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GSRTC/ gujarat ST BUS


Consumer complaints and reviews about GSRTC/ gujarat ST BUS

patel kishan
Jan 23, 2014

bunwi chlu karvani arji

busma full bhud hovath ahina studentne chhodi deva spade chhe mate ek bus chalu larva vinanti !!
Jan 21, 2014

bus bndh thav babat

respected sir,
hu regular kalol thi mahudha updown kru 6u. mari sathe ahmedabad thi gna bdha regular updown kre 6 pn ahmedabad thi mahudha avva mate ni savar ni ane sanj ni gni baso bandh kri ne express highway kri 6 savar ni ek bus conducter less kri ne let time kryo che ena karne amne savare k sanje koi express bus malti nathi ane ame bhu heran thaie 6ie. dakor ane sevaliya vala pn mahudha chokdi vala rout ni bus ma updown kre che etl e pn heran thay che. savare 8.30 pchi 10.00 sudhi koi express bus nathi ane sanje pn 4.00 vagya thi 5.30 sudhi koi express bus nathi so please sir aa mate koi pagla leso. amne ahiya updown mate bijo koi option nthi etl private ma aavan javan ma taklif pde che ane amaro transfer pn saky nthi fix pagar na karne. so plese aa prasn no koi ukel lavva mate vinanti che. please please sir take necessary action.

Dec 23, 2013

direct depo bahar bus java babat

Dear Sir,
I am regular traveling from Bardoli to Kadodara to Bardoli,
Sir roj sanje k'dara to Bardoli javana time par 50% bus depo ni andar & 50% bus direct jay rahe 6e. khas kari ne express bus, to sir tame j kaho k badha passenger road par ubha rahe k depo ma, depo ma ubha rahiye & road par bus ubhi rahe to dodi ne road kross karvo pade te bahu danger 6e, Please sir do something for us..............please..........please..........please.............Sirrrrrrrrrr

Thanking You, Sir.
vicky varma
Nov 6, 2013


respected sir,
Oct 31, 2013

tecket booking

Respected sir,
i am booking a tickit on line by my account "chauhanrafik". i book for mundra to somnath 1st Nov'13 9.45 AM Express bus 1 Mail ticket.payment is already cut in account but ticket is not book done.
kindly help for this mater.

Thank's and regard,
Chauhan Rafik,
Mo. 9723129874
Oct 20, 2013

gsrtc a/c luxury complain

Dear sir/mam

I am a regular traveller of gsrtc between ahmedabad to bharuch.
today I am travelling in one of the ac bus going from abad to surat. Departure time 1620 hrs from abad s.t.bus stand.
GSRTC is charging 236/-INR from abad to bharuch. Maintanance of the bus was not done and many things like a/c ...charging points.....television...etc were not working....so I want to ask that why gsrtc charges so much for the same bus not maintained and not giving all the services they charge for....

Gsrtc should reduce the rate of the tictket if all things are not working or as accordingly.

Please take some required steps for the same.

thanks and regards

Oct 19, 2013

non co-operation from conductor

Dear Sir,
I have reserved ticket from bus depo for the next day,that is i have pay extra charges for reservation.Unfortunately i was just 5 min late and bus depart from depo so i got that bus at next stop in city,but conductor said you reservation is valid only in depo,now you can not argue for seat. So i just want to know are there any type of rule? Can complaint against conductor?
Oct 19, 2013


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am the regular passenger of GSRTC travelling Vadodra-Dabhoi and back daily, holding the Express Service class pass vide dbh/dbh/0006047 for the month of Oct 13.

Today at 1415 hrs at ST Depo Dabhoi the bus No. GJ18 Y-7878 Dbhoi-Ahmedabad was waiting for passengers but the Bus conductor stopped me and told no pass is valid in this spacial Bus (although only 10-15 passengers were there in the Bus). So, immediately i approached to inquiry but i was astonish with the behavior of the person sitting at inquiry,was telling if we will allow the pass holders in the special bus he won"t be able to recover even the expense of Fuel. He was so rude and aggressive as i have done a crime by paying a advance fare to GSRTC in the form of monthly pass.

Due to this type of behavior and attitude the GSRTC is getting bad name and also highly uncomfortable/insulting for the passengers. If you also feel that due to the monthly service class pass, the GSRTC is going in loss please stop issuing pass with immediate effect or otherwise, I request you please investigate the matter and take strict action against the defaulters.

Thanks and Regards
Sudhir Dixit
Patel Ravi
Oct 17, 2013

Start Dhanera TO Palanpur New Bus

sanje 4:00 Pm pachhi Dhanera thi Palanpur java mate koi direct bus ni suvidha nathi. to passenger ne private ma javu pade chhe. aa vise aa pahela pan 2 vakht complain krvathi koi jvab malel nathi. have Dhanera thi Palanpur java mate sanje 5:00 pm pacchi direct bus mukvi.
piyush raval
Oct 10, 2013

Refund GSRTC booked ticket,

Dear sir,

On 06/10/2013 I was travelling from Unjha to Surat in Dessa to Navasari sleeper bus, I have booked online ticket but unfortunattly

I have'nt take print of booked ticket but got soft copy of ticket by the mail, When I was sitting in bus conductor told me to saw my

ticket I saw it in my mobile but he has refuse to me that this ticket is not valid he has req hard copy of ticket,again I have pay

money for same ticket,

Now told me sir how can i take refund my money

Online ticket details

1)PNR NO-GJ208835



Details of bus ticket,

1) TICKET NO-1911



Personal details

Piyush bhogilal raval

Mob no-7600703167

Please do needful...
kaushik prajapati
Oct 3, 2013

bus not stop

respected sir,
today i am travelling from nandasan to chhatral in nadiyad to disa.bus number is GJ18 Y 8736
I told to bus conductor that i have project work in chhatral but he did not stop bus in chhatral.
he stop bus next stop kalol ambika.from ambika i caught other bus and than i going to company.
chhatral is not dilax express stand?????????????????
most of conductor not stop bus in chhtral.
please quick reaction on this problem

your faithfully
kaushik prajapati
Sep 24, 2013

Issue regarding student pass

I am the student of engineering fild, i leave in dhasa- bhavnager and i study in engineering collage at rajkot.i want to up & down rajkot to dhasa becuse this is vry suitable for me. I hav complete document set. But problem is thair our st depo incharge could not get permition to issue pass to me. I realy reauest to you pls help me regarding issue of student pass.

Thank @ regards,
Aug 29, 2013

Bus not stopping at the bus stop

hello sir,
my name is kritika,i am working in narol.so now a days i am traveling daily by state transport bus at 8.00.its a bus from gandhinagar to maninagar .and i get down at kalupur char rasta.its a new white colour.before this bus when i was travelling from other buses every bus which use to stop at kalupur char rasta where there is a traffic police station,but this bus conductor donot stops there despite of every other buses stoping there.he argued with me and said,"m nai utarunga,agli bar bus me mat chadhna,koi utharta hai to utarta hoga,"...and every body was saying that ,"k uthar do stop h yahan pe..." then after arguing for atleast 20 min he stoped at a stop which was about 2-2.5 km away from my bus stop from where i take a connecting amts bus to narol at 8:35 ,which i missed today because of him and thats a only bus from kalupur otherwise there is only 1 bus after that which is 1hour late ,thats very late according to my office timing.
now i want you to take some serious action on this bus conductor.as it is effecting my travelling..when i am travelling all the from gandhinagar to-narol(pirana)...

kritika pandey
Aug 14, 2013

bus do not come frm last 2 week

Respective sir
Sir I am student at gandhinagar college. We are strugeling frm last two week because bus do not come. We call kalol depo manager but we have not get any positive feedback. Bus no 2194 time 3.30 kalol to gandhinagar. Sir we hope u will help us in dis. We are very strugeling and we are totally disapoint frm kalol depo services. Plz help us and take out solution
Aug 11, 2013

Volvo Tickets Printing

I do not understand why printing of e-ticket is compulsory when even the Indian Railways says that do not print your e-tickets. The passenger can always show the e-ticket on his mobile which he/she has received after booking on his/her email. and the passenger also always carry an ID proof which can be readily shown. The whole act of printing of e-ticket is redundant and increases the load on the passenger as the passenger who has access to internet via phone or laptop, do not have access to a printer always. Please resolve this issue asap. Indian Railways has done with this printing of tickets so please gsrtc may also follow suit.
Jul 31, 2013

bus do not stop at busstop

The buses going to gandhidham oslo do not stop at oslo circle..
The least I ask for is buses going by that route to stop at the bus stop according to the bus time table put at the GSRTC bus stop. I shall be highly grateful if the matter is looked into.
I am studying in government engineering bhuj.
Many times bhuj badmer do not stop at oslo circle..
And other buses like bhuj batva, bhuj dahod. Also do not stop at oslo.
Our pass is oslo to bhuj.
And even in gsrtc computer pass was made from these root.
Than why he makes out pass from bhuj to oslo..
Thank you sir..
Please action on contuctor whoes do not stop at buses oslo circle .
Jul 15, 2013

Bus not stopping at the bus stop

Dear Sir
The buses going to Ahmedabad from Gandhinagar Pathik Ashram do not stop at the Bhaijipura stop, despite there being a board of GSRTC bus stop at Bhaijipura. The buses do no not stop at CH-3 Kisan Circle stop either. I am studying in GNLU and since its a remote place, the autos asked for an unusually a high rate. The least I ask for is buses going by that route to stop at the bus stop according to the bus time table put at the GSRTC bus stop. I shall be highly grateful if the matter is looked into.
Jul 13, 2013

bus not arrival on time

Dear Sir,
I am student of the collage Charotar University of Science and Technology situated at Changa.
I am in the final year of B.Tech Engineering.
I wanted you to inform about the difficulty we are facing in up and down from collage changa to Nadiad bus Stand.
From the last 1 year our regular buses are being stopped by the government. We are now had no bus for going to the collage.
We are approximately 100 student who are from nadiad and facing the same problem. We all had a pass but has no value.
We are already given 4 application to depo manager of nadiad but it leads us no solution.
We already posted application to S.T.Nagar,Nadiad but but our problem is not resolved.
In the Morning our collage start from 9AM but we don't have any direct bus to collage. Dabhou-Nadiad bus at 8:20 has been stopped by the admin. So we have to go by 3 other buses of Petlad highway and then from valetva chokadi we have to pay for auto rickshaw to the collage.
Jun 7, 2013

bus arrive not to therre time

Dear Sir,

I am a service pass-holder. And daily travelling from haldharvas to Ahm & return also.
Now the problem is that the BUS time of route Ahm to haldharvas is 7:15 am and arrive at haldharvas 8:45 or 9:00 am but return time is 8:15 so we have to late in our job my job location is s/g highway so i have time to 1 hour our bus was not to speed so arrive in ahm 10:15. bus no-8421

best regards
kalpit shah
May 10, 2013

To Increase extra BUS from Ahmedabad to Kapadwanj

Dear Sir,

I am a service pass-holder. And daily travelling from Kapadwant to Ahm & return also.
Now the problem is that the BUS time of route Ahm to Kapadwanj is 8:30 pm. There is no any bus between 7:30 to 8:30 and there is huge passenger are suffering to get site. One hour gape is to much request you to please start new bus at time of 8:00 pm so many passengers get benefit of this bus.

And after 8:30 no any bus before 10:00 pm (this is last bus to go Kapadwanj)

Best Regards,
Milap Desai
May 8, 2013

whole night songs continue

dear sir,
I am now going from mehsana to jamnagar during night journey on 8/05/13. From 1 pm to whole night driver has songs and mentaly disturb. Bus no is gj 18 y 7073.
Pls. Do neccesary action.
Ramani parth
Apr 30, 2013

Bus not time

Hi,, i am parth
Hina Khambete
Mar 16, 2013

Rash Driving


The bus no was GJ 18 Y 4810 not 4018.
Hina Khambete
Mar 16, 2013

Rash Driving


Today I was waiting for the signal at Paldi Cross Road, Ahmedabad, suddenly the driver of Bus No GJ 18 Y 4018 crashed into my Aviator. When I told him to drive properly and cant he see that its a signal and he should stop. He started shouting on me telling me get out my way cant you see it is a ST bus. I said what if it is a ST bus any vehicle has to stop at the red signal. I request to please look into this matter. I mean this is not way to drive and behave.
Mar 9, 2013

strat a new service of rajkot - jamnagar

Respected Sir,

Sir We have no Any Service of Rajkot - Jamnagr Express in 6 o'Clock am Early in the morning. Please Start a New Service of Rajkot - Jamnagar Express. sir we are daily passenger of Private services. we have many trouble in this timing.
this time only a one bus as a rajkot-jamnagar intersity (Local).
Please Sir Understand Our Daily Passenger's Trouble and please start of new service of rajkot- jamnagar Express service in short time at 6 o'Clock Am Daily service.

Your Faithfully,
Kirit S marvaniya

Please Note my E-Mial Id : - Kiritsmarvaniya@gmail.com

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