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Consumer complaints and reviews about HARYANA ROADWAYS

Feb 13, 2019

Inappropriate behavior of driver and conductor. I felt ashamed

Hi Sir,

With due respect and humble submission I want to inform you that today i was waiting for the bus at Kashmiri gate bus stand Delhi at 12:39.

Bus number HR 57 9168 was standing there and both the gates were closed and I asked the conductor to open the gate but he did not open then I went to drivers gate even he laughed and stopped other passengers to stop the bus. They both were laughing, but did not open the gates. That's very bad. Please take appropriate action for them. Just because of their mistake I will reach home late.

Passengers are the source of earning for buses and must be respected by driver and conductor.

Private buses Driver and conductor are far better Handel passengers.

Then I called duty inspector number given on Google and Mr Rakesh helped me so much.Very cooperative person.

Yours sincerely
Dr. Ajinder
Rohit Rocky
Jan 31, 2019

Miss behavior

I was traveling delhi to Chandigarh driver and the conductor behaviour is very bad I would request please take a suitable action about this (THIS HAPPENED WAS 31/01/2019)
HR 63 C8768
CONTACT 7973790155
May 18, 2018

Bus HR56A 3680 going late day by day

Respected Sir,

With reference to caption subject I want attract your mind towards that the Bus move from safidon to bhambewa HR56A 3680 going late day by day it arrived morkhi at 9:00 or late it's also but the arrieving time is 8:30 AM old driver Sh Azad Singh always comes at proper time but new driver Mr kuldeep is doing it late I have requested many time verbally but they did not give any positive response.I am an employee in State Bank of india and travelling in the bus from last three year yet before no such type of problem create.

Therefore u are requested to inform him about punchvation or if he then also not come at proper time than I will give written letter to CMO,TM Or GM haryana roadways.I hope you will take strict action and solve my problem. I will be immenue thankfully to your quick response.

Vinod Kumar
State Bank of India
Mob No-9896175615
May 7, 2018

Bus is not stopped at Nilokheri bus stop

General Manager

Sir I am travelling from Nilokheri to Delhi every Monday on time 05.10 AM in the morning. But The driver of Haryana Roadways do not stop buses at Bus stop. They cross the bus from flyover and drop the old passenger at starting point of flyover. And some driver cross below the flyover but they don,t stop the bus... Kindly confirm, whether Nilokheri is not the stop for some buses or only for Monday morning.

Please sir take my complaint seriously because this thing may be happen again if you don't take action. And if you can't take any step then i will have to go to CMO on twitter.

Rajeev Kumar
S. N. Bansal
Jan 19, 2018

Behaviour of staff at Patiala bus stand

I travelled byHaryana roadways bus on 20/01/2018 from Patiala to Ambala .I took ticket from counter at bus stand Patiala at 8:00AM.Behaviour of the person issuing tickets was so rude that he addressed every person as TU instead of AAP. He did not care for age of travellers. Politness was also missing from conductor. Your staff should be told to be polite otherwise people will prefer to travel by other means.
Hope my suggestion will be taken care off

Er. S.N.Bansal
127, Phulkian Enclave,
nigam kamboj
Jan 6, 2018

miss behave and default by conductor

Today, I brought a ticket for travelling from indri to radaur. I gave the note of 50 rupees. The ticket amount from indri to Karnak is 20 rupees but he charged to me 25 rupees.And he abused me. I have ticket that is given by conductor. Plzz take suitable action towards conductor.
Bus no. HR45A5024
The bus realted to karnal depo

miss behave and default by conductor

Rakesh Soni
Jul 26, 2017

harrash driving of bus drivee

Yesterday(25.07.2017) i was coming from kaithal to kithana on my bike.haryana roadways no.HR64 7635 was following me,near kithana stop the bus took a sudden cut and the backside of bus was going to hit me.luckily i left the road and took bike to roadside.passengers who stood on bus gate were watching all this.as the bus stopped,i asked driver about this.He was not ready to admit his fault Until passengers Scolded him.i saved luckily but i want a strict action against driver otherwise i would have to file a fir in police station
Narvir Singh
May 8, 2017

Complaint against the Haryana Roadways conductor/Driver of Haryana Roadways Bus Number : "HR39D 3582"

हम 07/05/2017को लगभग रात 8 बजें ।चण्डीगढ से हांसी वाली बस में जीन्द से बैठ गये जिसका नम्बर "HR39D 3582"था।हमारे गांव से मिल्कपूर गांव में लिन्क रास्ता जाता है।उस गांव की सवारी भी बस में बैठ गयी जब हम टिकट लेने लगें तो conductor ने कहा कि तुम्हारे गांव में बस नहीं रूकेगी फिर उसने कहा 25रू लगेगे ।जबकि हमारे गांव का किराया 12रू लगता है।फिर भी हमसे 25रू लेकर 10रू वाली टिकट दी तो हमने उसका विरोध किया तो उसने कहा कि तुम्हारे गांव में बस नहीं रूकेगी।
फिर हमने बस ड्राईवर से प्रार्थना की तो उसने भी रोकने से मना कर दिया ।किन्तू जब इक्कस गांव से पहले बिना किसी बस अड्डे के बस ड्राइवर ने अपने जान पहचान वाले को बस रोक कर उतारा था तो हमने ड्राईवर से कहा कि आपने उसे भी उतारा है । बिना बस अड्डे के तो बस ड्राइवर ने कहा मेरी मर्जी जहां रोकु या ना रोकू ।तुम्हारे गांव में बस नहीं रोकता करलो जो करना है और उन्होंने बार बार प्रार्थना करने अन्य सवारियो के कहने पर भी गांव गुलकनी में बस नहीं रोकी जिसके कारण रात को घर पहुंचने में बहुत परेशानी हुई ।
अंत: आपसे प्रार्थना है कि बस ड्राइवर व conductor. के खिलाफ जल्दी से जल्दी उचित कार्यवाही की जाये

बस ड्राइवर की फोटो भेज रहे हैं।
Mar 13, 2017

Delay of buses at bus stand

Every monday people faces delaying of buses from their actual time. Today 14 march, 2017 after holi vacations around 100 people are waiting for bus, but as usual buses are running 15-20 min late as their sheduled time. If we complaint the conductor then their behaviour is not correct with people.
Please do some satisfactory actiilon against bus driver.
Mohd Wazid khan
Feb 18, 2017

Dvr conductor dono ke khilaf cComplend

I Wazid Khan alwar bus stand at 09:05pm...18/02/2017
07:30am...19/02/2017 there are no facilities,but because i had waited all night in that weight not is hear hr roadways no suvidha
this is my request cm sahab car early this root number sudaro
bharat prajapat kumar
Feb 11, 2017

haryana roadways conductor missbehave

I am bharat kumar. I wanna go from chandigarh to ambala cantt and i asked to conductor can you drop me Ambala cantt he told me ' nikal bahar bus se ye bus nhi jayegi ambala cantt ' and this bus go to delhi and seats also available in bus when i say to conductor here seats available please drop me ambala cantt i know your stopage has there but conductor behave rude with me and told me nikal bahar tujhe sunta nhi ek baar kaha hu dhke dekar bahar nikalu. And when said to conductor i will complaint you then he threat me don't worry here showing your address and i will see you. This bus faridabad depot bus no. 4395 and conductor name i asked from other conductor his name sandeep and his conductor no. 9.Please sir take my complaint seriously because this thing may be happen again if you don't take action. And if you can't take any step then i will have to go on cm window.
Regards bharat kumar
Nov 24, 2016

never stop the bus at stoppage

He said nilokheri is not our stoppage but he stopped the bus at Trori stoppage and he talking the abuse language with me and he is angry with me he said Jo krna h krlo .. bus no HR 37D 2200
Send me the resolution at [email protected]
Nov 22, 2016

driver's drinking regarding

Sir I am travelling from Rohtak to Panipat...the departure time is 8:pm but the bus was run late by half an hour on 22/11/2016. And the concern about the travelling is that the driver is fully drunk...which may cause hunderds of life.driver and conductor is continuaically smokingbus n. Is HR 46C 9892
Nov 22, 2016

regarding driver's drinking

Sir I am travelling from Rohtak to Panipat...the departure time is 8:pm but the bus was run late by half an hour on 22/11/2016. And the concern about the travelling is that the driver is fully drunk...which may cause hunderds of life.driver and conductor is continuaically smokingbus n. Is HR 46C 9892
Bhupender Singh Panghaal
Nov 3, 2016

Mismatch of seat numbers on online tickets and on the bus.

Dear Sir
We got our tickets booked from ISBT Delhi to Hisar. Its trip ID was 1610281267. Three tickets were booked and seat number as per booking letter were 21,22 and 23 all together on one side. But in the bus these seats were not together and seat No. 21 was on one side (two seater) while seat Nos. 22 and 23 were on another side (three seater). So there was no matching of seat numbers on the ticket and on the bus.
You are requested to make the correction by writing correct seat numbers on the bus seats so that there is no confusion among the passengers. I hope you will get the correct seat number marked.

Yours truly

Bhupender Singh
Shekhar Sharma
Nov 2, 2016

lost bag in haryana roadways

hello sir,
i lost my bag in haryana roadways bus which is travelling from delhi isbt to chandigarh sector 17.

i only have the tickets wid me. i dont knw the no. of bus and depot.
bag has my all imp. original documents and my cloths.

my id is [email protected]

lost bag in haryana roadways

Adv. Nikhil Sachdeva
Aug 13, 2016

File a RTI against the bus conductor & Driver

I am Advocate sugest to you send a letter to gm of roadways plus file rti
Rishipal Malik
Aug 8, 2016

Complaint of Conductor of Bus no. HR - 61A/5492

General Manager
Charkhi Dadri

Respected Sir,
I Ms. Annu like to inform you that I am have coming with my Husband and Little Child from Rohtak to Charkhi Dadri by Haryana Radways Charkhi Dadri Depot Last Bus No HR61A-5492 for dated 07.08.2016 on timing 07.30 PM .
Further we inform we try to pickup bus but conductor not stop bus at Rohtak Bus Stand exit side although anyway we have pickup the same .In transit time we request to Conductor for Stopping then Bus Conductor and Driver Both have give injured my Husband and try to misbehave with me then my little child have drop by my hand at last all traveler come to support in my favors .
The same situation we have already inform to General Manager of Haryana Rodways Charkhi Dadri Depot and they have no action yet to
You are humbly request kindly do action and give chance to present my problem to you .
Your Thankful Daughter and Sister
Mob –No 7891789623
Vill Kamod ,Teshil –Charkhi Dadri
Bhiwani Haryana
May 27, 2016

Complaint against bus driver


I am hukam singh
I complaint against driver bus no is Hr45b 0858
He comes from yamunanagar to karnal time is 5:40 pm
I was driving my car and family with me there trafic was so.he horn bus time to time and i give him hand to pass me
But he overtake me with cut near my car we safe him self were carefully my car was go near tries
Thanks God save me and my family
I dont know what will happen of this complaint that m writing here but i hope its heard

Thanku Sir
[email protected]
Dec 29, 2015

Against conductor & Driver HARYANA ROADWAYS BUS NO. HR69B/6591

Respected Sir,


I travels from Rajeev Chowk Gurgaon to Dharuhera. But Haryana Roadways buses not go under overbridge. It is going all buses uper over bridge(pull). Passenger go to toll tax any vehicle, but conductor of roadways buses not open windows. The conductor of haryana Roadways Bus No. HR-69B/6591 at near 7 PM dated 28.12.2015 on Khedki dhaula toll tax use wrong word and try to war from rod. I run away dharuhera otherwise both driver & conductor heavy injury to me. This bus Conductor or driver Haryana roadways buses was not use dress & name plate.

I travels Dharuhera to Rajeev chowk Gurgaon. But haryana roadways buses not go under
over bridge in Dharuhera. It is going to all buses uper over bridge. Passenger only see to
bus but not profit of bus.

I am writing this mail to you as i expect that you will take a very strong & amp; Quick action against this conductor & Driver.

Suggestion:- 1. Conductor or driver Haryana roadways buses do not use dress & name plate.
2. The driver of haryana roadways do not buses at permanent stop. he stop 200 miter before ya
200 miter after. Passenger do not safe.
3. Use wrong words.
4. Conductor do not give ticket to passenger or cash put on conductor pocket.
5. Do not use dress Flying of Haryana Roadways.
6. On Stand Stop point duty employees public not satisfication.
7. The driver of Haryana Roadways do not stop buses at Bus stop because do LOSS EVERY DAYS.
8. Genral manager & other officer of Haryana Roadways don't check duty point employee.

Please taken strick action

Pardeep kumar S/o Vijay Singh
vill- Tatarpur Khalsa, P-O ---Bhatsana
Rewari, Haryana
Ph. No. 09466194992
Dec 1, 2015

Don't complain about small 2 mistake

All passengers,

Dear passengers this is regarding about your issue. Please its request you to that don't put small 2 issue here do you know about haryana roadways its a best roadways in country. About services at any time and any place almost complete haryana district, cities and villages are connecting with the roadways buses. People of other states like haryana road ways bus because of their speed is so awesome, and condition of the bus is also good. If you not believe compare other states bus with haryana roadways buses. I observed most of the passengers shown their attitude to driver and conductor very chock they request just stop the bus its not a tata magic or auto to stop evrytime. Before put blame to someone first you check about your self.

"Haryana roadways is the best roadways in india "
gaurav mittal 12
Sep 8, 2015

regarding misbhviour and charging extra price of ticket

I was travelling with in volvo bus from chandigarh to delhi . Conductor of bus told me that ticket is of 1050 rs but when i calculate i found that is of 1040. When i ask him about this he starting acting rudely. I want to know is there any tip legalised by govt. Which is mandatory to be paid to conductor of bus. I request the concern authorities to mitigate such problem.
Gaurav mittal email id [email protected]
Sep 7, 2015

Misbehaviour of bus driver

I was travelling from delhi to chandigarh around 1:50 so there was a stoppage near ambala called baldev nagar so he didnt stop there nd i asked y u didnt stop he argued wth me nd try to beat me Nd. Its a kindly reqest to u that tell him to say sorryy on my no 8198888933 othervise i will file a case in court nd my father is a IAS nd the no of bus is HR38S2102.
Yours truthful
Aug 16, 2015

Misbehaviour of conductor

Respected sir,
It's a complaint regarding your bus service from Jind to panipat at 6:50 am ( bus no. -HR 56A 8872).It's clearly written in the bus "NO SMOKING" still the driver was smoking. We told him to stop at a place in panipat because our another bus was about to come but instead of replying in a good way he said " yahi Rok ke khada ho jata hun, jahan Jana hain chale ja". Is this the way to behave with ladies ??? I thought haryana roadways to be the best service but today I was proved wrong by your employees. I hope you will take some action in this regard.

Thank you
Shivaji Kaushik
Jul 20, 2015

Bus is not stopped at bus stop

I am a student of gmsss-22 Chandigarh. I regularly go to my school from pinjore to sector 17 bus stand Chandigarh.
The most convenient Bus that can drop me to my destination at time is a bus which goes to Rewari at about 6:30 AM. All the other buses cannot drop me at my school time which is 7:30 AM, but the driver of the Rewari bus which goes from pinjore at 6:30 AM does not stop the bus at pinjore bus stop, And therefore I always reach late in my school. Instead of stopping the bus at pinjore bus stand the driver starts to hurl abuses at all the students waiting for the bus. I feel so angry and helpless about that. Please take a serious action against the bus driver , so that he stops the bus at valid stops. Again PLEASE TAKE A SERIOUS ACTION AGAINST THAT DRIVER. OTHERWISE OUR REQUEST WILL SOON TURN INTO PROTEST.
Yours sincerely,

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