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Hathway Internet


Consumer complaints and reviews about Hathway Internet

Hathway Broadband
Aug 26, 2015

Re: Pathetic Internet Speed

Dear Priyanka Salunke,

We apologize for any inconvenience, please share your account number with us. We will get back to you.

Hathway Broadband
Hathway Broadband
Aug 24, 2015

Re: Pathetic Internet Speed

Dear Iram Khan,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. We will look into the matter and get back to you.

Hathway Broadband
Aug 24, 2015

D-Grade Company

Hathway is the D-grade chor company in the market. If you already bought a hathway connection now even if you die complaining again them they dont give a damn. one of the most arrogant ISP and their customer service representatives are even worst. I dont know who trained them to work for customer care. Pathetic people and their stupid service. I Made a big mistake of buying Hathway, please you dont make such mistake. Go with any other provider but not with the Hathwy
Aug 24, 2015

Need the invoice for the last bill I paid

Hi Hathway,

I have called your land phone for requesting my invoice to my email id for 22 times and this time I am trying to write it to the concerned team, at least this way someone could peep into my need.

Every time I call up you and listen one monotonous sentence "I will raise it to the concerned department and you will get a call in 24-48 hours".............!

Can someone from Hathway help me ? or should look at other service provider who could genuinely provide me the invoice..?

Account # 988742
Aug 24, 2015

Hathway is chor broadband

I am so frustrated with Hathway Internet service and their customer care representatives, I have been complaining in regards to my internet connection since last month. If I paid for something in return I expect the proper service from you. However it’s not happening. I was given an assurance at the time of renewing my plan that you won’t be facing any issues. But every day I have to call and ask the reason for not proving the internet service, every time they give shitty excuses like outrage etc. it’s not my fault, if it was told at the time of subscription I would have never went with bloody hathway. Now when I am asking for my money back after giving you guys 10 chances. They simply deny and hang up the phone. I would recommend everyone not to consider Hathway as your ISP. complete money waste and every day you end up calling thier customer service and they'll screw you happiness everyday.
Aug 24, 2015

Worst service provider

Getting a Hatway broadband connection was worst experience. The salesperson collected the plan money but its almost a month now and still the connection is not provided. Finally decided to cancel and now waiting to get my amount back....! It has been HELL to deal with the HathWay guys. PLEASE DO NOT GO FOR THIS PROVIDER.
Aug 24, 2015

Stops every 2 days

Net always stops every two days!! The customer care always says sever down!! The after sale service it's terrible! I called the person responsible for our area connection he has been called 20 time but never come!! Paying for 50mpbs hardly get 10
Hathway Broadband
Aug 23, 2015

Re: Worst Customer Service, Improper solution,

Dear Sneha Khivansara,

We apologize for any inconvenience, please share your account number with us. We will get back to you.

Hathway Broadband
Aug 21, 2015

Pathetic Internet Speed

Priyanka Salunke My A/c No. is 1146686

I have been using hathway from more than 6 months ever since I have been facing speed issues.
Thousands of times I have called the customer care but to no avail.
The speed is 1 mbps of my plan currenlty but even two people cannot use wifi at the same time on it.after usage of plan there has to give adequate speed as the mentioned in the plan. When it is actually required at that time speed is so slow that I can not check the mail. This is so much annoying for me since 2 months.
Aug 20, 2015

Pathetic Internet Speed

I have been using hathway from 2010 and ever since I have been facing speed issues.
Thousands of times I have called the customer care but to no avail.
My account no is 623486 . The speed is 2 mbps of my plan currenlty but even two people cannot use wifi at the same time on it.

You tube video is always buffering.

My internet expires this 25th August, if relevant measures are not taken to solve my issue, a customer will be lost
Nishant Dsouza
Aug 20, 2015

No interenet connection


From 13th August 2015 i am not been able to receive any internet connection for account no. 1256616

The following complaint nos have registered and no respite has been provided

13765650 - I raised a complaint for no internet connectivity on15th august and i received a message on 20th august that it is been resolved hoever still i do not have any Internet connection.


I would like to terminate my net services for account no. 1256616 and would want a refund for the remaining 2 months which i jave paid in advance. Please advise the amount which i will be eligible to receive.

sneha khivansara
Aug 19, 2015

Worst Customer Service, Improper solution,


I took hathway connection 2 months before. First month, it was working fine.. But from the next month i started facing connectivity issues.

Whenever i called customer care, i got the reply server is down. I am not sure whether how many times the server goes down. Every alternate day the server is down.

But this time, they crossed all the limits. My connection was not working from last 5 days.I called customer care for almost 25 times. But of no use. after 4 days technician came and the connection got started, but the very next day i started facing issue again.

I called them, but again it was server down issue

They don't provide good customer services. They think we people are fools to call them. I would never recommend anyone to take hathway connection. Its total waste of time. They think we are idle to call them, and they keep on saying they will look into issue. But they won't.
Trupti Parkhi
Aug 18, 2015

Internet always not working

Issues faced as below for A/c # 1285250.
1. Almost internet do not work for many days. Why should a customer to pay when not getting enough internet availability. I got only 50% internet availability. Why should I be charged for rest 50%. Refund me the rest of amount of Internet charges.
2. Poor Service Desk: of the engineers do not aware on issues. Even if we select option to speak in Marathi, hardly the call is ben taken by Marathi speaker. Then why this option is provided to customers to speak in their local language?
3. Lack of Technical Engineers to Visit: I often registered incidents with Services Desk, as the problem occurs very often (very bad quality), however in past six months found only once the engineer visited at home to check the issue. That too after escalating to Seniors in Service Desk. And while his visit he did not call me before visiting.
4. I almost observed service was not available on Saturdays & service desk says it will be resolved by evening. After evening we unable to reach call centre. And on Sunday it would be off to them. Hence we always lost 2 days data pack of Saturday & Sunday every time. This is the peak time where users would be enjoying surfing.
So looking after these major issues tell me why should one to renew your service & also pay me back the data pack I have lost due to non-availability of performance.
Appreciate a quick response!!!
Aug 18, 2015

Not working since last 4 day complaint given but no action yet.....

Have taken connection since July all was working properly suddenly last 4 days stopped working submitted a complaint evrytime they say will do will do but no action yet.
A/C no. is 1379491
compalint no.13794619
rajesh gudda
Aug 14, 2015

Very very worst service

Again I am facing the signal problem from today evening, just a day before your technician has solved the problem again I am facing the same problem after a one day.please don't send substandard technician's I have paid my hard earned money.

I am really vexed with your service this is my 15th complaint with in a month prior to this month I have raised n no of complaints, Every time I have been informing this is the permanent solution.
Your Hathway technical people are playing with customer s pain.One of my friend who has informed me that Hathway is the very worst service. I haven't listen his words now I am paying for that. Plz plz cancel and refund back my money. I don't have time to complaint on everyday. . I am sick of calling customer care that too at premium charge. I haven't came across such a worst experience in my life.
Hathway people making me fool by bloody fucking services hathway sucks
My humble request to everyone not to go for hathway broadband.
Ac no 1182644
Aug 13, 2015

Wrost Customer care service and connectivity

Worst Customer care service Account NO_1356552

I face limited connectivity issue since I have taken the connection.Every time when called up customer care they told me same lines and file the complaint and then after 12 hr they will resolve the complaint without providing solution and without taking any feedback.

I requested to disconnection and refund my credit but no response yet.Either customer care or technical team ,No body is taking seriously of customer satisfaction.

Don't make mistake, Never choose hathway .I made mistake.
Hathway Broadband
Aug 12, 2015

Re: Broadband connection Not yet started Hathway

Dear Shekhar,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. We will look into the matter and get back to you.

Hathway Broadband
Aug 11, 2015

unable to open internet

my account no 1246667, i paid the bill but my plan is still not restored what could be the reson
Aug 10, 2015

Worst service and worst people ever seen - Account number- 1188030

Hello ,

I am Using this ... service from approx one year. I never seen such tech support , customer care and bill dept. Such a worst.
Iam facing one issue related to pending amt, from last 9 months, still ppl not resolved it, evertime even after made proper payemnt they will disconnect the service n say u have amt over due. And the ppl who ever is calling does not know the details of why it is showing pending.
Last month i made a payment of 2500(1600 and 700) for three month plan, then they said ur plan has been changed to monthly plan n plan amount has been revised to 930 from 840 something . July- 2015 i made a payment of 2500/- Aug -2015(this month) 8 th they disconnected the service.

I called on 8th they said sorry for the inconvince your ac will be activated in 24 hours. he said there will be some due amt from your side, i asked why that due amount , he said he dont have details ok fine connect me to some one who knows so that i can talk to them. he said sorry we cant give /connect to anyone else.

Finally after made 4 to 5 times each 20 to 25 min finally some one connected to some higher management guy his name Pradeep, after i asked him the details he said already complaint has been registered n your a/c will be activated on 9th evening. I said i want it shud get activated before 11 Am he agreed and promised me that it will be activated before 11 AM, i asked him why shud i pay the due amount n what it is he dont know why shud i pay that amt. and some one from billing dept will call you . i dint get a call from anyone.

on 9th my a/c not activated till 1PM i called many times all were telling the same answer there is some due , but no one knows what is that penindg due which i need to pay.
I made around 20 to 30 times all customer cares guys put my call on hold n escaped. no one reponded properly. i usedto wait 10 min for thier response no one responded even after 10 min, they the call will cut automatically from thier end.

I feel this service is worst than the govt depts.

I wanna put some serious complaint against all the guys who spoke to me from last 3 days,
Aug 8, 2015

refund not received

Hathway Account No 471290.Repayment of Router
Our Hathway connection with you has been disconnected since May 2015.
We have surrendered the Modem & Router on 31 May 2015 in your Kalyan
Aug 8, 2015

Broadband connection Not yet started Hathway

Account no 1396089 Its the 8th day now but still i cant get a net connected iam fed up with this Hathway who promises to have the best service blah blah .. Their customer care is the worst their worker are even worst they don't know anything . If any one who wants a broadband connection never ever go for Hathway as they are just the worst broadband company till date . Daily i have to call 10-12 times for making my connection started but in response they give me a time and that time will never come for sure. Really fed up what a bad time that i go for hathway connection .
diwakar jha
Aug 7, 2015

Router not working

i am diwakar jha an i m suffring from a problem with my Router an even i complaint about this but still no one come to help me out.
so i kindly requesting you to please help me out as soon as possible
Aug 6, 2015

Very Poor Services,and no internet connectivity,Customer no 1377529,Hathway Broad Band Internet,

I had gone in for the Hathway Broadband Internet Connection,at my residence in Kothrud Pune,on 9/07/2015,The formalities of installation of the said Internet connection were completed by Hathway Broad Band,in Pune on 10/07/2015,and my services were activated by them ,but since the installation,I have never got full connectivity of Internet Acces even for a full single day, with the result that due to no connectivity,I had to call the customer Care for the problem citied above by me practically everyday and they always gave some vague statements as Server Down in the area and the services will be restored within 4 working hours from the complaint lodged,But in spite of commitments and assurances from them the problem couldnt be solved by them,I was really dissatisfied with the services rendered by the said Hathway Broadband Company till date.The services rendered were of a very low quality and not satisfactory,till date.I had to call them nearly 100 times over my cell to them to put in my complsints rather daily,either in the morning or in the evening.I had also been to the off at Prabhat Road,to complaint regarding my connectivity problem,with the result that I could not work on my computer/laptop for my personal work.Nodoubt my complaints were attended by them I could hardly get full connectivity/access to the internet.
Fedup with the complaints put in by me and no improvemnt in the services rendered by them I ultimately decided to surrender my connection with immediate effect and gave a written application to disconnect my connection on 03/08/2015,at Prabhat Road Office of Hathway.and also surrendered the Modem and accessories to their office on 07/08/2015.
iI was really not satisfied with the Hathway Broadband Internet services..with a request also to refund the amount paid by me towards the connection.

Dilip Kari
customer no 1377529,Hathway broad band
Hathway Broadband
Aug 4, 2015

Re:Worst Sevice. Customer Service and Techical Team is just playing with Customer Pain !

Dear Piyukh,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. We will look into the matter and get back to you.

Hathway Broadband
Hathway Broadband
Aug 4, 2015


Dear Customer,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. We will look into the matter and get back to you.

Hathway Broadband

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