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Hathway Internet


Consumer complaints and reviews about Hathway Internet

Hathway Broadband
Nov 29, 2015

Slow speed

Dear skrishna99,

we apologize for the inconvenience. An executive will get in touch with you ASAP.

Hathway Broadband
Nov 27, 2015

Slow speed

I have Hathway broad band connection. I got connection on Oct 12th , now just 45 days are over . In these 45 days , 3 full days due to modem and hardware issue connection was not there . Every day after using 30 mins my upload speed goes to 0.0 and even text sites like Quora loads only after 5 mins . Everyday i called customer care and make complaint . After this connection will work for 30 mins (everyday my telephone bill is 10-15 rs) . Last week every evening I was unable to connect , an engineer came and even he could not able to correct this . After this connection got corrected by itself , now again slow speed . My account number is 1454146 . I don't have a clue to whom I need escalate this issue .
Hathway Broadband
Nov 23, 2015

No WIFI Router Available Since 1/5/14

Dear [email protected],

we apologize for the inconvenience. An executive will get in touch with you ASAP.

Hathway Broadband
Hathway Broadband
Nov 23, 2015

Issues with Internet

Dear Dattatraya_d,

we apologize for the inconvenience. Please share your Hathway account number and location. We’ll get back to you.

Hathway Broadband
[email protected]
Nov 21, 2015

No WIFI Router Available Since 1/5/14

Dear Hathway Management,

My Hathway a/c no. 995541
Complaint Number 14840208.

Humble request :
1) Please back your Customer Service with some logistical support so that they may feel good about their jobs knowing if they promise something it would be done...right now these poor folks have to be at the receiving end, managing flaring moods of customers and the only thing they are learning is the art of lying to get the customer off the phone...you are destroying them as human beings.

2) Sack some people working at the back end as they are not doing their job.

Its not about money its about work ethics which I guess you don't know the meaning of.

Sorry for putting it online as 1yr and 6 mnths is a good enough response time for even the worst companies to manage but you folks could not!
I would not hesitate to take it to the next level as I want you to STOP TAKING YOUR CUSTOMERS FOR GRANTED!!

Nov 17, 2015

Issues with Internet

I'm having issues with Hathway Internet. My internet stops working every night between 7:30 pm & 11:00 pm for at least 2.5 hrs to 3 hrs. I call up the customer service every time and I'm told that it will be fixed next day because no one is available now. Guess what? During the day, someone closes the request next day saying complaint is resolved. And no one bothers to contact or check with me. In the evening, the issue happens again and internet it lost for 2-3 hrs. No use of calling customer service as they are helpless poor chaps. I don't think they even have system to log details of what I'm telling, because they never read it back :-(

Very pathetic service by Hathway. Feel really sorry that trusted Hathway for my internet service, because what I see is the company cares least for the customers. If they really do, they'll resolve the issue first, then monitor it for at least a week before closing the request. But anyway, I guess I'm expecting too much from a company who cares the least for customer service.

D Deshpande
Nov 15, 2015

Hathaway broadband

Hello I want to share the pathetic experience I am having with Hathaway broadband customer service. I pay for 59 Mbps speed however getting less than 5 Mbps avg. made 4 complaints with customer service in last 9 days and they keep closing my tickets without fixing the issue. It's a total rip off and now it seems like nothing I can do to get my problem fixed.
Definitely going to consumer court as it seems Hathaway isn't interested in customers once they pay for the year.

Hathaway broadband

Nov 11, 2015

Interent Problem

Dear Sir,

I am having Internet connection problem since last 2 days. We are not able to access internet at all. Also we have called on customer care support No. for baroda region, but not able to get proper support and still suffering with internet problem.

My Account Details are as below:

ID: akshra
Name - Jitendra Gurubani
Address - L12 Vaikunth Bunglows, New VIP Road, Vadodara - 390022
Mo - 8140761602
Email - [email protected]
Nov 9, 2015

Monthly Bill copy

I have enquired about the Hathway broad band connection a month agao. Your executive name Massod reached me explained the plan and other details.I have choosen three months single payment plan after enquiring about bill copy monthly. Massod assured me that I will get bill copy for each month eventhough I paid for three months.(need to submit in company for reimbursement) Based on the assurance I have taken the connection.

Here the real issue started, I raised a request on Oct 12 to customer care to provide the bill copy of first month Sep 9-Oct8. After mulitple follow ups, atleast 6-7 times contacting customer care, 15 days laters I recieved the same 3 months bill copy which is already available in Hathway portal. I requested again to send Monthly copy as assured by the Hathway executive Masood. finally after 20 days someone contacted me and told there is no way of getting the Monthly bill for these three months.

I again contacted the person Masood (Hathway executive) over call who initially arranged the connection. I was told he would give monthly bill reciept everymonth which may be accepeted by company. but from that day he never picked my call. But calling from other number he picked call and giving apologies and assured he would meet me next day. so I called next day but in vain. till now I call him 20-30 times but no use. This fellow just ignoring my call. This is really worst attitude to your customer
Need action on this fellow and I want him to show up immediately with bill.

If I don't get the bill copy by tomorrow I will definetly discontinue from the next bill cycle which I already communicated to Masood.
Take action or loose your customer.

My account number - 1426474
Location: Parangipalya

Hathway executive: Masood.
Nov 8, 2015

Denial of service extension for technical issues from Hathway internet

I had faced connection issues for 11,12,13,17,19,21,26,27,29,30 October and 3,4November (Lots of complaints raised - but for the service extension, the complaints raised were 14654591 & 14753083). Apart from these, I had raised complaint regarding speed (I had taken a 50Mbps connection - and i believe during the speed issue time, the speed was near 256 kbps - not exactly sure - could have been much less than this also!). When asked for service extension, the backend guys say that during speed issue time, I had used internet and so they cannot refund. The main use for me of internet is for office usage - and i cannot connect to office network during the lower speed times - and they say they cannot even refund/extend services for these days!

It takes atleast 20 minutes to close a call single time - this is taking a toll on my mobile also now - these guys don't even have a toll free number! I would like to get a refund for the past 3 months (my hathway id is 1153070) and money for the amount i spent on the mobile bill!

Really pathetic service, poor customer care executives and no-value/respect for customers! The worst among the lot.
Hathway Broadband
Nov 4, 2015

Pathetic Service

Dear pranab2928,

we apologize for the inconvenience. An executive will get in touch with you ASAP.

Hathway Broadband
Hathway Broadband
Nov 4, 2015

Hathway — Irresponsible commitment of connection by Chinchwad branch Pune

Dear Jaysingrao,

we apologize for the inconvenience. An executive will get in touch with you ASAP.

Hathway Broadband
Nov 3, 2015

poor connectivity during day time

I am complaining hathway from last 2 months about poor internet speed during day time and disconnects happening 2 minutes. They ask me basic steps and then say some binding issue and note down the complaint. Also they assure it willl be solve during 24 hours. Again same issue and same steps been followed. I dont understand why they dont take the customer complaints seriously. I have been paying 680 rs a month and then have to use my mobile as hotspot to do my work and pay additional data charges. This is really poor customer service from your side.

Management, please categorize the complaints from customer. If you cannot provide me the connectivity, then I would ask for return of my payment for all this months and use my mobile data and pay to them for their better connectivity. Thanks

Nov 3, 2015

No Internet access from the date of installation

I had applied for a new broadband connection and after 5 hours of usage from the time of installation, there seems to be no internet connection available. I had lodged a complaint(14729694) with this issue and have called up the customer care a number of times regarding this.
Every time i am assured that a technician would reach me out and resolve my issue by evening(of that particular day) and then there's nothing being done. This is the worst experience from such a over-hyped service provider. I had just got my new connection for 5 hours(at max.) and that too with disruptions. It's been more than 24 hours and i still have no internet connection.
When i tried to contact the person who installed the connection, he just doesn't pick up and eventually switches off his phone.

Your customer serbice is just pathetic!! Kindly help me get my connection back to a usuable state or provide me the details to disconnect your service and get back my money.
Nov 3, 2015

Connection not done till date

I gave a cheque of Rs.4103 on 24 oct 2015 for 3 months to SALES PERSON RANDHEER JHA (+91 92-11-366799). He told me that he will complete the connection process within 2 days. Its been 12 days now and till date there is no connection process has been started.
I try to call him he doesnt pick my call. I try to call customer care they also doesnt give any satisfactory answers. Also the AREA MANAGER HARIOM (+91 95-82-858896) is not doing his work properly. Also these people dont know how to talk to the customers. Company should tell them to have some manners.

Vaibhav gupta
Suraj Jagtap
Nov 3, 2015

hathway broadband service

Hathway broadband service
Disconect in every 5 minutes
Yesterday server down for 6 hours And Today It was 8 hours
Plz let me know process of refund my money.I am not satisfied with service.

Account no - 1227960
Name- Madhav Tukaram Jagtap
Nov 3, 2015

Pathetic Service

Hi All,
I requested for a Hathway broadband (50 mbps 30 GB connection) on the 24th of october 2015, to which the marketing guy promptly responded and arranged for a connection the very next day and asked me to pay an amount of INR 3,080/- as advance for the first three months and mentioned that it is the process for getting a new connection.
I immediately issued a cheque of INR 3,080/- dated 24th October 2015 and bearing cheque number "558970". Which was cleared in the next two days of time.
I was given the connection the next day and it was activated immediately. Baring that single day, I am unable to use to the internet connection. Whenever I try to launch the browser getting an error message "No Internet Access".
I have tried calling up the customer care multiple number of times to get the issue resolved but all in vain.
There is no synchronization between all your teams, they do not bother about the customer.
Every time they give a timeline for getting the issued resolved nothing works out.
It has been a short association with you folks but terribly painful.
Really sad state of affairs, no accountability of the ISP and customer is in trouble in spite of paying for the services.
Pathetic Experience.
Hatway Account Number - 1462260
Related Complaint Numbers
14734778 dated 3rd Nov 2015
Request you to get it resolved and closed ASAP with the right speed and data usage capbilities I am paying for.
Moreover I should not be charged for the days when I was not provided with your services.
Else, kindly arrange to disconnect the services and refund back my amount ASAP.
Oct 31, 2015

Hathway — Irresponsible commitment of connection by Chinchwad branch Pune

I have applied for the internet connection at my site on date 19/10/2015 . And I have paid for the connection Rs.2820/- by cash to your sales executive
name: Vikas Bisoi
Mo: 9156817456.
He had promised me to start internet in 3 days. But once payment is done he is not even answering the call now and not giving my payment back. Im having a payment receipt also.
No. A26114.
I have contacted to his senior Mr Sharad darade as well but he is also so irresponsible that he asked us to go to their head office for taking our payment back.
It is very unprofessional behaviour from hathway Chinchwad branch.
It is request you to take action against these people for the froud otherwise I must go to the consumer department against HATHWAY for this issue....
Hathway Broadband
Oct 30, 2015

Money refundable (1000)

Dear R.S Boricha,

we apologize for the inconvenience. An executive will get in touch with you ASAP.

Hathway Broadband
Hathway Broadband
Oct 30, 2015

Changed plan without informing

Dear karencastelino,

we apologize for the inconvenience. An executive will get in touch with you ASAP.

Hathway Broadband
Hathway Broadband
Oct 30, 2015

No Internet service after bill payment

Dear arunpmathew,

we apologize for the inconvenience. An executive will get in touch with you ASAP.

Hathway Broadband
R.S Boricha
Oct 28, 2015

Money refundable (1000)

Hi myself Mrs. R.S Boricha before past month back i.e from june i have given call to the hathway internet to give my money refundable bcoz i have submitted router to the hathway they told me in the month of 24 june to wait for 60 days.than u will receive cheque but yet i didnt get any cheque but today its oct 29 2015.i had also call to the andheri branch they told me call to the dombivali internet but in the dombivali they r telling that we didnt get any cheque from the andheri. i am giving my account details. i sumbited my router to the dombivali hathway internet. kasturi plaza , D2 , 4 th floor. I am old lady plz do my request or else will take strict legal action.

Mrs. R.S Boricha
Cash receipt no : 273811
CCR no : 300185
A/C no : 1317682

I am requesting plz do my need full request within one week or i must take any legal action against to the hathway internet
.contact me 9821683927 / 9323533011 R.S boricha
Oct 28, 2015

Changed plan without informing

A/c # 1001077

I took a Package of 3+1 Month 50 mbps. Pay for 3 months and get 1 month free. We take only prepaid connections and had paid the cheque in advance for this package. In the 4th month we started getting calls from Hathway executives saying our internet package is over and it will be disconnected. Several times we had to remind them that we have a fourth month that is free. Now after we have completed our fourth month and we have stopped using the service, we have now started getting calls and messages that we have an outstanding of around Rs. 900. When we called again to check what the charges are for, the lady says we have taken a 1 month postpaid plan for which we are getting charged. We never asked for a 1 month plan nor took any plan since we were relocating to another place. its has been a month since we have shifted and Hathway has given us 1 month postpaid plan which we never even asked for, by their will and now asking for money.

Why should we pay for which we never asked for? Why are the executives from Hathway bothering us by calling everyday. Why no one has proper information on the account and the packages? this is cheating the customer and trying to take money from customer.
Pooja Shelke
Oct 27, 2015

change of address(useless custmer care and pathetic service)

Account number: 1338621

Are you calling you as professionals ? if you cannot provide service, don't try to make fool to customers at least.

i am calling from 8 days to change of connections and cust care giving me useless suggestions that "if you want to close connection , you do it , we cannot help further, just we can send reminders to engineer, if he wont come at your place we cannot help on that".

the process which will take 4 days (as u told) for that i am chasing from 8 days.

Customer care name(Pratap,Sunil,and etc).

after 6 days you are telling me to send a mail for address change. cant you tell all these details on 1st day itself. at least on 2nd , 3rd call.
if you don't know the process , how dare you receive the call from customer.

on above, you gave me WRONG email address (by pratap) .

for each day i am able to see the complaints against you on this portal.
Will you take actions on the request i raised?
Oct 26, 2015

No Internet service after bill payment


I am Arun. My hathway account number is : 1079934.

I am getting the worst service from Hathway customer care. My hathway due date is October 24 and i have recharged my account on October 23rd as directed by the hathway billing dept. But my account got deactivated on 24th. I raised a complaint for the same. I have called to customer care around 10-20 times. Each person is speaking about different issues. Most of the calls they will put in hold and escape. Most of the time their response will be "It will be resolved within two hours". Still my problem is not resolved after 3 days.

On 26th October, i get a chance to speak with one of their supervisor and he told the issue will be resolved by 27th morning. But i am getting messages from Hathway stating the issues are resolved. But issue remains as it is and i am not getting the service. Please resolve the issue/or give back the money.


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