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GSRTC/ gujarat ST BUS


Consumer complaints and reviews about GSRTC/ gujarat ST BUS

Sep 10, 2016

no riciv

boatd site avedaget stop 11am aemdabad to amareli bas no 1260 baj no darayvar 1451 bej no kndktar 4121
Sep 10, 2016

not resiv

me botad ke aveda get stop par bas ka intjar kar raha tha aemdabad to amreli 11am ko aai mene hath dikhay par vo bas sidee caligay mere sath vha ke log bhi the mene pucha kou nahi ruki ausne batay ki aha to darvar or kandatar ki marji chalti he botad st me phon ki ya to uno ne kaha hamare deop bas nahi he bas no 1260 dra bej no 1451 knd bej no4121 gujrat st depo me sinyar offersar aeksan le to pesejar ko taklif na pade bay randharsinh mo.9429005971
Sep 7, 2016

Cleanliness of toilet at AHMEDABAD New ST Bus station (Geetamandir)

I was traveling from Ahmedabad to Baroda at 11:00 PM. I was shocked to see the very dirty toilets and urinal in new ST bust stand. Smelling badly and all floors are wet with leakages/urine. The person asked 5 rupees for using urinal and when I asked, why this is not kept clean, he answered me that he is paying 28 lakhs per year and he don't have money to keep the place clean.
This is the gateway of Gujarat, It must be kept clean. Govt. may have spends crores of rupees to build this hi-tech building, and if it is not maintaining properly or even not providing basic facilities, what's the use. In todays time GSRTC should utilize this type of hi-tech building to earn reputation/loyalty by providing customer delight.
Request concerned to do the needful.

Thanking you in advance.
Sep 2, 2016

રાજુલા થી સુરત બસ નો રૂટ ના બદલવા દેવા અપીલ

પ્રતિ સાહેબ શ્રી
વિષય: રાજુલા થી સુરત બસ નો રૂટ ના બદલવા દેવા અપીલ હંમેશા આજ રૂટ રાખવા માટે વિનંતી (રાજુલા થી વાયા મહુવા તળાજા ભાવનગર વડોદરા સુરત)

જય ભારત સાથે જણાવવાનું કે રાજુલા થી સુરત બસ હમણાજ માનનીય ધારાસભ્ય શ્રીં દ્વારા આ બસ શરૂ કરવામાં આવી છે. પણ સ્થાનિક રાજુલા એસટી બસ સ્ટેન્ડ સ્ટાફ ના કર્મચારી નાફાયદા માટે આ બસ નો રૂટ વાયા અમરેલી કરવા માંગે છે. કારણ એ લોકો ત્યાં થી અપડાઉન કરે છે એ માટે આ બસનો રૂટ બદલે છે પણ અમે આપની પાસે આશા રાખીયે છીએ કે આપ શ્રી આ બસ નો રૂટ બદલવા નહીં દયો, સાહેબ શ્રી આપને જણાવવાનું કે આ બસ ની કમાણી પણ સારી છે. આ બસ દરરોજ ફૂલ પેસેન્જર ભરી ને પણ જાય છે. આ બસ દરરોજ માટે અપડાઉન વાળા લોકો પણ હોય છે. જે મહુવા / ભાવનગર સુધી આ બસ જાય છે, સાહેબ શ્રીં આપને નમ્રવિનંતી કે આપ આ બસ દરરોજ માટે રાજુલા થી સુરત વાયા મહુવા.તળાજા.ભાવનગર .વડોદરા થઈ ને .સુરત પોહચે,

આપનો વિશ્વાસુ
Bhavesh p patel
Aug 28, 2016

Bus stop on road.

Dear sir
Today on date 29/8/2016 I am going my service from my house.At Nani kadi ramjimandir bus stop viramgam to kadi bus driver bus stop on road for pessanger unload at 7.00 am morning.I talk to him sir pl you stop bus rode side he valger language for answering. My questions is our gsrtc department cannot tech road regulations to driver.sir my request take action as early as possible.If you cannot action I complain higher department.

Ashwinkumar parmar
Aug 20, 2016

Actiave full route for vina nadiad

Respected sir,/madam

We are from vina gaam, ta. Nadiad, Dist. Kheda
Our problem is from june month in our village approad road has been under work.
There was make high
And they put mental, soil and greet
Sir, we are agreetfor that some day after cover thing thing soil is note hard. So all the bus donot enter in village.
But now there was 3 month go. And soil so hard though buses not enter in village road and return from vina patiya (nadiad kapadwanj highway).

So, we bear hard dificulties.
Most in morning time more than 100 studes are going for study at nadiad, anand, ahmedabad, vasad, mogar...
And 2000 plus passanger go for their job by walking 2 km away from village to highway(vina patiya)
So they are so late
In this rainy season lots of problem for students and passanger
We are mentaly and physicaly tired
So sir we are request to you please give order to nadiad division for start urgent bus at proper village
Also if they find any difficulty for entering stoped bus.
But please first started bus... Nd see...

Kuldeep solanki
Jul 26, 2016

Virmpur bus is most time not coming

Dear sir,
I am student.i have very sad to saying that, but sir our gsrtc department is going slow.our palanpur depo Palanpur to Virampur Bus is every time be late and many time bus is not came.
So,please sir Solve our problem and resolve it,i hope you are understand our problem. We are trust on you and your department sir,i hope you can solve the problem and declared results.
Thank you sir
Yours faithfully
Virampur's Students
parth patibandha
Jul 25, 2016

Non pick passenger from Babra (Amrapara)

Mahuva - Chotila - Local Bus is not stopped at Babra -Amrapara. There is small stop and just small pickup stand and many passengers have issue with Express bus and even local bus is Not stopped.
- Bus is not stopped If passengers make Voice and clap on bus. Today i face same situation even with ladies passengers.

Please take actions otherwise we able to stop bus.

Jul 19, 2016

non pick passanger from Soam talav stop of Vadodara and non going at Ahmedabad Main stop

That Ambaji Selemba Bus is conducted by Amabaji Depot said bus when going to selemba passanger was not pick even passanger are given hand for stop and they reply they have not stop and when returning from selemba bus is not going Ahmedabad bust depot hence passanger facing problem hence do needful at earliest
Jul 19, 2016

gujarat st department

That Ambaji Selemba bus schedule was handled by Ambaji depot but said bus is not stoping and picking the passanger From soma Talav Pck up stand of of Baroda which is on waghodia Dabhoi Road and said bus is also not going in Main st Depot and directly from CTM said bus is going hence traffice and passanger are facing problem
HItesh Darji Advocate & Notary
Jul 19, 2016

bas notavelable

sanjeli bus stnd ma bus hova chta bus nathi evu online awe che ane vus not avelable awe che jo k bus same hoi che
Jul 15, 2016

bariya bus no time badlva babt

sir.jay bhart sahe janavva nu ke bariya ahmedabad bus time sar avti nathi to no morning time 6.30 am che .pan te 6.40am dev.muvada ave che te bus let avvana karne te amne 8.10am memco utare che je let che.ame roja na karigaro ,studnt, up down kariae che.to sir.bariya bus no morning time.6.20am kari apva mate requist che.

Bariya bus no old time.6.30am che
bariya bus no new time 6.20am kari aap choji.
dahegam depo
bus no.4672


Solanki govind
aaps patel
Jul 13, 2016

regarding bus issue

Respecter sir we are fron Viramgam nd we work at mhadevngar area so we will daily up down from Viramgam to mhadevngar and only one bus can available nd we can Mang and comfortable but sir in this bus is so old nd they not reach at our staion at right time and many time we are not come to office time at our office so many time bus issue are generated i say week of 3 to 4 days issue are generated in this bus no is 9904 so plz kindy we Request you to chek the bus and provide new bus bcz many of the passenger generated trouble so plz chek nd generated any kind of solution....
Jul 9, 2016

kalo Khambhat bus Gitamandir stop

Dear Sir,
We are regularly up and down from Ahmedabad to Limbasi by GSRTC Bus, Kalol to Khambhat express bus from Ahmedabad at 7.15 AM daily and I reach Limbasi by 8.20 and attend my office before 8.30 which is my reporting time but unfortunately GSRTC has changed the time from 7.15 to 7.45 AM schedule of above said bus. Due to this our schedule is disturbed and we all are facing lot of problems.

Further that there is a bus already arranged at around 7.40 AM from Ranip to Khambhat, so both the bus is running parallel from Danillimda to Khambhat. Due to this the Ranip bus is running without sufficient passenger it is clearly seen to us that it is a loss for GSRTC.

So we are requesting you to Please make the arrangement for the Kalol Khambhat time schedule as in past.

Devendra Solanki

Manager Cema Lighting. (9726635386)
Amit dhandha
Jun 29, 2016

Bus coming for very late

Sir...the bus time was 6:30am to arrive and the bus coming after 6:45am the bus was coming very late last 1 month and the driver was very slow last 1 month the bus was coming very late sir please please solve the problem very fast the 50 students was late for collage every day thank you -amit
Rohit sandip
May 25, 2016

Hath maryo to pan bus na ubhi rahi

Nadiad thi savare 8 vage Dhuvaran vadi bus upde 6e
Bt aje je Driver hto ene mahagujarat stand par bus ubhi na rakhi mara friend a hath maryo to pn na ubhi rakhi.
5 thi 10 passenger rakhdi gya.
please sir ana vise action lo.

Thank you
dilavar pathan
May 24, 2016

hmedabad to vishnagar bus activate incomtex 5.30 pm


Dear sir

ajthi 15 divas pahela ahmedabad to vishnagar bahuchraji depo ni bus bhandh thai chee.ane te bus ma bahu moti sankhya ma public up down kare chee chek vishnagar thi ahmedabad.so pls maherbani karine bus fari thi active karva amari 60 passanger ni numr vinanti
and tame bus ma condoctor ne ek vat kahi do ke bus ma jetla loko musafari kare chee temna pass ticket mation ma add kare jethi tamone pan khaber pade ke ketli public updown kare chee chella 1.30 kalak ma ek pan bus nathi shange 5.30 pm ea etle maherbani karine koi bija depo ni pan bus set karvava amari namra vinanti.shange 5.30 koi pan depo ni bus mukava amari numr vinanti
mari online arji ni vadto ans apva numr vinanti

sunil patel

dilavar pathan
May 24, 2016

Activate bus route ahmedabad to visnagar ( income tax bus stop 5.30 pm )

Last 10 days Ahmedabad to visnagar route bus is not coming in income tax bust stop and Before two days all redy given activate this route application in bahucharaji depo and also lot of person travel in this bus so please activate this route. Thank you.

with regards,
DIlavar khan pathan

mo 9904058440
Vijay Thakor
May 20, 2016

kadi depo sanchalit dashlana-ahmedabad bush aniyamitata babat

Dear Sir,
Savinay sathe janavanu ke amara rout dashlana thi ahmedabad jati bush chella ghana samaythi aavti nathi jenathi daily updown karta loko ne taklip bhogvavi pade chhe.je bush ma ashoknagar,rampura,kanz,detroj tatha rampura ni aaju baju na loko ne taklip bhogvavi pade chhe tatha updown karta loko ne pass kadhava chhta bhadu bharvu pade chhe.ane aa kanz,rampura,ashoknagar java mate chhelli bush chhe.to aa babate amari request chhe ke aa bush regular karva vinanti.
Rajeah aswani
May 17, 2016

Not stop bus

Me kodinar bus stan ke bahar khada hua tha vahase kari b 14.35 pe una rajkot bus nikli mene hath uthake bus ko rokne try ki magar condactor or drive ne dhekha or meri chikh suni bhi lekin unone bus na thi roki
May 10, 2016

unneccesary stop of bus by drivar

Hi I am regular updown by patan rafu bus..sir driver of this bus is unnessasary talk on phone and unnessasary stopej daily...so always I am reach late may job ...so kindly reuest to solve this as soon as possible .
Parekh Neel
May 7, 2016

Unecessary changing the routes of buses

Dear sir, we are the students studying at government Polytechnic ,Vadnagar.
we are daily Up-Downing from ahmedabad to Vadnagar.
at early morning we catch the S.T. bus named KARAMSAD-AMBAJI , as it is the best bus which drop us to firstly at Visnagar at time,and after there we go to our college at Vadnagar by another S.T. bus. All the 15 students from Ahmedabad (Geeta Mandir, Paldi, Gujarat college and Vadaj),and 10 From Gandhinagar along with one Professor of our college catches this bus because it drop us on time of our college and due to it we can attain all the lectures from the starting.

But due to our badluck and yours mismanagement,the routes of all the buses going to Visnagar at our College time are changed and are fixed from Civil and Ranip. Due to this we are really getting late to our college at Vadnagar upto 45 minutes. Means we are reaching our college at around 11.15 at morning and our college get starts at 10:30 AM exactly.

that means bus going to Visnagar from Ahmedabad via Paldi,Incometax,Vadaj are coverted to Civil and Ranip.Means at returning time from college , we all the students ,which were catching the bus fro Paldi, Incometax and Vadaj now have to stand at Ranip to catch the bus of Paldi or Incometax.

what can we do in this situations, in which the Government has changed the routes of buses without any surveying and understanding

May 4, 2016

Parking rate

2wheer parking rate is 2rupers every 4 hour but they are charged more.they said night charge is different then daytime.they charged 20rupees for night.
May 4, 2016


Apr 29, 2016

complaint about schedule of palitana st frequency

dear sir

on 28-04-2016 we had a ticket reserved for ahmedabad to palitana taleti at 3.10 at nehurnagar.
till 5 o cloack bus has not arrived
after that counter person mr. c.m. vaghela help us and said to go in patan palitana bus ( 7144 ) with same reserved ticket as well he call to st depot to remain seat empty for us as we are waiting from last 2 hours.
at 4.50 patan palitana bus has arrived but driver (450 ) conductor (39161) has not follow up with counter person.
we suffer a lot even after reservation as there is no seat in bus. only ladies were there to travel with seating on floor of bus.

after that we got knew that that bus is also 1 hour late by schedule.
even other passangers are also said that this bus is never on time.

as well as our bus was also not arrived even after 2 hour.
is this service provided to passanger at st of gujarat even after paying tax.

do needful to it,
i really appreciate if i get reply for the same

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