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Happy Easy Go


Consumer complaints and reviews about Happy Easy Go

Meenal Bhat
Oct 31, 2019

Have booked many times

I’m a regular traveller and have booked tickets from almost every site now. I can assure you I have booked flight tickets from happyeasygo nearly 12-13 times and fortunately I didn’t have to face trouble ever. It was only one time that I faced duplicate booking issue, but I was lucky enough that the issue got resolved soon with help of their team. Happy travelling to all!
ojas sahu
Oct 30, 2019

With help of cc team I could go home

Thanks to their customer care people that I could fly to my home when I couldn’t book my air tickets from anywhere else. Initially, I couldn’t find the ticket details on my email or message even after 24 hours of the booking. However, the customer care person was helpful in bringing quick solution to the problem. The CC person consulted to me 2-3 times to confirm the booking and make sure I can catch the flight the next morning. Thanks!
Parmeet Shinoy
Oct 30, 2019

Got my refund in 4 days

Can’t say about others, but I got my refund within 4 days. Thanks to their customer care people, I could get my amount back as I needed to cancel my booking soon after. A big thumbs up!
Oct 15, 2019

Booked at last moment

I couldn’t book my flight from any other site, as it was too costly at the last moment. Apart from happyeasygo, I couldn’t find good discounts anywhere else. I finally booked 4 tickets from here and got a decent discount on the final amount. Since I was a new customer, I also got a credit points in my HEG wallet and I will use them later on my future bookings. I simply loved the overall booking experience from happyeasygo. So, I would request people interested in saving money to use it for their own benefit.
Oct 14, 2019

Took time to confirm but nice trip

I booked flight tickets as well as hotel rooms for me and my friends recently. Everything went smooth except that I had to wait for getting the booking confirmation on my email. I contacted their customer care department; they assured me that I will get the confirmation soon as they were facing some backend issue at the moment. However, my issue got resolved soon and was satisfied with overall trip. We enjoyed our stay at the hotel as we got all the facilities that we were shown before. Thanks Happyeasygo for keeping your commitment!
Oct 11, 2019

Got refund a bit late but overall good experience

I booked air tickets for me and my family on 1st Oct from happyeasygo. I had to postpone my plan, so needed to cancel my bookings. My refund got delayed by 4 days. But, the customer care people gained my trust by sending me a detailed email regarding the refund. Also, I got my refund within 24 hours of receiving their email. Though I couldn’t use my scored coupons due to cancelled booking, I’m satisfied with the overall experience.
Oct 11, 2019

Got confused myself

Couldn’t find coupons in my account which I had won in the contest they held on their social page some months ago. Initially I thought they may not be willing to give the coupons, but my doubt was cleared soon when I contacted them and was told that they have asked for my email id on the post. Since I hadn’t checked their post again, I couldn’t understand the reason behind this. I shared my email id and soon got rewarded with my free coupons. I used the coupons for travelling to Manali; booked flight and had a really nice stay at the hotel I booked from happyeasygo.

I will be travelling to Bangalore soon, and I believe I will book my tickets from here because they are offering quite good discounts due to festive season.
Oct 10, 2019

Was satisfied with the service

Unlike the reviews I had read about the company, I was quite satisfied with the company's service because I got good discounts on my bookings and also got quick confirmation. I found the app experience smooth and didn’t really find anything wrong with the company and their payments. I had booked 7 tickets to Goa and enjoyed my trip too. Since everything went well in my case, I thought to share my experience with everyone. I hope people who haven’t received their refunds will receive them soon.
Oct 10, 2019

Got confirmation late

I booked a flight from Delhi to Chennai last week, didn’t get confirmation for next 2 hours. Though the portal was showing the tickets on my account, I wasn’t able to download the tickets and neither did I get a confirmation on my email. Then, I didn’t get time to contact the customer care and contacted them the next day. I told the CC exec. my booking id and the issue I faced with ticket confirmation. After about 24 hours, I got the confirmation details on both email and text message. I felt relieved after receiving the tickets as I had to board the plane after 4 days.

Since my problem got resolved, I will not hesitate to booking air tickets from here again because I had saved 530 and also got a cashback in my Mobikwik account.
Oct 9, 2019

Had to wait for a while but it was sorted

I visited my home town for navratri and booked tickets from happyeasygo. I got to book the tickets in juts 1400 INR with discount. It felt good, but I didn’t get confirmation till 4 hours. I had to contact the customer care of the company. Couldn’t connect in the first go, but I got connected the third time. They apologized for replying late as they were busy with other customers and all. I then registered my concern and got my ticket confirmation within next 1 hour.
I would choose this site again as I got to save around 850 on my domestic ticket. Recommend it!
Sep 18, 2019

Worst customer service looting peole

I booked a ticket yesterday for seven people and today I cancelled the ticket because there is some mistake in the time. I can celled the ticked within 24 hours. And the airline refunded the full amount. But HappyEasyGo people is not refunding the amount. They are telling the cancellation amount is more than the booking amount. Thats why they will not refund any amount. I spent around RS12000 for the booking. But HappyEasyGo is charging more than RS12000 for cancelling the ticket. They are simple looting the common people hard yearned money. Better booking ticket directly from the airlines. they may help you in case of any mistakes.

Below is the response I got from HappyEasyGo

Fwd: CaseId-1567406380475:RE: Cancelation status

Dear Anil, With reference to your refund request for Trip ID:658006712946686659, 657979465674145503 & 658007696494198010

We would like to inform you that the cancellation has been done with 0 refund as the cancellation charges were higher than the ticket cost.

Please be informed that Happyeasygo service fee(INR 1000 per passenger per sector) and convenience fee will be applicable to process the cancellation.

Also, your booking is issued on the non-refundable fare.

Thanks & Regards

Shivani Kaul
Customer Service
Sep 18, 2019


Hi. I just to brief my experience with Happyeasygo.com. Just few days back I have to travel on urgent basis to Kolkata. I just started searching for Flight ticket to Kolkata from Delhi for very next day. After searching various travelling agency portal, I got best price from Happyeasygo.com around Rs 2500. Their customer support was good. Definitely I will recommend Happyeasygo to OTHERS.
May 21, 2019

Fraud Company Happyeasygo

Proof of Fraud by Happyeasygo

I am Avinash, I have booked a ticket on 7th may 2019 from Delhi to Patna(22May) and Patna

to Delhi(27May) using happyeasygo app.During booking I checked that paytm is providing

additional Rs100 cashback with Ticket cheaper than Happyeasygo.

"According to Happyeasygo policy if any other service provide provides ticket cheaper

than the happyeasygo then happyeasygo will give 200% of cashback of the amount


So, I decided to put a mail and the revert is just shocking that they are saying you are

not eligible for this because your screenshot is not taken within 5 minutes. while my

Screenshot timing was within 3 minute that I attached on that mail.

To see the proof:

Conclusion: They are fraud and money maker, they made policy to attract customer but does

not stand on it.


Fraud Company Happyeasygo Fraud Company Happyeasygo

Apr 22, 2019

Sad easygo

I BOOKED MY FLIGHT WITH INDIGO N THAN I CANCELLED IT BEFORE TIME ... INDIGO SENT ME A MAIL THAT MONEY HAS BEEN REFUNDED TO HAPPYEASYGO... When I asked this fake fortal for refund they they started giving false promise n keep me wait for a month for a refund amount which indigo all ready processed in their account way before time..... They are fake n loot all our money.....GUYS LETS GET CONNECTED AND LAUNCH A COMPLAIN AGAINST THEM N TEACH THEM WE ARE NOT FOOOL TO LOOSE AOUR HARD EARNED MONEY...... ONKAR 7977587510...FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME IF THEY CON U AS WELL
Seth neha
Apr 8, 2019


I booked my ticket on 13feb and cancelled my ticket i have no any information from this side n no refund my money when i call customer care no. My Call always failed
Apr 7, 2019


I cancelled my tickets and flight company also make my refund to them even on booking time the ticket booked are refundeble but happy easy go guys they adjusted all amount and there is no refund,so i again ask them once again for refund in absence of that i search a legal action against them.
Mar 31, 2019

Happy easy go

I have booked one ticket from kolkata to mumbai after booking the ticket they dint confirmed my ticket but the deducted my money from my account....and my 3800 has been deducted....bank doesnot want to refund it coz its not their fault....this bloody app is fake and i want my money back ....madarchod ka baccha log sb ka paisa maar kr baitha hai....aur isko koi customer care number bhi nahi hai
....sala suwar ka aulaad kutta ka baccha ...laura ka baaal app....
Roshan Varkey
Mar 26, 2019

Refund Processing - Customer Cheating

I had cancelled my PNR No. ALHYGE with Indigo Directly, who have promised to make part payment as refund after the penalty, but happygo guys dont seem to be bothered to refund and also have the bloody nerve to state there is no refund on this as the booking amount is less than the cancellation charges - UTTER NONSENSE

when the Airline itself have promised the refund - Why would you not refund after the penalty has been paid.

I have tried to reach "the so called Happy guys" on your contact numbers which dont seem to work.

In case i dont hear from you within the next 24 hrs. I intend to take this up with the consumer court.
Beena mehta
Mar 26, 2019

PNR or eceipt number not sent

Today afternoon I booked air ticket for Mr. Pratham Luthra for 31 st March 2019 flight IX247 from Mumbai to Dubai. My bank DCB Mumbai has debited my account towards payment for ticket purchased
So far I have not got any confirmation from you. Pls urgently look into it n reply.
Mar 26, 2019


My name is Vikas Jain and my PNR is PCRWJR which was cancelled by Jet Airways due to operational reason. have sent them all the details on mail but still no response from the team and not able to connect even on the call centre no.

Its more than 3 weeks havent received any revert from HEG.
Mar 25, 2019

no customer number

i booked one ticket,from hyderabad to patna. everything was done and i received a booking id however the airline is saying they have not received any confirmation. no pnr nothing they have given. the confirmation is also fake. they dont even have a customer care no. if some one knows the customer care no, kindly inform. Thank you
Mar 24, 2019

Refund not credited

I have booked one ticket for Bangalore to Patna, that got cancelled 4 times but they deducted amount, now i have claim but i am not getting any customer care number on there site, can anyone help me for this, please ..........
Nov 19, 2018

Refund not credited

Hi have booked hotel from HEG and they did not manage to confirm my booking but still they charged me and after 2 days telling me that hotel is sold out you will get full refund.
Up yo date i have not received my refund and no response by happeasygo i call but no is unavailable and no reply on email as well.
Kindly refund my money Asap or now i am going to complaint to national consumer helpline.

Ref id 254308889709891584
Amount 8618/-
Aug 22, 2018

Cheating on flight ticket and hidden costs

Hi I had a flight for August 13th on indigo airlines. I lost my mother the week before. So tried to cancel my flight through the website. The website didn't help me the customer service was unreachable. I called them 9 times and emailed then 9 times too for a refund. It took three weeks then they wrote to me saying they are not going to refund me the remainder of the ticket price even after airline penalty and charged me 4500INR penalty for cancellation and booking. Firstly it's not in their terms and conditions when booking the flight. Secondly I cancelled the flight through indigo so the website didn't actually do any thing to help with cancellation and finally the customer service never informed me of this extra fees of nearly 5k (almost the entire remainder of the flight price) instead paid me 100INR Goodwill (after taking away 4500). I am upset not just at the lack of service / monetary loss but in the insensitive way the company acted.
I am gearing up to send them a proper legal notice as clearly this company is doing this to many people.
[email protected]
Jul 24, 2018

Charging extra in the name of Free Reschedule

I have booked flight through Premium Cashback Price,which offers free reschedule.Now when I am asking for reschedule, HEG Customer Care is saying that the ticket was booked through Cashback price,and hence penalty with service fee has to be paid for reschedule. HEG is cheating customers as they dont want to bear the Reschedule charges.
How is it possible to get Rs1400 Cashback on flight(IndiGo 6E2929) costing Rs3989, and get Rs650 cashback on same flight when it is costing Rs6095(IndiGo 6E2929).Only Premium Cashback can be availed till Rs1600.

The statement HEG are making is a conflict with what is understood from the HEG website. Also, how can a customer know if the booking is made under Cashback or Premium Cashback, since there is no such information provided by HEG on the invoice or trip detail page, only Cashback amount is mentioned.

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