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Hathway Internet


Consumer complaints and reviews about Hathway Internet

Jan 12, 2016

No tech support

I have benn complaining since the past three days about no internet but forget about any action being taken even the technician hasn't bothered calling so far. I was promised every time I called that my problem will be fixed the same day but no action. I would like a full refund and I would also suggest people looking for broadband services never to go for Hathway ever. Super efficient while installing but crappy after sales help.
My account number is 1509771
pawan kumar west
Jan 10, 2016

fraud company cheating people by misguiding

the sales executive hide the plans from me and showed me the plans which were costly whereas same plans were being provided at lower rates in the other list of plans of hathway. not only this i paid a cheque of rs 858/- and they committed that i will get 20gb data at hight speed of 5mbps and after that speed will b reduced to 512kbps. but i recd only 10GB data at 5mpbs and my speed was reduced according to the old plan this way they fraud their customers. i raised many complaints even to nodal officer but no positive n satisfactory feed back. this is a fraud company
Jan 8, 2016

Wrong billing / Fraud by Hathway

I have terminated my Hathway account no. 977925 in may 2015 as I was moving out of country. Since June to October I have not received any bills also. Suddenly from November onwards Hathway generating bills on my account and sending mails to me to pay. I have called customer care and they have cancelled November bill. But again bill generated in dec. Again I had to contact customer Care. I could see lot of idiots over there, even after I tell them I am out of country and given then my abroad no, they will again try to call the registered no and send me mail that my no not reachable. They have not yet closed my account. And it is showing due Dec and Jan togethet total Rs.1200. All this without having connection and without even using single bit of data.
They are only testing my patience. I think I should seriously look at taking some legal action for the torture being caused by Hathway to me.
Jan 6, 2016

very bad service by Hathway

i have 3 months subscription plan from Hathway, for the first month i got normal speed but from starting of second month the connection is disconnected for every 5 min and connecting again. i have complained 2 to 3 times but no response from them.

****Please don't go for Hathway*****
Jan 4, 2016

Hathway Internet

Reference above the internet connection keeps getting disconnected intermittently,I have complained many times and have been told that an engineer will visit my house and sort out the problem,but no one has come and the problem continous,this is causing a lot of inconvenience,today is the 3rd day I am without the internet and everytime I call up helpdesk I am told my complain is being escalated,

Is this the service I expect from Hathway and is this the way you treat your old clients,I think it is high time an engineer visits my house and checks the modem and clears the problem once and for all
Please do the needful at the earliest
Dec 27, 2015

Hathway no internet since 15 days

Internet started giving issue. 50Mbps plan gave 400Kbps speed. Complaint several times.. Talked to their executives at office, but no solution. Now since 2 weeks no internet. Worst service. No one doing anything. Just false assurances. Mohsin 9773411819. Ac no. 1434413
Dec 24, 2015

Hathaway, A fraud company

Paid full but no internet. Right from customer care till appellant level all fraud people work. No customer attends and no resolution.

I must say even if you get a free service don't go for Hathaway. It is worst service provider. No one will be happy. All in my building are complaining but at Hathaway no one attends. People please don't buy Hathaway, else you will loose money without service.
Account no. 1271170
Dec 23, 2015

Hathway Broadband internet

No internet for the last three days and none of the three hathway numbers listed (one toll free and two landlines) are working. So I called the Hathway tv number, which was very prompt in answering, but they have no clue what to do because each department is so disconnected from each other. No internet for three days and no one to call about it. What am I supposed to do now?!
Dec 20, 2015

Net not activated of hathway internet

I have taken a hathway internet connection.

Account number-1289633

We had paid the pre paid amount of 934 Rs for one month to activate the link but after following up with almost 48 hours with their customer care,I am getting repeated assurance of activation within 4 hour which is not happening.

I spoke to their 20 agents like kavya,nivedita and revati etc and they gave the same ans that it will be activated within 4 hour but my bad luck.

I had spent almost 400 Rs for calling them but status remain same.

This is the one of the worst service experience I am coming across.

Suggesting people to not go for this service provider if they are giving you free connection also.

Puspraj singh
Anil Dherwal
Dec 13, 2015

Speed Issue

My account No. 1498253

I have purchased connection of 5 MBPs from Hathway,

Connection Type/Name :Super 40 Del 5 Mbps Qtrlyu

This was installed on 08/12/2015

Since the time of installation I am not receiving consistent speed of 5mbps

The speed I am receiving is less than 3 MBPs even several incidents logged

on the issue with the Hathway service team, and their engineers visited the site, but there is no proper response on the resolution of the speed issue.

I have written so many emails and called on the help desk several times but failed to get appropriate resolution for the speed issue.
Dec 12, 2015

Super poor service by Hathway,

My account No. 1492582

I have purchased connection of 50 MBPs from Hathway,

Connection Type/Name :Prepaid/FIBER HD3 DEL 50Mbps MtlyU

This was installed on 01/12/2015 4:02:34 AM

Since the time of installation I am not receiving consistent speed of 50 MBPs.

The speed I am receiving is less than 10 MBPs even 2 MBPs at times, several incidents logged

(Ticket Nos. 15141292,15065838,15083762 etc. of subsequent dates after the installation either by writing email to them at [email protected] or by calling them over the helpline phone no. 011-46085777)

on the issue with the Hathway service team, and their engineers visited the site, but there is no proper response on the resolution of the speed issue.

I have written so many emails and called on the help desk several times but failed to get appropriate resolution for the speed issue.

***Even Worse: Be-aware of this, while you call engineer for site visit to resolve speed issue, the Site Engineers deviced a smart fooling mechanism internally by providing appropriate speed only during the engineer visits and they take your comments as "NO Issues Observed" and then as soon as they are gone, the speed is also gone. It drops to as low as 2 MBPs.

***Recommendation***: 'DO NOT go for Hathway at ALL.'
Dec 11, 2015

Wrong Billing and Wrong information provided

I m sending mails and calling hathway cable broadband from last one month, regarding wrong billing. I have received multiple calls and mail from hathway even assured me on call for billing correction. But till date they have not corrected my billing cycle. Even no docket no allotted to me till date, which is clear violation of TRAI guidelines.
When opted for this connection your marketing person has updated me unlimited speed of 1 mbps after 30 GB and before that upto 50 MBPS. but what I am getting now is 512kbps.
So I would like to withdraw this connection with immediate effect. My consumer no is 1463111.
I have paid for 3 months so please return my remaining money after deducting for one month of service.
Dec 10, 2015

Low upload speed

I have a 50 mbps connection and i pay the bill quarterly. My internet has not been working for the past two nights. The upload speed is very very low in the order of 0.01. Please rectify the same by tomorrow or i will have to look for an alternate service provider.
Dec 8, 2015

Installation not done

It been more than a week since I have paid the executive for my new connection. My account no 1498803 and everytime I try to call the Customer care I get a response " Sir, will get back to you shortly." This is a never ending process and I need some solution for this. Unfortunately there is no Nodal officer or Appellate for Bangalore location.

Jesty Sam
balbeer singh sikarwar
Dec 8, 2015

wifi router or may be adopter not working properly

during switch on the pc wifi router supply not comming after pushing adopter cable socket of adopter into router supply comes and after some times it goes automaticaly then again repeatation required.
please rectify the issues

email - [email protected]
name - balbeer singh sikarwar
Dec 6, 2015

Hathway internet problem

Hi All date - 07/12/2015

I am seeing this message of complaints about Hathway which i am seeing more than 16 pages, wow what a service having all complaints.

I have an account number 975339 in my name (Iyer). I have taken a plan of I MBPS without any degrading plan for 1 year and the connection is always slow and need to keep on calling them. The people are never available. There are many strange things happening with Hathway. Last week when i called up the customer service for slow speed, they said your account is degraded as you have used up the limit, when i said i have a connection which is not to be degraded they checked and said sorry sir, our system is wrongly updated so and will correct again. Another issue is last friday evening, the internet went off and again checked up on saturday, they said the MCR department has by mistake deactivated my internet connection and till today this time they are not able to activate this and many calls done to them is of no use. I pity the people working there who does not know anything and to rectify this. No wonder this complaint form is running into several pages. Wonder any senior responsible person (if any) in HATHWAY sees this page and try to rectify the same or else will lose customers. All reading this or trying to take a HATHWAY broadband connection, please try for something else as you will be frustrated later.
Dec 6, 2015


Dear Hathway

My account no:1470789
Name :Durai Ravi Kumar

What the Hell service you provide to the customer better you stop giving service. I took your service on 2nd of Nov 2015 and when the connection installed after 1 hour the net was not working and one day its working and second day not working like that its happening continuously and there is no proper resolution from your customer care its a worst service from your customer care to the customers they do not know anything and not able to transfer the call to the any nodal officer then why you keep them when they do not understand customer problems.

Better You Do one thing cancel the service take your things back, and refund the money.

Now since 3 days line is not working when called to your cc first they dont raise complaint if forced they raise complaint and without any confirmation from the customer you close the complaint.
I really fed-up with your service .

I cant tolerate it any more just cancel the service and charge the service which i used and balance you refund me.why should i pay without using the service for monthly 15days.
And first off all i am getting loss in business just because of this, who is going to pay that,is that you?
I need it to be taken back today itself and close the chapter.

Ravi Kumar.
Dec 6, 2015

Worst Connection - No Access from the date of installation.

Customer Id : 1487893

Date of Installation : 28/11/2015

Hathway is the worst internet service provider. I had applied for new connection, at the time of installation engineer told me everything is configured and some service maintenance work is pending in your local area after completion it will resolved automatically after 2 3 hours. But till date no access.

I have logged 4 tickets with their customer care but no follow up, no call and the complaints has been closed. They have worst service and customer experience. Please refund my entire amount so I can move with another service provider.

akhilesh kaushalya
Dec 5, 2015

Reoccurring Issue

Very disappointment by Hathway service. I need to say now it's almost one month when the problem is still exists.

A/c : 1353337

Very very bad service by Hathway.

I have all my mails which i sent to [email protected], but still no resolution.

Very much disappointed by Hathway service.

I want someone need to take legal action against Hathway.
Dec 4, 2015



My account number is 1351562.
I have requested for my bill every month a million times to customer care.
The bill neither appears in the Hathway login nor in Hathway email inbox.
I need to claim the bill.

Every time I call customer care they say, they would revert back and send bill by email.
I never got bill from month of September, October and November.

Request you to provide the bill for every month without me calling customer care every time without fail.
I need bill for money I pay every month rental.

akhilesh kaushalya
Dec 3, 2015

Recurring Issue

Still I have not seen any progress on 1353337
Dec 1, 2015

Disconnection even after login


My account no is 1472780. Even after filling correct username and password it is not working there is no outstanding amount in account and problem sometime go on its own . It is non deterministic in nature. Kindly resolve else do refund . I have paid single payment of 3090 for 3 months.

Ashutosh pathak
[email protected]
Hathway Broadband
Nov 30, 2015

Recurring Issue

Dear akhilesh kaushalya,

We have forwarded your concern to our team, an executive will get in touch with you.

Hathway Broadband
akhilesh kaushalya
Nov 30, 2015

Recurring Issue

Hathway team,

This is two weeks and I have not seen any response from your side. Every time whenever I called your team is putting me on hold at more that 15 mins. Let me know is this the way to provide service to your customer ? All the time my complaint is closed without providing any proper solution and follow-up

I am trying one more time to elaborate my issue.

"My WiFi is not working, all the time page is re-directing to D-Link page. There i need to update my SSID and key as "username and pwd" after that i will work for 5 min and again it will disconnect.

Your executive told me to reset router but that is not resetting.

I want someone need to address this issue on priority level else let me know if Hathway is not capable to handle such issues or do i need to take connection to some other Broadband provider ?

your executive name whom i talked till this time:-

sohaib - who closed the complaint without reason

My account no : 1353337
Hathway Broadband
Nov 29, 2015

Slow speed

Dear skrishna99,

we apologize for the inconvenience. An executive will get in touch with you ASAP.

Hathway Broadband

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