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GSRTC/ gujarat ST BUS


Consumer complaints and reviews about GSRTC/ gujarat ST BUS

nihar chauhan
Oct 5, 2015

change bus gurjarnagari to express

Respected sir

there is a one bus roughte of SURAT- HIMMATNAGAR at 5:30 AM which is express, from this bus there are around 20 - 25 students from himmatnagar, prantij are going to ahmedabad and gandhinagar for their studies and they all have express bus pass which is not applicable in GURJARNAGARI BUS, from last 7 days this express bus SURAT - HIMMATNAGAR converted into GURJARNAGARI bus so that is affected on study of 20-25 students so kindly request to u sir that please convert this gurjarnagari bus into express bus which is helpful to all students who are doing up down daily.....if there is no any solution is being done by you i will send this to news paper andhigh authority................i hope you will give any solution to us

thanking you
Anil G P
Oct 4, 2015

The bus conductor not stop the bus at the stop and said you have to stop at a big depo only

Actually , I went to krishnanagar St bus stand and seat in the gandinagar vikas rut bus and I took the ticket of raisan and when I came near to raisan the conductor said I would not stop the bus here .I stop it at pathika depo only sir please tell me what I have to do with that conductor .I know no one is going to solve my problem but I just want that please tell your all the conductors that wherever the people want to leave the bus as per bus stop of taken ticket ,please stop the bus at that place

Thank you,
Oct 1, 2015

bus nathi aavti

chirag gondaliya
Sep 30, 2015

bus time par avti nathi

bas kyare pan time par nathi avti jetpur--st.vavadi
roj avu thai che jayre ame nokari na time par thi vela aviye tyare bas 1:30kalak modi ave che a bas no koi time j nathi ....
jitendra chaudhari
Sep 27, 2015

Bus not stopped at bus stand

Radhanpur to Patan
Bus number:GJ 18 Y 7295
Bus didn't stop at sabdalpura bus stand.. Driver ko bola to bolta h Ki ye bus extra h. But actually bus run everyday.Driver nu behaviour sari nathi.. Driver bole se k "je that te Kari loo". Bus ma jagya hova satta pan u bb I nathi rakhto.

Pls do something about it this problem is regular.
Sep 25, 2015

Seat Arrangement

Dear Sir,
I was reserved bus ticket as per online seating arrangement view but during traveling it was totally deference not as per online view. and it is very difficult for single woman or with family or group.
Sep 16, 2015

બસ શરુ કરવા બાબત

માનનીય સાહેબ શ્રી,

સવીનય સાથ જણાવવાનું કે વેરાવળ થી 12:15 વે ઉપડી વેરાવળ પ્રાંચી આકોલવાડી લોકલ બસ પ્રાંચી થી હાલમા પીખોર, સેમળીયા, રાયડી રુટ પર થય ને આકોલવાડી જાય છે, તે બસ પ્રાંચી આખી ખાલી થય ને સાલે છે, અને અમે નિયમીત આવતા-જતા 15-20 વિધાથી્ અને મુસાફરો ખાંભા, ભીમદેવળ, રાતીધાર થી આવે છે અને અમારે પ્રાંચી જ ઉતરવુ પડે છે. તો આ બસ ને પ્રાંચી થી ખાંભા, ભીમદેવળ, રાતીધાર રુટ પર શરુ કરવા નંમ્રવિનંતી છે.

આપના વિસ્વાસું,
સમસ્ત ગ્રામ જન
Sep 12, 2015

extreme problems related to bus

Respected Sir,
I'm student at gandhinagar college I have to travel from G Ward to Gandhinagar depo . theirs lots of problems related bus ..(1)No stop of bus at G Ward ..bus stops from partia to direct Indira bridge . my issue is if they are giving us pass from krishnanagar then why they are not making stops before Indira bridge they must clearly say that theirs No stop so directly take pass from Indira bridge.(2)less bus are given form krishnanagar area
.(3)irregular bus ..No specific or fix time for bus arrival
(4)No bus after 4:15 till 5:00/5:30. (5)less bus arrive on sat...
It's really hectic for students.. Already We are tired of cllg and after that no bus is present.. We have to Wait hours for bus.. Than after also bus is full no single seat is present.. Sir you just think after this conditions how can we study at home.. This is really bad for students career.and affect the Development of Gujarat.. And which eventually affects countries developments

HOPE FOR YOUR POSITIVE ACTION...Awaiting for your prompt feedback. I hope my issue will resolved in a short period of time.

Thank you .
sagar kharva
Sep 9, 2015

complaints again bus driver and conductor

hello Sir,
I'm living in mandvi-kutch and I go to mundra everyday. Some time I'm go to in bus but some time driver not stopped a bus. So I want to take the action against driver and conductor. .....bus kya driver or conductor ke bap ki he 😠
Jul 29, 2015

not stop bus

Hu Kapadwanj thi Gandhinagar. Job karva aavu su. Ne retun ma gandhinagar thi kapadwanj. Bus 6:20 pm upade se but sir. Te bus. Vayu sena 30. Sarcal. Nathi. Ubhi. Rakhta. Plz. Sir. Gare java mate last bus. Hoy se. Pachi koi bus nthi malti. To sir. Plz. Bus Stop hova Chhata. Bus nthi.ubhi rakhra. Plz plz plz .ane aa mate amari madadkaro to tamaro khub khub aabhar......... Tamara aa garib musafaro tarafati......dhanyavad....
Jul 29, 2015

Not stopping bus

GSRTC - not stopping the bus at bus stop Vipul patel jul 29, 2015. I am JOB IN Comlpny . we are 4 Boy in group and going in st bus from Kapadwanj to Gandhinagar. At return time on around 6:20 pm o'clock Gandhinagar to Kapadwanj bus No GJ 18 Y 7961. arrives at .30 carcal. Vayu sena Gandhinagar But on showing hand and we ten comes in between the road also but still they dont stop thu bus. Please its our request to take some kind of actions please......
Mo: +918980123978
rishi yoganand
Jul 29, 2015

bus was not come

i booked ticket on date 29/07/2015 from diu to rajula. the timing was 6:30 am. so i reached at bus stand at 6:00 am. And waiting for bus for 1 hour. but till bus was note came. i want my refund my money.

** GSRTC m-Ticket ** DIU to BHAVNAGAR PsngrName : rishi yoganand TripCode : 0630DIUBVNGJR47 PNRno : G10092549 JnyDate : 29/07/2015 DepTime : 06:30Hrs SeatNo(s) : 8, Class : GURJARNAGRI BoardingPt : DIU Pltform : 2. Please carry your photo ID during journey. T&C apply.
Jul 28, 2015

Bus Timing and driver's conductor miss behaviour

Respected Sir,

* Amara gam thay ne jati bus time par depo mathi upadati nathi ane time par night bus savar ma upadata nathi
* bagdeli bus night bus tarike mukavama ave chhe ane savar ma a bus tyathi chalu j thati nathi jethi daily updown ma time par ponchi sakatu nathi
* driver ane conductor bus time par upadata nathi ane jo koy vyakti emane bus upadavanu ke to a loko emane garo ape chhe ane dadagiri kare chhe
* juni bus ni jagya ye koy sari bus night tarike mokalay evu karaso.
jitesh bhikha bhai harijan
Jul 28, 2015

bus time par aavati nathi

Anand thi dabhou jati bus pahela time sar,etle ke 7:00 vaghe anand thi upadati hati pan 1 mahina thi aaj bas 8:00 upade 6e jethi amane nokari par aava java ma taklif pade 6e.ame ekvar aa complain lekhit ma anand depo ma aapi hati pan haju sudhi tema kai farak padyo nathi... To tamane aa amara jeva musafaro ni namra vinanti 6e ke bas no je time 6e e time e upade.......ane aa mate amari madad karo to tamaro khub khub aabhar......... Tamara aa garib musafaro tarafati......dhanyavad....
mazhar nagori
Jul 11, 2015

chalu bus ma daiver mobile us

Hello sir
I'm travelling from ahemdabad to palanpur on 11/07/2015
GSRTC ( bus no.-GJ .18Y.7314 )

Bus daiver chalu bus me  mobile use karta h
bus conduter  sathe vaat kari k bus daiver chalu bus me mobile use na kare
Par bus conduter ne mujse dadagiri se bat  kari
Or bus daiver 35min tak chalu bus m mobile us karte huye driving karnelaga
Or bus conduter ke pass dress b nahi h

Or ahemdabad m paldi char rasta road par bus daiver ne ek ecsident b kara
Tarafic police ne use rok kar 5min bad Jane diya
nilesh modi12
Jun 28, 2015

misbehave of bus driver

Respected sir,
With the above captioned matter as I m travelling by
Bus no: G J 18 Y 7179 dated 28th june 2015 at 2:30 pm, From surat to navsari as the board of the surat navsari bus vai palsana is not visible and when I asked the driver about the same he said r u illiterate? What happed if he has said yes this bus is going via palasana!
Such attitude with paasengers is responsible for loss of profit of our state run trasportation.
Please save our road transport..
Mahendra Thakor
Jun 24, 2015

Bus not stopping at bus stop

Dear Sir,

Good Morning.

I am Mahendra, living in Bhaijipura village of Gandhinagar district. I am doing a job in a company in Paldi - Ahmedabad since 5 years and have to travell in the bus from Bhaijipura to Paldi everyday. Please note that we have limited options of local buses in the morning at office time. i don't request for new buses, but wish to draw your kind attention about the drivers do not stop the bus at the bus stop. That bus route is Jantral to Ahmedabad (Vijapur depot). They stop bus only when they have to drop some passengers at our stop. Please note that, the bus reaches at our stop around 8:40am to 8:50 Am.
we have requested many times to the driver verbally to stop the bus at our stop but they don't even listen to our requests.

Request you to kindly look into the matter seriously and take necessary steps immediately as we are facing lots of problems.

Hope you will understand and help us by taking necessary actions.

Thanks & Regards
Arpita Christian
Jun 12, 2015

Illogical behaviour of Conductor and Co-Passenger

Hello Sir,
I Live in Maninagar,I just got employed at one of the offices at Udhyog Bhavan Gandhinagar, because of that I started travelling in GSRTC POINT BUSES.
I particularly travel by GSRTC BUS Ahmedbad to Gandhinagar Sachivalaya bus which starting point is Swaminarayan Mandir and time of departure is 09:15 a.m.
One my very first day i reached at the bus stand 20 minutes earlier when bus came very few passengers were there, but what I show was shocking, those few five passengers occupied/reserved nearly 30 sheets of the bus putting their napkins, bad,tiffin etc.
One person made me change my sheet saying that this sheet is reserved , U cant sit here in a very abusive language in front of the conductor.
I stood up, n started searching for place at the back, then again one of the men from the bus told me that I cant seat there too, because back area of the bus is reserved for Male Passengers, Female are not allowed to sit there.
When I asked for justification I was told that they are regular traveller, and no outsider is supposed to sit in their place (again in very abusive language)
Thus i was left with no option but to sit at veryyy corner sheet in such a humid weather.
Yet I was 20 minutes early I had to travel with lot of suffering while other late passengers very comfortably enjoyed their journey.
And this thing is happening with me from last 2 weeks.
I just want one answer tell me in which law or in which official document it is written that if one travel for long time by the same bus the bus and sit get automatically belong to them,or are there any rule in GSRTC rule book which says that Females are not allowed allowed to sit at the back part of the bus.
As per my knowledge, We all have been taught in school, college that All citizen of the country has equal right over Government/Public Property,but I think that it is the case???......(because I HAVENT NOTICE SUCH A THING HAPPENING AROUND ME especially in GSRTC buses).

I beg you to look into this matter

Thank You
Waiting for your favourable reply.
Jun 11, 2015

Conductor misbehave

dear sir,
navsari depot
valsad division

subject: conductor misbehave and use gaali.
conductor name: Mukesh patel (bus no. 9177) navsari-mahuva intercity.

dear sir,
i am the officer at one company at navsari
i am regularly travel from mahuva to navsari, in intercity bus, at the evening time when we are go mahuva at that time the conductor name (mukesh patel) bus no. 9177 was doing misbehave and very critical things with us. and also use a gaali, with passengers. and when i do the compliant against him in navsari depot, they can't take any steps. so with the behalf of all passengrs i suggested to change the duty of that conductor. and shifted in others depot.

with painfully also notice that the conductor mukesh patel was not stay with bus in night and go home at everytime.and not doing his duty regularly.

so with the behalf of all the passengers i hope that you will listen my complaints and take correct action against him. at minimum time. if you can't take action against him than we are go for polish or either we are doing wrong action against him. so you will be notice that things and take a proper acton against him.

yours faithfully
jack. and all passengers.
Jun 3, 2015

chanod to himmatnahar bus change e press to gurjar nagari

Dear sir,
We regret to inform you that chanod to himmatnagar bus has been running regularly express bus but last 4.days this bus has changed by central depot department gujar nagri so students, business man,daily passengers has troubled because of they have express pass only daily passengers but problems having of student and lower class people's because they are not eligible for this more tickets amount. so,we request you please change this gujar nagri to express bus.
dattani mitesh
Jun 1, 2015

irrrgular service of dwarka okha local bus

Dear sir

I do job in dwarka which is 30km away from okha i travel by st local bus but it is very iregular and so many student also travel with me
I compain many time to depo manager but they not taken any appropriate action

Dattani mitesh
May 28, 2015

bus driver miss bihave with pesenger

Ahmedabad to Indore bus wich timeing is between 9:00 pm date of jorny 28/5/2014

Driver is very miss behav with me for the stopping at Lal darwaj like ( gandi galiya like .. randva, benchod, madarchod ,and more wich I don't shre with dis page ) so plz sir do somtinng for this type of drivers pesngers are very tired for tis type of behavior how we can daily up doun with dis type of drivers ...





I don't know bus no nd driver batch no But it doesn't meters for team work I hope it's esy for G.S.R.T.C TEAM WORK...

May 19, 2015

irregularity of bus zanor bharuch

Respected sir,
I have complained so many times however I haven't got any solution.I am daily passenger from samlod-bharuch.there are two frequencies of bus.Dabhali-bharuch & zanor bharuch at 7 am.I am doing job at ankleshwar.both buses are too I regular ,inspire of having pass I have to spend money on and off.both don't come simultaneously.nd often both don't come together.
Plz it is my humble request to u to take any actions and give solution.I can't afford such a costly fare on nd off.make both regular.now they are also used to bunk daily.
Rahul Bhatt
May 17, 2015


Respected sir,

I have wrote this letter to inform you that in godhra there is a private travels near to S. T Depot named President Travels. Due to these private travels there is a huge loss to G.S.R.T.C . There is a loss of 1.5 crore in month for only route of GODHRA-BARODA-LUNAWADA and loss of 2.5 crore in a month for route of GODHRA-AHMEDABAD. Nobody is taking action against this private travels as this travels is about 100 meter near to S.T depot. As per G.S.R.T.C rules there should be no any other private travels is allowed to run inside 500 meter of area. The godhra S.T depot manager is allowing them and supporting them to run there private travels in godhra. This private travels is running from 7.00 am to 8.00 pm and each trip is about half and hour. This takes 28 trips a day for GODHRA-VADODRA and 20 trips a day for GODHRA-AHMEDABAD. So i hereby request you to take a strictly action against this matter.

Thanking You

Yours Faithfully
Rahul Bhatt
May 17, 2015

bus stop

bus doesn't stop at juvanpur (devbhumi dwarka)
Bus root okha upleta.
Bus is not stop 3 days at village juvanpur in dwarka jamnagar highway.time at 07 am.date; 14/05/2015 to 16/05/2015.
Careless conductor & driver

dilip hadiyal, hemraj nakum, valji sonagara, arvind dabhi.


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