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Hathway Internet


Consumer complaints and reviews about Hathway Internet

Sep 24, 2020

Worst Customer Service Ever

I am facing frequent network interruption issue from past 20 days. Even upon calling customer service daily hasn't resolved my issue. Their technicians never visit. Customer Care hung up on me when asked for their supervisor. I asked them either to resolve issue or to refund my money but no go. They are ready to disconnect my connection with no refund. I had dropped an email to grievences team as well 3 weeks back but haven't got even an acknowledgment email. I am out of options now.
Sep 24, 2020

Worst Service Provider Ever

I am facing frequent network interruption issue from past 20 days. Even upon calling customer service daily hasn't resolved my issue. Their technicians never visit. Customer Care hung up on me when asked for their supervisor. I asked them either to resolve issue or to refund my money but no go. They are ready to disconnect my connection with no refund. I had dropped an email to grievences team as well 3 weeks back but haven't got even an acknowledgment email. I am out of options now.
Sep 13, 2020


Very wossste network very wooste bigver not answer connection active in place next money online transfer next not working in place rs 3229 online transfer 3 days money received in bank account not coming in bank account 15 days wait no response not pickup call ASM venkat+919445062446 very very wosste bigver ASM not in place waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste waste
Jun 3, 2020

Internet not working

My ac No 11 89109706
Our internet not working from 3 days
I use Haathway net From 20 days
Very worst broad band service I have ever seen
In 20days I use only 8to10days only remaining net not working every 2days notworking
Very worst service
Apr 11, 2020

Hathway Internet

There are very few brands whose service can be described in one word. PATHETIC. I've been using their service for more than one year and yes they are very consistent in their pathetic work. They take complaint as compliment and act as they are the best service provider.
Apr 1, 2020

Services not installed after making the payment

My account number is 1105895724, I made the online payment on 17th March, 2020 and was assured that I will get the services installed in 3-5 days, it's been 15 days and I still don't have the services yet, I have been calling them everyday and I still don't have the services. I need refund ASAP now.
Apr 1, 2020

Services not installed after making the payment

My account number with hathway is 1105895724. I made the online payment to re- install the hathway broadband connection on 17th of March, 2020 and I was assured that I will get the services installed in 3-5 days, till today I have been calling them everyday as it's been 15 days and I still don't have the services. When you guys are not capable of providing services, why do you collect payment? I need s refund as soon as possible.
Mar 22, 2020

Hathway, the king of poor service providers

Well I've been using Hathway for 2 years now and I've been using 50Mbps unlimited plan from the very beginning. And here it goes ..
The speed?
The day installed 48Mbps and you surf normally and few days later you feel the speed is not good so you call customer care twice thrice and they correct it like they are doing a favor. So if you don't call them and it stays unnoticed the actual speed, the regular speed was something around 12 - 15Mbps, I mean it.
The connection?
I cannot say it was poor but they somehow manage to provide you 28 days out of 30 sounding like they are doing a great job at it. You'll call customer care and they'll say that there's an issue with the server and the whole area's network is down, like what the heck, all are suffering from network then you also better keep your mouth shut!
And here comes my best part, the part which now has FORCED me to leave Hathway.
So the network was down and I called them and I had this emergency that I had to work from home and I'm a software developer so I have to take international skype calls and screen sharing so I need a good connection, so i called them up and explained my situation and they were very helpful, I called them for no internet problem today and they promised the server will be back up in 2 hours and yes the problem was fixed. Yes it was fixed on the next day, in the afternoon? Right? What better can I expect.
Now I'm trying to work but I'm unable to so I check the speed, speedtest says 1.75 Mbps downloading and 0.95 uploading and I was like damn upset, I rang this Customer Care again and you remember that it takes about an half hour approximately to register a complaint 2 3 minutes on IVR 10 minutes waiting and rest to explain the shi t to shi tty people they have who know nothing but to ask "Can you please restart the modem". So Day 1, I log a complaint, nothing happens, Day 2, I log another complaint they say it will be resolved tomorrow morning and you'll get a call back. Nothing happens, no shi tty callback no resolution nothing, Day 3 log a complaint in the morning and install app to check status of my complaints, whoa! I can't even see my complaint logged on Day 1 and my Day 2 Day 3 complaints were closed 1 hour after they were logged mentioning that there was a temporary issue at that time, Day 3 I again log another complaint in evening, And during all this time the internet speed was no good than downloading 1-4 Mbps and uploading 0.1 - 1.9 Mbps and it is shi t. Day 3 night's complaint was closed on Day 4 morning without resolution. On Day 4 I logged another complaint and was closed an hour after and I logged another complaint in the evening, and I have been yelling, crying inside, pleading to fix my issue as my work was impacted but still no resolution and I've been shouting on these customer calls, let me talk to the senior person and to the senior person as well they have been promising it will be resolved but nothing happens. Day 5 I now am open up to all possibilities I log complaint in morning which of course gets closed without resolution and now I see their portal which say if you're not satisfied with Customer Care then call our nodal office number, I said perfect, some hope there, I called and I called that number 50 times giving time to it but switched off is all I got in response.
This is so frustrating, This provider is shi t, they don't know business, you'll be banging your head in wall because of them
Don't go for it.
Now I'm trying consumer court.
Hathway, you should die soon!
Mar 17, 2020

New Connection


i have requested for new access and paid my total amount, but still broadband access not yet received.

The contract person given by hathway is Noor - 9900232888
Mar 12, 2020

New connection Issue

New connection issue

I have made payment through online for hathway broadband Mumbai, I have called the customer care people for almost 50 times.They don't have any responsibility. I am following with customer care for 4 days.Every time they used to say within two hour we will be getting connection setup.Their staff is all Bastards. they don't know how to talk to customer. I want to cancel the request and refund me the amount I have paid.

Very bad service ..I don't recommend anyone to take this.
Feb 23, 2020

poor signal

Very poor response.I have complained of poor signal two days ago. they said they will send a technician to check the same. but they haven't. such a poor response!! I actually shifted to hathway because of the poor response from the previous INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER.But this proved to be even more worse than that. If only i knew about their poor customer services, i would have not taken this service at all. I would definitely not suggest this connection to anybody else.
Nov 30, 2019

Hathway broadband payment issue

Hi Team,
I had raised a complaint against my broadband payment issue.no one has responded and they are closing the complaints without consult me.
Actually broadband plan is 2522rs for 3+1 month and it has got expired on 28th nov 2019.i got the message for renew the plan for 3053rs for 3+1 month free and i had made the payment for 3053 and that plan has contains 150mbps speed and 3+1 month offer.
But the hathway team has activated the old plan which has 2522rs plan.
I need my new plan for 4 months.
I am trying to call,mail them no one has responded till now from 5days.

Hathway broadband payment issue Hathway broadband payment issue

Venkata Vinay
Nov 5, 2019

New connection issue


Ticket no-03112019M848974

I have made payment through online for hathway broadband Hyderabad.I have called the customer care people for almost 15 times.They don't have any responsibility. I am following with customer care for 3 days.Every time they used to say within one hour we will be getting connection setup.I want to cancel the request and refund me the amount I have paid.

Very bad service ..I don't recommend anyone to take this.
Oct 13, 2019

New connection

I just made online payment to hathway Hyderabad..

Customer care is not working.
Given mobile number its always busy and if it is ringing people just reject my call

In whatapp no buddy responding

I am not happy with [email protected] services....
No buddy properly respond my query

Although they make me wait for 4 to 5 days to get working internet...
I am not happy with your service...
Can someone help me to initiate refund process
Oct 11, 2019

Worst customer service and connection.

Hi Team.

Account number: 1170215477
Name: Imtiyaz Khan

I am not sure who is going to check this email. Please listen to the recording it's a 4th call to your customer support and twice the call was disconnected. Customer is being argued and call is being hung up on the face. The agent is proving wrong to the customer instead of understanding the issue. Worst experience in my life with this. No active listing. I've asked the agent "what extention are. you going to give me", is it about billing date would be extended for 3 days?. I changed the language but still the agent is interested in arguing. No surveys are being sent when asked.
Akash was 1agent. I spoke to Venkatesh twice and I don't remember other agents names. You can find 2 recording that I've attached.

Please refund my money and close my account. I paid my bill on 9th Oct and I had no internet since 8th Oct night. So I've not your usedservices.

Feedback: change the customer service agents and get people who can understand customers and help them. Instead of hanging up the call. Also please improve your service..

Today again I spoke to a lady Salina/Sabrina 1st time she said she'll arrange a call back and send the tech out but still didn't get a call. 2nd time I got connected again to the same lady and she said she'll transfer and call got disconnected after waiting for 20 min.

I spent hours on talking to them. I will never recommend this service to anyone and disconnect the services as soon as possible. If anyone has Hathway please disconnect it.

Finally now the tech is here after speaking to one of helpful person of Hathway office DNB Ravi Kumar from Saroor Nagar.

Tech said the router is damaged. And promised to get it fixed in a couple of hrs.

I hope there should be some humanity and honesty left in Hathway Management to refund the amount and cancel the services.

Awaiting for your response


[email protected]
Oct 10, 2019

Poor Customer Service

Hi Team,

Myself N.Sujitha my customer ID 1171299898 let me explain my issue briefly. I am customer who was very satisfied one month ago and represent Hathway to few of my friends (3 connection referred till date). Actually I first gone for 2month package and then as referred by your sale's representative Mrs.Nisha I paid a amount around 4300 for one year package and she guided me over the phone to pay the amount in online and done it and my line got activated and was working fine for past three months but fortunately it got disconnected and I called her and she informed me that there was some miscommunication instead of one year pack activation team has activated 3months plan and she ensured that my pack will activate soon, after continues followup with her my lines got activated 10days before and I felt very happy about it but once my connection got disconnected. Now I decided I don't want bother her any more and would like to escalate the same and registered a complaint against my issues and felt really very happy to talk to your call agent Mr.Bala and he ensured now that he will come back to me in 24hrs with solution.

I request your team to do the needful and ensure the person whom I referred shouldn't experienced the same.

Sujitha N
Oct 3, 2019

hathway broadband

very bad service by hathway broadband. they promised me 50 Mbps but i am getting 2 mbps. I complained many times to
customer care they said they will rectify still no solution. they rs 1,600 from me. my advise dont take hathway broadband connection
Sep 22, 2019

Broadband not setup

I have called for broadband service for hathway, one person of hathway said to me he will setup broadband by the evening. But not done by him. I was waiting for his response but he told me he will do that tomorrow. This is not fare for customer. He is not able to stand on there words. I m totally disappointed by hathway services and this kind of promise. I have also paid for this. Today i have some calls with client over Skype but cant able to take. Too regrettable that i have tried to take connection of hathway.
[email protected]
Sep 15, 2019

Worst Service of Hathway

My account no is 1162198321.Recently I shifted my house and raised request on Friday 17.08.19for reinstallation of hathway connection. I had started getting calls from service person from last Monday. Everyday they asked me to become available at 5.00 pm but they never turned up and neither attended my call. Friday they visited and installed connection and left device hanging in window. I requested them to attach small cable holder along with wall and keep devices properly as they did in my previous house. They told we will bring tools and cable holder pins in few minutes. They didn't turn up and neither attended my calls. Who is responsible if device will fell down and get damaged?
Almost a week I have gone through this uncomfortable torturing situation. I left important meetings for this small work.
How you have closed my request without satisfactory feedback and consent.
These companies should be closed.
Sep 14, 2019

Worse service internet provider

My account number is 1153984925, I have paid on my account last Sunday and I got informed that I will be using service within 1 hr.
Daily I am calling customer service but they are helpless, not sure why this company is running and customer executive should not sit in such type of bullshit company where they can't help customer for which are sitting.
Daily I am calling them and got informed daily that I will get my connection tomorrow. Also when I discussed regarding refund they they ask that I will get my fund refund after 30 days.

So worse experience with Hathaway. Request to all please don't trust on Hathaway and choose some other providers and don't trap in their calls.
Sep 8, 2019

Worst service provider

I have requested broadband connection and done payment(1178581984) , however, it was not activated for 3 days.customer care is help less, they do not have policy of refund as well.
The sales person is neither picking my call nor replying to any text.
I have requested customer care to not activate my account and refund my money, they have not replied anything, I will be getting a call tomorrow.
Hopeless service I have ever received from.any company.
Sep 5, 2019

Closure of complaints without any resolution

Hathway is a pathetic company. My parent were not aware and took the cable connection from Hathway. In last 2 months for every recharge of cable I did, their app showed transaction failure. The amount always got deducted from my Paytm. Paytm showed successful transaction and shared the ID.
Hathway did not recharge my cable and mentioned that they did not receive the amount. When I requested hathway to give in writing that transaction was a failure, they denied. No SMS ...no e.mail.
I have been losing my money. I need to share the proof to share with Paytm so that they can do something about it.

On top of this, Hathway close the complaints on their own, without even any resolution. They have done this several times with us.

Their nodal officer does not answer the call. No reply to e.mails.

Just taking customers for granted. Such companies should be taken to the consumer courts.

Account number 1027330761
Aug 24, 2019

No connection no refund

My Hathway Broadband A/c No: 1177557833, I have purchased the plan of 3 months on last Saturday and paid 2300 in advance. It's almost 8 days are gone and the connection is not yet established. I Don't know if Hathway has any limit to the days within which the connection must be established.Hathway simply took the money in advance and then it became my responsibility to call each and every person from technician to engineer. I have to take follow up of every person to get this connection still no use. Hathway people are not at all serious about the customer satisfaction and are not serious about their job responsibilities. Customer care service of Hathway is not of single use because they don't have single responsibility and authority to do anything apart from raising complaints to which no one cares. No refund system is in place. We pay the money online but for refund I must go to the local support to which local support says the refund is not possible. Hathway don't want to give the connection and don't want to refund the money as well.
It's really annoying.I think I have wasted my money by trusting such big brand. Even small service providers are better than Hathway. I should've waited few more days for JIO.
I recommend all other people who are looking for broadband connection please do not go for Hathway.
Aug 24, 2019

Hathway wifi not working

Hello All,

I am so disappointed with the kind of service I am getting. Every weekend there is a problem and I have to make call run behind ur incompetent customer service asking for the cause and beg them to fix it.

I want the wifi to be fixed today by 10-12
afternoon if not then I will choose to discontinue the service.

This is the This is my Service ID -24082019W649994 for Hathway broadband as it's not working pls do follow it up with them.
account number 1169345464.
Shyam Shettigar
Aug 19, 2019

Getting repeated calls after disconnecting internet from Hathway


I have been getting repeated call from Hathway asking me to continue using Hathway Internet, when i have disconnected their internet connection due to poor service. I have followed their official process to disconnect the internet connection.

After disconnecting, now I'm getting daily 1 to 2 calls to pay and continue using Hathway. I have told the agents multiple times that I'm not interested, however I get repeated calls.

Please do the needful and inform the representative to stop making calls to me. Also let me know where can I complaint against them.


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