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Government of West Bengal.

West Bengal

Consumer complaints and reviews about Government of West Bengal.

Apr 28, 2017

Wb e district site problem

Your government official west bengal e district is always having server problem. Probably you all are do nothing. Just have a look at other state governments official e district site. They all works greatly . But what to say that our site wb e district site having poor , cheap and trouble giving servers. W.B edistrict 's official site always log out immediately. It gives too much troubles. So kindly fix it up. And set up some good servers for WB EDISTRICT official site.
Apr 28, 2017

Wb e district site problem

Your government official west bengal e district is always having server problem. Probably you all are do nothing. Just have a look at other state governments official e district site. They all works greatly . But what to say that our site wb e district site having poor , cheap and trouble giving servers. W.B edistrict 's official site always log out immediately. It gives too much troubles. So kindly fix it up. And set up some good servers for WB EDISTRICT official site.
Apr 18, 2017

sir their is very bad conditions of school in our locality the teachers are always came late they can't teach the student as like a teacher

I would like to request you sir take immediately action otherwise the student of this village can't read anymore
Feb 27, 2017

unnecessary harassment and arrogant behabiour

Ref. Assessee No 411290500027 , Ward No 129
Dear Madam, I sent a letter of compliance with all documents dated on 18.02.2017 through speed Post on 19.02.2017
wherein I had describe in Details above the harassment and arrogant of Inspector word No 129 of KMC ,1No Taratala Road,to me when I inquired about the progress of the mutation and separation of Municipal Premises No 2,Maharani Indira Devi Road Kol-60.
when Two Inspection has already made by the Previous Inspector -Sri Ashim Biswas (now promoted) along with Mr. Pakhira -Manager(Ward No 129) on two different occasions.
Madam I have not yet received certificate of mutation /separation applied for when all conditions are satisfactory submitted as per their requirements after inspection of the above premises of 2/1 M.I.Devi road ,Behala ,Kol-60
There are huge arr ear Taxes are pending sense the First Qtr. of 1995-1996 till date ,I am regularly part of it as per bill of KMC sent to me .
Now I am 81 Years Old and worrier man of arrear taxes /dues of KMC against the said Property and Kindly intervene from saving me from financial worries.
with due regards ,
your obediently
Tapendra Nasth Lahiry
Address: 3/1 Maharani Indira Devi Road.
Behala-Kolkata -700 060 ,
Phone :-9830440028
Email address: Tapentn_lahiry@rediffmail.com
Jan 27, 2017




Jan 11, 2017

Sacked from my Job at North Bengal ST. Xavier College

The Honorable CM (Mamata Banerjee).
Kolkata Writers Building.

Respected Madam ,
With due respect and humble submission of this application I regret to inform you that I am being sacked from my Job at North Bengal ST. Xavier College Rajganj Jailpaiguri out of assistant Librarian post.

Madam, I am working with this College since 2008 from the very beginning at the time of establishment of this college. I worked very hard from the Initial stage to form and Setup this College Library up to the Bench Mark. Today’s well systematize Library display my hard working and continuous labor skills.

I shocked when I had been called by Principal Mr. Victor on 05-Oct-2016 and sudden he told me directly that you are no longer with this organization and your contract will not be renewed .so no need to come from next day without any proper justifiable reason.

Thanks & Regards

Najima khatun

Bagdogra .Dist-Darjeeling PIN-734014

Biman Roy 123
Jan 3, 2017

Non Obeying of Hob'ble High Court Order of WB

High Court Order dated 08.09.16 not obeyed by the Panihati Muncipality even after given repeated remider.
Pramod Tiwari
Jan 1, 2017

Illegal occupancy of school premises

Hon'ble Chief minister
Govt of WestBengal
Respected Madam,
Rishra vidyapith is a govt aided school at 22 Gandhi sarak Rishra Hooghly. The school premises was donated by a trust.Later on when trust became weak some outsiders occupied the school premises and are residing here.Due to such illegal occupancy the school gates remain open through out day and night as a result there is security problem in the school.Few months back when school authority tried to make dining Hall for mid day meal takers of the school but these illegal occupants created hindrances as a result the dining hall could not be made.The students of this school are forced to take meal in open,situation becomes pathetic during rainy season.The school authority have informed every concerned authorities in administration including DI of schools, DM,SDO,MLa, MP Chairman of Rishra Municipality but nothing has been done to solve the problem.The trust body has also written to the municipality for demolition of the building in which these illegal occupants are residing but municipality have not taken any action. In light of this I on behalf of school request your good self to help us in evacuation of such illegal occupants.
With regards
Yours faithfully
Rishra vidyapith
Sunanda Majumder
Dec 11, 2016

Road Block

The Honb'le Chief Minister of West Bengal

Respected Madam,
Here in palpara west, post office Chakdah in word number 2 In front Road of my house is blocked by my neighbors. They are make the area dirty by putting garbage in the Road for just blocked the Road. I would be much obliged if you could sort out this problem of us. And very first I and behalf of everyone of our society congratulate you and ur fellow members of your party for the great victory in election.
Please Madam make a arrangements to short out the problem.
Thank you
With regard's
Mr. S. Majumder
email Sunandamajumder143@gmail.com
Tushar Roy chowdhury
Nov 28, 2016

High Traffic at Airport

Nowadays, the lorries and trucks are allowed inside the

city after 8 or 9 PM in the night. However this concerns

the people who works in the private sector and the people

work late. Generally their shifts starts from afternoon

and end by 11 PM ( or some extends to midnight also).
Due to this heavy traffic and jams, it takes almost 4

times the time, it takes to reach home.

The bridge towards Beghoria Expressway doesnot allow

heavy vehicles (lorry/truck) coming from Birati side to

take the bridge and the trucks generally takes a U-turn

from 3 no. Airport Gate, causing the jam to extend beyond

Haldiram and Chiner Park.
This also sometimes causes some VIP persons to miss their


Please take some corrective action to prevent hazard of

millions of people returning their home after their

hectic schedule.
Please allow lorry/truck(heavy vehicles) to enter city

after 00:00 hrs until some measures being taken to

rectify the bridge and allow heavy vehicles to take the

Belghoria expressway through the bridge.

Raising pain for millions to daily passengers who returns

home during this time from office or any other work.

Hope my urge would be taken care.

Thanks and Regards
Nov 15, 2016

Delay in pvr

I'm prakash pashi, from habibpur,ranaghat,nadia.
I would like to inform you that I have been selected for the post of Machinist at metal and steel factory,Ishapore.
A Police verification Form has been send to DM Office,Krishnagar,nadia by the factory. After completing the formalities,DIB,Krishnagar send the PVR letter (memo no 630) to the IB,W.B on dated 30/06/2016.But till date my pvr is stacked up there. I was trying to communicate with IB ,W.B,but the gate man did'nt allow me.
I,therefore request you very kindly to take action for completing PVR as your earliest possible.
Prakash pashi
Chaitali Bodhak
Oct 22, 2016

Pond closed

Dear sir/ madam,

There is pond in Biradingi (50 no. Ward). Recently some people want to close the pond by adding garbage garbage in it. Please save the pond and save the water animals living in it.

I am sure you must take action against the closing of the pond and save it.

Thanking you,
Chaitali Bodhak
Sep 21, 2016

Regarding Birth Certification Verification From Regional Passport Office

It is informing that my wife have applied passport (File No CA206937996116) and Regional Passport Office have send Birth Certification verification to BDO office But verification from BDO office is not communicating properly by Post or Official Email ID .BDO office have sent verification from gmail Id and Passport office is saying communication through gmail ID is not official communication so they are not accepting email form Gmail Id.

We have visited BDO office 8-10 times but they are not taking proper action and it is pending more than 2 month in BDO office.So I am requesting you to take proper action so that BDO office send Birth Certification by proper official communication(By Post/Official email Id).

BDO Office Address: BUNDWAN BDO, Purulia, West Bengal
Sep 12, 2016

can't get electricity to wbsedcl from 7th month

Dear sir & madam, i was summit electricity survey document with paid quotation amount to get new electricity connections at 22th march 2016, but I can't get electricity connection I went many time to discussion when get the connection, they can't giving me right information, sir I am very tired to go their office many time, and please help to get the electricity connection from wbcedcl my customers if is 201991748
Aug 12, 2016

Complaint for Open SafetyTank, WaterWastage &WaterTank Non cleaniness

For last 10 years we are facing the problem from our family relatives. My uncles are not participating in cleaning the common WATER TANK and fixing the OPEN SAFETY TANK and WASTAGE OF EXCESS WATER LEAKING FROM COMMON WATER TANK and CLEANING of the same.
This is leading to unhealthy and unhygienic atmosphere, birth of Dengue mosquito etc. which is leading my 3.5 yrs daughter life at risk.
I have requested them several time for fixing this but they don't want to fix this as they want us to leave the house hence I am raising my voice I want a solution to leave healthy on my own legal property.
So I need your help and guidance in getting the matter resolved.

Sanchita Saha
1/2 North Road Jadavpur Kolkata -700032
Aug 10, 2016

Birth cirtificate issue.

Hi Sir,

Myself Dinesh Das. My address- vill- sankijahan, p.o- gopalgunj hat, p.s- kultali, dist- south 24 Parganas(W.B).

I have been applied for my birth certificate since 1year ago and I have been completed all the formalities.
I was also talk to BDO officer who is handle for birth certificate issue and flow all the instruction. And finally
talk to gram panchayet officer and also flow all formalities. But still I am waiting for the result. I knock every and each time for the same but they ignore and gave me another date. I totally fed-up to flow-up. please suggest what I am do now.

Waiting for your response, My email id- dasdinesh19911@gmail.com
Aug 5, 2016

Land illegal occupying & making constructions

In Mouza Bagdanga, PS- Suti, Block-Ahiron, Sub-Division – Jangipur, Plot-215, Area – 10.05 Satak under Nurpur Gram Panchayet As Viti attached Road having good frontage, an illegal Constructions of Water Overhead Reserver Constructions been going on. The PHE Division Berhampore, Murshidabad district with some of the Office Staff the constructions Company going on working from since 2010 June Onwards. As I had not agreed to with their payment illegal policy. They are in of like the Taliban’s Working that No Indian law is Over to restrict them to stop from the constructions work. The Local Honible Jangipur Court Stay Order Injunction Violated, Then The Honible Calcutta High Court Stay Injunction Order also Violated. Then to Which Court or to whose Order will the Officers Including the Constructions Company Will Obey. Local PS Including the SP of Murshidabad with written Information given several times letter to stop the constructions Work, But no movement or any actions been taken till todays (05/08/2016) date. My request is Only that to now release the land in of Vacant position to me or Else pay the Current market fair price which the DSR – II Berhampore , Murshidabad Query No.:008978/2013 Query date 11/12/2013 of Rs = 29,92,500 /- for Area 10.05 Satak Value given to me. Today’s date (05/08/2016) Honible High Court Calcutta been giving order also to vacant the illegal occupying Government Land today 05th August 2016, Then why to public Land the order been not issued for to make Vacant. I hope the order Of Honible High Court Calcutta Honible Judge Should give Fair & Same order for the Public land interest also. As we are from the by birth as Indian.
WEST BENGAL – 742101
MOBILE – 9434364035
Email Id : tapasroy.tax@gmail.com
Jul 13, 2016

Complain against alcohol and Ganga smoker in my house 5/ 1/A Madhugupta lane Kolkata -12

The Chief minister
West Bengal

Subject: - Complain against alcohol and Ganga smoker in my house 5/ 1/A Madhugupta lane Kolkata -12

Respected Sir,

I Sri Kumaresh Mukherjee 80years old edged man leave with my wife who’s age 72years in my 44/B Bachu Chatterjee street house. I have a another house in 5/1/A Madhuguptalane ,Kolkata – 12 This house totally are rented . All the house r rented by difference two mess .
From last few month I have facing a big problem with my( 5/1/A Madhugupta lane , kol-12 house . The problem is few local antisocial are geadaring in my 5/1/A Madhu Gupta Lane ,kol-12 .house from first morning 6 O’clock to late night 12 O’clock. They are continuously smoking Ganga and drinking alcohol for hole day . And the gedaring is minimum to minimum 25-35 boys ,from few of them name is -1)Sonai 2) Shankar 3) Bishal 4)Bappa 5)Babu 6)Babusona and many more , some times the mobs are gadering with arms (like Revolver ,Bombs). My tenant are suffering with danger per day of life .
They are starting to threat my tenant for regular wise .and the leader of this mobs is Sonai.

I have complained several time over phone to the Muchipara Police station but there doing nothing .that’s why I have sending this complain to you ,

So , Please do the needful as early as passable to protect my tenant .

Yours Faithfully
Kumaresh Mukherjee
Anjana Mukherjee (Wife)
Mobile- 9836991575
E-mail ID –kumareshmukherjee603@gmail.com
44/B Bachu Chatterjee Street
Jul 12, 2016

Complain against the municipal councillor and also against the TMC followers

The Honb'le Chief Minister of West Bengal

I am a student. I have a complaint against the ward councillor and TMC followers to you that they are creating pressure on ordinary people and demanding huge amount of money as donations. Even if one is unable to pay, they are forcing to do so anyhow. My family has recently faced this problem and has compelled to fulfill their demand beyond their abilities. Please do the needful. I am expecting that you will positively look in to the matter. If you look into this undesirable matter, I will be highly obliged to you. This is not only the problem of my locality, but also the matter everywhere in our district, most probably all over the West Bengal. I am awaiting for your kind intervention.

Thanking you.


A ordaniry resident of your state
May 26, 2016

Chaos during durgaotsav in lane

Respected mam,
I Rahul Das, care of Pradip Kumar Das, resides in 12/1, Harish Sikdar Path, Kolkata- 700012. I have made an attempt to inform you that beside our lane, there is a Puja mandap for Durgaotsav, ADHIBASIBRINDA DURGAOTSAV. Each year they make a chaos over the lane, which is very troublesome for me, my family, and people of our lane. They start their constructing work for panda before 2 to 3 months early from the actual festival date and make the whole lane dirty, filthy, overflowing with mud, closes every points of trespassing. I have asked them to clear up some space for people to walk through it, but they are least bothered.
I would be much obliged if you could sort out this problem of us. And very first I and behalf of everyone of our society congratulate you and ur fellow members of your party for the great victory in election.
Thank You
Rahul Das
26th May 2016
Manjit Singh
Apr 25, 2016

wastage of water

Respected Sir/Madam,
I'm an ordinary citizen of yours, mine and other peoples beloved city Kolkata, West Bengal. And just like an ordinary citizen I too see wastage of needful water everywhere. There are a lot of other things to complain about but this is the most important of them all.
As you know people are dying due to lack of drinking water, Many of the states are suffering from drought, at many places people don't even get to drink proper water. But we are very much lucky to not be one of them. I went to take water from a nearby water Tank number-11(Sector-3, Salt lake, Kolkata). when I reached there I found that the tap wasn't closed and water was flowing continuously! But soon I found that there was NO TAP. It kind of broke my heart to see that. Numerous liters of water gets wasted there and that too just because there is no tap? It barely costs Rs. 100 or Rs 200 max for a tap. But when I discussed this with other people they said "leave it. nobody care". But I do. And that's why I'm writing this letter to you.
I plead you to just send someone to fix it up. It won't take much time just 30 minutes max. Please? You can save a million lives. I really hope it will be fixed soon.
Thanking you.
Yours Faithfully,
Ordinary Citizen of Kolkata
Sep 11, 2010

Final payment of G.P.F

I am Smt. Debi Rani Mondal, wife of late Dhirendra Nath Mondal, ex- Panchayat Development Officer under the B.D.O., Gosaba Development Block, Dist.- South 24 Parganas, state West Bengal, with effect from April’1982 to Feb.’1993 & from April’1997 to Jun’1999

I would like to inform you my husband died on 24.02.2008 but no sanction his final payment from G.P.F. .His GPF A/C No. AGRI/WB/38728. I am clamed & prayed his working office, District Magistrate, Panchayat &Rural Development Department, Honorable Chief Minister and Governor of Government of West Bengal, but no response to the effect came from offices. I am totally confused & harassment by the Government of West Bengal.

I request you kindly provision of my final payment from GPF and hope you will be sympathetic to me &my family in my absence.

Thinking you in anticipation & awaiting your favorable intervention.

Date: - 12-09-2010 yours faithfully
Debi Rani Mondal

W/o -Late Dhirendra nath mondal,
Dist.- South 24 Parganas,
Pin- 743611, WEST BENGAL

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