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GSRTC/ gujarat ST BUS


Consumer complaints and reviews about GSRTC/ gujarat ST BUS

dhaval a patel
Nov 22, 2016

bas ubhi rakhva babat

Pdpu Na stand aagad officially bus stand banavel chhe ane amuk bus Ni to seats khali hoy to bhi drivers conductor bus ubhaa raakhta nathi
Ame bas ubhi rakhva hath uncho kari a eni kai asar nthi hoti Emma par
B Trivedi
Nov 17, 2016

Non Availability of Bus Service

Dear Sir

This has reference to subject above, I would like to draw your attention that not a single bus service is available from Nadiad to Bhavnagar and for Palitana. Which are District level and important tourist cities. Many passengers have to suffer from lots of problems. Students, Old, disable and Handicap passengers have to either go to Ahmedabad or to Tarapur to change the bus. It becomes more costly and increased their traveling time. With this, I request you to look into the matter and do needful.

Furthermore, one bus service has been started between above destination, which was (Anand - Bhavnagar). But the same service has been stopped suddenly, with reason of non availability of passengers. You may review the data, that the bus was running fully with passengers. I believe that there should be at least one bus service for two district level city.

Expecting your kind cooperation and immediate action in this matter.


B Trivedi.
Rutul barot
Nov 13, 2016


Gamdhi nagar thi mehsana jai rahel bus date .13/11/16 savare 9:00 vage updel bus no. Gj-18-z-0513 driving bav risky and jokham karak che
prahladsinh Gohil
Nov 11, 2016

local Bus issue

We are the student of R K univerty writing this application to inform you that , all the local buses after 2 pm of Rajkot to jasdan/bhavnagar/amreli root can't stop on R K Bus stop. This is mojar problem of all of us , we all are waiting for bus till 5 pm. We want the solution of this problem so kindly request you to help us or please add the bus on this root at 2:30

Yours truely
Rk univerty's Student
Nov 8, 2016

Un necessary stop for tea

Dear sir,

We sit in a bus UKAI TO JUNAGADH from Jetpur at 08:15pm. From there we travl only 3-4km & driver stoped the bus for tea & breakfast, it is not authorise by GSRTC restaurant for 15 minutes and no one reply for this unnecessary stop.

Kindly do the necessary on this. Then only passenger will trust on GSRTC.

Atul Thakor
Nov 5, 2016

Unnecessary Bus kept on hold Bharuch Station

Right now I am at the Bharuch station going to surat and the bus has been kept on hold here for more then half an hour for no reason. No driver or conductor available. Time 3:16 pm Saturday 5th November Bharuch station. Waiting in this hot afternoon for around 30 minutes and still waiting. I've seen 4 buses came and went from here and I don't know what we are waiting for.

This is really annoying and worst service. Please take actions against this.

shetal chaudhari
Nov 3, 2016

station pr bus ubhi na rakhva babat.


Unai thi surat 1:45pm a upadvano time 6, he 30 minut let Ave 6..& dolavan x PR 15 thi 20 passenger surat Java mate hoi.to PN hath ucho karya 6ta ubhi Na rakhe..
Boji koi bus nahi .. passenger a bus pasad bhagavu Pde 6 km..tyare buhari ma bus pakdvi pde 6...

Passenger: bus Khali 6 to km ubhi Na rakhe.
To key 6 Na ubhi Rey.narendr modi no helicopter late thay to bus ho late thay..tare Jya complain karvi hoi tya Kar avu key 6.!
Amrik Singh Mahendra Singh
Nov 1, 2016

enjurry below right EYE due to sudden brake applied by driver of buss no GJ 18 Y- 8211

I mr.. AMRIK SINGH 7.20 hrs.I pick up bus no GJ- 18 Y 8211from Soma talav ( Route Dabhoi To Vadodara Depot.)During travelling I purchased Ticket No.04482 of rupees 13/- for V I occupied Seat behind conductor seat after majalpur passing fly over bridge near mahadev temple Driver appllied sudden brake I thrown away and desh with seat fixed leading near gate. self enjurred 10mm below my right Eye I push my handkerchief to block blidding. after reaching Vadodra bus stand approx.7.50Hrs. I asked to conductor for first aid treatment but not responded advise to take treatment instead of giving any co operation. I approach to controller on duty He said there is no povision for first aid I asked for complaint then he told this bus is of Dabhoi depot give complant go to Dabhoi depot office. I try for Depot officer. PRO office found Locked.Adjoining office on duty staff told that officer will come after 11.00 Hrs. I made level best efforts for first aid teatment I feel that due mismanagement & system faiure there is no value of passanger Eventhough so many crores are invested in Vadodara Bus Stand Dopt. Due to same emmergency I was taken treatment dressing Inection & Medisene after suffering badely........... This is very bad experince. Amrik Singh CUG No 7041759121
Oct 28, 2016

Toilet mate

Pesab mate pan 5 rupiya le chhe
Oct 27, 2016

Bas depo trafic

Traffic jam in bas station
dl gamit
Oct 13, 2016

chhutta paisa babate

Mata Na madh thi himmatnagar jati bus ma passenger sathe conductor ni raqzak thata conductor data passenger ne kadak valan ma 6utta na hoy to bus ma nahi besvanu ane kya utari jaav jevi boli 20 thi 25 passenger vachhe passenger ne Janavel.aekbaju gsrtc vadhu ne vadhu akarshak banavana prayotno Kari rahi 6e ne aek baju conductor dvara passenger ne 6utta paisa hoy to j bus ma besvanu jevi dalilo Thai Rahe pa6i gsrtc kya thi aagal Avi sake.mata Na madh thi 4:00 p.m kalake upadti bus no.9 819
Binita patel
Oct 7, 2016

Bus conductor does not open a door even

All are chores....I was waiting for a bus for half n hour for going Bharuch Zadeshwar Chowkdi to Baroda...bus was coming but conductor does not open D door even Nd told me bus was stay in hotel Nd he leave..No body is loyal in our India.. conductor saw dat ders a single lady even den he doesn't open D door... bloody chiters...
nizam chhadidar
Oct 5, 2016

Not stop bus

Not stop bus

હુ ઓસ્લો રોડ ઉપર તા:૫-૧૦-૨૦૧૬ નાં ઉભો હતો ત્યાથી ૧૯:૦૦ વાગે ખેડભ્રમાં - ભુજ ની બશ નીકળી ઓસ્લો પર ટ્રાફીક હતી બશ એ સ્ટોપ કર્યો મે કંડકટર ને બશ નો દરવાજો ખોલવાનો કીડો પણ કંડકટર એ દરવાજો ખોલ્યો નહિ આ ગતના એક વાર નથી થઈ પણ વારંવાર થાય છે હાથ ઉચો કરીએ છીએ તોય પણ બશ સ્ટોપ કરતી નથી ..........
Oct 3, 2016

St Bus Running without Board

A st bus at 9:40 on 04/10/ 2016 from dhoraji depot to junagadh was running without Board .. i asked driver about board he rudely replied that its our choice to keep board or not and said that dont teach us rules.. so please take action against that driver.
Vijay haryani
Sep 28, 2016

Rajkot-dadvi bus chela 3-month this varam-var cancel Karamazov Ave che

Dear sir,
Jay bharat Sath Jana vanu ke Rajkot-dadvi bus chela 3-month thi varam-var cancel Karvama Ave 6.bus babat ni written complaint Rajkot depo MA three time aapi Hati. Bus MA regular avata conductor samay Sar avata nathi. Bus no bapore updvano time 1 pm no 6 pan conducter 1:40 thi 2 pm na time MA bus upade Che. Rajkot-dadvi bus dadvi shudhi Jati nathi adhvachare thi pachi vari levama aave 6. Dadvi janara pecenger ne kharedi utari devama aave dadvi shudhi mukva javama avata nathi. Bediya village MA pan aaj problem 6 passengers ne bus MA betha pahela kahi devama Ave 6 ke aa bus Bediya nay Jay. Aa badhi babat written complaint dvara Rajkot depo MA aapi Hati Jena vise hazi sudhi Kay javab aapvama aviyo nathi.
Dear sir Rajkot dadvi bus MA 5-pesenger monthly pass vara 6 and 17 student regularly avavala 6.
Please sir Rajkot-dadvi bus samay Sar Kari aapvama namra vinanti.

Your faithfully
Sep 26, 2016

Bus not for 5 to 5.30 for Visnagar

Bahu time thi roj aavva vala fariyaad kare che bus mate pan koi answer nathi malto ,visnagar mate sanje java vala ni public bahu che pan bus nathi ,ek bus vadnagar ni aave che pan eno time 6 vagya no che e pan timesar aavti nathi ,ema e vadnagar depo ni gaadi bandheli hoy che 50 thi 55 to ekdam dhimi jay che ,sahib maherbani karine ek bus chalu karavo geetamandir thi 5 vage ,loko gheta-bakra ni jem jay che bus ma.

Warm Regards,
pravin chavda
Sep 17, 2016

due to corruption n facing problem with public

Dear sir, i first time travel in non stop bus due to time saving on date 16.06.2016 time 10.45 but driver n bola ye paddhri toll tax pe utrana he aapko to dhrol ka ticket lena padega so mene dhrol ka ticket liya...bad me toll tax pe utarne ja raha tha tabhi driver n muje bola ticket muje vapas dedo..mene kaha why..to bola aap bich me utara rahe ho to mene kaha pahle to bola tha k muje bich me hi utrana he or aapne muje dhrol ki ticket diya ..ticket dilhavo ese karke ticket mere pass se le liya ticket dekhna he bol k..or kaha jaha complain kar na he kar do..me phir mera time waste karke dhrol tak gaya..or non stop thi bus phir bhi usne dedkad village me stop rakha

Stop rakha uska photo bhi he mere pass Or ticket ka bhi photo bhej raha hu.sir aap log achi service de rahe ho but ese kai log honge jo logo ko pareshan or correption se hi bahar nahi aate
I hope i will get justice

Driver name : rajendrasinh jadeja...gj 18 z 0793 jamnagar depo
Sep 16, 2016

Bus not stopped at bus stand

Dear Sir,

Bus didn't stop at Mudel Ratanpur Bus Stand.[(Time 8:00 amto 08:45 am Route name Motizer to Ahmedabad,Bayed to Ahmedabad,(Dakor)Himmatnagarlat to Ahmedabad,Balasinor to Ahmedabad,Kothamba to Ahmedabad,Sathamba to Ahmedabad)], Bus Ko Hath marte hai to Driver Dimper light karke nikal jata hai. But actually bus run everyday.Driver nu behaviour sari nathi. Driver bole se k "je thay te Kari lo".

Pls do something about it this problem is regular.(Depo:Kapadvanj and Balasinor,Dakor)
Your Faithfully
All Mudel-Ratanpur Student and Servise pass Pesenger
Sep 10, 2016

no riciv

boatd site avedaget stop 11am aemdabad to amareli bas no 1260 baj no darayvar 1451 bej no kndktar 4121
Sep 10, 2016

not resiv

me botad ke aveda get stop par bas ka intjar kar raha tha aemdabad to amreli 11am ko aai mene hath dikhay par vo bas sidee caligay mere sath vha ke log bhi the mene pucha kou nahi ruki ausne batay ki aha to darvar or kandatar ki marji chalti he botad st me phon ki ya to uno ne kaha hamare deop bas nahi he bas no 1260 dra bej no 1451 knd bej no4121 gujrat st depo me sinyar offersar aeksan le to pesejar ko taklif na pade bay randharsinh mo.9429005971
Sep 7, 2016

Cleanliness of toilet at AHMEDABAD New ST Bus station (Geetamandir)

I was traveling from Ahmedabad to Baroda at 11:00 PM. I was shocked to see the very dirty toilets and urinal in new ST bust stand. Smelling badly and all floors are wet with leakages/urine. The person asked 5 rupees for using urinal and when I asked, why this is not kept clean, he answered me that he is paying 28 lakhs per year and he don't have money to keep the place clean.
This is the gateway of Gujarat, It must be kept clean. Govt. may have spends crores of rupees to build this hi-tech building, and if it is not maintaining properly or even not providing basic facilities, what's the use. In todays time GSRTC should utilize this type of hi-tech building to earn reputation/loyalty by providing customer delight.
Request concerned to do the needful.

Thanking you in advance.
Sep 2, 2016

રાજુલા થી સુરત બસ નો રૂટ ના બદલવા દેવા અપીલ

પ્રતિ સાહેબ શ્રી
વિષય: રાજુલા થી સુરત બસ નો રૂટ ના બદલવા દેવા અપીલ હંમેશા આજ રૂટ રાખવા માટે વિનંતી (રાજુલા થી વાયા મહુવા તળાજા ભાવનગર વડોદરા સુરત)

જય ભારત સાથે જણાવવાનું કે રાજુલા થી સુરત બસ હમણાજ માનનીય ધારાસભ્ય શ્રીં દ્વારા આ બસ શરૂ કરવામાં આવી છે. પણ સ્થાનિક રાજુલા એસટી બસ સ્ટેન્ડ સ્ટાફ ના કર્મચારી નાફાયદા માટે આ બસ નો રૂટ વાયા અમરેલી કરવા માંગે છે. કારણ એ લોકો ત્યાં થી અપડાઉન કરે છે એ માટે આ બસનો રૂટ બદલે છે પણ અમે આપની પાસે આશા રાખીયે છીએ કે આપ શ્રી આ બસ નો રૂટ બદલવા નહીં દયો, સાહેબ શ્રી આપને જણાવવાનું કે આ બસ ની કમાણી પણ સારી છે. આ બસ દરરોજ ફૂલ પેસેન્જર ભરી ને પણ જાય છે. આ બસ દરરોજ માટે અપડાઉન વાળા લોકો પણ હોય છે. જે મહુવા / ભાવનગર સુધી આ બસ જાય છે, સાહેબ શ્રીં આપને નમ્રવિનંતી કે આપ આ બસ દરરોજ માટે રાજુલા થી સુરત વાયા મહુવા.તળાજા.ભાવનગર .વડોદરા થઈ ને .સુરત પોહચે,

આપનો વિશ્વાસુ
Bhavesh p patel
Aug 28, 2016

Bus stop on road.

Dear sir
Today on date 29/8/2016 I am going my service from my house.At Nani kadi ramjimandir bus stop viramgam to kadi bus driver bus stop on road for pessanger unload at 7.00 am morning.I talk to him sir pl you stop bus rode side he valger language for answering. My questions is our gsrtc department cannot tech road regulations to driver.sir my request take action as early as possible.If you cannot action I complain higher department.

Ashwinkumar parmar
Aug 20, 2016

Actiave full route for vina nadiad

Respected sir,/madam

We are from vina gaam, ta. Nadiad, Dist. Kheda
Our problem is from june month in our village approad road has been under work.
There was make high
And they put mental, soil and greet
Sir, we are agreetfor that some day after cover thing thing soil is note hard. So all the bus donot enter in village.
But now there was 3 month go. And soil so hard though buses not enter in village road and return from vina patiya (nadiad kapadwanj highway).

So, we bear hard dificulties.
Most in morning time more than 100 studes are going for study at nadiad, anand, ahmedabad, vasad, mogar...
And 2000 plus passanger go for their job by walking 2 km away from village to highway(vina patiya)
So they are so late
In this rainy season lots of problem for students and passanger
We are mentaly and physicaly tired
So sir we are request to you please give order to nadiad division for start urgent bus at proper village
Also if they find any difficulty for entering stoped bus.
But please first started bus... Nd see...

Kuldeep solanki
Jul 26, 2016

Virmpur bus is most time not coming

Dear sir,
I am student.i have very sad to saying that, but sir our gsrtc department is going slow.our palanpur depo Palanpur to Virampur Bus is every time be late and many time bus is not came.
So,please sir Solve our problem and resolve it,i hope you are understand our problem. We are trust on you and your department sir,i hope you can solve the problem and declared results.
Thank you sir
Yours faithfully
Virampur's Students

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