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Government veterinary hospital


Consumer complaints and reviews about Government veterinary hospital

Jun 4, 2021

Government vets being irresponsible

Kuzhalmannam - government vet here is worst ever. Even before corona treating any animals like untouchables. Never even examines any bird or animals. Just instructing compounder to see and give medicine . Especially for hen always giving one medicine which is not effective. We lost bunch of hens to bird flu this year.Not only that she is super rude too. Hope nobody has to go through
Apr 30, 2021

Damaged X-ray machine


I am a dog owner, to be precise I own a Labrador. Currently he is suffering from urinary infection so we need to get his X-ray done. We took him to Govt veterinary hospital, Hoshangabad, MP but they said that the machine is damaged since last 1 month and were really rude.
They should have been more responsible since it is a district level hospital. There irresponsible behavior really causes trouble for many people coming from nearby places.
Please someone look into the matter and get that machine started.

Thank you

Location : Govt veterinary hospital, Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh
Apr 1, 2021

Unavailability of doctor at veterinary hospital

There is only one govn. Veterinary clinic in the city and it opens only for 2 hours a day in morning.
Doctor doesn't pay attention to the pets in the hospital as he have it's own clinic at his home.
I don't have enough money to pay his private clinic expense s but I have to spent due to his negligent behavior in the government clinic
Feb 18, 2021

Dog died due to careless and irresponsible attitude of doctors

I visited the vet doctor conitously for 2 days but he didnt visited and when visited didnt looked after my dog. his condition was a bit normal but after the staff unknowingly gave injections to the dog its condition got worse and he died at last suffering a lot for two days.... I request to you to take a strong stand and transparently look into the matter and please make them realize their fault...
Thank you
Feb 10, 2021

Govt veterinary hospital

625556 waste in tamilnadu veterinary govt hospital .vaalga valamudan.solrathuku onnumillanga sir.sonnalum ketchum aagaporathilla
V narasimha
Jan 28, 2021

Worst vet in government veterinary

There is a worst treatment that the doctor was testing and treating the animals they won't have proper equipments and there is no useful staff in a hospital all members who are present are worst and useless. They are not at all eligible for this veterinary hospital anymore. There's no patience for the staff and they are only working for Money not to serve . It's better for the government to dismiss this useless staff and appoint some useful staff. No one knows anything in that veterinary.its waste of money for the government to giving job such a useless staff. This staff is just coming and singing there attendance and they just went off. Government should take serious action on this
Jan 9, 2021

My beloved pet dog died

Respect sir,
Here by i request you to take proper action over veterians at Navsari,Datej Polyclinic.During an operation on monday 5-1-2021 our pet was was operated and during operation artery was cut for which the reaonsible vet did not took care and witin 2 hours we lots our pet.
Please a request they are there to help not kill animals.
Dec 7, 2020

Bribe : charging for vaccination fee at a gov. veterinary hospital

As far as I know, a gov. veterinary hospital's fee for vaccination is upto 250 INR but the doctor charges more than 500 INR for every vaacination which is wrong. No one make complain against it I dnt understand these people seriously. Nor they guys (doctor & compounder) have any fear for any random audit (or I would say there is no audit ever happened).

The cost of vaccination outside is lesss than 200 INR and in a gov. hospital becomes more than 500 INR. HOWWWW?????

Just hoping these guys should be screwed and suspended for this illegal practice.
I see so many complains but no actions so far... seriously, this is what we talk about MERA INDIA.. bullshit!!


Hospital Address:
Government veterinary Hospital Vrindavan, Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh 281121
Landmark: Near Vrindavan Kotwali & Hazarimal Somani Inter College
Nov 29, 2020

No veterinary hospital in my village.

Deokuli dham
near baheri


Sub:- There are no goverment veterinary hospital in my village.
'sir I would like to express you that there are no goverment veterinary hospital in my village so some of the dogs,cows and other pet animals can not be easily treted so'
I request you to give the goverment veterinary hospital facilities in my village as soon as possible
I shall be very grateful to you for your kind consirderation.
Deokuli dham
Darbhanga Bihar
Sep 28, 2020

Complaint about improper Attendance and bad treatment

Respected authority,
Iam from pookkottum padam, Malapuram, kerala
and i am reporting a problem about our veterinary hospital in pookkottum padam we are in a big trouble. In our veterinary hospital there is no more fesilities and we having a bad docter who didn't know about giving medicines to animal's diseases and all peoples in our city have the same complaint and i have experienced it more and we all are scared to go to this veterinary hospital and my pet dog was died for treating badly and all are telling that the veterinary docter have no knowledge about treating animals and we all are seeking good hospital for our pets and i reminds you all about please don't kill our pet's
Shilna Padmarajan
Aug 24, 2020

Complaint against kannur District veterinary hospital kerala

Respected sir
In kannur District in kerala we have only one government veterinary hospital which has doctors and laboratory. I went to this hospital to consult for my badly sick cat who was affected by jaundice. There was only one doctor was available and there were many pet owners who came to show there pets. So many serious cases were also there, this lady doctor was running to each pets and she was not even having time to explain us what is the reason for this illness. More over in laboratory machine was not working so couldn't do the blood test on that day.They told us to come after two days though my cat was in severe condition I had only choice to wait for two days.This happened on a Saturday. As doctor asked me to come on next day also I again went on Sunday. There was another one doctor and one attender was there. There was no one to call the token. When we questioned attender about this he was yelling at us saying you can ask each other and find out who should go next. He was behaving like he is the chairman of that hospital. Immediately we left the hospital and consulted in a private clinic. Again Monday my father went to buy the lab test report. As he forgot to take the receipt I took the pic of the receipt and send him. When he showed this pics they were shouting at him saying that we need hard copy. They told that they didn't do the test because we didn't keep the receipt there, showing the pics my father asked them to do the test but they refused to do if they can't do their duty Why did they collect the blood and kept then? why we paid the bill then? Government institutions are to serve people but these people are so irresponsible and they are troubling the public. This is the situation of a district veterinary hospital. I hope government will take appropriate action against this.
Dhirender Rana
Jun 8, 2020

doctor refuse to see the cattle

Our three animal (2 buffalo and 1 cow) not getting into heat period .we went to the vetenary doctor and requested him to cone n see the animal but he simply refused and stared reading newspaper .This kind of behaviour is unacceptable and the tone he speak not good.please take action as soon as possible.
Apr 21, 2020

Absence of Doctor

Respected Authority,

We have a condition were the doctor will be always absent, Today i visited the vet hospital to treat my dogs ear, by seeing me coming to the hospital doctor with his compounder left saying we are getting a patient will leave soon(I heard the sayings of the doctor). I waited for half an hour and tried calling to the number and spoked to vet were as he spoke very rudly saying he will be back with in a hour were as the time i called was 12.30PM and vet hospital closes at 1.00 PM.

I hope strick action will be taken w.r.t vet timings
Apr 16, 2020

No doctors and compounder

Pannaikadu town panchayat had lots of animals but no doctors and compounder,so we're facing lot of issue and spending money for animals .. near by hospital 40 km ... doctors not working here... please appointment doctors and compounder..
Mar 7, 2020

Doctor not working properly

Respected sir,
There was a serious case of my small buffalo of 2 years. It was very healthy. But suddenly it fell on the floor and was not eating or drinking anything. I was suspected that may be snake would have bite her. I called Doctor. But he not even bothered to come home. After so many calls, he send compounder with some injection. I was telling please do something may be snake must have bite her. But he gave some injection of gems and went. Unfortunately he died within 1 hour. After she died her body turned blue, which shows some snake bite. Now, this is common sense. If some animal fall such way, it is sure some problem. Because of germs, no animal will fall like this.
The other part, I was ready to pay him anything he asked, as for me she was important. I was not even bothered if he asks for some extra money then his regular fees. But if doctors are so careless then what is the use of them?
Now, if doctors are so careless and compounders are treating then it is very serious issue. This is not first case, I have never seen doctor visiting any house. There is always compounder doing this job.
For all, buffalo died. But for me, I lost my family member. Please take this issue seriously, otherwise this will be repeated somewhere else. And please let doctor do his own job as he has to check animals and treat them, not compounder, I think for which he his paid from the Government.
I seen so many cases in my place, where some animal like cat, dog, cow, etc. were lost due to careless behaviour of doctors.
Bharath m 0571
Mar 1, 2020

Not responding

When we came to visit doctor.then one person was there filling adhar application form.he was not suppose to let us in the premises.and telling us to go out.what our concern is in veterinary hospital.the doctor is not present the the third person could not do any other work using the govt premises.the lady who looks after the hospital also was supporting the man who was inside.ao plz take an action on them.
Feb 22, 2020

Doctor doesn't work

Respective Sir,
Delhi ke dwarka me veterinary hospital me koi illaz nahi hota hai na hi koi medicine available hoti hai or dr bhi thk se illaj nahi krta.
[email protected]
Jun 16, 2019

Regarding medicine and fees charges

Veterinary doctor is charging amount for medicines in the hospital from people.

As per i concern there is no charges of medicine and doctor fees in government veterinary hospital but still doctor is charging heavy amount for medicine .

as we know that medicine stock is already available in the hospital provided by the government why is he referring to medical shop nor why is he taking amount from poor people.

though he is drawing handsome salary with secured government job and other government facilities. is someone there to look after these doctors.
50 Rupees is too much for a farmer/ poor people .

note : today they are also charge 10 Rs for the injection from me.
and still my pet is in the serious condition since last 6 days

Please do the needful for the same otherwise i have to take matter in to the consumer forum with reference of this complaint

Rashid Qureshi

S.No in Hospital register is 622

Hospital Address
Government veterinary Hospital
Near Azam Nagar, Bareilly ,Uttar Pradesh
[email protected]
Apr 22, 2019

Misbehaviour of doctor

My cow was sick and when I called the doctor, she didn't willing to come to our house. I call her 22nd Monday Morning. But she was not ready to come to treat my cow even after evening. She was not trying to even see that cow and told that it will not survive. she was not considered the cow as a living animal. I don't even understand how she behaves like a cruel to this poor animal.
Sep 12, 2018

No doctor available in Pettah

Total Four times I went to pettah veterinary hospital and all these days there were no doctor. Last 2 visits I called over phone and made sure that doctor is available and visited in 5 Minutes time. They said doctor went for a meeting. Don't know how he can attend these many meetings without even having an alternate doctor to take care of emergency cases. I challenge authority to have an uninformed visit to the centre and you will be able to find out what is happening in pettah veterinary hospital. Also request you to do the needful for making the hospital functionable.
Jun 25, 2018

No Veterinary Doctors

Respected Authority,
There are no veterinary doctors at all in wada. As this is a rural area we expect that there should be a government veterinary doctor atleast.As far as I know there isn't any doctor since more than 10 years. If any pet faces any problem, as there is no doctor, either an owner has to take a pet to thane or vasai virar etc which are far from their places. Avoidance to pet's problem leads to inconvenience or death. I request you to see to this problem and try to solve it asap.
Apr 3, 2018


Recently, I visited the hospital for treating my dog, as usual the doctor mentioned that these medicines are not supplied by the government hence he buys it from local medical stores hence charging for the same. This is not new every time we go to vetenary Hospital in Virajpet, they charge extra and always charge for the medicines, this is not acceptable , please take some action against these people.

All are involved, including the Doctor and his assistants charge without any hesitation, they just ask money upfront all the time.

Animal Owner.
Jan 21, 2018


Government Animal Hospital staff carelessness and Irresponsible behaviour towards animals is leading to increasing number of death cases found. Such increasing number of Animals death is been, an question mark to Hospital authority.

Why are they not bothered to provide proper treatment to animals when it is their prime duty?

We have Observed -

*Lack of knowledge - Wrong treatment and heavy dosage of medicines causes death

*The concern doctor will be not be present on his working hours.

*Unprofessional and careless behaviour towards animals.

Request: sir i loss 16 above goat animals are death 28.12.17 No one responsible to this sir I consult the veterinary hospitals many times but compounder very negligence plz action to this one.

RAVI 7013447488
Siva Ajay
Jan 9, 2018

Complaint about improper Attendance, Handling about Doctor

Sir,Am from Mahadevapattiam, Mannargudi taluk, Thiruvarur district,Tamil Nadu.
I am the one by all people complaint, The doctor for our village will always improper in attendance and handling ,there is no proper treatment...
Hereafter people's of our village going for a strike..if ur not answered......
Shashi 0025
Jan 1, 2018

Death of my dog

Dear sir/madam,

I would like to bring the notice on naranguda super specialty veterinary hospital, how they treated our dog.

Two days before I took my dog to the hospital and no one are concern over there and gave some injections and told me to bring the dog again yesterday. When I took my dog to hospital yesterday, she gave some other injections and referred me to private hospital. Today morning may be because of wrong treatment my dog has died.

Please take an necessary action so that they can be careful.

Thanking you,

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