air Asia has refunded the whole amount to Goibibo but even after more than 7 months, I have not received my refund from Goibibo. I have called them more than 20 times but whomsoever picked the call, only promised me to call me back in next 48 hours and my money will be refunded back to me in next 4-5 days, but nothing happens. They dont respond to emails as well.

Not sure, how to get back my hard earned money from them.

Preeti Shah
Sep 9, 2015

Very unpleasant journey

Yesterday on 8th I travelled from kolkatta to ahmedabad at 4.55 with my husband, but from take off to landing I found the journey very unpleasant. And the pilot's announcement was not at all clear as if he is talking to some one.pl look in this matter.
Aug 11, 2015

Ticket not booked but money deducted

Dear goibibo
I had booked a ticket on 30 July 2015. My balance was deducted but I did not receive the confirmation mail neither a message. The payment was done through credit card.email ID is [email protected] And mobile number given was 9975094365. I only got the message that my amount was deducted at GOIBIBO60179. It's been almost 3 weeks my balance wasn't refunded. Kindly help me with the same.
Thank you
Jenifer Viegas
Jul 8, 2015

Unethical working

Dear reader,

Please AVOID from using Goibibo for your flight booking. The portal MISINFORMS its customers and displays price that is much lower than the actual airline's current rates. Post refresh, it says that the displayed amount has been calibrated to the actually price, and then proceeds to the payment. Until here, it is fair! Then, after payment has gone through and the money is out of your account, Goibibo customer service calls to inform that there is again a price change and that I have 2 options:
1. Refund (that will take 3-5 working days to return)
2. Pay the change of fare

Now, what is wrong here is that: Once Goibibo takes the money out of your account at a particular fare, it cannot come back to inform that there is a change in fare (even if that is with a "refund" option). Had that refund been "immediate" - it is a different story! Whether it is Goibibo's timeline or the bank's - My money wont come to me until 3-5 working days! That's unethical way to run a business! Moreover, I rechecked the same bookings after 20 hours - and it still showed me the wrong fares.

This shows that Goibibo has all the intentions to fool the customer by low prices and then take the extra amount later, under the term "some issue at the back end and there is a change fare"

Upon raising concerns, I was contacted by 2 representatives (both not helpful at all even though the email address read [email protected]) - each explaining the same story over and over again! There are in all 1 phone conversation and 4 emails explaining the same story (along with proofs/snapshots). However, end result was that: I am at fault, since I was offered refund but not take it! My issue: Don't offer a refund, inform people of the exact fare before you charge them!
Jun 14, 2015

i want to reschedule return flight ticket 21.07.2015 in place of 20.07.2015

Dear Sir,

I want to reschedule my flight ticket 21.07.2015 in place of 20.07.2015. (PNR-B51CPS)
Jun 14, 2015

i want to reschedule return flight ticket 21.07.2015 in place of 20.07.2015

Dear Sir,

Presently i want to reschdule my return ticket from kolkata to agartala, (ticket PNR no:- B51CPS).date is 21.07.2015 in place of 20.07.2015.

pLease do the need ful.


Jun 12, 2015

Wrong Travel Date on Airticket

On 3 Jun 2015, I booked a BLR-BOM flight onon SpiceJet through Goibibo online. I selected flight departure date as 20 Jun 2015. When Goibibo sent me the e-ticket, the departure date was 22 Jun 2015. Immediately, I reported the error through their website. They insisted that I had selected Departure Date as 22 Jun 2015. I went to the cache of my browser to retrieve the link of my booking. The link clearly shows that II selected 20 Jun 2015 as my departure date. I sent them screenshots from my PC. However they insisted that I selected 22 Jun 2015 as departure date. After several emails, on 9 Jun 2015, I received an email informing me that my .ticket number  is #433591 and that they are working on my query and would revert to me within 24 hours with an updated status/resolution. It has been 3 days and I have not heard from them. It appears Goibibo has no intention of honouring their word and are not interested in resolving their mistake.

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